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Qingfeng Li reached out his hand and patted Black Puppy’s head, saying, “Don’t ever think this way. We killed the Golden-Sun Saint Son only because he was about to kill us and was our enemy. Do you really think you can kill all the other saint sons and saintesses?”

Black Puppy smirked awkwardly and said no more.

It was only a spur of the moment that Black Puppy got this idea. It also felt this thought was ridiculous now. No matter how powerful Qingfeng Li was, he couldn’t stand against all the saint sects in the universe.

Qingfeng Li looked at Black Puppy and said, “Puppy, find the smell of the Blood Sea Saint and Sky-Devouring Snake with your dog nose. Then we’ll go look for them.”

Black Puppy nodded and sniffed around with its dog nose, releasing super talisman scripts of Order at the same time.

The talisman scripts turned into numerous black light spots and scattered all the over the Fallen Immortal Arena.

Black Puppy was a middle-grade Demonic Saint. With its power increasing, it could smell further. At this moment, it could clearly smell all the familiar auras within 30 thousand kilometers.

After a while, Black Puppy opened its eyes and pointed its dog claw to the north, saying, “Qingfeng Li, I sensed the aura of the Blood Sea Saint five thousand kilometers to the north.”

Qingfeng Li was delighted, saying, “Let’s go north to look for the Blood Sea Saint right now.”

Qingfeng Li was about to take Black Puppy and leave, but then he stopped, for he found that the Clear-wood Saintess, Yun Lan, and the rest were looking at him longingly.

Qingfeng Li frowned a bit. If he went to look for the Blood Sea Saint with only Black Puppy, they would find her very soon. But it would be much slower if he taking Clear-wood Saintess and others with them.

But Qingfeng Li also knew it was extremely dangerous inside Fallen Immortal Arena. There were not only lots of thunder beasts, but also many saint sons and saintesses from other saint sects. They were all not easy to deal with and might attack Clear-wood Saintess and others.

Qingfeng Li thought for a while, then said, “Clear-wood Saintess, I’ll go to look for my friends. You’re welcome to come along, or you can leave us if you want.”

Clear-wood Saintess and Yun Lan said simultaneously, “We want to be by your side.”

Although Clear-wood Saintess was a saintess, she was only in low-grade. As the weakest among all saint sons and saintesses who had entered the Fallen Immortal Arena, she was even not in the top 100 on Hidden Dragon List.

Qingfeng Li was such a powerful character for her to rely on. Of course, she didn’t want to let him go.

Qingfeng Li brought Clear-wood Saintess, Yun Lan with him, following the route which Black Puppy provided, and flew toward five thousand kilometers to the north.

Meanwhile, at the place five thousand north to them, many saint sons and saintesses from saint sects had gathered around.

There was a giant lake of 100 thousand kilometers wide, and the water was very different from other lakes outside.

Normal lakes had calm water. But the water here kept rolling. Occasional lightning and thunder struck from the sky into the lake, making the water create giant cracking sounds.

Moreover, many thunder beasts flew over, breathing the thunder, shining the lightning, with energy pervading all over the lake.

This lake was very famous in Fallen Immortal Arena. It was called Thunder Lake.

There was a treasure lying in Thunder Lake. It was said that whoever got this treasure would have great chance to break into the immortal level in the future. That was why many self-cultivators were surrounding there.

Standing in the east of Thunder Lake was Rock Saint Sect. Rock Saint Sect was an upper-grade saint sect and was well-known in the universe. Their saint was Vast Sky Saint Son.

Vast Sky Saint Son was a young man over 20 years old. Though he was young, he was strong and sturdy, full of furious power, shocking the rest of the world.

He was carrying a giant rock. It was too ignorant to think this was a normal rock. It was actually a Dharma Treasure of Rock Saint Sect. Vast Sky Saint Son had once crushed an upper-grade Saint into powder with it.

In the west of Thunder Lake stood those from Purple Flame Saint Sect. Their Saint was called Linglong Saintess.

She was a beautiful woman, with a delicate face, bright eyes, and white teeth. She looked hot with her slender body figure in the red dress, drawing much attention from other self-cultivators.

She exuded a powerful aura, appearing to be an upper-grade Saint.

In the north of the lake was Heavenly-sword Saint Son from Sword Saint Sect. He was tall, with sharp eyebrows, bright eyes, and aggressive aura. He was carrying a saint sword, with energy penetrating upward through the sky.

In the south was Furious-blade Saint Son from Blade Saint Sect. He was 1.9 meters tall, even taller than Heavenly-sword Saint Son. He had a strong body and a rough face, looking very arrogant.

Heavenly-sword Saint Son and Furious-blade Saint Son were also upper-grade Saints, exuding powerful aura.

Besides these upper-grade Saints from the four upper-grade sects, there was one more standing in the other direction.

He was outside these four supreme sects but had furious energy all over his body. No self-cultivator dared to underestimate him.

He was The Nine-headed Golden Lion and was once a demonic beast, but then he transformed into human shape with his cultivation.

Qingfeng Li used to kill his avatar in the mysterious sun realm. If Qingfeng Li was here, he could easily recognize the lion.

Beside The Nine-headed Golden Lion was another person. It was no one else but The Blood Sea Saint. She was currently tied up by The Nine-headed Golden Lion with spirit rope.

The Nine-headed Golden Lion found her in Fallen Immortal Arena and caught her after realizing she was from Crimson Fire Continent.

The Nine-headed Golden Lion hated those from Crimson Fire Continent very much.

The Blood Sea Saint looked coldly at The Nine-headed Golden Lion with anger.

She wanted to get rid of the spirit rope. But it was a middle-grade Dharma Treasure. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t break it. So, she could only put her hope on Qingfeng Li.

The Nine-headed Golden Lion turned around and took a look at The Blood Sea Saint, saying, “You said Qingfeng Li is your friend and will save you. But he hasn’t come after such a long time. I’ll wait a few more minutes. If he doesn’t come then, I’ll throw you into Thunder Lake and feed those thunder beasts.”

The Blood Sea Saint smirked and said, “Do you really want him to come? He will kill you when he comes here.”

The Nine-headed Golden Lion showed a freezing look, generating sharp power, shining all over the sky and earth, and then said, “You’re asking for death.”

