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Just like any other day, my problems kicked in early. I can hear my landlord banging on my door, making my window glass shake vigorously. I grabbed the pillow and put it on my head, covering the ears.

" Get out here bitch! Or I'll break this door!" I pulled the sheet up and laid there like a dead body.

Like I have any money to pay you dipshit!

It didn't take long for him to leave. Finally some peace of mind! I couldn't have a good sleep after all those customers. It's funny how I'm living my life like this. Sometimes I wished that I was dead since my life never got any better.

If only my mom was not dead when I was nine years old.

If only my father supported me to finish my education and get a respect job.

If only he didn't tried to abuse me again again until I was broke down and shattered into piece.

My life would have been great.

When mom was alive things were still good. I was happy that she was with me. Dad was never good to begin with. He used to come home late after drinking.

After mom died, dad would only drink a lot. Sometimes he would beat me up to loose his frustration. It was still bearable. I tried to finish my studies and get out from there as soon as possible. But soon after some times, my own father tried to molest me.

That day I somehow managed to get away from him and left home. As a sixteen year old teenager, life was hard enough for me. I don't know what to do, where to go. I had no relatives, no friends to relay on.

I spent two days on road, I slept in some alley and that's how I met Nancy. That day she came to me like an angel. Yes, she was definitely not the best but what she did for me, I will always remember.

Nancy worked in a brothel as a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e. She took me to home and gave me food. I was hungry since I couldn't eat properly. She was twenty three years old that time. I was moved how kind she was despite of her occupation.

I lived with Nancy for a month. I tried working somewhere as a part timer but that was futile.

I asked Nancy why she decided to work in this field and I still remember her reply very well.

" How did you end up here?" I tried to ask her politely.

" I had a boyfriend, he told me to runaway with him. Later that bastard sold me here into the brothel. I was literally so torn apart that he betrayed me. Later I accepted my fate and continued to work." Her words were screaming with pain. I can feel it in my veins.

" You never thought of quitting this job?" I was eagerly waiting for her reply.

" Honestly after you do it for one time, you'll get used to it. You need money to live so, at the end of the day it doesn't matter how you earned it." Hearing her made me realise that I have no other option. After some time I'll have to live by myself.

" How about I work here?" Nancy didn't looked happy or sad. She probably had faced this situation.

" Listen Lizzy, I'm no one to tell you what to do or not. It's your decision. But once you get in here, you can never leave. You're not the first one who asked me this. I had picked up girls like you before. They had no where else to go. After seeing me they started doing this job."

I was well aware of my current situation and I trusted Nancy. She was the only one who helped me in my life and showed my kindness

So, I went with Nancy to work in a brothel house.

Nancy said no word or stopped me from choosing this job. She knew my situation and it was my decision. She never agreed or disagree to it. When I entered there, Nancy helped me to get into those things.

My first time was really painful. I became seventeen few weeks before that day. It's hard to express how bad I felt that day but later I got used to it. I got my own place and started to live there. I made two friends there and I also had Nancy.

Sometimes I forget to pay my rent since I have a bad habit of wasting money on useless things. My life has been like this for five years. I'm twenty one year old currently. I couldn't finish my education I mean people will find out about me being a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e. That will cause lots of problems. I focused on earning money and tried to get richass loaded customers.

If they are happy, they will make me happy also. I mostly sleep in the mornings since I had to work at night. My body gets tried after all the s.e.x.u.a.l activity. In the mean time I have to take care of my body too.

Like other days I finished my work early. It was 3.00 A.M. I went to get my car and suddenly someone grabbed me from behind.

" Give all your money! Now!" The person gripped my mouth tightly it was hard for me to breath. He was shaking me and the bag fell down from my shoulder.

I was in great panic. I had no idea what to do or not. My voice wasn't coming out from my lungs. It was suffocating.

The guy cut my stomach open with a sharp knife and I was left to bleed. My cold body dropped on the ground making a thud. I couldn't keep my eyes open. I moved my hand on the wound which was still bleeding. The pain was unbearable. Blood was overflowing from the wounded stomach. I was waiting for my death.

Maybe I can meet mom now. It's been so long. I was never happy. Maybe now that I'm dying I can be happy at last.

It's so bright in here, so bright that I can't see anything clearly.

Is this heaven?

" Her Majesty!" What is this noise? Who's speaking?

I can't see anyone here. All I can hear is a unclear voice of a female.

" Her Majesty!" Again I can hear it but still no one at the sight. Every thing is just bright and empty.

My eyes were slowly opened. Finally no more blank spaces. It was a room and very extravagantly elegant. As if it's a royal palace! I noticed that I was laid on the bed. My eyes fell upon my body and I was wearing a gown. Everything seemed to be confusing to me.

" Her Majesty!" Finally my gaze went to the lady who was calling out to me but why is she call me ' Her Majesty'?

" Are you okay Your Highness?" The lady was dressed in a old fashion maid clothes. She looked at me with worried eyes. I was lost completely.

Seriously can anyone come and tell me what the hell is going on?!

" Yes I'm fine. Uh.... Which year is this?" I bluntly asked her since I am seeing all this old architecture and decorations.

" Your Highness it's 1536"

What? Are you kidding me? I came back in time ? This is ridiculous! I can't believe this. I thought I died and I was supposed to be at heaven. I took a deep breath and got up from my bed.

" Your Highness please don't get up. You still haven't recovered." Without listening to her I went to the mirror near by. When I looked into the mirror I was stunned by the person I was looking at.

My appearance had been changed completely. My skin was so glamorous and fair. Golden colour hair was reaching up to my back. My blue eyes were beaming with the sunlight.

I can't believe that this is me. Last time when I checked I had my hair coloured in red. I had some ear piercings. Yeah I looked like a complete wreck to be honest.

I can feel a pair of eyes staring sharply at me. I turned back to the lady who stood still at her place. She was looking very worried.

" Your Majesty are you feeling well?" By the way she's showing her sincerity it felt real. I was not aware of the things or the owner of the body.

Suddenly my head started to spinning off. I grabbed my head with a hand and tried to stand still. Visions were flashed on my head. They were the memories of the owner of the body. I saw all the terrible things that happened with her.

How she was accused by others.

How she was wronged by her trusted people. How her husband abandoned her.

How she was separated from her child.

Seeing all this made my eyes flow with water. Such cruel things, she tolerated all by herself. Even at the end she was pushed into the lake to drown painfully.

They all plotted against her. She was a naive girl with a heart of gold. A kind soul like my mother was, like Nancy was. She did not deserved all this. But time has changed. She may died after drowning. Their plan was successful. Sadly I came to took her place and I will punish each and everyone of them. No one will be left.

All my life I had nothing but sadness and sorrow. Now I will change my fate. I was reborn to full fill my destiny. I will not show any mercy to those who have tried to hurt this kind soul.

I will become the evil queen and I will make them suffer.

~ to be continued

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