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Just as Su Yang was at a loss for words, Little Hus whispered in his ear again, "Put up your phone! Well snap a photo for you!" When he heard Little Hus say so, Su Yang was busy pulling out his phone from his pocket so he could point it at Lin Jiali, intending to see what was the thing that had the scent.

Usually, nobody was allowed to take pictures on set. After all, any and all information during the shoot was to be kept secret.

However, Su Yang wasnt particularly normal, and he just drove the director away today. Since nobody was sure of his identity, nobody came up to stop him and just turned a blind eye.

Soon, Little Hus voice rang in his head, "Alright, I got it!"

Su Yang took a look at the photo on the phone. Hmm, its still Lin Jialis leg!

If Su Yang intended to throw Little Hus in the washing machine for a roll, he now wanted to toss him in for a spin!

Why shouldnt I, right? After all, his head is full of water even if he doesnt get washed!

Whats the point of having scented legs? You cant chop them off!

In Su Yang mind, he imagined that the item with the scent would be her stockings, and that was something that he thought was already rather excessive. He never wouldve guessed that the truth was even more excessive!

A leg?!

Su Yang left the crowd, typing to Little Hus in anger. [Are you kidding me! Whats the point of having scented legs? I still cant cut her up!)

An emoji of a dog with a puzzled face appeared on his screen.

Then, Little Hus confused voice sounded in Su Yangs ear, "What leg? Im talking about the circle! That black circle!"

A black circle?

Su Yang zoomed in on the photo and took a closer look, only to find that there was indeed a black circle on Lin Jialis leg. It looked like an accessory.

Su Yang thought for a moment and it seemed to be a leg ring. It was an accessory for a girls leg, usually used with garters or to fix a pantyhose in place.

In some movies, a leg ring was usually used as a secret weapon storage for women. The skirt would cover up the ring that concealed guns, flying knives, and other weapons attached on the leg ring. So thats it!

Su Yang felt like this explanation was much more acceptable. If it wasnt legs or stockings The only thing left was Su Yang felt like it was a little out of place.

Its just something you put in your skirt! How can I ask Lin Jiali for it? Shes going to think Im a pervert."

Su Yang typed to Little Hus, [Are you sure this thing works? If its an ordinary item, I dont want it!)

Little Huss voice sounded in Su Yangs ears, "The scent is very strong. Although its not as strong as the scent that Deeny and Pool had back then, its still more fragrant than the regular ones we usually see."

Su Yang was speechless.


This item is so awesome!

How can I leave it behind?

After hesitating for some time, Su Yang decided that he didnt want to let go of the opportunity.

However, he also didnt intend to force it. Instead, he was looking for a good reason to ask for this leg ring Thinking this way, Su Yang took Lin Jialis bag and sat in the corner, lowering his head as he thought about something to say. Soon, Lin Jiali finished filming her own scene and drank the water from her assistant as she walked over.

Her scenes werent that long in the first place so it didnt take too long. The only reason it took so long was because her acting was a little off and she disliked how Bubbles spoke to her about it.

When she returned to the corner of the set, she saw Su Yang sitting on the side while holding her bag

When she saw him, her eyes sparkled with light. She quickly handed the water back to her assistant and began making her way over.

She quietly walked up behind Su Yang, stretched out her delicate hand in an attempt to tap Su Yangs shoulders so she could scare


However, her intentions had been exposed by [Heavens Eye) As soon as her hand was about to touch his shoulders, Su Yang suddenly turned around and screamed, "Awww!" Su Yangs voice and movement startled Lin Jiali. She got shocked and shrieked before collapsing onto Su Yang since her legs gave out.

Su Yang just wanted to scare her in return but not to this extent. Seeing her fall, he extended his arms to catch her.

At that instant, the gentle but faint fragrance of a woman wafted into Su Yangs nose.

Su Yang was mesmerized for about two seconds before losing balance, falling to the ground with her in his arms. "Ouch!"


Two screams were heard as Su Yang and Lin Jiali fell down to the ground.

