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Shangxuan the moon rises early, when the moon sets, the sky will dawn.

At this time, Zhouzhuang Water Village is still immersed in the vast morning mist, and only a hazy outline of the water village can be seen.

Wan Lai is silent on the bank of the river, and the cold wind is as cold as a knife.

In a nest of crows on the top of a dead tree, the jackdaws shrank in the nest, occasionally making a cry, and the night was very noisy and harsh.

Su Chen stepped on a small bamboo raft, and his little red hands clutched a long bamboo pole, swaying in the water, sliding into the river.

On the bamboo raft behind him, there is a fishing basket made of bamboo strips, a bamboo fishing lantern, and a fishing net.

The water splashed on the raft from time to time, dampening his straw and rattan shoes, and the ice water pierced the chill soaked in muscles and bones. The cold wind blew, and his thin and thin body shivered a few times.

Su Chen is the child of a poor fisherman in Zhouzhuang.

The fishers family had a difficult life. Gusu Countys boat tax was already very heavy, coupled with the extortion from the Jianghu gangs from time to time, like two heavy boulders, pressing the Su family up and down.

Father and mother go fishing in the big lake every day, and they leave early and return late, which is only enough for a family of five to make ends meet.

Su Chen is a twelve-year-old slender boy, but he is already very mature and sensible. He wants to take advantage of the dawn, one hour before dawn, to catch fish and shrimp in the river to sell some copper to make up for the family.

When the bamboo raft reached the river, he plunged a one-foot-long bamboo pole into the mud at the bottom of the river and stopped.

Su Chen rubbed his almost stiff little hands, warming himself. He rolled up his linen sleeves, took out flint and hay from his arms, hit hard for more than ten times, and finally ignited a hay.

He hurriedly lit the bamboo tube oil lamp on the raft with hay, picked the bamboo tube oil lamp with a small stick, and placed it on the edge of the bamboo raft, close to the surface of the water.

The light of the bamboo tube oil lamp is extremely dim, but it is the only light in this quiet and dim night river.

Fish and shrimp tend to light and are easily attracted by open flames at night.

If you sprinkle a little bit of fish food such as fish grass leaves, earthworms and wormwood as bait, it will naturally attract more fish and shrimps to hunt for food.

"Lighting to lure fish" This is a small trick for fishermen to catch fish at night, and it is also Su Chen's best fishing technique.

After finishing this, Su Chen tightened his thin linen shirt, squatted on the icy bamboo raft, holding a pair of fishing nets, and patiently waiting for the fish in the river to come for food.

There are a lot of small fish and shrimps in the river, but they are not worth a few dollars.

It was transported to the Ximen Wharf Market in Gusu County to sell it. A large fishing basket full of small fish and shrimps was only exchanged for two or three pennies, which was hardly enough for the fishermen to pay for a busy day.

The valuable is the big fish weighing several kilograms.

Lou County, near Zhouzhuang Water Town, has a large lake with a depth of hundreds of miles called Dianshan Lake. The lake is full of wind and waves and is rich in giant carp.

Catch two catties of big fish, one can sell for five coins.

However, that is something that the dignitaries of county houses and restaurants often eat.

Zhouzhuangs fishermen are reluctant to eat the big fish.

is usually shipped to Gusu County and sold in exchange for copper coins to meet the county's boat tax. With a little copper money left, I changed to rice salt oil cloth, barely supporting the livelihood of the whole family.

In addition, there are three extremely rare treasures in the big lake, "Silverback saury, alabaster, and red-tailed prawn".

Thinking of these three rare fish, Su Chen became enthusiastic.

A rare silver saury weighing only half a catty, sold to the largest restaurant in Gusu County, Tianying Inn, can sell for a staggering five hundred coins, almost worth the fishermen salvaging a whole boat The fish is also valuable.

Su Chen often went to the Tianying Inn in the county seat with fishermen to sell fish, and met A Chou, a young man who worked in Tianying Inn. After going there, the two teenagers became good brothers who talked about everything, so they are familiar with the county. Quotes of the fish market.

Its just that these precious fish species are extremely difficult to catch. Hundreds of fishing boats go down to the lake every day, and there may not be one or two that can catch one or three of the three treasures.

Even old fishermen with decades of experience can hardly catch saury in deep lakes with huge fishing nets of several meters.

If a fisherman catches the fish by luck, he must show it off to all the fishermen in Zhouzhuang. I can't wait for everyone to boast and envy themselves.

It's a pity that only the middle-aged fisherman dare to go down the big lake in a fishing boat and cast a big net to fish.

Su Chen was still a teenager, weak in strength, did not dare to go down to the big lake, and could only support a small bamboo raft to fish for fish in the calm river.

Although he is envious of these special rare fish, he dare not go to many methods.

Occasionally, the big crucian carp that swims out of the lake can be caught in the small river.

Its just that Zhouzhuangs watercourse leading to Gusu County is a very busy river.

There are at least dozens of large and small merchant ships during the day, and hundreds of fishing boats. The big fish in the river are easily frightened and will be taken away by the big boat. They sink to the bottom of the river and cannot be fished at all.

Only within a short hour of dawn, there are almost no large boats on the river, the big fish will not be frightened, and they will float to the river to feed on the floating insects.

This is also the only opportunity for Su Chen to catch big crucian carp.


Not long after, some small schools of fish were attracted by the fishing lights and appeared around the bamboo raft.

Su Chen endured the biting cold wind, squatting on the bamboo raft and waiting patiently.

was a little hungry, took out a cold wowotou from his arms, broke half of it, chewed and ate slowly, cushioned his stomach. Reluctant to eat the remaining half, put it back in his arms and put it away.

