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Li Tianyu is 26 years old this year. He is an ordinary employee of the company. He is usually responsible for making phone calls and recommending various businesses of the company to customers. Work pressure and life pressure are both great, and he doesnt understand those things. The intrigue and intrigue in the officialdom, so after leaving the shift, I didn't socialize with my colleagues very much, and went home honestly.

Every day, Li Tianyu repeats these two front-line life, chasing American dramas, watching anime and playing games when he is at home... Yes, it's just a dead house.

But in fact, Li Tianyu thinks that he is not bad. He is 1.78 meters tall and has marked facial features. Although his eyes are small, he has standard sword eyebrows and a tall nose. His body is slightly blessed because of staying up all night for a long time. The cellulite hides out of sight, so it doesnt look fat.

According to his terms, its okay to find someone to get married. He also has a car and a house at home. His parents have prepared hundreds of thousands of deposits for him. Now he lives in his wedding house. But it may be because a person has been around for too long, and he doesn't know how to communicate with girls anymore.

He always feels tired in front of those girls, because he has to act as another person. After all, how many girls like games, anime, and superheroes these days?

On May 10th, after work that day, Li Tianyu also went home early and watched the live broadcast on his mobile phone while lying on the bed.

At this time, an advertisement for a mobile game popped up next to the live broadcast software. He subconsciously wanted to turn it off, but accidentally turned it on because of misalignment, and the phone went to the download page.

"Tsk, it's really annoying!" Li Tianyu cursed angrily at the time, ready to close the page, but was immediately attracted by the introduction of the game on the page: Infinite Two-dimensional Fighting, using your favorite anime, movie characters, Match the most suitable abilities, and win victory points in PVE and PVP modes to upgrade and win the final reward of the game!

"Oh? It seems a bit interesting." Li Tianyu suddenly raised his brows and thought to himself.

Recently, a game of Jump Smash Bros. has just appeared. It contains various anime characters he likes. In fact, there have been many such games in the past, such as Capcom Smash Bros., but these are mostly some. In contrast, he prefers battle games. And this game is not only PVP, but also PVE mode, which is very interesting.

Therefore, Li Tianyu thought for a while and clicked to download the game. Originally he thought the game would be huge, but in fact it was not, and it was downloaded in just two minutes. He opened the game, and the game prompted him to obtain his personal information. Li Tianyu didn't think much about it before he agreed, and then he wanted to verify his fingerprints.

"Why are there so many farts?" Li Tianyu muttered to himself a little impatiently, and pressed his thumb. After scanning the fingerprint, I finally entered the game interface. At the beginning, there was no option to establish a character, but directly to the ability selection.

"Well, mobile games, I guess there is no function for customizing the appearance of the characters." Li Tianyu thought to himself, and began to check the choice of abilities. Looking at it, he suddenly felt that this game became more interesting.

The abilities of this game are divided into three categories, one is "blood", the other is "energy", and the third is "special ability". Initially, each item comes with a little ability point. Li Tianyu opened them one by one, and suddenly became more interested.

Bloodline is the enhancement of physical abilities. There are many classifications. There is no direct description of the abilities of superheroes, but the heroes can be roughly guessed by the names of the abilities.

For example, "Kryptonian Bloodline", this is undoubtedly the ability of Superman, and "Spider Physique" is the ability of Spider-Man. But there are also some rather vague ones, such as "Super Soldiers." I don't know if this is the ability of the Winter Soldier or Captain America, but Li Tianyu doesn't think it affects them. Comparing these abilities, it is indeed just a different name.

are all super humans in essence, with enhanced physical abilities, no other special abilities, and no difference.

In addition to these superheroes, there are also abilities in anime, such as "Saiyan Remnant" and "Ninja Blood" are obviously Dragon Ball and Naruto abilities. Each ability has an enhanced value and some Description.

Li Tianyu took a closer look. Even though these physical abilities have various names, they basically increase the four attributes of strength, agility, physique, and mental power. The difference lies in the number of attributes.

Strength is to increase the characters strength, each point increases one ton of strength and endurance; agility is to increase the characters responsiveness, each point can increase the "bullet time" state by 10%; physique is to increase the characters anti-strike ability. A little increase can withstand damage by 10%; the final mental power is to increase the character's magic value.

In fact, most of the bloodlines have similar abilities, but there are also some bloodlines that have some passives in addition to their abilities. For example, "Krypton Bloodline", this initial LV1 will increase 10 points of strength, 3 points of agility, 10 points of constitution and 0 points of spirit, but will add a passive "Fatal Weakness: Kryptonite".

