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"It's not good, Grandpa is vomiting blood again!"

"Hurry up and find Uncle Lihu!"

"What can I do, the holy flame is gone, now Grandpa is gone too..."

Human voices are noisy.

"What's the matter?" A thin young man lying down slowly opened his eyes, "Where am I?"

The boy looked up and down around his surroundings, the optical fibers were dim, and they were all black and lacquered stones, and a bright spot was not far away.

"Cave?" The boy sat up and immediately clutched his back, "It hurts!"

"How did I fall here?" The young man put his hands on the bed and wanted to get out of the bed. He suddenly lowered his head and glanced. There was thatch underneath him, and beside the thatch, there was a colorful animal skin.

"Animal skin?" The young man was surprised, searching his memory carefully, "Is there still such a wild animal fur in Tibetan areas? Live in a cave?"

Before he could react, two people wearing furs walked into the cave and saw the newly awakened teenager.

The two were obviously taken aback, and then they looked surprised.

"Great, Mu Feng woke up!"

"Follow us to see Grandpa!"

Before the boy could see the two of them clearly, he "invited" the tow frame out of the hole.

"Take me to whom?" The young man was puzzled.

After leaving the cave, the light outside the cave made the young boy's eyes constrict. What caught his eye was the panicked crowd, and they all rushed to one place.

These people have shaggy hair, dressed in various animal skins, and their faces are dirty, making it difficult to see what they look like.

The boy was shocked in his heart: "What's the matter, how can there be such primitive residents in Tibetan areas?"

Someone saw the boy being framed by two people and exclaimed: "Look, Mu Feng is awake!"

The crowd voluntarily stepped aside, allowing the two to lead the teenager to pass through to a thatched hut.

The room is dimly lit again.

But the boy still saw that there were already several people standing in the house at this time, and several people gathered around an old man who was sitting next to the wooden pier.

The old man's eyes were half-squinted, and his face was haggard in the light of not too strong light, and there was still blood on his gray beard and hair.

At the first sight of the old man, the young man's information involuntarily appeared in his mind: grandpa, unknown surname, tribal chief, and the person who picked him up in the wild, was very good to him.

In addition to the old mans information, the young mans mind was like a movie, and all kinds of fragments of information emerged: people leaning on crutches, three-foot soil platform, and shouting around wild beasts...

The young man couldn't help but wondered how he had such a memory in his heart.

"Grandpa, Mu Feng is here!" someone shouted.

The old man opened his eyes, looked at the young man, and said, "Mufeng!"

The young man was still hesitating in his heart, but his body couldn't help but rushed to the old man's side, and said sadly: "Grandpa!"

The old man stretched out his hand and touched his head weakly, but didn't say a word. He slightly raised his head and looked at the people around him: "Where is Lihu?"

Before the words fell, the light in the thatched hut dimmed, and one person bent over and hurriedly shouted: "Grandpa, I'm here!"

A tower-like man walked up to the old man, knelt on one knee, and reached out to hold the old man's other hand: "Grandpa, are you okay?"

The old man shook his head slightly, his voice weak: "I don't have much time."

"Grandpa!" The voices of the surrounding people trembled together.

"Grandpa, there is nothing wrong with your old man. If something happens to you, what shall we do!" Lihu said excitedly.

The old man looked sad, but with a trace of stubbornness, he shook his head: "I can't help but you still have to live!"

Lihu clenched the old man's hand again, unwilling to say something else.

The old man raised his eyes and motioned, and Lihu shut up immediately.

He took a long breath, obviously to explain the funeral.

"After I die, Mu Feng will be the chief. You must respect him like me!"

Everyone shook together, but nodded in grief and indignation: "Yes!"

"The sacred flame has been lost. If you want to live, you can only move eastward."

Li Hu murmured: "Migrating east..."

But he nodded at the old man: "Yes!"

The old man then turned his gaze to the shocked young man in his heart: "Mufeng!"

The boy subconsciously responded: "Grandpa!"

It's just that he was shocked. He remembered that he was a historian of Jiangxia University who accidentally fell into a black cave when he was visiting Tibet to investigate the ancient Kunlun ruins.

But after waking up, he was in the cave and appeared in the crowd surrounded by primitive costumes.

Obviously, I crossed it!

From one cave to another, he appeared on a boy named Mu Feng!

And the memories of the boy flooded into his mind in an instant: the old man in front of him was the chief of the Jiang clan, who was seriously injured and dying.

The most terrible thing is that the "sacred fire" within the tribe was stolen!

Mu Feng thought that the old man treats him well, but he is better than relatives if he is not a relative. For a while, he felt sad and couldn't help crying, "Grandpa, don't have any trouble!"

The old man let go of Lihu's hand and slowly raised his hand to wipe his tears: "Silly boy, I will be the chief of the tribe from now on, so don't cry anymore!"

"Grandpa!" Mu Feng cried sadly.

Other people's voices also shouted sadly: "Grandpa!"

The old man shook his head gently, and put his hand on the young man's head: "Let me, this old man, do my last effort for this tribe, and I will rely on you in the future!"

Before Mu Feng could react, he suddenly felt that his scalp was tight, he could not help closing his eyes, and a mysterious message poured into his mind.

The people around were prepared and yelled together: "Grandpa!"

