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The next day.

In the morning.

At a theater in Beijing.

“It’s time for work.”

“Little Liu, do a check on the equipment.”

“Little Wang, how many movies are screening today?”

“Just four, but most of the sessions are for Frozen.”

“Hai, to give an animated film such a screening rate, will it really work out? Will people really watch it?”

“Sister Han, the ticket bookings have been tabulated!”

“What are the ticket sales for today?”

“They’re all sold out!”

“What? Sold out?”

“The tickets for all of Frozen’s showtimes have been sold out.”

“Huh? There are people buying tickets for the morning sessions too?”

“Damn, just how many fans does Teacher Zhang have!”


In a theater.


“Isn’t that Director Li Ke?”

“He’s here?”

“Ah, I saw Xu Meilan!”

“Sister Lan also came to support the movie?”

“And Jiang Hanwei too! That’s Jiang Hanwei, right?”

“It’s him. Old Jiang has also been filming a show in Shanghai recently.”

“That theater is booked for the day. The attendees are all celebrities.”


New York.

Several Hollywood animation directors came together in a group.

These people were all well-known animation directors in Hollywood. One of them was even the director of a Top 3 animated film of all time at the Hollywood box office, even though its earnings weren’t that much compared to Hollywood live-action movies.

“Are we really going to watch it?”

“Come on, let’s have a look.”

“It cost 200 million dollars to make, so I would like to see what he came up with.”

“I don’t have much hope for it.”

“The new directors are all too arrogant for their own good.”

“Yeah, who doesn’t know how tough it is to make an animated film? As someone who has only made a live-action movie, what does he know about animated films? What does he know about Hollywood animated films?”



“Who is that?”


“Lillian brought her family here to watch a movie?”

“Is she going to watch Potter’s new movie?”

“Surely? She has a guest role in that movie, after all.”

“Eh, that’s not right. She didn’t go into that cinema hall!”

“That cinema hall is—the VIP cinema hall for Frozen?”

“What? Lillian is going to watch Zhang Ye’s animated film?”

“Lillian has actually come to support Zhang Ye’s movie on its premiere day? She’s not even going to watch the movie she acted in?”

“Uh, it’s making me wanna watch Frozen as well.”

“Why don’t we also buy a ticket for it?”


At a downtown theater.

Several acquaintances bumped into each other in the crowd.

“Ah, Kyoko.”

“Ah, Seki-chan?”

“Editor Fujita, what are you also doing here?”

“Ahem, you all came to watch Frozen too? Weren’t you all calling to boycott Zhang Ye at the editorial department yesterday? You were so hyped about the boycott, so what are you are doing here!”

“No, that’s you! You’re always the first person to criticize Zhang Ye’s new works, but aren’t you here too?”

“I’m just curious, aren’t I?”

“Hai, we were curious too.”

“Keep this matter a secret. We never saw each other.”

“Uh, OK.”


At a media session.

Many media personnel had come, with quite a few film critics among them. When everyone got seated in the theater, they took out their pens and notebooks and got ready to write their reviews of the movie.

“This farce is finally coming to an end.”

“Yeah, Zhang Ye was too impulsive this time.”

“Everything was actually going very well for him in the international entertainment scene.”

“Who let him challenge the Hollywood directors?”

“The movie hasn’t even started yet. Talk after we finish watching it.”

“Is there still a need to watch it? Do you really think that he can win?”

“During the Nobel Prize award ceremony, during the premiere of Wolf Warrior 2, during the time Man vs. Wild was showing, I’ve always stood on the losing side by writing my drafts in advance. So I’ve decided this time that as long as it’s a report on Zhang Ye, I will only write my drafts after I’ve watched to the end. This is a very special person we’re talking about.”

On the Web.

Netizens from all over the world appeared.

Quite a few social media personalities also joined the festivities. They used their own ways to share this moment of the ultimate bet between Zhang Ye and the Hollywood directors by livestreaming to their fans.

“It’s starting!”

“The live text commentary for Frozen is beginning now!”

“I’ve arrived at the theater, and I’ll be updating everyone on how Zhang Ye’s new movie turns out, haha.”

“Two minutes and counting down!”

“The lights have dimmed! I can’t wait!”

“Everyone, wait for my video review.”

“The worst animated film with the largest budget in history will be coming soon!”

On the day of the premiere.

Media outlets from around the world were all in attendance.

The entire world’s industry insiders were paying attention to this.

Many normal people also went to watch the movie at the earliest showtime.

Zhang Ye’s sisters.

Xu Meilan.


Fan Wenli.

Jiang Hanwei.

Zhang Xia.

Many of Zhang Ye’s family and friends had come to catch the premiere.

A lot of people knew how capable Zhang Ye was and what he could do, but his opponents this time were simply too good. That 700 million USD box office movie that Wilson directed had backed Zhang Ye into a tight corner. They had never seen Zhang Ye lose before, but they knew even the most capable person couldn’t keep winning forever. If there was ever a time when Zhang Ye would lose, then it would probably be this day.

At this time.

Frozen premiered around the world.

When the first scene played, many people were taken by surprise.

On the screen.

“Elsa. Elsa! Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.”

“Anna, go back to sleep.”

“I just can’t. The sky’s awake, so I’m awake, so we have to play.”

“Go play by yourself.”

“Do you want to build a snowman?”


“Come on, come on, come on, come on! Do the magic! Do the magic!”


“This is amazing!”

“Watch this!”



The theater burst into an uproar.

“Oh my God!”

“What kinds of visuals are these?”

“It looks exquisite, doesn’t it?”

“The character designs are so pretty!”

“These two girls are so cute!”

“I’ve never seen an animation with such good visuals before!”

“This looks like it was really made frame by frame!”

“So this is what 200 million USD can make?”

“Zhang Ye is such a wastrel. He’s so bold to spend money like that!”

“Yeah, no one else would dare to spend as much as he has!”

“Ah, Anna’s hurt!”

On the screen.

The story continued developing.

Anna’s memory was altered.

Elsa was confined to the castle and isolated from others.

Everything had calmed down and seemingly returned to normal.

“Do you want to build a snowman? / Come on, let’s go and play. / I never see you anymore. / Come out the door. / It’s like you’ve gone away. We used to be best buddies / And now we’re not. / I wish you would tell me why. / Do you want to build a snowman. / It doesn’t have to be a snowman.”

Elsa said, “Go away, Anna.”

Anna sang dejectedly, “OK, bye.”

When this song played, it surprised countless moviegoers around the world once more.

New York.

The Hollywood animated film directors were stunned.


“Why is there music?”

“It has tied music into the plot and dialogue?”

“Can it even be done this way?”

“Woode, has anyone made an animated film in this way before?”

“I think—it’s never been done like this before!”

“Zhang Ye really does know how to make a Hollywood animated film!”

“This does have the style of Hollywood! Yet it’s not quite the same!”


At the theater that Zhang Ye’s sisters were.


“Anna is so cute!”

“It’s such a good song!”

“Why is this song so good!”

“They’re both so adorable!”

“I thought this was going to be a sad story, but when the song played, why does it change the entire mood of everything? They even used the lyrics as their lines?”

“This animated musical was made by our brother?”

“Oh, our amazing brother!”


Lillian’s family was rather surprised.

“So how is it? I wasn’t wrong in bringing you all to watch this, right?”

“Sis, that Chinese friend of yours is so impressive.”

“I’m sure this opening has captured everyone’s attention.”

“Is this a brand new type of animated musical? It’s truly unimaginable.”

Lillian smiled and said, “This fellow has always had a lot of guts to try out new things. But even with what we’ve seen, it might not be enough to outdo those Hollywood directors. Let’s see what else he has up his sleeves for the rest of the movie.”

