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Gu Nianzhi wiped her hair with a towel and shot Huo Shaoheng a sidelong glance. She asked doubtfully, "Unusual people? What do you mean?"

Huo Shaoheng crossed his arms as he leaned on the edge of Gu Nianzhis desk to explain the recent events that had occurred. " From the feedback from your security personnel, it looks like your fall was a bit peculiar this time around."

"Peculiar?" Gu Nianzhi was even more shocked. "I only slipped and fell on a snowy day. How could it be peculiar?"

At least, she didnt feel that someone was deliberately harming her in the slightest. The janitor had fallen down, and the snowplowing truck had detoured from its original route in order to not hit the janitor, and Gu Nianzhi accidentally grazed a piece of ice when she tried to avoid the snow removal truck. These are all extremely normal events on snowy days.

Huo Shaoheng shook his head. "Were not very sure, either. We are only suspecting it, and you can read this information for the specifics before you come back to tell me if there is a problem or not."

Huo Shaoheng finished speaking and left, leaving Gu Nianzhi alone in the room.

Gu Nianzhi picked up the hairdryer and dried her hair as she quickly read over the material. The report wasnt very long. It was only three pages, but the content was very rich.

Gu Nianzhi was aware that she had security personnel around her, but she was still a little stunned to see how her daily activities had been clearly observed by others.

She silently read over the entire document, and her brows began to furrow. Huo Shaoheng was right after all. This really was peculiar. It wouldnt be easy to find clues if these people were watching her in secret.

Gu Nianzhi recalled the two most recent accidents, the first one being the bicycle accident. At the time, there werent any suspicious people on the road. She had clearly seen two groups of people approaching from the two ends of the road. When she passed between them, there was no one who had deliberately pushed her. The occurrence of the accident could nearly be described as a "matter of course." Afterwards, she was rescued by a young person on a skateboard, and that was an accident because that person was actually her security personnel.

And the same thing also happened this time when her tailbone was seriously injured. It appeared that a series of unrelated incidents had caused the outcome.

According to the situation described in the report, if her security personnel hadnt gotten involved at the time and had made her fall on her bottom, her hindbrain wouldve hit the mountain sculpture instead.

Gu Nianzhi understood the importance of the hindbrain for a human body. If something had happened to her hindbrain, she would have become a vegetable, even if she had managed to survive.

If Gu Nianzhi could only explain the last bicycle incident as a "random accident," then she definitely couldnt say that her slipping on a snowy day was "attempted murder." But if it was really murder, then the mastermind behind it was powerful. It was like they hadnt done anything at all but had just keenly used certain random incidents to cause a final result.

Gu Nianzhi rubbed her kneecaps with lingering fear in her heart. Who could be so powerful?

What method did they use to take advantage of a series of incidents to create this kind of result?

Logically, Gu Nianzhi also thought of "probability." She had very solid computer skills, so she could do more than use simple applications, and if she had a high level of computer skills, that meant her math couldnt be too shabby, either.

Gu Nianzhi had taught herself math skills at the Special Operations Forces base. From the time she turned thirteen, she had only used two years time to teach herself all the math courses, including high-level university content such as calculus.

Probability is a mathematical concept thats important within the study of statistics. Nianzhi was familiar with it. When she discovered that the random appearing incidents linked together to somehow cause a surprising result, Gu Nianzhi instinctively wanted to calculate the possibility of all of those things occurring. If she explained it in statistical terms, it was the probabilities of the occurrences of all sorts of incidents. Then she would use a formula or algorithm to link all the probabilities of all the different incidents occurring to calculate under what circumstances what incidents could consecutively occur, as well as what consequences would result when the events consecutively occurred.

Gu Nianzhi was obsessed with this train of thought. Ignoring that her hair hadnt dried yet, she immediately turned on the computer in the room and opened a program to begin writing a computer program to run the algorithm.

At the same time, in a Japanese-style villa in the Mount Yu Villa District, the Ishihara grandparent and grandchild were sitting across from each other, drinking.

Before each of the two people was a short, long table. It was laden with Japanese snacks, fruit, and sake.

Ishihara Taro sat on his knees behind the table and raised a sake glass to say to the old man, "Grandfather, even though Gu Nianzhi managed to escape this time, there is no way she can escape next time. Dont worry. Once I find out which hospital shes staying in, Ill have even stronger measures waiting for her."

The old man beamed brightly as he sighed with emotion. "Taro, you really were too impressive this time. Was that Gu Nianzhi severely injured?"

Although he hadnt managed to instantly kill her, they had heard that she was still severely injured and had been taken away in an ambulance. Many people had witnessed it. She allegedly damaged her tailbone so severely that she couldnt move. She had been secured with leather straps onto the ambulance stretcher, as evidenced by the photos.

Ishihara Taro replied smugly, "I calculated the reaction force she would endure at the time. It could nearly rip her entire spine from her body. Severe spinal misalignment, as well as severe bone fractures, could cause her to spend the rest of her life on a sick bed."

They had cleverly killed a person in the hospital before, so it was all too easy to kill off Gu Nianzhi, who would be paraplegic.