Lin Jialis assistant was still standing not far away with her water, watching coldly as the events unfolded before her.

At first, she looked worried when she saw Lin Jiali quietly walking over.

It wasnt because Lin Jiali was unpredictable so she knew something would happen. Instead, it was because she was worried about the relationship between Lin Jiali and the young man in front of her

She had been Lin Jialis assistant for more than two years. Except for the two agents who had left before her, she had stayed with Lin Jiali almost every day so she would occasionally handle Lin Jialis affairs.

However, shed never seen Lin Jiali so close to a member of the opposite sex.

Although it didnt seem to be more than a regular friendship. The relationship seemed rather vague and looked like it would get out of hand.

That was why she had been paying attention to Lin Jiali and Su Yangs behaviour.

However, she saw them fall to the ground. In her eyes, Lin Jiali and the young man hugged each other. Lin Jiali was riding atop the young man who was protecting her with one hand, while his other hand was placed on her white leg!

This! Its unbearable!

The female assistants mind was about to explode!

She didnt care if it was an accident or not, this just couldnt happen! Lin Jiali was an actress!

She hurriedly went over and helped Lin Jiali up. While she was concerned about Lin Jialis injury, she used her body to separate Lin Jiali from Su Yang

Lin Jiali had someone to help her but Su Yang was still lying on the ground in embarrassment. His legs had been pinned down during the fall and he was struggling.

After being helped up by her assistant, Lin Jialis face flushed with a hint of unnatural shyness as her heart beat faster. She didnt expect such an intimate encounter with Su


However, when she saw Su Yang attempting to get up from the ground, her gaze softened and she pushed her assistant away while she was giving her a dusting. Lin Jiali walked forward and extended her hand to Su Yang.

While Su Yang was struggling to get up, he looked up and saw a hand stretched out in front of him. He smiled and helped himself up by holding Lin Jialis hand.

He wasnt as delicate as he seemed. He was struggling because Lin Jiali fell on top of him in an awkward position and twisted his hip. So after standing up, Su Yang put his hands around his waist and took a deep breath. "Hiss, it really hurts a bit."

Seeing him like this, Lin Jiali asked with slight concern, "Are you okay?"

Su Yang waved his hand with a strong smile. "Its nothing."

Seeing that Lin Jiali wanted to check on her injuries, Su Yang took advantage of how concerned she seemed to make a request, "Idol. I have a request, I wonder Can you accept it?" As she supported his waist so he could stand up, Lin Jiali asked without even bothering to look up at him, "What is it?"

Su Yang replied, "I actually have a sister in the family. She, bar none, grew up in the countryside and has never seen a pretty girls clothes or accessories."

"You Can you give her your leg ring?"

Lin Jiali was stunned for a moment, and she smiled carelessly. "Okay! Its nothing. Its just a leg loop! I have so many, Ill give her a few then."

Su Yang was speechless.

Su Yang couldnt be tossed about the others. All he needed was the one Lin Jiali was currently wearing.

With that in mind, he said while slightly embarrassed, "Ahem, my sister loves the movie so I was wondering if she could have the one youre currently wearing on your thigh. After all, shell see it in the movie."

Lin Jiali was a little embarrassed this time. Although it wasnt something private, it was still something she wore on her skin, making it a little inconvenient.

Su Yangs face was also a little red. He regretted his request. In fact, he incredibly regretted it. Its just a special item! Its not like I dont have other special items! This is too embarrassing! It made me look like a pervert!

How did I mess up in my mind to convince myself I had to have this hoop?!

Why didnt I make up a better reason? What kind of shit reason is that? How the hell is my sister supposed to love this movie when nobody even knows about this shitty movie?

Im finished. My reputation in this world is going to be ruined.