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Chapter 434: Whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed! Chapter 435: Famous virus Panda Burning Incense! Chapter 436: Creation of the Virus Completed! Chapter 437: Attack of the Virus! Chapter 438: Red Alert at the Global Malware Protection Center! Chapter 439: I don't care! Chapter 440: The virus rages on! Chapter 441: The world's top 10 viruses! Chapter 442: The inexorable panda! Chapter 443: Panda Burning Incense's multiple variants! Chapter 444: Extermination! Chapter 445: We do not accept your surrender! Chapter 446: The aftermath of the virus, a suffering of heavy losses! Chapter 447: The world's most dangerous computer viruses rankings! Chapter 448: World Hacker Rankings! Chapter 449: Wanted Globally! Chapter 450: Aunt's Family has a Problem Chapter 451: The despised comrade Little Zhang! Chapter 452: Septwolves' Advertisement Tagline! Chapter 453: What does your brother do!? Chapter 454: A Stunning tiny Blogshop! Chapter 455: My goal is the Sea of Stars! Chapter 456: Babysitter Zhang Ye! Chapter 457: A terrifying amount of Reputation Points! Chapter 458: Leveling up in Taiji Fist again! Chapter 459: A big prize! Chapter 460: The most stringent ban in history! Chapter 461: Going to be dropped! Chapter 462: Notions of the People! Chapter 463: Only so much! Chapter 464: Where is the way out? Chapter 465: Zhang Ye does not dare show his face? Chapter 466: About to Drop out of the C-list Celebrity Rankings? Chapter 467: No matter where the winds blow! Chapter 468: Reputation actually grew! Chapter 469: Another masterpiece of Li Bai! Chapter 470: If by life you were deceived Chapter 471: Fellow sufferers! Chapter 472: Let's go, off to sign up! Chapter 473: Time for a counteroffensive! Chapter 474: Zhang Ye's Big Move! Chapter 475: Lowering Difficulty by Five Times! Chapter 476: Huge Blunder! Chapter 477: Got onto a live broadcast? Chapter 478: The madness of Central TV! Chapter 479: A crosstalk performance 7-8 years ahead of its time! Chapter 480: I am a Scholar! Chapter 481: Embodiment of Guo Degang! Chapter 482: The first preliminary round has ended! Chapter 483: First! Chapter 484: This is what a man of God is! Chapter 485: Second Work is Decided! Chapter 486: I will reject the Three Vulgarities! Chapter 487: Arrival of the Jinx! Chapter 488: The Disparaging Begins! Chapter 489: This is what Crosstalk is about! Chapter 490: Judges chased off by scoldings! Chapter 491: The King without a crown! Chapter 492: Whatever goes! Chapter 493: Voices from everywhere! Chapter 494: Arrival of the 3rd Crosstalk performance! Chapter 495: A compilation of Guo Degang's crosstalks! Chapter 496: Scolding and scolding. Scolding all the way! Chapter 497: Wave after wave of destruction! Chapter 498: I don't know speed recital? Chapter 499: Champions! Chapter 500: The crosstalk and skit competition gets called off! Chapter 501: Wooing Sis Wu! Chapter 502: A traveler's necessity novel "Legend of Wukong"! Chapter 503: A new work! Chapter 504: I want the sky to not cover my eyes! Chapter 505: Well received reactions! Chapter 506: Zhang Ye's wondrous way of cooking up publicity! Chapter 507: The year's greatest scolding war! Chapter 508: Photographing again! Chapter 509: Confessing to Old Wu! Chapter 510: I'm willing to become the stone bridge for 500 years! Chapter 511: Holding hands! Chapter 512: Love Token Chapter 513: The International Math Olympiad! Chapter 514: You must have calculated that with a calculator? Chapter 515: Zhang Ye's nationalistic youth spirit! Chapter 516: One of the world's Top 10 Mathematical Conjectures! Chapter 517: Fermat's Last Theorem! Chapter 518: Declaring war on the Mathematics world with "On Horses"! Chapter 519: Never afraid of a big mess! Chapter 520: Zhang Ye Solving a Mathematical Conjecture! Chapter 521: A shocking hypothesis! Chapter 522: Zhang Ye the Mathematician! Chapter 523: All the mathematicians were constantly feeling stunned! Chapter 524: An Omni-directional shockwave! Chapter 525: The proof, completed! Chapter 526: A global mathematical conjecture has been proven! Chapter 527: I find that thumb ring to be quite attractive! Chapter 528: Chinese is what I'm good at! Chapter 529: A token of love! Chapter 530: Blank Chapter 531: People across the nation were stunned! Chapter 532: People across the country were stunned again! Chapter 533: People across the country continued to be stunned! Chapter 534: People across the nationwere no longer affected by anything! Chapter 535: Blank Chapter 536: Unbanned? Chapter 537: Never, ever compromise! Chapter 538: Zhang Ye's The Road Not Taken! Chapter 539: Zhang Ye's retort! Chapter 540: The Difficulty Adjustment Die's ultimate power! Chapter 541: Return of the.....Jinx! Chapter 542: Settling scores! Chapter 543: New novel's contract! Chapter 544: B-list! Chapter 545: The Most Popular Celebrity Awards! Chapter 546: Voting begins! Chapter 547: The laurel of the Most Unpopular Celebrity Award! Chapter 548: Upgrade unlocked for the game ring's system! Chapter 549: New Lottery Draw! Chapter 550: The most sought after elective class! Chapter 551: The Youngest Associate Professor in the Country! Chapter 552: The country's sixth world-class mathematician! Chapter 553: A small conflict! Chapter 554: A big conflict! Chapter 555: Troublemaker Zhang Ye! Chapter 556: Shielding the helpless! Chapter 557: Teacher Zhang Ye is quite the interesting person! Chapter 558: Changing the script? Chapter 559: Public outcry! Chapter 560: Wait a moment! Chapter 561: Why Should I Forgive You! Chapter 562: The speech that got to see the light of day once more! Chapter 563: The whole audience cheers! Chapter 564: The Peking University's Students' Epic Act! Chapter 565: Didn't I say to not let me give the speech! Chapter 566: Leaving Peking University! Chapter 567: Incident Details Exposed! Chapter 568: The students go on strike! Chapter 569: Saying Goodbye to Peking University Again! Chapter 570: Charismatic as ever! Chapter 571: The three greatest virtues of Old Wu! Chapter 572: A new job arrives! Chapter 573: To help or not to help? Chapter 574: The most frightening 'Quit Smoking' advertisement in history? Chapter 575: Unable to finish? Chapter 576: Tempting Fate! Chapter 577: Ad finished! Chapter 578: This old lady is the Station Head? Chapter 579: Petrified! Chapter 580: Ill have a smoke to calm my nerves! Chapter 581: Scaring the whole country! Chapter 582: Why is it Zhang Ye again! Chapter 583: The Darling of the Advertising World! Chapter 584: The Heavenly Queen Comes to Visit! Chapter 585: The scenery is better over here! Chapter 586: You guys are touring my house! Chapter 587: Pandemonium! Chapter 588: Soaking wet bush lily! Chapter 589: Return to the television station? Chapter 590: Beijing Television Station's three visits to the thatched cottage! Chapter 591: Dong Shanshan has resigned! Chapter 592: A Singing Program? Chapter 593: Do You Remember Chapter 594: Launch of a new program! Chapter 595: Dong Shanshan and her family are shocked! Chapter 596: The host who never needed a script Chapter 597: The Appointed Host! Chapter 598: An old classmate's appreciation! Chapter 599: The Upgraded Effects of the Lucky Halo! Chapter 600: Invitation from the crew of Grandmasters! Chapter 601: Acting audition? Chapter 602: Are you, like, a professional actor? Chapter 603: Zhang Ye's Eight Trigrams Palm! Chapter 604: Landing the Role! Chapter 605: The consciousness of a teacher of the people is higher Chapter 606: Authentic Taiji Fist! Chapter 607: Now this is Taiji Fist! Chapter 608: You guys win! Chapter 609: Countdown to the movie's release! Chapter 610: Day of the Premiere! Chapter 611: Grandmasters' box office earnings! Chapter 612: Premiere episode of Do You Remember! Chapter 613: Crossing Half of China to Sleep with You! Chapter 614: Becoming a B-list celebrity! Chapter 615: Reporters from nationwide clog the gates! Chapter 616: A short poem from Bingxin! Chapter 617: Chenchen's guardian called to school for a meeting! Chapter 618: Wondrous math problem from the Previous World! Chapter 619: Philosophy behind the math problem! Chapter 620: Genuflecting! Chapter 621: Witnessing a celebrity's appearance! Chapter 