Home Gourmet Of Another WorldChapter 1114

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Realm Lord Di Tai sank into a chair, exhaling deeply.

He looked so tired.

To recover the Immortal Trees seedlings, he had utilized every method at his disposal, using up almost all of his true energy and mental force.

But the seedlings remained dormant.

Inside Immortal Chef Little Store, Realm Lord Di Tai could finally relax his nerves and body. That was why he sank into a chair the moment he walked in.

Bu Fang and the restaurant had some magical power that could ease peoples minds, making them feel satisfied and comfortable.

Bu Fang said nothing and just walked into the kitchen.

After some time, he returned with a blue-and-white bowl, which he placed in front of Realm Lord Di Tai. Then, he went to get another one for himself.

The bowls contained Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

Gulp. Gulp.

The cool wine reflected the radiant glow of the light inside the restaurant. Its rich aroma permeated every inch of their mouths, teasing their taste buds.

Realm Lord Di Tai opened his eyes. He looked at the wine with excitement in his eyes.

"Good wine!"

Realm Lord Di Tais compliment came from the bottom of his heart.

Bu Fangs mouth twitched, but he said nothing. The Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine was the most delicious wine he had made.

If Realm Lord Di Tai did not look so exhausted, Bu Fang wouldnt have offered him this wine. He didnt have much of this wine, and the process of brewing it was not easy.

After pouring himself a bowl of wine, Bu Fang put the bottle away.

On the other side, Nethery pulled up a chair, sat down, and looked at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang thought for a moment, then he gave his bowl of wine to Nethery. After that, he poured himself another bowl.

The smell of wine filled the entire restaurant.

Taking a deep breath, Realm Lord Di Tai felt his mind lighten, which made his mood brighten up.

Picking up the wine bowl, he took a sip. The smooth fluid slid down his throat and into his stomach.

The incredibly good aroma lingered in the mouth, and Realm Lord Di Tai couldnt help but immerse himself in it.

It had been a long time since he had had such good wine.

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes, but the corners of his lip curled up as he took a sip.

Sometimes, calming down and enjoying good wine was a cozy activity.

Nethery held her bowl of wine with both hands. She carefully took a sip, and her red lips parted slightly as she exhaled.

"Weve got good wine. How come we dont have anything to go with it?"

Bu Fang furrowed his brows first, then relaxed and smiled. He stood up and walked into the kitchen.

A moment later, the bell above the kitchen door jingled.

Bu Fang carried a dish of kimchi over and placed it onto the table.

"Try and see if this is good enough," Bu Fang said.

Realm Lord Di Tai was curious. Immediately, he grabbed the chopsticks and picked up a small piece of kimchi.

The kimchi felt crunchy. It was sour and spicy too.

As his teeth sank into the kimchi, the sour juice oozed out. It swirled around his tongue, enveloping his taste buds.


He chewed and swallowed, enjoying the sour and spicy taste of the cabbage, which made every inch of his body feel refreshed.

Realm Lord Di Tai narrowed his eyes in bliss. Having a piece of kimchi and a sip of good wine, this feeling was so awesome that he had no words to describe it.

The three did not say anything more. They just drank the good wine and munched on the kimchi. The atmosphere was quite calm and leisurely.

Xixi pulled out a chair and sat aside, watching the other three enjoy themselves. Her eyes were filled with curiosity.

A long while later, they finally finished their wine and kimchi.

Bu Fang dropped his bowl and exhaled.

Netherys nose had become a little red. She enjoyed the spicy taste of the kimchi a lot. When she pulled up a chair, she looked pale, but now, she was blushing.

She looked somewhat cute now.

"Alright, weve eaten and drank. Lets get down to business," Bu Fang calmly said to Realm Lord Di Tai.

He knew that Realm Lord Di Tai had something important to say, which was why he had come to visit. Otherwise, he wouldnt have come to find him at such a critical time for the Immortal Cooking Realm.

After eating and drinking his fill, Realm Lord Di Tai felt much better. He seemed to have recovered a bit of his vitality.

He smiled at Bu Fang and said, "Little Bu Bu, you understand me well. After drinking your wine, I figured something out"

Realm Lord Di Tai rubbed his chin and moved his hand. A moment later, his hand began to emit a golden, sparkling light.

Within his hands were two golden Immortal Tree seedlings, which were filled with thick immortal energy.

The moment the seedlings appeared, the immortal energy swirled and began to permeate the restaurant. "The Immortal Trees seedlings?"

Bu Fang looked pensive as he observed Realm Lord Di Tai.

"These things cant live." Realm Lord Di Tai glanced at Bu Fang, forcing a smile on his face.

"Didnt you say that theyre the living ones?" Bu Fang frowned.

"Theyre alive but theyre not sprouting," Realm Lord Di Tai replied, rubbing his sleek, golden hair as though he was dealing with a headache. "I feel that theyve been damaged because of your Bursting Pissing Beef Meatball"

"Dont Were on the same side. Dont wield your pot." Bu Fang cocked his head to one side, looking at him.

He would never admit that the explosion his Bursting Pissing Beef Meatball had wrought was what damaged the Immortal Trees seedlings.

He had consulted Realm Lord Di Tai before he did that.

Back then, Realm Lord Di Tai had patted his chest, claiming that nothing would happen to the seedlings.

"Good If so, just consider it a matter that has nothing to do with you. Anyway, Little Bu Bu When will you make me several hundred Bursting Pissing Beef Meatballs? Im going to conquer the universe," Realm Lord Di Tai said.

"Okay, give me ten Immortal Tree seedlings in exchange," Bu Fang expressionlessly said.

Realm Lord Di Tai almost vomited blood.

1Ten Immortal Tree seedlings? Why dont you just go to heaven?!

"If you dont have them, dont force it No rush." Bu Fang looked at Realm Lord Di Tai with disdain.

1"Good, now lets talk business. First, I wanted to embrace and build up some feelings, but you cut it off," Realm Lord Di Tai said, stroking his hair.

"Spit it out."

Realm Lord Di Tai nodded. "Okay."

His hand trembled once, and a gray jar of wine appeared. He then placed the gray jar of wine on the table, blinking at Bu Fang as he did so.

"This wine is the one Ive meticulously made. I want you to keep it here. Later, Ill come here more frequently to enjoy some liquor!" said Realm Lord Di Tai. "This wine is as good as the one youve just treated us to!"

"Yeah?" Bu Fang was bewildered.

Is that it? Thats the matter he wished to discuss?

The corner of Bu Fangs mouth twitched, but he remained silent.

He picked up the gray jar of wine and walked into the kitchen, pushing the curtain on the door and making the bell above jingle.

After putting Realm Lord Di Tais wine into the cabinet, Bu Fang turned around and walked back to the table.

"Did you keep it safe?" asked Realm Lord Di Tai.

Bu Fang nodded. "Yes, can we talk about business now?"

"Okay. Now that you have stored the wine, I can put my mind at ease. Even if the Immortal Cooking Realm is destroyed, the memory I leave behind will be safe here," Realm Lord Di Tai said, smiling.

After a moments pause, he added, "Little Bu Bu, how do we resolve the issue with the Immortal Tree seedlings?"

Bu Fang said nothing. He just expressionlessly gazed at Realm Lord Di Tai.

Realm Lord Di Tai was filled with regret for a while. Then, he looked up at Bu Fang. "The only method available is to go to Earth Prison and find the Spring of Life. So, Little Bu Bu, can you help me and go there?"

"The Spring of Life?" Bu Fangs brows furrowed.

Nethery, who was sitting at the side, also frowned. Her eyes turned even darker as she said, "The Spring of Life flows in one of the forbidden lands of Earth Prison, the God Vanishing Mountain. Even if a lesser god goes there, he will possibly die, and youre asking Bu Fang to go there?"

Realm Lord Di Tai looked downcast. "Its because I have no other options. The Immortal Cooking Realm cant be without me. Thats why I can only ask Little Bu Bu for help."

After a moment, his eyes brightened. "And, of course, Little Bu Bu can take that mangy dog with him. With the mangy dog accompanying him, Im sure he will be able to take the water from the Spring of Life."

Lord Dog, who was lying at a corner of the restaurant, yawned before saying, "If Lord Dog goes to the God Vanishing Mountain, you can forget about getting water from the Spring of Life. That crazy woman will destroy the entire place the moment she sees me. Thats why I, Lord Dog, will never enter the God Vanishing Mountain, even by half a step."

Realm Lord Di Tais body stiffened.

"You mangy dog! You only stole the lingerie of that woman in the God Vanishing Mountain, didnt you? What kind of grudge would exist between you guys?!"

"Shut up. You dont need to know Lord Dogs business! Hmph!" Lord Dog lowered his head and began to snore.

Realm Lord Di Tais mouth twitched.

"The Immortal Tree seedlings are all in deep sleep. Only the water from the Spring of Life can wake them up, but I cant leave the Immortal Cooking Realm now.

"Now, the Sacred Realm experts from Nether Prison cant enter the Immortal Cooking Realm because of the seal. However, as the Immortal Cooking Realms declines, the seal will be unable to hold them back. At that time, the Nether Prison will attack the Immortal Cooking Realm, and the entire realm will eventually be destroyed. Once the Immortal Trees spirit is conquered, we will have no hope left.

"Thats why I must stay and protect the Immortal Cooking Realm, in case those dogs and cats try to attack"

Realm Lord Di Tai was sincere and told only the truth.

Unless the Immortal Tree seedlings recovered and sprouted, the Immortal Cooking Realm had to endure this danger.

Realm Lord Di Tai had no choice but to ask Bu Fang for help. The others couldnt do it, including City Lord Meng Qi and City Lord Zou.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. "You believe that I can take the water from the Spring of Life?"

"Of course, I believe in you, Little Bu Bu. Its no different from using a dead horse!" Realm Lord Di Tai replied with confidence.

Bu Fang seemed speechless.

The restaurant was quiet.

Nethery remained silent. She had said all she should. The God Vanishing Mountain was a very dangerous place, a forbidden land in Earth Prison.

If Bu Fang wanted to go, she wouldnt stop him.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin. Honestly, he didnt want to go.

But he couldnt just stand by and watch the Immortal Cooking Realm collapse. Besides, collecting the water from the Spring of Life would benefit him as well.

He, too, had an Immortal Tree seedling in his farmland, and Niu Han San couldnt wake it up. That was why he might also need to use the water from the Spring of Life on it.

As Bu Fang mulled over it, the systems solemn voice suddenly echoed in his mind.

"Current task: You have been invited to go to the God Vanishing Mountain in Earth Prison and collect water from the Spring of Life to revive the Immortal Tree seedlings. Task rewards: A fragment of God of Cooking Set; a seedling of Nine Revolution Great Path Tea."

