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As it turns out, executing a plan is not as easy as planning it!

Several hours before the plan started.

April 4, 2012, 07.30 At Abeno High School.

Fuyuki, Hiyori, Madara, and Mawaru left together.

"Hiyori-kun are you ready?" asked Mawaru, hoping anxiously.

"Yes I'm ready." In Hiyori's mind "it's easy to just go undercover."

"Make sure Madarame is always near the Master." Said Mawaru advised Madara to be in Fuyuki's protective mode.

"OK." Madara replied briefly without asking the slightest comment or question which means that he is ready to carry out this plan.

"Okay, here we go." Hiyori said excitedly.


During school break, Fuyuki accompanied by Madara immediately headed for the school's front yard and contacted the client. There are guards there too, school security guards.

"Hey you, young man! Where are you going? Skipping, huh!?" the security guard shouted at Fuyuki and Madara.

While Fuyuki was busy dialing his client's phone number on his smartphone. Madara prepared to clench his fists and grit his teeth, preparing to shout back. But Fuyuki stopped him and spoke carefully, "Oh sir security, it's recess time. I want to meet someone in front of the school gate." Fuyuki said casually walking ahead of the security guard, followed by Madara who followed him.

"Can you trust your words?" The security guard looked doubtful and suspicious. "Most likely this kid is just a thug with dyed hair and eyes with lenses and then meets bad people. That black haired boy also looks fierce with his muscular body, cold eyes, must be a delinquent." Thought the security guard.

Fuyuki paused for a moment, then turned to the security guard. "Why don't you follow me and check it yourself? You believe me or not, whatever, as long as I am honest when I say it."

"This kid looks annoying." In the security guard's mind while furrowing his brows and chin.

Fuyuki continued his footsteps and called his client. He waited for about 5 minutes in front of the school gate. Madara was nearby as his bodyguard.

Suddenly the fast sedan car braked and stopped in front of the school gate. Then the rear car door opened to reveal a woman's thigh which was covered by a red kimono with Camellia flower decorations on the fabric. Then the woman got out of the car and closed the car, walking with her flip-flops (getta) 'tap-tap-tap' to where Fuyuki was standing waiting for her at the corner of the gate.

Fuyuki looked at him. With his straight posture in front of the client, Fuyuki immediately bowed and greeted him "Good afternoon, Matsumura-san." Madara followed, who also bowed to greet him.

"Good afternoon, Matsuda-sama." The woman bowed and said the same greeting.

(-sama wa yamette!)

"Is there anything I can help?" Fuyuki returned to his straight posture, looking at a very beautiful client with a butterfly ribbon ornament in her hair bun.

The security guard just watched it from a distance and thought that this their's words were true.

"Oh about that ...." Mrs. Matsumura explained that she needed development funds to build her foundation alliance.

Before that, Mrs. Matsumura told her driver to pick her up at kindergarten. The plan almost failed because the client unexpectedly came with a car.

Fuyuki's negotiation with Mrs. Matsumura was successful and Fuyuki gave a number of boxes containing cash checks that had been filled with nominal money.

"Please keep this check carefully. Sorry I can not assist you, I have prepared an assistant who will soon be coming in the front building of the park." Fuyuki said while showing his direction.

"Ah ..., sorry if I bothered you to the point of preparing an assistant too. You are very kind, thank you for being willing to help me." Mrs. Matsumura smiled gracefully, her smiling face was very beautiful.

"Ah, no, I am used to serving things like this (Fuyuki is modest because praise for him is normal, actually Fuyuki doesn't prepare any assistant)" Then Fuyuki handed me a small bag tied with cherry blossoms and wrote 'Mamoru' on mom. Matsumura

"Please accept this."

"What is this?" Mrs. Matsumura was surprised before accepting it.

"This is a talisman to protect you. Afraid on the way home there will be nothing ...." Fuyuki explained then Matsumura raised his hand and accepted it.

"Okay I'll bring it." Even though Matsumura was carrying it, his expression seemed to show an expression of displeasure when carrying the amulet because he thought it was tacky.


Meanwhile at Hannanaka Park.

"Oi Nishiki, is it true that the village thug kid from Tennouji came?" said the crested fellow who was waiting for Madara while drinking canned food.

"Yo, of course. This time we're going to piss." The person with this crested coat was busy talking while puffing his cigarette smoke.

"Hahahaha ...." The friends laughed at Nishiki's words.

"Who would he dare to come and set foot here. Just a little fly." This man with a crested coat is still talking about Madara while he is engrossed in puffing out his cigarette smoke.

"We are ready to slaughter their group! We have Mas Yoko." With optimism, said one of the members who had recently stopped in the group.

"Hello, Yoko-san?" a yakuza-looking girl holding a wooden sword was busy calling someone.