622: Heated discussions about the wondrous math problem on the Internet! Chapter 623: Ticked off by the elementary school teachers! Chapter 624: Zhang Ye's wondrous math lecture! Chapter 625: Question after question, the math questions that made everyone vomit blood! Chapter 626: The Peking University math teacher also genuflects! Chapter 627: Playing the Lottery Draw again! Chapter 628: The olive branch held out by Central TV! Chapter 629: Signing the contract with Central TV! Chapter 630: Return of the Jinx! Chapter 631: Executive Director Zhang Ye! Chapter 632: The troublesome Little Chenchen! Chapter 633: Entirely new program birthed! Chapter 634: The Speed of Zhang Ye's Writeup of the Program Proposal! Chapter 635: No Optimism for The Voice? Chapter 636: The show is approved! Chapter 637: Public outcry! Chapter 638: Pulling for Advertising Sponsorships! Chapter 639: Would you believe it? Chapter 640: The Voice's Astronomical Title Sponsorship Fee! Chapter 641: Coaches invited to join! Chapter 642: Guest Coaches List! Chapter 643: Dissolving the program team? Chapter 644: Zhang Ye's name is worth 100 million! Chapter 645: The most prestigious lineup of coaches in history! Chapter 646: On fire even before the broadcast! Chapter 647: These are the contestants you guys picked? Chapter 648: Confirmation of the first-seeded contestant! Chapter 649: Open calls for The Voice begin! Chapter 650: An absurd voice! Chapter 651: Why'd you get an old man here for? Chapter 652: I teach physical education! Chapter 653: The four "wonders"! Chapter 654: Countdown to the recording! Chapter 655: Arrival of The Voice's Theme Song! Chapter 656: The speed of Zhang Ye's songwriting! Chapter 657: The "Little Leader" of the program team! Chapter 658: The unsellable advertisements Chapter 659: The broadcast of the program moved up ahead of time! Chapter 660: A bold decision! Chapter 661: Blue-collar worker Zhang Ye! Chapter 662: What do you do when you catch a cold? Chapter 663: The Voice starts recording! Chapter 664: A shoddy program? Chapter 665: Zhang Ye's Rebuttal: Admiring the Mountains![1.] Chapter 666: Fighting with his peers again! Chapter 667: Setting the whole studio ablaze! Chapter 668: What sort of a tongue do you have! Chapter 669: The irreplaceable host! Chapter 670: A Four-chair Turn! Chapter 671: The tears of Luo Yu's parents! Chapter 672: A tug of war between the coaches! Chapter 673: The second contestant comes on stage! Chapter 674: Starring Qian Pingfan in the finale! Chapter 675: A laborer contestant? Chapter 676: Astounding the entire venue! Chapter 677: The selection battle! Chapter 678: The first episode's recording has ended! Chapter 679: I know someone in senior management! Chapter 680: Shocking the world with speed reading! Chapter 681: Into the ranks of the top hosts! Chapter 682: Creating a sensation! Chapter 683: Yet another record breaking high! Chapter 684: The night that belonged to The Voice! Chapter 685: The End! Chapter 686: The viewership ratings that shocked the whole country! Chapter 687: Number 1 in the nation! Chapter 688: Highly sought after! Chapter 689: The country's citizens imitate! Chapter 690: The show's second episode! Chapter 691: Controversy over the second episode's viewership! Chapter 692: Broadcast! Chapter 693: Grandpa, could you cut it out!? Chapter 694: Zhou Danian! Zhou Danian! Chapter 695: The second episode's viewership ratings released! Chapter 696: The Higher Education Entrance Examination Board's Invitation! Chapter 697: The Chinese Literature team approaches too! Chapter 698: Starting to set the questions! Chapter 699: Shocked examinees! Chapter 700: Operation Send Zhang Ye Home! Chapter 701: The difficulty of Zhang Ye's questions! Chapter 702: Celebratory feast! Chapter 703: The teachers' friendly contest? Chapter 704: A poetry duel? Chapter 705: Little Zhang Unleashed! Chapter 706: Husband Missing Wife! Chapter 707: Marvelous, hidden palindrome poem! Chapter 708: The date of the college entrance examination has come! Chapter 709: The first day of the exam is over! Chapter 710: The most difficult exam in history! Chapter 711: A difficulty that brings the examinees to tears! Chapter 712: Down with Zhang Ye! Chapter 713: The average scores of the Beijing examinees are published! Chapter 714: The National Higher Education Entrance Examination Board wants to invite Zhang Ye too? Chapter 715: Meeting Wu Zeqing Chapter 716: Zhang Ye's Classroom is back! Chapter 717: Zhang Ye, you've really won! Chapter 718: A hardworking comic! Chapter 719: An independent woman! Chapter 720: Tsinghua and Peking University fight over the students! Chapter 721: Zhang Ye shows up! Chapter 722: Rage smash! Chapter 723: Smash! Smash! Smash! Chapter 724: Thick as thieves! Chapter 725: An urban legend of the entertainment industry! Chapter 726: The Voice wraps up! Chapter 727: Skyrocketing popularity! Good preparation is the key to success! Chapter 728: A grand prize is drawn! (Beginning) Chapter 729: A grand prize is drawn! (Middle) Chapter 730: A grand prize is drawn! (End) Chapter 731: Meeting Wu Zeqing's family Chapter 732: The birth of Plants vs. Zombies! Chapter 733: The busy Zhang Ye! Chapter 734: Chenchen catches a thief! Chapter 735: Chenchen copies Zhang Ye's poem! Chapter 737: A family full of wondrous people! Chapter 738: The new show will launch soon! Chapter 739: Arguing with the leader again! Chapter 740: Director Zhang flies into a rage! Chapter 741: Prove to me that your mother is your mother! Chapter 742: Taunting whoever comes! Chapter 743: Silence can be very deafening as well! Chapter 744: Zhang Ye declares war! Chapter 745: The first person in this world! Chapter 746: A flame war begins! Chapter 747: The court's verdict! Chapter 748: Just who is the professional lawyer here!? Chapter 749: Quatrain for a Summer's Day! Chapter 750: Central TV Department 1 gets sued again! Chapter 751: From this day forward, I will no longer remain silent! Chapter 752: Zhang Ye takes the bar exam! Chapter 753: The National Judicial Examination begins! Chapter 754: The results of the National Judicial Examination are released! Chapter 755: Going down into the annals of the Judiciary! Chapter 756: Back to the office for work! Chapter 757: The impending reveal of the new game! Chapter 758: The debut of Plants vs. Zombies! Chapter 759: The organizers are alerted! Chapter 760: An instant hit! Chapter 761: This game is a Zhang Ye creation? Chapter 762: How lively it was! Chapter 763: Launch Day! Chapter 764: Rave reviews! Chapter 765: This guyis actually a professor? Chapter 766: Selling like crazy! Chapter 767: Steamrolled! Chapter 768: Pirated copies start appearing! Chapter 769: The pirates piss their pants! Chapter 770: Inviting Old Wu home Chapter 771: Marrying Old Wu next year? Chapter 772: Awarded the Abel Prize! Chapter 773: Zhang Ye turns hostile! Chapter 774: Something big has happened again! Chapter 775: Zhang Ye turns down the award! Chapter 776: Things are getting out of hand! Chapter 777: Johannes pays a visit! Chapter 778: His infamy spreads overseas! Chapter 779: Feats or faults, leave it to the future generations to judge for themselves! Chapter 780: Central TV Department 14? Chapter 781: Director Zhang looks for trouble! Chapter 782: Confrontation! Chapter 783: No one can do anything about Zhang Ye! Chapter 784: A rock in a privy, hard and stinky! [1.] Chapter 785: A legend of Media College! Chapter 786: Director Zhang's Taiji Fist! Chapter 787: Job reassignment orders have arrived! Chapter 788: Central TV's documentary channel! Chapter 789: What sort of place is this? Chapter 790: Designing a documentary! Chapter 791: A documentary that could sweep away all variety shows? Chapter 792: Oh, money! Chapter 793: Using the Lucky Halo again! Chapter 794: Here's 10 million! Spend it all! Chapter 795: The new show will be called Chapter 796: The cameras start rolling for A Bite of China! Chapter 797: Filming in progress! Chapter 798: I have not left yet! Chapter 799: Filming wraps for A Bite of China! Chapter 800: Da Hong Pao doesn't exist in this world? [1.] Chapter 801: Meeting an acquaintance at the scenic area Chapter 802: Buying the Da Hong Pao parent trees! Chapter 803: It's