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Chapter 1350: Training and Testing

"Aino was actually scared away by a thief? How embarrassing seems like hes not that powerful. Hes just using his position to bully his subordinates."

Jiang Fei could not help but start to despise Aino.

In actuality, Jiang Fei had gotten the wrong idea of Aino. As a high-ranking Valsalrian that owned a sector, Aino was top in both strength and intelligence. Although he did not deal with the death of his beloved son very well, he was definitely not the kind of person that liked to bully his subordinates.

He ran away as soon as he saw Theon because Theon was way too evil. Many have tried to catch him. Even a group with dozens of powerful fighters with tens of millions of combat power could not catch him, and Theon ended up getting revenge on all of them.

Their treasure vaults have been looted for several years, which meant that their life savings have been cleared out. Who wouldnt feel sad about that?

Since there was no way to stop Theon, why would Aino stay behind? Was he supposed to stay and watch Theon steal his stuff? Rather than seeing it with his own eyes, Aino felt that he would be better off not knowing the details. So, leaving with his son was the most reasonable thing to do.

"Come on, lets go in."

Theon pointed at the metal door in front of them. Aino did not close it when he left with his son, because he knew that even if he had ten thousand locks, he still would not be able to stop Theon the thief.

"Okay!" said Jiang Fei, following Theon into the treasure vault.


Theon stomped his foot after entering and a shock wave radiated out, completely destroying the treasure vaults defense system.

Considering how strong he was, Theon would normally not destroy the defense system. However, Jiang Fei was with him today. Although Jiang Fei had around five million combat power at his full potential, it was still too dangerous for him to enter a treasure vault of this level.

With Theons one move, the entire place was immediately left defenseless, allowing Jiang Fei to easily follow him into its core.

"Youre only allowed to take three things. Dont be greedy."

Since Theon had accepted Jiang Fei as an apprentice, Jiang Fei had to abide by his rules. However, Aino was out of luck. Theon had already planned to take three items. Now that Jiang Fei was here too, Aino would lose another three items.

Theon looked for a place to sit and wait for Jiang Fei to tidy up the treasure vault.

"Ill leave it to you."


Things were different for Jiang Fei this time. As the thiefs accomplice, he had been very nervous back when they were in Alexis treasure vault. Now, however, he was Theon the thiefs apprentice. When they came to steal, the owner of the treasure vault immediately left without a word. This made Jiang Fei feel extremely smug.

Jiang Fei happily looked through the treasures, determining the value of the items through the goggles that Theon gave him. These goggles were of much better quality than his previous ones. The information stored in it was more detailed, so this helped Jiang Fei increase his knowledge while he rummaged around.

As a high-ranking member of the Valsalrian Army, Ainos collection was much more high-end than that of Alexis. Compared to Ainos, Alexiss treasure vault was as shabby as a waste station.

"D*mn it! All of these items are good. How nice it would be if I could take all of them away!" Jiang Fei muttered to himself while he looked through them.

"Hey kid, you have to obey my rules as my apprentice. In the future, even when you become a master yourself, you cannot be greedy. Otherwise, dont blame me for kicking you out!" said Theon, giving his new apprentice a serious warning.

Jiang Fei nodded quickly. "Yes, Master."

With so many valuable treasures before his eyes, Jiang Fei gained a lot of knowledge while going through them. It was almost like a training program. Since Jiang Fei had to withstand the temptation of taking all the treasure, this significantly increased his determination.

Ainos treasure vault was not only huge, but it also housed a huge collection of items. Jiang Fei took three entire days to look through the whole place. Theon only sat quietly by the side, without moving or talking.

Throughout the process, since Theon was always meditating with his eyes closed, 0541 had suggested on several occasions that Jiang Fei secretly store a few treasures in the Spatial Ring. However, Jiang Fei did not do it.

He did not dare to do so because he was a little afraid that Theon might catch him. He hadnt even learned anything from Theon yet. Even if Theon did not punish him and just expelled him, it would still be a loss.

Secondly, deep down in his heart, Jiang Fei was someone of integrity. Although these treasures were tempting, Jiang Fei had promised that he would abide by Theons rules, so he would not go back on his word.

After three days of work, Jiang Fei finally finished sorting all the treasures into different categories.

