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Introduction Great Hans Female General Wei Qiqi

Two streaks of poisonous curses sent her to the Great Han battlefield of 2000 years ago. Wei Qiqi not only lost her identity to a huge inheritance, she also lost her beautiful looks. Her looks now is hideous, and she wears weird apparel, thus being treated by the Han people as a different species. She made fish-oil bombs to attract the lightning to destroy the Xiongnu army, causing her to rise to meteoric fame and thus given the title of General. Actually the days passed in such a manner can be so nourishing. Her successive contributions in battle have attracted the trouble of arranged marriage; she became the Emperor’s tool of venting hatred towards the Third Duke. What is unexpected is that the one night stand between her and the Third Duke will arise an even greater conflict between them. One song “Red Dust” has been made renowned in the world. Facing the power of royalty and beauty, what kind of choices will they have? To those that are unaware, this love story that traversed across time has already been set into stone by the laws of fate….

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