Bu Fangs eyes shrank, and he immediately took a deep breath. He couldnt believe that the system would speak up at this time.

Anyway, it was not the task that got his attention but the rewards.

A fragment of the God of Cooking Set? He hadnt gathered all the pieces of the God of Cooking Set yet?

Bu Fang was a little bewildered.

He had thought that the White Tiger Heaven Stove was the last piece of the God of Cooking Set. Now, however, it seemed he had been wrong.

This revelation cheered Bu Fang up immensely.

The God of Cooking Set was important to him, so with this sort of reward, he had no complaints.

Moreover, there was another item in the reward list, the Nine Revolution Great Path Tea.

It sounded really awesome.

Rubbing his chin, Bu Fang was lost in thought.

Realm Lord Di Tai looked at Bu Fang expectantly. He had placed all his hope in him.

Suddenly, Bu Fang raised his head and looked at Realm Lord Di Tai. This caused the Realm Lord to shiver, and his breath came in short bursts.

"I agree to go to Earth Prisons God Vanishing Mountain to find the Spring of Life."

Bu Fangs eyes glowed as he looked at Realm Lord Di Tai.

"But I have a condition!"

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Chapter 298: The Supreme Will of Sword Chapter 299: Bu Fangs Special Dish Flower Iguana Chapter 300: The Downfall of Mo Luo City Chapter 301: The Way He Eyes Ingredients Chapter 302: Everything This Knife Points to Shall Become Ingredients Chapter 303: Nine Ingredients, Nine Big Woks Chapter 304: Premium Wok of Fortunes Chapter 305: Lady, Your Appearance Really Frightens People Chapter 306: Drink a Bowl of Scalding Meat Broth Chapter 307: A Routed Army Chapter 308: The Return and the Fury of a War-God Chapter 309: Second Part of the God of Cooking Set Chapter 310: The Dragon Bone Knife in his Left Hand and the Black Turtle Wok in his Right Hand Chapter 311: The Beautiful High Priestess Chapter 312: You Should Give the Godly Temple of the Wildlands a Compensation Chapter 313: The Panic in the Imperial Capital Chapter 314: The Blood Guards Arrive, the Army Besieges the City Chapter 315: Hand over Bu Fang Chapter 316: Why Should I Hand Over what I Obtained With my Strength? Chapter 317: Battle of The Supreme-Being, Incoming! Chapter 318: Whitey Battles the Blood Guards Chapter 319: A Wok Shooting For The Heavens Chapter 320: The Invincible Shura Sect Venerable Chapter 321: The Black Turtle Constellation Wok Rams the Venerable Master Chapter 322: The Array Shatters and Ten Thousand Souls Wail Chapter 323: What Kind of Dog Is This? Chapter 324: The Bark That Shattered the Shura Sect Sword Will Chapter 325: I Must Have Heard a Piece of Fake News Chapter 326: Im Not A Fool Why Would I Court Death? Chapter 327: The Startled Supreme-Beings Chapter 328: A Spoon of the Abyssal Chilli Sauce Chapter 329: The Supreme-Being who Wept because of a Spicy Dish Chapter 330: Can you Defeat Blacky? Chapter 331: Owner Bu Reached the Seventh Grade Chapter 332: The Hundred Thousand Mountains Chapter 333: The Top Experts Were Dispatched Chapter 334: Snakeball Dragon Blood Congee Chapter 335: Are you here to Snatch my Ingredients? Chapter 336: I Came for the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames Chapter 337: Why Is he Still Alive? Chapter 338: I Want to Borrow Your Flame to Roast a Sweet Potato Chapter 339: A Demonic Potato Roasted by an Alchemic Flame Chapter 340: The Roasted Demonic Potato with a Touch of Spiritual Sagacity Chapter 341: Is That Chef Owner Bu? Chapter 342: A Petrified Duan Yun Chapter 343: Believe in Yourself, You Are a Professional Chapter 344: The Birth of The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames Chapter 345: The Supreme-Beings Have Assembled Chapter 346: Tens of Thousands of Beasts Breathed Out, The Obsidian Flames Blossomed Chapter 347: The Departed Soul Orb Fueled by Obsidian Flames Chapter 348: Owner Bu Advances Chapter 349: Seizing The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames Chapter 350: The Fire-Eating Owner Bu Chapter 351: This Psychopath, Actually Ate the Fire! Chapter 352: Flaunt and Flee Chapter 353: Can This Dog Still Take A Good Nap? Chapter 354: The Light Wind Empire's Imperial Capital Will Descend Into Panic Once Again Chapter 355: The First Dish Cooked by the Black Turtle Constellation Wok Chapter 356: Why Being an Emperor was this Difficult? Chapter 357: Nonsense, How Could a Chef Know How to Treat a Patient? Chapter 358: Adding Toad Meat into the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall was a Good Choice Chapter 359: Whitey... Whitey Transformed Chapter 360: The Toad's Meat Which Filled The Sky Chapter 361: No One Is Allowed To Fight With Lord Dog Over It Chapter 362: A Dog's Two Slaps Killed A Dragon Chapter 363: It Was Still the Old Clothes-Stripping Crazy Demon Chapter 364: The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Moistened By Dragon Blood Chapter 365: The Arrival of a Half-Step Divine Realm Expert Chapter 366: The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, Completed Chapter 367: Kid, I Finally Found You Chapter 368: The Almost Divine Warrior Who Was Smacked Away Chapter 369: This Slash Must Slaughter You, Black Dog Chapter 370: There Isnt Anything This Lord Dog Cannot Eat Chapter 371: The Woman's Got Guts and Duan Ling Got His Breakthrough Chapter 372: Who Gave You The Courage? Chapter 373: This Black-Hearted Store Has Lived up to Its Name Chapter 374: This Soup Is Really More Magnificent Than Elixirs?! Chapter 375: The Grand Barren Sect Chapter 376: Lord Dog's Blissful Life Chapter 377: Host, Please Subdue Blacky Chapter 378: If You Continue On Like This, You Won't Find Any Pretty Female Dog Chapter 379: Ji Chengxue's Request Chapter 380: Yu Fu Cannot Continue Studying Culinary Arts From You Chapter 381: How Can You Know How Powerful I am? Chapter 382: The Overbearing Owner Bu Kills Another Person Chapter 383: Little Serpent-man, Are You Unexpectedly Looking Down Upon Your Lord Dog? Chapter 384: Giant Waves Soaring Into The Sky, The Invasion Of The Oceanic Species Chapter 385: Toward the Grand Serpentine City Chapter 386: The Dog Who Eats Thunder Chapter 387: Everyone Has Arrived Chapter 388: Setback At The Crystal Mine Chapter 389: Braised Mantis Shrimp Chapter 390: Hurling Blows All The Way, Cooking Mantis Shrimps All The Way Chapter 391: Oh, So Electrifying! Chapter 392: The Supreme Mantis Prawn Persistent And Relentless Hunt Chapter 393: Where Did That Lazy Dog Go? Chapter 394: The Dog's Paw Extended out of The Crystal Source Chapter 395: This Stinky and Shameless Black Dog! Chapter 396: Where is the Prawn Ancestor You Promised? Chapter 397: A Pufferfish? It's a Delicacy! Chapter 398: Owner Bu is a Good Man Chapter 399: This is a Cursed Fish Chapter 400: Shrimpy, What Are You Doing? Chapter 401: A Peerless Delicacy, The Thorny Pufferfish's Meat Chapter 402: The Rampage Ramen and the Gourmet Array Chapter 403: Owner Bu's New Dish Chapter 404: Owner Bu, You are Deceiving an Underage Girl Chapter 405: The Arrival of a Heir of Heaven Chapter 406: The Gourmet Array Chapter 407: Xiao Meng Fights a Supreme-Being Chapter 408: I Suddenly Want To Eat a Bowl of Noodles Before Leaving Chapter 409: Youve Got Guts Chapter 410: Bu Fang Makes a Move Chapter 411: You Can Never Guess My Tactics Chapter 412: The Furious Bu Fang Chapter 413: Its Over? Chapter 414: Who Else Will Die If Not You Chapter 415: Chapter 415: The Stores Branch Chapter 416: The Last Restaurant of The Heavenly Mist City Chapter 417: The Odorless Egg-Fried Rice Chapter 418: Dogshit Like Multi-Taste Fasting Pill Chapter 419: Transfer of Ownership Chapter 420: The Renovation of The Restaurant is Completed Chapter 421: Bu Fang Cooks the Stinky Tofu Chapter 422: The Stench Which Permeated Ten Miles Chapter 423: Oh My God! Our Goddess Ate Shit Chapter 424: The Stinky Tofu Eaten by Our Goddess Chapter 425: The Promotion Of Whitey Chapter 426: The Return Of The Clothes-stripping Crazy Demon Chapter 427: Whitey, Your Owner Is Thinking Highly Of You Chapter 428: A White Butt Chapter 429: Why Is It This Delicious? Chapter 430: The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup Replacement Is Guaranteed If It Was Fake Chapter 431: I Wont Marry Her Off To You If You Bully Your Brother In Law Like This Chapter 432: The Clown Nangong Wuque Chapter 433: Damn It Who Dares To Provoke My Brother In Law Chapter 434: You Cannot Touch Fire Freely Chapter 435: King Of Woks Black Turtle Wok Chapter 436: It Was All Because I Saw You In The Crowd.. Chapter 437: Yang Meiji Is Surprised Chapter 438: Heavenly Mist City is Going to Change Chapter 439: Old Bu... I'm Truly Happy That I Was Able To Live Till Seeing You Once Again Chapter 440: Searching The Whole City