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"Activate the Wanjie Bank System."

When Chen Fan looked at the magnificent hall in front of him, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he showed ecstasy!

"I finally got a gold finger!"

He is a traveler. Daqin, who came to the eastern region of Lingyun Continent a month ago, became a domestic slave of the Chen family in Yancheng.

As a traverser, he is naturally unwilling to be ordinary, and he desperately understands the world, and even tries his best to obtain the Chen family's exercises, ready to show his ambitions and embark on a journey of cultivation against the sky.

As a result, he accidentally saw Miss Chen's family and a man, and was slapped to death by Miss Chen's family.


Very frustrated!

"I am ashamed of the traveler!"

This is Chen Fan's only thought before his death. No, he still has another thought: "If I had a system like other traversers, it would be fine."

Then, he never expected that he really got the system!

"It's just... he, I'm dead, what's the use of getting the system?"

Chen Fan yelled.

In the next instant, a lot of information about the system flooded into my mind.

"Host: Chen Fan."

"Identity: Soul repair."

"Cultivation base: the first level of cultivation of the ghost."

"Resources: two ghost puppets [click to view details], three ten thousand world tokens [click to view details], and several debt contracts [click to view details]."

Among them, the four lines of information at the top made Chen Fan's eyes shine brightly.

The ghost is an extremely rare existence in this world.

Only when a person is dead, the soul has not disappeared, and it can exist for a long time, can it be called a ghost.

There is no power in the world who can do this.

He is naturally not powerful, and being able to become a ghost is obviously a function of the system.

"Next, I only need to use the power of the system to continuously grow the Ten Thousand Realms Bank, improve the cultivation of the ghosts, and one day be able to rebirth and even reshape the flesh!"

"And now..."

"I have two ghost puppets. This is a puppet body specially made for ghost practitioners. I can enter the puppet body and walk in the world as a human again."


Chen Fan's character, not willing to be locked in the system all the time, immediately clicked to view the details of the two ghost puppets.

Immediately, two puppet models appeared in front of them.

"A male puppet and a female puppet?"

He didn't expect that there was a female puppet, and it was not the kind of stiff robot-like puppet at all. Apart from the hollow eyes, it was almost indistinguishable from a normal living person.

Just... let him enter a female puppet?

Isn't this a transformation?

It always feels weird!


"There seems to be some expectations."

Chen Fan saw this female ghost puppet with a stunning face and a fiery figure, his eyes flashed and he was eager to try.

Just do it, and his ghost immediately got into this female puppet.

I saw that this female puppet's originally hollow eyes instantly became flexible, even extremely strange, completely like a living person!

"Sure enough, it's not as good as I thought."

"I can only stay between her eyebrows!"

"Moreover, if you want to control a puppet to fight, you need a lot of spirit stones!"

After spitting out for a while, Chen Fan then entered the male ghost puppet for a try.

"Male ghost puppets have the strength of the ninth rank in the spiritual cultivation realm, and female ghost puppets have the strength of the late spiritual profound realm!"

"If you want to urge any puppet to make an all-out effort, you need a lot of spiritual stones."

"The point is, I'm just a ghost now, where can I get the spirit stone?"

Frowning his brows, Chen Fan cast his sights on the "three Ten Thousand Realms tokens" and "several debt contracts."

"This cheating system of Ten Thousand Worlds Banks sounds very powerful, but there is no money on the account! There are no resources in the treasury either!"

"If you want to get a spirit stone to motivate a puppet, you can only rely on these ten thousand world tokens and debt contracts!"

According to the information he obtained, the role of Wanjie Token is to find customers. Through Wanjie Token, customers can directly come to the trading hall of Wanjie Qianzhuang to discuss loan matters with themselves.

As for these debt contracts, it is Chen Fan's top priority!

He immediately clicked to view details:

"Golden Eye Demon Sovereign, borrow a pair of Golden Eyes from Ten Thousand Realms Bank, and return it after a thousand years. If it expires, it will pay off with his life."

"Fairy Lingmei, he borrowed a face from Ten Thousand Realms Bank, and returned it after ten thousand years, and remained a slave for life after the deadline."

"The **** of war, Lei Tian, borrowed the ten thousand years of life in the Ten Thousand Realms Bank, and will return it after one hundred thousand years. It will be returned a hundred times overdue."

Looking at the contract in his hand, Chen Fan was stunned.

"Golden Eye Demon Venerable, the famous powerhouse of the Nine Heavens, and the Nine Heavens, rare opponents!"

"A pair of golden pupils can see through everything, see through all lies, and shock the mind!"

"Unexpectedly, the golden pupil on which it became famous was actually borrowed?"

"There is also the Lingmei Fairy! She is the number one beauty in the fairy world, and she is even more superb with her charm. I don't know how many strong people are willing to worship her pomegranate skirt!"

"Unexpectedly, her face was actually borrowed!"

"So... what is her true face?"

"It's better to call a plastic surgery fairy!"

"Lei Tian, the ancient **** of war! According to legend, one of the ten powerhouses in the God Realm! Unexpectedly, he also owes the Ten Thousand Realms Bank of Ten Thousand Years of life!"

"and also"

"He's meow, all these people didn't pay it back overdue!"

"The task given to me by the system is to settle all these debts!"

Chen Fan was very excited when he thought that Fairy Lingmei might become his slave girl.

He is now the owner of the Ten Thousand Worlds Bank System, able to sign debt contracts at will, and is the creditor of countless strong men and beauties!

As long as he takes back all the things borrowed from these systems, he is definitely the strongest man in the world!

The richest man!


"It's just that my current strength is too weak, so let's find some good guys to get debts first!"

"Also, it's best to be nearby!"

Chen Fan was still very calm. He didn't get complacent. He continued to search for the debt contract, and finally found one:

"Xiao Sheng, the governor of Lingyun County, borrowed a female puppet from the Wanjie Bank to be his wife, and returned it one year later. For every year overdue, the 10-year lifespan will be charged!"

"And he is now ten years overdue!"

"In other words, Xiao Sheng owes me 100 years of life for the interest alone?!"

"In the past few years, he was just a mid-level master of the spiritual realm, but he suddenly married a wife, and then with the help of his wife, he succeeded in gaining a foothold in Lingyun County, under the command of the Qin army of one hundred thousand and awe-inspiring. "

"Envied by the world!"

"Unexpectedly, Xiao Sheng's wife is a puppet!"

"And... his wife turned out to be mine!"