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989: Meeting Flower Fairy Chapter 990: Battle For The Title Of saintess Chapter 991: Power Of The Hundred Flower Palace Lord Chapter 992: Three Moves Of Handicap Chapter 993: Defeat With One Attack Chapter 994: The Rupture Of The Defensive Shield Chapter 995: Defeating The Third Elder Chapter 996: Surge In Spiritual Strength Chapter 997: Consecutive Victory Chapter 998: The Power Of Frost Ice Mirror Chapter 999: Defeating Rong Li Chapter 1000: Receiving The Saintess Title Chapter 1001: Wedding Discussion With Xue Lin Chapter 1002: Forbidden Kunlun Mountain District Chapter 1003: Opening Of The Forbidden District Chapter 1004: Meeting Xianzhi Qin Chapter 1005: Lightening Struck Crocodile King Chapter 1006: The Spiritual Beast Puppy Chapter 1007: News Of The Wind Edge Demon King Chapter 1008: Heading To The Demonic Blood Cave Chapter 1009: Blood Python King Chapter 1010: Meeting Master Chapter 1011: Blood Demon Elder Chapter 1012: Rescuing Wind Edge Demon King Chapter 1013: The 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Chapter 1063: Fighting Over For The Golden Fruit Chapter 1064: Golden Calabash Chapter 1065: The Intense Scramble Chapter 1066: Obtaining The Golden Calabash Chapter 1067: The Breakthrough Into Peak Stage Of Heavenly Spirit Realm Chapter 1068: The Powerful Qingfeng Li Chapter 1069: Killing Yinyang Shi Chapter 1070: Heading To Pacific Island Again Chapter 1071: The Beauty Is A Sea Zombie Chapter 1072: The Mighty Sky Devouring Snake Chapter 1073: The Second Trip To Pacific Island Chapter 1074: Killing One Man Every Step Chapter 1075: Rescued Fiery Demon King Chapter 1076: Sect Master Of The Demon Blade Sect Chapter 1077: An Intense Battle Chapter 1078: Sky Demon Bloodline Chapter 1079: Killing Wudi Muramasa Chapter 1080: Sea Turtle Demon King Chapter 1081: Nine Dragon Water Pillar Chapter 1082: Missy Of The Eastern Sea Dragon Palace Chapter 1083: Captured Qingfeng Li Chapter 1084: The Eastern Sea Dragon Palace Chapter 1085: Third Princess Chapter 1086: Qingfeng Got Out Chapter 1087: Teasing The Third Princess Chapter 1088: The Usefulness Of Sky Devouring Snake Chapter 1089: Returning To Huaxia To See Xue Lin Chapter 1090: Xue Lin Was Tricked Chapter 1091: Arriving At Ice Snow Corporation Again Chapter 1092: Drinking With Father In Law Chapter 1093: The Earth Is Mutating Chapter 1094: Recovery Of Ancient Relics Chapter 1095: Dragon Kings Challenge Chapter 1096: Enter Into The Dragon Tiger Mountain Chapter 1097: The Seal On The Mountain Chapter 1098: The Wolf God Bloodline Chapter 1099: Defeating Puotian Shou Chapter 1100: The Half Step Spirit King Realm Herb Chapter 1101: The Seductive Woman Chapter 1102: Killing The Seductive Woman Chapter 1103: The Vicious Ziyue Bing Chapter 1104: The Beautiful Woman In White Chapter 1105: Knock Everyone Unconscious Chapter 1106: Demonic Peacock Empress Chapter 1107: Obtaining The Golden Light Sword Chapter 1108: A Promise With The Demonic Peacock Chapter 1109: Wedding Invitations To The Whole World Chapter 1110: The Hidden Enemy Chapter 1111: A Helicopter For The Bride Chapter 1112: Xue Lin The Bride Chapter 1113: The World Class Wedding Chapter 1114: The Happiest Bride Chapter 1115: The Newlywed Xue Lin Chapter 1116: Xue Lin Cannot Die Chapter 1117: Ice King Sects Women Chapter 1118: The Third Elder Of The Ice King Sect Chapter 1119: Meeting Ziyue Bing Chapter 1120: The Battle For The Frozen Heart Chapter 1121: The Snow King Chapter 1122: Demonic Ice Rabbit Chapter 1123: Defeating Snow King Chapter 1124: The Snow Mountain Saintess Chapter 1125: Battle Against The Saintess Chapter 1126: Acquiring The Frozen Heart Chapter 1127: Reached First Level Of Spirit King Realm Chapter 1128: Golden Light Whirlwind Chapter 1129: Face Slapping Ziyue Bing Chapter 1130: Face Slapped Chapter 1131: Taming Yafei Bing Chapter 1132: Making Fire King Level Pill Chapter 1133: Second Level Spirit King Realm Reached Chapter 1134: Millennium Tree Demon Chapter 1135: The Powerful Enemies Chapter 1136: The Gathering Of The Elites In Tiger Continent Chapter 1137: Conflict Chapter 1138: Killing Tauren Patriarch Chapter 1139: Sky Devouring Snakes Origin Chapter 1140: Entering The Relic Of The God Of Life Chapter 1141: The Terrifying Piranha Chapter 1142: Killing The Piranha King Chapter 1143: The Powerful Vampire Queen Chapter 1144: Devil From Hell Chapter 1145: Three Headed Gator King Chapter 1146: The Power Of Thunder Pearl Chapter 1147: Killing Three Headed Gator King Chapter 1148: The Ancient Forest Chapter 1149: The Mysterious Pond Chapter 1150: The Cat Of Fate Chapter 1151: The Book Of The Sky God Chapter 1152: Fourth Fist Breaking The Firmament Chapter 1153: The Power Of The Dark Night Emperor Chapter 1154: Conquering Queen Camilla Chapter 1155: Obtaining The Cat Of Fate Chapter 1156: Camillas Battle Chapter 1157: Incurring Conflict Chapter 1158: Entering Into The Relic Of The God Of Life Chapter 1159: Snow Eagle King Chapter 1160: Snow Eagle King Faking Death Chapter 1161: The Fake Spring Of Life Chapter 1162: Down Into The Hole Chapter 1163: The Palace Of The God Of Life Chapter 1164: Killing The Two Winged Angel Chapter 1165: Injuring Augustine Chapter 1166: Breakthrough To Third Level King Realm Chapter 1167: Obtaining The Spring Of Life Chapter 1168: Visiting Xue Lin Chapter 1169: Encountering The Third Princess Again Chapter 1170: Head On Confrontation With Eastern Sea Dragon Palace Chapter 1171: Obtaining Ice Lotus Chapter 1172: Ice Crystal Fruit Chapter 1173: Powerful Golden Calabash Chapter 1174: Taking Another Servant Chapter 1175: Yunshi Zhang Got Away Chapter 1176: Im A Nice Guy Chapter 1177: Frost Saint Chapter 1178: Crossing Sword River Chapter 1179: Ice Demonic Tiger Chapter 1180: Ice Forest Chapter 1181: The Alluring Breath Chapter 1182: Little Sister Whitie Chapter 1183: Hello Brother In Law Chapter 1184: The Eastern Sea Prince Chapter 1185: Qingfeng Li Appeared Chapter 1186: Battling The Northern Sea Prince Chapter 1187: Golden Light Waterfall Chapter 1188: Ice Soul Bell Chapter 1189: Ice Dragon Kings Phantom Chapter 1190: Rescuing The Third Princess Chapter 1191: Ice Canyon Chapter 1192: Ice Snake Kings Power Chapter 1193: Sky Devouring Snakes Attack Chapter 1194: The Ice Snake King Was Injured Chapter 1195: Second Finger Shattering Heart Chapter 1196: Climbing Up The Ice Mountain Chapter 1197: Fighting For Ice Dragons Blood Chapter 1198: The Sinking Of The Island Chapter 1199: The Land On The Bottom Of The Ocean Chapter 1200: Weirdness Of The Bottom Of The Ocean Chapter 1201: The Woman From Planet Yue Chapter 1202: Common Goal Chapter 1203: Qingfeng Was Injured Chapter 1204: Breakting Through To The Fourth Level Spirit