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"Yao Yao, are you back from the game?"

Huo Yao (yo) was riding a dazzling black bicycle. When she passed the street corner canteen, the old lady standing at the door called her to stop.

Huo Yao gently pressed the brakes with his toes on the ground, and skillfully took off the helmet. The long pony tail poured out in an instant. Her facial features were very delicate and beautiful. At this time, the whole person looked like an indescribable heroic and handsome appearance. Cool.

Looking at Huo Yao, the old lady couldn't help but sigh in her heart. This good-looking child is different. Riding a bicycle can bring out a different kind of temperament from ordinary people.

"By the way, your house seems to be a visitor, and you drove a car that looked impressive and magnificent. My son said that the car is worth millions of dollars. We can't find a car that can match it in the entire county. Than..." the old lady said, and gestured with her hands exaggeratedly.

Huo Yao listened thoughtfully, but there was no other expression on his delicate face.

Seeing that Huo Yao was silent, the old lady carefully looked around for a while and then approached Huo Yao. She deliberately lowered her voice and asked, "Little Yao Yao, tell the truth to your grandma, how did your family know such a rich person? Or is it... offended someone?"

She remembered that they drove a car to their house last year, and it seemed that they had a big fight in the end?

Huo Yao's eyelids trembled, and some dumbfounding looked at the old lady who was obviously wanting to be crooked, to avoid misunderstanding by the other party, she replied in a very soft voice, "It may be a distant relative."

As the words fell, the old lady's face immediately showed doubts, but before she could ask more, Huo Yao had put on the helmet again and waved at her, "Grandma Huang, I will go back first."

The old lady looked at the back of Huo Yao riding away, and it took a long time before she murmured, "Isn't your family a famously difficult household?"

Where did the distant relatives come from?

Or the super rich one?


Huo Yao was riding his car and saw the black car parked in the alley outside the courtyard gate.

The eagle logo soars in the sky, the body is majestic, linear and flexible.

For Bentley, it can't be millions.

Huo Yao hooked the corners of his lips, retracted his unexplained gaze, and slowly jumped out of the car, and then skillfully pressed down several buckles on the bicycle.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the huge car automatically folds up, and the entire folded size looks almost smaller than an 11-inch laptop.

The courtyard door was not closed. Huo Yao easily picked up the folded bicycle, raised his foot and stepped in. Before he reached the front room, he heard a sharp voice coming out one after another.

"Mom, why are you so stubborn? What's in this shabby place that you are worth keeping?"

"I said that I have bought you a big house in the city, and also hired a nanny to take care of you. The conditions in all aspects are definitely better than yours now."

"Look at the black lacquered floor, the faded walls, and the upstairs. Is it still leaking on rainy days?"

"You are not in good health, and you have been living in such a damp and moldy old house. People who don't know think that our family is very poor, and that we are children who are deliberately abusing the elderly..."

Hearing these words, Huo Yao, who was still in the yard, suddenly fell into thought, but soon she raised her head again.