One person looked at Lihu: "The leader!"

Lihus face is even more miserable, but he shook his head firmly: "This is Grandpa's initiation of Mu Feng again. We will not break the chieftain's inheritance!"


Lihu exhaled heavily and shouted in a low voice: "Nothing!"


I don't know how long it took, Mu Feng opened his eyes again, and he found that the old man's face was pale, and his chest that had been bullied at this time had gradually become less up and down.

The oil ran out and the lamp ran out-seeing that there was not much time left.

The faces of the people around were sad, but their eyes were full of hope, and they all looked towards Mu Feng.

Lihu took the lead and knelt on one knee, raising one hand to Mu Feng: "Chief!"

The others also knelt on one knee, like a tiger: "Chief!"

Mu Feng's heart was still shocked. As soon as he figured out what was going on, he became the warchief of this primitive tribe, and he took over such a mess!

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Built For Nothing Chapter 570: Conquer The Kui Beast Division To The West Chapter 571: Accident Happened Chapter 572: Jiang's Immediate Reaction Chapter 573: They Were Beaten Up Chapter 574: The Identity Of This Operation Has Chapter 575: Frost Leaves Need To Add Ginger Chapter 576: A New Identity Chapter 577: The Battle Becomes Easier Chapter 578: Remember You Are Members Of The Black Snake Division Chapter 579: If Something Goes Wrong There Must Be A Demon Chapter 580: Fan The Flames Chapter 581: You Want To Die Or Live Chapter 582: Gather The Kui Beast Tribe Chapter 583: Too Cruel Chapter 584: How To Transport These Iron Ore Back Chapter 585: The White Tree And The Tiger's Head Are Too Frightened Chapter 586: Three Tribes Form An Alliance Chapter 587: This Is Not Da Jiang's Headquarters Chapter 588: The Frosty Autumn That Is Valued Chapter 589: New Deployment Chapter 590: Baiyue Is About To Have A Son Chapter 591: Start Smelting Iron Chapter 592: Several Cities In Dajiang Have Names 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618: The Dragon And The Earth Snake Chapter 619: Unprovoked Wood Wind Chapter 620: Bing Lin Xuan Snake Department Chapter 621: Great Chief Of The Strange Black Snake Department Chapter 622: War Python Chapter 623: Mass Siege Giant Python Chapter 624: The Witchcraft Method Of The Mysterious Snake Department Chapter 625: Become Your Tribe Chapter 626: I Can Afford More Chapter 627: The War Of Differentiation And Centrifugation Without The Blood Of The Sword Chapter 628: Want Your Warchief To Come And See Me Chapter 629: White Ape Infighting Chapter 630: Another Flicker Chapter 631: Da Jiang Wants To Be The Boss Here Chapter 632: Hero Heavy Hero Chapter 633: Heilianjiang Chapter 634: Many Arrangements Before The Alliance Chapter 635: Eli Attracts The Wolf Department Chapter 636: How To Get Big Huyou To Agree Chapter 637: We Two Talk In Detail Chapter 638: Big Flicker Chapter 639: Mufeng's First Totem Oath Chapter 640: Chiefs Gathering Chapter 641: Six Leagues Chapter 642: Theirs Is Ours Chapter 643: Yanhuang Ginger Alliance Was Established Chapter 644: Take You To Visit Big Ginger Chapter 645: Dajiang's Sub City Chapter 646: Da Jiang Wants Everything Chapter 647: The Power Of Ginger Chapter 648: The Warchief Who Fell To Watch Cattle And Sheep Chapter 649: Speak Truth After Drinking Chapter 650: Next Big Game Chapter 651: Use Words To Open Up Their Knowledge Chapter 652: Rule Them With Words Chapter 653: Can't Get Off The Thief Ship Chapter 654: Not Afraid To Expose Chapter 655: Combat Weapon In The Plains Chapter 656: Currency Leverage That Affects The Current Situation Chapter 657: Visit The Kawabube Chapter 658: Exploring The Minshui Department Chapter 659: A Big Deal Chapter 660: They Have Eyes In The Sky Chapter 661: More Than One Chapter 662: Lost Heavily Chapter 663: Such A Passive Situation Chapter 664: You All Leave It To Me Chapter 665: Finally Defeated Chapter 666: Ride The Yellow Cavalry Chapter 667: Mu Feng Is Starting To Flicker Chapter 668: Toward The Hyeon Snake Department Chapter 669: Please Enter Chapter 670: Buckle Poop Chapter 671: Who Said It Was For Them Chapter 672: The Plan Of The Warchief Chapter 673: Return To The Tribe Chapter 674: New Layout Chapter 675: Whampoa Military Academy Chapter 676: Benefits Of Popularizing Copper Coins Chapter 677: Pay For Food And Accommodation Included Chapter 678: The True Intention Of Recruiting Chapter 679: We Want To Form An Alliance With You Chapter 680: I Don't Know The So Called Woman Chapter 681: No Zuo No Die Chapter 682: Old Acquaintances And Old Acquaintances Are Good Chapter 683: You Don't Have To Die Chapter 684: Real Female Warrior Chapter 685: Mufeng's Surprise Chapter 686: Find A Reason To Beat Them Up Chapter 687: You Don't Need To Be Tortured Chapter 688: Hordes Of Trainers Chapter 689: Form Jiang's Own Eagle Control Army Chapter 690: Da Jiang's Big Killer Chapter 691: Huaguzi's Request Chapter 692: Touch Porcelain Fire Department Chapter 693: How Much We Should Pay Chapter 694: Lucky Hit Chapter 695: An Important Trip Chapter 696: Preparation Before Travel Chapter 697: Talking Fire Dragon Chapter 698: Monkey Attack Chapter 699: Savage Tribe Captured Chapter 700: Orangutan And Natulu Chapter 701: Shinshi Adult Chapter 702: Right In The Middle Chapter 703: Is It So Efficient? Chapter 704: The Origin Of The Ape Club Chapter 705: Playing Grass And Hug The Rabbit Chapter 706: Go To The Territory Of The Green Dragon Chapter 707: The Green Dragon Appears Chapter 708: Anaconda Chapter 709: Fierce Flames Chapter 710: Long Snake Chapter 711: Finally Killed The Snake Chapter 712: Every Dog has His Day Chapter 713: Already Belongs To Da Jiang Chapter 714: Re Enter The Valley Chapter 715: Have You Stabbed The Python Den? Chapter 716: The Horses Are Gone Chapter 717: Let Hu Leibao Be The Support Chapter 718: Starve The Timid To Death Chapter 719: One Horned Blue Bull Wanliyun Chapter 720: Another Monster Chapter 721: Face Monster Chapter 722: Gangster Chapter 723: Mu Feng's Ah Q Spirit Chapter 724: Crucial Moment Chapter 725: Playing A Flute To Drive Snakes On The Grassland Chapter 726: In Trouble Again Chapter 727: It's On Fire Chapter 728: Subdued Chapter 729: Beasts And Horses Chapter 730: Spit At The Cow Chapter 731: There Is Still A Routine Chapter 732: Unexpected Place Chapter 733: Weird White Horse Chapter 734: Block The Door To Catch The White Horse Chapter 735: Cocoon Chapter 736: Build Dajiang's Secret Base Chapter 737: It's Not The Old Anymore Chapter 738: Good Sister In Law Chapter 739: Fight With Me You're Still A Little Tender Chapter 740: Two People Use Their Scheming Fiercely Chapter 741: You Can Get Sheep If You Write Well Chapter 742: Da Jiang Has A Charisma Chapter 743: Familiar Burly Part Chapter 744: A Great Gift From The Blue Bird Club Chapter 745: The Fighting Power Of The Dragon Chapter 746: You Don't Think It's Worth It Chapter 747: Repaying Etiquette And Teaching Characters Chapter 748: I Teach You Chapter 749: Most Tolerance Chapter 750: The Attention Of The Blue Bird Club Chapter 751: Uncle Check Chapter 752: Big Brother Beaten Up Chapter 753: These Eyes Will Be Useful Later Chapter 754: Get Your Brother In Law Chapter 755: Da Jiang's Return Chapter 756: It's So Decided Chapter 757: So Happy Chapter 758: Big Thunder Got Into Trouble Chapter 759: The Horse Ring Of The Three Way Melee Chapter 760: A Bear Determines The Universe Chapter 761: No Need To Pay Chapter 762: Give Me A Try Chapter 763: Tame Like This Chapter 764: Open Up A Thousand Miles Chapter 765: The Tolerance And Weather Of A Big Country Chapter 766: What Should You Choose Chapter 767: Fifty Five Open Chapter 768: Just Follow Me And Watch Chapter 769: Traces Of The Dragon's Department Chapter 770: I Haven't Used It Yet. Chapter 771: You Can Go Now Chapter 772: It Depends On How The People From The Dragon Club Are Selected Chapter 773: Blight Tiger Chapter 774: That's How The Warchief Taught Me Chapter 775: It Turns Out That The Battle Can Be Fought Like This Chapter 776: The Melee Begins Chapter 777: Fully Rolled Chapter 778: The Dragon's Department Is Frustrated Chapter 779: Thunder Dragon's Winning Strategy Chapter 780: Cold Tree In Distress Chapter 781: Mu Feng Shot Chapter 782: The End Of The Sick Tiger Chapter 783: Beg My Brother To Save Me Chapter 784: Let The Cold Tree Decide Your Life And Death Chapter 785: Last Chance Chapter 786: Let You Show Chapter 787: Talk About Life Ideals With Leilong Chapter 788: Separated From The Dragon Chapter 789: Mufeng's Proposal Chapter 790: Follow Up Arrangements Chapter 791: New Discovery Chapter 792: It's Just A Regular Training Project Chapter 793: Can Do Nothing Chapter 794: It's A Good Thing To Be In Trouble Chapter 795: Guided By The Totem Zulong Chapter 796: Will Be Annexed Like This In The Future Chapter 797: Wine Cage Popular Chapter 798: There Are More Stalls In The City Chapter 799: Sure Enough Chapter 800: We Want Half Of The Harvest Chapter 801: It's Okay To Cooperate Chapter 802: Leave Them To Have A Good Chat Chapter 803: Phishing Law Enforcement Program Chapter 804: We Are All Descendants Of Zulong Chapter 805: Movable Type Printing Appeared Chapter 806: First Book Chapter 807: I'm Wronged If You Are Wronged Chapter 808: If You Don't Join You Will Die Chapter 809: Shot On Both Sides At The Same Time Chapter 810: Revenge For The Black