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Currently, every day was a literal hell for me. If other Iwa shinobi was having a hard time, then I was having an extra hard time than them.

In the daytime, I have to be prepared to risk my life to defend for Suna's offenses.

In the night time, I had to transform and pretend to be Kento to encourage Iwa shinobi. This was taking a toll on me.

Also, our food storages are almost empty, at most we have only 3 days worth. If we quickly don't do something, we are so screwed.

"Bro, I found tons of mushrooms 100m away from here. Come hurry!!" Gari told us.

Currently, Gari and my squad (only 2 left now) were searching for the food to eat ourselves. When we saw the fruits and mushrooms, my squad members got angry and started to kick Gari.

"You idiot, these are poisonous mushrooms. Are you trying to kill us or what? Didn't you learn about poison mushrooms during when you are in explosion corps 5th division?"

"I know they are poison, damn it. But all of us are trained to endure poison mushroom, so it's okay for us to eat them!" Gari started to fight back.

"Are you f.u.c.k.i.n.g dumb? We learned about poison mushrooms so we can avoid eating them, not to gulp them down to your dirty mouth!!!"

"I was told that we could eat them in case of an emergency!!"

"Well, let's see if you assholes can find better food than me!! If you didn't, don't complain!"

Just as Gari and squad members were fighting, we saw a bird coming at us.

"Oh, please, like hell we can not find any animals here. See!! We already found a bird.

Now we just have capture it. Just let you know Gari, we not gonna share it with you if you keep being a stubborn ass." Saying these words, my squad members started to shoot kunai and shuriken to kill the bird.

"And if I capture it, you guys are getting nothing!"

Gari also joined, in hunting the bird shamelessly.

However bird was very quick and nimbly dodged the Kunai and shurikens.

For some odd reason, the bird kept coming at us despite we were trying to kill it. I thought the bird definitely had mental problems.

Finally, Gari used his explosion to speed up his kunai and killed the bird. Squad members all had a frustrating face.

"Shit, how come that bird is so nimble and fast??"

"Yes!! I caught it. hahaha! I am not sharing even born to you noobs. hahaha"

Saying the words, Gari started to ran to get the bird.

The rest of us also followed Gari, went to the place where the bird fell.

But all of us stopped moving when we had a clear look at the bird.

"Shit, that bird..." one of the squad members couldn't even finish his sentence.

"Yea, that bird IS our explosion corps MESSENGER BIRD!!!!" I finished his sentence.

In explosion corps, there is a certain rule: We must not kill explosion corps' messenger birds.

If you go against this rule, punishment is 50 million yen fine and have to finish 20 A-rank missions without any payment.

This rule obviously indicates that the explosion corps' messenger bird is very valuable.

Explosion corps' messenger bird is very special compared to regular messenger-bird.

They only go to people who have explosion releases and extremely fast compared to other messenger-birds.

They can explode themselves up if they are caught by enemies, to protect the information.

Also, they are very super damn hard to breed. I guess this is the main reason why punishment is so harsh.

All of us looked at Gari. Gari's jaw was still wide opened and we could see that he was very terrified.

"Dude, how can you kill our explosion corps' messenger bird? You really have a gut, I tell you that."

"Yea, I think you should get glasses in the future to see better. Honestly, we tried to stop you, but you never listened to us."

"Even if you are hungry, you shouldn't break the rule, bro."

Seeing all of us were sprouting bullcraps and blaming him, Gari snapped back and started to curse back.

"What? You guys also threw shurikens to kill the bird. Actually, you guys first started to hunt the bird. How dare you pretend to be a nice guy!!"

"Hey, but it's you who killed it. Good luck paying 50 million yen and 20 A-rank mission. Hahahaha!!" Squad members made fun of Gari.

Gari looked like it's the end of the world. But he suddenly stood up and said.

"Wait, besides 4 of us here, no one saw this, right? Then as long as I shut you guys' mouth, nobody knows this. hehehehe, hahahahaha!" Gari laughed like a villain found an ultimate way to destroy the world.

He looked at me first, I knew he was trying to shut my mouth. But I was planning to let this slide as he saved my ass countless times during the battles and also he closed his eye when I save Nagato too.

"Don't worry, bro. I owed you a lot. I will close my eyes and pretend this didn't happen." I replied to Gari.

Gari was touched and gave me 'You are the best friend' look.