Chapter 441: Nangong Wuque's Slaughter Chapter 442: Show off! Continue Showing off! Chapter 443: Your Injuries Seemed Quite Grave, So I Put More Of An Ingredient On It Chapter 444: I Want To Extract That Heaven And Earth Obsidian Flame From Your Body Chapter 445: Shrimpy, Let's Go Chapter 446: The Death Of Nangong Xuanying Chapter 447: I Want One Of The Secret Realm's Quotas Chapter 448: The Supreme-Being Owner Bu Chapter 449: Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 450: The Vigorous Beef Meatball Chapter 451: Entering The Secret Realm Chapter 452: The Hapless Nangong Wuque Chapter 453: The Netherworld Ship Which Came From The Netherworld Chapter 454: The Crystal Source Purple Essence Chapter 455: The Long Haired Woman In The Netherworld Ship Chapter 456: The Fight And The Palpitation Chapter 457: Netherworld Long Black Hair Chapter 458: You Are Truly Swindling This Dog Chapter 459: Delicacy Island Chapter 460: A Bowl Of Broth In Their Left Hand And A Piece Of Flatbread In Their Right Hand. Chapter 461: A Sudden Slaughter Chapter 462: You Wont Get Pregnant By Just Staring At Me Chapter 463: Breaking Through Five Shackles The Divine Physique Echelon Peak Chapter 464: A Dark And Exquisite Dog Paw Chapter 465: The Man Who Was So Angered That He Spouted Blood Chapter 466: A Discussion On The Proper Way To Eat A Phoenix Egg Chapter 467: The Sweet n Sour Meat Ribs Taste Is Still Way Better Chapter 468: Lazy Dog You Actually Dare To Deceive Me Chapter 469: You Can Make Dishes.. You Are Awesome Chapter 470: The Persistent Nangong Wuque Chapter 471: He Wont Say Aloud The Suffering In The Heart 472 Why Did This Crazy Woman Come Out Of It? Chapter 473 Owner Bu's Naming Sense Chapter 474 The Beautiful Waitress.. Nethery. Chapter 475 Bu Fang I'm.. Hungry Chapter 476 Is This Place Paradise? Chapter 477 The Owner Bu's Store's Beautiful Woman Chapter 478 Nangong Wan Versus Nethery Chapter 479 Chapter 480 All Of You Had No Idea About The Truth Chapter 481 Get Lost Or.. Die. Chapter 482 What's The Truth? Chapter 483 Chapter 484 The Owner Bu Who Was Looked Down Upon Chapter 485 A Chef? He's Obviously A Poison Master Chapter 486 Weren't We Birds Of A Feather? Chapter 487 Chapter 488 Chapter 489 Chapter 490 Did You Come Here Just For Fun? Chapter 491 For Fairness Chapter 492 The Stinky Tofu Is Too Terrifying Chapter 493 The Elimination Rounds Dish Chapter 494 The Continuous Explosion Sounds Chapter 495 Chapter 496 The Public Enemy Of Alchemists Chapter 497 Terror Caused By The Chef Chapter 498 Chapter 499 The Scheming Chef Chapter 500 The Owner Bu Who Had A Simple Goal Chapter 501 What Is The Dish This Time? Chapter 502 Touched By My Culinary Skills? Chapter 503 Hot Spicy With No Friends Chapter 504 The Chief Judge Who Was In Despair Chapter 505 Sorceress An Sheng Chapter 506 You Should Have Died Too Chapter 507 Troublemakers Will Be Stripped And Displayed To The Public Chapter 508 The Domineering Nethery Chapter 509 I Am Proud Of My Big Bobs Chapter 510 This Sorceress Girl Is A Bit Stupid Chapter 511 Mysterious Dish Chapter 512 The Public Enemy Of The Alchemists Is Going To Be Defeated? Chapter 513 Mighty Barbeque Begin Chapter 514 Tens Of Thousands Of People Watching You Make Skewers? Chapter 515 Not Competing Anymore If The Furnace Explodes So Be It Chapter 516 I Feel Like My Female Disciple Is Going To Be Abducted Chapter 517 Thousands Are Watching You Eat Barbecue Skewer Chapter 518 This Judge Is Depressed Chapter 519 Chapter 520 Bu Fangs Opponent In The Top 50 Chapter 521 A Pervert Came Into The Restaurant Chapter 522 Big Bear It Up To You Chapter 523 As An Ingredient It Is Suitable Chapter 524 Ill Let You Experience What Its Like To Weep Chapter 525 Sadness.. Crying Oh My Bear Chapter 526 Red Braised Bear Paw Chapter 527 Why This Much Sorrow? Chapter 528 Loving And Hurting Each Other? Chapter 529 Eating Spicy Diced Chicken Tonight Chapter 530 Overwhelmed Lord Dog Chapter 531 A Mans Word Is As Heavy As Nine Tripods Chapter 532 Giving Up On The Competition? Chapter 533 If Your Cauldron Doesnt Explode Itll Be My Loss Chapter 534 Brushing Past Each Others Shoulder Chapter 535 To Help You Win Against That Chef. Its Good Stuff Chapter 536 Lord Dog And Chicken Chapter 537 Bullish Chef Chapter 538 What Happened To The Trust Between Human And Chicken? Chapter 539 This Chicken Has To Die Chapter 540 Heavenly Flame Braised Chicken Chapter 541 Eating Chicken Chapter 542 The Burning Chicken Backside Chapter 543 Mao Shi Swallowed The Pill Chapter 544 The Old Man With An Eight Pack Chapter 545 Nangong Wuque Clutching His Chrysanthemum Chapter 546 The Netherworld Woman Has Come Chapter 547 A Kill In One Second? Chapter 548 Shura Old Monster Dead. Chapter 549 Saintess Last Resort Chapter 550 Not Even Letting This Dog Have A Good Sleep Chapter 551 The Black Dog That Thundered Across The Firmament Chapter 552 Maybe Its Because Im Handsome Chapter 553 This Ship Is Not Something You Can Get On Chapter 554 The Black Horse Chefs Dog Fighting Chapter 555 The Third Part Of The God Of Cooking Set Chapter 556 Bribing Lord Dog Chapter 557 Whitey What Are You Going To Do If Someone Causes Trouble? Chapter 558 Owner Bu Where Are Your Morals? Chapter 559 Let The Finals Begin Chapter 560 Pill King Mu Bai White Demon Jiang Ling Chapter 561 What Was Owner Bu Doing? Chapter 562 Be Free Shrimpy Chapter 563 Shrimp Flavored Chili Strips Chapter 564 Dark Horse Is No Longer Dark Bu Fang Loses? Chapter 565 Looking Down On Chefs? Who Gave You The Confidence? Chapter 566 Chili Strips Were Unrivaled Chapter 567 The Great Disparity Chapter 568 The Magical Hand Conference Ended Chapter 569 Han Lis Decision Chapter 570 A Strip For You A Strip For Me We Will Sell The Remaining Three Chapter 571 Heaven Secret Territory Chapter 572 The Underground City And The Chef Chapter 573 The Grave Of The Big City Headless Chef Chapter 574 The Grave Of Knives Appears The Inheritance Opens Chapter 575 Let Go Of The Kitchen Knife Chapter 576 Divine Soul Realm Chapter 577 If You Cant Satisfy Me Then Die Chapter 578 Assemble The Cooks A Match In The Kitchen Chapter 579 Valley Of Gluttony? What Is That Plaything? Chapter 580 Isnt It Just A Mala Chicken Claw? Chapter 581 Lets Go With One Ladle Half A Ladle Doesnt Seem Right Chapter 582 I Find You Displeasing To The Eye Chapter 583 Overlord Seventh Blade Slaughter God Blade Chapter 584 The Small Emotions Of The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife Chapter 585 Dont Stop Absolutely Dont Stop Chapter 586 The Man Who Exiled The Netherworld Woman Chapter 587 Nether King And Lord Dog Chapter 588 The Chili Strip With The Smell Of The Abyss Chapter 589 This King Makes His Move A Chili Strip Chapter 590 Not Even Giving Me One Chili Strip Chapter 591 A Staring Contest Between Lord Dog And The Nether King Chapter 592 A Worthless Nether King Chapter 593 Sour Plum Juice Vs Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup Chapter 594 This Young Brat So Unruly Even When Cooking Chapter 595 Flattening The Pill Palace Chapter 596 You Are The Retard Invited By The Lazy Dog Chapter 597 Imparting Values To Bu Fang Chapter 598 Wen Renchou Chef Battle With Bu Fang Chapter 599 Chefs Challenge Theme: Fish Chapter 600 Second Grade Chef Wen Renchou Chapter 601 Pan Fried Codfish Vs West Lake Sweet n Sour Fish Chapter 602 What Was Owner Bus Speciality? Chapter 603 Capture That Dog Alive Chapter 604 Strip It Clean And Throw It Out Chapter 605 That Chicks Butt Is Really White Chapter 606 The Isolated Pill Palace Chapter 607 Strip Them As They Come Chapter 608 Heavenly Pill City Star Pill Tower Chapter 609 Is Little Ha Going To Take Action? Chapter 610 Jade Faced Alchemist Luo Danqing Chapter 611 The Hidden Dragon Royal Courts Expert Takes Action Chapter 612 The Situation Is Getting Grim Chapter 613 Bet On Nether Kings Chili Strips Chapter 614 No Need Im Here Chapter 615 An Arrow Shoots Bu Fang Chapter 616 Young Men These Days Just Cant Do It Chapter 617 Its Over No More Chili Strips Chapter 618 Dont Be Afraid Just Do It Chapter 619 Overlord Seventh Blade Slash Chapter 620 Er Ha Takes Action Chapter 621 One Strike To Kill Chapter 622 Hunt And Kill Lord Dog? Chapter 623 Shura Sovereigns Instant Kill Chapter 624 A Claw To Cause The Shura Sovereigns Head To Explode Chapter 625 Let Go Of Sis Nethery Chapter 626 The Familiar Flavor Chapter 627 Owner Bus Enticement Chapter 628 The Second Restaurant In Heavenly Mist City Chapter 629 Temporary Mission: Defeat The Opposite Store Chapter 630 Youre Terrific Chapter 631 This Bu Fang Causing A Mess Once Again Chapter 632 The Upgraded Stinky Tofu Chapter 633 We Will Compete With Our fragrance At The First Sign Of Disagreement Chapter 634 The Valley Of Gluttony I Will Definitely Go There Chapter 635 The