King Realm Chapter 1205: Moonlight Bell Chapter 1206: Ziyue Jiang Chapter 1207: Ice Dragon Battling Black Tortoise Chapter 1208: Defeating Jiang Ao Chapter 1209: Masters From Foreign Planets Chapter 1210: Battling Wutian Mo Chapter 1211: Lifting Off The Fourth Layer Seal Chapter 1212: Defeating Wutian Mo Chapter 1213: Killing Wutian Chapter 1214: Two Godly Beasts Joining The Battle Chapter 1215: The Power Of Green Tower Chapter 1216: Taming Ziyue Jiang Chapter 1217: Admired By Others Chapter 1218: The Golden Flame Chapter 1219: Injuring The Ice Dragon Chapter 1220: Xue Lin Wait For Me Chapter 1221: Back To Huaxia Chapter 1222: Seeing Xue Lin Chapter 1223: Waking Up Xue Lin Chapter 1224: Xue Lins Acting Strange Chapter 1225: Feeling Sorry Chapter 1226: Ruyan Liu In A Coma Chapter 1227: The Reincarnation Of An Immortal Queen Chapter 1228: The Baby Is In A Coma Chapter 1229: The Way To Save The Baby Chapter 1230: Going To Kunlun Mountain Hell Chapter 1231: The Wolf Fang Team Wants To Go Too Chapter 1232: The Gathering Of Huaxias Superpowers Chapter 1233: Entering The Forbidden Kunlun District Again Chapter 1234: Fire Essence Spiritual Fruit Chapter 1235: Sneak Attack From Behind Chapter 1236: Tearing Through Heavens And Earth Chapter 1237: Decapitating Black Shadowless Chapter 1238: Fifth Level Spirit King Realm Reached Chapter 1239: Poison Demon King Chapter 1240: Black Shield Chapter 1241: Killing Venom Demon King Chapter 1242: Qingfeng Li Injured Chapter 1243: Qingfeng Li Was Injured Chapter 1244: Half Step Spirit Emperor Realm Demonic Beast Chapter 1245: The Function Of The Thunder Pearl Chapter 1246: Linger Yao Chapter 1247: Asking About Peacock Demon Empress Chapter 1248: The Arrival Of Black Wind Duo Demons Chapter 1249: The Purple Thunder Sword Chapter 1250: Lifting The Fifth Seal Chapter 1251: Fifth Fist Moving Heavens And Earth Chapter 1252: Black Puppys Tracks Chapter 1253: Who Said I Died Chapter 1254: Refining The Bone Chapter 1255: Solving The Array Chapter 1256: I Can Solve The Array Chapter 1257: Qingfeng Li Solves The Array Chapter 1258: Breaking Their Own Arms Chapter 1259: Qingfeng Against Black Evil Chapter 1260: Killing Black Wind Double Evil Chapter 1261: King Level Vitality Stone Chapter 1262: A Bizarre Evil Species Chapter 1263: Killing The Evil Monster Chapter 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1289: Binger Zhao Chapter 1290: Battle Of Emperor Level Weapons Chapter 1291: Single Handedly Lifting Ice Mountain Chapter 1292: Refinery King Kettle Chapter 1293: Talisman Script Knowledge Chapter 1294: Flaw Of The Refinery King Kettle Chapter 1295: Breaking The Refinery King Kettle Chapter 1296: Saints Drum Chapter 1297: Face Slapping Binger Zhao Chapter 1298: Blade Emperor Sects Young Sect Master Chapter 1299: The Mantis Stalks The Cicada Unaware Of The Oriole Behind Chapter 1300: Yitian Shou Escaped Chapter 1301: Black Demonic Rats Approaches Chapter 1302: Black Demonic Rat King Chapter 1303: Yitian Shou Was Injured Chapter 1304: Obtaining Hell Flower Chapter 1305: Emperor Level Spirit Energy Chapter 1306: Killed Loads Of Black Demonic Rats Chapter 1307: Taming Black Demonic Rat King Chapter 1308: Breaking Through To Ninth Level Of Spirit King Realm Chapter 1309: Members Of Wolf Fang Clan Were Captured Chapter 1310: Rescuing Ziyue Jiang Chapter 1311: Destroying The Wicked Imperial Sect Chapter 1312: Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 1313: Godly Vampire Technique Chapter 1314: Power Of The Spirit Emperor Realm Chapter 1315: Power Of The Spirit Emperor Realm Chapter 1316: Learning The Gravity Force Spike Chapter 1317: Thousand Year Blood Python Bloodline Chapter 1318: Chaos Black Sword Chapter 1319: Killing Zhentian Mo Chapter 1320: Saint Soil Chapter 1321: Breakthrough To The Half Step Spirit Emperor Realm Chapter 1322: Hell Snake King Chapter 1323: Fighting For The Immortal Sutra Chapter 1324: Entering The Second Layer Of Hell Chapter 1325: News About The Perish Immortal Fruit Chapter 1326: A Small Tree That Can Run Chapter 1327: The Green Mountain Sword Chapter 1328: Learning The Fire Emperor Sword Technique Chapter 1329: Killing The Third Elder Chapter 1330: The Mutated Demonic Snake Chapter 1331: The Escape Of The Saint Perishing Fruit Chapter 1332: The Gathering Of Heroes Chapter 1333: Killing Them All Chapter 1334: The Sea Emperor Sword Chapter 1335: The Sword Energy Calabash Chapter 1336: The Spirit Bowl Chapter 1337: The Battle With Three Masters Chapter 1338: Getting The Saint Perishing Fruit Chapter 1339: The Ancient Ferocious Beast Chapter 1340: Taotie Ate Qingfeng Li Chapter 1341: Mengyao Fus Weirdness Chapter 1342: Learning About Dimensions Chapter 1343: Out Of Inferno Chapter 1344: Hunting Down Qingfeng Li Chapter 1345: Ruyan Wait For Me Chapter 1346: Black Hell Ants Chapter 1347: The Arrival Of Qingfeng Li Chapter 1348: Exterminating The Hellish Black Ants Chapter 1349: The Ant Exterminating Trio Chapter 1350: The Ant Emperor Chapter 1351: Black Puppys Breakthrough Chapter 1352: The Peerless Ferocious Beasts Are Coming Chapter 1353: The Gratitude Of The Self Cultivators Chapter 1354: The Sky Emperor Seal Chapter 1355: Leaving The Second Layer Of Hell Chapter 1356: Hell Ghost Chapter 1357: Sword Emperor Wushuang Nie Chapter 1358: Comprehending Fifty Percent Of Sword Intent Chapter 1359: Sixth Fist Shattering The Void Chapter 1360: Jianhuang Zhao Brutally Punched By Fists Chapter 1361: Rock Devil Chapter 1362: Meeting Daoist Ancestral Master Chapter 1363: The Devil Is Dead Chapter 1364: Battle Between Eastern And Western Self Cultivation Forces Chapter 1365: Qingfeng Returns To Huaxia Chapter 1366: Great Chaos In The Huaxia Self Cultivation Realm Chapter 1367: Encountering Mengyao Fu Chapter 1368: Returning To Huaxia Chapter 1369: Xue Lin In Danger Chapter 1370: Emperor Class Vampire Knight Chapter 1371: The Ancient Lizard Bloodline Chapter 1372: Killing Sky Devouring Lizard Chapter 1373: Seizing Vampire Knight Chapter 1374: Intel On The Western Self Cultivators Chapter 1375: Ruyan Liu Encounters A Devil Chapter 1376: The Three Eyed Fiend Chapter 1377: Killing The Three Eyed Fiend Chapter 1378: Refining The Saint Perishing Fruit Chapter 1379: Soul Of A Saint Chapter 1380: Waking Up The Baby Chapter 1381: The Baby Called Daddy Chapter 1382: Fengwu Caos Call Chapter 1383: They Wont Let The Puppy In Chapter 1384: Apologizing To Black Puppy Chapter 1385: Curing Young Master Zhang Chapter 1386: Teaching Cultivation Techniques To Xue Lin Chapter 1387: The Selection Of The Chief Of The Self Cultivation World Chapter 1388: The Hidden Sects In Huaxia Chapter 1389: The Arrogant Blaze Sect Chapter 1390: The Sect Master Of Blaze Sect Chapter 1391: Linger Yao Taking Actions