Home Imperial Beast EvolutionChapter 1

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It has been raining continuously for 24 hours, and the sweltering summer is so damp that it feels a little breathless.

A young, skinny looking young man holding an old artificial intelligence mobile phone and tinkering with the phone for a while before making a start-up sound.

Lin Yuan could be relieved. Fortunately, this phone is not bad, otherwise Lin Yuan can't stand it with a new phone.

After the phone was turned on, Lin Yuan logged on to the Lingwu.com as usual and found that the reply message on his Lingwu.net account turned out to be 99+, but he only responded to a question.

When I went to bed last night, Lin Yuan saw a post in the post asking someone what to do if he was bitten by a ghostly spider spider. Lin Yuan answered it as a matter of course.

"Don't panic when bitten by ghost-spirited spider, drink hot water blue roots, then clean the wound, find a cool and ventilated shade to lie down, to avoid the body stinking, if the economy allows, it is better to spread one Roll the mat."

Looking at the various fancy replies, Lin Yuan heard the sound of the rope, and a gray-black kitten fell on Lin Yuans leg.

As soon as the kitten fluttered on Lin Yuans legs, the sound of instigating wings came from not far away. A small blue sparrow-like bird stopped on Lin Yuans shoulder, and the little bird tweeted twice. .

Lin Yuan quickly put down his phone and said to the gray kitten lying on his lap.

"Smart, what is the temperature of the store now?"

The kitten on Lin Yuan's thigh fluttered, opened his mouth, and said with a milky voice.

"The indoor temperature is thirty-four degrees, Lin Yuan, you should ventilate and dissipate heat at this time!"

When Lin Yuan heard it, he hurriedly picked up the gray-black kitten, and ran downstairs with the blue bird that had been chattering all over his shoulder.

At this time, the sky was just bright, but Lin Yuan had opened the window skillfully and walked carefully to the flower stand.

At this time, the gray-black kitten said again.

"Lin Yuan takes medicine first!"

Lin Yuan quickly stopped and poured water.

At this time, the cyan bird on his shoulder had taken the pills over.

Lin Yuan took the pill from the cyan bird, threw it into his mouth, and drank the water in the glass.

At this time, the blue bird couldn't help but sing a song, Lin Yuan quickly covered his mouth.

"Yinyin, sing now, don't call Aunt Zhang next door!"

The kitten on Lin Yuans leg and the singing bird on his shoulder looked quite strange, but after a hundred years of rejuvenation, the gray-black kitten and the cyan bird were the most common in the world. There is almost one hand.

The kitten is called "smart", and it is a beast of a hundred questions, just like a book of one hundred why, it can also serve as a simple life steward, and it is a "housekeeping beast".

It's just that this gray-black kitten looks thin and small compared to the white beast on the market, just like malnutrition, and the fact is the same.

This Yuanwen beast is the pups born in a nest of the mother Baiwenbecause the hair color is gray and black, which is like dirt, and it has not been sold.

The boss cut the price by half, which is cheaper than Lin Yuan.

The name of the bird that can sing is called Tonebird. There are few people who can sell Tonebird on the market, because most of them are the advanced class of Tonebird, Song Ji Bird.

Song Ji bird is like a living music player, smart song Ji bird can learn a hundred songs.

And the cyan, sparrow-like bird sound bird on Lin Yuan's shoulder is a sound bird that failed to evolve the song Ji bird.

The boss who sold the pet at that time hesitated when he saw Lin Yuan buying the Baiwen Beast, and he gave the sound bird as a bargaining chip and gave it to Lin Yuan.

Under the training of Lin Yuan for more than two years, the current Bird of Music has already sung a song.

Yinyin means that this little tone bird always feels frustrated when he comes home.

Everything is animating and can naturally feel everything around him, so Lin Yuanming always praises the sound and slowly builds up the confidence of the sound.

In particular, Yinyin became lively after learning a song.

A poorly questioned and abandoned beast, an advanced bird that has been regarded as trash by advanced failure, and a skinny teenager.

How the three seem to be a combination of "weak", but they are in a well-organized operation of a small shop of spirits left by their parents.

Lin Yuan walked to the flower bed after taking the medicine, and carefully removed the black cloth on the flower bed.

Five succulents resembling lotus flowers are growing in earthenware pots. They are emerald green in color with a faint, almost unscented aroma.

After looking closely at these five lily lilies, Lin Yuan couldn't help but sigh when he saw one of them.

The leaves of one of the lily lilies have softened. When will this hot weather be a head?

Lily Lily is a common healing system.

One hundred years after the resurgence of Reiki, all things in the world are affected by Reiki, and they all evolve and mutate.

Lily Lily, as a kind of succulent plant before rejuvenation, is one of them, and it is a common healing plant.

If it is placed at home and you accidentally cut your fingers when cutting vegetables, you only need to put Lily Lily on the head of the bed, and the wounds on your fingers will be intact the next day.

Of course, there are also Reiki professionals who choose Lily Lily as the contract spirit, but Lily Lily is the lowest-order spirit and it is very difficult to evolve.

The five pots of lily in the Linyuan store are all ordinary.

If you cross the elite level and reach the bronze door, then Lily Lily and other spiritual departments of the same treatment department will be no different.

Everything is conserved, and low-order spirits are rejected, just because it is really difficult to evolve.

But if low-level spirits can continue to evolve into high-level, then in the rumors heard by Lin Yuan, it can even suppress high-level spirits of the same level in some ways.

The rise of low-level spirits, UU reading www. uukanshu.com is like a little person, stepping into the cloud step by step from the dust, rather than like a high-level spirit, born is the peak.

Higher-order spirits can also evolve, and it is easier to evolve than lower-order spirits.

So few people will cultivate low-order spirits, because there are resources to cultivate low-order spirits. Higher-order spirits can cultivate several at the same time.

is like the two kinds of creatures such as Baiwen Beast and Song Ji Bird.

is the centuries of this reiki recovery, but never heard of the evolution of the Baiwen Beast and the Song Ji Bird.

carefully manipulated five pots of lily lily. After cultivating soil and burying highly nutritious ore in the soil, although there was not much work, Lin Yuan was already slightly panting.

Although Lin Yuans shop is said to be a shop, there are only two types of Ling Zhi, five pots of lily and a dozen pots of Qingluo.

Qingluo is not even an ordinary level of spirits, it is a variant of Luluo before Reiki recovery.

eliminates the microtoxicity in the body and improves the nutritional content and growth rate of the vines in the body.

This also makes Qingluo the best feed for low-level herbivorous or omnivorous spirits.

These dozen pots of Qingluo can bring hundreds of rattans about one meter long to Lin Yuan every day.

Lin Yuan looked at these dozen pots of Qingluo like an old mother and did not care, said.

"It is still necessary to rely on these dozens of pots of Qingluo for daily maintenance. Lily Lily sells a pot and it is a surprise."

It's just that Lin Yuan, who looked at Qingluo like an old mother, didn't mean to play with these pots of Qingluo, but basically spent all her thoughts on these five pots of Lily.

After Lin Yuan's simple cleaning of the dust, this small shop of spirits in the early morning after the rain opened as usual.

