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Jiang Leyu felt his head groggy and painful, his eyes were pitch black, his surroundings were noisy, and his ears buzzed. I closed my eyes and raised my hands to rub my temples. After a while, I didn't feel so uncomfortable, and the sounds around me could be heard clearly.

"This is our lunch, and you are not our child, you are not qualified to eat! Give it to me quickly!" is the voice of an immature little girl.

Jiang Leyu heard a "bang" again, as if something knocked on the ground, the little girl said again: "Little trash, hum, if you want to eat so much, just pick up the food on the ground. Leyu, let's go!"

It sounds like a very young girl, why is she speaking so bitterly?

The arm was pulled and shook, "Let's go, Le Yu, I'm going to be late, we will pick him up when we come back from school."

Jiang Leyu dullly realized that she was talking to herself. Slowly opened his eyes, his vision gradually became clear. There was a delicate-looking little boy in front of him. He looked seven or eight years old. There were several dirty marks on his clothes. At the moment, he was squatting on the ground with no expression on his face to pick up a lunch box. He picked up the soiled food carefully and put it in the lunch box.

It looks a little miserable.

Jiang Leyu has no resistance to good-looking boys, especially little boys.

Oh my goodness, such a cute boy, why do you bully him so much? !

Jiang Leyu put down his temple hands and wanted to help him. He was stunned when he saw his short fleshy hands inadvertently!

"Do you still want to teach him a lesson? But you're really going to be late." The little girl next to her spoke again, her tone a little anxious, her voice soft and cute, she didn't even think she was talking to the boy just now. So harsh words.

Jiang Leyu turned his head and finally saw the little girl's appearance. She looked a little smaller than the boy. She had two **** on her head, and she looked as soft and cute as her voice.

Hey, the children nowadays are really bullies at a young age, so they are not cute.

No, Jiang Leyu shook his heart. He looked up and down at the little girl, her pupils dilated in horror. The child is estimated to be less than one meter away. How can she look at her? !

He hurriedly lowered his head and glanced at his legs, he was standing! Jiang Leyu stood on tiptoe, but he nodded slightly more than the girl.

? ? ?

what's the situation? ?

Yu Keyin looked inexplicably at Jiang Leyu doing some weird movements. He was about to say something. He heard movement in the yard behind, and hurriedly pulled Jiang Leyu away: "Mum must have come out. I saw that I haven't gone to school. If you dont, youll be angry. Yu Zhihuai didnt dare to file a lawsuit. We will come back from school and teach him again!"

Jiang Leyu was dragged and rushed with a dazed expression, his hair was smeared, and he vaguely heard the voice of a woman behind: "Oh my God, why did all the food fall on the ground?! Zhihuai Yu, do you like eating home-made food? For dinner, dont bring your lunch to school in the future. Ill give you ten dollars a day to get lunch by yourself. Also, dont you just change your clothes today? Why are you so dirty?! I thought you were a sensible man. It's really disappointing now!"

Jiang Leyu raised his ears and never heard the boy talking.

If it was her, that would have to be wronged to death. The meal was clearly upset by the little girl.

There was a flash of light in his mind, Yu Zhihuai?

Jiang Leyu was dragged and ran to a black private car to a stop, pulling away the hair on his face, a middle-aged man stepped out of the driving seat and helped them open the back seat door respectfully with a kind smile on his face. : "Why is it so late today? Miss Keyin. I'm probably late for a while."

Miss Keyin?

"Today I waited for Le Yu for a while, so it was late." Yu Keyin said childishly.

Jiang Leyu:? ? ?

The man smiled and glanced at Jiang Leyu: "Hurry up and sit down, we are going to set off."

Jiang Leyu sat in the child seat with Yu Keyin with a black line on his face, and still used to say, "Thank you."

I was shocked by myself again, her voice was more milky than the little girl next to her!

Isn't it what she thinks? Isn't it so fantasy? !

Yu Zhihuai, Yu Keyin...

Isn't this the character in the novel she read yesterday?

"What's the matter with you, Le Yu?" Yu Keyin looked at Jiang Leyu with a puzzled face, blinked, and leaned close to her ear and whispered, "Actually, you just kicked him by those feet. I heard him humming, so dont be upset. I'll hit him again in the afternoon."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

Is she kicking the dirty marks on that child's body?

And Yu Keyin thought she thought she was not happy when she didn't hit people?

Things seem to become clearer and clearer.

It became more and more consistent with the plot in the novel she was reading.

Yu Zhihuai is a male third and the villain in the book. He was adopted by the Yu family since he was a child. Later, when the Yu family really gave birth to a son, he began to treat him coldly. Yu Zhihuai's listed sister, Yu Keyin, always bullied him, and she took her neighbors with her, and treated him as a plaything.

Among them, Yu Keyin and her neighbor's little sister Jiang Leyu were the most bullied, and the two of them were the first to end Yu Zhihuai.