Chapter 1392: The Second Elders Fist Intent Chapter 1393: Defeating The Second Elder Chapter 1394: The Fire Spirit Emperor Fist Chapter 1395: The Black Ball Chapter 1396: The Treasure Daoist Chapter 1397: Concerned About Linger Yao Chapter 1398: Hidden Monster Chapter 1399: Old Monster Lishui Chapter 1400: The White Crane Fairy Chapter 1401: The Commencement Of The Alliance Chiefship Elections Chapter 1402: The Mutated Centipede Chapter 1403: Black Puppy Going Berserk Chapter 1404: Battle For The Demonic Pill Chapter 1405: Slapping The Seductive Woman Chapter 1406: Wounding Wuji Gui Chapter 1407: Linger Yao Being Hunted Down Chapter 1408: The Angry Qingfeng Chapter 1409: Treating Linger Yao Chapter 1410: The Slaughter Chapter 1411: Lotus Emperor Spirit Plate Chapter 1412: Third Roar Tornado Chapter 1413: Beating Xiao Gui Chapter 1414: Stopped By Old Monster Lishui Chapter 1415: Someone Saved Xiao Gui Chapter 1416: Linger Yao Injured Chapter 1417: Dragon Tiger Canyon Chapter 1418: Murder Emperor Sect Chapter 1419: Going Head-On with the Murder Emperor Sect Chapter 1420: Bingbing Sha's Bottle Chapter 1421: Heart Spirit Fruit Was Ripe Chapter 1422: Those Who Block My Way Shall Perish Chapter 1423: Killing Bingbing Sha with Lightning Chapter 1424: Woke Up Linger Yao Chapter 1425: The Escape Begins Chapter 1426: Chased by Old Monster Lishui Chapter 1427: Saints Ice Bridge Chapter 1428: Jumped into Black Sky Cliff Chapter 1429: The Magma River Chapter 1430: The Flame Spirit Fish Chapter 1431: The Red-Haired Beauty Chapter 1432: The Magma Snake Empress Chapter 1433: The Magma Lion Chapter 1434: Breakingthrough to Spirit Emperor Realm Chapter 1435: The Roar of Magma Lion Chapter 1436: Killing Magma Lion Chapter 1437: Acquiring the Magma Mystic Royal Fruit Chapter 1438: Learning Magma Array Formation Chapter 1439: Breaking Through to Second Level of the Spirit Emperor Realm Chapter 1440: Ready to Leave Magma River Chapter 1441: Qingfeng Li's Strategy Chapter 1442: Escaped Chapter 1443: Heavenly Dao Thunderbolt Chapter 1444: Old Monster Lishui's Sneak Attack Chapter 1445: The Fleeing Old Monster Lishui Chapter 1446: Devouring the Flame Chapter 1447: Third Level Spirit Emperor Realm Chapter 1448: The Emperor Level Master of Array Formation Chapter 1449: Breaking the Battle Array with One Sword Chapter 1450: Killing Xiao Gui Chapter 1451: Saving Linger Yao Chapter 1452: Great Powers Gather at Dragon Tiger Mountain Chapter 1453: Qingfengs True Intention Chapter 1454: Sneak Attack From Behind Chapter 1455: Arrived At Mountain Top Chapter 1456: Entering From The Void Chapter 1457: Fighting For The Chief Badge Chapter 1458: Qingfeng Became The Alliance Chief Chapter 1459: Attack From Western Self Cultivation Realm Chapter 1460: The Seraph Chapter 1461: Sun God Emissary Chapter 1462: Suns Spirit Emperor Clock Chapter 1463: Qingfeng Making A Move Chapter 1464: Battle Of Spiritual Attacks Chapter 1465: Sun God Bloodline Chapter 1466: Bloodline Power Chapter 1467: Defeating Sun Gods Emissary Chapter 1468: Sky Gods Emissary Chapter 1469: The Sun Gods Emissarys Little Sister Chapter 1470: Exploded With One Punch Chapter 1471: The Final Battle Chapter 1472: Battle With Sky Gods Emissary Chapter 1473: The Evolution Of The Golden Flame Chapter 1474: Godly Spear Chapter 1475: Sky Gods Horn Chapter 1476: The Black White Millstone Showing Its Power Chapter 1477: The Third Finger Ceasing Time Chapter 1478: Defeating Nicholas Chapter 1479: The Void Rats Chapter 1480: The Elder In Black Chapter 1481: Nobody Was His Opponent Chapter 1482: Sky Gods Avatar Chapter 1483: Effects Of The Water Of Life Chapter 1484: Underground Small World Chapter 1485: A Strange Place Chapter 1486: Long Haired Beauty Chapter 1487: Thunder Mountain Chapter 1488: The Attack Fo The Sky Gods Avatar Chapter 1489 Qingfengs Solution Chapter 1490 Five Colored Crystal Coffin Chapter 1491 The Woman Of The River Of Time Chapter 1492 Chapter 1493 Pinching The Sky Gods Avatar To Death Chapter 1494 Rescuing Linger Yao Chapter 1495 Destroying The Western World Of Self Cultivation Chapter 1496 Visitors From Foreign Planets Chapter 1497 Xue Lin's Crisis Chapter 1498 Accepting Xue Lin As Apprentice Chapter 1499 The Return Of Qingfeng Li Chapter 1500 Appearance Of The Demon Supreme Chapter 1501 Monstrous Demonic Energy Chapter 1502 Demonic Peacock Empress Attacks Chapter 1503 Seeing Xue Lin Chapter 1504 The Presence Of Spirit Supreme Realm Chapter 1505 Captured Miaoyi Jiang Chapter 1506 Helping Xue Lin Activate Her Bloodline . Chapter 1507 Xue Lin Began Her Cultivation Chapter 1508 Phoenix Immortal Chant Chapter 1509 Meeting Wudi Jin Chapter 1510 Miaoyi Jiang's Battle Chapter 1511 Sneak Attack On Wudi Jin Chapter 1512 Broken Arm Chapter 1513 The Golden Dagger Chapter 1514 Devouring The Golden Lion Chapter 1515 Killing Wudi Jin Chapter 1516 Invincible Body Chapter 1517 The Immortal Bloodline Chapter 1518 Xue Lin Wants To Come Along Chapter 1519 Kunlun Mountains Mutation Chapter 1520 The Power Of The Phoenix Bloodline Chapter 1521 The Demon Boss Chapter 1522 The Powerful Three Handed Demon Boss Chapter 1523 Saint's Talisman Script Cracked Chapter 1524 Devourer Bloodlines Origin Chapter 1525 Sky Suppression Technique Chapter 1526 Xue Lin Saw The Flaws Chapter 1527 Mutated Vampire Tiger Chapter 1528 The Corpse Poison Bug Chapter 1529 The Mysterious Valley Chapter 1530 Skeleton Spirit Chapter 1531 The Black Spirit Flowers Chapter 1532 The Lotus Coffin Chapter 1533 Breaking The Black Lotus Array Formation Chapter 1534 Saint Moulting Chapter 1535 Treasure Map Chapter 1536 Killing The Lady In Green Chapter 1537 Mutated Sky Breaking Cliff Chapter 1538 The Treasure Appeared Chapter 1539 Who Is The Real Ferocious Beast? Chapter 1540 Countless Ferocious Beasts Chapter 1541 Treasure Of The Black Lotus Saint Chapter 1542 Taotie Catching Up Chapter 1543 Suppressing Taotie Chapter 1544 Chapter 1545 Taming Skeleton Devil Chapter 1546 The Center Of Worldwide Attention Chapter 1547 Peacock Godly Fan Chapter 1548 Mother Of Thunder Chapter 1549 Five Colored Fire Chapter 1550 Defeating The Mother Of Thunder Chapter 1551: The Arrogance of the Demonic Peacock Empress Chapter 1552: Fighting the Origins of Universe Chapter 1553 The Great Power Of The Peacock Bloodline Chapter 1554 Demonic Peacock Empress Sunk Into Deep Sleep Chapter 1555 Golden Box Chapter 1556 Qingfeng Li In Coma Chapter 1557 Chaos God King's Heritage Chapter 1558 Punishing The Two Women Chapter 1559 Clairvoyance Chapter 1560 Ruyan Liu Was Captured Chapter 1561 Global Wanted Order Chapter 1562 News On Ruyan Liu Chapter 1563 North Pole Penguin Emperor Chapter 1564 North Pole Ancient Transmission Array Chapter 1565 Finding Monarch Grade Vitality Stone Chapter 