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After he had looked at the second update for the game, Jiang Feng did not immediately log out of the website. Instead, he opened the World Message Board and started reading.

When he opened the World Message Board, he saw quite a few posts discussing about him.

It was the hottest post at the moment.

Inside was him fighting in the Japanese Server.

The video was sent by someone anonymously, and from the angle, it was from Osaka City. It had also been zoomed in, and it was recorded very clearly.

It should have been sent by a Chinese from the Japanese Server. The Japanese Players would not do something that would ruin their reputation like that.

"Um this is me? Am I that great?"

As the person under discussion, even Jiang Feng himself was shocked after seeing the post.

He saw a bloodied man killing thousands within half an hour, and he was shocked.

Especially the few times when he had evaded thousands of attacks using Blink, it was so beautifully done many still could not believe their eyes.

As the Japanese Players were killed and the players were trembling, it angered the Japanese Players. All of them posted requests for the post to be removed.

Huaxia Player 1: "Remove? Are you joking? This was posted by someone from your side! You want us to remove this? Are you joking?"

Huaxia Player 2: "The Shifters Inheritor is so handsome! If he isnt an NPC, I would like to marry him!"

American Server: Hm? Haha, so thats where the Huaxia Servers Shifters Inheritors weakness is. I understand now!


As he scrolled down, Jiang Feng was angered.

While the video did force the Japanese Players arrogance down a notch, it also exposed his weakness.

That was the Slaughter status!

When he was in the Slaughter Status, he would lose control of himself. Due to his anger, he would only focus on the killing, but he would not think of healing his HPs. But once he had recovered from this status, he would be severely weakened!

If they wanted to kill him, all they needed to do was to infuriate him, then make him regain his awareness. Then, he would definitely be dead.

Of course, using Capture to stall him would no longer be possible. His powers were much stronger than normal players, so Capture was no longer useful against him unless it was used by a player with a similar level of power to him.

That meant that he only had one critical weakness, and that was the Slaughter status. It was also the critical weakness of the entire Shifters race.

"Looks like when I go back online, I should ask Uncle Hua or Yan Chixia if they have any ways of solving this," Jiang Feng mumbled to himself. "While I do become stronger when Im in the Slaughter status, if all I do is to attack endlessly, then getting killed is just a matter of time."

Once his awareness had been dampened, he could only react according to his basic instincts. The word "change" would no longer be in his dictionary.

Another analogy was like when someone was on a bicycle. All he knew was to wait at the red light, and move at the green light, and move from point A to point B. However, he had no ability to avoid anything on the road. If there was a car in front of him, he would crash into it automatically.

It worked similarly in the game. Once he was in the Slaughter status, all he knew was to kill according to his instincts. He would not know that he could use skills to dodge skills, and he could be easily killed that way.

Just like previously. If it was not because of the World Announcement, he would have been killed then.

If he was affected by the Status effect, he was still somewhat aware of his surroundings. That was why he could wake up after being interrupted, despite falling into the Weakened status.

As for the Indifference status. His guess was that he would have no awareness or emotion left at all. He would wholly act according to his instincts and would kill even his own party members or allies. It was the most terrifying condition of all.

"Whew While the Shifters Bloodline has made me stronger, it gave me such a lethal weakness. While the game isnt fair, its still mostly balanced. The stronger you are, the more prominent your weakness is."

Jiang Feng heaved a heavy sigh and shook his head.


Suddenly, there was a loud scream coming from outside.

When Jiang Feng heard the scream, he did not continue browsing the message board and instead headed outside of his house.

His house was by the side of a neglected hill, and the scream came from behind the house.

He quickly ran toward the back of his home and found Su Qing lying on the ground.

Su Qings face paled as her body trembled. Her leg seemed to have been bitten by something, a piece of meat was almost pulled off as blood continued to bleed from the wound.

Not far away, Jiang Feng saw a white fox lying on the ground as well. Its leg had multiple wounds and blood was also flowing from them to the point where the blood had dyed its white fur red. It seemed to be in pain and could only let out weak cries.

"Su Qing, what happened?"

Seeing the injured girl and the injured fox, he frowned as he asked Su Qing what had happened.

"Its a rat a very, very big rat!"

Su Qings mouth trembled as she pointed toward the top of the hill.

"Hm? Rat?"

Jiang Feng carried Su Qing and the white fox.

He was worried about his fathers safety. He then brought his father, who was reading after he had logged out from the game, and headed toward the street in front of his house.

Luckily, it was quite common for trucks delivering animals into the city to pass by that area. He gave the driver two hundred, and he happily drove them into the city.

As it was a truck carrying animals, there were no places left for them in the front. He held Su Qing and the fox as he sat behind the truck.

The truck was carrying pigs. He supposed that the driver was delivering them into the city to be butchered.

After they had gotten onto the truck, he then asked how Su Qing was attacked.

She then told him that she heard a blood-curdling scream when she was planting some vegetables by the house. She then ran over to see what happened.

She did not expect to see a giant black rat fighting with a fox behind the house, and the fox had been bitten in multiple places.

She took a shovel with her, wanting to scare the giant black rat. But it was not scared at all, and instead chomped her leg, as if wanting to eat her flesh.

Reflexively, she raised the shovel and violently smashed the giant rat with it.

The giant rat then escaped after suffering heavy damage.

When she had finished explaining, Su Qings face became even paler. Jiang Feng saw that the blood flowing from her leg was slowly becoming darker in color. He knew that she had been poisoned, and asked the driver to step on it.

He finally knew why people said that the house was inhabited by demons and that people had died there.

That demon was, in fact, a giant black rat.

He guessed that the rat must have eaten something to make it mutate.

"Let let me go home My children are still waiting for me"

At this time, Jiang Feng looked at the fox that he was carrying, and his mouth gaped in shock. Did he just comprehend what the fox was saying?

But he was not in the game, how could he have understood the foxs speech?

Did I bring my in-game skill of understanding the Tongues of the Beast back into the real world? That shouldnt be possible!

Thats right when I picked up the game terminal three months ago, I should have been killed when a car rammed into me. A voice saying something about binding the Monster Transmutation System entered my mind Also, I was obviously dead, but I was revived, and the car was completely fine Was this all because of the Monster Transmutation System?"

When the thought crossed his mind, he could not continue his train of thoughts anymore.

It was too unbelievable, and he could not accept it in such a short time.

"Dont worry, that rat was hurt. It wouldnt attack your children anymore. I will send you to the hospital. Tell me where they are, and I will save your children." Regardless, he had to save the fox first. As for whether the Monster Transmutation System could be used in the real world, it would be a research topic for another day.

"Thank you, my children are"

After the weakened fox had told him where its children were, it fainted.

When his father and Su Qing saw him talking to a fox, they all looked at him puzzled.

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