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Yu Fan was an orphan since he was a baby, abandoned outside of the Wei Li Orphanage. The only thing coming along with him was a jade necklace that had the two words 'Yu' and 'Fan' carved into it, which the orphanage named him after.

Due to not having parents and having to face hardships constantly due to being an orphan, Yu Fan matured earlier than normal, resulting in him being able to graduate from high school after 18 years. Due to graduating with the top scores of the school, he could of easily went to University if not for his lack of funds.

As such, instead of going to University, Yu Fan picked up a part time job at an office, which paid 3500 Yuan per week, which can be considered high in his city. He rented a small house where he pays 10000 Yuan per month, leaving him about 4000 Yuan per month after paying rent on average.

Walking home from his job at 5 pm, Yu Fan stumbles upon an interesting rock laying on the ground. It was a smooth rock fully black in color other than a few red and blue lines all over the rock, looking like lightning bolts.

Perhaps due to how interesting it looked to him, Yu Fan picked it up and put it in his pocket, heading back to his house. He put the rock and his jade necklace onto the table before going inside to take a shower.

Unknown to him, the instant the rock and jade necklace were placed together, they started shining with a faint light before connecting to each other, eventually turning into a single black jade ring with red and blue lines all over it.

The first thing that Yu Fan noticed when he came out of his shower was that his jade necklace and the black rock he just picked up were nowhere to be seen, and instead a ring was in the place of both of them, causing him to panic as that jade necklace was the only thing he has from his parents, as it was with him when he was sent to the orphanage.

"Where did the jade necklace and black stone go?! Why is there a ring here now?"

Yu Fan nearly screamed as he picked up the ring to look at it, hoping to find some sort of clue around. The instant he picked up the ring, he suddenly heard a cold and mechanical sounding voice appear in his head.

[Ding! Bloodline of the Immortal God Emperor has been detected!]

[Ding! Jade Necklace of the Immortal Empress has been detected!]

[Ding! Mysterious Stone containing Immortal Essence has been detected!]

[Ding! Commencing fusion between Jade Necklace of the Immortal Empress and the Mysterious Stone!]

[Ding! Fusion successful!]

[Ding! Immortality System has been created!]

[Ding! Immortality System has bound to Yu Fan, son of the Immortal God Emperor and Immortal Empress!]

[Ding! Greetings, Host!]


Yu Fan was dumbfounded. At first he thought someone was in his house, so he looked around in a panic, but he noticed that the voice was actually coming from inside of his own head! He was shocked as he continued to listen, and he found out what happened.

"Wait, so my jade necklace belonged to this Immortal Empress? And that stone was something containing Immortal Essence? Heck, what the hell is this? A novel?"

Yu Fan mumbled in disbelief as he continued to look at the ring in front of him, and he could clearly see the resemblance between the black rock and his jade necklace on the ring, making him wonder if this is real or not.


Yu Fan decided to call out to see if this is real or not, since he is confused. If it is not real, then he will continue looking around for a thief or something similar. If it is real, then he has no idea what is actually going to happen.

[Ding! Yes, Host?]

"Ugh! You are actually real? Not a hallucination?"

[Ding! Host, I am not a hallucination! I was created due to the Jade Necklace of the Immortal Empress, the Mysterious Stone containing Immortal Essence and the bloodline of the Immortal God Emperor being detected together.]

"Oh... Who are the Immortal Empress and Immortal God Emperor exactly?"

[Ding! The Immortal God Emperor is the supreme ruler of the Immortal Realm, the strongest Realm to ever exist. The Immortal Empress is his wife. Due to Host having the bloodline of the Immortal God Emperor, I have deduced that the Immortal God Emperor and the Immortal Empress are the parents of the Host.]

"What! My parents? Are you sure? Where are they!"

Yu Fan was shocked before he yelled out, hoping this mysterious System can tell him where they are. If they are really his parents, he wants to instantly go and find them if he can, and ask them why they abandoned him here.

[Ding! I am 99.9999% sure that they are Host's parents. As for where they are, I do not know! 20 billion years ago, or 20 years on Earth, they were attacked by an army of Immortals and Heavenly Realm warriors, injuring both of them gravely. They should be recuperating somewhere unknown.]

Yu Fan was worried when he heard that people who are most likely his parents were heavily injured and are recuperating somewhere, but he is nonetheless glad to know that they are not dead yet. Even if they turn out not to be his parents, they are definitely related to him somehow or another.

Just the fact that this System detected the bloodline of this Immortal God Emperor in his body and that he had the Jade Necklace of the Immortal Empress on his body when he was sent to the orphanage is enough proof of that for him.

"System, what exactly can you do? Is there a way for you to make me stronger so I can go and search for my parents?"

[Ding! Host, it is impossible for me to just make you stronger, but Host can do missions to obtain strength and eventually get strong enough to find your parents!]

"Great! How do I do these missions?"

[Ding! Please calm down, Host! Don't think that missions are easy, it is extremely difficult to complete missions! Allow me to explain how the System works first!]

Yu Fan was slightly embarrassed when he heard the System and calmed himself down, not being impatient any longer. He silently waited for the System to explain to him about it's uses.