Heavenly Spring Holy Land Shadow Demon. Chapter 636 The Clash Of Dog Against Dog Chapter 637 The Sorrowful Shadow Demon Chapter 638 Second Chef Apprentice Chapter 639 Paper Wrapped Fish And The Abrupt Mission Chapter 640 The Fragrant Paper Wrapped Fish Chapter 641 Entering The Valley Of Gluttony Chapter 642 A Familiar Figure Chapter 643 The Troublemaker Bu Fang Chapter 644 Stir Fried Beef Offal Chapter 645 Who Are You To Look Down On Eggs? Chapter 646 Queue Up Take Your Time Dont Snatch Chapter 647 Planning To Run After Acting Cool? Chapter 648 Glutt Gluttony Chapter 649 The Sealed Child Chapter 650 Noodle King Establishment In Glutton God City Chapter 651 Looking For A Fight? Chapter 652 The Heavenly Spring Saint Son Chapter 653 A Bowl Of Knife Shaved Noodles Chapter 654 A Bowl Of Knife Shaved Seafood Noodle With Fried Egg Chapter 655 Conflict Chapter 656 Boss Bu. Give This One A Bowl Of Noodles Chapter 657 Cooking Noodle In The Rain Chapter 658 Too Spicy Owner Bu Chapter 659 Fishing In Sunset Lake Chapter 660 Here Comes The Murderous Intent Chapter 661 A Small Leaf Boat Fishing Under The Sunset Chapter 662 Bring The Food Feed The Girl Chapter 663 The Colossal Monster In The Sunset Lake Chapter 664 Escape From The Mouth Of The Alligator Chapter 665 Is A Pig Living In Her Body? Chapter 666 The Celestial Saintess Chapter 667 The Top 100 Chefs Championship Chapter 668 Im In A Hurry Chapter 669 Deliberately Make Things Difficult Chapter 670 Carve An Alligator Chapter 671 In A Hurry? How About You Eat Fire? Chapter 672 I Have The Ability To Eat The Fire Why Do I Have To Return It? Chapter 673 A Bowl Of Vegetable Soup Chapter 674 I Will Not Carry This Black Pot For You Chapter 675 Chu Changsheng Chapter 676 Wenren Shangs Kitchen Knife Chapter 677 Wrapped In Paper And Swimming In Broth Chapter 678 The Steamed Heaven Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish Chapter 679 Victory Or Defeat Chapter 680 Lord Dog Asked Me To Save You Chapter 681 : Rise In Revolt Chapter 682 I Heard You Want To Capture Me? Chapter 683 Mystical Dog Hair Chapter 684 Swallow The Saint Son Chapter 685 Gluttonys Soul Chapter 686 Wield The Black Wok Chapter 687 The Ancestral Alligator Shows Up Again Chapter 688 White Taotie And Black Taotie Chapter 689 Bu Fangs Spirit Sea. Chapter 690 Golden Dragon Ancient Black Turtle Fiery Phoenix Chapter 691 Taoties Arm Chapter 692 Running Away After Acting Tough Chapter 693 Chu Changshengs Heart Quivered In Fear Chapter 694 Bu Fang I Am Hungry Chapter 695 Rank Up Chapter 696 The Bewildered Xiao Ya Chapter 697 Nangong Wuque Had Nothing Left To Live For Chapter 698 As Scenic As A Painting Treasured Pagoda Meat Chapter 699 The Decision Of Chu Changsheng Chapter 700 A Strong Enemy Strikes Chapter 701 Oh I Accidentally Broke Through Yesterday Chapter 702 Protector Golden Sabre Chapter 703 A Black Wok That Fell From The Sky Chapter 704 The Domineering Little Chef Chapter 705 The Dogs Fur Wasnt Brought By The Wind Chapter 706 Whitey The God Slayer Chapter 707 Whitey Ripping Armor Chapter 708 God Slaying Sabre Eat Chapter 709 Where Did That Stupid Wolf Come From? Chapter 710 Handle Gently Dont Make It Mushy Chapter 712 : White Taotie Breaks The Seal Chapter 711 Sigh. It Was Beaten Mushy Chapter 712 White Taotie Breaks The Seal Chapter 713 The Fear Of Being Controled By The Dogs Paw Chapter 714 Crossing Thousands Of Miles To Deliver The Ingredient Chapter 715 Subdue The White Taoties Soul Chapter 716 Set Up The Stove To Grill Taoties Hooves Chapter 717 Vying For The Taoties Hooves Chapter 718 Clothes Explode Everyone Breaks Through Chapter 719 Almighty Chu Changsheng Chapter 720 Current Mission: Challenge The Top Ten Chefs Of The Tablet Of Gluttony Chapter 721 Teach That Boy Some Manners Chapter 722 Bu Fang Comes To The Valley Of Gluttony The Second Time Chapter 723 Chefs Challenge Begins Chapter 724 The First Chefs Challenge Begin Translato Chapter 725 Dont Talk Nonsense. Im In A Hurry. Chapter 726 Peaceful Dish Berserk Dish Chapter 727 A Dish That Makes People Lose Control Chapter 728 Meat Demon Harry The Cooking Battle Chapter 729 Chapter 729: Its Better Than A Ball Chapter 730 Cloud Mist Restaurant His Highness The Nether King Is Back Chapter 731 Bu Fangs Secret Recipe Seventy Percent Cooked Taoties Steak Chapter 732 Here Comes The Dish Please Do Not Blink Chapter 733 You Are The Wind I Am The Sand Chapter 734 The Day Without Spicy Strips Chapter 735 His Highness Doesnt Shame Ordinary People Chapter 736 Heavenly Holy Land Chapter 737 Bloody Heaven Burial And Moonset Crying Crow Chapter 738 God Slaying Stick? From The Same Side Chapter 739 Owner Bus Overwhelming Sadness Noodles Chapter 740 Condense The Chefs Power Chapter 741 That Fcking Overwhelming Sadness Chapter 742 What A Frightening Bowl Of Noodles Chapter 743 The War Breaks Out Chapter 744 The Nether Kings Intrusion Chapter 745 Chu Changsheng Splashes Blood Up Into The High Sky Chapter 746 Its Trash Compared To Spicy Strips Chapter 747 The Wrath Of Er Ha Chapter 748 Young Men These Days All Like To Die? Chapter 749 All Parties Made A Move Chapter 750 A Knife To Subdue Chapter 751 Who Killed My Third Brother? Use Your Blood As Sacrifice Chapter 752 Lightning Strikes Nether King Er Ha Chapter 753 Nether King Er Ha Got Struck By Lightning Again Chapter 754 Inheritance Gluttony Gods Palace Chapter 755 Seven Colored Sky Devouring Python Flowery Chapter 756 Berserk Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife Chapter 757 You Want To Be Flicked To Death? Chapter 758 Nine Steps Of Culinary Arts Time To Show My True Skills Chapter 759 A Thick And Huge Er Ha Brand Spicy Strip Chapter 760 Heart Of Gluttony The Strong Assemble Chapter 761 The Inheritance Rewards Chapter 762 Owner Bu Got Schemed Against Chapter 763 You Think That I Bu Fang Am Easily Bullied? Chapter 764 Its Just An Ingredient Chapter 765 With A Spicy Strip In Hand Who Can Stop Me? Chapter 766 Let That Lazy Dog Do All The Killing And Fighting Chapter 767 Lord Dogs Bark Chapter 768 All Of Them Were Knocked Down With A Brick Chapter 769 You Cant Kill Me Chapter 770 The New Valley Master Of The Valley Of Gluttony Chapter 771 Chefs Challenge Chapter 772 Im Counting On You Golden Skinned Mantis Shrimp Chapter 773 The Undefeatable Bu Fang Is About To Come To An End? Chapter 774 You Promised To Conquer The Endless Sea Yet Quietly Became An Ingredient Chapter 775 Let Yourself Go Shrimpy Chapter 776 Four Divisions Crescent Moon Dumplings Vs. Snow Lotus Crystal Dumplings Chapter 777 These Dumplings Cant Be Compared With This Kings Spicy Strips Chapter 778 Who Will Win? Chapter 779 The Aftermath Of Killing Me You Cant Accept The Consequence Chapter 780 Dont You Say Another Word Chapter 781 Hundred Taste Spirit Tongue Mu Cheng Chapter 782 Bu Fang Vs Mu Cheng Chapter 783 Mu Chengs Soup Chapter 784 Chu Changshengs Pants Exploded Chapter 785 Fang Fangs Little Restaurants Branch Opens Chapter 786 Daily Life In The Valley Of Gluttony Chapter 787 This Madam Is Not Mu Cheng Chapter 788 Owner Bu Save Me Boohoo Chapter 789 A Fearsome Restaurant Chapter 790 Kill My Brother Youll Be Buried With Him Chapter 791 Chu Changsheng Is Dying Chapter 792 If You Can Save Him Ill Admit Defeat Chapter 793 Greedy Yan Cheng Chapter 794 Little Ha Make A Move Chapter 795 Solve With A Clenched Fist Chapter 796 Use Your Life As Compensation Chapter 797 A Bowl Of Taotie Soup A Life For Chu Changsheng Chapter 798 Monster Chu Changsheng Chapter 799 We Are A Team Chapter 800 The Familiar Stripping Demon Chapter 801 Divine Soul Realms Assessment Chapter 802 Pure Mental Energy Cooking Chapter 803 Breaking Through Chapter 804 Chu Changshengs Shame Chapter 805 The Popular Taotie Restaurant Chapter 806 Please Call Me Clothes Stripping Chu Chapter 807 Heavenly Secret Technique A Sliver Of The Future Chapter 808 Four Symbols Fire Control Skill Chapter 809 The Netherworlds Three Prisons Chapter 810 Borrowing A Strand Of Dog Fur Chapter 811 The Saintess Comes Out Of Seclusion Chapter 812 : Scare The Saint Sovereign Chapter 813 Dont Bully Her Chapter 814 Heavenly Secret Holy Lands Great Change Chapter 815 Heavenly Secret Demon Subduing Technique Chapter 816 Head To The Netherworld Chapter 817 Yellow Spring Grass By The Yellow Spring River Chapter 818 Do We Look High Profile? Chapter 819 Cross The River Chapter 820 Senseless Lotus On The Yellow Spring River Chapter 821 Greedy Stone Statue Ghost Kings Chapter 822 Blood Marble Wok Fish Chapter 823 Stone Statue Ghost Kings Play Rock Paper Scissors To Eat Fish Chapter 824 Kill Each Other Chapter 825 A Crushing Fight Chapter 826 : Enraged Yellow Spring Great Sage Chapter 827 Exchange Your Sister Chapter 828 Heavenly Star Catcher Disk Chapter 829 Whitey Takes Action Chapter 830 Slaughter Two Demons