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Junior brother always wants to bend me [rebirth]

Author: Grapefruit Wood


This article is also called (after rebirth)

Su Mujin had been miserable in her last life. She was reborn once, and thought she could reach the pinnacle of her life with her previous life experience and superb aptitude.

Unexpectedly, he was reborn as the son of the suzerain, Gu Feng, who didn't hurt his father and didn't have a mother. Not only that, but his own shell is also very difficult and humiliating, how can this be?

So Gu Feng took Su Mujin home and worked hard every day to save the lives of the two. Fortunately, Su Mujin was intimate and understanding winks, just when Gu Feng felt that his decision was very wise...

Su Mujin: "Brother, I am pleased with you."

Gu Feng: "..." No, don't do this, I am not a pervert!

After that, Gu Feng lived a life of being seduced every day, just when Gu Feng was gradually fascinated by the beauty of the little fairy Su Mujin...

Su Mujin: "Brother, I used to be devilishly impaired. Will I let you be free in the future?"

Gu Feng: "..." Are you kidding me? not good! not good at all! Don't even think about getting off when you get on my thief ship.

1. Attack and accept Shuangjie, 1v1+he, without any blood relationship.

2. The basic story is the main story, the plot is supplemented, and the text is not abusive and rest assured.

PS: Recommended basic friends: e-sports is now delayed + reading, not e-sports [PUBG]-size5

Xian Xia Gu Dan + doctor scum to cultivate immortality-Yang Bone


1. Attacking emotional apathy, only when you encounter feelings will you have normal emotions. The reason will be explained later in the article.

2. Suffering is a person, the full text is overhead, 1v1+he, Shuangjie, this article is a series of more acceptance.

Content Tag: Qiang Qiang Xian Xia Comprehension Rebirth Shuang Wen

Search keywords: Protagonist: Gu Feng, Su MujinSupporting role: Male partner turn over plan [Quick Wear] Seek a pre-collectionOthers:

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