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1942 British Territory Australia

City of Perth

Prince Arthur's Mansion

In the office, a 13-year-old boy signed papers with a serious face, he had golden hair as if each strand of hair was made of the purest gold, His Two Blue Eyes shone like diamonds, a beautiful face that would easily charm any woman, with the height of 1m and 70cm that was high for age made him look older.

Suddenly breaking the calm of the office, the old phone began to vibrate and make ringing sounds, Arthur took his glasses off his face and took the old phone and put it in his ear.

Arthur spent ten minutes talking on the old phone and then hung up, he leaned against the black armchair as he placed his hand on his forehead.

"Tsk! Right now, Uncle." Arthur thought he felt the enormous headache coming in the future. The call came from his uncle's butler, Alfred warning that his uncle, Jorge IV had been ill for a month and his condition is getting worse every day. King George IV requested his presence in the United Kingdom.

For Arthur that news was one of the worst that could be received in these times of war, the King of the greatest power in the world is on the brink of death. This news could affect the entire Second World War, which has been going on for over two years now.

The victims are already disastrous, millions of lives have been lost in the midst of this war. The world was on fire from the war, the allies with the two greatest powers of the world fought fiercely against Axis troops without giving space.

"Anne, get my clothes and luggage ready, I'm going to the UK tomorrow," Arthur told Anne, who walked into his office wearing her usual clothes

"Yes, Prince Arthur." Listening to Arthur, Anne spoke with respect as she bowed and then left the office in silence.

"Raizer." In Arthur's words, Raizer entered the office wearing a black Military suit with a One Lion medal on her chest.

"Your Royal Highness, what are your orders," Raizer spoke with the serious expression on his face as he looked at Arthur with a look full of respect.

"Tomorrow I'll go to the UK, if any of those lunatics make a move, you can execute the Traitor Termination Protocol," Arthur spoke with a cool smile for Raizer.

Hearing Arthur's words, Raizer felt his heart grow cold with fear and nodded his head and then saluted before leaving the room.

Seeing Raizer leaving, Arthur got up from his armchair and left his office with slow steps, he walked towards his room. Shortly after, Arthur opened the door to his room and saw a beautiful woman with curly blond hair, sleeping peacefully on the large bed of red satin sheets.

Arthur sat beside the bed and watched Marilyn sleep peacefully with a little smile on his lips.

Arthur then lovingly straightened her silky hair while gently kissing her lips, which made her slowly open her ocean blue eyes.

"Darling why you woke me up, I'm still tired from last night," Marilyn speaks with a very charming smile for Arthur.

"I've come to warn you, I'm going to the United Kingdom tomorrow. My uncle has summoned me to Buckingham Palace." Arthur spoke fondly to Marilyn as he stroked her beautiful face.

Listening to Arthur, Marilyn just showed a beautiful smile full of Happiness and hugged him tightly while whispering a few words from his ear.

"I'm glad you let me know, but you can rest assured I'll be in Australia waiting for you to come back," Marilyn spoke sweetly showing Arthur a beautiful smile.

With Marilyn's confirmation, Arthur knew everything was ready for his trip and now he's just waiting for tomorrow to come.

The other day off tomorrow, Chelsea port.

Arthur dressed in his blue imperial clothes, with a heap of medals on his chest, waved his hand to the crowd of one hundred thousand people shouting with joy as he showed a very kind smile to all his citizens.

The people's love and dependence on Arthur was no joke, unlike his past life, Britain did not go through difficult times because of the great embezzlement in the British coffers.

In those two years, in addition to turning Australia into a territory extremely protected by Water, Land, and Air. Arthur started a company called [Hope] which had its main profits from the sale of war weapons.
for visiting.

Although Arthur doesn't remember what modern weapons were like in detail, he knew the principles and then only gave the ideas to his private scientist group.

With everything ready, it didn't take long for weapons that had more precision and more firepower to appear in the hands of Royal Australian soldiers.

With this, the sale of war weapons was very well accepted by the Allied Countries, giving Billions of net profits to Australia. Some countries that could not pay sold their own land so they could have some warlike power to protect themselves against the Axis.

Arthur then gave his profit of 60% from the sale of the war weapons to the United Kingdom. The reason was quite simple, he was taught from an early age that a Prince's duty was to protect his people, to give the basic rights a human being should receive, clean water, food and a roof over their heads.

Outside the United Kingdom, he is considered a merchant of death Who seeks profit upon the death of millions in war, but within the United Kingdom, he is loved and adored for having given food and shelter in these times of war.

Arthur looked at the crowd of One Hundred Thousand people showing smiles full of joy and euphoria, he felt that all his hard work in those two years was worth it.

He just waved his hand to the crowd and showed a beautiful smile on his face and then boarded the destroyer Lorel, who would be escorted by over ten warships to the UK.

With a loud horn, the Counter-Torpedoer set sail from Chelse's post escorted by more than Ten Warships, his destination would be the capital of the world's most powerful power, London United Kingdom.

A week later

Atlantic Ocean

Arthur, who was sitting on the bow of Loreal's backbencher, eating his breakfast very calmly, he held the cup of tea while enjoying the breeze of the cold wind beating in his face.


Listening to the Cannon Sounds away from him, Arthur looked in the direction of the shots with a cold light passing his beautiful blue eyes.

"Reporting to His Royal Highness Arthur! five kilometers away from destroyer Lorel has been sighted, a transport ship escorted by four warships is being bombed by enemy ships of the Axis." A soldier quickly arrived in front of Arthur and saluted as he reported the whole situation that was happening.

"What flag of the ships being bombed." Taking another sip of his tea, Arthur asked calmly.

"The crest of the Swedish royal family, My Prince." The soldier reported with a serious face.

"How many enemy ships?" Hearing it was the Royal Family of Sweden, Arthur asked the imperial soldier.

"There are five Standard Warships, Your Royal Highness." The soldier spoke showing a face full of seriousness.

Hearing the numbers of Enemy Ships, Arthur began to make countless simulations within his mind, calculating the number of losses.

"Prepare all weapons and cannons, we are going to help our allies." After thinking for a while, Arthur decided to help the royal family of Sweden.

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