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In her past life Gu Wei Weis heart was dug out by the man she loved, and transplanted into her best friends body. However, after rebirth she become Hua countrys number one conglomerate, Fu Han Zhengs little girlfriend. She is being careful trying to take revenge against the people that hurt her. He protects her everywhere, pamper her to the extreme. Everyone said that Fu Han Zheng is cold and without emotion. That perfect husband that everyday tease her until she blushes and her heart beat, pamper her regardless anything, is it a fake husband? Sir, there are rumors between madam and the current popular male actor,CP was already formed. Kill that male actor ! Thats your brother. ..Then just beat him to death. CP: is the internet slang to describe couples in movies or TVs or real life couple. Normally its a fans made couple of two actors that they wish could be together in real life. Status in COO: 2844 Chapters (Completed)

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