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Chapter 662: Elysium Chapter 663: All You Can Eat Elysium 3 Layer Routine Chapter 664: The Calculation Is One Kind Of Contempt Chapter 665: Here Comes The Smash Chapter 666: Bloodline Divide Chapter 667: Open Endorsement Of Top Powers Chapter 668: Tolerance And Ability Chapter 669: The First Welfare Chapter 670: Sun Ningxiang's Crazy Brain Supplement Chapter 671: Raw Camellia Chapter 672: Only Occasionally Escape Chapter 773: Aberrations In The Locked Space Chapter 774: Smart And Not Afraid Of Pain Chapter 775: Golden Scales In The Pool Chapter 776: Ling Chao Mo Jiao Chapter 777: Wei Xiaolin Lin Xiaoyuan Chapter 778: Fortune Chapter 779: Qianjiao Lake Chapter 780: Broken 3 Tails Chapter 781: Promote The Cleverness Of Fantasy Chapter 782: The Use Of Mental Power To Subvert Common Sense Chapter 783: Interconnected Tail Chapter 784: Make The Teacher Smart Chapter 785: The Taboo Of The Maker Chapter 786: 2 Little Geniuses Chapter 787: Liansheng 99 Cut Into Pieces. Chapter 788: Wang Liantu 0 Pavilion Chapter 789: One Billion Shining Coins Can't Stop It Chapter 790: This Old Man Is Bad Chapter 791: Active Confession Chapter 792: 300 Bottles Of Platinum Water Chapter 793: Farming Chapter 794: Let The Miao Family Pay Chapter 795: Young Master Chapter 796: Accelerate Death Yangwens Big Brothers Can Be Slaughtered Woo Woo Chapter 797: Trade For All Chapter 798: The Legendary Soldier Food Chapter 799: The Celestial Council Of Holy Things Chapter 800: Xinglingjiao Chapter 801: Still Not Ruthless Chapter 802: Figures Made Up Of 8 Wills Chapter 803: 12 Throne Of The Main Constellation Chapter 804: Leo Lin Yuan Chapter 805: I Feel Like I Am Lin Yuan Of The System Chapter 806: Barren Cave Continent Chapter 807: Lin Yuan's Little Gift Chapter 808: They Will Look Forward To Coming Next Week Chapter 809: Screening Rules And Will Chapter 810: Lin Yuan With A Big Lion Mouth Chapter 811: Governing Others With Their Own Way Chapter 812: Strength Integration And Goal Setting Chapter 813: Trees Produce 2 Cores 2 Cores Loop Chapter 814: Genesis Species Endless Possibilities Chapter 815: The Road To Heaven From Lin Yuan Chapter 816: Guiyuan Manor Almost Turned Into A Natural Public Toilet Chapter 817: Thick Murderous Chapter 818: Miao Zhi And The Price Chapter 819: Si Ye Conference Chapter 820: I Am The Best At Making Friends Chapter 821: Planning The Details Of Food Chapter 822: Long Lost Pear Vortex Smile Chapter 823: Pure Reiki Is Still Useful Chapter 824: Lin Yuan Was Hit With A Nosebleed Chapter 825: 1 Step Away From Mobius Promotion To Fantasy Species Chapter 826: Harvest On Vines Chapter 827: Powerful Extracorporeal Blood Bone Chapter 828: Mother Of The Blood Bath Super Double Chapter 829: Order From Indigo Chapter 830: Hot Spring Slug Chapter 831: Promoted To B Level Reiki Professional Chapter 832: Smart Do You Think I Look Handsome? Chapter 833: 5 Emperor Mercenaries And Condensation Medical Chapter 834: Is This Male Version Of Aunt Zhang? Chapter 835: Meet The Chef Chapter 836: Treasure Made Of Living Things Chapter 837: Ta Dian's 0 Year Plan Su Sheng Of The Sleeper Chapter 838: 300 Meters Underground Chapter 839: Construction Of Underground Space Chapter 840: Lin Yuan's Plan To Disclose His Identity Chapter 841: Identity Can Pit People Chapter 842: Variation Astrology Chapter 843: Ethereal Jellyfish In Advanced Chapter 844: Golden Level Skill Free Fishing Chapter 845: Lin Yuan's Absolute Defense Chapter 846: Wen Lei Wu Lei And Wen Wu Shuang Lei Chapter 847: Scheduled Champion Chapter 848: Lin Yuan's Confidence Chapter 449: Same Fantasy Species Chapter 750: 2nd Source Species Chapter 751: Titan Giant Anaconda Chapter 752: Tacit Understanding Chapter 753: Lu Pinru's Spiritual Change Chapter 754: Red Thorn Body Chapter 755: Broad Daylight Become A Living Person Chapter 756: Lan Qin Chapter 757: Only One Purpose Chapter 758: Its Just 1 Strain Of 0 Lily. Chapter 759: Li Yun Bird Niche Chapter 760: Unexpected Old Acquaintance Chapter 761: The Sixth Sense Of Long Tao Black And Lin Yuan Chapter 762: Active Friendship Chapter 763: The Bone Marrow Chapter 764: New Level 0 Routines And Confidence Chapter 765: 6 Fengxia Luan Car Chapter 766: New Source Creature Chapter 767: Source Creature Goblin Heart Chapter 768: Can't Change Can Only Borrow Chapter 769: 1 Broken Diamond Regular Source Crystal Chapter 770: Throwing Bricks To Attract Jade Chapter 771: Redthorn Evolution Request Chapter 772: The Anomaly Where The Cancer Spirit Was Buried Chapter 773: Hatching Goblin Chapter 774: Jinlian Jinzhu Leprechaun Abnormal Chapter 775: 6 Wing Yinhua And 2 Wing Jinse Chapter 776: The Completely Transformed Yinhua Chapter 777: Exclusive Characteristics Chapter 778: Horrible Skills That Make A Living By Killing Chapter 779: Inferiority Chapter 780: What Is The Relationship Between The Owner Of The Sky City And My Lin Yuan? Chapter 781: Northern Xu's Selection Of Spirits Chapter 782: Bladebat Chapter 783: I Want To Talk To Other Anchor Pk Chapter 784: What Is The Relationship Between Queyinluo And Black? Chapter 785: Hard To Survive Bei Xu Chapter 786: Unknown Prominent Identity Chapter 787: Come Talk To My Manor Chapter 788: The Second Celestial Assembly Chapter 789: Distressing Teenager Chapter 790: Curse Seal Stone Bug Chapter 791: Li Yun's Visit Chapter 792: 1 Sentence Status Improvement Chapter 793: Chijin Tamron Specifications Chapter 794: The Power To Change The Pattern Of Creating Teachers Chapter 795: Can You Eat It? Chapter 796: Regular Crystal Shortage Chapter 797: 3 Stages Of Reiki Recovery Chapter 798: 0 Chance Of Poison Chapter 799: Body Memory Chapter 800: The Fall Of The Main Phoenix Chapter 801: I Need All The Fighting Skills In Lin Yuan Chapter 802: Lin Yuan's Thoughts On War Chapter 803: Lin Yuan 1 Will Not Blame The Sound Chapter 804: Preformed Adult Sounds Chapter 805: Transformation Of The Members Of The Celestial Council Chapter 806: The Future Blue Sky Chapter 807: A Father Must Have A Daughter Chapter 808: Chef Zun And Zhu Jun's Profile Chapter 809: Vehicles After The Month Chapter 810: ?snake Blood Chapter 811: Tianxiang Beauty Butterfly Chapter 812: Royal Armor Chapter 813: Glow Chapter 814: My Apprentice Is Lucky Than Me Chapter 815: 2 Kinds Of Bloodline And The Promotion Of The Queen Chapter 816: Regularized World Chapter 817: Dark Lord And Withering Power Chapter 818: Sword Skill: Dark Crow Wither 0 Strike Chapter 819: 2 Boxes And The Night Before The Si Ye Conference Chapter 820: Oh Angry Chapter 821: Beast Head Garden Chapter 822: Zong Ze And Gu Lang Chapter 823: The Big Show Begins Chapter 824: Pull Into The Water Chapter 825: Let's Go Play In Dou Dang Chapter 826: Lin Yuan Is My Brother Chapter 827: Enhancement Of Liu Jie's Strength Chapter 828: What Can't Afford It? Chapter 829: Who