Bear Club Chapter 811: They Have Thorn Dragon Mounts Chapter 812: Captive's Proposal Chapter 813: Can Trade With You Chapter 814: Let Them Come Chapter 815: You Forced Me Chapter 816: I Want A Five Headed Thorn Dragon Chapter 817: I Have A Plan Chapter 818: Show Your Sincerity Chapter 819: Calculate With Xiaoboda Chapter 820: Mountain Island Again Chapter 821: Big Ginger's Third Hand Chapter 822: Found Black Smoke Chapter 823: A Road Leading Directly To The River Head Chapter 824: Open Revenge Deployment Chapter 825: Raymonds Talent Is Here Chapter 826: The Third Realm Of The Bullshit Chapter 827: The Test Of Text Penetration Chapter 828: You Guys Make Me Think Chapter 829: Big Jiang Is Added To The Wild Wolf Club Chapter 830: Just Let It Go Chapter 831: Versailles Beat Chapter 832: Domesticated Unicorn Chapter 833: Kirin Fury Chapter 834: Starve The Timid To Death Chapter 835: Big Jiang Liubu Chapter 836: Strategizing Chapter 837: Mufeng's Influence Chapter 838: Pick The General From The Lame Chapter 839: Heaven Moon And Earth Chapter 840: What The Warchief Taught Me Chapter 841: Teach You How To Fight Chapter 842: The Power Of Big Cannot Be Copied Chapter 843: Great That Makes Life Fearful Chapter 844: Brother Take Revenge With You Chapter 845: Shrewd Big Flicker Chapter 846: Entrusted With A Heavy Responsibility For The Big Flicker Chapter 847: Run After This Battle Chapter 848: What Are You Afraid Of Chapter 849: Konoha Is In Trouble Chapter 850: You Dare To Kill My Ginger Chapter 851: Someone Who Can Accompany You To Fight Is Here Chapter 852: That's It Chapter 853: Lost Heavily Chapter 854: Divorce Chapter 855: Xiao Huang Jiangong Chapter 856: Little Zhuge Learns From Old Zhuge Chapter 857: He Is Chaerhan Chapter 858: Moon Black Wind High Chapter 859: Killing Under The Night Chapter 860: How To Take Down The Chapter 861: Break The Game Chapter 862: All Plants And Trees Are All Soldiers Chapter 863: The High Priest Has A Ghost In His Heart Chapter 864: Old Things Chapter 865: Jiang Yuli Returns To Da Jiang Chapter 866: A Powerful Plan Chapter 867: Yuli's Arrangement Chapter 868: A Bitter Trick Chapter 869: Revenge Begins Chapter 870: Da Jiang's Revenge Day Chapter 871: Eye For Eye Chapter 872: Back To Big Ginger Chapter 873: Shockingly Powerful Chapter 874: Baiyue's Surprise Chapter 875: Ancestors Chapter 876: Have A Revenge Meeting Chapter 877: The Revenge Meeting Has Begun Chapter 878: Big Cats And Small Cats Chapter 879: Six Meetings Chapter 880: Rent Something For The Small Tribe Chapter 881: Dali And Shaoli Chapter 882: Still Have To Get Busy Chapter 883: Flicker Chapter 884: Great Ginger's Road To Power Chapter 885: Connecting Two Places By Bridge Chapter 886: Be Surrounded Chapter 887: A City Built Around A Mountain Island Chapter 888: The Chance To Make A Fortune Is Here Chapter 889: Horses Have No Night And Grass Is Not Fat Chapter 890: Sparrow Chapter 891: Yu Li Has A Good Idea Chapter 892: The Beast Tide Moved Back Chapter 893: Hunting In The White Tree Plains Chapter 894: Undercurrent Chapter 895: We Also Do A Big One Chapter 896: Planting Blame Is A Good Hand Chapter 897: One Sided Battle Chapter 898: Stupid Thunder And Lightning Chapter 899: Blame Me Chapter 900: Revenge Is Not Enough Chapter 901: Not Far Chapter 902: Lao Lai is out of the market Chapter 903: Why should i help you Chapter 904: Stimulate new consumer demand Chapter 905: Easier than hunting a flock Chapter 906: See also Changning Chapter 907: Or you guys are better Chapter 908: Agule the Wise Chapter 909: Weird Fang Leibu Chapter 910: Go there by yourself Chapter 911: What day do you get married Chapter 912: as long as you are happy Chapter 913: Go to Fang Lei Department Chapter 914: Take a clay pot to trade Chapter 915: Copper knife Chapter 916: The game is set Chapter 917: Plans have changed Chapter 918: Strange chaser Chapter 919: Conquer the Black Tooth Chapter 920: It's dead Chapter 921: Fang Lei's strength Chapter 922: Destroy Fang Lei Department from the inside Chapter 923: Ring by ring Chapter 924: Sure enough Chapter 925: Fang Lei's warrior sent to death Chapter 926: Ready to ambush Chapter 927: The prevailing attack Chapter 928: Splash your face with blood Chapter 929: The yellow mud falls in the crotch Chapter 930: Da Jiang is about to celebrate the new year Chapter 931: Da Jiang has so many talents Chapter 932: Small year Chapter 933: Xiaonian's fun-enhancing contest Chapter 934: Happy event again and again Chapter 935: Lively big ginger Chapter 936: New year Chapter 937: Not visible elsewhere Chapter 938: Fang Leibu was ambushed again Chapter 939: Handsome and general Chapter 940: Ghost bird Chapter 941: Five Chiefs Chapter 942: Catch