"Im done, Master."

Theon simply took the three most valuable ones and left the rest alone.

"These three are mine. You can take another three."

For Theon, these treasures had no meaning at all. Owning a Galactic Specter was already enough for him to dominate the universe. Other than for fun, he only stole in order to suppress the Valsalrians, to let them know that there was always someone better than them.

He made Jiang Fei organize the treasure vault to both train and test him. Jiang Feis knowledge would definitely soar upon going through so many treasures. And if Jiang Fei could withstand the temptation and still abide by his rules, this showed that he did satisfy the condition and truly deserved to be Theons apprentice.

Jiang Fei nodded eagerly. "Okay!"

While going through the collection, he had already picked out the items he wanted. This time, Jiang Fei also chose based on the purpose they could serve.

Creed Battle Uniform

Type: High-strength armor

Note: Can protect the wearer from high temperatures and can effectively prevent energy attacks of up to seven million combat power. A Vulcan specialty. The best combat clothing in the universe, sells for about fifteen million Aetherytes.

The new goggles could not only display information about the items, but also provide details on their origin and price. Aetheryte was a hard currency used between the civilizations in the universe. It was similar to what gold was to the humans on Earth.

Jiang Fei chose this armor for a very simple reason. He was timid and afraid of death. Although he had Theon supporting him now, there was still a chance of him being killed instantly if he encountered a strong enemy.

With this combat uniform, coupled with the effect of his Bio-Armor, Jiang Fei would at least have the chance to activate his Domain during surprise attacks. This would remove the risk of him being killed instantly.

After picking out an armor, Jiang Fei picked a weapon for himselfPsiblade. This was a high-technology weapon. Although it was not as lethal as the Zhanlu Sword used to kill the Latair Reaper, it was a lot better than the ordinary Chengying Sword.

Moreover, it was easy to carry around as it was worn like a gauntlet. When used, a light blade would directly pop out of it. It was lethal enough to break energy shields formed of up to six million combat power.