Are You Saluting To? Chapter 830: Damn It : Talk About The Heart Of The Button Chapter 831: Headed Form Chapter 832: Li Changlin You Know To Eat Chapter 833: Tit For Tat Chapter 834: Good Master Chapter 835: The Group With The Highest Gold Content Chapter 836: Destiny Determined By A Few Words Chapter 837: The Power In Lin Yuan's Hands Chapter 838: Lychee Langjun Chapter 839: Blazing Sun Flame And Start Chapter 840: Burning Sky? A Fan Cover?a Chapter 841: 360vcd Chapter 842: Lin Yuan's Long Lost Blood Chapter 843: Lost Confidence In Long Tao Chapter 844: Wu Lei At The Same Time As Wen Lei Chapter 845: Le Ji's Sad High Wind Chapter 846: Zuo Ming Who Is Good At Doing Bad Things Chapter 847: Glacier Diving Shark Chapter 848: This Kid Is Very Close To Me Chapter 849: After Month Chapter 850: Liu Jie's Battle Chapter 851: Acceptance Standard Of Iron Prison Chapter 852: Betting With Iron Prison Chapter 853: Battle Of The Wheels Chapter 854: Mycelia Chapter 855: Retreat Chapter 856: 50 Defeats Chapter 857: Last Battle Chapter 858: Liquidation Bet Chapter 859: Li Xuan Will Not Be Jealous? Chapter 860: The Official Start Of The Civil And Martial Arts I Wish Everyone From The College Entrance Examination The Title Of The Gold List.. Chapter 861: Harsh Competition Rules Chapter 862: Lin Yuan Is An Apprentice Of This Palace Chapter 863: You Smell So Good Chapter 864: 2nd Function Chapter 865: Lin Yuan's Exam Questions Chapter 866: The Hero Has Been A Boy Since Ancient Times Chapter 867: The Chef Who Was Mad At The Bottom Chapter 868: Zong Ze's Offer Chapter 869: Come And Talk Chapter 870: Rheinland Chapter 871: Reincarnation Flame Beast Yuanhuo Chapter 872: Such Flame Intensity Is Still Far Away Chapter 873: Snake Medusa Chapter 874: An Indescribable Miracle Chapter 875: Blue Poison Flame Puppet Falling On The Ring Chapter 876: Zong Ze's Guess Chapter 877: Reiki Willful Chapter 878: Unsheathed Holy Sword Chapter 879: Heavenly Red Fire Chiyan Heaven Chapter 880: Saliva Wipe 1 Wipe Chapter 881: Holy Source Metamorphosis In The Growth Stage Chapter 882: Master I Won. Chapter 883: I'm Not As Good As Him Chapter 884: Yuelu Huisheng Wan Chapter 885: News Of No. 4 Azure Envoy And 6 Star Crack Chapter 886: Level 6 Dimensional Crack And The Abyss World Chapter 887: I Can't Let The Apprentice Stand Here Chapter 888: Where Is The Master? Chapter 889: What A Great Bait Chapter 890: The Abyss World Chapter 891: The Mother Of The Blood Bath With A Crying Cry Chapter 892: Me And Master Are Together Chapter 893: Kill Worms Chapter 894: The Wicked? How Do You Want To Be This Wicked Person? Chapter 895: En Jiang Qiu Bao Chapter 896: Purple Gorgeous Butterfly Chapter 897: Silver Beast Chapter 898: Silver Dragon Ball Chapter 899: Endless Summer Bloodline Evolution Chapter 900: The Origin Of The Creation World Chapter 901: Lin Yuan Is Bleeding Chapter 902: The Holy Source Chapter 903: It's Time To Come In Handy Chapter 904: Special Power Rules Chapter 905: Comer Is Guest Chapter 906: I Only Need A Master Chapter 907: What Can I Dislike? Chapter 908: Suppressed Genetic Instinct Chapter 909: The New Creation Species Lin Yuan Suddenly Realized Chapter 910: Son You Are Awesome Chapter 911: Blue Flash Purple Butterfly Promote To Fantasy Species Chapter 912: Lin Yuan Long Time No See Chapter 913: Fantasy Species Mobius Chapter 914: Zixiao Beauty Butterfly Exclusive Characteristics Of Domineering Chapter 915: Mobius Klein Hub Chapter 916: Stop Crying I'm Fine. Chapter 917: Take Jun's Fury Chapter 918: Coming After The Month Chapter 919: Fierce Marsh Crocodile Chapter 920: Lin Yuan's Ambition Chapter 921: Mopan Town The Crisis Is Coming Chapter 922: I Will Solve The Rest Chapter 923: Give Me One More Drink Chapter 924: Don't Keep 1 Chapter 925: Lin Yuan Avatar Chapter 926: Liu Lang's Guess Chapter 927: Why Can't You Light Up The Sky Chapter 928: Long Xiao's Purpose Chapter 929: Return To The Manor Chapter 930: The Holy Source Of Endless Summer Chapter 931: The Delicate Arakawa Orchid Bud Chapter 932: Visited 2 Times A Year Such As The Home Chapter 933: Lin Yuan The Taste Of The God Shaped Bodhi Fruit Is So Bitter Chapter 934: A New Opportunity For Liu Jie Chapter 935: Yinyin You Look So Good Chapter 936: Black With A Crazy Mouth Chapter 937: One V Duel Between Hei And Lin Yuan Chapter 938: Time To Close Chapter 939: Waiting For The Pig To Come And Hit And Die In Front Of The Tree Chapter 940: Cut The Leeks Of The Cautious Brave Chapter 941: Tonight Chapter 942: You Don't Deserve To Be A Strong King Chapter 943: Of Course Can Chapter 944: The Happiest Person On All Star Chapter 945: What Is A Strong Anchor ? Chapter 946: Hei And Lin Are Far From One.. Chapter 947: Long Tao Comes Forward Chapter 948: Liu Jie 1 Post Sets Disturbance Chapter 949: Come To My House Chapter 950: Causality Chapter 951: Warm Sun Fund Chapter 952: Inducement Contract Chapter 953: Perfect Source Baptism Chapter 954: The Mysterious Totem Of The Forebody Chapter 955: The Battle Between The Rock Turtle And The Medusa Snake Monster Chapter 956: Li Teng's First Battle Chapter 957: Faith And Apostles Chapter 958: The Possibility Of Dimensional Creatures Seeing Attributes Chapter 959: Wendy Chapter 960: 3 Flower Snake Pupil Totem Chapter 961: Under The Butterfly Shadow All Life Is Silent After All Chapter 962: Evolution Of Liteng Chapter 963: Wendy's Talent: Snakeborn Paradise Chapter 964: Bone Reinforcement And Multi Headed Body Chapter 965: Believer Transformation Chapter 966: Where On Earth Did You Get This Good Stuff Chapter 967: Suddenly Chapter 968: Heavenly Dragon Chapter 969: I Can't Bear All The Responsibility Miao Qi Chapter 970: Remedy? How To Remedy? Chapter 971: Master Lin's Disciple Has A Bad Temper Chapter 972: The Dying Lizard Wendy And Lin Ji Chapter 973: Hidden Power Chapter 974: Swamp Water Moss Chapter 975: Totem Mark Illuminated On The Remains Chapter 976: Self Referral Chapter 977: Lin Yuan's Prodigal Daughter Chapter 978: World Source Crystal Chapter 979: Grasp The Wind Chapter 980: Love Is The Best Chapter 981: Where Are We Going To Meet? Chapter 982: Ready To Reveal The Identity Chapter 983: Distribution And Contempt Chain Construction Chapter 984: Umee And Boy Chapter 985: Symptoms Of Not Seeing Light Chapter 986: It's Better To Just Make A Big One Chapter 987: It Turned Out To Be A Beast Pattern Chapter 988: Gift From Biological Parents Chapter 989: Polar Night Scorpion Chapter 990: Wish To Be The Sword In The Hands Of The Young Master Chapter 991: It Turns Out That Hei And The Coin Forest Are Far From The Same Person Chapter 992: There Is A Radiant Color In The Breath Chapter 993: Don't Be Crooked The Book Is Fattened It's Time To Kill.. Chapter 994: Plan Chapter 995: Pureblood Zuan Asks To Join The War Chapter 996: Tian Ningning's Whole Body Hurt Chapter 997: Don't Be