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/ Magical Realism / I Reject QuestsMagical Realism 150 Chapters 777.1K ViewsWhat happens when a guy gets multiple systems out of nowhere? You might wanna know. --- Don't skip the Prologue. I'm saying this again. Don't. Skip. The. Prologue. --- [A/N: As few readers has pointed it out, the story is somewhat confusing in the early chapters. It's due to the fact that I don't explain things then and there. Keep in mind that this would be a long story (>3000 chapters). The explanation for the early chapters have already been given. There are also subtle things which won't be explained until later.] ===Release Rate=== 7-8 chapters/week ===Social Accounts=== discord.gg/GEn8H85SXQ https://twitter.com/FreshMelon9 PS: I don't own the image.

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