Chapter 831 A Shrimp Dares To Attack Me? Chapter 832 Lord Dog Wants To Beat Him Until He Cries Chapter 833 That Dog From The Earth Prison Chapter 834 A Dog With Some Old Stories Chapter 835 Receive Spicy Strips Help Him Settle The Disaster Chapter 836 Heavenly Secret Saintess An Acquaintance? Chapter 837 This Kings Spicy Strips Depend On You Chapter 838 Change Chapter 839 Blood Snow Fills The Sky Chapter 840 Kill All The Netherworld Creatures Chapter 841 Troublemakers Will Be Stripped As An Example To Others Chapter 842 The Saint Sovereign Arrives Chapter 843 I Will Come And Ask Again Tomorrow Chapter 844 Bu Fang I Am Hungry Chapter 845 She Is Definitely A Fake Saintess Chapter 846 The Nether Kings Clothes Stripping Finger Chapter 847 What Happened To Being Gentle? Chapter 848 How Many Spicy Strips Can Be Exchanged? Chapter 849 The Medium Well Dragon Steak Chapter 850 This Dish Ill Eat It Myself Chapter 851 You Guys Watch Me Eat First Chapter 852 A Million Crystals For A Piece Of Meat Chapter 853 Returning To Light Wind Empire All Of A Sudden Chapter 854 Returning Once Again To Fang Fangs Little Store Chapter 855 Ouyang Xiaoyi Is Going To Be Eaten Chapter 856 The Powerless Xiao Xiaolong Chapter 857 Bu Fang Is Back Chapter 858 Owner Bu Can You Do It? Chapter 859 Bu Fang Battles Xie He Chapter 860 Roasting Four Demon Scorpions Chapter 861 The Amethyst Elder Who Was Terrified Chapter 862 The Fragrant And Plump Scorpion Meat Chapter 863 The Secret Behind The Southern Region Chapter 864 Fragrance From The Big Crystal Mine Chapter 865 Curious Bu Fang Chapter 866 Enter The Pit Chapter 867 This Chef Should Be Stabbed One Thousand Times Chapter 868 Hairy Crab Dont Run Chapter 869 The Gold Shrimp Will Transform Chapter 870 Nethery And Shrimpy Come To Light Wind Empire Chapter 871 Blood Lobster? Lobster? Chapter 872 The Mysterious Ancient Black Ships Chapter 873 The Dish In The Palace Chapter 874 The Strongest Demon Kings Corpse Chapter 875 Aggressive Nethery Chapter 876 Bu Fang Was Injected With Chicken Blood Chapter 877 A Dish That Existed For Ten Thousand Years Chapter 878 A Jet Of Gold Light Arrives The Shrimp Appears Like A Dragon Chapter 879 The Bronze Palace Opens Chapter 880 Cook A Bowl Of Egg Fried Rice Chapter 881 Spicy Blood Lobster Vs Steamed Blood Lobster Chapter 882 Lord Dog Hates Lobsters Chapter 883 How To Eat Blood Lobster Chapter 884 The Gap Chapter 885 Level Up Chapter 886 The Demon Kings Finger Chapter 887 System Farmland Chapter 888 Phoenix Egg Fried Rice Chapter 889 Dont Call Me Little Ji Ji Chapter 890 Bu Fang You Changed Chapter 891 Dazzling And Intoxicating Egg Fried Rice Chapter 892 Wheres That Bastard Who Ambushed This Lady? Chapter 893 Lord Dog Is Envious Chapter 894 Develop The Farmland Chapter 895 Plant A Seed Chapter 896 Energy Fluctuation At Saint Sovereigns Level Chapter 897 Open The Yellow Springs Helplessness Wine Chapter 898 Good Wine Triggers Lightning Punishment Chapter 899 I Whitey Eat Lightning Chapter 900 Whitey Becomes More Arrogant Chapter 901 Youre Good Wait Till This Lady Drink A Cup Before Fighting Again Chapter 902 Drunk Women Chapter 903 Vent Together Chapter 904 Exquisite Dog Paw Shatter Lightning Punishment Chapter 905 Niu Hansan Chapter 906 One Cup Ten Million Old And Young Alike Chapter 907 Take Care That I Niu Hansan Wont Play You To Death Chapter 908 Im Just Passing By To Blow A Bubble Chapter 909 Bu Fangs Rearing Plan Chapter 910 This Is This Kings Braised Blood Lobster Chapter 911 Divine Spirit Realm Test Chapter 912 The Unique Method Of Making Kimchi Chapter 913 Beating The Cabbage Chapter 914 Sour Spicy Crunchy Kimchi Chapter 915 Nether King Er Ha Making Kimchi Chapter 916 Showing You A Miracle Chapter 917 The Demon Kings Who Couldnt Control Their Feelings Chapter 918 Nether King Er Has Helpessness Chapter 919 This Lord Is A Demon Frog Not A Big Bullfrog Chapter 920 Where Is The Demon Frogs Demon King? Chapter 921 Stir Fry The Demon Frog Chapter 922 Invitation From The Oceanic Species Dragon Palace Chapter 923 The Taotie Restaurants Chef Apprentice Chapter 924 : Nethery Has Principles Chapter 925 Theres Seafood On The Beach Chapter 926 Deep Sea Blue Sky Roast Razor Clam Chapter 927 Where Is Our Destination? Chapter 928 What A Big Meaty Crab Chapter 929 Whitey Has Lightning Chapter 930 Brother Octopus Chapter 931 Courtesy First Then Force Chapter 932 The Weather Is So Good Lets Cook Steamed Crab With Wine Chapter 933 Whitey Ate Lightning We Ate Crabs Chapter 934 The Black Dragon King Of The Endless Sea Chapter 935 The Immortal Cooking Realm Entrance Appears Chapter 936 Old Black Do You See The Pair Of Roast Wings In The Sky? Chapter 937 The Demon Hawk Demon King Cant Love Life Chapter 938 Roast Wings Complete Dragon Gate Opens Chapter 939 The Immortal Cooking Realms Entrance Key Chapter 940 Then Hit To Be Qualified Chapter 941 Lord Dog Who Had Been Recognized Chapter 942 The Temporary Task That Hadnt Been Appearing For Some Time Chapter 943 The Unfriendly Immortal Cooking Realm Chapter 944 Immortal Chef Qilin Chef Divine Chef Chapter 945 The Restaurant In The Immortal City Chapter 946 Dine And Dash? Chapter 947 Not Even A Chef And Youre Trying To Chat Up People? Chapter 948 How To Pick Up An Immortal Chef Chapter 949 What Right Do Ordinary People Have To Test For Special Grade Chef? Scram Chapter 950 Causing Trouble Food Stall Starts Business Chapter 951 Bu Fangs Spicy Hotpot Secret Recipe Chapter 952 The Irresistible Hotpot Chapter 953 This Small Stall Wants To Cause Trouble Chapter 954 This Immortal Kitchen Pavilion What Does It Count As? Chapter 955 Clothes Stripped In The Wind Chapter 956 The Hatred Of Tong Yue Chapter 957 The Tong Familys Members Riding A Horse Chapter 958 Tong Yues Fate Chapter 959 Special Grade Chef Test Chapter 960 Next Hidden Dragon Continent Bu Fang Chapter 961 Radiant Silver Chapter 962 Lightning Punishment Appears At The First Grade Chef Test Chapter 963 This Mortal Is Going To Be Struck To Death By Lightning Punishment? Chapter 964 Immortal Chef Achievement? Chapter 965 Excuse Me Can I Take The Immortal Chef Test Too? Chapter 966 This Mortal Must Die Chapter 967 Tong Cheng Vomits Blood In Anger Chapter 968 Matter Of A Paw Chapter 969 Invitation Chapter 970 Improved Stinky Tofu The Appetizer For The Opening Day Chapter 971 Brother Tong Cheng Come Sit With Us Chapter 972 Immortal Chef Test Begins Chapter 973 Immortal Ingredient Eighty The Chicken? Chapter 974 Soup Dumplings Complete Lightning Punishment Arrives Chapter 975 No Immortal Energy? Chapter 976 Clear Spring Like Dumplings Immortal Energy Rising In Spirals Chapter 977 Born To Slap Faces Chapter 978 Desperate Straits? Chapter 979 Immortal Tool Slashed Chapter 980 Strip Off His Clothes? No Slap Him To Death Chapter 981 Death With A Single Slap Chapter 982 The Tong Familys Retaliation Begins Chapter 983 Eight Treasures Braised Pork Attack From The Tong Family Chapter 984 Lord Dog Is In A Hurry Chapter 985 A Single Bark Vs. Fifteen Silver Armored Guards Chapter 986 Unequalled Lord Dog Extermination Of A Group With A Single Paw Chapter 987 A Dog Who Stood At The Top Of The Food Chain Chapter 988 Fatty But Not Greasy Eight Treasures Red Braised Pork Chapter 989 The Systems Odd Task Chapter 990 Owner Bu Vs. Unruly Child Chapter 991 The Immortal Chef Team That Caused Trouble Chapter 992 Dont Worry Big Sister Will Protect You Chapter 993 Bring Back The Nether King Chapter 994 Could It Be A Fake Land Of Inheritance? Chapter 995 Golden Lotus Demonic Flame A Wave Of Immortal Tools Chapter 996 Flowery Who Pretended To Be A Pig To Eat A Tiger Chapter 997 The Earth Prison Overlords Are Here Chapter 998 Bring Her Back Dead Or Alive Chapter 999 Nether King Er Ha Makes His Move Chapter 1000 Nether King Er Ha Vs. Earth Prison Overlord Jin Jiao Chapter 1001 Nether King Youre Just A Weakling Chapter 1002 Invincible Nether King Cooking Competition Chapter 1003 A Plot By Tong Ruo Chapter 1004 Lord Dog Shows His Paw Chapter 1005 Havent Eaten Fire For Quite Some Time Chapter 1006 Lord Dog Youre My Idol Chapter 1007 Desperate Tong Ruo Chapter 1008 His Highness Will Be Back Chapter 1009 Bu Fang Overestimates Himself Chapter 1010 Netherys Violent Older Sister Chapter 1011 A Pervert Descends From The Sky Chapter 1012 The Profound Art Of Nudity Ah No Art Of Cooking Chapter 1013 I Heard Someone Call Me Chapter 1014 A Small Restaurant Can Create A Miracle Chapter 1015 Need To Take Off All Their Clothes? Chapter 1016 A Load On Nether King Er Has Mind Chapter 1017 Strip My Clothes? Come Ill Let You Strip Me Chapter 1018 Secret Recipe Roast Duck Enjoy Chapter 1019 A Mouthful Of Thick Soup And A Mouthful Of Roast Duck Chapter 1020 Lord Dog Vs. Earth Prison Overlord Ying Long Chapter 1021 True Dragon Meat Chapter 1022 