getting boisterous at Central TV! Chapter 804: A starving camel is still bigger than a horse! Chapter 805: The unveiling of A Bite of China! Chapter 806: Waiting to make a fool of someone? Chapter 807: Who can stop me! Chapter 808: Rotten Fruit! Chapter 809: This is a poem fit for a cultured civilization! [1.] Chapter 810: Broadcast! (Part 1) Chapter 811: Broadcast! (Part 2) Chapter 812: Broadcast! (Part 3) Chapter 813: Broadcast! (End) Chapter 814: The viewership ratings are out! Chapter 815: The entire world stills! Chapter 816: Giving the entire world a slap! Chapter 817: Celebration! Chapter 818: Scoring 200 million RMB worth of advertisements! Chapter 819: The war between a documentary and variety show industry! Chapter 820: Zhang Ye and Old Wu get caught in action! Chapter 821: They have Zhang Ye, isn't that more than enough? Chapter 822: The second week's broadcast! Chapter 823: An intense and close battle! Chapter 824: Calligraphy, Spring in Qin Garden: Snow (1/3) [1.] Chapter 825: Calligraphy, Spring in Qin Garden: Snow (2/3) Chapter 826: Calligraphy, Spring in Qin Garden: Snow (3/3) Chapter 827: Oh my god! Chapter 828: Celebration! Chapter 829: Making history again! Chapter 830: Celebrity Chat Group Chapter 831: Seeking Zhang Ye's help! Chapter 832: Lei Feng's famous quote! Chapter 833: The Chinese Academy of Sciences' Invitation? Chapter 834: The respected teacher of the alma mater Chapter 835: A staggering acceptance speech from a different world! Chapter 836: Reactions! Chapter 837: 10 million followers on Weibo! Chapter 838: Appointed as the examiner? Chapter 839: Appointed as Associate Professor at Media College? Chapter 840: Fun at the exam hall Chapter 841: An old classmate in trouble! Chapter 842: Zhang Ye Enraged! (1/3) Chapter 843: Zhang Ye Enraged! (2/3) Chapter 844: Zhang Ye Enraged! (3/3) Chapter 845: Let's see which door I'm not allowed to enter! Chapter 846: What's that bitchy dowager doing here?! Chapter 847: The SARFT's search warrant! Chapter 848: The dust settles! Chapter 849: Zhang Ye's Talk at Media College! Chapter 850: Invitation to the Spring Festival Gala? Chapter 851: A class reunion Chapter 852: Too much to drink! Chapter 853: What a mess! Chapter 854: Crosstalk routine: I Want to Get on the Spring Festival Gala! Chapter 855: Dress rehearsal in progress! Chapter 856: You're really saying whatever just because we said you could say whatever? Chapter 857: Splendid! Chapter 858: No one's ever been a match when it comes to scolding! Chapter 859: Voting for the most popular celebrity! Chapter 860: Winning again! Chapter 861: Banning Zhang Ye from the Central TV annual staff party! Chapter 862: You cant avoid seeing me today even if you want to Chapter 863: Winning 20 prizes in a row at the annual staff party's lucky draw! Chapter 864: Winning 40 prizes in a row! Chapter 865: Winning endlessly! Chapter 866: Winning 70 prizes in a row! Chapter 867: And the grand prize goes to! Chapter 868: Indeed worthy of a legend! Chapter 869: Gifting! Chapter 870: The courier gets a great shock! Chapter 871: Da Hong Pao becomes famous! Chapter 872: The astronomical price of the tea leaves! Chapter 873: A Bite of China ends! A shocking viewership rating! Chapter 874: The crosstalk routine is confirmed! Chapter 875: Zhang Ye pokes fun at the Spring Festival Gala! (First Half) Chapter 876: Zhang Ye pokes fun at the Spring Festival Gala! (Second Half) Chapter 877: The run-up to Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala! Chapter 878: Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala begins! Chapter 879: Crosstalk routine: Everything is Great! Chapter 880: Laughing like crazy! Chapter 881: From talking to singing! Chapter 882: This is what a real crosstalk is! Chapter 883: A textbook crosstalk routine! Chapter 884: Sweeping aside all the other provincial stations' Spring Festival Galas! Chapter 885: Getting on the Top Chinese Music Chart! Chapter 886: A Letter to Home causes a massacre! Chapter 887: Zhang Ye, why don't you take over the skit! Chapter 888: Zhang Ye takes over for the skit! Chapter 889: The three greenhorns finalize their act! Chapter 890: The skit makes its appearance! Chapter 891: Skit: "Playing It Up"! (Beginning) Chapter 892: Skit: "Playing It Up"! (Middle) Chapter 893: Skit: "Playing It Up"! (End) Chapter 894: The gratitude of Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala! Chapter 895: The sporting world declares war on Zhang Ye! Chapter 896: Stop vilifying the national table tennis team, OK? Chapter 897: Zhang Ye's combat strength shoots through the roof! Chapter 898: The sporting world brings in reinforcements? Chapter 899: It's fine, carry on scolding Chapter 900: The spam flooding (crashing the bar) regiment goes on the warpath! Chapter 901: Aiya, I've been hacked! Chapter 902: A-list? Chapter 903: Becoming an A-lister! Chapter 904: Becoming an A-lister even without a proper job? Chapter 905: Zhang Ye's live interview! Chapter 906: I'm Unfamiliar with this World! Chapter 907: The battle for the A-list rankings! Chapter 908: What do I know of determination? All I rely upon is stubborn endurance! Chapter 909: The Pollution Problem! Chapter 910: The Landlady Auntie's whereabouts! Chapter 911: Searching for Rao Aimin! Chapter 912: Damn, we actually found her! Chapter 913: Grandmaster Rao Aimin! Chapter 914: Arriving at the conference venue! Chapter 915: All-out brawl! Chapter 916: The shit stirrer of the Chinese martial arts world! Chapter 917: Zhang Ye versus the Kunlun Taoist! Chapter 918: The National Martial Arts Association steps in! Chapter 919: The appearance of Rao Aimin! Chapter 920: Zhang Ye, Enhanced Edition! (Beginning) Chapter 921: Zhang Ye, Enhanced Edition! (Middle) Chapter 922: Zhang Ye, Enhanced Edition! (End) Chapter 923: The National Martial Arts Conference begins! Chapter 924: The Eight Trigrams School arrives! Chapter 925: Rao Aimin's appearance! Chapter 926: Zhang Ye steps into battle! Chapter 927: Then I'll listen to you people! Chapter 928: Is the legacy of the Taiji Fist actually lost? Chapter 929: Deathmatch! Zhang Ye makes his appearance! Chapter 930: Rao Aimin's old flame? Chapter 931: Are 2,000 Taiji Fist Skill Experience Books enough? Chapter 932: The legendary grandmaster! Chapter 933: Zhang Ye's concealed power! Chapter 934: How do you know Taiji Fist!? Chapter 935: The successor of Taiji Fist appears! Chapter 936: The shit stirring duo! Chapter 937: Zhang Ye's speed! Chapter 938: A single man guards the pass! Chapter 939: Ten thousand men pass out! Chapter 940: Let's see who has more people today! Chapter 941: The large sects get annihilated! Chapter 942: Taking it up with the various large sects? Chapter 943: Attacking Shaolin! Chapter 944: Attacking Kunlun! Chapter 945: Old pal, open up! Chapter 946: Take this one 'alive'! Chapter 947: A man who strikes fear into the hearts of the martial arts community when mentioned! Chapter 948: Hiring an agent! Chapter 949: The battle of the agents! Chapter 950: A martial arts action star warns against Zhang Ye! Chapter 951: Rao Aimin comes to visit! Chapter 952: Old Rao, why don't you be my agent! Chapter 953: Xiaodong's birthday invitation! Chapter 954: Car crash! Chapter 955: Old Rao arrives! Chapter 956: Zhang Ye's wondrous agent! Chapter 957: Jiang Hanwei frightened into turning tail! Chapter 958: Her name is Rao Aimin! Chapter 959: The second successor of Taiji Fist appears? Chapter 960: Zhang Ye vs. Yang Shu! Chapter 961: Zhang Ye vs. Rao Aimin! Chapter 962: Gaining a junior martial sister out of nowhere! Chapter 963: A subordinate in trouble! Chapter 964: Barred from broadcast! Chapter 965: Let me bear the burden of these criticisms! Chapter 966: The press conference begins! Chapter 967: Zhang Ye's Documentary on Air Pollution in China! Chapter 968: A never-before-seen documentary! Chapter 969: Stay true to yourself! Chapter 970: Let's clear up this day a bit, just a little Chapter 971: Breaking 100 million views! Chapter 972: Who in these lands don't appreciate you! Chapter 973: Zhang Ye's apartment gets wrecked! Chapter 974: Tang Bohu's "Deathbed Poem" Chapter 975: Zhang Ye comes to the music industry? Chapter 976: A new job? Chapter 977: King of Masked Singers