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Someone You Don't Know Chapter 571: May Be A Misunderstanding Chapter 572: Maybe It's A Wolf Dormant In The Dark Chapter 573: Hidden Deep Chapter 574: An Illegitimate Child Chapter 575: Not Easy To Deal With Chapter 576: Zhuo Yun Has A New Job Chapter 577: My Brother Can't Compare To That Check Chapter 578: H Little Princess Special Pet Vest Chapter 579: Huo Xiang Posted On Weibo: My Sister Chapter 580: Pretend To Be Noble True And False Chapter 581: Unbalanced Mind Chapter 582: Do You Know The Star Named Huo Chapter 583: You Can't Live Without The Show Chapter 584: The Brothers And Sisters Don't Have Any Vision Chapter 585: The Show Crew Is Very Dogged Chapter 586: Little Princess Huo: His Sister Looks Down On Someone Chapter 587: Borrowing Equals Learning Chapter 588: Do You Want To Starve Their Eldest Lady? Chapter 589: Tortoise With Bastard Chapter 590: Unfortunately There Is No Regret Medicine In The World Chapter 591: Test: The Huo Family Seems To Be Quite Rich Chapter 592: Plant Picture Almost Exposed Chapter 593: Catch The Ducks Chapter 594: Brother Xiaohuo Chapter 595: Ordinary Worker Family? Chapter 596: Is My 4th Brother Very beautiful? Chapter 597: Don't You Want To Be The Top Pick In The College Entrance Examination? Chapter 598: Gangster You Float Chapter 599: Third Brother: Look Up To The Left Chapter 600: Third Brother Returns Chapter 601: ?will You Go Back? Chapter 602: Terrible It Just Overturned Without Warning Chapter 603: Beijing Research Institute Should Welcome You Chapter 604: Sister Knows Some Medical Skills Chapter 605: ?who Is Uncle? Chapter 606: Three Brothers Send A Computer High Configuration Chapter 607: Learned Acupuncture Chapter 608: Give Third Brother A Needle Chapter 609: Brother Huo: There Are Two Big Kings At Home Chapter 610: Coming From Home Chapter 611: Have Been Kidnapped Chapter 612: Huo Ma: Be Careful Of Your Knees Chapter 613: There Are Three Big Demon Kings Chapter 614: She Doesn't Want Such A Despised Son Chapter 615: Fang Ting Fang Chen Chapter 616: Rollover Warning Chapter 617: Meeting Ceremony. Chapter 618: Huo Kou Kou And Cheating Chapter 619: Someone Looking For Chapter 620: You Are The One In The Middle Right Chapter 621: School Encounter Chapter 622: Feeling Regret And Annoyed For The First Time Chapter 623: If It's Not For Miss Huo's Face Chapter 624: Hit By The Truth Chapter 625: Under The Statement My Surname Is Huo Chapter 626: Coincidentally It Is Also Treated By A Family Chapter 627: Prelude To Medical Rollover Chapter 628: It's Your Daughter's Disease Chapter 629: The Little Liar Is Still Fooling His Mother Chapter 630: Second Brother Chapter 631: Curiosity Kills The Cat Chapter 632: Psychotherapy Chapter 633: Ulterior Relationship Chapter 634: Unless She Doesn't Want That Face Chapter 635: Make No Mistake Chapter 636: Refining Equipment Chapter 637: Huo Kuku Is Online Again Chapter 638: This Woman Has A Good Idea Chapter 639: Second Brother: I Can't Lose My Sister's Face Chapter 640: Did Not Recognize The Person Right In Front Of You? Chapter 641: All Come To Grab His Sister Chapter 642: I Hate Huo Yao Chapter 643: Misleading Chapter 644: Great Relationship Chapter 645: Report Letter Chapter 646: I Have To Find Myself Unhappy Chapter 647: Top Scandal Search Chapter 648: Contribute To The Flames Chapter 649: Premeditated Frame Chapter 650: Delete Weibo First Chapter 651: Send The Information To Fang Chen Chapter 652: Worry About To Happen Chapter 653: Scolding His Sister No Chapter 654: Second Brother Shot Chapter 655: Parents Know It's A Big Trouble Chapter 656: Secret Document. Chapter 657: Before The Face Chapter 658: Dealing With Lu's Chapter 659: Regret I Should Check More Huo Family Information Chapter 660: Naming Criticism Chapter 661: She's Over Anyway Chapter 662: Don't Need To Talk About Principles Occasionally Chapter 663: Netizens Have Great Opinions On Me This Time Chapter 664: Strength Pit Brother Chapter 665: Go And Beg The Huo's Family To Let Go Chapter 666: Regret Chapter 667: The Relationship Between Brothers And Sisters For More Than Ten Years Is No More Than That Chapter 668: Don't See Who Is Offending Chapter 669: No Turnaround Chapter 670: Healing Music Chapter 671: The Picture Is Very Harmonious Chapter 672: Fourth Brother: I Was Scared To Have A Nightmare Chapter 673: Take Action To Avoid Driving Accidents Chapter 674: The Brakes Of The Car Were Damaged Chapter 675: Master Avoid A Major Traffic Accident Perfectly Chapter 676: Really Not Hurt Chapter 677: It's Rare To Be A Good Person Chapter 678: The Make Up Teacher's Stalk Is Too Easy To Use Chapter 679: Premeditated Chapter 680: Something Bad Chapter 681: What Was Found Chapter 682: Do You Want To Do Anything At This Time? Chapter 683: The Dash Cam Was Erased Chapter 684: Maybe I Can Help You Restore The Record Chapter 685: Remote Control Chapter 686: Video Restored Chapter 687: Are You Familiar With This Person? Chapter 688: Already Have Eyebrows Chapter 689: My Sister Doesnt Have Wechat Dont Add Chapter 690: Call The Police Directly Chapter 691: Attorney's Letter Returned Chapter 692: What Is Real Arrogance Chapter 693: Solve Everything In A Civilized Way Chapter 694: Persuade Chapter 695: Bite To Death Chapter 696: Give A Lesson Chapter 697: Race Against Death Chapter 698: Pack The Two Brothers Chapter 699: Don't Provoke Huo Xiang In The Future Chapter 700: Huo Changfeng Came