1566 Pope's Pagoda Chapter 1567 Gate Of The Sky God Chapter 1568 The Power Of Faith Chapter 1569 Moving Forward Nonstop Chapter 1570 Arriving On The Third Floor Chapter 1571 Puppet Beast Chapter 1572 Illusion Array Chapter 1573 Sky God Scepter Chapter 1574 Breaking The Sky God Scepter Chapter 1575 The Woman In Black Chapter 1576 The Sword Of Execution Chapter 1577 Hell Talisman Scripts Chapter 1578 Fighting Saladin Chapter 1579 Devouring The Power Of Faith Chapter 1580 The Fire Dragon's Aid Chapter 1581 Sky God's Consciousness Chapter 1582 Killing Saladin Chapter 1583 Monarch Grade Vitality Stone Chapter 1584 Getting Ready To Leave The Earth Chapter 1585 Eastern Sea Dragon King Chapter 1586 Leaving Earth Chapter 1587 Void Ants Chapter 1588 The Interspatial Tunnel Was Breached Chapter 1589 The Spirit Nucleus Is Devoured Chapter 1590 Ascending The High Tier Planet Chapter 1591 The Poor Black Puppy Chapter 1592 Scouting For Disciples Chapter 1593 Let Qingfeng Li Do The Laundry Chapter 1594 Pretty Woman In Black Chapter 1595 The Scheming Fatty Chapter 1596 No One Recruited Qingfeng Li Chapter 1597 The Wilderness Of Beasts Chapter 1598 Two Headed Demonic Dog Chapter 1599 Crimson Fire Viper King Chapter 1600 Godly Dragon Aura Chapter 1601 Fire Spirit Fruit Chapter 1602 The Girl On The Run Chapter 1603 Yellow Sand Demonic Rat King Chapter 1604 Mu Family's Second Daughter Chapter 1605 Greater Luo City Chapter 1606 Giving Up Vitality Stones Chapter 1607 City Of Self Cultivation Chapter 1608 Entering The Mu Family Chapter 1609 Disciple Of The Spirit Herbs Garden Chapter 1610 Manager Ming Mu Chapter 1611 All Of Them Wanted To Accept Xue Lin As A Disciple Chapter 1612 The Kindhearted Xue Lin Chapter 1613 Removing Of The Weeds Chapter 1614 The Powerful Weed Chapter 1615 Spirit Herb Encyclopedia Chapter 1616 The Second Miss Arrived Chapter 1617 Fight Between Spirit Emperor Realm Masters Chapter 1618 The Spirit Supreme Fruit Chapter 1619 Recovering The Power Of Spirit Emperor Realm Chapter 1620 Killing Two Masters Chapter 1621 Chapter 1622 The Big Devil Of Spirit Emperor Realm Chapter 1623 The Fierce Battle With The Devourer Devil Chapter 1624 Spirit Power Increased Chapter 1625 Seventh Fist Shattering The Body Chapter 1626 Entering The Imperial City Chapter 1627 The Mysterious Third Princess Chapter 1628 Phoenix Palace Chapter 1629 The Young Prince Looking For Trouble Chapter 1630 Defeating The Young Prince Chapter 1631 Contesting The Supreme Realm Chapter 1632 The Martial Alliance's Invitation Chapter 1633 Rejecting The Martial Alliance Chapter 1634 Widespread Recognition Chapter 1635 A Cocky Puppy Chapter 1636 The Second Prince's Treat Chapter 1637 Helping The Second Prince Chapter 1638 The Imperial City Auction Chapter 1639 Planetary Elixir Pharmacy Chapter 1640 Buying Elixirs Chapter 1641 Alchemy Issue Solved Chapter 1642 Assassination Of Qingfeng Li Chapter 1643 Scorpion Assassin Alliance Chapter 1644 Mysterious Beautiful Woman Chapter 1645 Ninth Level Spirit Emperor Realm Reached Chapter 1646 Auction Begins Chapter 1647 Conflict Chapter 1648 Everyone Gathers Together Chapter 1649 Kicking The Little Prince Chapter 1650 Lively Auction Chapter 1651 Ya Yun The Beauty Chapter 1652 Emperor Bone Elixir Chapter 1653 Intense Competition Chapter 1654 The Spirit Monarch Broken Diagram Chapter 1655 Competing With Each Other Chapter 1656 Super Forces Coming On Stage Chapter 1657 The Dragon Bone Chapter 1658 The Heavenly Eye Spell Chapter 1659 Borrowing The Emperor Level Vitality Stones Chapter 1660 Acquiring The Dragon Bone Chapter 1661 The Ruthlesss Qingfeng Li Chapter 1662 The Saint Level Seal Chapter 1663 Break Through Into Supreme Realm Chapter 1664 The Sun Fist Chapter 1665 Out Of The Imperial Capital Chapter 1666 Finding Scorpion Alliance Hq Chapter 1667 One Step One Kill Chapter 1668 Fighting Against Leng Xie Chapter 1669 Defeating Xie Leng Chapter 1670 The Soul Fragment Of The Assassin Monarch Chapter 1671 Destruction Of Scorpion Assassin Alliance Chapter 1672 The Country Of Lingyun Is Shocked Chapter 1673 Xue Lins Longing Chapter 1674 Xue Lin's Pursuer Chapter 1675 Supreme Level Alchemist Chapter 1676 The Sect Master Of Five Poison Sect Chapter 1677 Unmarked Common Graves Chapter 1678 Poison Monarch Talisman Paper Chapter 1679 Killing The Sect Master Of Five Poison Sect Chapter 1680 His Majesty Crown Prince Spat Blood Chapter 1681 Half Step Spirit Monarch Realm Chapter 1682 Ya Yuns Invitation Chapter 1683 Chapter 1683 Chapter 1684 Fairy Reincarnation Chapter 1685 Treaty Of Five Countries Chapter 1686 Gathering Of Talents Chapter 1687 Fly Out In One Punch Chapter 1688 Towards Crimson Fire Desert Chapter 1689 Fire Eagle City Chapter 1690 Enemies Meet Chapter 1691 Defeating Yidao Leng Chapter 1692 Desert Map Chapter 1693 Entering Crimson Fire Desert Chapter 1694 Chasing Sky Devouring Snake Chapter 1695 Sandstorm Chapter 1696 Killing Them All Chapter 1697 Taming The Desert Giant Chapter 1698 Seeing A Familiar Face Chapter 1699 Fulfilling Fire Emperor's Final Wishes Chapter 1700 Supreme Level Godly Arrow Chapter 1701 Killing Wuya Tie Chapter 1702 Breakthrough To Supreme Realm Second Level Chapter 1703 Illusory Vines Chapter 1704 Spiritual Curse Chapter 1705 The Essence Of The Vine Chapter 1706 The Identity Of Mengyao Xu Chapter 1707 Desert Giant's Breakthrough Chapter 1708 Monarch Soul Fruit Chapter 1709 Princess Of Soil Border Country Chapter 1710 The Fairy Sword Technique Chapter 1711 Slapping Face Viciously Chapter 1712 Learning Rival's Cultivation Techniques Chapter 1713 The Earth Turtle Bloodline Chapter 1714 Sieging Qingfeng Li Chapter 1715 The Royal Soul Fruit Matured Chapter 1716 Neighbors Who Can't Agree Will Lose To A Third Party Chapter 1717 Fiery Supreme Chapter 1718 The Big Chaotic Battle Chapter 1719 A Lose Lose Situation Chapter 1720 Qingfeng Li Exposed Chapter 1721 The Battle For The Monarch Soul Fruit Chapter 1722 Burning Yangtian Jin To Death Chapter 1723 Gold Elemental Dao Seed Chapter 1724 Disabling The Prince Of Lingyun Kingdom Chapter 1725 Monarch Soul Fruit Acquired Chapter 1726 Armies Pressing At The Border Chapter 1727 The Empires Border Chapter 1728 Xue Lin's Worry Chapter 1729 Hurricane Valley Chapter 1730 Wind Dao Seed Chapter 1731 Green Wind Demonic Eagle Chapter 1732 Third Level Supreme Realm Reached Chapter 1733 Emperor Of Fiery Sun Kingdom Chapter 1734 Fierce Battle Chapter 1735 Defeating The Fiery Sun Emperor Chapter 1736 Fiery Sun Flames Chapter 1737 Killing Of The Emperor Of Fiery Sun Kingdom Chapter 1738 Fifth Level Supreme Realm Chapter 1739 Going All The Way To The End Chapter 1740 The Gold Supreme Arrow Chapter 1741 Killing The Emperor Of Golden Arrow Country Chapter 1742 The Combined Force Of Two Emperors