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There is another secret! Chapter 426: Dealing with rogues depends on flickering Chapter 427: Light and dark intertwined, weird snow lotus Chapter 428: Fast aging, white snow double standard Chapter 429: The truth reveals that Bai Xue has fallen into the devil Chapter 430: Vigorous plunder, powerful pusher Chapter 431: The world of ice and snow, prosperous and prosperous Chapter 432: You're just a dog Chapter 433: The whole city is searched, and I feel guilty Chapter 434: The fish has bitten the bait and killed the husband Chapter 435: Jiuyang Shengding, the man is hypocritical Chapter 436: Turn the eyes into enemies, imbalance between Yin and Yang Chapter 437: Snow and ice love, one arrow pierces the heart Chapter 438: Time management, live for a thousand years Chapter 439: Urgently need talents, die with the enemy Chapter 440: Mature elder sister, heartstrings tremble Chapter 441: Grandparents love a daughter, and only love you all their lives Chapter 442: Reign of blood and blood, wiped out in one palm Chapter 443: Middleman, make the difference Chapter 444: Holding the sun and the moon and picking the stars Chapter 445: Inferior blood, half beast wolf king Chapter 446: Blame you, drag the oil bottle Chapter 447: Huangquan Road, not alone Chapter 448: I haven't been a big brother for many years Chapter 449: The power of slaying the dragon, the wolf king bows his head Chapter 450: Last owner, love series Chapter 451: only the guy drinking water knows it's cold or hot Chapter 452: The funeral was hilarious and the pubic area was abandoned Chapter 453: Green grassland Chapter 454: Sharing the same bed, the king of thieves returns Chapter 455: Sharpen the ghost, the old corpse in the mountain village Chapter 456: Flower-picking thief, single for a thousand years Chapter 457: Game in the plate, charming woman Chapter 458: Was broken and bleed to death Chapter 459: Weird stone statue, fox and charming woman Chapter 460: The ghost is gone, and the reincarnation is restarted Chapter 461: Shi can be killed, not ugly Chapter 462: The cracking method, unisex Chapter 463: Break the soul formation, enter the heavenly soul Chapter 464: Decent girl, I want Chapter 465: Breeding the son of luck, a new trading model Chapter 466: Three requirements, the deal is concluded Chapter 467: Mother debt and child repayment, additional rewards Chapter 468: Yinlingfang City, precision calculation Chapter 469: A disease, calculus Chapter 470: Retreat to advance, respect the name? Chapter 471: Those who hear it are sad, those who see it cry Chapter 472: Accounting problems, shameless Chapter 473: Merchants chase profits, contract spirit Chapter 474: Unexpected news, was a prostitute Chapter 475: Break through the shackles, the heart is higher than the sky Chapter 476: Practicing the family of sticks, all the way through Chapter 477: Horror talent, go to ghost town Chapter 478: Weird raindrops, chopsticks kill Chapter 479: Is there really a ghost? Chapter 480: Saint pattern vs. Dao pattern Chapter 481: Peak duel, kill with a knife Chapter 482: A foodie, a father in vain Chapter 483: Father as a mountain? No cause and effect Chapter 484: The image collapses and the nameless awakens Chapter 485: Life is close to the sky, return to the top Chapter 486: Dreams come true, secretly join forces Chapter 487: Learning to bark, young people are strong Chapter 488: You... are going to die! Chapter 489: The beauty is kind, and there is no fluke Chapter 490: Daigo initiation, outstanding talent Chapter 491: What a pig knife! Chapter 492: Yaozu now, call me ugly? Chapter 493: Ninth-Rank Great Demon, Condensed Blood Veins Chapter 494: Ugly and stupid, picture him Chapter 495: Rich rewards, go crazy Chapter 496: A reminder, Taolin tryst Chapter 497: Lao Wang was green, transformed into a knife Chapter 498: The original boy, now the strong Chapter 499: Arrive at Wang's house by weird means Chapter 500: An opportunity, the Wang family was destroyed Chapter 501: The body is destroyed, the ghost city flies up Chapter 502: The city in the sky, head to the demon world Chapter 503: Song Lan's thoughts, Xiaoyu enters the demon world Chapter 504: Swordsmanship, beauty smiles Chapter 505: Two women have different minds Chapter 506: Wait a while and trade again Chapter 507: Little rich woman, show off your wealth Chapter 508: Rebirth from a severed limb, serial trading Chapter 509: The rich woman joins, the **** of war bows her head Chapter 510: Cumulative rewards, bloodline variation Chapter 511: Exploded and died, concealed from the sky Chapter 512: Mother and daughter meet and enter the devil world Chapter 513: Little genius, concert Chapter 514: Hang on the hook, it wont change for a hundred years Chapter 515: Xuanwu bloodline, sacred talent Chapter 516: Big fish tank, little dolphin Chapter 517: I'm dizzy, cast sword gate Chapter 518: New transaction Chapter 519: Bored man Chapter 520: This is our site? Chapter 521: Chisato Akaji, Katsuhisa Chapter 522: Expose the trail, the flame demon Chapter 523: A ray of fire accelerates mutation Chapter 524: A wave of backstabs, mysterious pendant Chapter 525: Funny people, strange things Chapter 526: A pool of black water, trade again Chapter 527: Abundant resources, new news Chapter 528: As the owner of the house, the confidant Qiye Chapter 529: Pure and lovely, beautiful as a flower Chapter 530: Greedy person, **** me off Chapter 531: Slow as a tortoise, Shen family style Chapter 532: Gray industrial chain, fear of dominance Chapter 533: Recommended candidate, Luo Li Yewang Chapter 534: Just a sword, return to the bank Chapter 535: From Lao Na, Dharma and Golden Body Chapter 536: Illusion is useless? Creepy Chapter 537: Scourge Nemesis, the boy carrying the coffin Chapter 538: Damn your family! Chapter 539: One person, one coffin, kill the sky! Chapter 540: Seal the throat with a sword, dig the grave Chapter 541: Blood-stained green hills, ancient bronze coffin Chapter 542: Unexpected, three levels of grief Chapter 543: Resentment, the big secret Chapter 544: ? Tiger poison food? Chapter 545: Thousand-year ancient tomb, body and soul are annihilated Chapter 546: Can't argue with a hundred mouths, explain in a dream Chapter 547: Strong gentleness, into the thousand-year-old tomb Chapter 548: Yin veins appear, enter the underworld Chapter 549: Soul cultivation realm, cultivation base soaring Chapter 550: Keep in the dark, brainstorm Chapter 551: Haunted Soul, Haunted Wife Chapter 552: She is not my wife! Chapter 553: Industrious little power Chapter 554: Trap and ambush Chapter 555: Habitual death Chapter 556: Life for life, end the battle Chapter 557: Arrive at Tongtian Eighth City Chapter 558: Counsel standing behind a woman? Chapter 559: One city, one country, many floors Chapter 560: Refers to where to fight, equivalent exchange Chapter 561: Then go to hell! Chapter 562: Kudan Purple Tail, Violent Girl Chapter 563: I made a mistake again, I wont starve you to death Chapter 564: Eighteen generations of ancestors, mysterious poisonous corpses Chapter 565: Flattering, see the owner Chapter 566: Everyone has a treasure Chapter 567: The transaction is completed and the reward is credited to the account Chapter 568: Big Stomach King, Book of Merit Chapter 569: Faith will move mountains to open? Chapter 570: Fist out, empty! Chapter 571: Fist of Qi and Blood, weird ancient coffin Chapter 572: It's him, it's him, it's him! Chapter 573: City of Chaos, unlucky Chapter 574: Fate teases, strange brother and sister Chapter 575: I chopped you to feed the dog Chapter 576: The pinnacle of kendo, the savage Eucharist Chapter 577: Eyes are like a torch, clever girl Chapter 578: This owner... is extraordinary! Chapter 579: Savage Eucharist, plundering vitality Chapter 580: Brother and sister love, insist on repaying kindness Chapter 581: Brother and sister, out of danger Chapter 582: Human nature analysis, rewards arrive Chapter 583: Spirit body material, seize the sacred wood Chapter 584: Break the five-stage spirit formation, refine the **** wood Chapter 585: A big net, monitoring the world Chapter 586: Couple stall, sprinkle dog food Chapter 587: Abnormal