What he wants to catch is not these small fish and shrimps that are worth a few cents full of a large fishing basket, but the big fish.

I dont know how long it has been.

Suddenly, a silver light appeared in the river, like a wispy silver thread swimming in the water, floating on the water to eat bait, and being illuminated by the fire of an oil lamp hung on a bamboo raft, it was bright and moving in the night.

This is silver saury!

Su Chen almost thought he was dazzled for an instant.

His dark and smart eyes stared motionlessly at the lightly swift silver thread in the river, breathing quickly, his heart pounding, revealing an incredible color.

Silverback saury can only be seen occasionally in the depths of large lakes. I am afraid that there is not enough food in the large lakes, so it swims into the river for food in the cold winter.

Look at this silver saury, at least seven or eight in size!

Half a catty of silver ridge saury can be sold for 500 coins.

For every additional one or two, you can sell one hundred more copper coins. This silver-backed saury can be sold for a large price of seven or eight hundred wen of copper coins, which is worth the money he has earned for a year.

Su Chen's face flushed, his heart beating with shock.

The family is poor and poor, of course he knows what such a precious silverback saury means.

If you catch this saury and sell it at a high price in the inn in Gusu County, you can get back several large bags of snow white rice noodles, rations, salt and new cloth.

It is the twelfth lunar month, and the New Year will be celebrated soon.

You can have a delicious meal of dried shrimp and vegetable dumplings and a large bowl of fragrant white rice during the Chinese New Year this year. You dont have to eat hard wowotou anymore.

can also pull a few feet of cloth for the younger brother and sister, and make two sets of new clothes for the New Year.

The extra copper money can even be used to pay the boat tax of Gusu County's office, to relieve a part of the burden on the shoulders of parents.

Father and mother knew that he was so capable, she must be happy to smile, touched his head and praised him fiercely.

With this silver ridge saury, this year will surely be easy to have a good year!

Su Chen quickly held his breath, and his clear eyes were shining with golden light of copper coins. A pair of small hands calmly held the fishing net, and began to close the net very slowly.

"Silver-ridged saury", known as a flying knife in the water, is by no means a name for itself.

It is easily frightened, it swims very fast, cuts water like a knife, and disappears in a flash.

Salvaging silver saury is a great test of the skill of a fisherman.

Peace of mind, low breath, accurate eyes, fast hands!

Su Chen calmed down and slowly closed the net.

At this moment, a crow living in the crow's nest on the treetop by the river suddenly woke up somehow and let out a stern crow cry.


Su Chen, who was completely absorbed, was taken aback, and the fishing net that was tightly grasped by his small hands trembled, and a slight splash on the river was startled.

Silicon Saury in the River was frightened suddenly, its tail suddenly flicked, and it jumped three or four feet away from the edge of the fishing net like lightning, sinking into the river bottom and disappearing in the blink of an eye.


Silverback Saury was startled and ran away!

Su Chen carried an empty fishnet with only a few small shrimps, and couldn't help but tremble, and wanted to cry.

is that **** crow barking!

This is a seven-eight-two-fold silver-backed saury, with seven or eight hundred copper coins!

It's a pity to be called by the jackdaw's stinky mouth, it's all gone!

The wish of having a good year this year has also fallen through!

Su Chen's eyes were red, and he stared fiercely at the crow's nest in the treetop by the river.

He was so annoyed that the bamboo raft slid over, picked up the long bamboo pole in his hand, and stabbed a nest of old crows on the treetop.

"Smelly jackdaw, let you scream!"

The crow's nest was stabbed, and the jackdaw yelled "yah woah" in surprise, but pretended to be dead in the nest and did not dare to show up.

For a while, Su Chen's arms were sour and weak, and he fell down on the bamboo raft in despair.

On the flushed little face that was frozen by the frost, UU reading www. uukanshu.com was full of frustration and disappointment.


Su Chen also knew that this old jackdaw didn't understand anything, but was awakened by the frost in the middle of the night, and screamed indiscriminately, not deliberately harming him.

What annoyance with it!

Su Chen sighed, but apologized, looking at the crow's nest on the branch.

"I'm sorry! I shouldn't ask you for a moment of irritation and poke your lair. It's freezing cold, and you are also bitter in the nest. These shrimps should be my accompany for you. "

Su Chen caught a handful of small fishes and shrimps from the fishing basket, threw them under the roots of the old trees, and then continued fishing with a bamboo raft.

When he walks away, the jackdaw will naturally fly down the tree to eat.

The jackdaw yelled a few times in protest, and then shrank in the lair and continued to play dead.

An hour later, Su Chen finally filled a fishing basket with big fish and shrimps.

I was busy most of the night. Although I didn't catch the rare silverback saury, there were some other gains. I caught a two catty crucian carp.

A big crucian carp was in the Zhouzhuang market, but he exchanged a large bundle of firewood with the woodcutter and burned it for four or five nights in the winter night.

These five coins are not much, but as long as you often fish, you can accumulate a little bit of household income during the day and night, and parents will like it if they want to.

Although the small fish and shrimps left in the fishing basket can't be sold for a few dollars, you can make a few bowls of fish soup for your younger brothers and sisters. If you can't finish it, you can exchange some green vegetable leaves with the Zhouzhuang farmhouse.

This winter is very difficult, and it's harder than in previous years.

Su Chen hit a basket full of fish, and his immature face was filled with joy, and he rowed the bamboo raft home, thinking that after this new year, his younger brothers and sisters will grow up a year or two, and there will be two more at home. The sensible little baby helps with the work, and life will always get better.

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