The old man was evidently thinking the same thing. He complimented Ishihara Taro generously. "Taro, you have no idea how happy your father would be if he were still alive."

"Grandfather praises me too highly. I spent five years time trying to figure out the principle, and suggested the preliminary algorithm. There is still a long road ahead," Ishihara Taro answered earnestly. "However, I will try my best to create a fail-proof algorithm as soon as possible, that way we can use it to do even more things."

If he could isolate the erroneous areas, they would never have to worry about money ever again.

The present problem with his algorithm was that it wasnt all-encompassing, so it only sometimes worked. This type of issue wouldnt be too serious when it came to dealing with people. If it failed, then he only had to try again, since one success meant that the person was dead and all was well.

But when this method was used on other aspects, such as the stock market, it didnt work like that. Even if he succeeded ninety-nine times, just one failure was enough to potentially cause them to go bankrupt. So, at the moment, his algorithm couldnt yet help the company create true wealth.

Only by helping the company clear its obstacles could he earn precious time and funds for his research. Then he could optimize the algorithm. He must have zero tolerance for errors.

Huo Shaoheng was working in his room and forgot the time as soon as he had gotten busy.

Lifting up is wrist to glance at the time, he saw it was already 5 p.m. and time for dinner. It mustve been seven or eight hours since he had brought Gu Nianzhi back that morning.

Somehow, Gu Nianzhi hadnt come looking for him once the entire time.

Huo Shaoheng was a bit confused. Shutting down his computer, he stood up from his desk and began using the communicator to call his orderly.

"Did Miss Gu go out today?" Huo Shaoheng asked.

The orderly on the other side quickly replied, "No, Huo Shao. Miss Gu didnt even have lunch."

Huo Shaoheng was shocked. He often forgot to have lunch, but Gu Nianzhi rarely did so. What was going on?

Huo Shaoheng strode out with his long legs and quickly walked out of his room to go to Gu Nianzhis room on the opposite side.

Pushing open Gu Nainzhis bedroom door, Huo Shaoheng saw that Gu Nianzhi was sitting in front of a computer and staring intently at the screen. The computer screen flashed with bright blue light, a series of numbers and symbols jumping on the monitor. A very long formula was being quickly typed out by Gu Nianzhis slim and deft fingers.

She seemed to be calculating something.