Undead, beautiful sister Chapter 588: Trade again, i want to be rich Chapter 589: Get rich overnight, I dont know how to cherish Chapter 590: Good fortune, strong buy and sell Chapter 591: God turns, is this okay? Chapter 592: Girlfriends are more fragrant! Chapter 593: Wise move, fortune to continue? Chapter 594: The lowest in history, round and straight Chapter 595: That touch of snow... Chapter 596: Help each other and be organized Chapter 597: Promotion and salary increase, neither humble nor overbearing Chapter 598: Desperate, there is a hidden feeling in it Chapter 599: I'm too busy, a family of physicians Chapter 600: Noble physician, dedicated to studying Chapter 601: Holy Hand Medical Immortal, the Holy Land of Medical Path Chapter 602: Fell in love with someone you shouldn't love Chapter 603: Paranoid woman, infatuated man Chapter 604: Beauty A, Beauty D Chapter 605: Men become bad when they have money Chapter 606: Baozipu, give it a go Chapter 607: I am really a hardworking boss Chapter 608: Accurate calculation, perfect puppet Chapter 609: Strict hierarchy, sudden changes Chapter 610: Rebirth, Shang Yin appeared Chapter 611: Avengers League Chapter 612: Join the Beggar Gang, Zhan Lin Family Chapter 613: Fighting bloody, crazy trading Chapter 614: See you brothers, we're going to start a fight Chapter 615: Poison palm, flee Chapter 616: There is no way to protect the clan Chapter 617: Leak secrets and fight side by side Chapter 618: Just poke a few times... Chapter 619: The law of killing, blood flowed into rivers Chapter 620: Special props, chain link Chapter 621: Brothers and sisters demand debts, go into the Butterfly Sect Chapter 622: There is something strange! cosmetic? Chapter 623: Scratch your face! Chapter 624: Suffered from ambush, beyond self-control! Chapter 625: Seek flowers and ask willows, go to ancient martial arts Chapter 626: Seven Stars Gathering, Ice Ginseng King Chapter 627: Take the king? Regenerative change Chapter 628: In the water world, there are other things Chapter 629: Evil girl, the hair is terrifying! Chapter 630: Zang Linger blackened... Chapter 631: Wang Dabao's counterattack? Chapter 632: Counterattack is impossible! Chapter 633: Who said I can't counterattack? Chapter 634: The taste of getting rich, when the transaction is in progress Chapter 635: Tangs decision-making, beware of each other Chapter 636: Character problem? Very decisive Chapter 637: It's easy to make things happen out of nothing Chapter 638: Rake upside down, help the gang to abuse? Chapter 639: The genius doctor owes debts, disciplines himself and the family Chapter 640: The man has gold under his knees Chapter 641: Acupuncture, debt repayment Chapter 642: The truth, give me a chance Chapter 643: Heart has great love, selfless dedication Chapter 644: Out of the track, red apricot out of the wall Chapter 645: Fascinated Chapter 646: A group of beasts, alchemy meeting Chapter 647: Big waves scouring the sand, cheating for favoritism Chapter 648: Resignation, cruel game system Chapter 649: Real skill, good person card Chapter 650: Beautiful as an immortal, the flowers are eclipsed Chapter 651: All show their magical powers, without shame Chapter 652: Treasure girl, start the killing Chapter 653: Prestigious and famous, the sword mingled in the wild Chapter 654: Tit for tat, Dan Meng Yang Mou Chapter 655: Peak showdown! This is the final? Chapter 656: It's a matter of course to beat Yu Yang by a narrow margin Chapter 657: Drilling a dog hole? Mu Feng is dead! Chapter 658: Dan Meng suspects, Chu Chu is pitiful Chapter 659: Blood waves are overwhelming, domineering and unparalleled Chapter 660: The beggar gang speaks, struggling Chapter 661: Lin family's attitude, game with each other Chapter 662: Countless things in one fell swoop, the dog jumped the wall Chapter 663: Its hard to protect yourself Chapter 664: Pawn, do stupid things Chapter 665: Jiang Rongyu's...beautiful! Chapter 666: The most beautiful fish, leave Dan League Chapter 667: The Dan Leagues plans are full of difficulties Chapter 668: Black Flame Demon Ape, One Word Sword Jue Chapter 669: The magic ape breaks through, is not good at words Chapter 670: The old nest is empty and suddenly opened Chapter 671: Nine-tailed celestial fox, all over the country Chapter 672: Heroes save beauty, we all know Chapter 673: Infatuated man, love of shemales? Chapter 674: A fox sister fell from the sky! Chapter 675: Mission acceleration, charm Chapter 676: Sword rain all over the sky, struggle together Chapter 677: Welcome to join, the animal world situation Chapter 678: Rare in a hundred years, horrible beast tide Chapter 679: Scarce resources, ready for a thousand years Chapter 680: One hundred thousand years of life, no complaints and no regrets Chapter 681: Dead bodies everywhere, the encirclement and suppression began Chapter 682: It's hard to move, the way to crack Chapter 683: Have a spine and arrogant death! Chapter 684: Borrow a knife to kill people, shoot them into mash Chapter 685: I hurt myself, you guys figure it out! Chapter 686: Wraith poison, kill three people! Chapter 687: This madman, this monster Chapter 688: No need to worry about it Chapter 689: Brothers cannibalized, I had already expected Chapter 690: Prodigal stuff, a grand event in the city of stars! Chapter 691: Domineering and unparalleled, fist is overwhelming Chapter 692: Heaven will destroy you, how can you live? Chapter 693: Pierce this day! Tiger shape bone training! Chapter 694: That's so handsome! Acquaintance transaction! Chapter 695: There is really a mine in the house, and it is a professional householder! Chapter 696: It should come, it will always come! Chapter 697: Make a lot of money, predict the future Chapter 698: A wild dog, full of malice Chapter 699: Six animals are uneasy, and luck is full? Chapter 700: A big fish, rules of the game Chapter 701: Victory in one battle, loopholes in the rules Chapter 702: Stand upright and save the common people? Chapter 703: Xiaoqing upgrades, people are not as good as dogs Chapter 704: One sword, the world! Chapter 705: ? Tengu! Chapter 706: Older gingers are more spicy! Chapter 707: Pig-shaped fist, Zhu Cuihua Chapter 708: Brutal collision, meat bomb attack! Chapter 709: Generous rewards, make me mentality Chapter 710: Chen Fan is anxious, changing his fate against the sky? Chapter 711: God of War's Wish, the City of Flames Chapter 712: They are preventing me from reading Su Qingyu! Chapter 713: To cross the sea with a concealment, to make a shocking guess Chapter 714: Crooked door, intelligence broker Chapter 715: The truth, in the magic pool Chapter 716: Reshaping the devil, the myth of the past Chapter 717: Face like a crown jade, out of place? Chapter 718: Ghastly, unpredictable Chapter 719: Half-human and half-devil, human nature and demon nature Chapter 720: Selling sacred symbols, invites from the night family Chapter 721: Zhongli is dead, the game is in the game Chapter 722: Unpredictable situation, behind the scenes Chapter 723: Human face and animal heart, who is lying? Chapter 724: Tool man, breakthrough Chapter 725: Mid-game mid-game Chapter 726: The strong in the night, the famous flame Chapter 727: Like a mad dog, just a waste Chapter 728: Peerless genius, confrontation between humans and demons Chapter 729: Su Qing speaks dangerously, trades madly Chapter 730: The battle for places, enter the trial tower Chapter 731: The difference between genius and evildoer Chapter 732: Me, this is the day! Chapter 733: Disappointed little girl! Chapter 734: A little girl who loves to learn! Chapter 735: Weird Trial Tower Chapter 736: The eye of formation is rare in the world! Chapter 737: Special ability, never give up Chapter 738: Show numb scalp Chapter 739: Entering the Nine Heavens, a newcomer to waste Chapter 740: Forced to form a team and get a preliminary understanding Chapter 741: The city is broken, the bloodthirsty slaughter Chapter 742: Fate is like a straw, and escapes Chapter 743: Big deal everyone will die together! Chapter 744: The darkness of human nature, the real purpose Chapter 745: A weapon of God's weapon, a humble man! Chapter 746: Dark Feather Demon, a conspiracy Chapter 747: Ye Wuji's