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The sea was beating on the shores of islands.

One of the islands occupies a large area, tens of square kilometers.

There are many mountains in the island.

Among them, a very helpless voice came from a relatively secret mountain.

"I'll go. People cross, and I cross, why the system they get through is so powerful, and the system I get is so weak?"

Mo Fan said helplessly.

At this moment, a systematic voice rang in his mind.

"Ding! Speech +1000, congratulations to the host for his invincible speech!"


In the courtyard, Mo Fan's eyes twitched in a pond.

This system is so **** weak.

"Spicy chicken!"

He couldn't help but complain.

Three years ago, he traveled here, and the plot was similar to a normal novel. He bound a system called Invincible.

I thought that he would be invincible at the start, and he would go straight to the pinnacle of life!

However, the reality is cruel.

This system is indeed invincible. You can gain experience with just one sentence, but it is not practice experience, but speech experience.

Sleeping can also gain experience. It is also not a practice experience, but a sleeping experience. For this reason, Mo Fan also won the title of Sleeping God.

In the past three years, Mo Fan's life was very ordinary and boring. He read books, wrote calligraphy, painted pictures, played the piano, etc., and won one after another god-level titles, such as calligraphy god, painting god, Shennong, the **** of chess!

In the beginning, Mo Fan studied so hard to get rewards. However, the rewards he received were extremely strange, not for cultivation.

Ordinary chopsticks, rice bowls, rice paper and more!

I thought I could practice, but in the end, everything was alive in a dream.

Becoming a monk was the thing that Mo Fan wanted most.

According to legend, a powerful monk can overwhelm the mountains, fly into the sky, and so on!

But if you want to become a monk, you need spiritual roots.

I wanted the department to check whether he had spiritual roots, but the system was unable to detect it.

According to the people in the town, beginning the day after tomorrow, the forces in the island will send people here to test the spiritual roots of the young girls in the town. If they are photographed, it will not be impossible to become a powerful monk in the future!

In this regard, Mo Fan was full of expectations.

"Gluck!" At this moment, a **** crowed.

"It's time to feed."

In other words, Mo Fan lives in another courtyard, and this courtyard was given to him by the system, which is very large.

Mo Fan felt quite boring living here alone, so he raised some animals and plants.

Speaking of which, he originally wanted to kill this chicken to eat, but this chicken was quite diligent, laying an egg almost every day, and every morning, he cried, so he dispelled the idea.

Sprinkle the feed lightly.

Mo Fan looked at the white carp in the pond again, feeding it again.

"Turtle, it's time to eat!"

Mo Fan thought of something and shouted.

At this time, a tortoise crawled over quickly.

This tortoise is very strange, its speed is very fast.

Mo Fan felt that this turtle should be cultivation.

Even tortoises can practice, which is really shocking!

At this moment, the tortoise covered with the golden-patterned shell suddenly stretched its neck, looked at Mo Fan, and then looked behind him.

"Could someone?"

Mo Fan thought secretly.

Mo Fan walked slowly from the backyard, and then, with a glance, he found that a young girl with scars fell to the ground not far away.

The appearance is very delicate, the skin is white, the skin can be broken by blows, a face with melon seeds, but there are many wounds on the girl's body.

"Why are you injured?"

Mo Fan thought secretly.

The so-called saving a life is better than building a seven-level Buddha.

Naturally, Mo Fan would not die.

He carried the **** his back and walked into the room.

Mo Fan took out the medical box, glanced at the girl, and muttered: "Although I am at the level of medical skills, whether it can be cured depends on your own good fortune!"

As he said, he gently placed his right hand on the girl's pulse: "The injury is not too serious! Sore carbuncle swelling and pain, just take the golden sore medicine!"

After a short while, he took out the bandage and gold sore medicine from the medical box to treat the girl.

This medical kit is also a gift from the system.

At this moment, the tortoise followed, and it looked at the girl with hatred.

After treating the girl, Mo Fan glanced at the turtle on the ground and walked out.

"Almost forgot, you haven't eaten yet."

Hearing this, the eyes of the turtle on the ground went straight.

Followed Mo Fan and walked out.

Mo Fan took out the feed from a room.

After a stick of incense.

In the room.

A stern voice suddenly resounded.


The girl suddenly opened her eyes, her eyes full of hatred.

Her name is Ye Ling, she is a peerless Tianjiao, and the most talented disciple of Tianzong, but as a result, when she awakened the roots of Tianzong's spirit, an elder of Tianzong suddenly attacked him and stole her directly. The Celestial Spirit Root in the body has been dug away alive!

Had it not been for that mysterious stone, she would have fallen.

When she ran away, she was chased and killed!

This hatred is not shared!

She looked at the surrounding environment blankly, her location was an antique room.

Afterwards, she looked down at her body.

I vaguely remember being chased and killed by someone, using a forbidden technique, and cutting through the air. Because of his injuries, he couldn't bear the power of space and fell here!

However, at this moment, all her injuries have been bandaged!

"Huh? This bandage is extraordinary! It turned out to be made by Longjin! My goodness!"

"This is the Nine Dragon Belt!"

She chuckled and looked at her strap, using the Nine Dragon Belt as a strap? If this is said, it will shock the world!

Then she found a medicine bottle not far away.

Take a closer look.

She exclaimed again: "Seven-pin pill!"

The pills in the medicine bottle surround the colorful light, this is the seven-pin pill!

This pill is invaluable!

"My spiritual roots have been restored, and the quality is higher?" After checking the body, she blinked agile eyes and exclaimed again, her face showing ecstasy, in her opinion, her life It has been used up, but as a result, the spiritual root in my body is not only restored, but also stronger!


She suddenly smiled lightly, the smile blooming like a hundred flowers, but this sweet smile with a hint of chill, bit her lip, and muttered coldly: "Elder Xu, you can't think of me getting a blessing in disguise! Soon, When I return to Tianzong, you can wash your neck and wait for my revenge!"

Although she is a female, she is very vengeful.

Calm down, a thought suddenly popped into my mind.

Where is it here?

It is the Nine Dragon Belt, and the Seven-Class Pill, and there are some moonstones inlaid on the surrounding walls. This kind of stone is also extremely rare!

Looking around, she gasped, feeling extremely mysterious to the owner of this room.

The person who can take out the Nine Dragon Bandage and the Seven-Pin Pills is an ordinary person, absolutely super power!

Thinking of this, she didn't dare to breathe, her heart was both restless and nervous, and there was a hint of excitement.

She knows that many peerless powers like to visit Li Hongchen in the land of mortals and play the world!

Wouldn't it be beautiful if you could get some advice from the other side? That way, it's only a matter of time before she wants revenge!

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