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Chapter 723 The Only Stain Chapter 724 Matters Of The Heart Require Remedies Of The Heart Chapter 725 Promise Me One Thing Chapter 726 Nineteen Forever Chapter 727 Give Me Another Chance Chapter 728 Marry Me Chapter 729 She Had Really High Moral Principles Chapter 730 Loss Of Dignity Chapter 731 Now This Would Be Awkward Chapter 732 Lucky Girl Chapter 733 Think About It Chapter 734 Willing But Unable Chapter 735 This Wont Be Taken Lying Down 1 Chapter 736 This Wont Be Taken Lying Down 2 Chapter 737 This Wont Be Taken Lying Down 3 Chapter 738 This Wont Be Taken Lying Down 4 Chapter 739 This Wont Be Taken Lying Down 5 Chapter 740 This Wont Be Taken Lying Down 6 Chapter 741 This Wont Be Taken Lying Down 7 Chapter 742 Start Something 1 Chapter 743 Start Something 2 Chapter 744 Start Something 3 Chapter 745 Start Something 4 Chapter 746 Rare Opportunity Chapter 747 You Set The Terms Chapter 748 Determining Truth And Falsehood 1 Chapter 749 Determining Truth And Falsehood 2 Chapter 750 Determining Truth And Falsehood 3 Chapter 751 The Invisible Hand Chapter 752 Doesnt Your Conscience Hurt? Chapter 753 Really Knows How To Do Business Chapter 754 Taking Credit To Seek Reward Chapter 755 Someone Elses Man Chapter 756 This Is For Your Own Good Chapter 757 Last Chance Chapter 758 Birthday Party 1 Chapter 759 Birthday Party 2 Chapter 760 Birthday Party 3 Chapter 761 Birthday Party 4 Chapter 762 Birthday Party 5 Chapter 763 Birthday Party 6 Chapter 764 Birthday Party 7 Chapter 765 Birthday Party 8 Chapter 766 Birthday Party 9 Chapter 767 Birthday Party 10 Chapter 768 Birthday Party 11 Chapter 769 Birthday Party 12 Chapter 770 Birthday Party 13 Chapter 771 Birthday Party 14 Chapter 772 Birthday Party 15 Chapter 773 Birthday Party 16 Chapter 774 Birthday Party 17 Chapter 775 Birthday Party 18 Chapter 776 Lets Go Together Chapter 777 You Like To Be In The Car? Chapter 778 Spoiling And Loving Chapter 779 Courting Method Chapter 780 Feelings And Logic Chapter 781 Its Yours When You Have Me Chapter 782 Aside From You Chapter 783 In The Past Chapter 784 Thats Why Hes The Chief Chapter 785 Going Against Regulation Chapter 786 Help You For The Last Time Chapter 787 Destroying The Evidence Chapter 788 Cant Mess With Her Chapter 789 A Summer Insect Cannot Discuss Ice Chapter 790 Your Target Chapter 791 Better At It Than You Chapter 792 What Did You Discover Chapter 793 Lets Start Over Chapter 794 Requested To Help Chapter 795 Itchy Heart Chapter 796 Work Required Chapter 797 Does Hugging You Make Your Heart Tremble? Chapter 798 Come Back With Me Chapter 799 Irresistible Chapter 800 I Have Confidence In Her Chapter 801 The Ignorant Are Fearless Chapter 802 You Are Both My Own Flesh Chapter 803 You Dont Remember Me? Chapter 804 The Promise From Those Years Ago Chapter 805 The Only Photo Chapter 806 Take Care Of You Forever Chapter 807 Work Under You Chapter 808 No Need To Keep Him Chapter 809 The Last Meeting Chapter 810 Curb Themselves Chapter 811 Secret Alert Chapter 812 Not A Minute Wasted Chapter 813 Going In Together Chapter 814 Two Birds One Stone Chapter 815 Enemies Bound To Meet On A Narrow Road Chapter 816 Arent You Afraid Of Retribution? Chapter 817 I Have Objections Chapter 818 See Improvement Chapter 819 Three Birds One Stone Chapter 820 Calling Out Chapter 821 Fabrication Chapter 822 Argue Chapter 823 Ill Go Chapter 824 Dazzling Contrast Chapter 825 Thats Amazing My Professor Chapter 826 My Little Princess Chapter 827 Leave With Me Chapter 828 Show It To You Chapter 829 To Suit Ones Fancy Chapter 830 Direct Evidence Chapter 831 Bad Tempered Little Girl Chapter 832 Unavoidable Confrontation Chapter 833 Expert Among The Enemy Chapter 834 The Enemy Has Made A Mistake Chapter 835 There Was Nothing Wrong With Those Words Chapter 836 Wont Play With You Chapter 837 Face To Face Chapter 838 Ulterior Motives Chapter 839 Ingratiate Oneself Chapter 840 She Deserves It? Chapter 841 Catch Up Chapter 842 Lurking Forces I Chapter 843 Lurking Forces Ii Chapter 844 Lurking Forces Iii Chapter 845 Lurking Forces Iv Chapter 846 Lurking Forces V Chapter 847 Lurking Forces Vi Chapter 848 Lurking Forces Chapter 849 Lurking Forces Chapter 850 Lurking Forces Chapter 851 She Would Never Dare To Say It Chapter 852 Comparable To The Price Of Gold Chapter 853 Who Were The Ones Who Knew The Truth Chapter 854 Do Not Let Them Live Chapter 855 Everything Will Be Fine In The End Chapter 856 Branding It With His Brand Chapter 