Afraid I Have One Cut Chapter 998: Why Is It Hurt Like This Chapter 999: Ok? Castle In The Sky? Chapter 1000: Blood Oath Chapter 1001: Misfortune To Family Chapter 1002: My Master Is After The Month Chapter 1003: Ability Is Not As Important As Loyalty Chapter 1004: 0 Ask The Beast Maker Army Chapter 1005: Big Orange Is Important Chapter 1006: Can This Idea Come True? Chapter 1007: 8 People Video Chapter 1008: Let Me Add Chapter 1009: Zongze's Please Chapter 1010: Green Eyed Golden Scale Snake Chapter 1011: Master Azure Are You Going To Observe The Ceremony? Chapter 1012: Its Not Time For It To Be Named Chapter 1013: Gan Let People Not Take A Bath In The Future Chapter 1014: The Never Shown Blood Of The Mother Of The Blood Bath Chapter 1015: Sundial Jade Spider Chapter 1016: Are There Many Partners Who Fail? Chapter 1017: New Members Of The Celestial Council Chapter 1018: Tare Chapter 1019: Sui Chapter 1020: Fate Chapter 1021: The 4th Celestial Assembly Chapter 1022: Wronged Bei Xu Chapter 1023: Problems That Need To Be Solved Immediately Chapter 1024: Treat The Symptoms To The Root Cause Chapter 1025: Leo Minor Chapter 1026: Dishonest Gloom Chapter 1027: There Is Always Hope When People Live Right? Chapter 1028: The Teacher Will Guide Me Once Every 7 Days Chapter 1029: The First Exclusive Secret Held By The Sky City Chapter 1030: The Secret Meeting Of The Brahma Cage Chapter 1031: Tianxiang Suddenly Transformed Chapter 1032: Chance Of Nympho Chapter 1033: Skill Rush Chapter 1034: Ancestral Veins Of Water Chapter 1035: Shrine In Lin Yuan's Soul Chapter 1036: Mermaid Chapter 1037: Faith Possession Chapter 1038: Huihui Is The Spirit Of The Heavenly Servant? Chapter 1039: Lin Yuan With Zero Assets Chapter 1040: Meteorological Cloud Chapter 1041: The Glare Of Sunny Weather And The Shadow Of Cloudy Weather Chapter 1042: Accompany You In The Snow All Night Chapter 1043: Baoyu Covenant Chapter 1044: The Person Who Gave The Element Shells Is Here Chapter 1045: Tianjuan Chapter 1046: I Want To Raise A Little Spider With You Chapter 1047: The Goodwill Of Fanjian Chapter 1048: It's Better To Hit The Sun Chapter 1049: Han Sheng And The Cockroach Chapter 1050: Call Fan Hansheng I Know You Chapter 1051: Blood Of A Stellar Dragonfly Chapter 1052: 10 Golden Lotus Plants Are Already Satisfied ? Chapter 1053: 800 Plants Confirmed Chapter 1054: Win Win Option Chapter 1055: Lin Yuan's Character Chapter 1056: Elemental Shell Distribution And Ji Feng Chapter 1057: Lin Yuan's Expectations Chapter 1058: Fengjing Aquarius Chapter 1059: Yuanjia Road Is Narrow Chapter 1060: I Need You To Give Me An Explanation Chapter 1061: The Confidence In Lin Yuan's Words Chapter 1062: Things Are Used To Solve Chapter 1063: Weird Plant Life In Ji Feng Chapter 1064: Conceal The News Of Yue Ge Chapter 1065: Help Get On It's Now Chapter 1066: Lin Yuan Parasitized Chapter 1067: Causal Gladiolus And Foreseen Water Lily Chapter 1068: The Red Golden Light Flashing Again Chapter 1069: Secret Covenant Chapter 1070: Flogging Page 6 Chapter 1073: 3 People's Happiness Chapter 1074: Flower Tree Bound Kill Chapter 1075: Endless Summer Seriously Underestimated By Lin Yuan Chapter 1076: Lin Yuan Is Rich Chapter 1077: New Home Chapter 1078: Experienced Follower Chapter 1079: Zongze's Concern Chapter 1080: Kill All Chapter 1081: Where To Put The Old Face? Chapter 1082: Miao Zhenshan's Worries Chapter 1083: Thanks And Favors From Zizhulin Chapter 1084: Uncontracted Golden Silk Emperor Bamboo Chapter 1085: Big Brother Don't You 0 Million Chapter 1086: Master I Have Chapter 1087: How Could Someone Chase After Such Changyue? Chapter 1088: The Wisdom Of Diamond Fantasy Chapter 1089: 0 Ask The Absolute Loyalty Of The Beasts Chapter 1090: Queen Bee Chapter 1091: Shock After Months Chapter 1092: One Step Ahead In The Next Month Chapter 1093: Void Shadow Fiend Chapter 1094: 2nd Shot After The Month Chapter 1095: Immortal 9 Forge Chapter 1096: Was Secretly Photographed Chapter 1097: The Smell Of Dreams Chapter 1098: Chance To Plant Chapter 1099: Crazy Destiny Letter Chapter 1100: Bi Ye Visits Chapter 1101: Production Spirit: Dark Crystal Beetle Chapter 1102: Letter 2 Chapter 1103: Job Offer Chapter 1104: Do You Dare To Threaten Me With Words? Chapter 1105: Harvest Chapter 1106: The Hunk Will Cry Too Chapter 1107: Lin Yuan's Matchmaker Attributes? Chapter 1108: The Disappearing Purple Moon In The Abyss World Chapter 1109: Lin Yuan Master Of The Abyss? Chapter 1110: Remember The Lesson When It Hurts Chapter 1111: Brother I Miss You Chapter 1112: 1 Is Divided Into 3 Chapter 1113: The Completely Transformed Red Thorn The True State Of Red Thorns Chapter 1114: 6 Winged Apex Chapter 1115: A Spiked Tongue Chapter 1116: Blue Clouds And Imminent Departure I Wish You All A Happy Mid Autumn Festival And National Day.. Chapter 1117: Totem Pillar Chapter 1118: Zheng Ji Chapter 1119: The Old Woman Is Crazy Chapter 1120: Are You Not Afraid Of Di Beast Garden's Revenge Chapter 1121: The Official Blood Oath Fight Chapter 1122: Play Well Chapter 1123: Change The Comparison Method Chapter 1124: 2 Great Creation Species Chapter 1125: I Said You Guys Should Die Chapter 1126: Reaping The Shadow Of Life On The Battlefield Chapter 1127: After 1 Word Is Spoken 2 Emperors Are Dead Chapter 1128: How? If You Want To Make Trouble In The Battlefield? Chapter 1129: Unnecessary Misunderstanding Chapter 1130: I Want 2 Pieces Of World Crystallization Chapter 1131: Let You Know What Is Convinced Chapter 1132: Set Storm Chapter 1133: Good Escape Chapter 1134: Opportunity For The Void Shadow Demon Chapter 1135: Caged Bird Chapter 1136: Dominate The 4 Star Creator Chapter 1137: The Black Shadow Of Another Shot Chapter 1138: It's A Lot More Promising To Go To Me Chapter 1139: Deinclaw Rock Bear Chapter 1140: Code Name Swamp Chapter 1141: Depressed Hu Quan Chapter 1142: Humanoid Weapon Transformation Begins Chapter 1143: Was Originally For You Chapter 1144: We Are Not Fools Chapter 1145: He Must Die Chapter 1146: Completely Finished Chapter 1147: You Are Really Awkward Chapter 1148: Sunny Flower From Outside The Region Chapter 1149: Gu Yang Plan Chapter 1150: Gravel Chapter 1151: The Great Secret Of Wanqi 1 Vein Chapter 1152: Can You Give Me An Emperor Class Powerhouse ? : I Hope Friends Who Like This Book Will Come In And Take A Look. Chapter 1153: Smart Friend Linghui Zizhi Chapter 1154: What Is The Relationship Between Transaction And Identity? Chapter 1155: A New Journey Of Blood And Fire Chapter 1156: The Road Of Knife Point Dance Chapter 1157: Final Preparation Chapter 1158: Lin Yuan's Goal Chapter 1159: Beginning Of Shenmu Chapter 1160: Squirrels That Are Extremely Sensitive To Aura Chapter 1161: When Was The Creator So Humble? Chapter 1162: 5 People Who Suddenly Appeared Chapter 1163: Lin Yuan And Liu Jie Tied Up Chapter 1164: Wrapped Into A Cocoon Chapter 1165: Who Is Not An Actor Yet? Chapter 1166: Dimensional Crack Opened By Lin Yuandong Chapter 1167: Huahai Begins Chapter 1168: 7 Color Lotus Chapter 1169: Bone Worm Meat Chapter 1170: A Tender Boy Chapter 1171: Immortal Body Chapter 1172: Hand It To Me Chapter 1173: Holy Source Object: Cup Of Fire Chapter 1174: Destiny 1 Page? Crimson 1 Page? The Bookkeeper Should Be Messed Up Chapter 1175: Huiyao's Heavy Equipment Chapter 1176: Brother Come Here Chapter 1177: I See If You Die Chapter 1178: Can Someone Want To See Your Phantom? Chapter 1179: Juvenile Cat Chapter 1180: It's Time To Show The Real Technology Chapter 1181: Don't Buy It Don't Touch It Or Slap Your Hand Chapter 1182: The Accident Broke Out And The Storm Started Chapter 1183: Vein Goblin Chapter 1184: I'm Here To Save You Lied To You Chapter 1185: Heavenly Soldier Chapter 1186: Master Sorry I'm Late Chapter 1187: How High Is Your Status? Chapter 1188: The Crack Opened By Liu Jie Chapter 1189: Give You The Capital Chapter 1190: What Can I Do To Lin Yuan? Chapter 1191: Honorary Captain Chapter 1192: The First Imperial Weapon To Be Activated Chapter 1193: Opportunity For Complete Mineralization Chapter 1194: Queen Work Chapter 1195: 1 Person Into An Army And A Human Mine Chapter 1196: Dingling Silver Mine Chapter 1197: Shouyuan Mouse Chapter 1198: The Chance Of Immortality After The Month Chapter 1199: Linghui Zizhi Chapter 1110: Re Enter The Swamp World Chapter 1111: The Offering Of The Medusa Snake Chapter 1112: 1 Slice Of Taoyuan Chapter 1113: Come Out Big Thing Chapter 1114: The Water Magic Willow And The White Crocodile Chapter 1115: Unusual White Crocodiles Chapter 1116: The Embryonic Form Of Linyuan Marsh World Empire Chapter 1117: Powerful Apostle Chapter 1118: Sphagnum Moss That Doesn't Panic At All Chapter 1119: The Totem Of Concrete Reality Under The Eucharistic Source Chapter 1120: The Secret Of The Holy Source Chapter 1121: Lin Yuan Who Turned Into A Mermaid Chapter 1122: Meet The Lord Master Chapter 1123: Breathtaking Lin Xiaoyuan Chapter 1124: Marsh East Circle The Palace Of All Things Chapter 1125: The Longing To Explore And Gallop Chapter 1126: Di Shou Yuan Who Has Launched A Blood Oath To Fight Again Chapter 1127: It's Harvest Time Chapter 1128: Sun Ningxiang's Help Chapter 1129: Not Even Worthy Of The Crown Chapter 1130: Peach Blossom Boy Lin Xiaoyuan Chapter 1131: Chen Ke Do It All Chapter 1132: If You Like It Just Work Hard Chapter 1133: The End Of The Month Chapter 1134: Sui's Harvest Chapter 1135: A Good Omen For The Entire Estate Chapter 1136: Covenant 3 Chapter 1137: Want To Join The Celestial Council? Prove The Value First Chapter 1138: Omniscience And The Fear Of The Sui Chapter 1139: 4 Top Different Waters Chapter 1140: Territory Application Program Chapter 1141: Xuanyue Cicadas Cried After The Moon Chapter 1142: Wan Yan Is Sad Chapter 1143: The Fate Is Set Chapter 1144: The Plan For Lin Yuan After The Month Chapter 1145: What Can I Do Now Chapter 1146: You Are At Ease Chapter 1147: Master See If You Can Make A Contract With This Creature : After Reading The Book Review Button Wanted To Say Something To Readers. Chapter 1148: Coincides With Cause And Effect Chapter 1149: Xuan Yue's Tears And Blood Chapter 1150: Spiritual World Group Pet Chapter 1151: Desolate Blood Chapter 1152: I Also Do It For The Good Of My Lord Chapter 1153: Lin Yuan's Transformation Chapter 1154: Beauty And Temperament Chapter 1155: Non Dragon Lungs And No Food Non Phoenix Blood And No Drinking Chapter 1156: Refining Wings For? ? U?a Chapter 1157: What Is The Fate Of Myself Chapter 1158: Fold The Neck Chapter 1159: Xuan Yue's Chance Chapter 1160: Exclusive Features Bring Unlimited Possibilities For Golden Wings Chapter 1161: Lin Yuan's Complete Defense System Chapter 1162: Your Whole Family Is Small Chapter 1163: How Could It Be So Shameless? Chapter 1164: The Wall Fell Down And Everyone Pushed? Is The Wall Down? Chapter 1165: Zongze's Help Chapter 1166: Zongze's Iron Buddies Chapter 1167: Lin Xiaoyuan The Great Benefactor Of Di Beast Garden Will Be Online Soon Chapter 1168: The Gap Between Chef Zun And Lin Yuan Chapter 1259: The Burning Sky Of Purified Blood??a Chapter 1260: Zongze Suddenly Crazy Chapter 1261: Zongze's Reshaped Life Chapter 1262: Lin Yuan And Zongze's Business Chapter 1263: Under The Long Lamp With Ankh Chapter 1264: Zong Ze And Liu Jie's Contest Chapter 1265: The End Of The Fire Chapter 1266: Ji Feng's Auspicious Omen Is Here Chapter 1267: The Legendary Sweet Scented Osmanthus Chapter 1268: Cheung Guest Chapter 1269: The Possibility Of Early Hatching Of Floating Island Whales Chapter 1270: Void Shadow Demon About To Transform Chapter 1271: Powerful 0 Question Beast Army Chapter 1272: Void Shadow Demon Turned Into A Hornet's Nest Chapter 1273: Smaller Stronger Chapter 1274: Shadow Sting Back Sting Chapter 1275: Shadows Achilles' Heel Chapter 1276: Brothers' Contest Chapter 1277: The Weirdness On The Battlefield Chapter 1278: The Common Ground Between Dimensional Creatures And Spiritual Creatures Chapter 1279: Prism Tortoise And Sun Dragon Cricket Chapter 1280: I'm Going To Watch The Whale Fall Chapter 1281: Where Is You Remarkable? Chapter 1282: Maybe It's Already Known Under The Long Lamp Diadem Chapter 1283: Fight To The End Chapter 1284: The Apprentice Under The Crown You Have To Be Tough? Chapter 1285: Slander Chapter 1286: Forever Contention Chapter 1287: Commander Of The Storm Guard Chapter 1288: Sea Valley Tea Chapter 1289: The Third World That Huiyao Will Build Chapter 1290: Tietong Sister Transformation Plan 4. Zero Opening Chapter 1290: Iron Bucket Sister Reconstruction Plan 4. Zero Open Chapter 1291: Dream Weapon Of The Little Princess Chapter 1292: I Am Here To Tell You In Advance Chapter 1293: Who Do You Die? ? Chapter 1294: Disciple: An He Chapter 1295: The New Changes Of The Queen Chapter 1296: Sword Skill: Whale Sea Jump Chapter 1297: Liu Jie's New Cancer Spirit Chapter 1298: Giant Cocoon Chapter 1299: Sudden Sea Emperor Chapter 1300: My Master's Name Is Ji Chang Deng Chapter 1301: Slap On Ankh's Face Chapter 1302: Forbidden Fruit And Sting Sting Of The Earth? B Dragon Chapter 1303: Stepping On The Flames Of The Light Smoke Beast Immortal Open Chapter 1304: I Don't Know How Little You Guys Have Such A Big Face Chapter 1305: You Can't Ignore It Chapter 1306: The Holy Sword In The Hand Of A Young Man Chapter 1307: What A Evil Chapter 1308: 1 Elbow Victory Chapter 1309: You Still Lose Chapter 1310: Surprise The Death Of The Mother Of The Blood Bath Chapter 1311: Dying Chapter 1312: I Want You To Die Chapter 1313: Kill All Chapter 1314: Inspiring Blood Of The Sundial Jade Spider Chapter 1315: Do Not Speak Martial Arts Chapter 1316: Respect Wu Why Not Hurry Up? Chapter 1317: Ribbon Descending From The Sun Chapter 