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In a rented room in the magic city, intern Li Quanzheng holding a thick "Women's Formula" concentrated on the author of this medical book is actually the king of medicine Sun Simiao.

Li Quan also had no choice. Seeing that the internship was about to end, there was little hope of staying.

Must desperately.

In order to improve his medical level as much as possible, he has even begun to go to the hospital in a hurry. He has been reading this book "Women's Fang" on the street stall for almost half a month.

When he finished reading the last page, a flower suddenly appeared in front of him, and a line of information suddenly appeared.

[You have successfully finished reading the book of Woman Fang Quan. Congratulations on getting Sun Simiao's favorability degree +5.

Li Quan thought he was dazzled.

Rubbing his eyes, the information is still there.

All this seems to be true.

"What's the use of this favorability degree?"

Li Quan just came up with this idea, and a new interface popped out before his eyes.

Sun Simiao Medical Technology Exchange Panel.

Pulse diagnosis, the cause of the disease can be found through pulse diagnosis, and the cause of gynecology and pediatrics can be observed. Requires 5 favorability points and can be redeemed.

Special treatment for irregular menstruation, it can treat various irregular menstrual disorders. Requires 5 favorability points and can be redeemed.

Special treatment for fetal position error, it can treat various fetal position errors, dislocation, umbilical cord around the neck, etc. Requires 5 favorability points and can be exchanged.

Special treatment for gynecological blood collapse, it can treat various blood collapse symptoms. Requires 10 favorability points.


Li Quan discovered that this exchange panel had hundreds of medical techniques.

One of the most powerful medical skills requires 100 favorability points to redeem.

So expensive!

It took half a month to finish reading the whole woman, only to get a total of 5 favorability points. How many medical books of Sun Simiao have to be read if you want to get 100 points of favorability?

But if he really learned the best medical skills, Li Quan's medical skills would surely kill those professors and experts in the field of gynecology.

The sky fell, and Li Quan was overjoyed.

Now the problem is coming. He wants to learn every medical technique.

But the favorability is only 5 points. Which one is the most suitable for the immediate interests?

What does he need most right now?

Killed out of the many interns and stayed at Whale Hospital to work.

Although pulse diagnosis is good, the cause can be diagnosed as long as the patient is pulsed. However, modern medical equipment is very advanced, such as various tests, CT, B-ultrasound, color Doppler ultrasound, MRI, etc.

It seems more accurate than pulse diagnosis.

Moreover, patients nowadays are more willing to trust the data obtained from the test. You give him a pulse, just say where his disease is, and he will treat you as a liar.

Irregular menstruation specializes in the treatment, even if he learns, it is not his turn to be an intern to see and treat.

Then there is only the last item left, and the fetal position is not correct.

After learning this medical technique, the next time you encounter a parturient with an incorrect fetal position, you may be able to use it.

"That's it!"

Li Quan gritted his teeth and chose to exchange.


A huge flow of information poured into the brain. He was pleasantly surprised to find that there were some fetal position manipulation techniques in his mind that he had never learned before.

When he learns to lift his position, a skill panel appears.

[Introduction to palace surgery, entry level 1%]

According to Li Quan's understanding, this entry level is roughly equivalent to the level of an ordinary doctor.

It will definitely be able to rise to a higher level in the future.

Li Quan was extremely excited when he newly learned an ancient genius medical technique. I hope to have the opportunity to show his talents and make him stand out among the many interns.

"Dingling! Jingling!"

Suddenly, Li Quan's cell phone rang a rapid ringtone.

Those in the doctors line may be called back by the hospital to rescue patients at any time, even at three oclock in the evening. Turn off the machine 24 hours a day, stand by at any time,

It's one and twenty-four in the morning, who is calling?

After seeing the name displayed on the screen, Li Quan subconsciously sat up straight with a respectful expression on his face.

"Hello Professor Liu!"

Professor Liu is a well-known obstetrician at the Whale Hospital. Li Quan was lucky. He was assigned to the department where Professor Liu worked as soon as he entered the hospital for internship.

"Xiao Li, among the seven interns, you are the fastest to answer the phone, yes! Something went wrong in the obstetrics department, you immediately rushed to the conference room on the second floor of the obstetrics department of the hospital. By the way, Han Dong will rent with you, right? Come with him."

"Okay, coming soon!"

Li Quan didn't talk nonsense.

"Well, pay attention to safety on the road!" Professor Liu exhorted and hung up the phone.

From Professor Liu's slightly solemn tone, it is not difficult to hear that the patient must be very troublesome this time.

After nearly a year of internship, this is the second time that Li Quan heard Professor Liu speak in this solemn tone. For the first time, it was an advanced parturient who was nearly forty years old and had blood clots after delivery.

Li Quan still remembers the rescue of patients clearly.

The rescue operation lasted for a full eleven hours, and Li Quan's hands and feet shook for a full eleven hours. The clothes inside the surgical gown have been soaked with sweat countless times.

During that operation, Li Quan learned a lot of knowledge that was not available in textbooks.

This time, he had a faint expectation.

I will certainly learn a lot of valuable rescue experience.