plan! Chapter 748: Three questions from Lengs family for a transaction Chapter 749: The strategy of an amazing weapon, the Patriarch think twice! Chapter 750: Bargain, deal reached Chapter 751: The abyss of flames, cruel and merciless Chapter 752: The night home is destroyed? Clear memory Chapter 753: Mother and daughter meet, stupid and amnesia Chapter 754: Recast the flesh, immortal forever Chapter 755: Flame Abyss? Flame Demon Abyss! Chapter 756: The devils heart is hot, the owner makes a move Chapter 757: Stealing chickens will not eclipse rice! Chapter 758: Memories of Su Qingyu Chapter 759: First to last, flattering kung fu Chapter 760: Man, long snacks! Chapter 761: Both fame and wealth, eloquent Chapter 762: It's an idiot to have money and not make money Chapter 763: Competing with each other, running around and busy Chapter 764: In Ten Thousand Realms City, Prince Charming Chapter 765: Dog bites Lu Dongbing, does not know good people Chapter 766: Who said that animals have no love? Chapter 767: How to deal with it? A chance encounter with Lin Xiao! Chapter 768: Benevolence is the best, the donkey has hidden diseases! Chapter 769: Rules are greater than the sky! Chapter 770: Break in alone and kill Chapter 771: The Holy Body shows its power, singles out the strong Chapter 772: Suppress one case, know people with insight Chapter 773: I have ten Tianjiao sisters Chapter 774: Whatever you say, entertain the dead? Chapter 775: I never raise waste! Chapter 776: Sister Tianjiao played! Chapter 777: My sister is very strong, the ancient coffin shows off Chapter 778: Sprinkle the weather, the fragrance will eliminate the jade Chapter 779: Organ City, Green Hat King Chapter 780: I can show you the derailment rate Chapter 781: It's strange to choose a wife publicly Chapter 782: What kind of style is a special hobby? Chapter 783: Why do you want to marry me? Chapter 784: Reverse black and white, the best way Chapter 785: The future lady, when the cheating is going on Chapter 786: Three thousand weak water, only take one scoop Chapter 787: The dark scene is revealed, behind the scenes Chapter 788: Chen Fan's derailment rate Chapter 789: A chaste woman, I would rather die than follow Chapter 790: Organ giant ants, pear flowers bring rain Chapter 791: What can I do to expose it face-to-face? Chapter 792: The mysterious disappearance of the Devil! Chapter 793: Human slave escaped from prison, Zhou Yunfeng found Chapter 794: No one can run away! Chapter 795: Will kill Su Qingyu! Chapter 796: Trivial matters in the village, liars demand debts Chapter 797: Shocking scam, big profit Chapter 798: Ingeniously demanding debts, liar acting Chapter 799: Tripartite negotiations, peak acting Chapter 800: Mission completed, all fake Chapter 801: Mutual benefit and win-win, promotion and salary increase Chapter 802: False messenger? Impersonating an apprentice? Chapter 803: Crisis of trust, temporary cooperation! Chapter 804: Who is the master and the deputy, the night family plans Chapter 805: Poison Pill strikes, Flame Phoenix Chapter 806: Good granddaughter, a sea of flames Chapter 807: Jump down like an ice cave Chapter 808: Flame vortex, kill Yeshang Chapter 809: An accident happened and Leng Yue was arrested Chapter 810: Su Qingyu's Choice Chapter 811: My heart hurts, go round and round Chapter 812: Out of the sky, torture a confession Chapter 813: Insufficient resources, longevity to make up Chapter 814: Feeling like first love Chapter 815: Trident, triumphant smile Chapter 816: Good for women, master of the temple of the god Chapter 817: I didn't think too much about it. Chapter 818: Beauty's personal master Chapter 819: Be jealous, I will let you go! Chapter 820: Sentimental state, a raccoon dog Chapter 821: The **** beauty, the soul-killing sword comes out Chapter 822: Let you three tricks to kill the soul mother-in-law Chapter 823: Beauties, perform tasks Chapter 824: Bamboo Forest Sword Array, fighting against Nangong County Chapter 825: Zhuhaitaotao, liver and gallbladder cracked Chapter 826: Patriarchal, a scent Chapter 827: Killed all, accident happened Chapter 828: Turn your body into a sword, you can cut the sun and the moon Chapter 829: Soul Locking Orb, people are not dead Chapter 830: Seven stacks of swords, together Chapter 831: Sister-in-law's mind Chapter 832: Father and daughter meet, violent black poison Chapter 833: Poisoned and died, figured out everything Chapter 834: Maternal love is great Chapter 835: Soul flies away, mysterious mother-in-law Chapter 836: No bones left, lonely Chapter 837: Someone is embezzled, the Xingtang enforces the law Chapter 838: Beautiful sister, leave the underworld Chapter 839: Inquire about the news, there is a clue Chapter 840: Miss Jia Jia, arrogant slave Chapter 841: Bullying outsiders Chapter 842: The hero is sad...Beauty level! Chapter 843: The heart is vicious, the beauty is trapped Chapter 844: The truth, humble like a dog Chapter 845: Lady Jia, trembling and cold Chapter 846: Regret too much, fake account book Chapter 847: Xingtang punishment will never be useful Chapter 848: No rules no standards Chapter 849: As for the child... Chapter 850: Want to go wrong? Blame Zhao Cheng! Chapter 851: A wealthy son-in-law, be a waste of money Chapter 852: Wash your feet and slap Chapter 853: Both are abandoned son-in-law, do it on their own? Chapter 854: Suddenly lost, mentally deformed Chapter 855: Green and green on his head, is this tolerable? Chapter 856: Trade again, merge talent Chapter 857: Change your face quickly, cold and proud of the **** of war Chapter 858: Crazy face, kill all Chapter 859: Professional face slap for a hundred years Chapter 860: Su Qingyu's stubbornness Chapter 861: Cruel Zhou Yunfeng Chapter 862: Beautiful Jiangrong Fish Chapter 863: Charm, then enter the Dan League Chapter 864: Quietly, rampant through the Dan League Chapter 865: Blood Demon Pill, Refining Array Chapter 866: Where is Zao Wou-ki? Chapter 867: No see Jiang Rong fish Chapter 868: Hello girl, be my plaything! Chapter 869: Ten Thousand Worlds Bank? Unable to help themselves! Chapter 870: Qi Yes subordinates, make great contributions Chapter 871: Invisible pressure, looking for Bodhi Chapter 872: Fighting bravely, save my wife Chapter 873: Sanwen Resurrection Pill, important news! Chapter 874: Bodhi news, rush to Longyun Island! Chapter 875: One-eyed captain, about to mature Chapter 876: Arrange the means, get angry Chapter 877: Generous owner Chapter 878: A punch breaks the battle, and the peach blossom is here? Chapter 879: Talented people come out in large numbers, shaking the world Chapter 880: Forcibly take ten thousand magic beads, break ten thousand magic with one force Chapter 881: Sense of belonging, new task Chapter 882: See no evil, hear no evil Chapter 883: The wolf strikes, the dark elf Chapter 884: Three stars, superb archery Chapter 885: Dungeon, a dead man Chapter 886: Mutilated Gods and Demons Chapter 887: Colosseum, life and death Chapter 888: Killing, Quotient Shots Chapter 889: Both ends of the first mouse, tell a story Chapter 890: Lin Mansion matters, prestige is growing Chapter 891: A cool-hearted, pedantic person Chapter 892: Use the body as a bait to kill Chapter 893: Two-way passage, demons invaded Chapter 894: Opinions are divided Chapter 895: Divine abacus calculation, murderous Chapter 896: Catch the thieves first Chapter 897: Go to Jiuzhongtian Chapter 898: Metaplasia pond Chapter 899: Intrigue, Lu meets Shadow Demon Chapter 900: The darling of the world, the flurry of demons Chapter 901: Nine spirit shields, mentality exploded Chapter 902: Chen Fan's intensive phobia Chapter 903: Demon Invasion Chapter 904: Blood Sacrifice Great Array, Capture the Bodhi Child Chapter 905: Chen Fan shot again, shattering the universe with one palm Chapter 906: The battle between humans and monsters, delicious and fun Chapter 907: Group transactions, return to the human world Chapter 908: Who's next turn? Chapter 909: Under the reward, there must be a brave man! Chapter 910: The death of Zang Batian Chapter 911: Guess who I am? Chapter 912: Chen Fan was furious and took action Chapter 913: Killing is on, like crazy Chapter 914: Enter the demon world, be