the thief first and catch the king Chapter 943: It's over so soon Chapter 944: Become a subordinate tribe Chapter 945: Induce them to make a decision Chapter 946: People who care about big ginger Chapter 947: Fei Ren's Method of Taming Animals Chapter 948: A way he won't refuse Chapter 949: Receiving people's heart Chapter 950: Rhinoceros enters big ginger Chapter 951: Giant bear Chapter 952: A long way to go Chapter 953: The warchief is very melancholy at the moment Chapter 954: Just for noodles Chapter 955: Snowball fight Chapter 956: Eating meat and drinking in snow Chapter 957: Excited Agule Chapter 958: you guess Chapter 959: Two contracts are like one Chapter 960: Adulthood after the startling sting Chapter 961: Pick up Chapter 962: Someone blocking the way Chapter 963: I fell too Chapter 964: And dowry Chapter 965: Changxi Chapter 966: You don't know how to teach you Chapter 967: The warchief would really Chapter 968: He knows so much Chapter 969: What a mistake Chapter 970: Should do something for them Chapter 971: The way to solve the spring leisure Chapter 972: Open up wasteland and grow food in spring Chapter 973: The number of small tribes in Xiaoshi has decreased Chapter 974: Use their methods to abuse them Chapter 975: Man ashore Chapter 976: Live up to the spring Chapter 977: Letter from Asuka Chapter 978: Yuxia Youfang's Big Flicker Chapter 979: Haunted tail Chapter 980: The sun is quite round today Chapter 981: Share the worries for the warchief Chapter 982: The trick of the hump tail Chapter 983: See through the scheme Chapter 984: You made great contributions to Jiang Chapter 985: The head of the landlord is here Chapter 986: Completely dumbfounded Chapter 987: Special requirements for hump tails Chapter 988: Hype him into a negative textbook Chapter 989: This thing is useful for my big ginger Chapter 990: You can look down on my ginger Chapter 991: Catch the mud dragon by the mud dragon pond Chapter 992: Tremble, mud boys Chapter 993: Torture the mud dragon Chapter 994: The mud dragon took the initiative to go ashore Chapter 995: Reunion Chapter 996: Eggs cannot be placed in the same basket Chapter 997: Let them know the benefits Chapter 998: Aggrieved Morhan Chapter 999: Give you two choices Chapter 1000: Exchange plan Chapter 1001: Fixed plan Chapter 1002: I shouldn't worry about it myself Chapter 1003: Faithful Chapter 1004: The Incident of Mountain Island Chapter 1005: Raymond is busy Chapter 1006: Naked show off Chapter 1007: We want to become a subordinate tribe of Dajiang Chapter 1008: Big and small profits Chapter 1009: Why are you still pregnant? Chapter 1010: Newcomer Chapter 1011: Da Jiang's next generation is born Chapter 1012: White beast Chapter 1013: Calculate each other Chapter 1014: Goshawk Division Chapter 1015: Cooperate with the people in the Goshawk Club Chapter 1016: Sit down and talk Chapter 1017: Conditions of mutual trust Chapter 1018: Crisis of Aotobe Chapter 1019: Become a tribe of my big ginger Chapter 1020: Subtract them Chapter 1021: Ginger's reaction Chapter 1022: I'll take you first Chapter 1023: Unilateral slaughter Chapter 1024: Dog bites a dog's mouth Chapter 1025: All parties gathered at the Blue Bird Club Chapter 1026: Xin Da Jiang is good Chapter 1027: Woodwind's final plan Chapter 1028: A mixed result Chapter 1029: so far so good Chapter 1030: Jiang Yuxie at the End of the Road Chapter 1031: Such a coincidence Chapter 1032: My big **** can help you Chapter 1033: Da Jiang has joined forces with Kuiwei Chapter 1034: Which one are you Chapter 1035: Jiang Shuifeng's Last Name Chapter 1036: Inadvertently leaked Chapter 1037: Most of the battle is about to begin Chapter 1038: Unexpected discovery Chapter 1039: The real big battle Chapter 1040: No delay Chapter 1041: It's time for you to run Chapter 1042: Melee in the valley Chapter 1043: Shaoli Chapter 1044: Koyou is in danger Chapter 1045: Joy begets sorrow Chapter 1046: The warchief is coming Chapter 1047: The crisis is completely resolved Chapter 1048: Aftermath Chapter 1049: Not run this time Chapter 1050: Big brother and third brother Chapter 1051: I can wake him up Chapter 1052: Let Totem tell him Chapter 1053: I was guided Chapter 1054: You have said all my words Chapter 1055: How to merge Chapter 1056: Chiefs Competition Chapter 1057: Serve the public Chapter 1058: Take you to see big ginger Chapter 1059: So many foreign surnames Chapter 1060: Reasons for the strong Chapter 1061: The warchief is going to have a child Chapter 1062: Internal small meeting Chapter 1063: So many great chiefs Chapter 1064: Military changes Chapter 1065: New six Chapter 1066: Military reform Chapter 1067: Visit big ginger Chapter 1068: Establish