Im Busy I Have No Time Chapter 1023 Whitey Strip And Throw Them Away Chapter 1024 The Chef Has A Dog Above Him Chapter 1025 Lets Battle Fight Against Five Chapter 1026 One Against Five Thunder Dragon Bombardment Chapter 1027 So Strangewhy Are The Lightning Punishments Fighting Each Other? Chapter 1028 Immortal City Accident Death Of Mu Yang Chapter 1029 Immortal Chef Tournament Starts Chapter 1030 Bu Fang Hates Being Pulled Chapter 1031 Despair Starts From You Chapter 1032 Bu Fang The Great Demon King Chapter 1033 Im Afraid I Cant Control My Antiquity Power Chapter 1034 The Great Demon King Becomes A Laughingstock? Chapter 1035 The Overlord Arrives Fight Between Knives Chapter 1036 Five Chefs Join Forces To Subdue Bu Fang Chapter 1037 A Blade To Defeat Five Chefs Bu Fang Is Condemned Chapter 1038 Use One Dish To Fight Against Forty Nine Dishes Chapter 1039 Dont Be Anxious You Will Feel More Despair Chapter 1040 Where Is That Dog? Chapter 1041 City Lord Feng Dog Meat Grandmaster Chapter 1042 A Dogs Fur Chapter 1043 What A Coincidence My Kitchen Knife Is Also The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife Chapter 1044 Crayfish Abyssal Spicy Strip Chapter 1045 Having Faith Only In The Spicy Strip Chapter 1046 Follow Lord Dog Get Meat To Eat Chapter 1047 The Great Demon King Advances Chapter 1048 The Top Ten Challenge Begins Chapter 1049 Bu Fangs New Dish Abyssal Stone Pot Fighting Chicken Chapter 1050 Lightning Strikes The Dish Is Done Chapter 1051 The Great Demon Kings Fighting Chicken Chapter 1052 Ive Done That Before Chapter 1053 Victory And Defeat Chapter 1054 Tell Me Where Is That Dog? Chapter 1055 Invincible Vermillion Robe One Slash Of Cutting Immortal Style Chapter 1056 Vermilion Bird And Blue Bird Chapter 1057 Bu Fang Boy Nethery Needs You Chapter 1058 Qilin Chefs Heart Is Revealed The Secret Is Exposed Chapter 1059 Hit Until You Call For Your Daddy Chapter 1060 Dragon Tongue Dragon Heart Dragon Belly Dragon Scalp Chapter 1061 Bu Fangs Heart Of Cooking Path Chapter 1062 Lakes Of Wine And Forests Of Meat Complete Chapter 1063 Fourth Lightning Punishment Shouldering The Thunder Chapter 1064 Spicy Beef Vs. Lakes Of Wine And Forests Of Meat Chapter 1065 The Great Demon Kings Great Comeback Chapter 1066 The Black Cloaked Persons Challenge Chapter 1067 The Utterly Despairing Lu Yi Chapter 1068 End Of The Competition Exchange For The God Of Cooking Set Chapter 1069 The Fourth Piece Of The God Of Cooking Set White Tiger Heaven Stove Chapter 1070 The Immortal Tree Space With Danger Everywhere Chapter 1071 The Will Of The Heavenly Path Scatters Crisis About To Strike Chapter 1072 A Familiar Person The Strongest Demon King Chapter 1073 Ill Cripple You Then Bring You Away Chapter 1074 Heaven Illuminating Flame Deployed Chapter 1075 Dragon Cry Tiger Roar Vermillion Chirp Turtle Howl Chapter 1076 The White Tiger Heaven Stove Subdues The Strongest Demon King Chapter 1077 Bu Fang Who Holds Nothing Back Chapter 1078 As An Enemy You Are Inferior. As An Ingredient You Pass. Chapter 1079 Dark Delicacy Blade Chopping The Immortal Tree Chapter 1080 Immortal Tree Seedling Appears People From The Nether Prison Appear Chapter 1081 Overbearing Lord Dog Chapter 1082 Immortal Chef And Nether Chef Chapter 1083 Generous Owner Bu Chapter 1084 Demon God Corpse Face Vs. Small Bridge Running Water Chapter 1085 Meng Qis Confidence Ears Of Wheat Are Extraordinary Chapter 1086 I Planted Them Myself Chapter 1087 The Second Chefs Challenges Theme Sweet n Sour Ribs Chapter 1088 Father Of Hybrid Ingredients Niu Hansan? Chapter 1089 Bu Fang Vs. Liu Mobai Chapter 1090 Three Change Demon Beef Sweet n Sour Ribs Vs. Dark Taotie Sweet n Sour Ribs Chapter 1091 Desperate Scores Liu Mobais Crazy Laughter Chapter 1092 Woof Woofwoof Woofwoofwoof Chapter 1093 One More Point Im Afraid Youll Become Arrogant Chapter 1094 Shedding Mo Xius Pretense Chapter 1095 Nethery Arrived Unexpectedly Chapter 1096 Invincible Earth Prison Dog Chapter 1097 Mo Xiu Dies Chapter 1098 Bursting Pissing Beef Meatball Chapter 1099 The Correct Way To Use The Beef Meatballs Chapter 1100 Six Meatballs Explode Continuously The Art Of Explosion Chapter 1101 The Immortal Trees Seedling Was Damaged By Explosion Chapter 1102 Three Headed Hell Dog Chapter 1103 Bu Fang: First Set A Small Objective Chapter 1104 Swallowed Immortal Flame Owner Bus Invincible Path Chapter 1105 Death Food Tool Chapter 1106 Chapter 1106 Chapter 1107 Dont You Want To Kill Him? Chapter 1108 A Cow For The Farmland Chapter 1109 The Nether Prisons Monsters Have Arrived Chapter 1110 Nine Revolution Clan Chapter 1111 Give You A Pill Chapter 1112 The Boy Is Bullied Until He Cries Chapter 1113 Boiled Beef Chapter 1114 Realm Lord Di Tais Request Chapter 1115 Teleport To Earth Prison Countdown Chapter 1116 Whitey Trapped Bu Fang Chapter 1117 All Of Them Are Women In Goddess City Chapter 1118 The Second Man After Several Thousand Years Chapter 1119 Empress Bi Luo And An Imperial Feast Chapter 1120 Nether King Er Ha And His Great Womans Disguise Chapter 1121 How To Become Despised Chapter 1122 Im A Man Chapter 1123 Treat Me To That Meal Chapter 1124 Youre Telling Me To Leave? 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Chapter 1173 1173 The Resurrection Of The Immortal Tree Chapter 1174 1174 A Gift From The Immortal Tree Chapter 1175 1175 Roast Leg Of Lamb Chapter 1176 1176 The Aromatic Golden Leg Of Lamb Chapter 1177 Ea Chapter 1178 Nine Revolution Great Path Tea Chapter 1179 Is The Realm Lord Trying To Mess Things Up? Chapter 1180 The Man Who Stands At The Top Of The Food Chain Realm Lord Di Tai Chapter 1181 Realm Lord Di Tai Once Thought Chapter 1182 Ying Longs Sigh Chapter 1183 Who The Fck Are You? Chapter 1184 The Great Demon King Who Protects His Apprentice Chapter 1185 Every Dog Has Its Day Chapter 1186 Visitors From The Nether Prison Chapter 1187 A Pass To The Abyss Chapter 1188 A New Death Food Tool Chapter 1189 The City Of Abyss Chapter 1190 This Meatball Must Be Eaten While Ho Chapter 1191 Foxy Shoot Them Chapter 1192 Set Off For The Abyss Ambushed Chapter 1193 The Debut Of The Divine Seal Dumpling Chapter 1194 Taste My Wok Chapter 1195 Maybe This Is The Feeling Of Showboating Chapter 1196 Bu Fang The Deceiver Chapter 1197 The Abyss Judges A Hopeless Situation Chapter 1198 When I Return It Will Be The Time To Kill You Chapter 1199 A Killing Task Chapter 1200 Knock All Down With A Wok Chapter 1201 Who Is Messing With Them? 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Chapter 1233 Arrive And See You Ji Again Chapter 1234 The Beaten Up Zhu Yan Chapter 1235 Im Scared Of Myself When I Get Violen Chapter 1236 Fang Fang Teppanyaki Chapter 1237 Owner Give Me Ten More Skewers Chapter 1238 Even Though The Wine And Meat Go Through My Body Chapter 1239 Are There No Worthy Experts From The Immortal Cooking Realm? Chapter 1240 Bu Fang Makes A Move Chapter 1241 Im Also A Half Step Sain Chapter 1242 Eat A Meatball To Quell The Fear? Chapter 1243 Big Brother With Big Breasts And No Brain Chapter 1244 The Immortal Cooking Realm Is Being Targeted Chapter 1245 Kebab Boiled With Soup Chapter 1246 Everyone Has A Bowl Of Shish Kebab Chapter 1247 The Ultimate Boss Bu Fang Chapter 1248 Bu Fangs First Individual Match Chapter 1249 The Yin And Yang Taotie Arm And The Violent Bu Fang Chapter 1250 A Happy Nethery Chapter 1251 Lord Buddha Said Strike When You Must Chapter 1252 White Tiger I Choose You Chapter 1253 The Cocky White Haired Bu Fang Chapter 1254 All The People Present Arerubbish Chapter 1255 Revenge Comes Fas Chapter 1256 A Late Night Attack Chapter 1257 Defeats Three Little Saints Alone Chapter 1258 Bu Fangs Special Crispy Pancakes Chapter 1259 The Little Saint Test Begins Chapter 1260 Wandering Soul Realm Chapter 1261 Where Did He Come To? Chapter 1262 If You Dont Seek Death You Wont Die Chapter 1263 Stubborn Wandering Soul Realm Experts Chapter 1264 The Semifinal Rules Of The Team Competition Chapter 1265 The Semifinals Begin Targets By A Killing Intent Chapter 1266 Rubbish I Howling Am Back Chapter 1267 Looking For A Sacred Beas Chapter 1268 Spiced Salt Snake Mea Chapter 1269 Passes The Test And Becomes A Saint Chapter 1270 You Want To Fight Me With A Sword? Chapter 1271 Its Time To Settle Our Scores Chapter 1272 Who Dares Touch Lord Dogs Man? Chapter 1273 Lord Dog Destroys A Great Saint With Three Paws Chapter 1274 If You Want A Nine Petal Flower Of Helplessness Trade Your Life For I Chapter 1275 Bu Fang Picks The Lotus Lord Dogs Shock Chapter 1276 The Mysterious Existence In The Bronze Palace Chapter 1277 The Restless Forbidden Lands Of Earth Prison Chapter 1278 Ask That Man To Come And See Me Chapter 1279 This Boy May Be Attracted By My Peerless Appearance Chapter 1280 The Competition Begins Chapter 1281 