To The Hospital Chapter 701: What Should I Do If My Sister Is Afraid Of Seeing Uncle Changfeng? Chapter 702: Meet Huo Changfeng Chapter 703: Few Brothers Chapter 704: Heir Of The Huo Family Chapter 705: What Does Uncle Do Chapter 706: Such A Beautiful Girl. Chapter 707: Shen Family Found Chapter 708: Please Let Me Go Chapter 709: Dare You Say It's Not What You Did Behind Your Back Chapter 710: Understand Too Late Chapter 711: Min's Family You And I Can't Afford It Chapter 712: 2nd Brother What Have You Done To Others? Chapter 713: Will The Old Lady Not Welcome You Back? Chapter 714: Third Brother's Plan Chapter 715: I Rented A Car In Advance Chapter 716: It's Difficult To Abduct Missy Chapter 717: This Very Scheming Man Chapter 718: Ancient Documents Chapter 719: Weird Stove Chapter 720: High Tech Equipment Refining Machine Chapter 721: Courier For Bald Baby Chapter 722: Kidnapping Chapter 723: Even Your Third Brother's Joke Chapter 724: Poverty Makes Progress Chapter 725: Broken Country Place Chapter 726: When Did Huo Yulin Have The Means To Reach The Sky? Chapter 727: Depressed Third Brother Chapter 728: Something That Cannot Be Explained By Science Chapter 729: Why Bother With Your Own Hands Chapter 730: Jade Is For Yao Yao Chapter 731: That Piece Of Jade Must Be Brought Back Chapter 732: Just Keep It Safe Chapter 733: Passbook Chapter 734: Second Brother's Careful Thinking Chapter 735: Past Chapter 736: Third Brother The Secret Little Prince Chapter 737: Third Brother: What Do You Send In Return? Chapter 738: Do I Have No Gifts? Chapter 739: No Mistakes Allowed Chapter 740: Hacker Rankings Are Fake Right? ? Chapter 741: Miss Huo Has The Least Computer Skills And Ranks In The Top Three Chapter 742: Hide So Deep Chapter 743: Are You Fighting With Min Jiahua For Yusi? Chapter 744: Third Brother's Little Gift Chapter 745: Someone Wants To Add Huo Yao As A Friend Chapter 746: Dream Is A Salted Fish Chapter 747: Huo Yao: They Are All Richer Than Me Chapter 748: Become A Student Representative Chapter 749: Principal Yus Kindness Chapter 750: Can You Save Me Some Face? Chapter 751: Huo Yao: Yes My Chinese Grades Are Quite Poor Chapter 752: Student Representative? Just The Girl With Poor Chinese? Chapter 753: It Seems That Yizhong Is Really Going Downhill Now Chapter 754: The Task Of The Professor Of The College Abduct The Big Guy Into The Physics Department Chapter 755: Huo Xuemei How About Your Speech? Chapter 756: I Don't Believe This Kind Of Person Can Be Admitted To The Qing University Chapter 757: Speechless I Really Cant Stand This Kind Of People Who Deliberately Find A Sense Of Existence Chapter 758: Huo Yao: I Am A Pursuer Chapter 759: The Unique Halo Of The Boss Chapter 760: Jiang Mingyue Perfunctory Attitude Chapter 761: Xuemei Huo Has A Quota For Qing University Chapter 762: Second Brother Is Suitable For Cheap Gifts Chapter 763: Second Brother's Show Chapter 764: On Black Sister Is The Blackest Chapter 765: Name Huo Xiaoer Chapter 766: Watch Video Of Speech Chapter 767: Professor Zhao Will Accept A Disciple This Year Chapter 768: The Way To Enter The Password Is Different Chapter 769: Brother Huo: Sister It's Nice To Have You Chapter 770: Surprise Waiting Chapter 771: Father And Son Are Harmonious Chapter 772: College Entrance Examination Chapter 773: Don't Worry About The Boss Chapter 774: Qingda Professor Zhao Wants To Add Friends Chapter 775: Let's Talk About Accepting Disciples Chapter 776: Invite My Sister To Be The Finale Mysterious Guest Chapter 777: People Are Done Chapter 778: I Don't Know If I Will Be Beaten By Fans Chapter 779: The Lucky Ones Will Get A Mysterious Gift Chapter 780: Get Stuck Chapter 781: Surprise For My Sister Chapter 782: There Is A Reason For Not Showing Up Chapter 783: Min Yu: I'm Too Difficult Chapter 784: It's Time To Meet Missy Officially Chapter 785: Sat Score Chapter 786: College Entrance Examination Champion Chapter 787: This Pervert Chapter 788: Meet Officially Chapter 789: Nervous Excited Chapter 790: Better Than Expected Chapter 791: Too Calm Chapter 792: Song Family Chapter 793: Powerful Old Opponent Chapter 794: Digging Chapter 795: Set This Precedent Chapter 796: Come Here Chapter 797: Those Who Don't Know Are Fearless Chapter 798: Starting From Song Ning's Daughter Chapter 799: I Think You're Doing Me Chapter 800: Missy Is A Life Saver Chapter 801: Who Will Manage The Huo Family's Big Industry? Chapter 802: How Much Is The Bonus To Inherit The Family Business Chapter 803: Pick Her Up Chapter 804: Fate Across The Street Chapter 805: A Very Gifted Student Chapter 806: Meet Lei Xiao Chapter 807: Moving Out Again Chapter 808: Accepted A Gifted Student Chapter 809: Special Enrollment Chapter 810: Then You Can Search For This Year's College Entrance Examination Champion Chapter 811: Don't Like Such Hypocritical People Chapter 812: Lemon Sour Chapter 813: Permission Denied Chapter 814: Really Big Professor Chapter 815: Even The First Level Research Institutes Can't Grab Anyone From The Biology Department. It's A Failure Chapter 816: Chapter 817: All Routines Chapter 818: Establish An Independent Information Database Chapter 819: The Least Talented Subject Chapter 820: No One Wants Her Almighty Genius? Chapter 821: Don't Plan To Transfer Chapter 822: Huo Yao: I May Not Be Good Enough Chapter 823: I Just Want To Live In The Biology Department Chapter 824: Physics Permission Card Chapter 825: Tailor Made Study Plan Chapter 