"Thanks very much, Genji."

"Hey, you are still not safe yet. I am not sure about those two over there." I told Gari.

Gari quickly looked at our 2 squad members.

"Hey, I saved you two asses, last battle. So you better shut your mouths about this."

"Please, Gari. We also saved your ass last, last battle. So I think we didn't owe you anything.

As long as you kneel down to us and say loudly 'I shitted my pants', then we will consider it."

Gari suddenly walked towards them and while his hand was in Kunai pocket. His eyes looked intimidating and deadly.

"I didn't want to use this method, but you guys left with no choice," Gari said after getting close to them, enough distance to stab them.

He stood in front of them and pulled out his... book.

Book's cover had several women's pictures with Iwa shinobi uniform.

"What is this, Gari?" Squad members asked him.

"This is a beauty ranking book of Iwa woman shinobi. Here contains every Iwa girl shinobi's pictures, their three sizes, and their types.

I will give you this book if you promise to forget this incident." Gari said it while shaking his hand.

As soon as Gari said those words, Squad members quickly grabbed Gari's hand.

"Isn't that super-premium top 3rd ranking 'hard to get' ero information book???

Don't worry, bro. How can we sell out our comrade? Don't worry, we promise, we will shut our mouth even if we are sent to hellfire."

I looked at this situation with shock.

'That's super-premium top 3rd ranking ero information book!!! Shit, I shouldn't have helped him so quickly.

Besides, how the hell these guys know about this stuff? I am an exception, but aren't they literally 12?

How the hell did Gari get that book? And he didn't tell me about this? How dare he!!!!'

After bribing squad members, We all examined the bird to find the information paper.

After 30 minutes of observation, we find the paper in its ass and quickly wiped the shit.

'How did this dirty bird hide the paper inside his ass? Wtf, creepy...'

Following seeing the information, all 4 of our faces turned into relief and hope.


(* In battle plan meeting *)

Previously, including Kento and me, there were a total of 11 people in this meeting.

But now, only 5 people are left.

If you ask me, I am very happy that these bullying non-responsible f.u.c.kers died. That's what they get for pushing all hard-works at me.

"Ishika-San delivered extremely good news to us. He also gave us the first order as our superior. Genji, tell others about the news." Senk happily told to members of the meeting.

I stood up and started to tell members about good news.

"Ishika-san's reinforcement has defeated Ebizo's Suna force and successfully broke Suna's encirclement on us.

We now no longer surrounded by enemies and our supply line has brought back again."

Everyone was very happy and cheered. Soon, they asked to confirm if is it reliable news.

"This news was delivered by explosion corps' messenger Bird. Please don't question its validity.

Also, he gave us an order to retreat from here and block Ebizo's force retreat lines and any Suna's reinforcement, coming to aid Ebizo's force.

We will surround them with Ishika-san's reinforcement to completely annihilate Ebizo's force.

According to information, they should be southeast 2 days away from us. Their current force is estimated to around 1000."

I finished my report and sat down.

"By the way, how many of us are there now?" Senko asked.

"1436 Iwa shinobi, but if we only count those able to fight, then 1188 Shinobi, sir.

Although we tried to minimize our loss, we still lost half of our shinobi force."

"Umm, it's still okay, let's follow Ishika-san's order. We will retreat tonight.

Create a small unit, they are tasked to make traps and stall or misguided Enemies' pursuit.

If it is necessary, then they can act as a decoy.

I want Kanka (random dude in the meeting) to be in charge of this small unit.

I am counting on you, Kanka." Senko ordered.

Kanka stood up and told that he will do his best to do the job.

"Alright, Everyone, prepare for a retreat immediately!

Make sure Suna bastards won't know!"

----------------*Next Day Morning*--------------------------

Yudai received a report that Iwa Invasion force suddenly retreated yesterday night.

But he wasn't worried. According to his thought, Iwa Invasion force retreating was obvious.

They don't have their commander or food and they can't keep defending. Which leaves only retreat option for them.

"We will pursue them slowly. I am sure Ebizo-san's force will block them if they retreat too far. Anyway, they are trapped like a rat, so they will be destroyed no matter what they do, hahaha!"

Yudai didn't know Ebizo lost badly to Ishika's force. He is still thinking that Ebizo's force is behind and pressuring the Iwa Invasion force.

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