attacks! Chapter 978: The return of Zhang Ye! Chapter 979: On fire even before the broadcast! Chapter 980: Stop pretending to be an oil worker, you! Chapter 981: Mask: The Clown! Chapter 982: You want another song? Chapter 983: As a fifty-year-old pro driver, I am all smiles! Chapter 984: You have the cheek to call others weird? Chapter 985: A female celebrity in trouble Chapter 986: Zhang Ye steps in! Chapter 987: Why are they showing so much respect to Zhang Ye? Chapter 988: Martial Arts Master vs. Martial Arts Master! Chapter 989: Why are you guys so afraid of him? Chapter 990: The name of Zhang Ye is worth a 150 million! Chapter 991: The first song has been decided! Chapter 992: A madman! Chapter 993: The show begins! Chapter 994: The Clown takes the stage! Chapter 995: The Clown wins! Chapter 996: A last-minute song change by The Clown! Chapter 997: I am a beautiful, beautiful wild rose! Chapter 998: Birth of the first Masked King! Chapter 999: A few words from The Clown! Chapter 1000: Hero and Zero! Chapter 1001: King of Masked Singers premieres! Chapter 1002: The King of Masked Singers is on fire! Chapter 1003: Rankings and viewership ratings! Chapter 1004: The Clown gets called out? Chapter 1005: The Clown's two songs! Chapter 1006: The Clown vs. Petal Shower! Chapter 1007: A song without lyrics! Chapter 1008: Who on earth is this! Chapter 1009: Voting! Chapter 1010: The Clown's second song! Chapter 1011: I wanna walk from south to north! Chapter 1012: The Clown's live rendition of 'Our Villagers' Chapter 1013: The Clown gets popular! Chapter 1014: Becoming famous! Chapter 1015: Zhang Ye proposes! (First half) Chapter 1016: Zhang Ye proposes! (Second half) Chapter 1017: A Masked Singer's identity is exposed! Chapter 1018: Petal Shower gets mad! Chapter 1019: Showdown! Chapter 1020: Petal Showersurpasses the gods! Chapter 1021: Petal Shower vs. Sunflower! Chapter 1022: 'Life's More Than the Grind'! Chapter 1023: The Clown admits defeat! Chapter 1024: A sudden turn of events! Chapter 1025: 'I Really Hate You'? Chapter 1026: The Clown vs. Sunflower! Chapter 1027: The Clown's Cantonese song! Chapter 1028: Professional face-smacking athlete! Chapter 1029: Double play! Chapter 1030: Troublemaking fans! Chapter 1031: The third episode is broadcast! Chapter 1032: The Ugliest Celebrities Rankings! Chapter 1033: Someone provokes The Clown! Chapter 1034: Getting his hands on his girlfriend's house keys! Chapter 1035: Teaching Taiji! Chapter 1036: Hiring a female bodyguard! Chapter 1037: Recording the fourth episode! Chapter 1038: An unforeseen situation at the venue! Chapter 1039: Who is his opponent? Chapter 1040: 'I'm Ugly But Tender' Chapter 1041: Winning! Chapter 1042: Flowing Time vs. The Clown! Chapter 1043: 'Strive Hard to Succeed'! (First Half) Chapter 1044: 'Strive Hard to Succeed' (Second Half) Chapter 1045: An extra round! Chapter 1046: Deciding the tiebreaker match song! Chapter 1047: Happy Birthday, Ms. Dong! Chapter 1048: Who is the Masked King this episode? Chapter 1049: Zhang Ye, you're The Clown, aren't you? Chapter 1050: 'Ms. Dong' is a hit! Chapter 1051: Attention and speculation from the industry! Chapter 1052: A Children's Day singing contest? Chapter 1053: 'The King Sent Me on Mountain Patrol'! Chapter 1054: Rave reviews! Chapter 1055: King of Masked Singers gets investigated! Chapter 1056: The Clown sings a children's song? Chapter 1057: 'I'm a Small, Little Bird'! Chapter 1058: For dignity! Chapter 1059: 'The Internationale'! Chapter 1060: A battle for music and dignity! Chapter 1061: Victory for the musicians! Chapter 1062: The grand finals approach! Chapter 1063: A candidate to be the celebrity guest partner! Chapter 1064: Convincing the Heavenly Queen! Chapter 1065: Mysterious partners! Chapter 1066: The grand finals arrive! Chapter 1067: The live broadcast begins! Chapter 1068: Spinach in the lead! Chapter 1069: Out of control grand finals! Chapter 1070: The Clown's turn to take the stage! Chapter 1071: 'Love of a Lifetime'! Chapter 1072: I'm a newcomer! Chapter 1073: The Clown on the verge of elimination? Chapter 1074: The Clown loses his title chances? Chapter 1075: The second round of the grand finals! Chapter 1076: Wild Rose's mask falls off! Chapter 1077: 'Exaggerated' brought to life! Chapter 1078: Shocking the world! Chapter 1079: The grand champion is born! Chapter 1080: Gu Cheng's 'Life Fantasia'! Chapter 1081: The Clown takes off his mask! Chapter 1082: A national sensation! Chapter 1083: Zhang Ye's latest celebrity ranking? Chapter 1084: The first concert of its kind in the industry! Chapter 1085: Piano playing coming from the room! Chapter 1086: Old Wu wants to attend the concert too? Chapter 1087: The concert begins! Chapter 1088: 'Vast Horizons'! Chapter 1089: Do you guys really want to keep listening? Chapter 1090: Singing three songs in a row! Chapter 1091: Please put your hands up and wave them for me! Chapter 1092: Celebrity Rankings Index maintenance completed! Zhang Ye's ranking! Chapter 1093: The Superstar's Crew! Chapter 1094: Zhang Ye's request for leave! Chapter 1095: The strangeness of the Lucky Halo! Chapter 1096: Zhang Ye's blind date? Chapter 1097: This is my boyfriend! Chapter 1098: I will give you a handicap of two stones! Chapter 1099: Arranging a battle against his future father-in-law! Chapter 1100: The Internet Go server! Chapter 1101: Changhe 9-dan gets utterly demolished! Chapter 1102: Wu Changhe calls for reinforcements! Chapter 1103: Zhang Ye vs. Hu Liang 7-dan! Chapter 1104: Zhang Ye vs. Xu Han 8-dan Chapter 1105: Zhang Ye vs. China Qiyuan! Chapter 1106: Sweeping China Qiyuan single-handedly! Chapter 1107: The world number one in Go makes his move! Chapter 1108: Who's playing? Chapter 1109: Who won? Chapter 1110: YE appears again! Chapter 1111: Just who could this godly person be? Chapter 1112: An artificial intelligence issues a challenge to humanity! Chapter 1113: Xiang Rong? I think I've heard of him before! Chapter 1114: Zhang Ye's contribution! Chapter 1115: Humanity vs. Artificial Intelligence (Start) Chapter 1116: Humanity vs. Artificial Intelligence (Middle) Chapter 1117: Humanity vs. Artificial Intelligence (End) Chapter 1118: Approaching YE for help? Chapter 1119: The Go world's last line of defense! Chapter 1120: For humanity's sake, I am willing to accept the challenge! Chapter 1121: An uproar at the press conference! Chapter 1122: The final battle of the war between humans and the machines! Chapter 1123: The match begins! Chapter 1124: Zhang Ye really knows how to play Go! Chapter 1125: Capturing race! Chapter 1126: Zhang Ye's Divine Move! Chapter 1127: Face-smacking Zhang gets serious! Chapter 1128: Found its weakness! Chapter 1129: The Go masters from a different world! Chapter 1130: The second game of the war between humans and machines! Chapter 1131: A strange opening that dumbfounds everyone! Chapter 1132: An inconceivable way of playing: The Cosmic Style! Chapter 1133: Peter gets dealt a blow! Chapter 1134: Zhang Ye's Hand of God! Chapter 1135: Victory! Chapter 1136: The press conference! Chapter 1137: New tactics? Chapter 1138: Zhang Ye plays the first of the three most complex josekis! Chapter 1139: The astonishing variations of the Great Slant Joseki! Chapter 1140: Zhang Ye plays the second of the three most complex josekis! Chapter 1141: Playing all three of the most complex josekis! Chapter 1142: You're done here, it's my turn! Chapter 1143: Go can be played this way? Chapter 1144: Humanity wins! Chapter 1145: A hero is born! Chapter 1146: How lonely it is to be invincible! Chapter 1147: The eternal line of defense for humanity's wisdom! Chapter 1148: Love comes to fruition! Chapter 1149: The Celebrity Rankings Index is updated! Chapter 1150: A global mathematical conjecture proved! Chapter 1151: Can you be a little bit more mindful! Chapter 1152: The only dual faculty professor in Peking University! Chapter 1153: Sitting firmly at the top of the A-list! Chapter 1154: Zhang Ye's Asian Popularity Ranking! Chapter 1155: Establishing Zhang Ye's Studio! Chapter 1156: Hiring a bodyguard for the studio? Chapter 1157: The studio officially opens! Chapter 1158: The first big project! Chapter 1159: Zhang Ye is going to the Olympic