alone? Chapter 915: Collusion with the demons deserves death Chapter 916: Army attack Chapter 917: Zhaocheng Receipt Chapter 918: Learning to bark, entrance fee Chapter 919: Things revealed Chapter 920: kill! kill! kill! Chapter 921: If there is an afterlife... Chapter 922: Countdown! Chapter 923: The Predicament of Su Qingyu Chapter 924: Encircle Su Qingyu! Chapter 925: Within a few minutes, people are the enemy of the country Chapter 926: Sacred lotus in flames, raging Chapter 927: Three Tribulations Demon Lord, Su Qing speaks dangerously Chapter 928: The demonized Su Qingyu! Chapter 929: Bodhi is mature, chase Zhou Yunfeng Chapter 930: One palm, one world Chapter 931: It's a matter of the devil world Chapter 932: Shocking the world, soaring popularity Chapter 933: Fragmented rules, split personality? Chapter 934: Emergency meeting, preparations Chapter 935: Entering the Nine Heavens, Jade Brand induction Chapter 936: The elf queen, supreme Chapter 937: Unparalleled temperament, three women contend for glory Chapter 938: Lengyue was rescued, the blood shield of all insects Chapter 939: The queen blew herself up, an ancient sacrifice Chapter 940: Wanjie Bank, reset successfully! Chapter 941: The power of the Seven Lords Chapter 942: Hunting week action, how to deal with it Chapter 943: Zhou's filial son, the force of nature Chapter 944: Traces exposed, brothers and sisters choose Chapter 945: The news is true or false? Nine Heavens Profound Thunder! Chapter 946: Looking for a needle in a haystack, rushing to reincarnate? Chapter 947: Stun the snake and continue to abscond Chapter 948: Bloody battle against Zhou's family, fighting spirit up to the sky Chapter 949: The clue is broken? Empress shot Chapter 950: Infinite vitality, seven stars in a row Chapter 951: Deadly arrow, mother and child infighting Chapter 952: The situation is transient, with one enemy Chapter 953: Overbearing queen, death will kill you! Chapter 954: The queen is dead? Into the bank! Chapter 955: To capture Zhou Yunfeng, heaven is unfair! Chapter 956: Punish Zhou Yunfeng, everyone has a share Chapter 957: Life is better than death, tortured Chapter 958: I cried, the nightmare Chapter 959: Pain does not want to live, Dabao enters a dream Chapter 960: Broken dreams, no sadness or joy Chapter 961: Seven Lords Negotiation, Nine Heavens Xuan Lei Chapter 962: Deeds of the last owner Chapter 963: What is a system? no value! Chapter 964: Nine Heavens Profound Thunder, the power of heaven Chapter 965: When the thunder is angry, the landscape changes! Chapter 966: Guard against arrogance and rashness, declare war publicly Chapter 967: One punch and one sword, one rot Chapter 968: One of the four beauties of Wanjie Bank! Chapter 969: Yan Ruyu's troubles Chapter 970: Nine ghosts formation, nine ghosts palm Chapter 971: Qi Ye's actions Chapter 972: Can't raise interest in swords Chapter 973: Diligent owner, you forced me! Chapter 974: Turn Nine Resurrection Mushroom! Chapter 975: Help the owner! Chapter 976: By mistake, I have a token Chapter 977: Chapter 978: Funny than youth Chapter 979: Qi Jue Gu Chapter 980: Coerce card, second disease Chapter 981: Your heart is upset Chapter 982: The horror of Qijue Gu Chapter 983: Love Chapter 984: Heart Gu, kill all! Chapter 985: Master Tiangu, save Grandpa Chapter 986: Nine Heavens Profound Thunder News Chapter 987: Piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, the four great families Chapter 988: Landscape Chess Game Chapter 989: Enterers and catastrophes! Chapter 990: The person in the picture, the spoiler! Chapter 991: Chen Fan took the initiative Chapter 992: One punch, invincible Chapter 993: Your life is my responsibility! Chapter 994: Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, the sound of the heavenly harp plays! Chapter 995: Mantra, Heavenly Sacred Pen Chapter 996: Tianyinqin, Pirate Shichen Chapter 997: Don't laugh at the painting inscribed on the poem Chapter 998: The narcissistic old man, the enemy of the enemy Chapter 999: Welcome! Back to youth! Chapter 1000: The most irritating genius, there is no one! Chapter 1001: Three sentences for you Chapter 1002: I really don't want to break through Chapter 1003: Forced to break through, understaffed! Chapter 1004: Normal woman, effective female secret! Chapter 1005: Empty burial? transaction! Chapter 1006: Be safe in the earth, kill the light and shadow guard! Chapter 1007: Nine double shadows clone! Chapter 1008: Shouldn't men be fast? Chapter 1009: Dissatisfied! Chapter 1010: Singles! Chapter 1011: Men are big trotter Chapter 1012: News from Jiang Rongyu Chapter 1013: Master Refiner, Ancient Fierce Beast Chapter 1014: Extinction! Chapter 1015: If it comes, then fight! Chapter 1016: Colorful Xia Yi, a hundred birds face the phoenix Chapter 1017: Nine Yin transforms into a dragon, and the soul is scattered! Chapter 1018: One person, one carving, withered wood cliff top! Chapter 1019: Holding smelly feet, Shadow Demon! Chapter 1020: Double palms of ice and fire! Chapter 1021: Spiritual power of ice, spiritual power of fire Chapter 1022: Yang Yan misunderstood, fight Gu Xiaochuan! Chapter 1023: Is there a shortage of people in Wanjie Bank? Chapter 1024: Neither humble nor overbearing, a mysterious soul! Chapter 1025: My husband is a general who always wins Chapter 1026: Dragon Tiger Dojo, Purifying Curse Chapter 1027: Turned out to be a big brother! Chapter 1028: Maoshan Dojo, preaching Chapter 1029: Take the initiative to repay the debt, the rules have been changed Chapter 1030: Old man in the field, ancient bull Chapter 1031: Wealthy cattle, squeeze you dry! Chapter 1032: Versailles cattle, how can it be! Chapter 1033: Message Card Chapter 1034: Underground Crystal City Chapter 1035: Social flower! Chapter 1036: Delicious, two water gates Chapter 1037: Vice-City Lord Yin, special hobby Chapter 1038: Not as good as a beast, chop it into mashed meat! Chapter 1039: Seventh master asked me to bring a word... Chapter 1040: Soul search! Chapter 1041: Who is the internal response of Qi Ye? Chapter 1042: Purple Robe Shadow Guard, now! Chapter 1043: Compete with each other, the abyss of the beasts! Chapter 1044: King of all beasts, weak and boneless Chapter 1045: Male dignity, vigorous and resolute Chapter 1046: A rogue rabbit with a sword hanging above his head Chapter 1047: Really think I dare not kill you? Chapter 1048: One word swordsmanship, the realm of swordsman Chapter 1049: Kendo is the way of heaven! Chapter 1050: A pair of sword eyes, draw the sword to kill the enemy! Chapter 1051: Equal dialogue, enchanting voice Chapter 1052: Rules and transactions Chapter 1053: In one fell swoop, I'll recommend Chapter 1054: The sword of mortal dust will provoke dust Chapter 1055: Ride a donkey down, Avenue of the Saints Chapter 1056: Rui Beast Pi Xiu, the three parties work together Chapter 1057: A sword splits the road of life and death! Chapter 1058: Tianhu nine palms, different proportions Chapter 1059: Corruption found, severely punished Chapter 1060: Courageous enough, no one is afraid! Chapter 1061: clue! Chapter 1062: Really a good method! Chapter 1063: The misfortune comes from the mouth, the truth is Chapter 1064: Repeat offenses must be punished Chapter 1065: It's not a pity to die, poor man Chapter 1066: Good luck, come here to apologize! Chapter 1067: Punish Zhao Ziran, the scumbag thinks Chapter 1068: When youth is not there, ten thousand families give birth to Buddha Chapter 1069: One finger, one palm! Chapter 1070: Buddhas and demons could have been a family! Chapter 1071: The little dolphin appears, the great destruction of souls Chapter 1072: Plan for a long time, thunder strike Chapter 1073: The death of mosasaur, the essence of flesh and blood Chapter 1074: Dark Arrow, Sacred Dolphin Vortex Chapter 1075: The fierce battle is in full swing, come to help Chapter 1076: The arrow shoots the thunder, one arrow after another Chapter 1077: Reigning over the world, personally collect debts Chapter 1078: Opportunity is coming, the Queen's deal Chapter 1079: The breath of the sea, I will work hard! Chapter 1080: Discipline the children, the green shadow snake clan Chapter 1081: Maximize the benefits Chapter 1082: [Transfiguration Card], True Spirit Mirror Chapter 1083: Cold-blooded killer, meet Jiang Rongyu Chapter 1084: The fire is here, new discoveries Chapter 1085: Immature Jiang Rongyu, single Chen with low EQ Chapter 1086: Race against time, lonely in an instant Chapter 1087: Acting explodes, all by flicker Chapter 1088: Hide attributes, be careful Chapter 1089: Win-win cooperation, perfect cooperation Chapter 1090: Trade again, domineering longbow Chapter 1091: The arrow of the law, slaughter all beings Chapter 1092: Destroy the dead, both offense and defense! Chapter 1093: Kill through the triple heavens! Chapter 1094: Immortal talent, unique Chapter 1095: The sword of all laws, the true power of the strong sun Chapter 1096: Successive transactions, survivors are in danger Chapter 1097: The harvest is extremely rich Chapter 1098: Big niece is terrible Chapter 1099: Candidates for the dealership, be honest Chapter 1100: Don't mess with honest cows Chapter 1101: Counsel people to ask for debts, be ingenious Chapter 1102: Sao operation, don't you make a move? Chapter 1103: It's not that others are weak, but you are too strong! Chapter 1104: Free thugs, the candidate is determined Chapter 1105: Old cattle farming, weird space Chapter 1106: Void Wind Blade, the betrayer dies Chapter 1107: Full of sincerity, amazing words Chapter 1108: System loopholes, happy cooperation Chapter 1109: Purple Razer in Flame City Chapter 1110: Jiu Tian Xuan Lei is listening to the book? Chapter 1111: A glance at the world Chapter 1112: It's so handsome to reshape the body! Chapter 1113: Soaring strength! Chapter 1114: Heart is bleeding, terrifying force Chapter 1115: Yan Ruyu's guess Chapter 1116: Toiled Chen Mi Chapter 1117: News from Tiandixuan Lingzhi Chapter 1118: Forest of Firewood, Sister Gu Chapter 1119: Sword of Ten Thousand Laws, request to go to war! Chapter 1120: Kill the ghosts and enter the tomb of fire! Chapter 1121: Mysterious passage, rule suppression Chapter 1122: Invisible Sword Formation, Level 5 Killing Formation Chapter 1123: Wandering in the courtyard, the gap is very big Chapter 1124: Flame tomb beast, unrecognizable Chapter 1125: Beautiful eyes with tears, scary flesh Chapter 1126: Elder Ghost Sect, Strong Gu Chapter 1127: Explode punches and enter the main tomb Chapter 1128: The coffin blossoms, a powerful forbidden technique Chapter 1129: The fire coffin was opened, ten thousand years of fire corpse! Chapter 1130: The hair is horrified, with one enemy Chapter 1131: Be my wife, disgusting stuff Chapter 1132: Everything can be done, human-shaped freak Chapter 1133: The degree of integration rises, and the strength skyrocketed Chapter 1134: Chen Fan breaks through, who dares not accept it? Chapter 1135: Senior, you are too greedy Chapter 1136: You have a thick skin, let your ancestors go! Chapter 1137: Where are the men from Ten Thousand Worlds Bank? Chapter 1138: Psychic charm, three-tailed demon fox Chapter 1139: Unbreakable, substitutes Chapter 1140: Some obsession, modify memory Chapter 1141: The love road is bumpy, provide news Chapter 1142: Fire Spirit Mountain Range, in Tongtian Church Chapter 1143: why? What a coincidence? Chapter 1144: Calamity Chen Fan? Let's go together Chapter 1145: It's like a paper paste Chapter 1146: Gao Lengfan, lovely fan Chapter 1147: It turns out he...so strong! Chapter 1148: I just want to collect debts quietly Chapter 1149: Evolution from the flame Chapter 1150: Horror talent, bad attitude Chapter 1151: Each step back, this is the reserve price! Chapter 1152: Crazy killing, rapid evolution Chapter 1153: The blazing dragon, the **** of fire comes to the world! Chapter 1154: The tiger king arrives, swallowing thunder Chapter 1155: Die together, take advantage of the fire and rob Chapter 1156: Recover Fire Nine, Chen Fan suggested Chapter 1157: Thousands of fire spirits, sea of flames Chapter 1158: Soaring strength, see Su Qingyu Chapter 1159: Will live up to your expectations Chapter 1160: Tiger King is here, no personal affairs Chapter 1161: Step on the flames, ready to move Chapter 1162: Inside the fire cave, the war broke out Chapter 1163: Fire Spirit Army Chapter 1164: Wang Dabao goes beyond the rules Chapter 1165: apprentice! problem! Chapter 1166: True and false Wang Dabao Chapter 1167: Wang Dabao has a guilty conscience? Chapter 1168: Transformation Array Chapter 1169: Those who ruin the reputation of Ten Thousand Worlds Bank, die! Chapter 1170: So good-looking, and so powerful Chapter 1171: Idiot owner, involving shadow guards Chapter 1172: Information hall established Chapter 1173: Destroy the soul and die, weigh the pros and cons Chapter 1174: The second housekeeper has come to my uncle Chapter 1175: Deputy Owner of Wanjie Bank Chapter 1176: Large-scale encirclement and suppression of shadow guards Chapter 1177: The reality is the fictitious, the fictitious is the real Chapter 1178: Dan's lips and white teeth are as beautiful as Guizhang Chapter 1179: Immortal talent, breakthroughs one after another Chapter 1180: Jiang Rongyu's actions Chapter 1181: Planning step by step, the fairy product is in the middle and lower Chapter 1182: Jiang Rongyu, I can protect myself Chapter 1183: Hormones are inversely proportional to IQ Chapter 1184: Everybody is right, the identity is exposed Chapter 1185: Love each other with confidence Chapter 1186: You'd better cooperate obediently Chapter 1187: To conquer the sky is a complete strategy Chapter 1188: Encircle Su Qingyu? Chapter 1189: Neither male nor female, women playing with fire Chapter 1190: Flame battle formation, sunflower nine swords Chapter 1191: Strike the East with one sword, strike with all your strength Chapter 1192: Get nothing, sweep all the way Chapter 1193: Sacred Lotus of Chaos, Ancient Battlefield Chapter 1194: Yan Ruyu's Memory Recovery Chapter 1195: Hot girl, this bitch Chapter 1196: This is my cousin, this is my cousin Chapter 1197: Regardless of life or death, male compatriots Chapter 1198: Safe and unreliable Chapter 1199: Sudden change, beautiful legs Chapter 1200: The beautiful woman has hatred and is on the verge of death Chapter 1201: You don't even have a chance to be a ghost Chapter 1202: Opportunity for revenge, everything to me Chapter 1203: I will let you die slowly Chapter 1204: Abandoned, You Feng Er Chapter 1205: Wang Dabao wants to ask for leave Chapter 1206: All members enter! Chapter 1207: I do not know you! Chapter 1208: My pains, I don't know what is good or bad! Chapter 1209: Injury for life, killing starts Chapter 1210: With the Phantom, kill Ye Zilan Chapter 1211: Killing Feast Chapter 1212: Each by his ability, one sword to seal his throat Chapter 1213: The site of the blood sect, the domineering brother Fan Chapter 1214: All parties gather, hunt and kill Chapter 1215: The lingering soul, fear torment Chapter 1216: Keep hunting, people are separated Chapter 1217: Su Qingyu, bewildered by beauty Chapter 1218: Xiao family children, you can kill them Chapter 1219: Xiao Family Tracking, Son-Mother Ding Xian Chapter 1220: Successive breakthroughs, great value Chapter 1221: Soaring strength, exactly the same Chapter 1222: Hit one's own person Chapter 1223: Let's play together! Chapter 1224: Desperate, the last three Chapter 1225: The world is a lesson, you frame me! Chapter 1226: How to make atonement? I want to marry you! Chapter 1227: Exchange fate for fate, calculate each other Chapter 1228: Insignificant old man, repay a thousand times! Chapter 1229: Above the nine heavens, the appearance of a fairy Chapter 1230: One enemy three, can't bear to blaspheme Chapter 1231: Easy anti-kill, blood sect secret technique Chapter 1232: That's it? Chapter 1233: Blood Butcher, Bahuang Fist Chapter 1234: Delicious blood, two spirit bodies Chapter 1235: Duel card! Chapter 1236: Go alone, delay time Chapter 1237: Not as good as Wang Dabao Chapter 1238: The side effects are... Chapter 1239: Confinement room, tied with fairy rope Chapter 1240: It's going to die! Help me untie! Chapter 1241: Help! arrival! Chapter 1242: On top of Chen Fan, there is no owner Chapter 1243: Fight against the blood sect alone, make every effort Chapter 1244: Poison Spirit Body, Dispersion Ring Chapter 1245: Chaos