826: I Didn't Treat Her As A Normal Person Chapter 827: Met Jiang Mingyue Chapter 828: I Feel Embarrassed Chapter 829: Good Student Chapter 830: Trust Me Potential Industry Chapter 831: Military Training Acquaintance Chapter 832: Chief Instructor Min Yu? Chapter 833: It's A Routine Again Chapter 834: Very Cold Attitude Chapter 835: Except For Face And Family Background No Other Advantages Chapter 836: You Are So Superficial Chapter 837: Buy Your Things At Double The Price Chapter 838: I'm So Poor I Don't Need Any Money For Nothing. Chapter 839: Have You Practiced Shooting? Chapter 840: This Girl Is So Capable Chapter 841: Which Girl Still Doesn't Look Down On Min's Family? Chapter 842: No Student Has The Guts To Look At Him Chapter 843: Who Doesn't Want To Be Praised? Chapter 844: Can't You Tell If You Deliberately Play Handsome? Chapter 845: Children Who Are Not Fooled By Beauty Are Good Children Chapter 846: Ji Ya A Man Of The School Chapter 847: I'm Afraid Huo Yao Will Rely On Ji Ya Chapter 848: Min Mu: Is There A Picture Of That Girl? Chapter 849: Change Your Slogan And Say That Your Ancestors Are Willing Chapter 850: Research Funds Robbed Chapter 851: The Low Key Mr. Huo Chapter 852: Did You Play Abnormally Today? Chapter 853: Song Family: You Have An Aunt Chapter 854: What Is It Is It Worth It? Chapter 855: She Can Afford A Driver? Chapter 856: No One Believes Decathlon Chapter 857: Not Optimistic Chapter 858: Without The Song Family Her Eldest Sister Is Really Nothing Chapter 859: He Has The Blood Of The Song Family Chapter 860: Pharmacists Association Chapter 861: You Are The Savior Chapter 862: Who Doesn't Want To Know A Pharmacist Chapter 863: Huo Yao: Another Person Richer Than Her Chapter 864: The Kind Elders Cannot Collapse Chapter 865: Love Will Disappear Chapter 866: Yang Yi Asks For Help Chapter 867: Min Family Head Mother Chapter 868: Embarrassed For You Chapter 869: Familiarize Yourself With Professional Knowledge In Advance Chapter 870: I Can't Disappoint Uncle Chapter 871: The Official Person Is Here You Are Not Suitable For Showing Your Face Chapter 872: Who Borrowed Chapter 873: When Things Never Happened Chapter 874: A Bunch Of Waste Chapter 875: Made A Mistake Apologize Chapter 876: I Still Have An Impression Of This Girl Chapter 877: Interested In Research Chapter 878: Afraid Of Affecting The Research Progress Chapter 879: Let The Tutor Help The Students Awkward Chapter 880: Just Do A Few Small Experiments Chapter 881: Compromise Condition To Take A Student On The Sidelines Chapter 882: Finding A Few Sons Requires Filial Piety Chapter 883: Don't Know How To Calculate Chapter 884: Chapter 885: Chapter 886: Chapter 887: Do You Understand Chapter 888: Don't Close Chapter 889: Experiment Chapter 890: Too Late Chapter 891: None Of The Three Options Were Successful Chapter 892: Related To Strength Chapter 893: Thinking About That Little Money Every Day Chapter 894: Do You Think People Are Familiar Chapter 895: There Is Another Half Of This Jade Chapter 896: Not That Person Chapter 897: Are All School Figures Chapter 898: Lingering Chapter 899: Help See An Experimental Plan Chapter 900: This Student Is Clearly A Monster Chapter 901: Although He Is Young He Has Good Medical Skills Chapter 902: Basically No Cure Chapter 903: Sister Yao Don't Worry Chapter 904: Huo Yao: It Doesn't Look Like A Person Who Can Tell Lies Chapter 905: Blood Test Meet Jiang Mingyue Chapter 906: Why Is She In The Laboratory? Chapter 907: Lei Xiao: Behind Me Is A Powerful big Brother Chapter 908: Where Did The Blood Sample Come From Chapter 909: Who Moved The Data? Chapter 910: An Unintentional Comment Does She Understand? Chapter 911: Your Plan Is Inferior In The Trash Chapter 912: Huo Yao: It's Still A Potential Thorn Chapter 913: Apologize Chapter 914: Which Simulation Experiment Will Be Successful All At Once? Are You Funny Chapter 915: I The College Entrance Examination Champion Can Be Stumped By This Kind Of Broken Experiment? Chapter 916: You Cant It Doesnt Mean That Others Cant Chapter 917: Huo Yao: These Are The Same As Yours? Chapter 918: Regret Chapter 919: Do I Still Need To Apologize? Chapter 920: Strength Face Chapter 921: Director Qi Has A Bad Temper Chapter 922: Swallowed The Money In Their Department Chapter 923: Hidden Dark Horse Chapter 924: People Looking For The Association Of Pharmacists Chapter 925: Senior Alchemist Pei Rong Chapter 926: Another Way Chapter 927: Min Yu: It's Not Even Better Than That Little Money? Chapter 928: Future Mother In Law Chapter 929: The Balance On The Bank Card Is Inferior Chapter 930: That Didn't Meet Me Chapter 931: Dog Man Hard To Guard Chapter 932: Super Brain Chapter 933: Bargain Chapter 934: Chance Encounter Chapter 935: Newly Written Paper Chapter 936: Steal Other People's Ideas Chapter 937: Not Interested In Jiang Mingyue's Paper Chapter 938: Song Family Kidnapped Chapter 939: Missy Has An Accident Chapter 940: We Don't Deserve The Money Chapter 941: See What The Song Family Want To Do Chapter 945: Madam's Maiden Family Chapter 946: Pick Up Chapter 947: Huo Yao Admit It Chapter 948: One Step Closer Chapter 949: Chapter 950: The Surveillance Is Gone And The Song Family Didnt Offend Anyone Chapter 951: Bring The Person Surnamed Song Over To Enhance Personal Connotation Chapter 952: Are You Interested In Joining The Research Group Chapter 954: You Just Have To Admit Your Mistakes Chapter 955: Praise This Iq Chapter 