857 Interlocked Hands Chapter 858 Cannot Be Played Dirty Chapter 859 Hand Your Evidence Over Chapter 860 Such generosity Chapter 861 A Brand New Way Of Testifying In Court Chapter 862 Making Them Your Own Chapter 863 A Changed Identity Chapter 864 You Are Biased Against Me Chapter 865 Hiding The Past Chapter 866 A Perfect Servant Chapter 867 The First Time Chapter 868 The Breakthrough Chapter 869 The First Account Chapter 870 Another Proud Moment Chapter 871 Traps Everywhere Chapter 872 Getting Everything Back Chapter 873 I Do Not Accept It Chapter 874 Looking For Trouble Chapter 875 Dont Be Afraid Chapter 876 True And False 1 Chapter 877 True And False 2 Chapter 878 Truth And False 3 Chapter 879 Having To Move Away As Long As She Was Around Chapter 880 Left With Nothing Chapter 881 Tricking Each Other Chapter 882 Should She Be Trusted Chapter 883 Unexpected Discoveries Chapter 884 Starting A War The Moment They Meet Chapter 885 The Criteria Of A Lifelong Partner Chapter 886 Can You Stop Being So Lame? Chapter 887 All My Life Chapter 888 I Will Never Leave You Chapter 889 Adult Chapter 890 You Do Not Want Me To Let You Go Chapter 891 Give Them Face Chapter 892 Sending Some Warmth Chapter 893 Getting Off Chapter 894 The Appearance Of Someone Capable Chapter 895 I Am Here For Research Chapter 896 Hitting Herself In The Face Chapter 897 He Is Not Suitable For You Chapter 898 Appearance Is Power Chapter 899 My Heart Goes Out To My Goddess Chapter 900 An Opportunity To Get Closer With His Girl Chapter 901 Do Your Best Huo Shao Chapter 902 Slaughtering After Feeding Chapter 903 Flirting Expert Chapter 905 : Better Shut Up Chapter 906 Ease His Mind Chapter 907 Better Than Great Chapter 908 I Have Conditions Too Chapter 909 The First Reaction Chapter 910 Seal Off Chapter 911 Wait For My Legal Letter Chapter 912 One Genius Would Suffice Chapter 913 The First Chance Chapter 914 The Second Chance Chapter 915 Just Too Little Chapter 916 Off The Charts In Many Aspects Chapter 917 Rapid Developments Chapter 918 His Painstaking Efforts Chapter 919 A Deep Love For Her Chapter 920 Fireflies Fly Chapter 921 The Severity Of The Situation Chapter 922 Unusual People Chapter 923 You Can Calculate That? Chapter 924 Glittering Gold Chapter 925 The Same Person Chapter 926 Fair Competition Chapter 927 The Meeting Chapter 928 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Ocd Chapter 929 Deja Vu Chapter 930 Is He Blind? Chapter 931 Instant Knockout K.o. Chapter 932 A Scheming Mind Chapter 933 The Last To Turn The Tide 1 Chapter 934 The Last To Turn The Tide 2 Chapter 935 The Last To Turn The Tide 3 Chapter 936 The Last To Turn The Tide 4 Chapter 937 The Last To Turn The Tide 5 Chapter 938 The Last To Turn The Tide 6 Chapter 939 The Last To Turn The Tide 7 Chapter 940 The Last To Turn The Tide 8 Chapter 941 The Last To Turn The Tide 9 Chapter 942 I Wont Let Them Go Either Chapter 943 Conceal It If Possible Chapter 944 Gathering Together Chapter 945 The One Who Tries Is Not Disappointed Chapter 946 She Saw It All Chapter 947 The Changing Video Chapter 948 Little Prince Of Love Songs Chapter 949 Concede Defea Chapter 950 Real Man Chapter 951 Spend The New Year With Me Chapter 952 Girly Taste Chapter 953 Not Letting Go Chapter 954 Old Things Chapter 955 The Text On The First Day Of The Lunar New Year Chapter 956 Calm Down Chapter 957 That Is Definite Chapter 958 Her Immature Self Chapter 959 A Womans Logic Chapter 960 It Was You Chapter 961 Underage Chapter 962 Not Let Go Chapter 963 Little Nurse Chapter 964 Who Gave You The Courage Chapter 965 Everyone Knows About I Chapter 966 Lay Things Ou Chapter 967 Recognize Your True Feelings Chapter 968 The Person You Miss The Mos Chapter 969 So Worried Chapter 970 Marrying Someone Tall Rich And Handsome Chapter 971 Putting Efforts To Waste Chapter 972 Happy Engagement Chapter 973 Passerby A And Passerby B Chapter 974 Who On Earth Chapter 975 An Old Friend Appears Chapter 976 Digging Your Own Grave Chapter 977 Someone Got In Halfway Chapter 978 Chapter 979 Chapter 980 Chapter 981 Chapter 982 Chapter 983 Chapter 984 Chapter 985 Chapter 986 Chapter 987 Chapter 988 Chapter 989 Chapter 990 Chapter 991 Chapter 992 Chapter 993 Chapter 994 Chapter 995 Chapter 996 Chapter 997 Chapter 998 Chapter 999 Chapter 1000 Chapter 1001 Chapter 1002 Chapter 1003 Chapter 1004 Chapter 1005 Chapter 1006 Chapter 1007 Chapter 1008 Chapter 1009 Paying Special Attention Chapter 1010 Perfect Scene Chapter 1011 Beep Your Ss Chapter 1012 