Dajiang Information Network Chapter 1069: A word from Mu Feng Chapter 1070: I'm too stubborn Chapter 1071: Everything goes well Chapter 1072: You never thought about why Chapter 1073: Bai Yue became Bai Huyou Chapter 1074: Flower snake tribe stands in the way Chapter 1075: Baiyue ambushed Chapter 1076: More people like this Chapter 1077: Morkhan Chapter 1078: Gangsters Chapter 1079: Guilty Chapter 1080: Really know it's wrong Chapter 1081: It's troublesome not to understand Chapter 1082: Now you agree or not Chapter 1083: Yale Terrace on the road Chapter 1084: Dajiang became a super tribe Chapter 1085: More West Chapter 1086: You are brother tribe Chapter 1087: Wenlong was attacked Chapter 1088: Shinshi adult Chapter 1089: Build a surprise army Chapter 1090: Bigger same mine Chapter 1091: Why thirsty Chapter 1092: This is a cure Chapter 1093: Danger from Manjohara Chapter 1094: Soldiers approach the city Chapter 1095: Miserable siege Chapter 1096: Defeat the enemy of Yunmeng Chapter 1097: Han Shu has become a big flicker Chapter 1098: collaborate with each other Chapter 1099: Really capable of doing a big job Chapter 1100: Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrives Chapter 1101: Da Jiang Erlang goes south Chapter 1102: Yunmeng most Chapter 1103: You are teaching me to do Chapter 1104: Calculate each other Chapter 1105: Surprise Chapter 1106: A true oath Chapter 1107: The wish of the Blue Bird Club is about to come true Chapter 1108: This is my promise Chapter 1109: Targeted ambush Chapter 1110: Pockets are already clothed Chapter 1111: There are surprises and surprises Chapter 1112: This is over Chapter 1113: Xili was captured again Chapter 1114: Let's meet frankly this time Chapter 1115: To drive tigers and devour wolves Chapter 1116: Let them make up their minds Chapter 1117: I'll blame you if there's an accident Chapter 1118: The emergence of privatization Chapter 1119: Privatized system Chapter 1120: Da Jiang's next powerful way Chapter 1121: Mintun and Juntun Chapter 1122: New changes Chapter 1123: Great Harvest and Big Territory Chapter 1124: The official addiction of the elm ghost Chapter 1125: Enhance the combat effectiveness of Da Jiang warriors Chapter 1126: Jungle Monkey Fight Chapter 1127: Giant monkey Chapter 1128: Danger is coming Chapter 1129: Beaten by a monkey Chapter 1130: All because of monkeys Chapter 1131: Can't go back temporarily Chapter 1132: Thousands of miles to save people Chapter 1133: Da Jiang is here Chapter 1134: Don't you like gang fights? Chapter 1135: Can gang fight and never single out Chapter 1136: King Gigi and Maomao Chapter 1137: Real King Gigi Chapter 1138: Accidentally got a little Hu Lei Leopard Chapter 1139: Qiongqi speaks Chapter 1140: Boss boss Chapter 1141: Looking to the west, it's all my big **** territory Chapter 1142: The tribe is strong and courageous Chapter 1143: Da Jiang's Department Store Chapter 1144: Give horses to receive people's hearts Chapter 1145: Yunmengbu undercurrent surging Chapter 1146: Thunder Dragon's special meaning Chapter 1147: Visit the Grand City Chapter 1148: Yunmeng Chaos Chapter 1149: Everything is as expected Chapter 1150: Invisible brain supplement, the most deadly Chapter 1151: Self-righteous Chapter 1152: The price of five horses Chapter 1153: Name the city Chapter 1154: Truffle is also a cruel person Chapter 1155: Da Jiang Ding is dead Chapter 1156: Tribe in the mountains Chapter 1157: Savage attack Chapter 1158: We are here to deliver salt Chapter 1159: It's time for us to go for a walk Chapter 1160: Dali and Shaolixin's conspiracy Chapter 1161: Shaoli Department started Chapter 1162: War is coming Chapter 1163: Hands on both sides at the same time Chapter 1164: Rush to the blue bird club Chapter 1165: Bloody Blue Bird Chapter 1166: Soldiers approaching the city Chapter 1167: The Blue Bird Department is in danger Chapter 1168: Mufeng is coming Chapter 1169: Chaos set chaos Chapter 1170: The battle for the city ends Chapter 1171: Beat down dog Chapter 1172: Baiyue decided to kill Shaoli Chapter 1173: Forbearance Yaolong Chapter 1174: Bull rush Chapter 1175: Shaoli suffered heavy losses Chapter 1176: Great Jiang Ji Road People and Horses Convergence Chapter 1177: Chase after victory Chapter 1178: Split the troops into two strikes Chapter 1179: The Blue Bird Club wants to join the big ginger Chapter 1180: Agree, and ask for help by the way Chapter 1181: Wood wind arrangement Chapter 1182: Three difficulties in winning the Dali Department Chapter 1183: Bewildered Chapter 1184: Persuade Chapter 1185: Disturb their hearts Chapter 1186: This tripping horse is really easy to use Chapter 1187: Count on count Chapter 1188: Pandora's box Chapter 