opening ceremony! Chapter 1160: International Superstar Lillian! Chapter 1161: 'Beijing Welcomes You' makes its debut! Chapter 1162: Before the opening ceremony! Chapter 1163: Hello, fellow smoker! Chapter 1164: Because I'm his mother! Chapter 1165: An Olympic theme song that astounds the world! Chapter 1166: Soaring in the Asian popularity rankings! Chapter 1167: The crowd goes ballistic! Chapter 1168: The referees get beaten up! Chapter 1169: The surveillance footage gets brought to light! Chapter 1170: The Leg of God! Chapter 1171: International Buzz! Chapter 1172: A shocking statement from the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games! Chapter 1173: The sports world's friendly attitude towards Zhang Ye! Chapter 1174: Zhang Ye's Olympic commentary! Chapter 1175: Zhang Ye commentates the Olympics (Part 1 of 5) Chapter 1176: Zhang Ye commentates the Olympics (Part 2 of 5) Chapter 1177: Zhang Ye commentates the Olympics (Part 3 of 5) Chapter 1178: Zhang Ye commentates the Olympics (Part 4 of 5) Chapter 1179: Zhang Ye commentates the Olympics (Part 5 of 5) Chapter 1180: Zhang Ye's first music video single? Chapter 1181: Zhang Ye gets into another fight! Chapter 1182: The two extremes of the entertainment industry! Chapter 1183: A song called 'To Youth' Chapter 1184: Shooting the music video together! Chapter 1185: A smashing release! Chapter 1186: Earning rave reviews! Chapter 1187: An invitation to the Welcoming Ceremony! Chapter 1188: Starting a gang fight (First Half) Chapter 1189: Starting a gang fight (Second half) Chapter 1190: Let us finish singing this last song! Chapter 1191: Uncompromising through the years! Chapter 1192: Zhang Ye gets arrested again! Chapter 1193: A pure heart! Chapter 1194: Released! Chapter 1195: The prospective daughter-in-law comes to visit! Chapter 1196: Good kid, beautifully done! Chapter 1197: Zhang Ye gives his first lesson at his alma mater! Chapter 1198: Officially engaged! Chapter 1199: 'When You Are Old'! Chapter 1200: The top few spots of the entertainment industry! Chapter 1201: Those seven spots! Chapter 1202: Project Proposal: Reach the Summit! Chapter 1203: 'I died for Beautybut was scarce'! Chapter 1204: Zhang Ye's new novel! Chapter 1205: The Qilu Literature Prize Judging Panel Chapter 1206: The release of Fortress Besieged! Chapter 1207: Fortress Besieged sells like crazy! Chapter 1208: How can such a person exist? Chapter 1209: Ascending to the altar! Chapter 1210: Director Zhang's creative process is particularly arduous! Chapter 1211: Another increase in popularity! Chapter 1212: A great harvest from the lottery draw! Chapter 1213: Semi-grandmaster! Chapter 1214: The pie that is the Chinese language textbook curriculum revision! Chapter 1215: A great opportunity! Chapter 1216: All of the Tsinghua University representatives meet with trouble! Chapter 1217: Zhang Ye's works get selected for the national Chinese language textbooks! Chapter 1218: Skyrocketing! Chapter 1219: Zhang Ye's new show is coming! (First Half) Chapter 1220: Zhang Ye's new show is coming! (Second Half) Chapter 1221: Signing the new show! Chapter 1222: The lineup of singers! Chapter 1223: Central TV Department 1 turns green with anger! Chapter 1224: The battle begins! Chapter 1225: The fight for advertisers! Chapter 1226: I Am a Singer's promotional video! Chapter 1227: We have never lost before! Chapter 1228: Recording begins! Chapter 1229: How did I fall for your nonsense! Chapter 1230: The seven starting singers are revealed! Chapter 1231: Where'd that rapidfire host go? Chapter 1232: The exciting premiere! Chapter 1233: A viewership rating that would terrify anyone! Chapter 1234: The people of Central TV Department 1 are made to cry! Chapter 1235: The second episode of I Am a Singer! Chapter 1236: I'll give in, alright? Chapter 1237: The fifth step of the 'Reach the Summit' plan! Chapter 1238: Isn't this advertising message a little too casual? Chapter 1239: Fighting a Heavenly King for an endorsement! Chapter 1240: A Heavenly Queen's agent genuflects! Chapter 1241: The advertisements will roll out soon! Chapter 1242: Attack of the advertisements! Chapter 1243: The ad upgrades! Chapter 1244: The battle for the advertising field's top spot Chapter 1245: We're only the porters of nature! Chapter 1246: All the advertisements roll out! Chapter 1247: A sprint to the S-list! Chapter 1248: Xiaodong can't host anymore? Chapter 1249: What are you all looking at me for! Chapter 1250: Ah, I've been hacked again! Chapter 1251: The replacement singer makes his appearance! Chapter 1252: Reactions! Chapter 1253: Old Wu's big action! Chapter 1254: The eighth episode's knockout round! (First Half) Chapter 1255: The eighth episode's knockout round! (Second Half) Chapter 1256: 'The Hottest Ethnic Trend' sweeps the country! Chapter 1257: The plaza dancing craze! Chapter 1258: You call this a love song? Chapter 1259: The father of plaza dancing? Chapter 1260: The founder imparts his moves! Chapter 1261: The tenth episode begins recording! Chapter 1262: The difference between a veteran and a newbie! Chapter 1263: The eve of the grand finals! Chapter 1264: Anyone can win, except me! Chapter 1265: Zhang Ye's shocking celebrity guest partner! Chapter 1266: Zhang Ye switches songs! Chapter 1267: 'The King of Karaoke'! Chapter 1268: It's been hard on you! Chapter 1269: Be serious, we're showing off here! Chapter 1270: Countdown to the big wedding! Chapter 1271: Zhang Ye starts livestreaming! Chapter 1272: The attack of the site's female streamers! Chapter 1273: 'Drunk and Alone'! Chapter 1274: Zhang Ye gives a monologue! Chapter 1275: Zhang Ye streams a game! Chapter 1276: Zhang Ye wreaks havoc on the Korean server! Chapter 1277: Sweeping the server! Chapter 1278: 'The Great Truth' finale! Chapter 1279: Zhang Ye is going for the S-list? Chapter 1280: Turmoil in the industry! Chapter 1281: Zhang Ye designs the wedding dress! Chapter 1282: In the headlines again! Chapter 1283: The matters of the entertainment industry! Chapter 1284: Zhang Ye, the busybody! Chapter 1285: 'A Madman's Diary' surprises everyone! Chapter 1286: Tearing a hole in the sky of the entertainment industry! Chapter 1287: China's aunties make their move! Chapter 1288: So a pen really can kill a person! Chapter 1289: An industry-wide boycott is ordered! Chapter 1290: Calling for his head! Chapter 1291: The wedding invitation gets revealed! Chapter 1292: Zhao Chipeng in tears! Chapter 1293: The SARFT's son-in-law! Chapter 1294: At the venue of the wedding ceremony! Chapter 1295: The big wedding (Beginning) Chapter 1296: The big wedding (Middle) Chapter 1297: The big wedding (End) Chapter 1298: The big wedding (End, Pt. 2) Chapter 1299: The big wedding (If this doesn't end, I'm a scaredy-cat) Chapter 1300: The big wedding (Guess I'm a scaredy-cat) Chapter 1301: The big wedding (If I don't finish you can beat me up) Chapter 1302: The Big Wedding Youre Actually Trying To Hit Me? Chapter 1303: To The Bridal Chamber Chapter 1304: Drawing First Blood Chapter 1305: Drawing Second Blood Chapter 1306: Doing A Favor Chapter 1307: The Return And A New High In Popularity Chapter 1308: The Invitation From Central Tvs Spring Festival Gala Chapter 1309: Returning To Central Tv Chapter 1310: The Spring Festival Galas Executive Director Calls It Quits Chapter 1311: Who Will The Spring Festival Galas Executive Director Role Fall To? Chapter 1312: Zhang Ye Takes Charge Of The Spring Festival Gala Chapter 1313: How Did This Fellow Get Appointed Chapter 1314: The Most Powerful Person In The Entertainment Circle Chapter 1315: The Spring Festival Gala Is Timeless Chapter 1316: An Unprecedented Sponsorship For The Spring Festival Gala? Chapter 1317 Chapter 1318: Arrival of the five rip-off cards of fortune! Chapter 1319: Zhang Ye resorts to cheating! Chapter 1320: An entirely new program list rolls out! Chapter 1321: The Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe! Chapter 1322: The one and only successor to the art of cross-gender acting! Chapter 1323: What sort of a Spring Festival Gala will it be this year! Chapter 1324 40 Acts Are Lined Up Chapter 1325 The Second Approval Session Begins Chapter 1326 The Approval Board's Shock Chapter 1327 Great