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The rain stopped, and the sun had come out.

There was a road block around several feet away, which was established by the Metropolitan Military Division. Those soldiers had noticed our presences. They stared at us for a while. Then, a solider started questioning us.

"Any identification papers?"

"I got my citizen card."

I handed over my citizen card. That solider took a look, then gave it back to me. Later on, that solider asked for Mr. Hermit's.

"How about you?"

"Hello, I'm a tourist. I only have my passport."

"Umm Let's me take a look first."

Mr. Hermit handed over his passport. A moment later, that solider replied.

"You two can pass through. As a reminder, currently this area is under the military's protection. That means if you guys want to leave this town, you guys have to wait until the next morning to do so. By the way, if you guys see any suspicious person. Report to us immediately."

That solider handed over Mr. Hermit's passport, and he was questioning Mr. Hermit one more time.

"Umm Mr. Hermit, is this girl travel with you?"

"Officer, she is my local guide."

"I see, and what business bring you guys?"

"Site seeing."

"Unfortunately, we are now in a state of emergency. Although, the situation isn't out of control. But Mr. Hermit, you two should stay indoor after nightfall. It will be much safer for a strange in town."

"Officer, thank you for your concern."

Then that solider started asking me some questions.

"Little girl, what is your name?"

"Aoi Aoi Hamasaki"

"I see. Are you that man's local guide?"

"Currently, yes. After Mr. Hermit is in town, I need to get back home."

"I see. You better to get hurry. It is because this road block will close down at 18:00 sharp. You cannot leave town at night."

"I understood."

Mr. Hermit nodded and said.

"Officer, we will Oh, it is almost 15:30."

"Okay, you can go now."

"Thanks Officer."

Afterwards, Mr. Hermit and I had passed through the military's road block. A moment later, we stopped at one of the local bus stop. Mr. Hermit was looking at the bus's schedule, while I was trying to call my parents on my smartphone. Unfortunately, no one answered my call.

"Are they busy? Maybe I should call them later"

"Lady Aoi, what did you say?"

"Oh, Mr. Hermit. I tried to call my parents but no one answers."

"Don't worry, the bus shall arrive soon. I think maybe it is time for you to head back home."

"Oh, it is still earlier for me. I would like to visit the mall first. I would like to buy a gift."

"A gift? For you parents?"

"Umm Actually, today is my fifteenth birthday."

"Haha Now I see. Umm Lady Aoi... Happy Birthday!"

"Thank you, Mr. Hermit."

"Let me see. Once we are at the mall, I should also buy a birthday gift for you."

"There is no need for that."

"Please accept it, since you are helping me. Otherwise, I won't be able to find this town."


"What do you like?"

I paused for a moment. I was pondering while I looked into the blue sky. Luckily, it was sunny. I saw a clear sky with no cloud at all. A minute later, there was a fireball in the sky.

"Huh? A shooting stars?"

"Lady Aoi, where? Let's me see."

Mr. Hermit looked up and replied.

"This isn't good."

"A comet?"

"It's an airplane."

"Should we report it to the military?"

"Too late now. No point to do so."

Both of us kept starring at that fireball until it was crashed into Mount Lestat. I halted for several minutes, and then I started to panic.

"Mr. Hermit, I should call the police, and rescue those people now."

"Lady Aoi, you are very kind and heartwarming."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"But later on, could you able to survive and fight for your life?"

"Mr. Hermit, I don't understand what are you trying to say."

"There were only two passengers on that airplane. For sure, they will survive when that airplane crash landed."

"How did you know?"

"I only worry about what comes next?"


"Lady Aoi, we shouldn't wait for the bus. We should start get going now."

"Oh, my bicycle only has one seat."

"Forget the bicycle. We are in a hurry. Let's go"

"Ah What are you doing?"

Suddenly, Mr. Hermit picked me up and carried me on his shoulders.

"Mr. Hermit, let me down. You pervert."

"It only takes a few minutes. Let's me bring you to a safe place first."

Mr. Hermit started running towards the town center area.

"Let me down! You are hurting me."

"Keep quiet now. Otherwise I will Hehe"

Although, I was on Mr. Hermit's shoulders, but I could sense his hentai smile back here. Meanwhile, I saw there were lots of military's armor vehicles which were going to our opposite direction. A moment later, I even saw several tanks came by us. And I also heard helicopters flew above us.

"What is going on?"

"Lady Aoi, this is very bad. It seems they had arrived."

"Who are they?"


"Bad people?"

"That depends."

Bang! Bang! Bang! Boom! Boom! Boom! Those were the sounds I could heard from behind us. All of a sudden, Town of Kensington had become a battlefield. Sometimes, I even felt that was several intensive machine guns firing and loud explosives around us.

All I saw were cars rolling over to each other. I did not know why. But people on streets were running away from us. Suddenly, I saw a bus which was rolling over several times in front of us. Human bodies were ejected out from the bus's windows. Some of them had flew through in the mid-air, and some of them were landed around us. Since, I was scared by those dying faces and bloody body parts. Then, I started to cry.

Mr. Hermit shouted at me immediately.

"Stop the crying! Now close your eyes and cover your ears with your hands!"

So, I closed my eyes and covered my ears until Mr. Hermit finally stopped at the Kensington's Mall. He put me down, and we entered to the mall. Once we inside the mall, the atmosphere was totally dead silent. As I remember in those apocalypse movies, which I had watched. This situation should be chaotic. People ran in panic and screamed at the same time. However, that were nothing happened in front of my eyes.

"Huh? So, quiet. Nobody here at all?"

"Lady Aoi, what do you expect?"

"Umm Maybe zombie?"

"Haha You watched too much zombie movies. Haha"

"Maybe there are other survivors in here too."

"Chances are slim though."

"So that means this place is safe now?"

"Depends. But at least you can survive in here for weeks. There is a supermarket, and the opposite side is a department store. You can get what you need in those places."

"Only me?"

"Yes, of course."

"What about yourself?"

"Lady Aoi, I need to go. I got some unfinished business, which has to be handle on my own."


"Be a good girl. Stay here and wait for the rescuers to come."



"I will."

Mr. Hermit took out something from his jacket's inter-pocket. It was a locket necklace.

"I almost forgot. Here I gave this necklace to you. This is your birthday gift from me."

"No need for that. It looks expensive to me."

"Lady Aoi, this is only a souvenir from my company. You see this locket It has my company's logo on it"

Mr. Hermit shown me that necklace closely.

"Ah Umm"

"Please accept it as a lucky charm."

"Umm Thank you Mr. Hermit."

After, I received my birthday's gift from Mr. Hermit. He walked towards to the mall's entrance, and then he turned around and said.

"Goodbye! Lady Aoi"

I stood near the mall's entrance for a few minutes. Afterwards, I tried to call my parents. But as same as the movie, the mobile network was down. So, I went into the supermarket and gathered some supplies. I hoped the information from those apocalypse movies were correct. Otherwise, I would have a tough time to survive in here.

Inside the supermarket, I found an aisle which had all of the birthday accessories. I put fifteen candles onto a black forest cake and then lighted them up. I closed my eyes and then made a wish.

My birthday's wish was to survive in here and wait for the rescuers.
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