Meet The Stone Statue Ghost Kings Again The Old Way Chapter 1282 Sour Soup Beef The Stone Statue Ghost Kings Are Broken Again Chapter 1283 Who Dares Touch My Grass Chapter 1284 I Will Give You Back A Piece Of Grassland Chapter 1285 The Arrival Of Killing Intent Bu Fang Is Surrounded Chapter 1286 Fight The Skeleton Possessed By The Black Turtle Chapter 1287 Good Night Gentlemen Chapter 1288 Take The Dried Pot With Bare Hands Chapter 1289 Lord Dog Strikes Chapter 1290 Enter Nether Prison The Finals Begin Chapter 1291 How Much Is Your Nether Puppet? Chapter 1292 How Much Is Your Virginity? Chapter 1293 Instead Of The Senseless Lotus How About A Sword Pot? Chapter 1294 This Wine Tastes Like Horse Piss Chapter 1295 Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Chapter 1296 Nether Prisons Home Court Merciless Killing Chapter 1297 I Heard You Are Very Arrogant? Chapter 1298 None Of You Can Figh Chapter 1299 A Perfect Assassination? Chapter 1300 Feel The Madness Of The Sword Pot Chapter 1301 A Palm Strike From The Great Saint The Nether King Leaves The Seclusion Chapter 1302 The Nether Puppeteer Patriarch Chapter 1303 The Fusion Of Two Pots Wounding The Great Saint Chapter 1304 The Earth Prison Branch Bu Fangs Dish Chapter 1305 Open The Jar Of The Best Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine Chapter 1306 Infuse The Wine With The Will Of The Great Path Chapter 1307 One Million Nether Crystals For A Glass Chapter 1308 This Wine Is Heaven Defying Chapter 1309 Lord Dogs Real Strength Chapter 1310 An Outstanding Bargain Chapter 1311 Drunken Nethery Chapter 1312 The Fearsome Whitey Chapter 1313 A Smack In Lord Dogs Face Chapter 1314 Nether Prison Cannot Hold Back Any Longer Chapter 1315 Destroys The City With A Sword The Arrival Of A Crisis Chapter 1316 The Forbidden Land Strikes A Skeleton True Dragon Chapter 1317 The Assassination From A Nine Revolution Great Saint Chapter 1318 The God Of Cookings Menu Chapter 1319 Failed? Chapter 1320 The Aura Of Laws Chapter 1321 The Liquid Drops Of The God Of Cookings Divine Power Chapter 1322 I Have A Taotie Arm Chapter 1323 Kills A Great Saint With Three Punches Chapter 1324 An Invasion Chapter 1325 The Long Awaited System Promp Chapter 1326 The Fortune Flatbread Of Primeval Chaos Chapter 1327 Bake Flatbreads In An Oven Chapter 1328 Its A Matter Of Luck Chapter 1329 The Two Armies Confront Each Other Chapter 1330 The Secret Of The Soul Fisherman Chapter 1331 The Breaking Of The Barrier And The Beginning Of War Chapter 1332 The Battle Of The Two Armies Chapter 1333 Eat A Flatbread To Quell The Fear Chapter 1334 Im Stronger But Im Bald Too Chapter 1335 Nether King Tian Cang Chapter 1336 Matchless Prowess Chapter 1337 The Fall Of A Patriarch Chapter 1338 Wheres Lord Dog? Chapter 1339 Even Artifact Spirits Cant Stand It Anymore Chapter 1340 Rtifact Spirits Luck Will Not Be Too Bad Chapter 1341 The Fall Of Tyrant Patriarch Chapter 1342 Lord Dogs Voice Chapter 1343 A Hungry Lord Dog Chapter 1344 Undercurren Chapter 1345 Braised Chicken Fee Chapter 1346 Big Yellow Eat The Flatbread Chapter 1347 Nether King Tian Cang Resurrected? Chapter 1348 Buddha Like Artifact Spiri Chapter 1349 Nether King Tian Cang Vs. Heavenly Nether Puppe Chapter 1350 The Death Of Sword Demon Patriarch Chapter 1351 Sit Down And Hold This In Your Mouth Chapter 1352 A Bowl Of Noodles For You Chapter 1353 Youre Not Going To Resurrect Tian Cang Chapter 1354 The Curse Broke Out Completely? Chapter 1355 Half A Drop Of Divine Power Is Enough To Beat You Chapter 1356 Cut Nether Puppeteer Patriarch In Half Chapter 1357 The Real Nether Puppeteer Patriarch Chapter 1358 The Lightning Punishment Tian Cang Resurrected Chapter 1359 Tian Cang Resurrected Beating Nether Puppeteer Patriarch Chapter 1360 Fierce Whitey Chapter 1361 The End Of Nether Puppeteer Patriarch Chapter 1362 Di Ting Chapter 1363 Nether King Vs. Di Ting Chapter 1364 Di Ting God? Chapter 1365 The Battle Of Demigods Chapter 1367 Tian Cang The Waiter Chapter 1368 Begin To Transcend To A Great World Chapter 1369 Nine Years Chapter 1370 The Puppets In The Silver Warship Chapter 1371 Nether King Er Ha Was Captured Chapter 1372 An Emissary From The Great World Chapter 1373 The Rescue Mission Chapter 1374 Two Dog Paws Chapter 1375 Lord Dogs Paw Chapter 1376 Alpha Die Chapter 1377 Three Claw True Dragon Mea Chapter 1378 The Chaotic Universe Chapter 1379 Red Braised True Dragon Meat Completed Chapter 1380 The Second Dish From The God Of Cookings Menu Chapter 1381 Three Flowers Sweet And Sour Fish Chapter 1382 One Step One Revolution Bu Fang The Great Saint Chapter 1383 Bu Fangs Expectation Of Lord Dog Chapter 1384 Di Ting Transforms Chapter 1385 Whack Nether Puppeteer Patriarch And Fight Di Ting Chapter 1386 Would You Like To Try It? Chapter 1387 A Great Saint Beats A Demigod? Chapter 1388 Becoming A God Chapter 1389 Lord Dog Comes Out Of Seclusion Chapter 1390 The Invincible Lord Dog Chapter 1391 Genocide Chapter 1392 You Wont Find A Female Dog Chapter 1393 The God Of Chefs Challenge Chapter 1394 Devour All Flames Chapter 1395 The Invisible Divine Flame Chefs Challenge Begins Chapter 1396 Tea And Prawn Chapter 1397 Bound To Lose? Chapter 1398 Is This Fcking Prawn? Chapter 1399 A Crushing Victory Chapter 1400 The God Of Chefs Challengestrikes Again Chapter 1401 When I Fall I Am Still A God Chapter 1402 A Naughty God Chapter 1403 The Divine Sense Buns Chapter 1404 The Sea Of Laws Chapter 1405 Bu Fangs Law Chapter 1406 The Arrival Chapter 1407 Mu Hongzi Chapter 1408 Aye Fellow Countryman Chapter 1409 Departure Chapter 1410 Smiling Lees Fish Chapter 1411 The Advent Of A Crisis Chapter 1412 A Disgusting Unknown Monster Chapter 1413 The Bandits Who Abduct Chefs Chapter 1414 Invincible In The Demigod Realm Chapter 1415 The Arrival Of A God Chapter 1416 A Crushing Defeat Chapter 1417 A Beast Appreciating Feast Chapter 1418 I Am Just A Demigod Chapter 1419 An Earth Divine Chef Chapter 1420 A Mid Grade God Chapter 1421 The Seal Of The Ancient Heavengods Inheritance Chapter 1422 A New Record An Outstanding Chef Chapter 1423 Broken It Is Broken Chapter 1424 A Fluke? Chapter 1425 Feel Free To Ask Anything Chapter 1426 A Luxury Store Chapter 1427 The Beast Appreciating Feast Begins Chapter 1428 Ah You Are So Strong Chapter 1429 Im Being Set Up Chapter 1430 You Are Not Qualified Chapter 1431 Why Should I Run? Chapter 1432 Divine Power Divine Power Chapter 1433 The Debut Of The Law Of Transmigration Chapter 1434 Suppress With One Punch Chapter 1435 : If I Kill Him Chapter 1436 The Whereabouts Of Lord Dog Chapter 1437 The Change Of The Inheritances Seal Chapter 1438 The Restaurant Opens Chapter 1439 Bring Me A Spicy Strip And I Will Elope With You Chapter 1440 Netherys Danger Chapter 1441 : Defeat Eight Gods With One Move Chapter 1442 Rescuing Nethery Chapter 1443 A Hopeless Situation? Chapter 1444 Youre Killing Yourself Chapter 1445 Kill A Mid Grade God Chapter 1446 : There Is Nothing I Howling Dare Not Do Chapter 1447 Come Beat Me Chapter 1448 Run After Showboating Chapter 1449 The Seasoned Driver Bu Fang Chapter 1450 Where Is The Trust Between People? Chapter 1451 : Slay A High Grade God With One Slash Chapter 1452 Mu Hongzi Damn You Chapter 1453 Set Up By Mu Hongzi Chapter 1454 The Lord Of The Divine Chef Temple Chapter 1455 : Break The Record Again Chapter 1456 : You Value Reputation More Than He Does Chapter 1457 All Coquettish Bitches Must Die Chapter 1458 The Angry Imperial Concubine Chapter 1459 Luo Sanniang And Nethery Chapter 1460 The Silver Armor Guards Show Up Chapter 1461 Troublemaker You Will Be Stripped As An Example To Others Chapter 1462 : Whitey Immune To Laws Chapter 1463 Little Bu Show The Token Chapter 1464 The Arrival Of The Imperial Concubine Towering Killing Intent Chapter 1465 A Forbidden Love? Chapter 1466 Silver Armor Die Chapter 1467 Comprehend Another Law Chapter 1468 You Are Looking For Me? Chapter 1469 Bu Fang Vs. Crown Prince Chapter 1470 Have You Shot Enough? Chapter 1471 What A Coincidence I Have One Too Chapter 1472 Eh What A Coincidence Again Chapter 1473 The Crown Prince Defeated Chapter 1474 A Hopeless Situation Chapter 1475 Heavenly Phoenix Plumes And A Tiny Figure Chapter 1476 A Nine Tailed Fox Chapter 1477 Ah Da Da Da Da Da Da Chapter 1478 A Dogs Paw Holding A Bone Chapter 1479 Lord Dog Chapter 1480 A Brutally Beaten Black Chapter 1481 The Divine Emperor Shows Up Lord Dog Goes Berserk Chapter 1482 The Imperial Concubines Fate Chapter 1483 The Heavengods Lakeside Xia Yuhe Chapter 1484 An Aroma Bomb Chapter 1485 The Aroma Of Fried Oyster Pancake In The Morning Court Chapter 1486 The Crown Prince Who Would Rather Die Than Submit Chapter 1487 Nether King Er Ha Breaks Through Chapter 1488 The Divine Emperors Worries Chapter 1489 Who Is