Anticipation Chapter 1328 Zhang Ye's Post On Social Media Chapter 1329 Just Who The Hell's Sister Is This? Chapter 1330: My Name Is Cao Dan A Girl Who Embodies Both Beauty And Talent Chapter 1331 The Spring Festival Gala Is Coming Chapter 1332 The Spring Festival Gala Is Really Coming Chapter 1333 A Magnificent Opening Dance Chapter 1334 Chapter 1335 The 'flying Apsaras' Amazes The Audience Chapter 1336 Skit: Dance If You Like Chapter 1337 This Is What You Call A Skit Chapter 1338: because Of Love Wows The Audience Chapter 1339 Three Songs In A Row Chapter 1340 A Stunning Magic Show Chapter 1341 Chapter 1342 Restoring Honor To The Art Of Cross Gender Acting Chapter 1343 Attack Of The 'thousand Hand Guanyin' Chapter 1344 Blooming In Glory Chapter 1345 'the Five Senses Claim Credit' Gets Sent Into Battle Chapter 1346 The Spring Festival Gala Draws To A Close Chapter 1347 Who Will Come Out For The Finale? Chapter 1348 'selling Crutches' First Half Chapter 1349 'selling Crutches' Second Half Chapter 1350 Ringing In The New Year Chapter 1351 Chapter 1352 The Spring Festival Gala Comes To A Close Chapter 1353 The Celebrity Rankings Index Gets Updated Chapter 1354 Drawing Tenth Blood Chapter 1355 The Spring Festival Gala's Viewership Ratings Are Out Chapter 1356 Chapter 1357 Into The Annals Of History Chapter 1358 Chapter 1359 Chapter 1360 The Birth Of A New Heavenly King Chapter 1361 Chapter 1362 A Song Called 'the Clown' Chapter 1363 Competing For Heaps Of The Highest Awards Chapter 1364 Chapter 1365 Target: The Asian S List Chapter 1366 Taking A Trip To Korea Chapter 1367 Zhang Ye's Legend In The Martial Arts Community Chapter 1368 There's No Heavy Metal Music In China? Chapter 1369 Zhang Ye Saves The Day Chapter 1370 Chapter 1371 The Encore Finale: 'ashamed' Chapter 1372 Chapter 1373 The News Spreads Back To China Chapter 1374 The Charity Banquet Begins Chapter 1375 Zhang Ye's Prepared Auction Item Chapter 1376 Auction Chapter 1377 Who Will Walk Away With The Top Honors? Start Chapter 1378 Chapter 1379 Chapter 1380 Preface To The Orchid Pavilion' Debuts Chapter 1381 The World's Best Semi Cursive Chapter 1382 Chapter 1383 Zhang Ye's Calligraphy Ascends To The Altar Chapter 1384 Zhang Ye's Asian Celebrity Ranking Chapter 1385 A Crazy Reception At The Airport Chapter 1386 The Asian Philanthropic Ambassador Chapter 1387 Chapter 1388 Zhang Ye The Great Philanthropist Chapter 1389 Creating A Charity Storm Across Asia Chapter 1390 Taking All Of Asia By Storm Chapter 1391 Throughout The Ages There Has Only Been One Chapter 1392 Digging Up Dirt On Zhang Ye Chapter 1393 'rivers Run Red' Appears Chapter 1394 Face Smacking Zhang Returns Again Chapter 1395 He Lives To Seize Every Minute Of Every Hour Chapter 1396 A Vermin That Only Appears Once Every 10000 Years Chapter 1397 How Did His Popularity Rise Again Chapter 1398 Zhang Ye's Crosstalk Tour Chapter 1399 Anyone Who Comes Will Be Sent Packing By Me Chapter 1400 The Ripping Off Begins Chapter 1401 The Tickets Get Sold Like Crazy Chapter 1402 Zhang Ye Makes Yet Another Move Chapter 1403 Your Sister Chapter 1404 The Three Japanese And Korean Celebrities Are Crying Chapter 1405 The Crosstalk Tour Begins Chapter 1406 A Huge Success Chapter 1407 Park Jaesang Gets Scolded Like Crazy Chapter 1408 You Must Be Doing This On Purpose Chapter 1409 A Deep Sense Of Malice From The Chinese People Chapter 1410 It Can Even Be Done Like That? Chapter 1411 This Is What You Call An Impressive Person Chapter 1412 Going To Be A Father Chapter 1413 Chapter 1414 Zhang Ye Smashes Cars Beginning Chapter 1415 Zhang Ye Smashes Cars Middle Chapter 1416 Zhang Ye Smashes Cars End Chapter 1417 I Want To Smash Ten More Cars Chapter 1418 National Buzz Chapter 1419 Lee Anson Gets Sent Packing As Well Chapter 1420 Time For The Lottery Chapter 1421 Zhang Ye's Rotten Idea Chapter 1422 The First Comic Series Is Decided Chapter 1423 The Debut Of One Piece Chapter 1424 The Incident With The Japanese Hotel's Magazines Chapter 1425 I Will Stay At The Asakusa Hotel Chapter 1426 Big News Chapter 1427 Zhang Ye's Two Demands Chapter 1428 Zhang Ye's Underhanded Tactics Chapter 1429 The Asakusa Hotel Gets Besieged Chapter 1430 Inviting The Devil In Is Easier Than Sending Him Away Chapter 1431 The Asakusa Hotel Gets Besieged Again Chapter 1432 The Hotel Gets Wrecked Chapter 1433 A Champion Of Communism Chapter 1434 I'll Admit Defeat Alright? Chapter 1435 The Evil Can Only Be Subdued By The Evil Chapter 1436 Never Has There Been A Celebrity Who Grows Their Popularity This Way Chapter 1437 The Serialization Of One Piece Chapter 1438 The Astonishing One Piece Chapter 1439 Old Wu Breaks Her Leg Chapter 1440 Zhang Ye Turns Househusband Chapter 1441 The Comic Gets Very Popular Chapter 1442 A Stunning Sales Figure For The Standalone Volume Release Chapter 1443 The Animated Version Gets Released Chapter 1444 Come On Out Naruto Chapter 1445 Poo Studios Gets A Surprise Chapter 1446 Why Has Another National Cartoon Appeared Chapter 1447 I Choose You Detective Conan Chapter 1448 This Doesn't Make Any Sense At All Chapter 1449 There Can't Be A Fourth Lunatic Chapter 1450 Zhang Ye's Law Chapter 1451 You Can Really Fucking Put Out Four Chapters A Week? Chapter 1452 Zhang Ye Returns Chapter 1453 Return Of The Jinx Chapter 1454 Cas Trat Ed Chapter 1455 A Hole Has Been Torn In The Sky This Time Chapter 1456 The World's Number One Eunuch Is Exposed Chapter 1457 Scoldings From All Over Asia Chapter 1458 Face Smacking Zhang Gets Besieged Chapter 1459 A Continuation For One Piece? Chapter 1460 Zhang Ye's 'dead Cat Bounce' Chapter 1461 Zhang Ye's Latest Popularity Ranking Chapter 1462 Moving Up The 'reach The Summit' Plan Chapter 1463 Zhang Ye Wants To Create A Chinese Cartoon Chapter 1464 Zhang Ye Gets Another Brain Fart Chapter 1465 The Deepest Of The Deep Pits Chapter 1466 Standing United Against Foreign Enemies Chapter 1467 Come On Out The Legend Of Qin Chapter 1468 The Voiceover Talent For The Legend Of Qin Chapter 1469 Zhang Ye's New Cartoon Is Released Chapter 1470 Sweeping The Japanese Cartoons Aside Chapter 1471 A Phenomenal Chinese Animation Chapter 1472 One Last Step From Reaching The Top? Chapter 1473 Pulling Off One Last Job Chapter 1474 Setting The Olympic Stadium Venue Chapter 1475 Dumbfounded Chapter 1476 The Difficulty Adjustment Die Makes Its Appearance Chapter 1477 Someone Help Zhang Ye Has Fallen In A Well Chapter 1478 Lotte Mart Here I Come Chapter 1479 A Disaster At Lotte Mart Chapter 1480 All 13 Branches Of Lotte Mart Descend Into Chaos Chapter 1481 Something Major Is Going To Happen Again Chapter 1482 The Legendary Hacker's True Identity Chapter 1483 Zhang Yes Choice Chapter 1484 No Worries I'll Start Over Again Chapter 1485 The Final Concert First Half Chapter 1486 The Final Concert Second Half Chapter 1487 The Great Hacker War Chapter 1488 The Cih Virus Is Created Chapter 1489 The World's Most Dangerous Hacker In A Hundred Years Chapter 1490 Investigating The Suspects Chapter 1491 Good Night Beijing Chapter 1492 The Concert Begins Chapter 1493 Zhang Ye's 'eternal Summer' Chapter 1494 An Email From Hacker 2 Chapter 1495 Let Me Run Wild On This Stage Chapter 1496 The Legendary Hackers True Identity Is Revealed Chapter 1497 Zhang Ye's Final Song Chapter 1498 Zhang Ye Reaches The Summit Of Asia Chapter 1499 The Game Ring Gets An Upgrade Chapter 1500 Receiving A Rare Item Chapter 1501 The Chinese Academy Of Sciences' Conundrum Chapter 1502 Requesting Zhang Ye's Help Chapter 1503 Zhang Ye Transfers Out Of Prison Chapter 1504 This Algorithm Is Too Difficult Chapter 1505 The Algorithm Is Complete Chapter 1506 Zhang Yes Path To Science Stardom Chapter 1507 Zhang Ye's New Project Chapter 1508 Old Wu Is Almost Due Chapter 1509 Its Born Its Born Chapter 1510 A Nation's Dream For An Aircraft Engine Chapter 1511 People From All Over Descend Upon The Research Institute Chapter 1512 Chapter 1513 Three Years Later Chapter 1514 You Guys Still Can't Beat Me Chapter 1515 I'm Back Chapter 1516 The Couple Reunites Chapter 1517 Daughter Chapter 1518 Old Friends Chapter 1519 Zhang Ye The First Time Dad Chapter 1520 Zhang Ye Vs. Ai Chapter 1521 Petergo Has Lost? Chapter 1522 The World Is Shocked Chapter 1523 Please Battle On Behalf Of Mankind