956: Xiaohuo Is Not Such A Person Chapter 957: Is She A Disciple Of The Professor? Chapter 958: Don't Be Too Honest Chapter 959: What Is The Origin? Chapter 960: That's Your Boyfriend Chapter 962: Lost Chapter 963: Weapons Designed Against The Sky Will Only Break The Peace Chapter 964: I Can Squeeze Countless Trash Like You Every Day Chapter 965: Is The Sound Restored? Chapter 966: Absolutely Can't Speak Chapter 967: Someone Always Advises Her To Be Safe Chapter 968: I'm Afraid You Won't Look Down On Those Students Chapter 969: It Is Indeed A Treasure With A Crouching Tiger And A Hidden Dragon Chapter 970: Chapter 971: Chapter 972: Chapter 973: Chapter 974: Chapter 975: Chapter 976: Chapter 977: Chapter 978: Refresh Everyone's Knowledge Chapter 979: The Autistic Seniors Chapter 980: She's Still A Rich Woman Chapter 981: Ask Sister Yao For Help To Repair The Network Chapter 982: Sister Yao: I Opened My Eyes Today Chapter 983: Those Who Speak Arrogantly Will Slap Their Faces In The End Chapter 984: Huo Yao Shot Advanced Firewall Chapter 986: Please Come With Us Chapter 987: The Signal In The Entire Building Is Blocked Chapter 988: People Are Taken Away Chapter 989: Huo Yao Was Detained Chapter 990: Confess Your Accomplices Chapter 991: Counter Chapter 992: Who Dare To Move Me? Chapter 993: You Will Lose Money If You Hit Someone Chapter 994: How Many People Are Waiting For You To Make A Mistake Chapter 995: Sweet Chapter 996: Lao Tzu Is Your Brother Chapter 997: Urge Pay Attention To Safety Chapter 998: Dad You Are Finally Online Chapter 999: Memory Begins To Recover Chapter 1000: Inexplicably Ashamed Chapter 1001: Change The Way To Help Chapter 1002: Second Brother Dangerous Chapter 1003: Arrogant Provocation Chapter 1004: Almost Found Chapter 1005: Little Clue Chapter 1006: Offensive Taste Chapter 1007: Maybe This Is More Inspirational Chapter 1008: A King Brings Three Bronzes Chapter 1009: There Are Things That Are Contrary To Ethics Chapter 1010: Misappropriation Of Ideas Was Discovered Chapter 1011: Resolutely Not Admit Chapter 1012: No Need To Speak From The Moral High Ground Chapter 1013: Doomed Chapter 1014: See Whose Backer Is Bigger Chapter 1015: Professor Zhao's Disciple? Chapter 1016: Called To Face Off Chapter 1017: Ask The Teacher To Solve The Problem Chapter 1018: Professor Zhao Is The Patron Chapter 1019: Total Denial Chapter 1020: Huo Yao: The Salted Fish Is Not Good Chapter 1021: Trust Huo Yao So Much? Chapter 1022: Why Should Everyone Protect Her? Chapter 1023: Because You Are Not From Our Department Chapter 1024: Face Slap Chapter 1025: Qi Hui Regret Chapter 1026: Love Is Not Calculated Chapter 1027: Discover The Special Of Medicine Chapter 1028: He Is The President Of The Pharmacist Association Chapter 1029: Shattering President Wang's Eyes Chapter 1030: Check Where The Second Master Is Chapter 1031: Found Out That The Second Brother Had An Accident Chapter 1032: Miss Domineering Chapter 1033: Seems To Want To Die Chapter 1034: Who Did You Mess With Chapter 1035: Research Chapter 1036: Blood Trace Elements Are Greater Than Normal Chapter 1037: Go To Pack People Chapter 1038: How Can He Treat A Woman Respectfully Chapter 1039: Will Regret It Chapter 1040: Or Go To Jail? Chapter 1041: Fortunately You Are Worth Some Money Chapter 1042: Chairman Wang Who Can't Calm Down Chapter 1043: The Lost Needle Technique Chapter 1044: Huo Yao Where Did You Come From? Chapter 1045: Invitation To Join The Association Of Pharmacists Chapter 1046: Keep Your Identity As Confidential As Possible Chapter 1047: The Most Advanced Technology Place Is Also The Most Disgusting Place Chapter 1048: When Money Is So Easy To Make? Chapter 1049: Chance Encounter Chapter 1050: An Insignificant Person Chapter 1051: The Bandits Reached A Nest Chapter 1052: Miss This Car Skill Is Okay Chapter 1053: We Dont Need Money Or Play For Others Chapter 1054: Please Huo Yao Help The Game Chapter 1055: Yes It's Me Chapter 1056: Must Win Chapter 1057: Easy To Be Slapped Chapter 1058: Something To Solve In Two Games Chapter 1059: Won Chapter 1060: Call Out The Video For Me Chapter 1061: What Is The Origin Of That Woman Chapter 1062: Wiped The Mark Chapter 1063: Large Awkward Scene Chapter 1064: Familiar Prescription Chapter 1065: Unchecked Monitoring Chapter 1066: What Vice President? Chapter 1067: Min Yu: Am I Considered A Regular? Chapter 1068: You Better Stay Away From My Sister Chapter 1069: I Am Very Old? Chapter 1070: Don't Want To Be Killed Chapter 1071: I Have A Video And I Cant Restore It Chapter 1072: Do You Know The Number One Hacker On The List? Chapter 1073: After All Chapter 1074: Borrow Laboratory Use Chapter 1075: The Danger Should Be Killed In The Cradle Chapter 1076: Ocd Committed Again Chapter 1077: As Long As She Doesnt Admit It Shes The Car King Chapter 1078: People From The Pharmacist Association Are High Powered Chapter 1079: Worried About Sequelae Of Medication Chapter 1080: Must Give An S Grade Prescription Chapter 1081: The Scumbag Is Not Responsible Chapter 1082: Why Did You Look At Me Just Now? Chapter 1083: The Hapless Guy Who Missed The Game Chapter 1084: Two People Fight Together Chapter 1085: Lost Chapter 1086: Make Up Chapter 1087: Seen Somewhere Chapter 1088: Doesn't The Second Major Deserve To Be Taken Seriously Chapter 1089: Guilty Chapter 1090: You Have Been Learning Acupuncture For A Few Years Chapter 1091: Failure Cases Under Medical Trials Chapter 1092: Warm