Just Like Tha Chapter 1013 Something Big Had Happened Chapter 1014 Simply Of Too Great Importance Chapter 1015 All We Lack Is The East Wind Chapter 1016 She Refuses To Comply Chapter 1017 Dire Situations Call For Exceptions Chapter 1018 I Have Some Offensive Things To Say Can You Take It? Chapter 1019 You Are The One I Am Hitting Chapter 1020 How Dare She? Chapter 1021 Sms Helper Chapter 1022 Who Else Is Worthy Enough? Chapter 1023 The Chance For Atonemen Chapter 1024 The Specialis Chapter 1025 Just As I Though Chapter 1026 It Was Just Too Impressive Chapter 1027 High Level Contes Chapter 1028 The Grand Master Resurfaces Chapter 1029 The Ones Who Can Stir Up Trouble Are All Winners Chapter 1030 Take Your Life While Youre Ill Chapter 1031 What A Coincidence Just Righ Chapter 1032 Suddenly Becoming A Hot Commodity Chapter 1033 Assembly Chapter 1034 The Confrontatio Chapter 1035 You Think This Is Some Cheesy Movie? Chapter 1036 Tougher Than In Movies Chapter 1037 Did He Conceal The Truth? Chapter 1038 Enemies Are Bound To Meet On A Narrow Road Chapter 1039 Rubbing Off Other People's Luck Chapter 1040 Huo Shao's Fangirl Chapter 1041 Memory Reorganization Chapter 1042 Double Crossed Chapter 1043 Catch 22 Choose An Option Chapter 1044 Couldn't Take It Anymore Chapter 1045 : It's Too Dusty And Windy Chapter 1046 You've Lost Weight Chapter 1047 Very Familiar Chapter 1048 Seize The Commanding Height Of News Chapter 1049 Your Nation Is Done For Chapter 1050 Atone For One's Crime With Good Deeds Chapter 1051 Your Chances Have Increased Greatly Chapter 1052 Give It A Gamble Chapter 1053 Release Them Immediately Chapter 1054 : Outfoxing The Fox Chapter 1055 The Revolt Chapter 1056 A Hot Mess Chapter 1057 The Outstanding Tradition Of Protecting One's Own Chapter 1058 Your People My People Chapter 1059 Military Control Chapter 1060 Encountering The Familiar Stranger Chapter 1061 Reunion Chapter 1062 You Were Badmouthing Us Chapter 1063 Nonexisten Chapter 1064 Stay Away From You Chapter 1065 Top Headline Chapter 1066 How Blind Are They Chapter 1067 Breaking News Chapter 1068 Familiar Sigh Chapter 1069 Deliberate Approach Chapter 1070 At My Place Chapter 1071 I Could Make Her Leave You At Any Second Chapter 1072 Unbearable To Look A Chapter 1073 Play Games Chapter 1074 Happily Drank A Lo Chapter 1075 That Is My Stance Chapter 1076 Appointment For A Date Chapter 1077 Not One Less Chapter 1078 Support And Oppose Chapter 1079 Knew About That As Well Chapter 1080 Caught Red Handed Chapter 1081 Arrived At An Agreemen Chapter 1082 Tracking And Pursuing 1 Chapter 1083 Tracking And Pursuing 2 Chapter 1084 Tracking And Pursuing 3 Chapter 1085 Tracking And Pursuing Iv Chapter 1086 Tracking And Pursuit Chapter 1087 Tracking And Pursuit Chapter 1088 Tracking And Pursuit Chapter 1089 Mother Natures Uncanny Workmanship 1 Chapter 1090 Mother Natures Uncanny Workmanship 2 Chapter 1091 Mother Natures Uncanny Workmanship 3 Chapter 1092 Mother Natures Uncanny Workmanship 4 Chapter 1093 Mother Natures Uncanny Workmanship 5 Chapter 1094 Mother Natures Uncanny Workmanship 6 Chapter 1095 Mother Natures Uncanny Workmanship 7 Chapter 1096 Mother Natures Uncanny Workmanship 8 Chapter 1097 Mother Natures Uncanny Workmanship 9 Chapter 1098 Mother Natures Uncanny Workmanship 10 Chapter 1099 If You Can Strike It Down Then Its Our Loss Chapter 1100 You Are My Lucky Soldier Chapter 1101 Marry Someone Better Chapter 1102 Ill Go Fight Him Chapter 1103 Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1104 There Must Be Collusion Chapter 1105 Leaving And Returning Home Chapter 1106 Couldnt Hide From I Chapter 1107 Are You Surprised? Chapter 1108 Are You Shocked? Chapter 1109 Motherfing Idio Chapter 1110 Finally Ou Chapter 1111 Too Much Money Chapter 1112 Confess Himself Chapter 1113 Cant Hide It Anymore Chapter 1114 Grass Growing On His Head Chapter 1115 Dont Reject The Favour When Its Presented To You Chapter 1116 The Results Of Making Up Stories Chapter 1117 Because She Loves Him Chapter 1118 There Is Only One Enemy Chapter 1119 Worship Him Like A God Chapter 1120 Whos Your Daddy Chapter 1121 Help Me With Something Chapter 1122 Slap Her Back Quickly Accurately And Fiercely Chapter 1123 Chocolate Flavored Chapter 1124 You Know What I Wan Chapter 1125 The Moonlight Is Very Beautiful Tonigh Chapter 1126 I Was Right Again Chapter 1127 She Was What He Wanted The Mos Chapter 1128 Worship You Everyday Chapter 1129 A Little Girl Needs Daddy Chapter 1130 Im Not Very Close With Her Chapter 