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Chapter 830 Bringing The Fight To The Enemy Chapter 831 The Art Of Baiting Chapter 832 Kneeling For Forgiveness Chapter 833 Let The Show Begin Chapter 834 Baited Chapter 835 Clash Chapter 836 Fury Unleashed Chapter 837 I Want One Chapter 838 Success Chapter 839 The Appearance Of The Zhangle Clan Chapter 840 Entrapment Chapter 841 Landing Reinforcements Chapter 842 Turn Of The Tides Chapter 843 Resolute Killer Chapter 844 Outbreak Chapter 845 Shenlong Chapter 846 Time To Attack Chapter 847 Deliberately Holding Back Chapter 848 Consolidate Chapter 849 : Infallible Laws Of Artificial Intelligence Chapter 850 Lincoln Chapter 851 Mysterious Matter Chapter 852 A Boss That Instant Kills Chapter 853 Temporary Weapon Chapter 854 A Mess Chapter 855 Gravity Failure Chapter 856 Guardian Beast Chapter 857 Dragon Slaying Battle Begins Chapter 858 Quest Granting Permission Chapter 859 Jiang Feis Plan Chapter 860 The Militarys Development Chapter 861 Scarlet Hunter Chapter 862 Lincolns Scheme Chapter 863 Hunting Chapter 864 The Wrong Choice Chapter 865 Escape Chapter 866 A Pleasant Surprise Chapter 867 Tables Turned Chapter 868 Whereabouts Of The Cauldron Of Charm Chapter 869 Deadly Consequence Chapter 870 Rebel Huang Xie Chapter 871 Uncovered Intention Chapter 872 A Gift Chapter 873 : Shocking Overlord Rights Chapter 874 Danger Approaches Chapter 875 Releasing The Bait Chapter 876 Strong Enemies Attack Chapter 877 Armed Cannon Fodder Chapter 878 Saving Soaring Cloud Sect Chapter 879 Unbelievable Chapter 880 Decisiveness Chapter 881 Morale At Its Lowest Chapter 882 Trick Is Better Than Treat Chapter 883 Casting The Net Chapter 884 Retreat Chapter 885 All Out War Chapter 886 Lay Down The Fire Chapter 887 Cheating Is Fine. 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Perhaps? Chapter 944 Effortless Reward Chapter 945 Almost Invincible Chapter 946 Improved Potion Chapter 947 A Visit To The Capital Chapter 948 Enigmatic Behavior Chapter 949 Enigmatic Action Chapter 950 Solo Mission Chapter 951 Wanted Man Chapter 952 To Strike First Chapter 953 And Blood Was Spilled Chapter 954 Second Potion Trial Chapter 955 Yang Qings Purpose Chapter 956 The Means Chapter 957 Personality Change Chapter 958 Devious Laugh Chapter 959 The Forgetful Divine Light God Chapter 960 Key Individual Chapter 961 Dock Landing Ship Chapter 962 Supreme Surprise Chapter 963 Revive Bella Chapter 964 Apostle Of God Chapter 965 Solo Fight Chapter 966 Not Letting You Live Chapter 967 The Nephilim Kings Arrival Chapter 968 Gathering Of The Celestials Chapter 969 A Major Change Chapter 970 Sly Old Fox Chapter 971 A Unique Ultimate Skill Chapter 972 The Final Step Chapter 973 Bellas Revival Chapter 974 Nearly Dead Chapter 975 Forgive The Honest Person Chapter 976 Best Support Chapter 977 Reported Chapter 978 Summoned By Lu Fu Chapter 979 Generous Aunt Chapter 980 Fifty? 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Chapter 1128 Forceful Injection Chapter 1129 Cunning Doomsday Chapter 1130 Absolute Uselessness Chapter 1131 Dire Weakness Chapter 1132 Counterattack The Celestial Realm Chapter 1133 Military Commander Chapter 1134 An Ancient God Appears Chapter 1135 Saharan God Of Death Chapter 1136 Why Would I Wait? Chapter 1137 Resurrection Of The Two Women Chapter 1138 Unstable Backyard Chapter 1139 Dog Eat Dog Chapter 1140 Cause Of Internal Conflict Chapter 1141 Advanced Again Chapter 1142 Divine Absorption Chapter 1143 Powerful Chapter 1144 0542 Caught? Chapter 1145 Z0 11s Request Chapter 1146 Odd Response Chapter 1147 Sealing Command Chapter 1148 The Best Choice Chapter 1149 Found Chapter 1150 True Invulnerability Chapter 1151 The One Thing He Never Expected Chapter 1152 Miluya Reunited Chapter 1153 Evolved Again Chapter 