1189: Hard to argue Chapter 1190: Changes in people's minds Chapter 1191: Under control Chapter 1192: The first surrenders Chapter 1193: Playing grass and hug the rabbit Chapter 1194: You are wrong again Chapter 1195: Damul has become a name Chapter 1196: Destruction of Dali Chapter 1197: The scared Yin Qi Chapter 1198: Useful information from Yin Qi Chapter 1199: You are my prisoner of Da Jiang Chapter 1200: He won't like men Chapter 1201: Click him Chapter 1202: Arrangement of the new tribe Chapter 1203: The thoughtful rusher Chapter 1204: Five parties and eight parts and six parties and nine parts Chapter 1205: Stimulated rusher Chapter 1206: Show him to the world Chapter 1207: Call me big brother Chapter 1208: Finally home Chapter 1209: Sour girl Chapter 1210: Da Jiang's education system Chapter 1211: Dragon City Reconstruction Chapter 1212: The emergence of luxury goods Chapter 1213: The lord needs assistants Chapter 1214: Grass Snake Grey Line Chapter 1215: Things that impress Benboba Chapter 1216: Mu Feng Flicker on Boba Chapter 1217: Da Jiang's mentor Chapter 1218: Brother is also called by you Chapter 1219: Grape aroma in wine Chapter 1220: The knot of the Jade Bird tribe Chapter 1221: The Jade Bird tribe takes the initiative to integrate into the big ginger Chapter 1222: Only second brother understands me Chapter 1223: Gather the Shaoli tribe Chapter 1224: Xiao Yaolong, I'm here Chapter 1225: Yaolong turned his face Chapter 1226: Or, let's join Da Jiang Chapter 1227: The tragic past of Benboba Chapter 1228: It's all in the wine Chapter 1229: Benbo Ba is honest Chapter 1230: Yaolong Chapter 1231: Development is the last word Chapter 1232: The premise of steady development Chapter 1233: A scam in the mountains Chapter 1234: The female chief's decision Chapter 1235: News from Hei Duo Chapter 1236: Truffle layout Chapter 1237: All parties move together Chapter 1238: He can't avenge his personal revenge Chapter 1239: Mountain rain is coming Chapter 1240: 200 people died Chapter 1241: Great **** means Chapter 1242: Melee Chapter 1243: Warriors of the mountains trapped Chapter 1244: Big win Chapter 1245: Lie on the verge of death Chapter 1246: How to deal with the aftermath Chapter 1247: Getting better and better Chapter 1248: Talking about a deal with the hill tribes Chapter 1249: I can help you become Yelau Chapter 1250: Faithful Chapter 1251: You look very carefully Chapter 1252: Open the city at the same time in the north and south Chapter 1253: Frustrated Fang Kun Chapter 1254: The bad news of the Golden Ube Chapter 1255: Fang Kun's conspiracy Chapter 1256: Convinced Chapter 1257: Jinwubu departs Chapter 1258: Great **** suffers Chapter 1259: Dragon City was attacked by air Chapter 1260: Stay at all Chapter 1261: Mu Feng's worries Chapter 1262: Jin Huo hesitated Chapter 1263: See also the golden eagle attack Chapter 1264: This Fang Kun really deserves to die Chapter 1265: Take Fang Kun to test the poison Chapter 1266: Try poison Chapter 1267: The truth is out Chapter 1268: Negotiable conditions Chapter 1269: Such a person deserves to be a chief Chapter 1270: Really stupid Chapter 1271: What should you do now Chapter 1272: It's you Chapter 1273: If you have more, you have to increase the price Chapter 1274: What a pity Chapter 1275: The Bear Club is the Murderer Chapter 1276: Siege of Jinqishan Chapter 1277: Add money Chapter 1278: Turn the tide Chapter 1279: View from the sidelines Chapter 1280: What a dog bite dog Chapter 1281: I made you misunderstand Chapter 1282: Rob Chapter 1283: The culprit Chapter 1284: Crazy Feather Chapter 1285: Mu Feng personally visits the Golden Crow Department Chapter 1286: How do you plan to explain Chapter 1287: Enemies should be settled but not settled Chapter 1288: Arrange for the new tribe Chapter 1289: Surprise Chapter 1290: Fudge Golden Light Chapter 1291: Jinguang leaves in a hurry Chapter 1292: Changes in the longevity grassland Chapter 1293: Mu Feng has a son Chapter 1294: Everyone came to congratulate Chapter 1295: uninvited guest Chapter 1296: Attack of the Sky Buzzard Chapter 1297: Can't be controlled in two places Chapter 1298: The longevity grassland is in chaos Chapter 1299: We are a person Chapter 1300: We are also related Chapter 1301: How powerful is big ginger? Chapter 1302: Regretful Xiong Li Chapter 1303: Going to see old friends Chapter 1304: long time no see Chapter 1305: This time i want your people Chapter 1306: New Goshawk City Chapter 1307: Bathhouse culture Chapter 1308: He can kneel down and call me third brother Chapter 1309: Ministry of Longevity Chapter 1310: Lobbyist Benboba Chapter 1311: Think what the second brother thinks Chapter 1312: Shot against the Black