1131 Cook Food In The Shape You Love Chapter 1132 Mean What You Say Chapter 1133 His Efforts Were Worth Something After All Chapter 1134 From Her Father Chapter 1135 A Familiar Handwriting Chapter 1136 I Know What To Do Now Chapter 1137 Appearance In Moscow Chapter 1138 Taking It Seriously Chapter 1139 Beat The Dog Before The Lion Chapter 1140 Pride Integrity Chapter 1141 I Would Feel Resentful Chapter 1142 Keep Smiling Chapter 1143 Stark Contras Chapter 1144 Mustnt Be Delayed Chapter 1145 Sudden Unres Chapter 1146 Bored With Their Lives Chapter 1147 Deep Love Chapter 1148 Rendezvous With Her Chapter 1149 True Identity Chapter 1150 Lets Go Together Chapter 1151 Their Purpose Chapter 1152 Your Sis Isnt A Legend Chapter 1153 The Sparrow Appears Chapter 1154 Clearing The Space Chapter 1155 Destined To Mee Chapter 1156 I Have One Condition Chapter 1157 Fruit Knife Nail Clippers Chapter 1158 Completely Differen Chapter 1159 The Door To A New World Was Opened Chapter 1160 Band Aid Solution Chapter 1161 Hoping To Return The Item To Its Owner Chapter 1162 You Must Believe Me Chapter 1163 The Inventor Chapter 1164 The Girl Wearing A Crown Chapter 1165 Passing Level One Chapter 1166 He Came Chapter 1167 The Safest Momen Chapter 1168 Completely Take Advantage Chapter 1169 The Truth Surfaces Chapter 1170 Unconditional Suppor Chapter 1171 Pretend To Be Husband And Wife Chapter 1172 Spoke Up For Me Chapter 1173 I Need To Repay My Wish Chapter 1174 The Price Of Being His Enemy Chapter 1175 Looking At Faces Chapter 1176 Really Looking At Faces Chapter 1177 Trouble Unseen Was No Trouble At All Chapter 1178 Reveal Your Trump Card Chapter 1179 Operation Borrowed Seed Chapter 1180 He Must Know I Chapter 1181 In Their Blood Chapter 1182 She Thought Of I Chapter 1183 The Real Reason Chapter 1184 Could It Be A Coincidence Chapter 1185 Why Are You Here Chapter 1186 Speak Of The Devil Chapter 1187 What The Heart Wants Chapter 1188 Choice Chapter 1189 You Really Know How To Waste Time Chapter 1190 What A Coincidence Chapter 1191 Choked To Death By Lovey Dovey Behavior Chapter 1192 Swim Together Chapter 1193 Three Strikes And Youre Ou Chapter 1194 Its Exhausting To Chase After Someone Chapter 1195 Strolling At The Bank Chapter 1196 The Best Candidate Chapter 1197 I Know That She Still Loves Me Chapter 1198 Important Clue Chapter 1199 Cant Accep Chapter 1200 The Top Figure Chapter 1201 The Taboo In This Line Of Work Chapter 1202 Not Pointing It Ou Chapter 1203 Her Beauty Was Unparalled At That Momen Chapter 1204 Safety Deposit Box No. 365 Chapter 1205 Because Im Beautiful Chapter 1206 The Arrow On The Bow Chapter 1207 Must Send Chapter 1208 I Will Keep An Eye On Her Chapter 1209 Are You Falling For Someone Else? Chapter 1210 Try Your Luck Chapter 1211 Kneel Down And Say Daddy Chapter 1212 The Mountains And Rivers Remain Chapter 1213 That Phrase Doesnt Exist In Her Dictionary Chapter 1214 Obliterated Chapter 1215 The Longest Nigh Chapter 1216 The Highest Honor Chapter 1217 Ill Go With You Chapter 1218 Special Communication Skills Chapter 1219 Supported By Peers Chapter 1220 You Are Not Telling The Truth Again Chapter 1221 The Flight Routine Of A Fighting Nation Chapter 1222 Be Good Open Your Mouth Chapter 1223 Add A Friend Chapter 1224 Impressive Circle Of Friends Chapter 1225 I Have The Privacy Chapter 1226 During This Lifetime Chapter 1227 Because He Targeted You Chapter 1228 Turns Out It Wasnt You Chapter 1229 Bad Tempered Little Girl Chapter 1230 Will You Marry Me? Chapter 1231 The Diamond Ring Named Cereus Chapter 1232 Return The Favor Chapter 1233 Secret Weapon Chapter 1234 A Surprise For You Chapter 1235 Infinite Glory Chapter 1236 A Witness To A Historical Momen Chapter 1237 Winners In Life Chapter 1238 How Was She Better Than Her Chapter 1239 If It Werent For You Chapter 1240 Huge Gifts Chapter 1241 Good Luck Chapter 1242 So Stuck Up Chapter 1243 Im Going To Walk You Down The Red Carpe Chapter 1244 Our Own Bedstories. Chapter 1245 I Like Who You Are Inside Chapter 1246 Unrealistic Fantasies Chapter 1247 Mother In Law And Daughter In Law Can Conquer The World Together Chapter 1248 Kicked Out The Door Chapter 1249 Meeting The Enemy Chapter 1250 The Enemys Targe Chapter 1251 Despise You For 10000 Years Chapter 1252 Its Ok Chapter 1253 Can Not Stop Chapter 1254 I Will Never Leave You Again Chapter 1255 A Thousand Likes Chapter 1256 Thr Red Packet Is Addictive Chapter 1257 Much Self Assurance Chapter 1258 Really Think Im Just A Figurehead Chapter 1259 