Chapter 1743 Exploding The Eighth Level Supreme Realm Spiritual Treasures Chapter 1744 Shocking The Crimson Fire Continent Chapter 1745 Xue Lin Is Very Happy Chapter 1746 Nationwide Celebration Chapter 1747 The Treasures Were Gone Chapter 1748 The Fiery Sun Kingdom Patriarch Chapter 1749 The Flame Array Flags Chapter 1750 Injuring Fiery Sun Kingdom Patriarch Chapter 1751 Destroying Fiery Sun Kingdom Patriarch Chapter 1752 The Monarch Level Gravity Technique Chapter 1753 Two Thousand Times Of The Gravity Chapter 1754 Killing Three Kingdoms Patriarch In A Row Chapter 1755 Shocking Everyone Chapter 1756 The Dark Arrow Assassin Organization Chapter 1757 The Power Of The Thunder Lightning Pearl Chapter 1758 Cozying Up To Powerful Forces Chapter 1759 News About Xue Lin Chapter 1760 Map Of The Crimson Fire Continent Chapter 1761 The Sun Monarch's Mystic Realm Chapter 1762 The Winds Are Up And Clouds Are Surging Chapter 1763 The Junior Madam Also Wants To Go Chapter 1764 The Devil List Chapter 1765 The Mysterious Boss Lady Chapter 1766 Peach Blossom She Devil Chapter 1767 The Devils' Gathering Chapter 1768 Beating Devils Fiercely Chapter 1769 The Naughty Landlady Chapter 1770 The Peach Blossom Dreamland Chapter 1771 White Haired Demon Chapter 1772 The Power Of Half Step Spirit Monarch Realm Chapter 1773 Peach Blossom She Devil To The Rescue Chapter 1774 Ice Snow Monarch Club Chapter 1775 The King Of The Glacier Country Chapter 1776 The Sky Wolf Emperor Chapter 1777 The Connection Between Bloodline And Law Chapter 1778 The Spirit Monarch Ranking Board Chapter 1779 Two Suns Chapter 1780 The Opening Of The Sun Mystic Realm Chapter 1781 The Princess Of Crimson Fire Empire Chapter 1782 Powerful Monarch Level Spiritual Treasure Chapter 1783 Entering Sun Mystic Realm Chapter 1784 Show Off Before A Superior Power Chapter 1785 Green Leaf Emperor's Spiritual Body Chapter 1786 Green Leaf Crown Prince Killed Chapter 1787 Reaching The Ninth Level Of The Supreme Realm Chapter 1788 Mengyao Xu's Crisis Chapter 1789 Ice And Snow Law Chapter 1790 Two Sets Of Wolf God Law Chapter 1791 Burning The White Hair Devil Chapter 1792 Ice Snow Spirit Sword Chapter 1793 Dark Ice Monarch Formation Chapter 1794 Sky Wolf Emperor Is Poisoned Chapter 1795 Removing The Deadly Poison Chapter 1796 The News Of Xue Lin Chapter 1797 Five Headed Snake Beast Chapter 1798 Breaking Through Into Half Step Spirit Monarch Realm Chapter 1799 Emerald Lake City Chapter 1800 Conflict At The City Gate Chapter 1801 Btch Slapping The Silver Robed Man Chapter 1802 No Fighting Allowed Chapter 1803 Flawed Alchemy Chapter 1804 Spirit Monarch Realm Alchemy Arts Chapter 1805 Wuhen Di's Admiration Chapter 1806 Wuhen Di Becomes A Disciple Chapter 1807 Black Lumen Stone Weapon Store Chapter 1808 Raggedy Shopkeeper Chapter 1809 Sky Breaking Halberd Chapter 1810 The Demonic Beast Riot Waves Are Coming Chapter 1811 The Demonic Sky Elephant Chapter 1812 The Sky Breaking Halberd Techniques Chapter 1813 Big Battle With Three Masters Chapter 1814 Stronger Physique Chapter 1815 Boiling Dragon Blood Chapter 1816 The Dandelion Bloodline Chapter 1817 The Bloodline Evolution Chapter 1818 Killing Everyone Chapter 1819 Battling The Vice City Lord Chapter 1820 The Change In Sky Breaking Halberd Chapter 1821 Killing A Hundred Thousand Demonic Beasts Chapter 1822 The City Lord's Mansion Chapter 1823 The Weird City Lord Chapter 1824 Meteorite Dynasty Chapter 1825 Wuheng Di's Identity Chapter 1826 Information About The Spirit Vein Chapter 1827 Masters Going All Out Chapter 1828 Dangers In The Mine Chapter 1829 The Fight For Spiritual Root Chapter 1830 Headless Demonic Corpse Chapter 1831 Besieging Qingfeng Chapter 1832 Battling Alone Against Three Spirit Monarch Realm Masters Chapter 1833 Spiritual Root Escapes Chapter 1834 Fending Off Headless Demonic Corpse Chapter 1835 Spiritual Root Acquired Chapter 1836 Meng Lin Came Chapter 1837 Second Level Spirit Monarch Realm Reached Chapter 1838 Meteorite Laws Chapter 1839 Unstoppable Chapter 1840 The Power Of The Dragon Scales Chapter 1841 Third Level Spirit Monarch Realm Chapter 1842 Xue Lin's Crisis Chapter 1843 Xue Lin's Cultivation Chapter 1844 Chaotic Ice And Snow Law Chapter 1845 Kind Hearted Xue Lin Chapter 1846 The Wind Eagle High Tier Dynasty Chapter 1847 Qingfeng Li's Feeling Chapter 1848 Searching For Xue Lin Chapter 1849 Encountering Peach Blossom She Devil Chapter 1850 Water Yin Dynasty Chapter 1851 One Punch Blowout Chapter 1852 San Yin Is Too Weak Chapter 1853 The Dangers Of Qi Deviation Chapter 1854 The Five Poison City Chapter 1855 The Tenth Devil Chapter 1856 Send Him Flying In One Punch Chapter 1857 Xue Lin's Rejection Chapter 1858 Mysterious Veiled Woman Chapter 1859 Moon Pub Chapter 1860 Discussion Of Qingfeng Chapter 1861 Moon Saintess Chapter 1862 Talk Between Father And Daughter Chapter 1863 Moon Mirror Chapter 1864 Ruyan Liu Cooking Chapter 1865 Qingfeng's Fury Chapter 1866 Death By One Slap Chapter 1867 Recruited By The Spider Princess Chapter 1868 Becoming A Guest Minister Chapter 1869 The Power Of The Moon Saintess Chapter 1870 The Treasure At The Bottom Of The Palace Chapter 1871 The Treasure From 5000 Years Ago Chapter 1872 A Room Full Of Spirit Stones Chapter 1873 Opening The Door Chapter 1874 Breaking Through Into Fifth Level Spirit Monarch Realm Chapter 1875 The Evolution Of Clairvoyance Chapter 1876 A Waiting Trap Chapter 1877 The Slaughter Chapter 1878 Two Monarch's Laws Chapter 1879 The Godly Spear Of Murderous Energy Chapter 1880 The Approaching Million Demon Waves Chapter 1881 Swallowed With One Bite Chapter 1882 Entering The Void Chapter 1883 Organize Battles Chapter 1884 Saving The Two Sisters Chapter 1885 Marching Forward Courageously Chapter 1886 Evolution Of The Sky Breaking Halberd Chapter 1887 Ground Breaking Heavenly Halberd Chapter 1888 The Light Of Yin Yang Chapter 1889 Windy Demonic Panther Chapter 1890 Three Eyed Demonic Dog's Fear Chapter 1891 Unstoppable Chapter 1892 Golden Lion Demon Monarch Chapter 1893 Magma Realm Chapter 1894 Golden Saint Lion Bloodline Chapter 1895 The Power Of The Dragon God Bloodline Chapter 1896 Golden Scroll Chapter 1897 Nine Headed Saint Lion Avatar Chapter 1898 Xue Lin's In Captivity Chapter 1899 Battle Of Saints Chapter 1900 Gathering Killing Intent Chapter 1901 Slaying Nine Headed Saint Lion Avatar Chapter 1902 Heavens' Wrath Chapter 1903 Unconscious With Severe Injury Chapter 1904 The Hell Talisman Chapter 1905 Breaking Through Into The Sixth Level Of The Spirit Monarch Realm Chapter 1906 Marrying Xue Lin Chapter 1907 People Fighting Over For Xue Lin Chapter 1908 Wind Eagle Monarch Techniques Chapter 1909 Powers Of The Saint Bloodline Chapter 1910 Who Dares To Steal My Wife? Chapter 1911 