Jiang Leyu's current body should be Yu Keyin's neighbor sister.

When reading the book, Jiang Leyu felt distressed for Yu Zhihuai. Although he is a villain, he will suffer a lot of crookedness when he is replaced by what he experienced when he was growing up. Moreover, Yu Zhihuai only retaliated against those who bullied him, and didn't do anything to innocent people, and after punishing those people, he himself ended his life. It is described in the article that, in fact, he has already been severely depressed.

But now, if she really becomes the neighbor Jiang Leyu who bullied him, wouldn't it be her who will be terminated in the future? !

Jiang Leyu pinched his arm. The child's meat was soft and tender. It hurts after the slightest effort, and the skin quickly became red.

"Ah, why are you pinching yourself?!" Yu Keyin whispered in surprise.

Jiang Leyu held back the tears from conditioned reflex, "I didn't wake up."

Yu Keyin stretched out her little hand and patted her comfortingly: "Then you will sleep a little while, and when you arrive, Uncle Zhang will call us."

Jiang Leyu nodded, turned his face to the other side, closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

I don't know if this body really didn't wake up, and it didn't take long for the eyes to be closed, and it really fell asleep.

A bluffing voice suddenly popped up in my head, "Congratulations on being the lucky one of our time-space experiencer, the 88th experiencer, have you adapted to your new identity now?" "

Jiang Leyu: "...?"

"Ha, I must have adapted to it, and I must be very excited, right?! Don't worry, let me explain to you in detail. The lucky ones we have drawn are all free to send the new time and space, but, follow-up Its free, so you need to complete some small tasks."

Jiang Leyu: "???"

"I see your question mark, don't worry, don't worry, let me talk to you slowly. We only provide free transmission, and then we will customize a little task for you. If it is completed, all the experience here will be Its free, including the return journey. If you are unsuccessful, you may bring the dog to a certain plot point at any time, and you can spend money to resurrect once, but this is also considered a mission failure. The resurrection can only guarantee that you can go back alive, but you will still pay. You have to pay for the return trip separately."

"What is it?" Jiang Leyu was stunned. "I was inexplicably made to cross. I have to spend money if I want to go back? What kind of institution is this? Isn't this compulsory consumption?! I want to sue you!"

"Hey hey, our organization is outside the space where you are located. Our law is our own. The law on your ground doesn't work for us. And ah, its not good for you to talk like this. We obviously gave it first. Welfare, if you cant catch it yourself, there will be charging items. How can this be regarded as compulsory consumption?!"

Jiang Leyu took a deep breath, "What is the small task you mentioned?"

"Ahem," the unknown thing cleared his throat, "The task is very simple. We have detected that you have read this book, so I won't say much about it. Then you, need help with the villain here. Zhihuai has been blackened earlier, and the degree of blackening has increased, and to prevent him from deciding on his own, his plot must run through the book."

"??? How early is it to darken earlier? Why must his plot run through the book??"

"Of course, the sooner the better. As for why we should let him run through the book, because without him, the world would not be able to support it."

Jiang Leyu: "...If my mission fails, how much do I have to pay to resurrect? How much do I have to pay to let me go back?"

"Well, the resurrection requires a five-year life span, and the return trip requires a ten-year life span."

"Life?!" Jiang Leyu exclaimed, "isn't it money?!"

"Hurt, talking about money is so vulgar. I'll withdraw first. You can enjoy the new world, and I wish you a pleasant journey in time and space~" After a few seconds, the voice sounded again, farther than what I had just heard." By the way, friendly reminder, you are the end of the original plot by Yu Zhihuai. Regarding this, you have to find a way to save your life. The resurrection function we provide is only for accidents outside the original plot."

Means that she was completely dogged after being terminated according to the plot in the book? ? ?

Jiang Leyu still wanted to stop the man and ask something more. Someone beside her was pulling her arm and shaking her continuously, "Leyu Leyu, it's school, get up!"

Jiang Leyu couldn't hold his mind anymore and opened his eyes helplessly.

"You finally wake up. Get off the bus. I will ask Uncle Zhang to take us to the classroom so that the teacher won't talk about us."

Jiang Leyu nodded, turned sideways to get off the car, and the obstacle in front of her stopped her back. Lost, almost forgot the child seat.

She is an 18-year-old girl from an ordinary family. She has been raised from childhood to most. She has never sat in a child seat, especially a child seat in a car, and she has never touched it.

While worrying about how this thing was blocking her from going out, a pair of big hands held her arms and lifted her out. When she fell to the ground, Jiang Leyu couldn't return to her senses with a mysterious expression. She was raised like a chicken like this?

Looking up at the initiator, Uncle Zhang smiled lovingly and stroked Jiang Leyu's hair: "Le Yu also has to eat more, much lighter than Miss Keyin."

Jiang Leyu: "..."

The author has something to say: Im writing an article~~ Let me see which little cute Kangkang is, there are red packets in the comment area!

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