Li Quan quickly rushed out of the room and "banged bang bang" at Han Dong's door.

"Also let people sleep?" Han Dong cried out in a daze.

"Tongzi, Professor Liu called just now, let us rush to the hospital immediately." Li Quan has no time to grind with him.

"just now?"

Han Dong was drowsy, and his mind was short-circuited.

"You can also go back tomorrow. There are only two places to stay in the hospital. It just so happens that I can lose one competitor." Li Quan teased.

He and Han Dong are classmates and iron buddies who share the same smell.

In order to save rent, he and Han Dong shared this two-bedroom apartment very close to the hospital.

"Losing friends! Despicable! Shameless..."

Han Dong took a black T-shirt and put it on his head and rushed out of the room.

The two went out and ran towards the hospital at a speed of 100 meters. From the rental house to the hospital, it takes at most ten minutes. If you run, the time can be doubled.

Four minutes later, the two rushed to the hospital obstetrics department out of breath.

When they arrived, they felt the atmosphere was tense.

Several nurses on the night watch rushed back and forth, looking anxious.

The meeting room on the second floor of the obstetrics department was brightly lit.

Contrary to what many people imagine, there are not only female doctors in obstetrics and gynecology. Professor Liu is a male doctor, and his reputation is extremely high.

In addition, obstetrics and gynecology is actually a collective term.

It is subdivided into three departments: Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Reproductive Medicine Center.

Li Quan looked inside, and all the obstetric leaders were here.

The several professor-level chief physicians and associate professor-level deputy chief physicians who are hard to get together on weekdays all have serious faces.