Sacred Lotus, a breakthrough on the spot Chapter 1246: The sword of the sky, ask the sky to borrow the sword Chapter 1247: Kendo reaches the sky, heartily Chapter 1248: The old man takes action, the situation changes Chapter 1249: One force broke the ten thousand laws, you didn't use all your strength? Chapter 1250: Give you a chance, worship me as a teacher Chapter 1251: Nine Suns Soul Refining Array Chapter 1252: Filial piety, exquisite jade Chapter 1253: The two sides are fighting each other Chapter 1254: Beat the young master, with a good demeanor Chapter 1255: Follow Thai women and meet acquaintances Chapter 1256: The flood washed the Dragon King Temple Chapter 1257: The prodigal son strikes up a conversation, how to deal with it? Chapter 1258: Wretched man Chapter 1259: About to be exposed Chapter 1260: Jiang Rongyu under house arrest Chapter 1261: Won't gamble, the solution Chapter 1262: Miao Dao was found Chapter 1263: capture Chapter 1264: We are true love Chapter 1265: No. 7 remains, save Jiang Rongyu Chapter 1266: Guard the ore veins, krypton gold players Chapter 1267: A sword dominates, all the saints retreat! Chapter 1268: One sword across the world, alone for nine days! Chapter 1269: Both breakthroughs Chapter 1270: The owner was abducted? Chapter 1271: The beauty is sad and irritated Chapter 1272: Who bullied Jiang Rongyu? Chapter 1273: Help you massage and lie down Chapter 1274: Favored by others, chance for the demons Chapter 1275: Holy species Chapter 1276: Guilty Chapter 1277: All kneel down Chapter 1278: Fist to the flesh, blood is boiling Chapter 1279: The bear dominates the world, the sword gas turns the blade Chapter 1280: Teamed up against the enemy, was beaten and cried Chapter 1281: Seven-Rank Formation, Venerable Realm Chapter 1282: Nine Heavens Goddess, meet the demon again Chapter 1283: Psychokinesis Hualong Chapter 1284: Slaying the dragon and destroying the sovereign, fighting the stars Chapter 1285: Get into battle, it's dangerous! Chapter 1286: Sword Qi is a million li Chapter 1287: Invincible Sword Domain Chapter 1288: Star Demon Array, Double Demon Appears Chapter 1289: Strange text, dont have a hole in the sky Chapter 1290: A drop of blood, the magic feather is in the sky Chapter 1291: Jian Zhenqi, want to be beautiful! Chapter 1292: Magical recovery, five-color magic lotus Chapter 1293: Your beauty should be seen by the world Chapter 1294: Beautiful mood, Chen Fan has a big heart Chapter 1295: Ruins No. 5, Wu Yao comes to the world Chapter 1296: Stone of life, peak combat power Chapter 1297: Zerg Siege Chapter 1298: Flee in a fiasco Chapter 1299: Heavy casualties Chapter 1300: Suffocating, struck again Chapter 1301: Scary Shadow Worm, two more dead Chapter 1302: Want to be a fisherman, attract a shadow guard Chapter 1303: The queen died? Ten directions magic arrow! Chapter 1304: Army of Iron Beetles Chapter 1305: Armored battle, behind the scenes Chapter 1306: Fission Chapter 1307: Suddenly rising, the situation is critical Chapter 1308: The strong in the deadly world, delaying time Chapter 1309: Crazy hammer Chapter 1310: Do business, pay for life Chapter 1311: The cultural level is too different Chapter 1312: The powerful trio until a certain moment... Chapter 1313: Inferior means, misunderstood again Chapter 1314: The spirit of the evil spirit, the physique Chapter 1315: Beauty is above all else Chapter 1316: The power of soul-breaking, Chen Fan shot Chapter 1317: Lead the way Chapter 1318: Guishoumen, Mojiazhuang Chapter 1319: Tianzi first-class killer Chapter 1320: Take one enemy to seven, cut one person first Chapter 1321: Jianyu nine days, blazing mad sword! Chapter 1322: Produced by Liu Xinran, it must be the best! Chapter 1323: Refining the heart, you are upset Chapter 1324: Wind thunder knife, wind thunder sound Chapter 1325: Twelve Wind and Thunder Chapter 1326: You deserve it, Jiang Rongyu! Chapter 1327: The heart of the protector, the master is useless Chapter 1328: The second sacred lotus of Chaos is in hand Chapter 1329: Five to five card Chapter 1330: Poor life experience, Ninth-Rank Ren Zun! Chapter 1331: The effect is remarkable! Revenge! Chapter 1332: Ten directions divine bow! Chapter 1333: Chen Fan is in debt Chapter 1334: Salvation Chapter 1335: I want to kill, lovely owner Chapter 1336: Shadow Guard's actions Chapter 1337: Countermeasure Chapter 1338: Endlessly die, praying man arm as a car Chapter 1339: I really don't pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger Chapter 1340: Chaos Chapter 1341: Devour the sky Chapter 1342: Fight side by side, cooperate with each other Chapter 1343: Are you a pig teammate? Chapter 1344: I will let you swallow enough! Chapter 1345: Perfect control of two temperaments Chapter 1346: Five women gathered in Wanjie Bank Chapter 1347: Jiang Rongyu's refusal Chapter 1348: Cousin and cousin Chapter 1349: Chaotic halberd, chaotic slash Chapter 1350: Where do you want to film? Chapter 1351: A windfall, another breakthrough Chapter 1352: Everyone is separated and famous in the world Chapter 1353: System upgrade, living space Chapter 1354: Qianzhuang team building, test Xiaoyu Chapter 1355: Break into the shadow guard Chapter 1356: Reset the Ten Thousand Worlds Bank, the four great sage candidates Chapter 1357: Virtue is not coordinating, personally appointed Chapter 1358: The third topic, preferential rules Chapter 1359: Open-air barbecue, sudden change Chapter 1360: Enemies of Wang Dabao Chapter 1361: Beat Wang Dabao, the mysterious martial arts stage Chapter 1362: Yan Ruyu and the previous owner Chapter 1363: One person can do it, the dog and the chicken ascend to heaven! Chapter 1364: Insatiable, who is more attractive? Chapter 1365: [Raffle card], invincible luck Chapter 1366: Do you call this good luck? Chapter 1367: Gambling hurts Chapter 1368: Weak temper, clear gambling debts Chapter 1369: regret but too late! Chapter 1370: Choose for yourself and wake up Chapter 1371: Prodigal maidens, fortune take the lead Chapter 1372: I want to be so arrogant Chapter 1373: If you dont listen to the owner, you will suffer Chapter 1374: Murder your husband, Dabao will bet again Chapter 1375: No money and kidney deficiency, deserves no woman Chapter 1376: Husband and wife are strangers Chapter 1377: Hit your sister Chapter 1378: To find another way, who misunderstands whom? Chapter 1379: Fortune CardIn use Chapter 1380: Is this luck or bad luck? Chapter 1381: Ten Thousand Worlds Token Chapter 1382: I'm throwing into the net, I have no temper Chapter 1383: I can't believe women's words Chapter 1384: Three schools of illusion, tampering with memory Chapter 1385: Just don't go, rogue strong Chapter 1386: Spiritual disciple, a promise Chapter 1387: My Wang Dabao will have today Chapter 1388: True and false when false is true Chapter 1389: Wang Xinru's Abnormality Chapter 1390: News from Yuanlingru Chapter 1391: Message of the Holy Seed Chapter 1392: Fake news is flying all over the sky Chapter 1393: Liu Xinran uses power for personal gain? Chapter 1394: Gourmet exercises, the gospel of food Chapter 1395: Eat poor landlords house, this is a foodie Chapter 1396: Elites in the food industry, use and cherish Chapter 1397: Which woman is right for me? Chapter 1398: Who has the problem anyway? Chapter 1399: Who to marry? Appetite! Chapter 1400: MagicSkill Card Chapter 1401: Get the second-level holy seed! Chapter 1402: Porcelain doll, accept her Chapter 1403: God of Cooking Marries a Wife Chapter 1404: Enemies meet, there is no cure Chapter 1405: Fate is playing with me Chapter 1406: I want it all! Chapter 1407: Unannounced visit to Wang's house, Song Ran revenge? Chapter 1408: "Habitual" Arrogance Chapter 1409: An Zhongguo's concerns Chapter 1410: Mother-daughter dialogue Chapter 1411: Cat and mouse? Chapter 1412: Wang Xuanchen Chapter 1413: Spread words from the corpse, weird things Chapter 1414: Fainted happily, thousands of people Chapter 1415: Return to Liucheng, happy to save his mother Chapter 1416: One sword, life and death! Chapter 1417: Conspiracy calculations, gladly attacked Chapter 1418: Dilemma, grumpy Xiaoqing Chapter 1419: Hard to find its trace, violent Xiaoqing Chapter 1420: You are not really