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Chen Chao lined up with his hands in his pockets, a little bored, he sighed, "Now that the crossing has become a large-scale industrialization, everyone will come to play and experience the second life if there is nothing to do."

Looking up, the whole hall was crowded with people, and the sign on the top said, ``Self-service through the system.''

From time to time, you can hear the voice broadcast from the machine below, welcome to enter the self-service travel system.

"Huh, I'm finally here." After the last person left, Chen Chao also stood in front of the machine that handles the crossing service. He muttered, "It's no different from the self-service ticket machine at the train station."

A sweet female voice came from the machine: Please click, I want to cross.

Please select gender: male (free)?? female (50 coins)

Chen Chao smiled, he was well prepared before coming this time, let alone anything, the most expensive!

But the first one, you still have to choose the free hahahaha!

Recharge: Make your life richer.

I want to charge! ! ??

No money, no charge!

Please select survival difficulty:

Simple (100,000 coins)?? Medium (5000 coins)

Difficulty (200 coins) Abyss (free)

Please select a birthplace (multiple options):

Gao Fushuai (900,000 coins)??

Rich second generation (500,000 coins)??

Random (free)

Please select the main skill (multiple options):

Make money (10,000 coins)?? Pickup (10,000 coins)??

Art (5000 coins)?? Instant noodles (5 coins)

Random (free)

Please choose a look:

Beautiful male suit (90,000 coins)

Daniel Wu suit (1000,000 coins)??

Random (free)

Your generated result is:

Fenghuas peerless Daniel Wu, Pan An feels ashamed to look at you, and Tianzun with the aptitude for cultivating immortals is jealous! In addition, you are the number one dad in the alien world, with thirty million beauties.

Thank you for using this system. Do you have any good suggestions?

Submission: Oh, there are too few places to spend money! Do you think I am a person who lacks money? ! Hope a lot of improvement!

Thank you very much for your suggestion. The system will give you a set of luxurious facial upgrades (900,000 coins sold in the mall) and automatically equip it.

Chen Chao lay down in the life capsule beautifully, and he was about to start his happy journey through!

I don't know how long he woke up from his deep sleep in a daze, lifted his heavy eyelids, and the first thing that caught his eye was a bunch of strange green plants.

Ok? Why don't you have a beautiful girl with a sweet car and wine Could it be that I haven't woken up yet?

When he glanced left and right, his field of vision sharply widened, so large that he placed the Buddha in the sky, giving him a panoramic view of the plane of the ground.

Ok? Could it be that I opened it in the wrong way?

Chen Chao closed his eyes and opened it after a while.

! ?

? ? ?

! ! !

What about this TM? !

Why is TM all green? !

He wanted to raise his hand and take a look, but found that... he had no body at all!


TM's not said that it is good, Fenghua's peerless Daniel Wu, Pan An is ashamed of you when he sees you, and Tianzun with the aptitude for cultivating immortals is jealous! In addition, are you still the first horse dad in the alien world, with thirty million beauties!

I paid for it!

Isn't the body well matched for Lao Tzu now?

Chen Chao felt a wave of incompetence and rage. At this moment when his mood changed, the whole world was surging, the big tree was uprooted by the violent wind, the grass was low, the river was no longer calm, and the high waves were rolled up.

"Hua Guo crosses the company!" Chen Chao shouted.

Following this, lightning fell across the world, struck the trees, and ignited a raging fire.

The whole world was in chaos. At this moment, a dazzling light suddenly lit up in the air, and then a portal appeared.

Two men walked out slowly, and the younger of them laughed loudly, "All thanks to uncle."

The older one just smiled faintly, "Little meaning."

The young man said again, "What about this man?"

The middle-aged man chuckled and said jokingly, "It doesn't matter, it seems that he will be destroyed by himself without our action."

Chen Chao looked intently, and at first glance he felt that one of them was very handsome, and then he looked at which middle-aged man, wasn't it the one who closed his life capsule last!

Listening to the mocking words of the two uncles and nephews, Chen Chao roared angrily, "What do you mean!"

The world was another thunder and lightning, mountains collapsed, and sea water poured in.

But the two floating in mid-air were not affected at all. Among them, the young man with the majestic and majestic Wu Yanzu smiled evilly, "What do you mean, let's play with your identity."

"Dignantly a multinational company, if you do this, aren't you afraid that I will report you when I go back!"

Both my uncle and nephew seemed to have heard some funny joke, both of them laughed loudly, out of breath.

"Aren't you afraid?"

"What are you afraid of? Every year, some people die in other worlds. Although there are few, they are not uncommon. Dont be afraid. When this world is destroyed, your body in China will automatically die. When you die, we What are you afraid of hahahahaha!"

Chen Chao was shocked when he heard that the world was destroyed, and he was also dead. What do you mean?

There was a terrible conjecture in his heart, which was gradually confirmed by the reaction of the world.

Whenever he was angry, the world would flash and thunder, rocks collapsed, and sea water poured in.

And when he calmed down, the world gradually calmed down.

The middle-aged man sneered again, "Besides, without our lead, do you want to go back? What do you want to take back?"

Chen Chao raised a ray of hope in his heart, "I have money, I have money in Alipay and in my bank account! I will give you as much money as you want!"

The young man laughed again with a mocking look on his face, "Don't forget, who is the identity I am replacing now, if you want your money, I can only give an authorization."

Then he said to the middle-aged man, "Uncle, let's solve it early and go back soon. I can't wait to start enjoying a new life."

The middle-aged man smiled and nodded, "Well, we will destroy the passage here by the way when we leave, and then we can report a fault at the company. Anyway, this place has never been used before.

Even in his current state, it is not easy to kill. Forget it, let him fend for himself. It is estimated that he will not last long. "

Chen Chao was completely desperate. He looked at the portal that was gradually disappearing, and his thoughts were totally lost.

At this moment, there was a burst of mechanical electronic sound, and the Kyushu Farming System Log automatically broadcast daily:

The wheat planting progress is 100%, the harvest progress is 0%, and the self-destruction program is started.

Bean planting progress: 10%...

Existing resource inventory:

Wheat seeds: 10 grains.

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