Chapter 1524 That Person And His Story Chapter 1525 What Kind Of Playstyle Is This? Chapter 1526 I Might Just Know Who He Is Chapter 1527 Identity Exposed? Chapter 1528 : That Person Who Can Beat It Has Returned Chapter 1529 Return Of The Heavenly King Chapter 1530 Shaking Up The Entire World Chapter 1531 The Highest Spot Of The International Entertainment Circle Chapter 1532 The Most Popular Internet Celebrity Currently? Chapter 1533: The Team Returns Chapter 1534 Does Old Lian Po Still Enjoy His Food? Chapter 1535 Zhang Ye Announces His Comeback Chapter 1536 The Heavenly King Forgotten By The World Chapter 1537 An Anti Corruption Drama Project? Chapter 1538 Come On Out In The Name Of The People Chapter 1539 A Group Of Old Friends Take On The Industry Again First Half Chapter 1540 A Group Of Old Friends Take On The Industry Again Second Half Chapter 1541 Dear Showbiz I Trust You've Been Well? Chapter 1542 As Reckless As Ever Chapter 1543 Zhang Ye's Daughter Goes Back To School Chapter 1544 The Cameras Start Rolling For In The Name Of The People Chapter 1545 Wrapping Up Chapter 1546 In The Name Of The People Gets Allocated A Broadcast Slot Chapter 1547 An Invitation From I Am A Singer Chapter 1548 The List For The Finale Battle Of The Grand Champions Chapter 1549: The Five Contestants Gather Chapter 1550 My Spirit Is Still Full Of Fight Chapter 1551: The Battle Of The Grand Champions Begins Chapter 1552: Taking To The Stage Chapter 1553: the Ordinary Road Chapter 1554: The Contestant To Be Eliminated In The First Round Is Chapter 1555: A Song Called immense World Chapter 1556 The Eliminated Contestant Of The Second Round Chapter 1557 Predicting The Champion Chapter 1558 The Same Moonlight Chapter 1559 Who Will Win It All? Chapter 1560 Fleeting Time' Chapter 1561 That Old Song Chapter 1562 Spring Garden Wants To Make A Comeback? Chapter 1563 Zhang Ye Handles The Matter Chapter 1564 Years Of Friendship' Leaves The Venue In Tears Chapter 1565 The Shit Stirrer Makes His Move Chapter 1566 A Godly Drama Is About To Appear Chapter 1567 In The Name Of The Peoples Premiere Episode Chapter 1568 An Intense Battle Chapter 1569 The Viewership Ratings Get Published Chapter 1570 A Crazy Viewership Ratings Figure Chapter 1571 The Fearsomeness Of Zhang Ye Chapter 1572 The Viewership Ratings Break 6? Chapter 1573 In The Name Of The People Comes To An End Chapter 1574 Martial Arts Master Yang Shu Chapter 1575 The Number One Person In The Entertainment Circle? Chapter 1576 Zhang Ye Gets Shortlisted For The Countrys State Science And Technology Prizes Chapter 1577 The Entire Country Watches Chapter 1578 The Awards Ceremony Begins Chapter 1579 A Research Fellow Of The Two Academieszhang Ye Chapter 1580 Zhang Yes Acceptance Speech Chapter 1581 The Entire Nation's Citizens Get Shocked Chapter 1582 Three Professorship Titles Chapter 1583 A Change Is Coming To The Entertainment Circle? Chapter 1584 The Competition For First Place In The Entertainment Industry Chapter 1585 The Latest Popularity Rankings Are Revealed Chapter 1586 To See Other Summits Dwarfed And Savor The Scene Chapter 1587 Zhang Ye Barges Into A Livestreaming Channel Chapter 1588 Your Sister Chapter 1589 World News Chapter 1590 The International Celebrity Rankings Index Chapter 1591 Zhang Ye Wants To Get The Nobel Prize Chapter 1592 A Famed Work From Zhang Yes Previous World Appears Chapter 1593 The English Version Of Gone With The Wind Chapter 1594 The Whole Nation's Citizens Wouldn't Have Any Of It Chapter 1595 Gone With The Wind Gets Released Worldwide Chapter 1596 Gone With The Wind Sells Like Hotcakes Chapter 1597 Uproar Chapter 1598 Selling Like Hotcakes All Over The World Chapter 1599 Zhang Yes Heavyweight Move Chapter 1600 A Paranormal Event Takes Place Around The World Chapter 1601 Major International News Chapter 1602 Zhang Ye Gets Nominated For The Nobel Prize Chapter 1603 Youre A Fucking Nominee For The Literature Prize? Chapter 1604 Why Have You Become A Mathematician? Chapter 1605 The Nobel Banquet Chapter 1606 Who Is The One With The Worst Temper Here? Chapter 1607 The Live Broadcast Of The Nobel Prize Chapter 1608 The Award Ceremony Chapter 1609 The Winner Of The Nobel Prize In Literature Is Unveiled Chapter 1610 The Kick That Shocked The World Chapter 1611 The People Of The World Fall To Their Knees Chapter 1612 The Nobel Peace Prize Is Announced Chapter 1613 i Have A Dream Chapter 1614 The Entire World Is Made To Laugh Chapter 1615 The People From The Embassy Arrive Chapter 1616 Zhang Yes Debut On The International Celebrity Rankings Index Chapter 1617 China's Troll Army Stuns The World Chapter 1618 A Letter And A Reply Chapter 1619 Central Tv International's Invitation Chapter 1620 Is This Something That A Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Should Say? Chapter 1621 Kelp That Entangles Submarines Chapter 1622 Smog That Stops Lasers Chapter 1623 Meteorites That Destroy Carriers Chapter 1624 Chinas Spiritual Military Strategist Chapter 1625 Rising In Rank On The International Celebrity Rankings Index Chapter 1626 The Practical Usage Of Spiritual Tactics Chapter 1627 A Brilliant Reputation Chapter 1628 Setting Sights On Hollywood Chapter 1629 Zhang Ye Is Going To Make A Movie Chapter 1630 The Funding Is In Place Chapter 1631 Choosing The Cast Chapter 1632 The Cameras Start Rolling For Wolf Warrior 2 Chapter 1633 A Last Minute Actor Swap Chapter 1634 Who's The Real Special Forces Operator Here Chapter 1635 A Very Scary Chinese Film Crew Chapter 1636 Wolf Warrior 2 Wraps Up Chapter 1637 Zhang Ye King Of Posturing Chapter 1638 American Film Vs. Chinese Regulations Chapter 1639 The Global Premiere Date Is Announced Chapter 1640 Battle Of The Premieres Chapter 1641 Wolf Warrior 2 Premieres First Half Chapter 1642 Wolf Warrior 2 Premieres Second Half Chapter 1643 On Fire Chapter 1644 The Premieres Box Office Earnings Chapter 1645 Wolf Warrior 2 Tops The Box Office Chapter 1646 Zhang Ye Becomes Famous With A Single Battle Chapter 1647 Breaking Yet Another Record Chapter 1648 Did You Fly Here? Chapter 1649 A First In The History Of Chinese Film Chapter 1650 Wolf Warrior 2's Final Box Office Earnings Chapter 1651 The International Celebrity Rankings Index Chapter 1652 The First International Brand Endorsement Contract Chapter 1653 A Television Show That Has Yet To Appear In This World Chapter 1654 I'll Film It Chapter 1655 Preparing To Shoot Man Vs. Wild Chapter 1656 Zhang Ye Turns Survival Specialist In Double Time Chapter 1657 Chenchen Gets Into A Fight Chapter 1658 Shooting Begins For Man Vs. Wild Chapter 1659 Man V. Food Chapter 1660 The Bear Appears Chapter 1661 The First Episode Is Out Chapter 1662 Advertising Abroad Chapter 1663 The International Hosting Qualifications Examination Chapter 1664 A Shocking Examination Result Chapter 1665 Premiere Broadcast Chapter 1666 The International Viewership Ratings Are Out Chapter 1667 It's Time To Go Wild Chapter 1668 Zhang Ye Eats An Alligator Chapter 1669 Zhang Ye Eats A Shark Chapter 1670 Help Me Up I Can Still Take Another Bite Chapter 1671 A Man Vs. Wild Special Chapter 1672 I Thought You People Were Vegetarians? Chapter 1673 Zhang Ye's First English Song Chapter 1674 Ascending To The Altar Chapter 1675 Ascending To The International B List Rankings Chapter 1676 Taking On Hollywood Chapter 1677 Acquiring A Hollywood Studio Chapter 1678 An Animation Studio? Chapter 1679 Zhang Ye Wants To Make An Animated Film Chapter 1680 The Animation Film Production Is Initiated Chapter 1681 What Kind Of A Director Is This Chapter 1682 Zhang Ye Gets Into An Argument With The Hollywood Directors Chapter 1683 Come On Out Frozen Chapter 1684 The Fastest Draw Takes To Stage Chapter 1685 Who Exactly Is The Fastest Draw Around Here? Chapter 1686 Convincing The Heavenly Queen To Come Out Of Retirement? Chapter 1687 The Heavenly Queen Is Sick? Chapter 1688 Divine Physician Zhang Ye Chapter 1689 The Miracle Of The Fake Medicine Chapter 1690 The First Showdown Chapter 1691 Zhang Ye's Contribution To The Global Film Industry Chapter 1692 The Hollywood Directors Are On Steroids Chapter 1693 Frozen's Production Is Complete Chapter 1694 Premiere Day Chapter 1695 This Is An Animated Musical? Chapter 1696 'let It Go' Debuts