kind! Chapter 1421: Thousand-faced Yama, true and false are hard to distinguish Chapter 1422: Sisters, fellow practitioners, turned into fans Chapter 1423: On the sixth day, walk with wind Chapter 1424: The one who knows me, the system too! Chapter 1425: Chen Fan retaliated and happily killed Chapter 1426: Heaven and earth are furnaces, smelting sentient beings Chapter 1427: Hells Gate, a couple Chapter 1428: Weird old man, green corpse eagle Chapter 1429: Haunting Needle, Old Prisoner Chapter 1430: Battle of Ghosts Chapter 1431: The shadow guard came to help and was scared back? Chapter 1432: Get in a dilemma again, no longer kind? Chapter 1433: The tragic life of Chen Ergou Chapter 1434: The Eucharist of Ten Thousand Swords is too unfair Chapter 1435: Chen Fan accepts disciples? Great rewards! Chapter 1436: Systematic humanity, clichd plot Chapter 1437: Fengying Nine Steps, Borrowing a Knife to Kill the Shadow Chapter 1438: All deals, king of assassins Chapter 1439: As long as the speed is fast enough, bad luck can't catch up Chapter 1440: In front of Wu Linmen, Qingfeng slaughtered Chapter 1441: Mountain warfare, another breakthrough Chapter 1442: The loss is heavy and fast Chapter 1443: Bound Spirit Bowl, a beautiful shadow Chapter 1444: Peach Blossom? Peach Blossom Tribulation? Chapter 1445: The status quo of gluttonous food, Qi Ye ordered Chapter 1446: Shadow Guard Strikes Back (Part 1) Chapter 1447: Shadow Guard Strikes Back (Part 2) Chapter 1448: Qi Ye talks to you Chapter 1449: Despicable, kill them all Chapter 1450: Rich people really know how to play Chapter 1451: Random Double Card Chapter 1452: Chen Fan's counterattack Chapter 1453: Su Qingyu and Ye Wuji Chapter 1454: Ten days later, a bumper harvest Chapter 1455: Yipinren Talisman Chapter 1456: All the big guys in the world are my apprentices Chapter 1457: Toast and not eat fine wine Chapter 1458: [Heart of the Law], speed up the process Chapter 1459: Form a party for private business? Thunder billowing Chapter 1460: Killing the chicken and the monkey, the third class shadow guard Chapter 1461: You... you are poisonous! Chapter 1462: Hidden extremely deep, purple robe shadow guard Chapter 1463: Daily counseling of scholars in white clothes Chapter 1464: Do you know how scared I was just now? Chapter 1465: Fengyin harmonica, Qingfeng tempted Chapter 1466: Congratulations to the host, talents enter the village Chapter 1467: Making number plates, when the attack is in progress Chapter 1468: Who is the cardinal? Kill traders Chapter 1469: Killed by one person, souls are scattered! Chapter 1470: Shutters, the man in the dark Chapter 1471: Unload the mill and kill the donkey, it's the shadow guard again! Chapter 1472: Wonderland on earth, pink skull Chapter 1473: Blood Demon, Blood Control Chapter 1474: Shengquan Wushuang, Wild Curse Chapter 1475: Double kill, idiot! Chapter 1476: This is hanging force, Wannianren Liu Chapter 1477: The three are fighting together Chapter 1478: Compete with strength, have a good show Chapter 1479: Upside down weeping willow Chapter 1480: The fairy mirror in the world has done a great job Chapter 1481: Generous rewards, distribution plan Chapter 1482: Common sense, Yantianzong chaos Chapter 1483: Qin Zhenglai's guidance Chapter 1484: See no evil, Xiao family trades Chapter 1485: The ancestors apologize, see bad rabbits Chapter 1486: So cute bunny Chapter 1487: Seven masters are wise, who counts who Chapter 1488: A work of art, deep and deep Chapter 1489: A good meal is not afraid of being late Chapter 1490: Single-handedly planning, Brother Simon Chapter 1491: The love man is injured, this is good Chapter 1492: Kind-hearted people will not necessarily be treated with tenderness! Chapter 1493: Ten times back, mask of hypocrisy Chapter 1494: The effect is remarkable, a group of counseling Chapter 1495: Was forced to blew himself up and arrived at Jian Tomb Chapter 1496: The second master and the second wife Chapter 1497: Coming by stepping on the sword, Sancai Jianqi Chapter 1498: What the heart understands are all sword skills Chapter 1499: Picking leaves and killing people, in January Chapter 1500: Heaven and earth a sword, terrifying savvy Chapter 1501: Revenge of the two dogs, messing with my heart? Chapter 1502: The second thing, nine unique swordsmanship Chapter 1503: Husband saves me, the sword is transformed Chapter 1504: This is Yangmou, beheading the ancestors Chapter 1505: Top evildoer, this is a lunatic Chapter 1506: Sky Fox, Nanao Sky Fox Chapter 1507: Second master, don't be dead Chapter 1508: Chen Fan finally broke through, Su Qingyu thought Chapter 1509: In Ten Thousand Demon City, the Shadow Guard was rejected Chapter 1510: Wanjie Bank and Shadow Guard teamed up? Chapter 1511: Rooted in blood, such a beautiful woman Chapter 1512: Reshape the sword body, peak combat power Chapter 1513: No taboo, so perfect Chapter 1514: Six-color sacred lotus, the strongest defense Chapter 1515: What happened to being single with strength? Chapter 1516: You are rich, you are self-willed! Chapter 1517: Women only affect me... Chapter 1518: Woman is a conciliator Chapter 1519: Wanjie Bank does not accept scum donkeys Chapter 1520: Unlimited trial period Chapter 1521: Somewhat disgusting, like a concubine Chapter 1522: Hey, just play! Chapter 1523: The battle between King Kong and the woman Chapter 1524: Heaven is like a long night Chapter 1525: This is a narcissist Chapter 1526: Sharing location, Lanluo's strategy Chapter 1527: You are lying, there are no taboos Chapter 1528: Go to hell, pretend to be a crime Chapter 1529: Give you a chance, mysterious rune Chapter 1530: Don't be ashamed, not qualified to be mad? Chapter 1531: United Fengshen Castle, are you the fortress owner? Chapter 1532: Two functions in one suit! Award Fusion Agent! Chapter 1533: Lovers again? Chen Fan's happiness! Chapter 1534: Unconventional means Chapter 1535: Chen Shuanger's plan Chapter 1536: The most difficult to accept the grace of beauty Chapter 1537: The military's mind has been chaotic, and the accident has risen sharply Chapter 1538: Fight for love? Fellow fellow! Chapter 1539: Many men are like this... Chapter 1540: A series of calculations, Qingfeng strikes Chapter 1541: Simple and effective, crazy drama Chapter 1542: Join Stargazer Peak, a rich waste Chapter 1543: The radiant grandfather and grandson Chapter 1544: Array is born from the heart, persevere Chapter 1545: I want to challenge and kill the enemy Chapter 1546: Because of small loss, passers-by ridicule Chapter 1547: I dare not write the script like that Chapter 1548: Shocking genius, star array spectrum Chapter 1549: Nine Dragon Soul Eater, never afraid of retribution! Chapter 1550: Three Flower Burial Star Array, the stars have fallen Chapter 1551: The strongest owner, Baili elder Chapter 1552: Wanjie Dating Agency Chapter 1553: Domineering goalkeeper, develop teammates Chapter 1554: Don't bully young people Chapter 1555: Are you teaching me to do things? Chapter 1556: Wang Dabao's Principles Chapter 1557: Kendo is in the world Chapter 1558: You are going in the wrong direction Chapter 1559: You have the essence and blood, don't force me Chapter 1560: Your daughter is nice Chapter 1561: Seven Lords are mighty, blood fusion Chapter 1562: Seven masters layout, pervasive Chapter 1563: Yin Lian'er News Chapter 1564: Catch the Purple Robe Shadow Guard Chapter 1565: Mysterious card, too extravagant Chapter 1566: The memory of Yingqi, the major suspect Chapter 1567: Refused to enter the Ten Thousand Worlds Bank Chapter 1568: The young eagle soars, the opportunity given Chapter 1569: The fifth-level holy seed is in hand Chapter 1570: The city of magic is too coincidental Chapter 1571: News from Su Qingyu Chapter 1572: Four holy species Chapter 1573: Companion body, stone and stone Chapter 1574: Do you think that's possible? Chapter 1575: Bone Demon, smelly mouth Chapter 1576: The magic flame is overwhelming, ten square magic array Chapter 1577: Army killings, war companions Chapter 1578: Was suppressed Chapter 1579: In the eyes of the weak, in the eyes of the strong Chapter 1580: Little city owner is in danger, break the game now Chapter 1581: Enemy strife and fall apart