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Beautiful women have to do the task that has been given by Dongfang Xiu, she went towards Ye Chen to see the situation of Ye Chen.

When the beautiful woman reached Ye Chen's body, she saw that Ye Chen's current condition was quite severe, there was a lot of blood coming out of Ye Chen's body.

The beautiful woman started to examine Ye Chen's body, she raised her eyebrows when she saw Ye Chen's condition.

"This guy's wounds are very serious, with this kind of injury I can't believe that he can still endure like this." The beautiful woman couldn't believe that Ye Chen could still live even though his current situation was so bad.

Ye Chen's condition was quite severe, almost 90% of the bones in Ye Chen's front were crushed, several internal organs were damaged, and there were many more body parts that were severely damaged and difficult to heal.

The attacks carried out by Hai Ming were too deadly for Ye Chen who was only at the Overlord Realm stage.

If only Ye Chen didn't have the body-strengthening technique and inheritance of the Azure Dragon Bone marrow, maybe at this time Ye Chen would have died.

"What should I do, am I able to treat this person" The beautiful woman doubted a little that she was able to treat Ye Chen's condition like this.

Ye Chen's body was really badly damaged, some internal organs no longer functioned, beautiful women really find it difficult to describe this terrible thing.

Beautiful women have skills in medicinal skills, even though they have medicinal skills, beautiful women still doubt that she can cure Ye Chen, whose condition is already very difficult to treat.

In addition, Dongfang Xiu's order was to make sure that this person was safe, if something happened to Ye Chen, then what should a beautiful woman say to explain to Dongfang Xiu.

"Cough. . , cough. . . " Ye Chen coughed while spitting out a large amount of blood.

Ye Chen's condition was getting worse and worse all the time. Ye Chen was truly on the brink of death.

"I should just try it" beautiful woman intends to try it, for the result she can only hope that the sky will help Ye Chen.

The beautiful woman started to take some medicine and gold needles, she took out everything she had to try to treat Ye Chen.

When a beautiful woman wanted to touch Ye Chen's body, suddenly Ye Chen's body glowed with a golden color.

This golden beam enveloped Ye Chen's body.

The beautiful woman didn't know what was going on at this moment, she could only see a golden glow enveloping Ye Chen's body.

The golden rays started to repair Ye Chen's injured body, Ye Chen's bones and organs that had been damaged were immediately repaired by the golden rays.

In no time at all, the parts of Ye Chen's body that had been badly damaged were restored to normal.

The golden light started to solidify, the current Ye Chen actually looked like a cocoon that was in the shape of a human.

"Crack. . ., Crack. . ., Crack. . ., Crack. . , "The previously hardened golden rays started to crack and fall out of Ye Chen's body.

The wounds that Ye Chen's body had completely disappeared, there were not the slightest scars on Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen's body now looked much stronger than before, the muscles on Ye Chen's body had also become more perfect than before.

The oddity that had happened before was triggered by the body strengthening technique cultivated by Ye Chen called the True God Body Technique.

This was a body strengthening technique that was extremely difficult to improve. Even after nearly 2 years of strenuous training with Gu Xuan, Ye Chen was only able to reach the third stage of this technique.

The way to increase the True God Body Technique can be said to be very difficult, the user must train the body he has very hard to the maximum limit of the user's body.

Because of this, Ye Chen's 2 years were only able to raise the True God Body Technique to the third level.

And now Ye Chen has successfully ascended to the fourth level of the True God Body Technique stage.

The physical strength possessed by Ye Chen will increase tens of times due to the increase of the True God Body Technique.

After the strange incident just now, the clothes that were previously worn by Ye Chen disappeared along with the light rays that fell out.

The beautiful woman now saw Ye Chen's naked body.

The beautiful woman blushed slightly when she saw Ye Chen's naked body.

This was the first time a beautiful woman had seen a man's naked body.

What attracted beautiful women the most was of course Ye Chen's large size object.

"This man has a strong enough capital too." Seeing this, a beautiful woman can conclude that this man has a strong enough capital.

The knowledge of a beautiful woman about it is not superficial, she certainly knows the relationship between a man and a woman.

Beautiful women began to see Ye Chen's condition, after beautiful women saw Ye Chen's condition, he was quite surprised to find that Ye Chen's body had fully recovered.

"What just happened?" The beautiful woman couldn't explain what had just happened to Ye Chen's body, she thought it was very-very mysterious.

The beautiful woman took a shirt for Ye Chen, she gave Ye Chen a shirt so that it was easy to take care of Ye Chen.

After a while the beautiful woman finally finished dressing Ye Chen.

Ye Chen now looks even more handsome in an ancient suit.

The beautiful woman began to observe Ye Chen's face, she somehow felt familiar with Ye Chen.

"It seems like I've seen this young man's face before", the beautiful woman began to remember where she had seen Ye Chen's face.

After remembering for a while, finally the beautiful woman remembered where she had seen Ye Chen's face.

The beautiful woman immediately took out an imaging stone from the storage space ring she had.

The beautiful woman immediately saw the image on the imaging stone, when she looked at the image that was inside the imaging stone, she found that the image on the imaging stone was very similar to Ye Chen.

The difference between the two is only in the hair they have, in the image on the imaging stone has long hair, while Ye Chen who is in front of him has short hair.

The image that is on the imaging stone is indeed Ye Chen, this picture seems to be taken when Ye Chen still hasn't cut the hair he has.

Out of nowhere this beautiful woman got Ye Chen's picture.

"So this is the person my father said." The beautiful woman started to look at Ye Chen even more curiously.

She wanted to see what kind of young man her father said.

The name of this beautiful woman is Gu Xun, she is the daughter of Gu Xuan who was tied to Ye Chen.

It was unexpected that Gu Xun would meet Ye Chen by chance like this, maybe this was an inevitable fate.

Gu Xun kept looking at Ye Chen who was still unconscious, she was still finding out what was good in this young man.

To the extent that her father made this man a student.

After searching for a while Gu Xun still couldn't find anything special about Ye Chen except that this man was so handsome.

Ye Chen's current strength is still too weak, this is the main point to judge someone.

"I better bring this person back to where he is." Gu Xun decided to take Ye Chen to Ye Chen's residence.

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