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Li Quan Can't Leave The Hospital Chapter 477: Tcm Assessment Dialectical Treatment Chapter 478: Be Aggressive Parents Love Chapter 479: The Tea Is Not Cold When People Walk Send It To The Boss Chapter 480: The Grand Farewell Team Help Me Check Chapter 481: Soul Station Complete The Fragments Chapter 482: Special Treatment For Eye Diseases The Grasshopper After Autumn Jumping Hard Chapter 483: Wan Nian Lao Ba Ba The Wish Of A Teacher Chapter 484: Help Those Who Have The Tao Goodbye Dean Chapter 485: Take Away. The Return Of The King Help From All Directions Chapter 486: To Wear A Crown One Must First Bear Its Weight Chapter 487: Ascend To The Sky In One Step Acting As The Dean The Wicked Slay Chapter 488: Seeing His House Collapsed The New Official Took Office Three Fires Chapter 489: One Person Wins The Way The Chicken And The Dog Ascend To Heaven. Iron Fist Rectification Chapter 490: Good Results Great Cleaning Chapter 491: What You See Is Not Necessarily True. The Sky Did Not Fall But Turned Chapter 492: Iron Fist Means To Revitalize The Tcm Department Chapter 493: One Hero And Three Gangs Crisis And Happiness Chapter 494: The Family Members Are Really Not In A Hurry And The Solution Is Perfect Chapter 495: Say It's Cold And It's Cold. Doesn't The Conscience Hurt To Make This Money? Chapter 496: The Bitterness Of The Bottom Physician Ye Ru's Small Request Chapter 497: Two Votes Kill One Vote You Are Life Others Are Survival Chapter 498: Tolerance Is Great Find A Way To Comfort Chapter 499: Dahongpao Entertainer Strange Bone Disease Chapter 500: Bone Tuberculosis Mess Chapter 501: Non My Family Its Heart Must Be Different Chapter 502: You Are Unkind Don't Blame Me For Being Unrighteous. Give The House. Chapter 503: Golden Eagle Ophthalmology Professor Xia Floating Upright. Chapter 504: Get The Double Certificate And Practice Medicine Legally. Eye Disease For Six Months Chapter 505: The First Eye Patient Cured A Violent Blindness Accident Chapter 506: The Lungs Are Moving Towards The Veins And The Good News Continues Chapter 507: The Two Special Assistants Saw The Light Again. Chapter 508: A Sensation In The Orthopedics Industry Replenishing Fresh Blood Chapter 509: They Are All Good Seedlings And Big Leaders Ask For Each Other Chapter 510: The Price Of Fawning On Foreigners Is A Bit High. Chapter 511: The Optic Disc Is Tilted And The Ophthalmologists Nightmare Is Coming Chapter 512: When The Cowhide Will Break The Legendary Yang Jiangjin Chapter 513: There Is Only A Dead End To Resist This Is Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Chapter 514: Another Case Was Cured The Ophthalmology Burst Chapter 515: This Is Just The Optic Nerve Compression The Old Man Who Had An Accident With Drinking Chapter 516: Methanol And Ethanol Are Twin Brothers. Chapter 517: Allegiance Is Enough Repair Nerves For The First Time Chapter 518: I Can Only Help Here I'm Kind Of A Donkey Chapter 519: The Opportunity Came I Was Bitten During The Live Broadcast Chapter 520: Help The Fish Is Hooked Chapter 521: Cell Reproduction Is Weakened And Finally Succeeded Chapter 522: People Are Not Ruthless Stand Unstable I Will Clean It Up Later Chapter 523: Make The Plate Bigger And Lift The Cart Chapter 524: Being Poor Is Your Fault Chapter 525: This Face Is Swollen Enough I'll Send It For You Chapter 526: I Remember You. This Is An Eye Stone Chapter 527: Eye Patients Whose Liver Opens Up To The Eyes And Tears Chapter 528: Snow Blindness Late Night Gun Battle Chapter 529: Uncle And Nephew Fight For Power The Black Hand Behind The Scenes Chapter 530: Cooperation Brings Benefits To Both Father Of Obstetrics Chapter 531: Snakes Dance In The Celebration Chapter 532: The So Called Successful People Are All Rubbish. What About Being A Driver? Chapter 533: Fighting To Flatter Bai Moyang's Domineering Chapter 534: Shameless Enough This Is Stepping On Thunder Chapter 535: Headmaster Zhu Who Is In Pain Is Not Kind Chapter 536: Rice Bucket Call Grandpa Chapter 537: Black And White Take All Revitalize Obstetrics And Gynecology Chapter 538: To Subdue The Bu Brothers I Can Cut The Root Of This Disease Chapter 539: Two Times It Turns Out That You Are Dean Li Chapter 540: The Dark Disease Of Whale Hospital Invite Success Chapter 541: Master And Apprentice Teamed Up And Escaped Accidentally Chapter 542: Eleven Years Pregnant Rare Freak Chapter 543: Xiaocheng Ghost Fetus Chapter 544: Chinese Medicine Fetus Weak Female Patient Chapter 545: The Critical Moment Is The Diagnosis Of Tcm Critically Ill Chapter 546: To Make Up For The Exhausted Air But Also To Run The Horse Without Letting The Horse Eat Grass Chapter 547: Tan Collapsed Killing Someone With A Knife Chapter 548: Doctors Can Save People And They Can Kill People. 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Chapter 557: Unreasonable Card Successful Acquisition Chapter 558: Villages With A High Incidence Of Cancer Dioxins Chapter 559: Dozens Of Cancers In The Village Lovesickness Poison Chapter 560: Saved The Chinese Medicine Doctor Of Yuanyang Hospital Chapter 561: Relying On The Old And Selling The Old The Leader Of Chinese Medicine Chapter 562: Highly Difficult Surgery I Would Like To Try Chapter 563: Perfect Suture Superb Separation And Excision Chapter 564: Peoples Old Legs Decay First Microcirculation Chapter 565: One Acupuncture At Two Points They Cant Cure It Chapter 566: Win Another Game This Is Not Epilepsy Chapter 567: You Can Score With Flattering Terrible Hypnotism Chapter 568: Professor Hawkings Appreciation A Farting Beauty Chapter 569: Orthopedics Fight For Battle Chapter 570: Invincible Orthopedics Famous Chapter 571: The Hypnotized Patient Professor Hawking's Help Chapter 572: Medication For Bleeding Without Understanding The Cause? Personally In Charge Chapter 573: Medical Ethics Is Lost No One In The World Knows The King Chapter 574: Icu Ward Bone Spurs Chapter 575: Yamen Acupoint And Stroke Corpse This Is Caused By Human Chapter 576: Wake Up The Antique Dealer With Three Biological Clocks Upside Down Chapter 577: Tomb Thief? Terrible Infection Chapter 578: Unknown Fungus Worsening Chapter 579: Cracks On The Skin Expert Consultation Chapter 580: Human Body Temperature Is Reduced By 0.4 Degrees Fever Medicine Chapter 581: The Condition Is Stabilized The Books Of The Originator Of The Tomb Chapter 582: Huge Hemangioma Of The Liver Chapter 583: Was Eliminated The Knife Position Is Particular Chapter 584: Falling Down Amazing The Surgical Skills Of The Audience Chapter 585: Ask The Dean To Be An Assistant The Pulse Is Lower Than The Heart Rate Chapter 586: Young Female Patient With Right Heart Failure And Sudden Death Chapter 587: Senior With Medical Ethics Ventricular Assist Chapter 588: First Place Chapter 589: Uncovering The Skin Bluestone Stele Chapter 590: Wu Zixu's Favorability Lethargy Chapter 591: Diagnosed Special Treatment For Tomb Disease Chapter 592: Six Genius Doctors For Febrile Disease Rich And Easy To Handle Chapter 593: The Law Is Not In Zhongjing But Not In The Internal Classics. Chapter 594: Death Is Coming 100 Favorability Degree Chapter 595: Ye Guis Magical Skills Fighting Poison With Poison Chapter 596: Bacteria Warrior Successfully Learned The Treatment Of Febrile Disease Chapter 597: Special Treatment For Tomb Disease Condition Improved Chapter 598: Pain Is A Protection Nine Heads Chapter 599: Viruses Are The Devil Destroy The Hemophagocytic Bacteria Chapter 600: Neurotoxin It Really Happened Chapter 601: Famous In Kyoto Huangfu Qingxues Invitation Chapter 602: Sophie Lost Contact The Magic Capital Was Shaken Chapter 603: When You Lied You Looked Up To The Right And The Man Saved It. Chapter 604: Both Grace And Power Phantom Poison