Better At Showboating? Chapter 1490 Five Spicy Strips Er Ha Made A Move Chapter 1491 I Have A Big Spicy Strip Chapter 1492 A Provocation To Bu Fang Chapter 1493 Hit The Titan Genius Chapter 1494 Steal The Heavengods Bone? Chapter 1495 A Peerless Fierce Dog Chapter 1496 The Man Behind Lord Dog Chapter 1497 The Divine Emperor Strikes Chapter 1498 The System With A Swagger Of Confidence Chapter 1499 The Relic Of The Ancient Heavengod Chapter 1500 Save Me Chapter 1501 Anorexia Chapter 1502 A Mouthful Of Intoxication Chapter 1503 Make Bu Fang The Scapegoat? Chapter 1504 Defeat Three Men With One Slash Chapter 1505 A Punch Seeking Request Chapter 1506 The Soul Demon Chapter 1507 The Sea Of Laws Reappears Chapter 1508 Comprehend The Third Supreme Law Of The Universe Chapter 1509 Is He Really Going To Make A Dish Out Of This Phoenix? Chapter 1510 The Beggars Phoenix Is Ready Chapter 1511 Am I Qualified To Enter The City Now? Chapter 1512 Who Killed The Blood Phoenix? Chapter 1513 : A Sudden Change Chapter 1514 Bu Fang Is Hungry Again Chapter 1515 Mass Vomiting Chapter 1516 In Howlings Eyes Chapter 1517 Smash Tian Qiu To Death Chapter 1518 The Cursed Goddess Awakened? Chapter 1519 A Familiar Aura Chapter 1520 A Lost Nethery? Chapter 1521 The Silence Is Broken Chapter 1522 The Bitten Nethery Chapter 1523 What Are You Running For? Chapter 1524 Bu Fang Was Bitten By Nethery Chapter 1525 The Cursed Snake Vs. The Four Artifact Spirits Chapter 1526 Deep In The Spirit Sea Chapter 1527 Draw A Circle And Curse You Chapter 1528 You Want To Kill Bu Fang? Did You Ask Me? Chapter 1529 A Ferocious Lord Dog Chapter 1530 The Heavengods Treasure Chapter 1531 Heavengod Husband And Wife Wine Chapter 1532 The Mishap Of The Divine Dynasty Chapter 1533 The Divine Emperors Calamity Chapter 1534 Bu Fang Comes Out Of Seclusion Chapter 1535 He Who Risks Nothing Gains Nothing Chapter 1536 The Slap From The Whirlpool Chapter 1537 : The God Of Cooking Sets Are Cracked Chapter 1538 How To Fix Them? Chapter 1539 The Divine Emperors Compensation Chapter 1540 The Systems Repair Method Chapter 1541 The Cola Chicken Wings Are Ready Burp Chapter 1542 The Scalp Numbing Cola Chapter 1543 The Last Fragment Of The God Of Cooking Set Chapter 1544 There Are Always Unruly People Who Want To Harm Me Chapter 1545 : These Geniuses Are Kind Of Cute Chapter 1546 : That Look In The Eyes Chapter 1547 There Theres Actually Such A Method? Chapter 1548 Bu Fangs Pickled Cabbage Chapter 1549 The Power Of Instant Noodles The Kingdom Of The Soul Demons Chapter 1550 Bu Fangs Stinky Tofu Chapter 1551 The Divine Emperors Life Lamp Chapter 1552 Stinky Chef I Found You Chapter 1553 Bu Fangs Trump Card Chapter 1554 He Got Away? Chapter 1555 The Last Fragment Of The God Of Cooking Set Chapter 1556 The Qilin Transmigration Ladle Chapter 1557 The Return Of The God Of Cooking Set Chapter 1558 : The Soul Demons Are Coming Chapter 1559 Heres A Bowl Of Stinky Tofu Chapter 1560 The Crown Prince And Stinky Tofu Chapter 1561 One Ladle Is Enough Chapter 1562 With This Ladle Im Invincible Chapter 1563 The Destruction Of The Immortal Spirit Divine Dynasty Chapter 1564 What A Nice Crown Princess Chapter 1565 Oh? He Survives A Single Blow Of My Ladle? Chapter 1566 : The True Identity Of The Crown Princess Chapter 1567 The Crown Princess Xiao Yanyu Chapter 1568 Soul Thirteens Warning Chapter 1569 The Inheritance Of The Ancient Heavengod Chapter 1570 The Crown Princess Who Sides With Outsiders Chapter 1571 The Gluttony Soul Overlord Chapter 1572 The Collapse Of The Defense Chapter 1573 The Last Bowl Of Egg Fried Rice Chapter 1574 The Calamity Of The Soul Demon Chapter 1575 Summer Summer Passed Quietly Chapter 1576 Shines On All Heavens Chapter 1577 Bu Fang The God Bu Fangs Divine Ability Chapter 1578 The Ultimate Punch The Emergence Of The Divine Flame Chapter 1579 The Divine Flame Cladding Soul Thirteens Sorrow Chapter 1580 The Dog With His Elegant Cat Like Steps Chapter 1581 Lord Dog Turned Into A Man? Chapter 1582 Divine Flame River Snails Rice Noodles Chapter 1583 Bu Fang Breaks Through Chapter 1584 Blow Up Soul Thirteen Chapter 1585 Eat As Much As You Want Chapter 1586 Possessed By The Qilin Chapter 1587 The End Of Soul Thirteen Chapter 1588 The Place Where The Artifact Spirits Sleep Chapter 1589 The Blue Planet Chapter 1590 Im Still Jet Lagged Chapter 1591 Bu Fang Is Not Allowed To Cook? Chapter 1592 A Customer Who Brings His Own Ingredient Chapter 1593 Animals Are Not Allowed To Become Demons Chapter 1594 Youre Under Arrest Chapter 1595 The Smell Of Meatballs Chapter 1596 Im Sorry I Just Zoned Out Chapter 1597 Capture A Qi Cultivator Alive Chapter 1598 Is That Young Man Really A Chef? Chapter 1599 The World God Of Cookery Tournament Chapter 1600 The Instant Noodles At The Competition Chapter 1601 This Bowl Of Instant Noodles Is Delicious Chapter 1602 Which Senior Is Transcending The Tribulation Here? Chapter 1603 : Sinister Chapter 1604 : Senior Help Me Chapter 1605 A Free Food Ingredient That Came On Its Own Chapter 1606 Yamata No Orochis Delusion Chapter 1607 A Meatball That Fell From The Sky Chapter 1608 Arriving At The First Sleeping Place Chapter 1609 Gather Together Chapter 1610 Yamata Snake Soup Chapter 1611 The Vermilion Robe Appears Chapter 1612 This Is My Chefs Robe Chapter 1613 The Egg Broke Chapter 1614 Thats Enough Chapter 1615 Blow Up With One Punch Chapter 1616 The Return Of The Gods Chapter 1617 I Want To Eat A Dragon Chapter 1618 Bu Fang Beats The Immortals Chapter 1619 Bu Fang Breaks The Immortal Sword The Vermilion Bird Returns Chapter 1620 Wait A Minute Fellow Daoist Chapter 1621 Netherys Whereabouts Chapter 1622 The Beleaguered Nethery Chapter 1623 Bu Fang Scares The Old Lama To Death Chapter 1624 I Spin I Jump I Closed My Eyes Chapter 1625 The Great God Garuda Chapter 1626 Honeyed And Slightly Spicy Wings Chapter 1627 White Tiger Is In Trouble Chapter 1628 Who Are You To Negotiate With Me? Chapter 1629 : The Egocentric White Tiger Appears Chapter 1630 Bashing Gods And Buddha Chapter 1631 The White Tigers Terms To Yield Chapter 1632 The Peacock Roasted With Divine Fire Chapter 1633 A Fish In The Northern Oblivion Named Kun Chapter 1634 Howling The White Tiger Returns Chapter 1635 You Have A Nice Dog Chapter 1636 A Vicious Invitation From The Western Church Chapter 1637 : A Threat Chapter 1638 The Sect Leader Tongtian Who Protects His Own People Chapter 1639 A Twelve Winged Seraph Chapter 1640 The Rout Of The Western Church Chapter 1641 The World In A Palm Chapter 1642 Let There Be Light Chapter 1643 Smash God Into Pieces With One Hit Chapter 1644 The Best Barbecue Technique In The Universe Chapter 1645 Bu Fangs Epiphany Chapter 1646 Become A Saint Chapter 1647 The Human Emperor Refuses To Retreat Chapter 1648 The Taste Of Love Chapter 1649 The Claws In The Black Hole Chapter 1650 Black Turtles Plea For Help Chapter 1651 Black Turtles Terms To Return Chapter 1652 It Doesnt Hide The Fact That Youre Food Chapter 1653 The Black Turtle Returns Chapter 1654 To Open A Branch In Kunlun Chapter 1655 No Mercy To Those Who Invade The Ancestral Planet Chapter 1656 Choose The Meatier One For Braised Meat Chapter 1657 Anyone Who Violates Hua Will Be Eaten Chapter 1658 Cash Only Chapter 1659 Do You Have A Problem? Chapter 1660 Heaven And Earth Mourn At The Same Time Chapter 1661 I Sun Wukong Am Here Chapter 1662 The Human Emperor Never Dies Chapter 1663 Pride Great Soul Overlord Chapter 1664 Finally Agreed To Return Chapter 1665 The Recovery Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1666 : Bu Fang Im Hungry Chapter 1667 Cheers Chapter 1668 : Its Time For Her To Go Home Chapter 1669 Youre A Very Naughty Chef Chapter 1670 Bu Fangs Transformation Chapter 1671 Return And Level Up Chapter 1672 Something Is Wrong With Bu Fangs Cooking Chapter 1673 Meet Mu Hongzi Again Chapter 1674 Bu Fangs Choice Chapter 1675 Found A Way Chapter 1676 System Upgrade And Apocalyptic Thunder Tribulation Chapter 1677 So What If Heaven Is Jealous? Chapter 1678 Heavengod Bu Fang Chapter 1679 Heavengod Bu Fangs Strength Chapter 1680 Nether King Er Ha Chapter 1681 Er Has Love Story Chapter 1682 : Bu Fang Ascended Chapter 1683 How Dare You Touch Lord Dogs Men Chapter 1684 Lord Dog Youve Lost Weight Chapter 1685 Heavengod Transmigration Chapter 1686 A Monstrous Conspiracy Chapter 1687 Lord Dog Begs You Chapter 1688 Cook For Lord Dog Chapter 1689 Heres An Emerald Hat For You Chapter 1690 Stab Me With Your Little Sword Chapter 1691 The Heavengod Of Life Is Back Chapter 1692 The Rise Of Er Ha Chapter 1693 Bu Fang Arrived Chapter 1694 Trust Chapter 1695 Its Time For A Change Of Heavengod Transmigration Chapter 1696 Being A Soul Demon Is Better Than Being A Heavengod? 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