Murdering Spree Chapter 1912 For You I'll Kill All Chapter 1913 The Puppy's Great Powers Chapter 1914 Saint Empty Bottle Chapter 1915 Hell Liquid Chapter 1916 Despicable Chapter 1917 Seal Enforced Chapter 1918 Out Of The Broken Bottle Chapter 1919 Black White Millstone Was Eaten Chapter 1920 Who Ate Who? Chapter 1921 Breaking The Arm Chapter 1922 Killing Sword Monarch Chapter 1923 Breaking Into The Seventh Level Of The Spirit Monarch Realm Chapter 1924 Killing All Chapter 1925 Helping Xue Lin Chapter 1926 Activating The Power Of Bloodline Chapter 1927 Words Of The Chaotic Era Chapter 1928 The Phoenix Immortal Chant Chapter 1929 Rapid Breakthrough Chapter 1930 Zikun Huo Chapter 1931 The Number One Devil Chapter 1932 Conqueror's Badge Chapter 1933 The Power Of Wutian Mo Chapter 1934 Wutian Mo's Past Chapter 1935 Cat Fight Chapter 1936 Armored Demonic Soldier Chapter 1937 The Tomb Of The Sun Appears Chapter 1938 Linglong Xue Chapter 1939 The Gate Of The Sun Tomb Chapter 1940 The Moving Array Chapter 1941 Broke The Gate Chapter 1942 The First Challenge Fire Essence River Chapter 1943 Saint Level Fire Essence Chapter 1944 Fighting For Fire Essence Chapter 1945 Sent Flying With One Kick Chapter 1946 The Evolution Of Flame Chapter 1947 The Branch Of Undead Saint Chapter 1948 Sunlight Bug Chapter 1949 King Of Sunlight Bugs Chapter 1950 Illusionary Stone Array Chapter 1951 Dug Into The Ground And Flees Chapter 1952 Rescuing Yanzhi Han Chapter 1953 Giant Puppet Chapter 1954 Third Obstacle Rock Monarch Chapter 1955 The Heart Of The Saint Rock Chapter 1956 Gift For The Lingyun Emperor Chapter 1957 Invincible Force Chapter 1958 The Man Eating Demonic Tree Chapter 1959 The Miserable Self Cultivator Chapter 1960 Man Eating Tree Monarch Chapter 1961 Battling The Tree Monarch Chapter 1962 Time Control Superpower Chapter 1963 Tree Monarch Growth Ring Chapter 1964 Xie Ming Chapter 1965 Scepter Of Death Chapter 1966 Monarch Level Ninth Class Spirit Energy Chapter 1967 Real Or Fake Qingfeng Li Chapter 1968 Telepathic Chapter 1969 Yin Yang Pisces Chapter 1970 Breaking The Yin Yang Pisces Chapter 1971 Dao Heart Seed Chapter 1972 Eye Of The Phoenix Chapter 1973 The Snake Swarm Chapter 1974 The 6th Obstacle: Snake Monarch Chapter 1975 The Evolution Of Sky Devouring Snake Chapter 1976 The Gravity Swamp Chapter 1977 The Seventh Obstacle: Undead Monarch Chapter 1978 The Gravity Technique Of Undead Monarch Chapter 1979 Whirlpool Sky Halberd Chapter 1980 Undead Saint Spear Chapter 1981 Slaying The Undead Monarch Chapter 1982 The Poisonous Desert Scorpion Chapter 1983 Trailing Chapter 1984 Illusory Array Chapter 1985 Six Tailed Demonic Fox Chapter 1986 Six Tailed Demonic Fox Bloodline Chapter 1987 Saint Blood Chapter 1988 Both Sides Are Severely Wounded Chapter 1989 Wound Recovered Chapter 1990 Killing Xie Ming Chapter 1991 Destruction Sky Halberd Chapter 1992 Bronze Palace Chapter 1993 The Half Step Saint Array Chapter 1994 Death By One Finger Chapter 1995 Darkness And Light Chapter 1996 Climbing Up The Stone Steps Chapter 1997 Monarchs Presence Chapter 1998 Bronze Sarcophagus Chapter 1999 Sun Pattern Chapter 2000 The Legacy Of The Monarch Chapter 2001 Breaking Through The Eighth Level Of Spirit Monarch Realm Chapter 2002 Another Kill Chapter 2003 Dimension Inside The Sarcophagus Chapter 2004 Planet Of Death Chapter 2005 Baleful Spirits Chapter 2006 Ghost General Chapter 2007 Slaughter Chapter 2008 Thrown Down A Cliff Chapter 2009 Yin Yang Saint Chapter 2010 Finding The Burial Chamber Chapter 2011 Remains Chapter 2012 Yin Yang Saint Technique Chapter 2013 Baleful Demonic Saint Chapter 2014 Begin To Cultivate Chapter 2015 Breaking Through To The Ninth Level Monarch Level. Chapter 2016 Out Of The Coffin Chapter 2017 Killing With A Gaze Chapter 2018 Away From Mystic Sun Realm Chapter 2019 Shocking The Continent Chapter 2020 Continental Death Warrant Chapter 2021 Hunted Along The Way Chapter 2022 Human Head Chapter 2023 Fusion Chapter 2024 Technique Acquired Chapter 2025 Yin Yang Sky Halberd Chapter 2026 The Underworld Monarch Chapter 2027 Red Haired Zombie Monarch Chapter 2028 The Half Step Saint Law Chapter 2029 The Black Coffin Chapter 2030 The Undead Sacred Incense Chapter 2031 The Gathering Of The Underworld Necropolis Killing Spirit Chapter 2032 Resurrection Chapter 2033 Two Killing God Lances Chapter 2034 Vibrations Chapter 2035 Black Monarch Python Chapter 2036 Sky Breaking Monarch Chapter 2037 Battle Of The Saint Level Weapons Chapter 2038 Heavenly Saint Bells Chapter 2039 Breaking Through To The Half Saint Realm Chapter 2040 Killing The Sky Breaking Monarch Chapter 2041 Wager Of The Continent Chapter 2042 Yin Yang Sword Technique Chapter 2043 Sword Of The Saint Chapter 2044 Blood Sea Monarch Chapter 2045 Blood Sea Law Chapter 2046: Flame Saint Array Chapter 2047: Unstoppable Chapter 2048 Four Great Godly Generals Chapter 2049 All Killed Chapter 2050 The Messenger Arrives Chapter 2051 Crimson Fire Saint Chapter 2052: Power Of Saint Chapter 2053: Physically A Saint Chapter 2054: Qingfeng Undergoingtribulation Chapter 2055: Battle Of The Saints Chapter 2056: Vital Essence Of The Planet Chapter 2057: Suppressing Qingfeng Li Chapter 2058 Threatening Qingfeng Li Chapter 2059 Playing Dead Chapter 2060 Crushing All Bones Chapter 2061 Saint Level Middle Grade Dharma Treasure Chapter 2062 Fire Copper Bell Chapter 2063 : Breaking Out Of The Bell Chapter 2064 Destroying The Fire Copper Bell Chapter 2065 Life Talisman Chapter 2066 Black Puppys Outburst Chapter 2067 Destroying The Urn Chapter 2068 Demonic Scorpion Bloodline Chapter 2069 Killing The Crimson Fire Monarch Chapter 2070 The Silent Continent Chapter 2071 Yang Light Sword Chapter 2072 Injuring The Messenger's Self Cultivation Avatar Chapter 2073 Chopping A Head Off With A Single Sword Strike Chapter 2074 Going To The Dark Ice Sect Chapter 2075 Meeting The Third Princess Again Chapter 2076 Lengthening Life Expectancy Chapter 2077 Congratulations From Thousands Of Dynasties Chapter 2078 Unifying The Crimson Fire Continent Chapter 2079 The Forbidden Grounds Of Headless Devilish Dao Chapter 2080 The Underground World Chapter 2081 Middle Grade Devilish Saint Chapter 2082 10000x Gravity Technique Chapter 2083 The Eternal Monster Chapter 2084 The Gravity Sky Halberd Chapter 2085 The Blood Coffin Chapter 2086 Ending The Headless Demon Corpse Chapter 2087 Lingyun In Danger Chapter 2088 Silkworm Elder Chapter 2089 Pulling Out The Silk Thread? Chapter 2090 The Forbidden Grounds Of Nine Headed Demonic Dao Chapter 2091 The Demonic Saint Mountain Chapter 2092 The Nine Headed Demonic Saint Chapter 2093 The Demonic Saint Pot Chapter 2094 The Attack Of The Fire Dragon Chapter 2095 Breaking Out Of The Pot Chapter 2096 