1318: Tears Of Blood Chapter 1319: My Child Is Still Alive Chapter 1320: The Sun Goddess And Leaping Waves Into Ice Chapter 1321: The Crescent Moon Huihui Card Shows Off Chapter 1322: Two Months On The Same Day Chapter 1323: The Secret Of The Sundial Jade Spider Bloodline Chapter 1324: The Weirdness Revealed Everywhere In The Tower Code Chapter 1325: The Solemnity And Worry In Ye Qingyue's Eyes Chapter 1326: Hysterical Night Qingyue Chapter 1327: The Possibility Of The Same Day In March Chapter 1328: Blood Distribution Of The Mother Of The Blood Bath Chapter 1329: Lin Yuan Hugged Chapter 1330: The Making Of Blood Breeding Vines Chapter 1331: Ankh Chapter 1332: You Didnt Decide The Fate Of The 1st Clan Chapter 1333: The Elegy Of The Island Whale Chapter 1334: A Feast Of Red Spines Chapter 1335: Ambergris Chapter 1336: Promoted Red Thorn Chapter 1337: Secret Of The Elemental Mermaid Chapter 1338: The Legendary Soul Whale Chapter 1339: Soul Energy Detection And Soul Gathering Chapter 1340: Lin Yuan's 10 Runes Of Will Chapter 1341: The Beam Of The Sky City Chapter 1342: The Disobedient Yindai Chapter 1343: Liu Jie Shocked By Floating Island Whales Chapter 1344: Pour Of Nearly 0 Billion Huiyao Coins Chapter 1345: Lin Yuan's Soulsmith Team Chapter 1346: Heavy Rewards And Heavy Penalties Chapter 1347: Anhe's Friend Chapter 1348: Who Is Your Brother? Chapter 1349: New Big Order Chapter 1350: Public Opinion Fermented And Uneasy Miao Zhenshan Chapter 1351: Probing And Doing Things Chapter 1352: He Should Set Off A Storm Chapter 1353: Dark Sky Prajna Chapter 1354: The Darkened Main World Chapter 1355: Temple Of Liberty Chapter 1356: The Collision Between The Queen Of The Night And The 1st Clan Chapter 1357: Tear Up The Night Chapter 1358: The Mother Of The Blood Bath Chapter 1359: The Sun Chain That Was Cut Before The Blood Chapter 1360: Father And Daughter Meeting Thousands Of Miles Apart Chapter 1361: Gillian Bellflower Chapter 1362: The Towering Giant Tree That Grows From The Glory Chapter 1363: The Power Of Faith Not Growing Chapter 1364: Where Is Gao Feng? Chapter 1365: Hooktooth Giant Dragon Chapter 1366: Nirvana Chapter 1367: Shanhe Yongshou Carp About To Evolve Chapter 1368: Sun Ningxiang's Determination Chapter 1369: Tun Tun Shu Lin Yuan Chapter 1370: Resource Expansion Chapter 1371: Xuan Yue Chapter 1372: Desolate Blood Vessel Of Iron Hell Chapter 1373: I Also Have A Grid Chapter 1374: Release The News With Tian Ningnings New Assistant Chapter 1375: News Of The Second Weird Seed Chapter 1376: Loya Looking Through The Autumn Water Chapter 1377: The Celestial Council Dropped By A Pigeon Chapter 1378: Maybe I Can Last Another 7 Days Chapter 1379: Rushing To You Regardless Chapter 1380: Hu Tian Chapter 1381: Lin Yuan: Unpredictable Bad Luck Chapter 1382: Ascending White Bone Lotus Flower Sea Chapter 1383: Target Nanmu City Chapter 1384: The Gap Between Huiyao And Shenmu Chapter 1385: I Already Have Someone I Like Chapter 1386: Square Covenant Chapter 1387: Coming Shenmu 0 Zi Chapter 1388: Don't Make Trouble Chapter 1389: Dealt With Them Chapter 1390: Sky's Ink Giant Flood Chapter 1391: The Young Man In White Is Like A God Chapter 1392: Swarms Of Insects Crawling All Over The Square Chapter 1393: An Unpredictable Identity Chapter 1394: Dust Washing Party Chapter 1395: Rod's Fawning Chapter 1396: A New Way To Make Money By Accident Chapter 1397: Cultivation Of Content Walnut Tree Chapter 1398: Lin Yuan: Huafu Plus Body Chapter 1399: 270 Pairs Chapter 1400: Roja's Change Chapter 1401: Wrong Gift Chapter 1402: Surrender After Consideration Chapter 1403: Shengshi Shokai Chapter 1404: Good People Chapter 1405: Rainbow Lotus Chapter 1406: Brewer Chapter 1407: Scourge 5 Chapter 1408: Yin And Yang Send Chaos Butterfly Chapter 1409: Dare To Do It To Me Chapter 1410: Just Deal With It Chapter 1411: Host Of Yangji Randie Chapter 1412: Lin Yuan's Approach Chapter 1413: Accidentally Fused Soul Chapter 1414: A Miracle By Accident Chapter 1415: How? Scared? Chapter 1416: Annoyed Lin Yuan Chapter 1417: The Burning Deep Cold Chamber Of Commerce : New Year's Greetings For Everyone Chapter 1418: 4 Parties Gather 8 Parties Move Chapter 1419: Everyone Is Responsible Chapter 1420: A Feast Of Insects Chapter 1421: The Truth Is Revealed Chapter 1422: Also Worthy Of My Master's Account? Chapter 1423: Sui Lost Hope Chapter 1424: Salvation Of The Sui Chapter 1425: The Resurrected Love Poppy Chapter 1426: Squid Mouse Everywhere Chapter 1427: Stunning Appearance Chapter 1428: Test And Guess Chapter 1429: Love Poppy And The Strange Flower's Spiritual Contract Method Chapter 1430: Love Chapter 1431: 14 Millet Chapter 1432: Suis Philharmony Project Chapter 1433: Ding's Shock Chapter 1434: Our Young Master Is Not Here To Reminisce About The Past Chapter 1435: Unfathomable Identity Chapter 1436: Lixuan's Worries And Determination Chapter 1437: Lin Yuan's Arrangement Chapter 1438: Collision Is Imminent Chapter 1439: Ding Chengshuo's Goodwill Chapter 1440: Holy Wood Chapter 1441: Lin Yuan's Opportunity Chapter 1442: Wealth That No One Can Refuse Chapter 1443: Lin Yuan's New Sword Skills Chapter 1444: Silver Tortoise Chapter 1445: Shouyuan Rat And Mink Chapter 1446: Strength Of War 7 Pages Chapter 1447: Secrets In The Depths Of Brahma Chapter 1448: Gun Smoke Will Rise Chapter 1449: Apostles Who Are Getting Stronger Chapter 1450: Wen Yu With Amazing Changes Chapter 1451: Source Paper Comparable To The Holy Source Chapter 1452: New Action Chapter 1453: Depressed Mother Of Blood Bath Chapter 1454: Holy Source Of The Mother Of Blood Bath Chapter 1455: Wanyao Tangquan Chapter 1456: The Secret Of Tangquan Chapter 1457: Ring Sleeve Scorpion Puppet Chapter 1458: Zongze's Call Chapter 1459: Obtain New Skills Chapter 1460: The Fusion Of Rainbow Weather Chapter 1461: Amazing Element Blasting Chapter 1462: Zhou Jiaxin And Ning Laos Troubles Chapter 1463: Conspiracy Chapter 1464: Lin Yuan's Energy Chapter 1465: Sign Up Early Chapter 1466: The Road Paved By Zhai Wantian Chapter 1467: Warm Sun Starts Worry Free Longevity Chapter 1468: The Beginning Of The Warm Sun Chapter 1469: In The Name Of Love Chapter 1470: Bai Hao Is Mad Chapter 1471: Free Mission Chapter 1472: Cocooned Demon Embryo Chapter 1473: The Purpose Of The Free Mission Chapter 1474: Competition There Are Always Accidents Chapter 1475: Direction Of The Celestial Council Chapter 1476: The Favor Of Yunze City And Yue Zhongcheng Chapter 1477: What I Have Here Chapter 1478: The Celestial Council To Be Joined By Newcomers Chapter 1479: Desperate Boy Chapter 1480: Siege Of Shadows Chapter 1481: Lion Libra Long Time No See Chapter 1482: Hug Of Bei Xu Chapter 1483: Call Of New Members Chapter 1484: Person 5 Buper Chapter 1485: The 6th Person Who Appeared Chapter 1486: Pirate Warren Chapter 1487: Lin Yuan's Method Chapter 1488: Warren's Luck Indescribable Blood Chapter 1489: Huge Chapter 1490: Returning Listening Chapter 1491: Lin Yuan's Prediction Chapter 1492: Sudden Statement From The Farming Garden Chapter 1493: Mianxia In The Farming Garden Chapter 1494: Call Xuan Yue Chapter 1495: Ye Qingyue's Cooperation Chapter 1496: What Are You Still Staring At Me To See ? Chapter 1497: Fangs First Appeared Chapter 1498: Sacred Source Rotting Meat Ginseng Chapter 1499: Argument Ready To Go Chapter 1500: Do You Want To Destroy My 4 Legged Animal Domain? Chapter 1501: Falcon Chapter 1502: Sudden Change Zhai Wantian Zhai Wancheng Is Dead Chapter 1503: Coming After Night Chapter 1504: Why Do You Recite? Chapter 1505: I Can't Afford To Bet Chapter 1506: Lin Yuan's First 5 Star Creator Chapter 1507: Dimensional Biological Gardener Konjac Chapter 1508: Red Thorn's Advanced Again Chapter 1509: New Skill: Demon Spirit Curse Chapter 1510: Wang Ting Council Engine Lin Yuan Chapter 1512: Conditions For Improving The Quality Of Xiaohei Chapter 1513: Qingqin Huayin Chapter 1514: Sun Singer Chapter 1515: Lin Yuan's Mobile Castle Chapter 1516: Opportunity In The Valley Of Panlong Chapter 1517: Transformation Of The Valley Of Panlong Chapter 1518: Where To Find Such A Strong Person? Chapter 1519: Forge Of Immortality Chapter 1520: Fanning 6 Pairs Of Black Wings Chapter 1521: 2 Times Mutated Imperial Armor Worm Chapter 1522: Retribution To The Goddess Federation Chapter 1523: Celestial Revelation Chapter 1524: Want To Meet You Chapter 1525: The Lost Zixiao Chapter 1526: The 4th Spiritual Relic Of Chuci Chapter 1526: The 5th Spiritual Relic Of Chuci Chapter 1527: They Are Waiting For You Chapter 1528: Tell Them I'm Still There Chapter 1529: Why Is Black So Powerful? Chapter 1530: 50 Stars Chapter 1531: Then I Attacked Chapter 1532: Star Network History Refreshed Chapter 1533: The Girl In The Depths Of The Palace Chapter 1534: A Powerful Enemy Arranged For The Black Chapter 1535: Fast Beat Black 1 Meal Chapter 1536: The Almighty Rhino Deer Chapter 1537: I Dont Even Know How To Explain The Contest Chapter 1538: The Teenager Under The Civet Chapter 1539: I Have A Stomachache Go To The Toilet Chapter 1540: Black There Really Is You Chapter 1541: Placement Of 5 Star Creators Chapter 1542: He Came Blood Moon Chapter 1543: Come To Me What Is The So Called Huiyao? Chapter 1544: Let Me Go With You Chapter 1545: Lets Find A Place To Chat Chapter 1546: This Move Is Really High After The Month Chapter 1547: Lin Yuan's Chance For Ye Qingyue Chapter 1548: Are You Making My Old Man Go? Chapter 1549: Exit In The Next Month Chapter 1550: The Second Eternal Spirit Of Heaven Chapter 1551: All Parties Reacted Chapter 1552: Ye Qingyue's Chance Chapter 1553: Yinrui Jinzegui's Anomaly Chapter 1554: Lava Trip Chapter 1555: Lava field Chapter 1556: A phantom like the mother of the blood bath! Chapter 1557: 1 hug! Chapter 1558: Everything is boiling! Chapter 1559: Careful Thoughts of the Mother of Blood Bath Chapter 1560: Dad, mother still have a chance to be resurrected! Chapter 1561: The blessings of the blessings of the blood! Chapter 1562: Uncle Blood, you are one point steady! Chapter 1563: The ups and downs of blood? Chapter 1564: What a **** hand! Chapter 1565: Sorrowful Copper Furnace City Chapter 1566: Juvenile's Responsibility Chapter 1567: Lin Yuan's Commitment Chapter 1568: Domineering after the month Chapter 1569: The plan to unify 1 hacked continent! Chapter 1570: Soul whale, evolution! Chapter 1571: Spiritual endowment! Chapter 1572: Incomplete Mobius! Chapter 1573: New stuff from Mobius! Chapter 1574: Lin Yuan's new auxiliary means! Chapter 1575: Sound of trouble Chapter 1576: It's windy, antelope! Chapter 1577: Evolutionary Tone Chapter 1578: In Yinyin's body, the call of the main phoenix species! Chapter 1579: Cleverly blown blood Chapter 1580: Yinyinhuaqin, 0 Bird Dynasty Chapter 1581: Lord of Ten Thousand Cats Chapter 1582: Yinyin is the strongest! Chapter 1583: Sihuang New Sunbird Chapter 1584: Bujin Sanskrit Chapter 1585: Era Temple! Chapter 1586: The meeting Yin Lin is looking forward to! Chapter 1587: Steel angel, take off! Chapter 1588: Is it a lion? Chapter 1589: This **** little white face! Chapter 1590: I will talk to you as a disciple of Mianxia Chapter 1591: Win-win cooperation Chapter 1592: Lin Yuan's plan! Chapter 1593: Lin Yuan who turned ugly Chapter 1594: Ye Qingyues thanks! Chapter 1595: When did Baifeng talk so well? Chapter 1596: The blueprint to make Ye Qingyue's creepy! Chapter 1597: There is no tradition of marriage! Chapter 1598: The holy source thing after the moon: Feeding the moon Chapter 1599: I will take the master now! Chapter 1600: 1 insurance! Chapter 1601: Aunt Shengcry, please trouble you! Chapter 1602: Is it a snake? Chapter 1603: Mission storm Chapter 1604: No way! Must be reported to the Temple of Freedom! Chapter 1605: Don't be picky eaters! Chapter 1606: Sensitivity from genes! Chapter 1607: Don't wag your tail, little iron! Chapter 1608: Mirror silver obsidian cow Chapter 1609: Golden Seal Emperor Butterfly Chapter 1610: If you get lost, I will take you home! Chapter 1611: Then let me use your body! Chapter 1612: No matter what you see, don't be surprised! Chapter 1613: Out of the shell! Chapter 1614: The body of the giant whale and the pilot whale owner Chapter 1615: Floating Island Secret Chapter 1616: Belongs to the sky! Chapter 1617: Stay with you all night! Chapter 1618: The strongest auxiliary element of the holy source! Chapter 1619: Shi Yi 8 sound box Chapter 1620: Why is the apprentice more shameless than the master? Chapter 1621: Everyone is a disciple, what do you have to pretend? Chapter 1622: Anhe is not right! Chapter 1623: Give S-Sports some new passion! Chapter 1624: The whole people carnival! Chapter 1625: Honorable Ambassador, Liu Yifan! Chapter 1626: Lin Yuan who was regarded as a fake fan! Chapter 1627: Assessment before selection! Chapter 1628: Liu Jie, who was dumbfounded! Chapter 1629: Why is it so delicious? Chapter 1630: Qualifying begins! Chapter 1631: Sucking Oxygen Frog Chapter 1632: With this one hit, you will be able to see the gap! Chapter 1633: I want to challenge Liu Jie! Chapter 1634: This moth! ? Chapter 1635: How can there be so many coincidences in the world? Chapter 1636: Long Tao's last resort! Chapter 1637: Magic Flower Air Shield Stink! Chapter 1638: I have a few words, I want to talk to Liu Jie! Chapter 1639: Do you have any thoughts about Liu Jie? Chapter 1640: The assessment day is here! Chapter 1641: Huiyao's rules! Chapter 1642: Repeat it next time, die! Chapter 1643: Dingbang Heavy Equipment 4! Chapter 1644: Officially begin! Chapter 1645: The picture has appeared! Chapter 1646: Invitation declined! Chapter 1647: The hard work of these players cannot be disappointed! Chapter 1648: How do you want to