Chapter 1093: As Long As I Dont Feel Embarrassed Chapter 1094: Same As Mlm Organization Chapter 1095: Know How Much I Give Someone A Shot Chapter 1096: Save Costs Without Spending Money Chapter 1097: The Boss Is Only About 20 Years Old Chapter 1098: Don't Eat This Set Chapter 1099: Want A Recipe Chapter 1100: Yao Nong Chapter 1101: Repelling The Smell Of Potion Chapter 1102: Professor Rong: This Is My Student Huo Yao Chapter 1103: Exchange Contact Information Chapter 1104: What's Wrong With You? Are You Short Of Money Chapter 1105: How Worthy To Stand With My Daughter Chapter 1106: Not A Simple Medicine Chapter 1107: No Love Chapter 1108: I Heard That Red Envelopes Can Heal Everything Chapter 1109: Little Junior Sister Should Look Pretty Cute Chapter 1110: A Simple Countryman Chapter 1111: Partnership Chapter 1112: Feel Derailed From This World Chapter 1113: Wang Lao: Help Me Instruct An Ineffective Apprentice Chapter 1114: Scammer Phone Chapter 1115: Are All Surnamed Yuan Chapter 1116: Avoid Contact With Yuanhuan Chapter 1117: Try To Get The Core Information Chapter 1118: The Status Is Still Pitiful Chapter 1119: Don't Always Bully The Third Brother Honestly Chapter 1120: If You Want To Marry Their Daughter You Have To Show Good Feelings Chapter 1121: I Didn't Blow Up Their Base Chapter 1122: Song Qi Asked About Huo Yao's Address Chapter 1123: Get Her Out Of The Capital Chapter 1124: There Has Never Been A Junior Who Could Let Her Wait Like This Chapter 1125: A Trick Chapter 1126: Drug Reaction Chapter 1127: The Friendship That Was Finally Climbed To Be Broken Chapter 1128: Chapter 1129: Find The Chairman Chapter 1130: How Simple Chapter 1131: The Genius Doctor Wang's Master? Chapter 1132: I'm Looking For Doctor Huo Chapter 1133: Huo Yao: To Work And Do Business Chapter 1134: What A Coincidence Chapter 1135: Make You Unable To Gain A Foothold In The Capital Chapter 1136: Savior Chapter 1137: Can't Wait For The Genius Chapter 1138: Tell Them They Are Not Worthy Chapter 1143: You Didn't Make Things Too Hard Just Now Did You? Chapter 1144: There Are A Bunch Of People Waiting For You As Long As You Want Chapter 1145: Give Up All Kinds Of Clothes And Food And Live In Such A Tattered Place Chapter 1146: What Boss Can Compare To The Song Family? Chapter 1147: It's Your Uncle Chapter 1148: One Is Colder Than The Other Chapter 1149: Won't Come Chapter 1150: Visit Chapter 1151: Please Please Huo Yao Is She Worthy? Chapter 1152: Huo Yao: I Have A Dream Of Fame And Fortune Chapter 1153: Take The Opportunity To Understand Huo Yao Chapter 1154: Rush To Give The Head Chapter 1155: On My Own Site Chapter 1156: Is A Warning Chapter 1157: I Won't Stop You When I Die Chapter 1158: Don't Know The Rules Chapter 1159: Chapter 1160: Can't Afford Such An Unknown Person Chapter 1161: Too Cold Blooded Chapter 1162: Hit The Check Chapter 1163: Since You Are Shameless Why Keep It For You Chapter 1164: Give Warning Chapter 1165: Have You Met? Chapter 1166: An Organization That Doesnt Want To Leave After Entering Chapter 1167: Mi Wei: Inquire About Personally. Chapter 1168: Rumors Are Not Credible Chapter 1169: And Chapter 1170: Agree To Apologize Chapter 1171: Do You Know The Medicine Of The Pharmaceutical Association? Chapter 1172: Miss What Do You Want To Do Just Ask Chapter 1173: Official Introduction Song Family Daughter Chapter 1174: What Legacy Chapter 1175: Audio Chapter 1176: Pretend To Be Loved Ones Chapter 1177: You Are Born Out Of Nothing Chapter 1178: Don't Worry You Can't Run Away Chapter 1179: He Came Chapter 1180: My Niece Is From The Country Chapter 1181: Too Late Chapter 1182: The Girl Is Full Of Weirdness Chapter 1183: Uncle Min Who Became An Outsider Chapter 1184: Your Uncle Min Is Not Bad Chapter 1185: Sometimes People Cannot Be Too Serious Chapter 1186: People You Like Easily Become Other People's Chapter 1187: Chapter 1188: Chapter 1189: There Is A Problem Chapter 1190: Compensation For A Photo Chapter 1191: Someone Is Trading Behind Chapter 1192: Tooth For Tooth Chapter 1193: Gave Birth To Regret Chapter 1194: Who Knows If I Will Take The Opportunity To Retaliate Chapter 1195: The School Girl Knows This Well? Chapter 1196: The Experiment Plan Is Not Detailed Enough Chapter 1197: Want Empty Glove White Wolf Chapter 1198: Chapter 1199: Chapter 1200: Chapter 1201: Chapter 1202: Chapter 1203: Chapter 1204: Chapter 1205: The Purpose Has Been Achieved Chapter 1206: It's Not A Good Thing Chapter 1207: Brother What's Your Asking Price? Chapter 1208: If You Are Not Careful You Will Inherit Hundreds Of Millions Of Fortunes Chapter 1209: A Lot Of Little Secrets Chapter 1210: Make A Soy Sauce Chapter 1211: Meet Again Chapter 1212: When He Regrets Chapter 1213: Actually Nothing Chapter 1214: Start Of Assessment Chapter 1215: Bound To Win First Place Chapter 1216: Result Chapter 1217: How High Is The Flattery How Blind Is The Eyes Chapter 1218: Actively Admit That The Skills Are Not As Good As Others Chapter 1219: The Medicine Comes From The Same Person Chapter 1220: Bite The Bullet Chapter 1221: Chapter 1222: Chapter 1223: Chapter 1224: Such A Young Pharmacist Is Unconvincing Chapter 1225: Because She Is The Vice Chairman Chapter 1226: How Do I Write Out My Prescription? Chapter 1227: There Is Always A Difference Chapter 1228: Return Of Formula Chapter 1229: How Can There Be Such A Coincidence In The World Chapter 1230: There Are Mountains Outside The Mountains The Pharmaceutical