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The sun shines through her thin eyelids, and Zhu Xinya's eyes are white. She stretched out her white arms impatiently and pulled the soft cloud-like quilt to her face, covering her eyes.

Zhu Xinya stayed up late to read the novel yesterday and saw that she didn't go to bed until three o'clock in the morning. Now her brain is dizzy and she hasn't got enough sleep at all.

Anyway, today is Saturday. There is no need to go to class. The roommates are all going home. She is the only person in the dormitory, and she will not be disturbed until noon.

Zhu Xinya turned over while holding the quilt, but didn't pay attention. She moved a bit bigger, and the distance her body moved to the left was definitely more than half a meter... half a meter! Her single bed is only more than half a meter wide! Still the upper bunk! She is going to fall!

"Ah!" Zhu Xinya woke up in shock in an instant, before opening her eyes, she hurriedly struggled to save herself.

Zhu Xinya struggled for a long time and found herself still in bed, carefully opening her eyes.

The dreamy pink princess bedroom has an oversized and soft mattress underneath, and the quilt on the body is a soft duvet.

Where is this? How could she sleep here? ? Shouldn't she be in the school dormitory? ? ?

Zhu Xinya thought she was dreaming, and squeezed her thin white arm vigorously. "It hurts!" Zhu Xinya closed her eyes with pain. Tears flowed down her eyelashes, and hung poorly on her eyelashes.

When the pain eased, Zhu Xinya opened her eyes and found that she was still in the super dreamy princess room that the girls liked.

She lifted her buttocks with both hands, let go of her hands to let herself fall on the bed, and the mattress flicked up and down with her.

"Isn't it a dream? But it's not like kidnapping. My family is so poor. Didn't I take advantage of tying me to such a good place?" Zhu Xinya got off the bed, her feet were on the plush carpet, her round toes were sensitive Her curled up, her neatly trimmed nails were pale pink.

She cautiously turned around in the room first, walked to the full-length mirror, and was startled by the white and tender herself inside.

They had just finished their military training at school, and her face was tanned and blackened more than one degree. Even before the military training, she was not so white.

Zhu Xinya held her full-length mirror and pressed her face up, her lovely flimsy sister's head, her palm-sized face, and her snow-white skin, she couldn't see any pores next to the mirror, her eyebrows were thin, her eyes were moisturized, her pink lips were slightly curved upwards. A natural smile.

Not only the skin has improved, but the facial features seem to be more refined.

"Boom boom boom!"

The sudden knock on the door frightened Zhu Xinya. She ran back to the bed and lay down, covering herself with a soft cloud-like quilt.

The people outside knocked on the door for a long time and no one responded. They probably gave up, and the knock on the door did not ring again.

Zhu Xinya lay stiffly on the bed, and did not dare to get out of the bed without hearing a knock on the door.

I don't know how long it took, Zhu Xinya heard the sound of opening the door.

With a "click", it exploded in her ear like thunder, and then someone walked in.

She gritted her teeth and didn't move, but the sound of footsteps was getting closer and closer.

"Ya Ya, didn't it mean that Li Heng had an appointment with you for lunch? Why haven't you gotten up yet and let your mother see, why the mother's good baby is sleeping again." The gentle female voice sounded over Zhu Xinya's head, the thin quilt covering her body Was gently opened.

Zhu Xinya was in a cold sweat because of fear, and the breeze that came up when the quilt was lifted made her shiver.

The gentle voice is so familiar, like her dead mother...

Zhu Xinya couldn't help but opened her eyes, and the moment she saw the woman, tears filled her eyes.

"Yaya, why are you crying? Did you have a nightmare?" Fang Fang hurriedly sat on the side of the bed and hugged Zhu Xinya into his arms distressedly, "Mom is here, don't be afraid of Ya Ya."

"Mom, I miss you so much" After the extreme fear, Zhu Xinya cried bitterly in Fang Fang's arms when he saw his dead mother at first glance.