The specific effect of this "Fatal Weakness: Kryptonite" is that when it is affected by kryptonite items or attacked by kryptonite weapons, the attribute enhancement effect is reduced by 90%. But there is a mark behind this "90%", which is displayed as "90/80/70/60/50%", which means that this effect should be reduced as it is upgraded.

But despite this, the gap between different abilities is still very large. For example, the Saiyan bloodline, LV1 actually only provides 3 strength, 2 agility, 5 physique and 0 spirit, but the passive effect of the Saiyan bloodline is " "The more you fight, the stronger", the attribute increased by each level is doubled, and the attribute of the character is doubled after each serious injury, which can be doubled up to five times.

"Oh, this game is really interesting!" Li Tianyu suddenly became interested, and then looked at the "energy". This is actually the so-called "magic value", but the difference in energy also affects the ability to learn. For example, choosing "Chakra" means learning ninjutsu, and "Qi" means using turtle qigong and vitality bombs.

The third special ability refers to special abilities such as devil fruit, writing round eyes, and transforming Hulk, and some special abilities require pre-existing abilities to learn. For example, writing round eyes requires "chakra". Learn. Because of too many abilities, Li Tianyu also had difficulty making up his mind for a while. So I thought about it while browsing.

In fact, animation and movie works do not have much reference value for the various abilities here. For example, although Superman is almost invincible in the movie, it is balanced in this game, and the improved attribute value is not so exaggerated. , The initial is only 10/3/10/0, and the attributes of super soldiers are 5/5/5/5, in fact, there is not much difference.

But pedigree, passivity, energy and abilities must be matched with each other. A good match complements each other, and a bad match is very embarrassing. For example, the growth attribute of Superman bloodline does not add mana, which means that mana will be very small. If it is paired with the ability to spend mana, it will definitely be nondescript and unable to exert its power.

"The Saiyans are also good. Although they are weak in the early stage, they are definitely strong in the later stage. If they are equipped with a little self-healing ability, or the animal fruit ability, they must be very strong." Li Tianyu muttered to himself as he rolled the screen.

The effect of the animal devil fruit is also to increase physical ability, improve vitality and self-healing ability, and the body will become stronger every time the injury is healed. This is a perfect fit with the Saiyan's ability.

If the effects of these two abilities are doubled in the later stage, combined with the domineering "energy value" used in conjunction with the melee ability, melee combat is absolutely invincible.

However, this ability also has disadvantages. One is that the early stage is too weak. Neither the animal family nor the Saiyan remnants are very strong in the early stage. If the early stage cant survive, the later stage is no good, but this must be taken into consideration. .

The second is that the attack range is too short. Because the Saiyan blood does not add spiritual attributes, the mana is very low. It is difficult to learn long-range attack methods. If the enemy has a long-range attack, it will become a living target.

Li Tianyu thought, he actually doesn't like to fight melee with others. Even if he plays various games, he always chooses remote types such as mage and hunter. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com is more comfortable with output because it hides behind teammates and can have more thinking time.

Another thing to consider is the awareness of the ability. People who know the unpopular ability rarely can take the lead, but the popular ability will be more skilled and complicated.

"Then..." Thinking of this, Li Tianyu clicked the tick behind the physical ability "Navigation World", and then chose to buy it. This ability is in the background of One Piece, and the added attribute value is 4/4/4/ 2. Passiveness is the "six potentials".

"Oh, pedigree will also add six moves, this is really a bargain." Li Tianyu muttered to himself, and continued to skip to the next option. He has to rush to choose all the appropriate abilities before others choose.

In terms of energy, Li Tianyu naturally chose "dominant". As for the "special ability", Li Tianyu ticked off the Thunder Fruit. Although it is said that the devil fruit ability will be restrained by Hailoushi, this fruit has both offensive and defensive abilities, with almost no weaknesses, and it is also very suitable for long-range attacks. After choosing these quickly, Li Tianyu chose to "join the game."

The phone screen prompted him to scan his fingerprints to enter the "Novice Teaching Level". Li Tianyu stretched out his thumb and scanned it. A mosaic-like light spread from the phone screen. As the light spread, the whole world became quiet, and Li Tianyu felt My body heats up and expands, as if it is about to explode, and my mind is blank.

However, when this feeling disappeared, Li Tianyu looked at himself in the mirror. Except for his face, the figure had completely changed into another person. Moreover, his body... is full of power.

Li Tianyu realized that this game does not seem to be a simple mobile game...

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