Home Master, She Just Wants To Be Salted FishChapter 1

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In the middle of the night, Qingyun Peak was quiet and there was no sound of insects. In the huge Qingyun Palace, a woman in white was sitting on the bed, her face was like jade, and she was afraid to desecrate like a fairy.

The woman suddenly opened her eyes, her black eyes were filled with confusion, and she looked at the palace.

Antique in style, faintly smelling the fragrance of plum blossoms.

She stared at the bead used for lighting, frowning her eyebrows slightly: "Does the prefecture grow like this?"

"Di, congratulations to the host for successfully binding the main **** system. I am System 443."

A lovely loli voice suddenly appeared in Lu Li's mind.

"The main **** system?" Although Loli's voice was very good, it didn't relieve Lu Li's doubts.

She remembered that she was staying up late to write a program, and she felt heart palpitations and then fainted just after sending the program. She should have died of a sudden stay up late, but where is this? It's not like the underground palace?

"I was selected by you to do the task?" As a reader who has read countless articles in Jinjiang, Lu Li immediately reacted.

"This..." 443 hesitated: "It's okay to say that, but we are actually a cooperative relationship. As long as the host helps prevent the collapse of this world, then the host will be reborn in your original world."

Lu Li understood as soon as he heard it: "Oh, I won't do it, unbind and let me die."

443 has seen so many Overlords, this is the first time that this Overlord who strikes at the beginning and prefers to die rather than carry out the task is the first time I have seen it.

"This, host, don't you really think about it? This is a chance to get rebirth." 443 asked her nervously.

Lu Li walked to the bed: "Don't think about it, what's good in life, it's good in death."

443 Seeing the host so mournful, feel a little at a loss for a while.

"If the host doesn't want to return to your original world, you can stay here. The host shouldn't give up the hope of living just because you are unhappy over there. This is the realm of cultivation. The host is the top master of the entire continent. She's very happy." 443 won't comfort people, she has worked very hard.

Lu Li listened to that lovely loli voice, without any fluctuations in his heart: "Don't think about it, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, and it is bound to your system. At that time, you will definitely follow your tasks to do things, not just hit the workers? It's pretty good."

"Then you died like this, how sad your relatives and friends are, don't the host think about them?"

Lu Li smiled: "I'm an orphan, and I don't have many friends in the dead house. There are only ordinary friendships, and it doesn't matter if I die."

"But, but..." 443 still wanted to persuade her, but she was really not a eloquent system, she was crying in a hurry, and there was no reason.

Lu Li thought it was strange: "Can you just find someone again?"

"I can't find it. There are several worlds that I can search. Only the host's soul fits the world best and the body of the original owner. When we choose the host, we need a soul fit." 443 grieved and said.

Lu Li felt a little softened when she heard the voice of Lori's grievance.

"What if I insist on not accepting it?" Lu Li asked.

"This world will collapse, and I will be thrown back to the reserve for demotion. I finally upgraded to the current one. Most importantly, I will forget my previous hosts." 443 said lowly.

Lu Li lay down on the bed, "What do I need to do?"

I don't want to admit that she is softened. Although she doesn't want to live, she still feels unbearable when she listens to this small system's grievance.

"Host, did you agree?" 443 asked her in surprise.

"Yeah, but I don't need you to resurrect me in that world." Lu Li said quietly, "Help you complete the task and let me die."

"Huh?" 443 doesn't know why the host doesn't want to live so much. As far as she knows, although the host is an orphan, but she was raised by an aunt and she has not treated her badly. The academic performance is not top not bad, and the work is relative. It's still going well, why don't you have any desire to survive? 443 can't understand.

Lu Li seemed to know her question: "It's really boring to live. I haven't experienced any stimulation. I just think it's boring to live. It's boring to die."

443 was silent for a while, and her brain was rapidly calculating how to deal with such a situation.

"Then, then I won't promise you first. When you finish, if you still want to die, I will promise you again, OK?" 443 still didn't want the host to die like this.

Lu Li smiled, "You are kind."

"All right, let's talk about the world, background, and who I am." Lu Li asked it lazily.

"Okay, host, wait a moment, I will import the information into your mind."

After 443 led the information to Lu Li, Lu Li finally understood.

This is a sect. The continent she lives in is called the Canglan Continent, a continent with plenty of aura and countless immortal families. Lu Li's sect is Xuanyuezong, and Xuanyuezong is divided into inner and outer sects. , Inner Gate has five peaks, namely Qingyun Peak, Qingzhu Peak, Yunhai Peak, and Juling Peak. There are four elders sitting in the town.

The highest Crane Guifeng is where the sovereign is located.

The original owner is the peak master of Qingyun Peak and the highest peak of the entire Xuanyue Sect. Now it has reached the middle stage of the tribulation, and only one step is the later stage of the tribulation. The monks who have completed the tribulation can fly through the thunder tribulation. Fairyland.

It is absolutely okay to say that it is the top of the pyramid, but 443 did not lie to her.

But Lu Li, who is familiar with Jinjiang literature, knows that these are useless. Who knows if there will be an accident, because of the plot, he will die at the peak of the catastrophe.

The original owner suddenly fell into the heart demon when he was attacking the later stage of the Tribulation, and died from backlash, so Lu Li was able to come here.