Killing The Nine Headed Demonic Saint Chapter 2097 Beating Up Sky Devouring Snake Chapter 2098 The Demonic Saint Treasure Chapter 2099 The Dharma Treasure Speaks Chapter 2100 The Treasure Hunting Mouse Chapter 2101 Conquer Chapter 2102 The Holy Marrow Liquid Chapter 2103 The Sacred Jar Chapter 2104 No One Could Do It Chapter 2105 Cleansing Impurities From The Body Chapter 2106 Little Apples Change Chapter 2107 Immortal Body Chapter 2108 Forbidden Ground Of Three Eyed Ghost Dao Chapter 2109 Low Grade Ghost Saint Chapter 2110 Sky Ghost Battle Array Chapter 2111 Three Eyed Ghost Saint Chapter 2112 Sky Ghost Tree Chapter 2113 Whirlpool Spirit Fist Chapter 2114 Ghost Saint Gong Chapter 2115 Whirlpool Sword Chapter 2116 Petrification Chapter 2117 Killing The Three Eyed Ghost Saint Chapter 2118 Treasure Hunt Chapter 2119 Ghost Saint Altar Chapter 2120 Worship Of The Continent Chapter 2121 Unable To Sleep The Whole Night Chapter 2122 Saint Of The Blood Sea Arrives Chapter 2123 Blood Beast Chapter 2124 Saint Level Island Of The Blood Sea Chapter 2125 The Power Of The Ghost Saint Altar Chapter 2126 Twenty Thousand Times Gravity Technique Chapter 2127 Killing The Heavenly Blood Turtle Chapter 2128 The Treasure Hunting Mouse Evolved Chapter 2129 Blood Sea Abyss Chapter 2130 Ancient Blood Grass Chapter 2131 Blood Grass Demonic Saint Chapter 2132 Killing The Blood Grass Demonic Saint Chapter 2133 Palace At The Bottom Of The Sea Chapter 2134 Blood Stone Of Desolation Chapter 2135 Blood Tribe Civilization Chapter 2136 Blood Immortal Chapter 2137 Resentment Of A Million Years Chapter 2138 Undead Immortal Chapter 2139 Power Suppressed Chapter 2140 Beaten To Death Chapter 2141 Blood Immortal Chapter 2142 Escaping The Black Hole Dimension Chapter 2143 A Group Of Pretty Women Chapter 2144 Clear Wood Saintess Chapter 2145 Xue Lins Worry Chapter 2146 Two Saintesses Chapter 2147 The Saint Level Arrows Chapter 2148 Conflict Chapter 2149 The Clear Wood Saintesss Breakthrough Chapter 2150 The Thunder Mosquitos Chapter 2151 Thunder Pearl Evolving Chapter 2152 The Ninth Heaven Saint Array Chapter 2153 Little Blacks Requests For Help Chapter 2154 From Saint Blade To Golden Crow Chapter 2155 Slaying With One Strike Chapter 2156 Improving Power Chapter 2157 Thunder Lake Chapter 2158 Fighting With An Upper Grade Demonic Saint Chapter 2159 Refining The Body Chapter 2160 Help From Linglong Saintess Chapter 2161 Self Breakthrough To Middle Grade Saint Chapter 2162 Golden Saint Hammer Chapter 2163 Powerful Sword Technique Chapter 2164 Ninth Stance Of Heavenly Hammer Chapter 2165 Comprehension Chapter 2166 Sinking Into The Lake Chapter 2167 Yin Yang Phantom Sword Chapter 2168 The Accomplished Sword Technique Chapter 2169 Saint Device Destroyed With One Sword Slash Chapter 2170 Decapitating The Lion Head Chapter 2171 Life Deprivation Super Power Chapter 2172 Killed Chapter 2173 Mutation Of The Thunder Lake Chapter 2174 The Thunder Lake Whirlpool Chapter 2175 The Thunder Lotus Leaf Chapter 2176 The Thunder Dragon Chapter 2177 Deceiving And Scheming Each Other Chapter 2178 The Force Of 120 Million Pounds Chapter 2179 Playing Dead Again Chapter 2180 The Body Of Thunder Chapter 2181 Fighting For Thunder Lotus Leaves Chapter 2182 Thunder Dragon Self Imploding Chapter 2183 Im Still Not Dead Chapter 2184 Killed With One Punch Chapter 2185 Not Leaving A Single Survivor Chapter 2186 Immortal Soil Chapter 2187 Upper Grade Saint Reached Chapter 2188 Thunder Beast Riot Chapter 2190 Meeting Mortal Enemy Chapter 2191 Three Colored Thunderbolt Chapter 2192 Absorbing Thunderbolts Chapter 2193 I Dont Agree Chapter 2194 Making Use Of Three Colored Thunderbolts Chapter 2195 Taking A Little Revenge Chapter 2196 The Thunder Flying Bugs Chapter 2197 In Trouble Chapter 2198 King Of Flying Bugs Chapter 2199 Defeating King Of Flying Bugs Chapter 2200 Mouth Slapped To Pieces Chapter 2201 Thunder Immortal Sword Chapter 2202 Blood Coloured Moon Chapter 2203 Anger Of The Three Eyed Thunder Snake Chapter 2204 Identity Revealed Chapter 2205 Three Eyed Thunder Snake Kneeled Down Chapter 2206 Acquiring The Thunder Immortal Sword Chapter 2207 Three Stances Of Thunder Immortal Sword Chapter 2208 The Vitality Dissolving Saint Potion Chapter 2209 Beheading The Saint Sons With A Single Slash Chapter 2210 All Dead Chapter 2211 Dark Thunder Mountain Chapter 2212 Perfection Realm Saint Sons Chapter 2213 Four Eyed Demonic Saint Chapter 2214 Heavenly Eye Super Power Chapter 2215 Tyranny Of The Killing God Lance Chapter 2216 Up The Mountain Chapter 2217 Thunder Rock Chapter 2218 Despicable Chapter 2219 Thunder Tree Leaves Chapter 2220 Thunder Immortal Crocodile Chapter 2221 Four Coloured Corrosive Liquid Chapter 2222 Controlling The Thunder Immortal Crocodile Chapter 2223 Peak Saint Realm Reached Chapter 2224 Comprehension Chapter 2225 Second Sword Shatters Heavens And Earth Chapter 2226 Immortal Chains Chapter 2227 The Demon Binding Rope Chapter 2228 Sieging Qingfeng Li Chapter 2229 Five Elements Array Chapter 2230 Baiting The snake Out Of The Pit Chapter 2231 Battling Against Each Other Chapter 2232 The Immortal Decree Chapter 2233 The Master Of Five Elements Saint Sect Chapter 2234 The Immortal Level Thunder Crystals Chapter 2235 Both Side Severely Injured Chapter 2236 Watching In Safety While Others Fight Chapter 2237 More Immortal Level Thunder Crystal Chapter 2238 The Universe Was shook Chapter 2239 Xue Lin Felt Assured Chapter 2240 Blood Immortal Fakes Death Chapter 2241 Qingfeng Attacks Chapter 2242 True Yellow Sparrow Chapter 2243 Dark Night Emperor's Awareness Chapter 2244 Kill All The Men Spare All The Women Chapter 2245 You're The Devil Chapter 2246 Beating Up Blood Immortal Chapter 2247 Eye Of The Wolf God Not Working Chapter 2248 Blood Immortal Kneeling Down Chapter 2249 Contract With The Blood Clan Chapter 2250 Finding A Hideout Chapter 2251 Thunder Immortal Palace Chapter 2252 The Arrival Of A Crisis Chapter 2253 Gate Of The Immortal Palace Chapter 2254 The Suppression Of Half Immortals Chapter 2255 Chapter 2256 Law Of The Jungle Chapter 2257 Public Fury Chapter 2258 Escaping Into Thunder Immortal Palace Chapter 2259 The Immortal Elixir Palace Chapter 2260 Seeking Immortal Elixirs Chapter 2261 The Half Immortal Rock Fairy Chapter 2262 Nine Esotericas Of Blood Clan Chapter 2263 Blood Immortal Breaking Through Chapter 2264 Sky Fighting Immortal General Chapter 2265 Accepting The Request Chapter 2266 Five Thunder Defensive Array Chapter 2267 Perfect Realm Saint Reached Chapter 2268 Black Crow Immortal Spear Chapter 2269 Three Sword Slashes The Immortal Chapter 2270 Powers Of The Immortal General Chapter 2271 Acquiring The Thunder Immortal Sword 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