"Is it Hana-chwan?" Mas Yoko's voice from the phone.

"Stop calling me like that!" this yakuza looking girl became irritated, "Report the situation over there."

"Hmm ... here the view is beautiful, the river is clean, many people are selling"

"Yoko-san, I mean their group movement." This yakuza-looking girl became very upset and immediately wanted to slam down the phone.

"Oh about that, there's no movement at all." Mas Yoko spoke in a flat tone.

"....." Hana-chan thought this was weird!

"Hana, borrow a little." People said that neatly dressed, suits and sunglasses were begging for the phone in Hana's hand.

"Um." Hana gave it.

"Yo, Yoko. Have you done your job well?"

"Oh boss Marine. He I need to bully the rats to get out of the nest."

"Hmm ... The mother mouse hasn't appeared to the lion yet."

"Do you think the mother protects the cubs?"

"Maybe." For a moment the Marine boss growled. "I can't wait for its existence."

(Of course you can't because Madarame is in close proximity to Fuyuki and is protected by his shield).

"Could there be a mistake?" said Hana, thinking logically about their conversation.

"What do you mean? Even mosquito repellent can make a mosquito die without hitting it." Nishiki said as he considered Madara a mosquito.

"I mean the flies you mentioned earlier don't work with insect repellent."

"Haaaaaaa!? What are you talking about Hana! I don't understand." Shouted Nishiki, glaring at him.

"You think I understand?"

Then the Marine boss hung up the phone and gave it to Hana. "Here!" Good catch Hana.

"We'll just wait until he comes." There's still 10 minutes left.

"He said looking for a strong person, is there a strong person besides me in this district?" Boss Marine thinks so confidently and has absolutely no thoughts of the company's president director Miyamoto, who is the strongest spiritual user ability in the Rakugaki.


Ten minutes had passed, Mrs. Matsumura who walked in the park still carried the amulet (even though in the amulet there was a chip that Fuyuki borrowed from Kei, and made that signal the signal of the start of this plan).

"Hiyori-kun are you ready?" Mawaru said at the school who spoke on the phone, while Hiyori had disguised herself and lived in her presence near the park.

"Yes." Hiyori replied briefly and immediately hung up the phone.

When the Marine boss wanted to call Yoko back and give orders to carry out the action, Mrs. Matsumura accidentally passed inside and quickly came from behind Mrs. Matsumura, Hiyori as a criminal began to act the contents of her cash check bag and amulet.

"Akh!!! (screamed Mrs. Matsumura and fell)." Then Ms. Matsumura tried to get up, then the thief waved her bag and amulet in front of the gangsters and Mrs. Matsumura, Hiyori accidentally dropped a business card from Matsumura (Miyamoto's company) bag.

Then the thief ran quickly leaving him, reflexively this gangster group did not stay silent and Marine saw the name of the company he knew and told Hana to follow the thief with his radar detection.

"Hana, hurry after the thief!"

"Nishiki, keep an eye on the surroundings!"

"OK." The two of them answered simultaneously the orders from their boss.

As Hana followed suit, the thief's existence disappeared.

Hiyori teleports her way to the school, on the school rooftop where Fuyuki, Madara and Mawaru are waiting for her. Now Hiyori who is near Fuyuki is safe, because he is under his shield.

"Welcome back, Hiyori." Fuyuki greeted him then Hiyori gave the chip to Fuyuki to return to Kei.

"Good Job." Mawaru patted Hiyori's shoulder.

"How about you?" Hiyori asked Mawaru while thinking about the situation in Tennouji.

"Calm down, they're not acting." Madara said in reply.

"Oh thank goodness according to plan." Then Hiyori gave Madara's bag Mrs. Matsumura. "Here, don't fail tonight. I still have other tasks."


Not long after, Fuyuki called Mrs. Matsumura (indeed Matsumura's cellphone was not stolen on purpose, only proof of the check and the amulet).

But the Marine boss picked him up because Matsumura was too shocked by this incident.

"Oi lady, are you all right?" Marine stretched out his hand while taking the company name card that Matsumura brought.

"Yes." Matsumura replied, looking down and crying, then a call came in.


"Beautiful lady, there is an incoming call." Marine said while showing Matsumura's phone in front of him. Matsumura was still crying and the Marine boss was forced to take her phone.

"Hello? ... Ah yes, yes." Marine speaks politely like a busy person.

"... So that's how it happened? Incidentally you guys were there, I need an assistant for my client. Because the assistant did not come today, I'll hire you to help and escort my client instead." Said Fuyuki who spoke on the phone.

"Good." Marine agreed.

"Later at 6PM."

"Here?" on Hannanaka-Park


Fuyuki immediately hung up the phone.

*The first plan worked, the second plan continued.*

"Mawaru, get ready."

"Yes, Master."

Make sure this plan works as if there is no lie between us.



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