1154 Isabellas Oddity Chapter 1155 To The Moon Chapter 1156 Hiding Behind The Curtains Chapter 1157 Desecrated Chapter 1158 Friend In Need Chapter 1159 Ineffective Domain Chapter 1160 My Name Is Chapter 1161 New Plan Chapter 1162 Tables Turned Chapter 1163 Preparing For Revenge Chapter 1164 Z0 11s Condition Chapter 1165 Miluyas Secret Chapter 1166 Fishing Plan Chapter 1167 Miluyas Scary Irregularity Chapter 1168 Who Are You Really? Chapter 1169 All The Celestials Must Die Chapter 1170 Senseless Slaughter Chapter 1171 Guilt And Remorse Chapter 1172 The Visiting Dragon God Chapter 1173 A Private Meeting Chapter 1174 Never Ending Betrayal Chapter 1175 The Witchs Hut Chapter 1176 Miluya Returns Chapter 1177 A Girl Once More Chapter 1178 Bellas Discovery Chapter 1179 Hypnosis Chapter 1180 Prelude To Battle Chapter 1181 The Strongest System Chapter 1182 Sudden Attack Chapter 1183 Ariel Captured Chapter 1184 Rest In Peace Never Chapter 1185 The Bane Of All Level 5 Metahumans Chapter 1186 Leaders Revealed Chapter 1187 Split Up Chapter 1188 Z0 11s True Identity Chapter 1189 Akatziriss Purpose Chapter 1190 A Message From Within The Game Chapter 1191 Miluyas Final Goodbye Chapter 1192 Another Message From 0541 Chapter 1193 Regroup The Harem Troops Chapter 1194 Stealing Energy Chapter 1195 Say It And Im All Yours Chapter 1196 Would You End Me? Chapter 1197 A Change In Attitude Chapter 1198 Mass Revival Chapter 1199 Bai Shien Of The Snow Mountain Sect Chapter 1200 Cutting Corners Chapter 1201 Sending A Level 5 For An Errand Chapter 1202 An Offer Of Help By Akatziris Chapter 1203 Bearer Of Good News Chapter 1204 A Little Valium On The Side Chapter 1205 Akatziris Terms Chapter 1206 Collecting A Support Fee Chapter 1207 Progress Check Chapter 1208 The Perfect Plan Chapter 1209 Gathering Of The Level 5s Chapter 1210 Assert Dominance Chapter 1211 Attack Indiscriminately Chapter 1212 Biting More Than One Could Chew Chapter 1213 Level 5 Mutants Chapter 1214 Anti Level 5 Chapter 1215 Double Happiness Chapter 1216 Wholesome Reward Chapter 1217 Whereabouts Of The Third Energy Core Chapter 1218 Not Enough For Guests Chapter 1219 Akatziris Decision Chapter 1220 Almost Complete Chapter 1221 A Plan For Her A Plan For Him Chapter 1222 Seal Undone Chapter 1223 All According To Plan Chapter 1224 A Trip To The Snowy Peaks Chapter 1225 Greed Chapter 1226 Prelude To War Chapter 1227 Attitude Change Chapter 1228 Ensnare Chapter 1229 Sniper Chapter 1230 Core Of Time Chapter 1231 Gathering On The Moon Chapter 1232 The Fight For Braveheart Chapter 1233 Unprecedented Invitation Chapter 1234 The Last Scam Chapter 1235 Welcome To The Thunderdome Chapter 1236 The Truth Unveiled Chapter 1237 Of Karma Of Destiny Chapter 1238 Die For Me Chapter 1219 Akatziris Decision Chapter 1220 Almost Complete Chapter 1221 A Plan For Her A Plan For Him Chapter 1222 Seal Undone Chapter 1223 All According To Plan Chapter 1224 A Trip To The Snowy Peaks Chapter 1225 Greed Chapter 1226 Prelude To War Chapter 1227 Attitude Change Chapter 1228 Ensnare Chapter 1229 Sniper Chapter 1230 Core Of Time Chapter 1231 Gathering On The Moon Chapter 1232 The Fight For Braveheart Chapter 1233 Unprecedented Invitation Chapter 1234 The Last Scam Chapter 1235 Welcome To The Thunderdome Chapter 1236 The Truth Unveiled Chapter 1237 Of Karma Of Destiny Chapter 1238 Die For Me Chapter 1239 Pain Punishment Chapter 1240 Since You Never Loved Me Chapter 1241 Trump Card No More Chapter 1242 0541s Return Chapter 1243 All An Act Chapter 1244 Willing But Unable Chapter 1245 All I Can Do For You Chapter 1246 The Path To Reversal Chapter 1247 Birth Of A Miracle Chapter 1248 Desperation Chapter 1249 Dead? Chapter 1250 Welcome To My World Chapter 1251 : Obliteration Chapter 1252 Triumphant Return Chapter 1253 Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire Chapter 1254 Ashes To Ashes Chapter 1255 One At A Time Chapter 1256 Its Just Me Chapter 1257 Global Disarmament Chapter 1258 : The Infamous Ravagers Chapter 1259 : Incoming Chapter 1260 Are You Talking About Me? Chapter 1261 Hes A Lackey You Say? Chapter 1262 Pulling Punches Chapter 1263 Powerful And Conceited Chapter 1264 The Root Cause Of The Disaster Chapter 1265 Planning For The Worst Chapter 1266 The Price To Pay Chapter 1267 Finally Leveling Up Chapter 1268 A Visit To The 10th Dimension Chapter 1269 The Specter Chapter 1270 The Valsarian Commander Chapter 1271 Fear And Instinct Chapter 1272 Call To Arms Chapter 1273 Face To Face Chapter 1274 One Against The Enemy Chapter 1275 Surging Will Chapter 1276 Follow Me Chapter 1277 Until Next Time Chapter 1278 Redstone Chapter 1279 : New Recruit Training Chapter 1280 How Are You Here? Chapter 1281 Roommates Chapter 1282 Gravity Chapter 1283 Theon The Plunderer Chapter 1284 Bio Armor Chapter 1285 Enhancing The Zhanlu Sword Chapter 1286 Rage Of The Boar Chapter 1287 Strength Of The Weak Weakness Of The Strong Chapter 1288 Up For Grabs Chapter 1289 Of All The Choices Why Him? Chapter 1290 Training Starts Chapter 1291 Treating Dumb Aliens As Npcs Chapter 1292 To Suppress Ones Kindness Chapter 1293 Baptism By Blood Chapter 1294 Evol Poppy Chapter 1295 An Older Ultimate Now Obsolete Chapter 1296 Result Chapter 1297 War Mission Chapter 1298 Space Bugs Chapter 1299 Underground Burrow Chapter 1300 Like In A Horror Film Chapter 1301 Queen Of The Swarm Chapter 1302 Capturing The Queen Chapter 1303 Misunderstanding Chapter 1304 Seed Of Yondus Sprout Chapter 1305 The Definition Of Babysitting Chapter 1306 Spar Chapter 1307 Feint And Bait Chapter 1308 No Honor Among Thieves Chapter 1309 Ultralisk Chapter 1310 Ultimate Move Chapter 1311 A Singularity Event Chapter 1312 Reward Chapter 1313 Cover Story Chapter 1314 Pearl Of The Oyster Chapter 1315 Two Options Chapter 1316 : Power Infusion Chapter 1317 25 Minutes Too Late Chapter 1318 Saved By The Bell Chapter 1319 Locating Target Chapter 1320 Marionette Technology Chapter 1321 Cursed Life Form Chapter 1322 Pills Dont Work Anymore Chapter 1323 Dropped Chapter 1324 A Group Of Five Chapter 1325 Request For Cooperation Chapter 1326 Devil Of The Lake Chapter 1327 Mark Of The Tribe Chapter 1328 Magneto Florp Chapter 1329 Eliminated From The Trial Chapter 1330 A Challenger Appears Chapter 1331 Pale Bone Skull Chapter 1332 When The Time Is Right Chapter 1333 Like A Vulture Chapter 1334 Amongst Thieves Chapter 1335 No Mercy Chapter 1336 To Care Or To Kill Chapter 1337 An Eye For An Eye Chapter 1338 The Commanders Army Chapter 1339 Selection Chapter 1340 The Fool That Started A War Chapter 1341 Excursion Chapter 1342 Entering The Combat Zone Chapter 1343 Combat Chapter 1344 A Backhanded Tactic Chapter 1345 Unbelievable Chapter 1346 First To Approach Chapter 1347 I Like You Chapter 1348 Grab Some Stuff Chapter 1349 The Master Thief Chapter 1350 Training And Testing Chapter 1351 Were The Same Chapter 1352 Rules Of Core Fusion Chapter 1353 : Returning To The Battle Chapter 1354 Obvious Plot Chapter 1355 Forceful Boarding Chapter 1356 Melee Combat Chapter 1357 One Hit Chapter 1358 Subjugated Chapter 1359 Counting The Loss Chapter 1360 House Arrest Chapter 1361 Left To Rot Chapter 1362 The Solution Chapter 1363 Abduction Chapter 1364 Ainos Surprise Attack Chapter 1365 Jiang Feis Guarantee Chapter 1366 Arrived At Tallgeese Chapter 1367 Etiquette And Mannerism On Tallgeese Chapter 1368 Trouble Came Knocking Chapter 1369 Surprise Visit Chapter 1370 Damned Chapter 1371 System Wide Announcement Chapter 1372 King Of Dhiras Chapter 1373 One Against Three Ultralisks Chapter 1374 The Cherry On Top Chapter 1375 Fancy Meal