Association Is Nothing Chapter 1231: Chapter 1232: Chapter 1233: Chapter 1234: Evolutionary Chapter 1235: Huo Yao: I Don't Have That Ability Chapter 1236: Smile And Apologize Chapter 1237: Wool Is On The Sheep Chapter 1238: Have Stereotype Chapter 1239: Huo Yao: I'm Just So Average Chapter 1240: Are You Really The Deity? Chapter 1241: Congratulations On Your Getting Further And Further Along The Path Of The Rich Woman Chapter 1242: Don't Want To Take Over The Huo Family's Industry Chapter 1243: Chapter 1244: Chapter 1245: Chapter 1246: Third Brother's Abnormality Chapter 1247: Missy Can't Hide Chapter 1248: Positioning Chapter 1249: Undisturbed Chapter 1250: Huo Yao: Do as I Told You Chapter 1251: Don't Mess Up Chapter 1252: Who Are You? Chapter 1253: That's Too Late Chapter 1254: Third Brother Is Very Strong Chapter 1255: The First Level Of Alert Procedure Starts Automatically Chapter 1256: Very Dangerous Chapter 1257: Can't Help Chapter 1258: Be Found Chapter 1259: Notify People To Collect The Body Chapter 1260: Seriously Injured Chapter 1261: Fatal Injury Chapter 1262: Not Sure Chapter 1263: Success Chapter 1264: Chapter 1265: Chapter 1266: Chapter 1267: Chapter 1268: Chapter 1269: Chapter 1270: Chapter 1271: Chapter 1272: Chapter 1273: Chapter 1274: Chapter 1275: Chapter 1276: Chapter 1277: Chapter 1278: Chapter 1279: Chapter 1280: Chapter 1281: Chapter 1282: Chapter 1283: Chapter 1284: Chapter 1285: Chapter 1286: Chapter 1287: Chapter 1288: Chapter 1289: Chapter 1290: Chapter 1291: Fancy His Ability To Plant Medicine Chapter 1292: Shaoan Chapter 1293: To Force A Cypriot In Chapter 1294: Chapter 1295: Yuan Huan's Purpose Is Her? Chapter 1296: Found News Chapter 1297: Shangguanyu Chapter 1298: Daluo Can't Save Chapter 1299: I Can't Watch Him Kill Myself Chapter 1300: You Are Lucky Chapter 1301: Cardiac Chapter 1302: Wound Burst Open Chapter 1303: Suspicious Chapter 1304: Not Quite Like An Ordinary Researcher Chapter 1305: The Rescue Is Coming Chapter 1306: Meet Head Chapter 1307: Believe In Miss Chapter 1308: Weak Chapter 1309: Its Not That The Pulse Is Gone Chapter 1310: Abnormal Body Temperature Chapter 1311: Unreachable Chapter 1312: Internal Change Chapter 1313: The Origin Of Jade Chapter 1314: Not The Same Person Before And After Chapter 1315: The Medicine Is Not Right Chapter 1316: Query Clues Chapter 1317: Know The Truth Chapter 1318: Must Die Chapter 1319: Human Set Has Collapsed Chapter 1320: Acupuncture Chapter 1321: Not Quite Right Chapter 1322: You Come Home With Me Chapter 1323: Third Brother Is Suspected Chapter 1324: Go To Catch People Chapter 1325: Involved Too Deeply Chapter 1326: Scapegoat Lei Xiao Chapter 1327: Lei Xiao: I Have A Big Brother Chapter 1328: Ask For Help Chapter 1329: Save Conditions Chapter 1330: The Calculations Hit Her And She Was Impatient Chapter 1331: Experience Hovering On The Edge Of Death Chapter 1332: I Played With Guns When I Was Young Chapter 1333: New Clues Chapter 1334: Start To Wash Off Suspicion Chapter 1335: I Met A Drug Master Chapter 1336: Self Investment Chapter 1337: Take People Away Chapter 1338: No Visitation Chapter 1339: Old Acquaintances Don't Know Each Other If You Don't Fight Chapter 1340: Meet Chapter 1341: Figured Out Chapter 1342: Want To Recruit People Chapter 1343: Take Good Care Of Your Wife Chapter 1344: Jealous? Chapter 1345: Relieved Chapter 1346: Caveat Chapter 1347: Call People To The Pharmaceutical Association Chapter 1348: Villain With No Conscience Chapter 1349: Magical Feeling Chapter 1350: Did Anyone Agree To Come Over? Chapter 1351: Vice Chairman Qin Is Looking For Chapter 1352: Chapter 1353: Chapter 1354: Chapter 1355: Another Unprincipled Person Chapter 1356: Will She Give You A Prescription Chapter 1357: Chronic Toxin Chapter 1358: Chapter 1359: Chapter 1360: Chapter 1361: Chapter 1362: Hide Something Chapter 1363: Just Do You Best Chapter 1364: Chapter 1365: Chapter 1366: S.o.s Chapter 1367: Weird Place Chapter 1368: Chapter 1369: Chapter 1370: It's Time To Go Chapter 1371: Attend An Appointment Chapter 1372: Chapter 1373: Chapter 1374: Magnetic Field Influence Chapter 1375: Floral Fragrance Chapter 1376: Chapter 1377: Chapter 1378: Which Little Cabbage Is Just Like This Chapter 1379: Injured Chapter 1380: Isn't It The Last Medicine Chapter 1381: When Are You Graduating Chapter 1382: Apologize Chapter 1383: Make A Fuss Chapter 1384: Noisy Chapter 1385: Kayin Chapter 1386: Sooner Or Later It Will Be The Chairman Chapter 1387: Lively Chapter 1388: Remind Chapter 1389: Bail Out Chapter 1390: No Waves Chapter 1391: Time Gap Chapter 1392: Donated Prescription Chapter 1393: Have Been Unable To Contact Chapter 1394: Chapter 1395: Will Count Chapter 1396: Do A Little Favor Chapter 1397: Play A Full Set Chapter 1398: In Case It Is Poison Chapter 1399: Sorry No Conscience Chapter 1400: Miwei Disappeared Chapter 1401: Vice President Qin Has Medicine For The Shangguan Family Chapter 1402: Recognition Chapter 1403: Never Regret Chapter 1404: People Behind Chapter 1405: Asking Price Cannot Be Low Chapter 1406: Warning Chapter 1407: A Lot Of Family Property Waiting To Be Inherited Chapter 1408: Responsibility Chapter 1409: Ask For Help Chapter 1410: She's Not From That Family Chapter 1411: I Dont Know Who Sent The Information Chapter 1412: Huo Are You Tired? Chapter 1413: The Reaction Is Weird Chapter 1414: Chapter 1415: Chapter 1416: Chapter 1417: Chapter 1418: Chapter 1419: Chapter 1420: Chapter 