Mountain Warriors Chapter 1313: Kong Ming Lantern recruits new people Chapter 1314: The battle under the night Chapter 1315: Isn't it better than a fist? Chapter 1316: What else does the warchief not know? Chapter 1317: How many chiefs does Dajiang have? Chapter 1318: All in my heart Chapter 1319: New monetary policy Chapter 1320: Mufeng's new daily life Chapter 1321: Good news from everywhere Chapter 1322: The history book Chapter 1323: The happy little life of the great chief Chapter 1324: New Year's Eve Chapter 1325: New Year's Atmosphere in Dajiang Chapter 1326: Wood wind vigil this year Chapter 1327: Great Jiang Qunying Gathering Chapter 1328: The sky has changed on the grassland Chapter 1329: Call me lord Chapter 1330: Great **** caused by disaster Chapter 1331: Alone Chapter 1332: Harba Chapter 1333: Crash at the touch of a button Chapter 1334: Old iron hold on Chapter 1335: 300,000 population Chapter 1336: Targeted Elm Sprite Chapter 1337: Reform of the military Chapter 1338: Take you to relax Chapter 1339: Measures to promote the economic development of Dajiang Chapter 1340: I don't know the so-called halba Chapter 1341: Mufeng's new idea Chapter 1342: Education-oriented Chapter 1343: Go east to eat seafood Chapter 1344: Kakai Chapter 1345: The inspection has officially started Chapter 1346: The solution to slavery Chapter 1347: Combination of slavery and land system Chapter 1348: Ill be a witness on behalf of Jiang Chapter 1349: Yelau Congress Chapter 1350: New Yelau is about to be born Chapter 1351: Cheng Yaojin halfway through Chapter 1352: Mokhan is a good city lord Chapter 1353: Mokhan transfer Chapter 1354: That's right Chapter 1355: New city master selection Chapter 1356: Nuo Gao dare to think Chapter 1357: incite defection Chapter 1358: Huang Guan's Mind Chapter 1359: One system, two systems Chapter 1360: Nuo high up Chapter 1361: The hill tribe is over Chapter 1362: Mountains are no longer mountains Chapter 1363: Changes in the mountains Chapter 1364: New Atmosphere in Liangjieshan Chapter 1365: Jinwu Department panicked Chapter 1366: Change of mind Chapter 1367: Qi was arranged Chapter 1368: Reluctant Chapter 1369: Break with Da Jiang? Chapter 1370: Golden fire was scrapped Chapter 1371: Qi Yu's hidden means Chapter 1372: You dont want me Chapter 1373: The training results of the navy Chapter 1374: Da Jiang's Sailing Ship Chapter 1375: The Age of Navigation Chapter 1376: The Dilemma of the Golden Ube Chapter 1377: Donghe Navigation Chapter 1378: Excavation of the Grand Canal Chapter 1379: Desperate golden fire Chapter 1380: Take the initiative to be captured Chapter 1381: I'm hungry Chapter 1382: When you come, just accept it all Chapter 1383: Follow my big ginger's rules Chapter 1384: Make a decision when you meet Chapter 1385: Is this person's brain bad? Chapter 1386: The shocking Kim brothers Chapter 1387: Let's join big ginger Chapter 1388: Count me in Chapter 1389: Two social animals Chapter 1390: Hit one's own feet Chapter 1391: Agree and disagree Chapter 1392: Big deal, add big ginger Chapter 1393: Yu Ximo also wants revenge Chapter 1394: dilemma Chapter 1395: Capture Qi Lang with a single shot Chapter 1396: Capture Qi Yu alive Chapter 1397: Betrayal Chapter 1398: The Golden Crow Department is completely destroyed Chapter 1399: Truffle Mind Chapter 1400: Truffle is proud enough Chapter 1401: Thunder Dragon is innocent Chapter 1402: Tui Emperor Truffle Chapter 1403: Lead the snake out of the hole Chapter 1404: The traitor should be killed Chapter 1405: You can take back what Dajiang gave you Chapter 1406: Truffle has started Chapter 1407: Deal with big **** by learning big ginger Chapter 1408: You can't live Chapter 1409: There are islands in the south Chapter 1410: Let them know how good we are Chapter 1411: Trial Chapter 1412: Zombie blocking the way Chapter 1413: Python appears Chapter 1414: I forgot that I still have a system Chapter 1415: The python is dead Chapter 1416: Found gold Chapter 1417: Monster Family Chapter 1418: Develop Gunsan Chapter 1419: The golden top is coming Chapter 1420: Available Chapter 1421: Nothing to find something to do Chapter 1422: Super most Chapter 1423: Surrounded by autumn grass Chapter 1424: Everything about Dajiang is ours Chapter 1425: Elm sprite Chapter 1426: The Elm Won Chapter 1427: Still have to flatten the big ginger Chapter 1428: Scold me back Chapter 1429: An aggrieved situation Chapter 1430: The warchief is here. Chapter 1431: Meat delivered to the mouth Chapter 1432: Take them in circles Chapter 1433: We are saved Chapter 1434: Captive keeps useful Chapter 1435: One-sided Chapter 1436: Put them in the gate Chapter 1437: acting Chapter 1438: Purgatory on earth