The Tiger Flaunts Its Power Chapter 1260 Major General Huo Thats Enough Chapter 1261 Angry As A Pufferfish Chapter 1262 Unexpected Gains Chapter 1263 Its Difficult To Like Someone Chapter 1264 Stars Shining Above Vast Plain Fields Chapter 1266 Miss Songs Wild Imagination Chapter 1267 Brainwashed Chapter 1268 Still Fine Without Me Chapter 1269 Do You Need An Autograph? Chapter 1270 Revenge Memorable For A Lifetime Chapter 1271 Inseparable Chapter 1272 A Once In A Lifetime Spectacle Chapter 1273 Out Of The Blue Chapter 1274 I Wont Let You Guys Off The Hook Chapter 1275 Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Also Bad Chapter 1276 : Teach Them A Lesson Chapter 1277 Must Add Your Friends Back Chapter 1278 Countdown Chapter 1279 : Mirage Chapter 1280 Earth Shattering Chapter 1281 Im Even Prouder Of You Chapter 1282 Unforgettable Chapter 1283 Plan To Sue Chapter 1284 Four Milestones In Life Chapter 1285 Time Is Precious Chapter 1286 Prove It To Me Chapter 1287 Gu Nianzhis Sore Spot Chapter 1288 The Crisis Caused By A Egg Fried Rice Meal Chapter 1289 Good Times With Big Shot Businessmen Chapter 1290 Looking Down On Others Chapter 1291 Overestimation And Underestimation Chapter 1292 Self Contradictory Chapter 1293 Heartfelt Words Chapter 1294 Disassociate Chapter 1295 Im Your Rock Chapter 1296 This Position Was Very Exhausting Chapter 1297 Huo Shao I Am Wrong Chapter 1298 Verify The Information Chapter 1299 : Looking For Support Chapter 1300 Kill Three Birds With One Stone Chapter 1301 How To Woo A Genius And A Beauty Chapter 1302 The Messenger Chapter 1303 Whereabouts Chapter 1304 The Fish That Escaped The Net Chapter 1305 A Gimmick Chapter 1306 Impressed By You Chapter 1307 Planting Mushrooms Growing Mushrooms Chapter 1308 You Cover Me Ill Cover You Chapter 1309 It Is My House Dont Be Shy Chapter 1310 Outsiders And Insiders Chapter 1311 A 30 Year Old Old Man Chapter 1312 Nitpicky Chapter 1313 Deal Chapter 1314 She Was Also Part Of It Chapter 1315 Opportunities Are For Those Who Are Prepared Chapter 1316 Money Or Life Chapter 1317 Strike First Chapter 1318 Counterattack Chapter 1319 Loser Chapter 1320 Getting Something For Nothing Chapter 1321 Admitedly Very Dutiful Chapter 1322 When Couples Work Together Work Isnt Exhausting Chapter 1323 Greatest Support Chapter 1324 Fatal Faux Pas Chapter 1325 Homme Fatale Chapter 1326 Misread Chapter 1327 Most Hated Person Chapter 1328 Scheming Girl Chapter 1329 Divination Chapter 1330 Believe Or Dont Believe Chapter 1331 The Final Act Of Madness Chapter 1332 No Turning Back Chapter 1333 Intoxicatingly Irresistible Chapter 1334 Messages From The Past Chapter 1335 Youre Beautiful So Whatever You Say Chapter 1336 Achieve The Same Goal With Different Means Chapter 1337 : Indeed Rare Chapter 1338 Mischief Again Chapter 1339 Not Much Time Left Chapter 1340 There Will Always Be Someone Better Chapter 1341 The Bottom Line Exists To Be Broken Chapter 1342 : Taking The Unconventional Route Chapter 1343 Speak Or Act On Hearsay Chapter 1344 Spreading Rumors Requires Common Sense As Well Chapter 1345 Inferior Skills Chapter 1346 : In Cahoots Chapter 1347 : Either Stupid Or Vengeful Chapter 1348 Something Happened Chapter 1349 Dont Play With Fire Chapter 1350 Whatever She Saw Fit Chapter 1351 Opportunity To Prove Innocence Chapter 1352 Where Did You Go Chapter 1353 You Were The One Being Slapped Chapter 1354 Personal Feelings Chapter 1355 Really Annoying Chapter 1356 I Disagreed Chapter 1357 Menacing Chapter 1358 Honesty Simplicity And Stupidity Chapter 1359 Dont Be Such A Drama Queen Chapter 1360 Irrefutable Chapter 1361 The Pretty Lady Chapter 1362 Invalid Number Chapter 1363 Following Behind Like A Shadow Chapter 1364 Just That Capable Chapter 1365 Role Playing Chapter 1366 Scandalous Topic Chapter 1367 The Greater The Pressure The Greater The Rebellion Chapter 1368 Rescinded After Expiration Chapter 1369 Turn Against Chapter 1370 Personal Gain Under The Guise Of Public Welfare Chapter 1371 Exceptional Functioning Chapter 1372 You Might Not Feel Pity But I Do Chapter 1373 Exceptional Performance Chapter 1374 Absolute Stupidity Chapter 1375 : From The Little Dragon Girl To Mrs. Ma Chapter 1376 Exposed Chapter 1377 Looks Especially Familiar Chapter 1378 Who Isnt A Drama Queen Chapter 1379 Jumped Out From A Rock Chapter 1380 The Stone Of Marriage That Prays For Good Fortune Chapter 1381 Ill Ask Dont Worry About It Chapter 1382 : Signs Of Life Chapter 1383 Ambush Chapter 1384 From Her Father Chapter 