Just when Su Yang was deep in thought, Lin Jiali bit her lower lip, blushed, and put her hand into her skirt for a moment before taking out a leg ring. She turned away from her face, not daring to look at Su Yang as she shoved the leg ring into Su Yangs hand like how she gave him her bag earlier. "He-here you go." Receiving the leg ring that still radiated Lin Jialis body temperature, Su Yang looked at her and noticed that her pretty ears were shyly pink. The fluff on her ears on the other hand, seemed to be quivering with shyness as well.

Su Yang gulped, feeling as if the atmosphere was a little too vague, making it a little awkward.

Was it just because of the fall earlier? Everything is different.

He didnt dare to think about it. He was busy clutching the leg ring he was holding as he thanked Lin Jiali. "Ill thank you for my sister!"

He was a little loud when he spoke, probably due to being nervous but it was still deafening! It made Lin Jiali even more embarrassed. Ive already given you what you want and youre still lying Su Yang didnt dare to look at Lin Jiali, and picked Goldy the little demon cat who was staying in the corner before he said, "Ill come back to see you in two days."

Then he ran out of the set without looking back.

After Su Yang left, Lin Jialis tense body gradually relaxed.

She exhaled a few deep breaths and covered her chest with her hand, calming her heart that was beating rapidly just now while cursing herself in her heart. Lin Jiali, Lin Jiali! Why did you give it to him! You cant just give that to anyone! You even took it off for him in public! Shame on you!

However, when she thought of the way Su Yang reached out to protect her when she fell down earlier, and the way he lied to beg for her leg ring, Lin Jiali couldnt help but blush again.

What happened to me just now Whats going on here? Why does everything seem so strange?

Lin Jialis assistant had been standing on the side and witnessed the whole thing. She had a cold glint in her eye as she felt that things were developing more and more toward an unexpected direction.

These two actually had a breakthrough in their relationship right under her nose. From friends turning sour to a slightly ambiguous relationship.

How can this be?!

The female assistant remembered Su Yang asking for Lin Jialis leg ring. To think she actually gave it to him made her even more furious!

This man is a freak! Pervert! Who would ever ask for a girls body jewellery!

Its even worse since Lin Jiali was about to give him her spare jewellery but he had the nerve to ask for the one on her body!

Tell me! If thats not perverted, what is?!

Thinking about this, the assistant couldnt help but remember what Lin Jiali and herself spoke about Su Yangs identity. It seems like she said he was a fan of hers and a hardcore fan at that!

A fan without any idol merch? Impossible!

Him contacting Lin Jiali isnt that simple after all

Having worked as an assistant to Lin Jiali for a few years, she was well aware that Lin Jialis smart and beautiful look was just an illusion created by her appearance. At heart, Lin Jiali was actually a comical and simple little girl. Her mental state was also affected by the possible stress over the years. Because of this, the female assistant was really afraid of what Su Yang would do to her and if he were to cause irreparable damage to her heart.

Thinking of this, the assistants eyes were filled with determination. She had to keep this perverted fan away from Lin Jiali and protect her from herself!

At this time, Su Yang was still unaware that he had been labelled as a perverted male fan by her assistant.

He took a taxi and went straight home.

The reason he left so quickly was unknown to him as well.He just felt a little off his game today so it was better for him to stay away from the film set. The film set is toxic

Back home, Su Yang went into the virtual space and pulled out the leg ring from his pocket.

The leg ring was very simple. It was just a small ring made of leather and looked like a small belt. There was no extra decoration on it. It was both simple and elegant.

The first thing I need to do is to take a look at it and make sure its this leg ring that has the scent.

Little Hus, who had been spinning in the drum in the washing machine, looked confused. Isnt this discovery due to me? Why am I being punished? I havent even finished my 23rd painting for Janet yet

Su Yang wouldnt say anything He was just angry with it.

Taking the leg ring to the study, Su Yang didnt have the slightest hesitation to call up the addition process. After taking the trouble and almost being treated as a pervert before getting this leg ring If I even hesitated before adding points to it, Id be better off dead! With the addition system turned on, a translucent [+] appeared above the leg ring.

Su Yangs hand tapped on it, and with a flicker of light, the point addition was completed without any cards.

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