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Then he took Suning and the three into Taikun City, and a bluestone avenue appeared in the eyes of the group. Although it was late at night, it was still full of people, people coming and going, and some family children riding strange animals. Go forward in the city.

Lily took the three of them around the city for a long time before finding a place to stay, and after making arrangements, she got up and left.

Qian Linglong came out of her room, came to Jiang Bailin and Suning's room, opened the door, and a scent of red sandalwood fell into her nose.

"It's so late, why don't you rest?"

Suning said softly.

"I have some doubts in my heart, I came here to discuss with you."

Qian Linglong raised her eyebrows slightly and said softly.

"It looks like you have also noticed."

Suning raised her eyebrows slightly and was about to open the window. The noise from outside came into the room. Suning had to close the window, and then slowly walked into the hall, where the three people sat around the table.

"When I first got off the shuttle, I didn't realize it. I thought it was just the mayor's compassionate, so I arranged someone to take care of us."

"But later I discovered that almost no team from outside has a maid leading the team. Nowadays, there are not a few people who come to Taikun City. Today, you have also seen it. There are hundreds of shuttles. Machine!"

"With so many people, every team is led by a maid, which surprised me a bit. It feels like the mayor did it on purpose."

Qian Linglong frowned slightly, as if she felt something, but it was not very real, she spoke out her doubts.

"Indeed, it's like being deliberately placed in the team and monitoring us."

Jiang Bailin heard this and said softly.

"Well, this time about the ruins, almost all the big families in Shanglin Province have come. Presumably the mayor is a little bit jealous, afraid that these people will have trouble in Taikun City."

Qian Linglong thought about it, then said.

There was a touch of solemnity between Suning's eyebrows and Yu, and said lightly.

"No matter what, it's better to be more cautious in speaking and doing things in the future. Right now, it's just our guesses, and there is no basis. Maybe people are really just sympathetic to us."

As he said, Divine Sense scanned the corner of the room and glanced at the corner of the room.

When the two heard the words, they pondered for a moment and nodded. After discussing some ruins, Qian Linglong returned to her room.

The maid Lily was in the basement of the restaurant at this time. In front of her was a huge light curtain, and above the light curtain was the image of each room in the restaurant.


Lily murmured, then lifted the bracelet and dialed an unknown signal.

Taikun city center, in the Yuman Inn.

"I don't know if Mr. Su will participate in this matter."

Ding Ling's voice sounded slowly, with a hint of eagerness between her brows.

On the round table, Ding Ling and the elders of Ding's family sat in a group. In the center of the round table, a small instrument was shining with light.

"Patriarch don't have to worry. If, as the Patriarch said, several Patriarchs in Case City had a good relationship with Mr. Su, then this matter will inevitably let Mr. Su appear on their behalf."

"Well, some time ago, I heard that something happened to the Pang family in Case City. If the news is true, I think Mr. Su should have participated in this incident in the name of the Pang family."

Ding Xiliang, the sixth elder of the Ding family, spoke slowly.

"Pang family?"

Ding Ling was stunned for a while, muttering in her mouth.

After several people talked in the room for a while, they dispersed one after another, leaving Ding Ling alone.

The next day, when it was close to noon, Suning got up from the bed and looked at the sunlight entering the room. Suning was slightly stunned.

"I didn't expect to sleep so deeply this time!"

Suning slowly sat up from the bed and whispered.

After cleaning up, he woke up Jiang Bailin and Qian Linglong and walked out of the restaurant.

The street is more prosperous than last night. Seeing the flow of people on the street, Suning and others felt a sigh of sorrow, the sound of hawkers hawking, and the publicity of shop discounts.

Except for a small number of locals in Taikun City, most of the people who come and go are from other places in Shanglin Province, wandering around the city and familiar with the environment.

Suning and the three were walking on the street, randomly looking for a small shop, ready to eat something first.

Suddenly, a thunderous sound came from a distance. A team of dozens of people rushed in like a tide. A few lions, beasts and aliens were pulling extremely luxurious chariots in the middle of the team, and the front and back guards were all dressed The silver-white armor gave out a burst of cold light in the sun.

Where the team passed, many people were angry and scolded them, but they did not dare to speak too loudly.

"This is the child of which family is too arrogant. There are so many people on the street and such a big battle, I'm afraid that others will not see it."

"That's it, I heard that some people in the front were unwilling to give way, and they directly maimed people, saying that the spirit beasts killed them all!"

"Hey, is it so cruel? Then let's avoid it. I'm afraid this person is from a big family. Where did we guys get it!"

On the avenue, some pedestrians whispered.

"Don't you know? This is from the Mo Family in Taikun City, and the Mo Family is the most powerful family in Taikun City!"

"I advise you to say a few words less, so as not to be heard by them, and if you are in trouble, then a catastrophe is imminent!"

Some people persuaded.

"Hey, look, are there problems with these people? Isn't this looking for death!"

After hearing the reputation, several figures still walked calmly in the middle of the bluestone avenue, seemingly not paying attention to the team behind them.

The three of Suning glanced at each other, watching the scene in Bluestone Avenue with interest.


The team stopped slowly, and one of the guards pointed his spear at the few people in front, shouting angrily.

"Leave quickly, we can spare your lives!"

Another person in the guard said, as if he felt that the people in front were unusual.

The few people still didn't say anything, but just followed behind the headed man.

The man dressed luxuriously with a smile on his face, he left and joked with the people beside him. Suddenly, the man was taken aback and looked in the direction of Suning and others.

Noting the man's deep eyes, Suning's figure was slightly taken aback, then returned to normal, nodded to the man and smiled.


Jiang Bailin raised his eyebrows slightly and asked softly.

"It's interesting, I just checked their strength with my spiritual sense, only the man in front found it."

Suning smiled slightly, and the look in the man's eyes became deeper.

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