Zhu Xinya cried for half an hour, frightening Fang Fang, and then shedding tears.

Half an hour later, Zhu Xinya wiped away her tears with her fingers, and said to the other side embarrassedly: "Mom, I just haven't seen you for a long time, I miss you so much, I'm sorry to scare you."

It must be heaven if you can see your mother.

She thought she must have come to heaven to meet her mother because she fell off the bed in the dormitory.

Seeing that Zhu Xinya finally stopped crying, Fang Fang helped Zhu Xinya arrange her hair with love and pity, and smiled: "It's been a long time since I haven't seen you for one night."

one night? Ah, yes, one day in the sky and three years on the ground. In this way, my parents have passed away for more than a year, which is indeed one night.

Zhu Xinya hugged Fang Fang's waist and was reluctant to let go. Fang Fang only thought that her daughter was acting coquettishly with herself, and she gently stroked Zhu Xinya's hair.

"Mom, where is my dad?" Zhu Xinya raised her head and asked expectantly.

Fang Fang said, "Your dad went to work and will be back at night."

Can't you rest after death? Zhu Xinya was full of regrets.

Fang Fang cried for half an hour with Zhu Xinya's arms around her. She was sweating. She patted Zhu Xinya's back and said softly: "Ya Ya, Li Heng will come to pick you up for dinner in a while, and you won't be able to dress beautifully if you get up. I went to see Li Heng."

"Who is Li Heng?" No one is as important as his mother.

Zhu Xinya's arms holding Fang Fang tightened, she hadn't held enough yet.

Fang Fang said helplessly: "Li Heng is your fiance. Ya Ya, don't joke with your mother."

"My fiance?" Zhu Xinya slowly realized something was wrong, "Where is my fiance?" She hadn't even had a boyfriend.

Zhu Xinya let go of her hand and moved her body back, and her watery eyes looked at Fang Fang hesitantly and suspiciously.

Only then did she carefully observe Fang Fang.

The woman in front of her looks much younger than her mother, with well-maintained skin and elegant temperament. Her eyes are gentle and affectionate.

Zhu Xinya almost cried again.

Before her mother died, her face that had been tortured by life was full of fine lines, her eyes were cloudy and dark, and she was definitely not as clear as the woman in front of her.

If she is not her own mother, where is it? Who is that fianc named Li Heng? Is he... still Zhu Xinya?

[Do not doubt, you are still Zhu Xinya.

[Who is speaking? ] Everything around Zhu Xinya is frozen.

[Do you remember the novel you read at night? I am the **** who created the world of novels. Your parents have died and your life is difficult. After seeing the beautiful life of the female partner of the same name in the novel, you make a wish to become the daughter of a wealthy family and see your parents again. I listened to your prayer and decided to fulfill your wish.

[From now on, you are Zhu Xinya, the only daughter of the richest man in Longcheng. Her parents are your parents. You will own everything she has.

Zhu Xinya slowly digested what "God" said.

In the novel she read last night, there is indeed a female partner with the same name as her. In the early stage of the novel, Zhu Xinya really envied the "Zhu Xinya" in the novel, but that was a cannon fodder that prevented the hero and the hero from being together! In the later period, the family was destroyed and the lives were particularly miserable!

[God, why dont you ask me to fulfill my wish again, this is not my wish at all! ]

[Wish satisfaction will not be returned. The moment you enter the book, your body in the real world is already dead.

[Here you will have parents who love you. They are the same as your parents in reality. Do you really want to have all this? Shen seduced/confused.

Zhu Xinya hesitated, she turned her head and glanced at Fang Fang. If her mother lived a rich life, she must be like this.

[Go back and become a corpse, disappear in the world, or... stay.

Zhu Xinya stretched out her hand and hugged Fang Fang, who was frozen. If what "God" said was true, she had only one choice.

[I want to stay. ]

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