1385 The Brides Family Should Be Held In High Esteem Chapter 1386 : Vivacious Chapter 1387 Was Waiting For This Day Chapter 1388 Seeds Chapter 1389 They Want To Steal Our Things Chapter 1390 Coveted Chapter 1391 N2 Chapter 1392 Countdown From The Other Shore Chapter 1393 : Countdown From The Opposite Shore 2 Chapter 1394 Countdown From The Opposite Shore 3 Chapter 1395 The Most Beautiful Fireworks Chapter 1396 You Get What You Wish For Chapter 1397 You Get What You Wish For 2 Chapter 1398 You Get What You Wish For3 Chapter 1399 Who Is Waving The Colorful Ribbon In The Air 1 Chapter 1400 Who Is Waving The Colorful Ribbon 2 Chapter 1401 Who Is Waving The Colorful Ribbon 3 Chapter 1402 A Better Today Chapter 1403 She Was Everywhere Chapter 1404 Spectators Perspective Chapter 1405 Was It Really Prepared For Her? Second Update Chapter 1406 Her Skin Is Itching Again First Update Chapter 1407 Subtly Teaching His Wife Chapter 1408 I Love You So Much That I Cant Help Myself Part One Chapter 1409 Everything Is Problematic Chapter 1410 Continue Your Btchy Act Chapter 1411 Temptation Of Chance Chapter 1412 Taking Over Possessions Chapter 1413 : Guarding The Magpies Nest Chapter 1414 She Fell Down Have To Xxxx To Get Up Chapter 1415 : Wild Lovebirds Chapter 1416 Getting Bolder Chapter 1417 Remember You Forget You Chapter 1418 Too Soft Hearted Chapter 1419 Did Not Treat Her As An Outsider Chapter 1420 You Are Now Rich Chapter 1421 Hard To Calm Down Chapter 1422 If You Say So Chapter 1423 In Public And Behind The Scenes Chapter 1424 Ill Jump If You Jump Chapter 1425 The Stars Are Falling Like Rain Chapter 1426 Call To Account Chapter 1427 I Will Be Proud Of Chapter 1427 Chapter 1428 Ill Help You Get Your Revenge Chapter 1429 Elepathy Chapter 1430 Enlightenment Chapter 1431 Take You Home Chapter 1432 There Will Always Be Someone Stronger Chapter 1433 What Would You Do? Chapter 1434 Exactly The Same Chapter 1435 Too Much Of A Coincidence Chapter 1436 Almost Forgot Chapter 1437 Eyewitness Chapter 1438 Not The Work Of A Gentleman Chapter 1439 Serious Consequences Chapter 1440 Found A Clue Chapter 1441 Ill Settle It For You Chapter 1442 Wait For A Reply Chapter 1443 Secrets Buried By Time Chapter 1444 : Secrets Buried By Time 2 Chapter 1445 Secrets Buried By Time 3 Chapter 1446 Secrets Buried By Time 4 Chapter 1447 Secrets Buried By Time 5 Chapter 1448 Secrets Buried By Time 6 Chapter 1449 Secrets Buried By Time 7 Chapter 1450 Secrets Buried By Time 8 Chapter 1451 Secrets Buried By Time 9 Chapter 1452 Secrets Buried By Shi Guang 10 Chapter 1453 Secrets Buried By Time 11 Chapter 1454 The Secret Buried By Time 12 Chapter 1455 There Was Only One Schrodinger Cat Chapter 1456 Fall In Love With The Wrong Person Chapter 1457 Had Brushed Past Her Chapter 1458 Rare Goods Chapter 1459 Will Tell You A Secret Chapter 1460 Where To Find? Chapter 1461 Breaking Through The Bottleneck Chapter 1462 Perfect Genes Chapter 1463 Where Was She? Chapter 1464 Im Not Familiar With You Chapter 1465 The Righteous Turns Into A Scoundrel Chapter 1466 Pay Up Quickly Chapter 1467 It Is The Hardest To Digest A Beautys Cooking Chapter 1468 Home Chapter 1469 New And Old Friends Chapter 1470 No Matter How We Go About Chapter 1471 I Wont Allow Her To Marry Another Man Chapter 1472 You Shall Kneel Chapter 1473 You Two Can Start All Over Again Chapter 1474 Her Appearance Chapter 1475 Taking Drastic Measures Chapter 1475 - Taking Drastic Measures Chapter 1476 Throw Away A Brick To Get The Gem Chapter 1477 Hes Here Please Stand Still Chapter 1478 The Pampered Host Chapter 1479 I Want To Know The Truth Chapter 1480 Geniuses Are All Lunatics Chapter 1481 You Are Our Lucky Star Chapter 1482 Top Secret Content Chapter 1483 Hot Air Balloon Of Love Chapter 1484 The Apple Of His Eye Chapter 1485 You Are His Medicine Chapter 1486 Read Her Mind Chapter 1487 Say Things That You Dont Mean Chapter 1488 Nothing Forcibly Done Is Going To Be Agreeable Chapter 1489 You Did This On Purpose Didnt You? Chapter 1490 He Was The Only Good Person In The World Chapter 1491 A New Generation Replaces The Old Chapter 1492 Biological Father Indeed Chapter 1493 Are You Blind? Chapter 1494 Fate Has Brought Us Together Chapter 1495 I Wont Stand On Ceremony Chapter 1496 Meeting An Old Friend Again Chapter 1497 Collateral Damage Chapter 1498 Diamond And Porcelain Chapter 1499 Once And For All Chapter 1500 Do Not Bully The Young Chapter 1501 If Love Is Meant To Be Chapter 1502 Now And Then Chapter 1503 Koi Fish Good Luck