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The start is a heaven-defying artifact, with a little loli.One day, Chen Mo encountered a Sky Forbidden Boss. Maybe he didn’t even know that he would die under his own big move…In the face of tens of millions of member-level guilds, the system prompt sounded:“Ding… It’s detected that you have countless big tricks, how do you bang!”Chen Mo: “Now I have countless ways to kill tens of millions of guilds. Which big trick should I use? Waiting online, it’s very urgent.In the virtual online game “Tian Lin”, there appeared a 0-level player who could release a 100-level banned boss, various NPCs, and became famous and powerful. Then…the game was ruled by him.…I don’t know when, my ultimate has no cooling, no consumption, and then…I am invincible!In the past, I wanted to have a great big move. Now, I just want to know, which big move is better? Nicholas Mo- Description from MTL

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