travel? ? Chapter 1649: "Black" controversy! Chapter 1650: Victory, the world is happy! If we fail, we should share the same sorrow in the world! Chapter 1651: Tian Feng is stupid! Chapter 1652: Brother Lin, which Lin? Chapter 1653: Hei and Lin Yuan are not the same person, right? Chapter 1654: The yellow sand castle in the sky! Chapter 1655: Brother Hei, what are you going to do! ? Chapter 1656: That's right, let's just go over! Chapter 1657: The mentality is exploded! Chapter 1658: Because there are disciples in this palace! Chapter 1659: Just come to Boda! Chapter 1660: The red thorn that was summoned! Chapter 1661: The real household name! Chapter 1662: Connected into a sea of flowers! Chapter 1663: The coming pity god! Chapter 1664: The tide of alien beasts has moved! Chapter 1665: The new method of red thorns! Chapter 1666: I have completely taken the black! Chapter 1667: The real assessment has officially begun! Chapter 1668: Justice comes from heaven! Chapter 1669: The strong man broke his wrist! Chapter 1670: It's pretty good! Chapter 1671: Disappearing voice of doubt! Chapter 1672: glorious future! Chapter 1673: Gao mother! 0 close dragon spirit! Chapter 1674: Dare to be the first in the world! Chapter 1675: Under the crown of self-proclaimed "God"! Chapter 1676: Flying into the formation song! Chapter 1677: Revive the fear of page 2! Chapter 1678: The confrontation with Lian God after the month! Chapter 1679: Auxiliary is elevated by one person! Chapter 1680: 0 He Yun Ling! Chapter 1681: The end of the assessment! Chapter 1682: The green light lit up in the yellow sand castle! Chapter 1683: Real treatment! Chapter 1684: Long Tao is very suitable to be your disciple! Chapter 1685: What a shame! Chapter 1686: The real collision is about to begin! Chapter 1687: What is the title of black? Chapter 1688: Play a friendly match! Chapter 1689: Challenge, Huiyao took it! Chapter 1690: What should Huiyao do? Chapter 1691: You are useless! go to hell! Chapter 1692: Be my favor, how? Chapter 1693: I have a master! Chapter 1694: Take out this little thing, and I am ashamed to use it as a bet! Chapter 1695: The seed of Satan! Chapter 1696: Months later! 6 stars! Chapter 1697: The woman in the black coffin! Chapter 1698: It turns out that they are disciples of Mianxia! Chapter 1699: 6 people looked up to! Chapter 1700: Crimson and Yingzhu! Chapter 1701: The sword ! Chapter 1702: Stand up to 1 "general" Chapter 1703: There is no matchup to admit defeat! Chapter 1704: The second hidden card! Chapter 1705: Beheading Chapter 1706: 1 trigger! Chapter 1707: 3 treasures! Chapter 1708: Black throws a left fist! Chapter 1709: Distressed pity God! Chapter 1710: Floating World Snake Chapter 1711: Do whatever you want! Chapter 1712: 0 Bird Dynasty! Chapter 1713: Fanyu Guanyin Snake Chapter 1714: A new day rises! Chapter 1715: Yinyin of Transformation Chapter 1716: The 8 tails that appeared again! Chapter 1717: Jinyou dream weaver! Chapter 1718: Vows around the snake ring Chapter 1719: Not seduce Lin Xiaoyuan! Chapter 1720: Butterflies of the goddess! Chapter 1721: Huiyao won! Chapter 1722: Strange devil! Chapter 1723: 4 carriages! Chapter 1724: Totem around the sage! Chapter 1725: Impossible to be agreed to the request! Chapter 1726: What qualifications do you have to talk to me like this? Chapter 1727: Are you worthy? Chapter 1728: The evolution of the Azure Bloodline! Chapter 1729: A meeting is equal to not having a meeting! Chapter 1730: Desolate blood, blue bird! Chapter 1731: What a wasteland and a great wasteland! Chapter 1732: Taoyao Bluebird and Jingwei! Chapter 1733: Jewel Witch! Chapter 1734: How to fight! Chapter 1735: Enter the battle! Chapter 1736: Liu Jie's effort! Chapter 1737: Rot migratory locust Chapter 1738: I happen to be hungry! Finally there is something to eat! Chapter 1739: Raised black fingers! Chapter 1740: Racial ruling, sending rotting locusts to death! Chapter 1741: The holy source of the same blood! Chapter 1742: The dilapidated sea of flowers! Chapter 1743: Amazing spiritual power in the black body! Chapter 1744: Mussels, teeth, silk! Chapter 1745: The black cat's tail has done something to his teammates! Chapter 1746: The real body of Sir Choyinluo! Chapter 1747: Fire Rock Sandworm! Chapter 1748: You can't come by yourself! Chapter 1749: Red flowers in the water! Chapter 1750: A magical creature that breaks common sense! Chapter 1751: A lore at the cost of life! Chapter 1752: Lin Yuan locked in by Lu Ou Chapter 1753: Zongze with all his strength! Chapter 1754: Liu Jie broke out! Chapter 1755: Deep Frozen King Eel Chapter 1756: The fit devil! Chapter 1757: Yan Ling is dead! Chapter 1758: Silver Liu Jie! Chapter 1759: The worm mother transforms! Chapter 1760: Lin Yuan who is letting go! Chapter 1761: Completely Lu Ou! Chapter 1762: Why is the black face so familiar! ? Chapter 1763: Genius returns to 1! Chapter 1764: Lin Yuan's new sword skills! Chapter 1765: Linkage formed by 1 person Chapter 1766: The silver mirror in front of the holy sword! Chapter 1767: 9 nails cut wind thorn! Chapter 1768: Lu Ou's helpless choice Chapter 1769: Freedom 0 sub-sequence members who were bombarded! Chapter 1770: Purple and blue mermaid! Chapter 1771: The sea of mermaid! Chapter 1772: The metamorphosis of Lin Yuan's mermaid blood! Chapter 1773: Blood Vessel Suppression Chapter 1774: What is Qian Yu? Chapter 1775: Tanglong Bathing Ghost Chapter 1776: From the space portal, the palm that stretches out! Chapter 1777: Pity God has a problem with his brain? Chapter 1778: You are very kind to the disciple of Empress Hui Yaoyue! Chapter 1779: Huiyao's harvest! Chapter 1780: Lin Yuan's expectations come true! Chapter 1781: Pity God who speaks righteously! Chapter 1782: Lin Yuan blinked! Chapter 1783: Months later, Lin Yuans teacher! Chapter 1784: Xiaoyuan, let's change clothes! Chapter 1785: Xuanyue who was stayed by beauty! Chapter 1786: Blue face troubles water Lin Xiaoyuan! Chapter 1787: You can laugh too much! Chapter 1788: No one can bully you! Chapter 1789: Justice and trial! Chapter 1790: The blessings of Wan Chong Huang He! Chapter 1791: Liu Jie's light! Chapter 1792: The transformation of the worm mother's skills! Chapter 1793: Liu Jie's choice! Chapter 1794: Is the legendary iron straight man? Chapter 1795: Feel Lin Xiaoyuan again! Chapter 1796: Long time no see! Chapter 1797: Pity God's proposal! Chapter 1798: The thing of the holy source 7 Xiyuhe! Chapter 1799: Two-stage cooperation! Chapter 1800: A maze of oceans! Chapter 1801: Lin Yuan's bottomless pit! Chapter 1802: The greedy beast Chapter 1803: Call in the next month! Chapter 1804: You have come to grab the house's life again! ? Chapter 1805: If you want to refine treasures for the apprentices in this palace, you also deserve it! Chapter 1806: Don't pity God with purpose!