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How nice. Everyone was experiencing misfortune together.

Bo Chengcheng had never encountered such a situation before.


She wanted to laugh, but after seeing Li Beinians serious expression, she couldnt bring herself to do so. "Are they here to kidnap you?"

It happened in the past because she was in a messy location, but luckily, she was saved by the chief.

This time she wouldnt be that unlucky, right?

"Im uncertain." Li Beinian looked at the rear mirror and squinted. Calmly, she said, "Im afraid the license plates are fake. There are at least seven to eight people in the two cars."

Bo Chengchengs heartbeat started to race.

She didnt know anything else, but the two cars in front and behind were getting closer and closer.

They surely had bad intentions!

Suddenly, a dull and loud voice came from behind.

The car shook and the van in front stopped.

The car violently lurched forward. A loud sound came from the back.

The two vans hit the car from the front and back, forcing their car to a complete stop.

"Lets go!" Li Beinian immediately unfastened her seatbelt.

However, it was too late.

The people in the two vans seemed to have expected this. Wearing black uniforms with no logos, helmets, sunglasses, and wielded baseball bats, they quickly ran out of the vans. All of them were tall and large and they blocked their exit.

Li Beinian secretly counted. There were about nine people!

Looking down, she realized that their body arm hair was golden and their skin was glowing white under the sun.


She immediately thought about the two mercenaries she saw the last time. Li Beinian shuddered.

Suddenly, she heard Bo Chengchengs voice. "Jiang Yeqing, Im at Shen Guang highway and Im being surrounded by people. Ah!"


It was a loud sound. She was taken aback by a baseball bat.

On the other end of the phone, Jiang Yeqing heard the noise clearly and his heartbeat surged. "Dont be afraid. Ill be there at once!"

The banging sounds became louder and Jiang Yeqing could guess what kind of situation was going on.

"Call the police."

Suddenly, another voice could be heard. At this moment, it sounded very calm.

However, this was not Bo Chengcheng or Li Beinian.

Jiang Yeqing heard it and whispered, "Ive already notified Mu Xichen. Take care of my woman."

Li Beinian was startled but quickly answered, "Dont worry."

"F*ck! B*tch!" The aggressive curses came from no other than the P.I.T group!

A loud and clear slapping sound could be heard.

Jiang Yeqing was shocked. Immediately, the phone was knocked away and the line was hung up.

A beeping sound.

Hearing this, Jiang Yeqings heart ached.

Although she anticipated this, when she really saw Bei Lun, Li Beinian couldnt help but curse. She was really unlucky!

It was probably due to Mu Xichen!

Bei Lun did not expect to see her here and whistled. "Hey, Mus little pet, why are you here?"

Little pet?

Since when was she little or a pet?

Li Beinians face darkened and she gritted her teeth. "What do you want?"

"Hey." Bei Lun shrugged. "Dont be fierce. Lets be friends."

As he spoke, he looked at Bo Chengcheng. "So you are Jiang Yeqings wife?"

He spoke in English, so Bo Chengcheng sneered. "I dont understand you."

Bei Lun was unrattled. He sat on a chair and seemed to be in a good mood. "Its fine. Anyway, Jiang Yeqing will be here."

After that, he glanced at Li Beinian in satisfaction. "Im really happy. Mu will be here too."




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