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"System, are you so obedient? Just talk about it, how embarrassing it is, hehe~" Zhao Huazhi's face was expressionless, but the corners of his mouth that twitched constantly revealed his true thoughts.

Zhao Huazhi, a native of Xiali County, Shangluo country, traveled from a blue planet 16 years ago and is enjoying his pleasant vacation.

On the afternoon of August 20, Zhao Huazhi saw the advertisement and visited the Wuxiu Museum in Dingxin City.

Dingxin City Wuxiu Museum is a municipal museum. The main sources of its collections are counties, towns and villages within Dingxin City. Recently, part of it comes from the public exhibition of the top collections of the Dingxin City Wuxiu Museum.

Shangluo has a vast territory, even a state of nearly 8 million square kilometers, 90% of its residents have never been out of the state, and even a large number of people can only move within the city.

For many people, this is an opportunity to learn about the state capital, so today's exhibition hall is overcrowded.

Zhao Huazhi is very curious about the history of this world, but the county libraries have very little history, and they are here for these top collections from the state capital.

stepped into the exhibition area of the state government, and was observing a saber that was said to be from the first interstate high school martial arts conference 100 years ago, the priest Wang Shun, a state-born martial arts champion.

The sword is a one-handed sword, about one meter two in length, about five centimeters in width, with a double-sided open front, no rust, and cold light, with black and red lines entangled in the grid, hilt, and head of the sword.

As a traverser, Zhao Huazhi had a moment of inspiration, and he always felt that there was some chance in this sword.

Then his brain twitched, and he quickly glanced around, seeing that no one was paying attention to him, stepped forward, pointed his right hand forward, and whispered quietly: "Sword, come!"

The glass cabinet in front of him suddenly burst, and a very round bead inlaid in the sword grid sputtered out, giving him a brain jump.

"Hiss-" The eyebrows bleed instantly, just as he was covering his head and grinning, an emotionless voice sounded in his mind, "Successfully bind the strongest clone system!".

"Oh! System! Has the peak of life come just like this?" Zhao Huazhi raised his mouth calmly. In his previous life, as an old bookworm who was familiar with thousands of books on the Internet, how could he not understand things like the system? What he loves most is systematic writing, and he still read it even before he died.

Yes, the cause of Zhao Hua's death was the sudden death caused by staying up late to chase the novel!

When Zhao Huazhi was secretly delighted, a security guard in the uniform of the Dingxin City Wuxiu Museum ran over, "It didn't hurt, right? What's the matter, why did the glass cabinet suddenly explode?"

"HiI dont know either?"

The security inspected the broken glass, and said to the man in the suit who came by: "The curator, I have checked. The glass cabinet has no signs of external strikes, and there are no people who have cultivated above the body tempering level nearby. Human factors have been ruled out. In other words, this is the problem of the glass cabinet itself."

The man in the suit, the curator heard the words, nodded, and walked up to apologize to Zhao Huazhi, "I'm sorry, because an error in the inspection of our museum has caused you harm." A medical staff member waved. Treated Zhao Huazhi's wound.

then asked the assistant to fetch two small wooden boxes and hand them to Zhao Huazhi, "This is a little from our museum, I hope you can accept it."

"This is?"

"I think you are so young, you haven't started to practice, you should still be in junior high school."

"Go to high school next semester."

"It just so happens that these two boxes, one is the body tempering potion, which can speed up your body tempering progress, and the other box is the body tempering potion, which can warm the body, repair the wound, and accelerate the recovery from the damage of the body tempering potion. Please accept one copy of each of the two medicines."

These two medicines are commonly used medicines. The unit price is about 300 yuan, and the two parts are 600 yuan. The price is not high, but as compensation for a small scratch, it is quite sincere. Zhao Huazhi nodded.

"Then thank the curator."

"You're welcome, it should be!"

got the system, Zhao Huazhi also lost the thought of continuing to visit, and then took the intercity train back to his home in Xiali County.

Lying on the bed, Zhao Huazhi muttered "System" silently in his heart, and a system interface immediately appeared in his mind.

After many attempts, Zhao Huazhi found that the system currently has only two sections, one is the attribute section, and the other is the clone section, which can be summoned silently in his heart.

Zhao Huas attributes are silently recited, and a list is displayed in his mind.

Character: Zhao Huazhi

Age: 16

Physique: 0.9 (the limit value of the human body is one, the same below)

Power: 0.9

Speed: 0.9

Will: 1.5 (innately active)

repair as: none

Martial Arts: None

Gong Method: None

"There are no cultivation bases, martial arts, and exercises. After all, you have to go to high school to start formal learning and training. This physique, strength, speed, and will are all based on the limit of human fitness." Zhao Huazhi nodded and meditated again. "Clone".

Physical Surgery clone (1/1) is not unlocked, unlock requirements:

1. Run 10 kilometers (0/200) in the morning and evening every day for 10 days.

2. 300 punches per day (0/3000) with full force for 10 days.

3, every day, full chong stab accumulated 10 kilometers (0/100) for 10 days.


Further down, there are Gongfa clones, martial arts clones, Shenfa clones, enlightenment clones...

are all unlocked now, and the unlocking requirements of UU reading www.uukanshu.com cannot be clicked.

Close the system interface, Zhao Huazhi looked at the sky outside the window, and the sky was overflowing.

"Well, it's almost five o'clock, Lao Zhao and Mom should be back." Just thinking of this, the door opened in the living room, "Zhao Huazhi, your parents are back!"

"Oh" Zhao Huazhi answered politely. After Zhao's father and Zhao's mother came back, they went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

After half an hour, supper begins, on the table.

"Son, the school will start in a few days, and we are going to really start practicing. Nowadays, there is a lot of competition pressure. I heard that the school will take physical examinations on the first day of school and reclassify classes. Only when the physical fitness reaches the limit of the human body can we enter the intensive class. How bad are you now?" Lao Zhao, Zhao Dongshan asked, "Would you like to find a teacher to give you surprise guidance?"

"Well, no, I'm a little close to the limit of physical fitness at the moment, and there are still ten days left, and I can practice by myself enough to break through."

Zhao Huazhi said: If there is no system, I might be a little panic. After all, I cant visually see the progress of the cultivation, but now the attribute interface is clearly visible and I can break through...

right! That's right! My Zhao Huazhi is swollen~ It's not empty at all!

"Okay, we don't need to worry about you if you know it yourself." Zhao Hua's mother Wang Yu smiled in relief. "By the way, how come your eyebrows are broken?"

Immediately, Zhao Huazhi will briefly describe what happened in the museum, of course, omitting the part of the system.

"Fortunately, it is just a skin injury. Although the medicine is not worth much, but you can use it now, the museum curator is interested."

"Well, others are pretty good."

After dinner, Zhao Huazhi got into the room to recharge his energy, ready to unlock the mission tomorrow.

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