Chapter 1376 An Effortless Advancement Chapter 1377 The Weak Leading The Strong Chapter 1378 Carrot And Stick Approach Chapter 1379 Military Expansion Chapter 1380 Judgement Day Meeting Chapter 1381 The Man Who Survived Three Judgement Days Chapter 1382 Bargh The Bjolnian Chapter 1383 More Than Willing Chapter 1384 Breaking The Limiter Chapter 1385 A War Before Judgement Day Chapter 1386 A Test Of Loyalty Chapter 1387 Un United Front Chapter 1388 Show Me What Youve Got Chapter 1389 The Voice Of Temptation Chapter 1390 Omnisurge Surging Chapter 1391 On The Brink Of Desperation Chapter 1392 : Open Season Chapter 1393 One Last Time Chapter 1394 Killing Him Is Not Going To Be That Easy Chapter 1395 The Miracle Chapter 1396 The Root Cause Of Race Limitation Chapter 1397 Boost In Confidence Chapter 1398 Ultralisk Uprising Incoming Chapter 1399 Preparing For Battle Chapter 1400 Bargh Approaching Chapter 1401 Fortune Is Never For One To Flaunt Chapter 1402 Undefeatable Enemy Chapter 1403 The Battle In The 10th Dimension Chapter 1404 A Mess Chapter 1405 Remember Me? Chapter 1406 A Means To Be Together Chapter 1407 The Massacre Chapter 1408 Abnormalities Chapter 1409 Visible Changes Chapter 1410 Nothing Before An Annoyance Now Chapter 1411 Depressed Aino Chapter 1412 Whats That? Chapter 1413 Catch Them Chapter 1414 Resolute Chapter 1415 Hello Trade Federation Chapter 1416 All Expenses Paid Chapter 1417 Prodigals Prodigals Everywhere Chapter 1418 Pranking A Friend Chapter 1419 Befriend Chapter 1420 Decline Entrance Chapter 1421 One Level To Another Chapter 1422 A Word Of Posting Chapter 1423 To War As Soon As Possible Chapter 1424 Away Team Chapter 1425 A Poisonous Ishtarian Chapter 1426 The Stalling Chapter 1427 Horrifying Prophecy Chapter 1428 Gargantuan Wormhole Chapter 1429 Gargantuan Spaceship Chapter 1430 Invaders? Chapter 1431 Interrogation Chapter 1432 Protagonist No More Chapter 1433 Stop Them From Reaching The Endgame Chapter 1434 Deciding Chapter 1435 Extortion Chapter 1436 Move Or You Will Be Moved Chapter 1437 Stupidly Stupefied Chapter 1438 Regroup Chapter 1439 Retreating Soldiers Chapter 1440 Ognev Starbase Chapter 1441 Information Exchange Chapter 1442 The Hero With An Empty Coffer Chapter 1443 A Lot Of Rich Fools Chapter 1444 The Way To Earn Chapter 1445 A Gathering Of Gentlemen Chapter 1446 A Mister Wagner Chapter 1447 The Art Of Pretense Chapter 1448 Deep Deep Walle Chapter 1449 Not As Mysterious As It Seems Chapter 1450 A Surprise After Another Chapter 1451 Making Money Chapter 1452 Training Commence Chapter 1453 All Mad Chapter 1454 A Silver Lining Chapter 1455 First Blood Chapter 1456 Ive Got The Big Guns Chapter 1457 Bandi Chapter 1458 Powerful Reading Chapter 1459 Untraceable Chapter 1460 The Watcher Intervenes Chapter 1461 The Baffling Galaxy Chapter 1462 Unexpected Declaration Of War Chapter 1463 Suppressed Chapter 1464 Retrea Chapter 1465 Obey Or Die Chapter 1466 The Umbral Chapter 1467 Dominate Chapter 1468 The Aftereffects Of Being Taken Over Chapter 1469 A Call For Help From The Ice Queen Herself Chapter 1470 Arrival On Alderaan Chapter 1471 Forced Marriage Chapter 1472 The Oldest Scam In The Book Chapter 1473 Umbral Explained Chapter 1474 Steal The Bride Chapter 1475 Whole Or Shredded? Chapter 1476 The Three Archbishops Chapter 1477 It Will Be Fine Chapter 1478 Never Let Your Guard Down Chapter 1479 Mettle Of An Emperor Chapter 1480 Lets Go Back Chapter 1481 Wounded Theon Chapter 1482 Player Reshuffle Chapter 1483 Kill Stealing Chapter 1484 Suppressing The Pirates Chapter 1485 The Last Madness Chapter 1486 The Egg Of An Ultralisk Chapter 1487 Players Coming Unexpectedly Chapter 1488 Breaching The Base Chapter 1489 The Super Ultralisk Chapter 1490 Facing The Ultralisk Chapter 1491 The Ultralisk Blocking The Way