[Ding! Host has access to three functions! The first function is the Status, where Host can observe all of his progress. The second function is the Shop, where Host can use Immortal Points to buy many things. The last function is the Inventory! Host can store anything inside of the Inventory as long as it is not alive!]

"Oh! Just like a game!"

[Ding! For Host to get to the Immortal Realm where his parents are, Host needs to get very strong! After Host completes each mission, Host will obtain a set amount of Lifespan and points! Lifespan determines how long Host will live, and the progress towards reaching the Immortal Realm! Host will need a total of 1 billion Lifespan to get to the Immortal Realm!]

"Oh... I am going to guess that will take a very long time?"

[Ding! Host is correct! On average, it normally takes millions on years to get ones Lifespan to a Billion! But, with Host having me, this System, it will take a lot less time!]

"Phew, I thought I was going to need millions of years, that would be too long!"

[Ding! Host is recommended to check his Status before the missions begin! Just think Status to open it! Also, Host can communicate with me in his mind to not be seen as crazy!]


[Status Screen:

-Name: Yu Fan

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 20

-System Level: 1

-Strength: 10/300

-Dexterity: 10/300

-Agility: 10/300

-Endurance: 10/300

-Vitality: 10/300

-Charm: 10/50

-Luck: 10/50

-Points: 0

-Stat Points: 0

-Lifespan: 100/???

-Missions Completed: 0

-Missions Failed: 0

-Inventory: N/A

-Skills: N/A]

[Ding! Does Host wish to open the Starter Pack?]

"What is this Starter Pack thing?"

[Ding! The Starter Pack will grant Host multiple things that any beginner will need!]

"Then, open it!"

[Ding! Opening Starter Pack... Opened!]

[Ding! Host has obtained 1 million Yuan! It has been stored in the Inventory!]

[Ding! Host has obtained 1 Common Grade Dagger! It has been stored in the Inventory!]

[Ding! Host has obtained 100 points!]

[Ding! Host has obtained the skill Immortal(Passive)]

[Immortal(Passive): You are Immortal! You do not die! Your head has been cut off? You regenerate it shortly later! Your heart has been stabbed? It heals shortly later! Your body has been blown apart! It regenerates shortly after!]

"What the fuck? I can actually get Yuan from the System? No, I am a freaking Immortal now?"

Yu Fan was dumbstruck and he stared with his mouth open, extremely shocked beyond belief. He clearly did not expect to easily become an Immortal like that by opening his Starter Pack.

[Ding! Host can still die once his Lifespan has been reached! The Immortal(Passive) Skill only works on anything but Lifespan!]

"I figured that from what you explained earlier to me, haha."

Yu Fan laughed slightly as he already expected it to be like this. If he could completely ignore the Lifespan with this Skill, there is no way that the System would of given it to him in the first place! He opens his Inventory, which is quite easy, and notices exactly 1 million Yuan inside, as well as a shiny black dagger inside of it.

Retrieving the dagger, it appears in his hand and it has a dangerous gleam to it. Yu Fan instantly realizes that this Common Grade Dagger from the System is much stronger than the strongest dagger on Earth!

"System, is Common Grade a tier System or something? Can you tell me about it?"

[Ding! There are multiple Grades to all types of things, such as weapons, armor, medicine and much more! The Grades are as follows: Common Grade, Uncommon Grade, Mysterious Grade, Rare Grade, Epic Grade, Saint Grade, Heaven Grade, God Grade and Immortal Grade.]

"Right. System, what happened to that ring I picked up earlier? It suddenly disappeared once I heard you talking."

[Ding! Host has bound to the System, causing the ring to fuse with Host's body. There should be a mark on Host's chest.]

Yu Fan hurriedly took of his shirt and instantly noticed that there is something different on his body. Above his heart, on his left chest, there is a mark of a black dragon swirling around a dangerous looking sword, as if it was a tattoo.

The tattoo looked quite beautiful but also gave off a dangerous feeling when he looked at it for too long, causing him to subconsciously look away from it, causing the dangerous feeling to disperse, as if it wasn't there to begin with.

"System, didn't you say that there were missions? How do I get a mission?"

[Ding! Host automatically got a mission when he bound with the System. Would Host like to see the mission details?]


[Missions #1: Survive in the Mysterious Realm for 1 year!

-Rewards: 100 points, 10 Stat Points, 50 Lifespan and a Mission Pack.

-Failure Penalty: Loss of 90 years of Lifespan.]

"Uh, what is this Mysterious Realm thing? And why do I have to be there for a year?"

[Ding! The Mysterious Realm is the Realm where the Host's of each System go to train at! There are multiple different Mysterious Realms all around the Universe where each Host has their own unique Mysterious Realm. 1 year in the Mysterious Realm is only 1 month on Earth.]

"I see. When do I begin then?"

[Ding! Host begins now!]

Before Yu Fan could react, everything suddenly turned black and he directly fainted. Before he could hit the floor, a white light covered his body completely and when the white light disappeared, his body was gone from his house on Earth, appearing in his Mysterious Realm.
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