"The true **** of this world was originally from the lower realms to overcome the tribulation of chaos, but because he was betrayed and framed by the one he loved, he became enchanted. The devil's nature was provoked to kill. Clearing the door will kill it, but after all, it is a true god, not so easy to die. The chaotic power in the body is stimulated, and the devilishness will eventually cause the entire world to return to chaos."

"Of course this happened after the ascension to the Immortal Realm."

After hearing 443's explanation, Lu Li yawned, "Other gods won't stop her?"

"It can't be stopped, the tribulation of chaos has come, and the gate of the gods cannot be opened."

"Why doesn't your main **** system stop it?" Lu Li asked again. Law repair

"Each world operates independently and has its own rules. We cannot directly intervene. We can only guide the people of this world to save themselves. At that time, the Lord God was sleeping, so I did not notice the abnormality of this world. It's too late. The Lord God can make this world come again, but only once. If the true God still cannot return to the position of God this time, the whole world will collapse completely."

Lu Li sighed, "I see."

"Let me think about it, in other words, as long as the true **** is successfully returned to the position of God, right?"

"Well, yes, host~" Little Lori started to be cute as soon as she was in a good mood.

"Really difficult." Lu Li sighed again.

"I have a request."

"Host, you say."

"You can't issue a mandatory mission to me, I will try my best to guide the true god."

"Also, I have to have a plug-in, otherwise I am dead, how can I guide the true god?" Lu Li also asked for these two requirements. She didn't like to do tasks forcibly, which was no different from hitting workers.

"This..." 443 hesitated, there has never been such a precedent.

"If you don't agree, let me die." Lu Li shrugged, she didn't care.

"I need to ask for instructions, host, please wait a moment." 443 said obediently.


443 waited nearly half an hour before returning.

"After consultation with the superior, the hosts request was agreed, but the hosts second request requires a little bit of activation based on the world repair degree. The current world repair degree is 0. Once an abnormal world repair degree is detected, the mission mode will be forced to turn on. ."

Lu Li thought for a while: "Yes."

443 breathed a sigh of relief, and finally settled: "The host, we are happy to cooperate~"

Little Lolita's voice is quite nice.

"The host has inherited all the cultivation bases and memories of the original owner. You can get familiar with it first~ the original owner is Fa Xiu and Fu Xiu, and the natal weapon is a jade flute~"

When Lu Li listened to 443, he couldn't help but fill up a little loli who was bouncing around, who was still talking a lot.

"Then they won't bother the host~" 443 really closed after speaking.

Lu Li also slowly began to adapt to this body.

When 443 popped out again, it was already dawn, and Lu Li had almost mastered this body.

I squeezed a purification formula, still wearing plain white clothes, with plum blossoms embroidered on the hem, and the whole person on the lining is getting more dusty. This face is exactly the same as her original face, but the temperament is completely different. This is a beauty of temperament. , And Lu Li thought that he was an empty vase.

"Host, today Xuanyuezong will hold an apprenticeship ceremony. Anyone who passes the Xuanyuezong entry test will worship Xuanyuezong, and the true **** is also~"

"Here we suggest that the host can still accept the true **** as an introductory disciple." 443 said happily.

"I know."

Nonsense, to guide the true god, how to guide if you don't accept disciples, you can't always point the disciples of other people's families?

Lu Li murmured in his heart, and 443 overheard it by accident.

"Hey, hey, host, don't be so fierce, they just remind you that the host is so smart, he must know it."

Land from:......

At this time, at the foot of Xuan Yuezong's mountain, a group of young girls began to conduct an introductory test under the guidance of Xuan Yuezong's disciples.

One of the girls in a red shirt looked at the invisible ladder with determination in her eyes.

Yun Qingzhi followed the crowd on the ladder. Among the group of people, she was the youngest, but she was only ten years old and looked petite among the young girls.

But the pace did not hesitate at all.

The disciples who came here have already passed a spiritual root test. This ladder is a test of xinxing, and the road to cultivation is long. If there is no tenacious xinxing, no matter how good the spiritual root is, it is difficult to achieve success.

In Xuan Yuezong, the peak masters of the Four Peaks have already taken their seats.

"I heard that the disciples recruited this year are all good aptitudes, and they are geniuses with single spirit roots. I just don't know if they can pass the ladder test." The woman who was speaking was a woman in a water-blue dress. With a smile, it is like a spring breeze. This person is Qianxi, the owner of Yunhai Peak.

"Little Junior Sister has a plan to accept disciples this year? Your Qing Yunfeng should also accept a disciple, otherwise, if you soar up, wouldn't this Qing Yun Peak have many years without a master?" Cang Li Yao, the peak master of Ju Lingfeng The folding fan in his hand gently persuaded him, the younger sister.

Lu Li smiled at Cang Li, "Senior Brother said that Lu Li will consider it, and if there is a suitable disciple, he will accept it."

The other people looked at each other with surprises in their eyes. Qingzhu Peaks peak owner Jing Lan smiled: Its rare that the little junior sister was persuaded today. Its okay to find someone to accompany you, your Qing Yunfeng it's too cold."

Lu Li smiled and stopped answering.

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