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The 5 of them spent the next month hunting mobs that drop money rather than exp. They tried not falling to far behind on level rankings though, so the still ranked as top rankers. After level 30 leveling took double the effort per level, and it was hard enough going up before that. More and more corporations of varying sizes started investing in the game. The amount of freedom given in game with crafting allow them to make custom equipment they can sell to advertise themselves. The amount of people going the game is also on the rise. The amount is closing in on the millions already. It was expected to slow down in rate after the 2 month mark, but the publicity it is receiving makes it seem unlikely. Rin's company officially reached a hands off point as the game is run on an equation that uses random number generators. This allows developers and company people to be able to play as well because they won't have an advantage anymore unless the started spawning Items. The only person who could do that would be Rin and there would be restrictions even then. This made the hype around the game even stronger as it meant that there is a chance for everyone to rule over the game.

Recently the guild under Lilith grew massively. They started to put up donation spots so that the guild could contribute to buying a guild building. Since they only had one discount for a building Lenard recommended the save for one on the main street with a lot of land. That way they can open an auction house with a store in it.

He stated that auction houses are more likely to attract money as people can get more money than an item is actually worth based on rarity and need. They had to start playing less as school started back up making the guild donations more critical. When Lilith had reached level 55. They decided to go back and check the amount they had. They had 350,000 gold. As there were still only two official guilds this was an astronomical amount. Not only was this rare, it would be impossible to do again. This was because it was early game, so people were more likely to buy uncommon and rare equipment. The bandits that Lilith and them have been hunting to near extinction just so happened to drop a lot of them. These equipment were very weak, but the competition for equipment in the 15 beginning camps started getting fierce. This was because PK started becoming very frequent.

The guild ticked for the second guild, the first light faction level 10 ticket, was bought by a guy named Apollo. This guy bought it for real life money making it the most expensive game item ever. It also made people join the game in hopes of gaining money quick. They walked to the building where the made their guild and saw the same guy from before. "Do you have an appointment? If not how may I help you."

"We would like to buy a plot of land."

"Ahh yes you guys are from before. Which plot would you like." They pointed to a large plot of land on the Main Street near the gate. The closer you get to the center the higher the price. Both Emily and Lenard felt they did it weird as the gate should be the most expensive. "Would you like to design the building now as it will go into your discount?" This surprised the five. They paid 250000 for this price of land that stretched a city block. This was an amazing price for it as otherwise it would be 2,500,000 gold. They still had 100,000 gold they though it would be enough to do three and a half floors over the entire area, and after that they'd have no money left to do anything else for the guild. Now, however, they can do what they wanted.

Soon an alert was given to the server.

[The first officially Ranked guild has been set up, Congratulations to Hell's Gate] (3x)

A building appeared basically out of nowhere an hour later so people on the streets ended up stopping inside. Inside the was a receptionist counter with a beautiful NPC male and female. The were both Dark Elves accentuating their beauty. The floors were a bright, shiny marble floor. The double doors seemed to made from an ancient wood tree.there was a lot of natural lighting and the building was Cut into a forth as there was a stone wall behind the receptionist desk. There were quarts pillars keeping the high ceiling up. There was deep red carpets and window curtains. It looked there were couches and chairs throughout the floor giving a waiting area for people. The were neatly arranged to fit around ornate black cherry wood tables. There were beautiful paintings hung on the walls. They were place and organized in a way that the lobby of a 5 star hotel would be put to shame as noting was in excess but nothing was lacking either. Every cloth, chair, and couch was very soft.

The set lines for the receptionist were, "Hello welcome to the Hells Gate Auction house. Are you her to buy or sell. We are currently not having an auction right now. Or are you planning to join the guild Hell's Gate?"

The reason the picked this name was to torment the guy who bought his guild ticket. He was plastering all over the forums how he will be the first to buy a guild building and become a ranked guild. He planned on naming his guild, "The Gates of Heaven" or "Heavens Gates" to the point he annoyed the five of them. They didn't care if they were the fist ranked guild; they just didn't want him to be it.

There was an explosive increase in guild request. The five of them set up certain test for people. For offensive types, they had to be above level 20. They had to be able to fight above the common person on the same level. They didn't need to have high equipment though.

For craftsman, they had to be able to craft uncommon equipment at least. The didn't have a level requirement but that had a profession requirement. Unlike combat classes, craftsmen classes had the ability to rank up outside of job upgrades. However, they were harder to achieve. The common populace was still at apprentice level. Only talents and geniuses would be at the rank of blacksmith or equivalent, so they added the clause that they had to reach the "official" level within the next month or they would be kicked out.

Even with these requirements there were still an obscure amount of people requesting to join. An eight of the current top rankers decided to join as it was the first guild to be man. It would have a much higher increase than others. For the next 3 days the 5 of them shifter through the applicants through virtual talks. Every person who hit on Jade got immediately denied. Lenard denied people who hit on Sophia and Emily as well. People were on the verge of calling it a monastery as guys couldn't flirt with the top guilds females. The only one they could flirt with without being immediately denied was Lilith, but due to the design of the character and constant flirting with Jade she made them shutter a bit. People started calling her a true demon. These roomies only made the guild more popular as girls felt safer in it because of the harassment being so low for girls. With so many girls in the guild guys attempted frequently as well. Pretty much half of the top ranker females had ended up joining the guild. The other half had joined company run guilds.

Lilith got to the point were she asked Rin and Francis If the could hire people I do this for them and put them in the guild building. Rib laughed so hard she started crying when she heard the problems Lilith was having. Rin stared that she was surprised that Lilith didn't do it sooner because that's the reason she gave them the building in the first place. There was quite a few large companies starting to do this as Lilith's guild isn't the old guild that has top rankers. She's the only ranked guild to have rankers though.

She reached her evening point when 367 users had joined them. About 53 of which are craftsman classes. 27 of which had already past the blacksmith equivalent, and 15 were on the verge. Things were going good for them. Of the 27 official craftsman members there was a higher amount of tailors. They had 10 people; the second highest was potion makers with 5. Then it was enchanters with 4; then blacksmith with 4 people. After that it was woodworkers with 3, and lastly 1 cook. Although it was a virtual game people still went and bough tasty foods. Especially those who wanted to eats lots of sweets without gaining weight.

They reached the point where the needed new positions. Being a vice master Jade had to pick up the disciplinary side of it. Lenard had to pick up the planning part of it. Emily was publicity side. They still had Sophia as a normal person. To make her feel better they made her a team leader though. Jade, Emily, and Lenard picked out 4 people each who they felt were trustworthy enough to work under them as vice team leaders. They were people from the school who they had been with for a while. The group of bullies Lilith met when she joined the school also seemed to play the game, and they made most of the students join their guild. The people who joined Lilith's guild had bothered reverence and were shunned by lots of schoolmates.

Lilith knee that if you score high enough in your first test you could skip apprentice state, so when offline she splits her time between learning spearman ship, blacksmithing, learning programming and her friends. If the four the last one is the one she enjoys the most. Her 4 friends know about the trick as well, so they are using the guild mates to learn their respective craft as well. The next profession unlock is at 70. Most of the craftsman want to add another craft job to expand their options.
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