1421: Chapter 1422: Find Someone Chapter 1423: Phone Found Chapter 1424: Yuan Huan Ask For Account Chapter 1425: Kidnapped Chapter 1426: Using Her Is Not Good For Huo Yao Chapter 1427: Chapter 1428: Chapter 1429: Chapter 1430: Chapter 1431: Chapter 1432: Also Worthy Of Being A Brother? Chapter 1433: Loose The Temper Chapter 1434: Follow Us Obediently Chapter 1435: Coming Chapter 1436: To Be A Man Is To Be A Buddha Chapter 1437: Vent Him Chapter 1438: Don't Be Passionate Chapter 1439: Scrapped Chapter 1440: Find Chapter 1441: Shangguanhou Chapter 1442: Hope To Recover? Chapter 1443: But Someone From That Family Chapter 1444: Shangguanyu Is Not Dead Chapter 1445: Traitor Of Shangguan Family Chapter 1446: Huo Family Chapter 1447: Mixed With Wind And Water Chapter 1448: Chapter 1449: Trailing Vehicle Chapter 1450: The Old Man Can't Afford It. 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Chapter 1549: Let her apologize Chapter 1550: Gave a good Chapter 1551: Won't ask for an apology Chapter 1552: Don't embarrass a student Chapter 1553: Chapter 1554: General Manager Chapter 1555: Chapter 1556: Original Acquaintance Chapter 1557: Chapter 1558: Chapter 1559: On Site Confrontation Chapter 1560: Chapter 1561: Settle Accounts Chapter 1562: Collective Apology Day Chapter 1563: Fun Is Making Money Chapter 1564: Chapter 1565: So deep calculation Chapter 1566: Very potential Chapter 1567: The face is better than anything Chapter 1568: Chapter 1569: Chapter 1570: Only worth staying in the address book blacklist Chapter 1571: paper Chapter 1572: Not very lucky Chapter 1573: Then go to die Chapter 1574: Exchange Chapter 1575: Under the set Chapter 1576: Huo Yao: I hate the rich today! Chapter 1577: Chapter 1578: Chapter 1579: Chapter 1580: People behind Chapter 1581: Chapter 1582: See you are missing a thread in your brain Chapter 1583: Preparation Chapter 1584: People are gone Chapter 1585: I'm afraid you will fix the moth again Chapter 1586: Except for Huo Yao, everyone else is ineffective Chapter 1587: Feng Ye Chapter 1588: Someone is always thinking about Missy Chapter 1589: Missy's card Chapter 1590: Please God is easy to send God is difficult Chapter 1591: Min Yu: My girlfriend can't find me, I should be anxious Chapter 1592: Impaired self-esteem Chapter 1593: Juhao Little Junior Sister Chapter 1594: True love is a big test, believe it or not Chapter 1595: Can continue to salt the fish Chapter 1596: Are all ineffective Chapter 1597: It's great to be rich Chapter 1598: tension Chapter 1599: Feng Ye: I'm not fierce Chapter 1600: Speculation Chapter 1601: miss Chapter 1602: On-site rollover Chapter 1603: The person you want is not easy, right? Chapter 1604: Confirm the list Chapter 1605: Have unfavorable feelings Chapter 1606: Find opportunities to bring people over Chapter 1607: do not know Chapter 1608: Lu Xia's Information Chapter 1609: Reverse Chapter 1610: Life is better than death Chapter 1611: Fall into the water, accident Chapter 1612: Hospital, a long story Chapter 1613: Suspect she is a mentally ill Chapter 1614: Sent to a mental hospital Chapter 1615: If there is no mistake, she is Miss Huo's family Chapter 1616: Chief Executive: Do you have any other teachers? Chapter 1617: Abandoned Chapter 1618: She is a fake Chapter 1619: Everything is a mystery Chapter 1620: It's a boyfriend's friend relationship Chapter 1621: remind Chapter 1622: One is lazier than the other Chapter 1623: weirdo Chapter 1624: Video is damaged Chapter 1625: Huo Yao shot Chapter 1626: deliberately Chapter 1627: Knock warning Chapter 1628: Special origin Chapter 1629: Is here to collect debts Chapter 1630: Chapter 1631: Chapter 1632: Chip destroyed Chapter 1633: Chapter 1634: Chapter 1635: Chapter 1636: Chapter 1637: Chapter 1638: Chapter 1639: Chapter 1640: Chapter 1641: Chapter 1642: Chapter 1643: Paid task Chapter 1644: Phone is too quiet Chapter 1645: Chapter 1646: Chapter 1647: Chapter 1648: Chapter 1649: vinegar Chapter 1650: Agreement Chapter 1651: You can inherit tens of billions of property without hard work Chapter 1652: Chapter 1653: Chapter 1654: Local tyrant uncle Chapter 1655: Pit brother Chapter 1656: As expected Chapter 1657: Live without a wife and have children Chapter 1658: Chapter 1659: Chapter 1660: Meet Shangguantong Chapter 1661: Sooner or later let this place change ownership Chapter 1662: Chapter 1663: Chapter 1664: Chapter 1665: Chapter 1666: Chapter 1667: Chapter 1668: Chapter 1669: Chapter 1670: Coming at Huo Yao Chapter 1671: Turbulent zone Chapter 1672: Chapter 1673: Chapter 1674: Chapter 1675: Powder Chapter 1676: Give him a good time Chapter 1677: Who the **** is Junior Sister? Chapter 1678: Chapter 1679: Chapter 1680: Chapter 1681: Chapter 1682: The old man who wanted to **** his sister from him Chapter 1683: Dangerous Chapter 1684: Chapter 1685: Chapter 1686: Chapter 1687: Chapter 1688: Chapter 1689: Chapter 1690: Chapter 1691: Chapter 1692: Chapter 1693: Chapter 1694: Chapter 1695: M Chau is not the place you should stay Chapter 1696: Called brother-in-law Chapter 1697: Your brother-in-law is not bad Chapter 1698: eternal life Chapter 1699: Not a paradise Chapter 1700: The next big dose Chapter 1701: Hit Chapter 1702: The ordinary Huo Yao? Chapter 1703: Chapter 1704: Strength pit brother Chapter 1705: Test shot Chapter 1706: Exploring the origin of Huo Yao Chapter 1707: My natal family background is too strong, and the road to marrying a wife is difficult