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"What is CK up to?"

The fans plastered their faces on the screen to watch the maneuvering. That explained how excited they were.

"F*ck, a tower kill?!"

Even Feng Shang had bolted upright!

CK entered the tower. While his army had the upper hand, he struck Xue Yaoyao and slowed her down.

"Victory," the fans predicted. CK fans drowned the comments section. But the next second, the shoutcasters voice echoed through their ears, "Xue Yaoyao is moving so fluidly!"

That seeed useless though as CK had already reached the middle of two towers and was determined to finish her off. CK didnt wish to drag this any longer as five minutes had passed and he hadnt finished her off yet. It was humiliating.

Moreover, she had been a web player.How could such an ordinary player compete with him?

"Yaoyao, hurry, escape!"

When the screen popped out, Xue Yaoyao turned and executed a big move!

A significant damage which slowed her movements, that was the main highlight of her characters strength.

The shoutcasters hadnt been wrong at the beginning of the match. This role had been neglected during the season but it wasnt useless.

CK was an aid too but wasnt afraid of her attacks. However, slowing down was a hassle. He frowned, turning to his left and waiting for his skills to recharge.

In that moment, the aid that he had been chasing turned and dashed over in his direction.Asking for death?CK clicked the mouse and continued to inject pressure but he didnt have any more MP and was left with one skill. "F*ck!"

CK retreated hurriedly but his flash had already been used up during the tower chase, thinking he could finish her off. He hadnt expected her to force out his flash. CK shifted the mouse on his right hand. He was in the middle of two towers, which was an unfavorable position. If he shifted a little, he would be killed by a tower attack. Even though he was an aid, his HP was too low for such an attack.

But if he didnt shift, he would go straight into her big move. In just three seconds, CK decided to avoid the big move and was hit by the tower twice, becoming severely injured.

CK turned into the bushes at the side. He wanted to follow the river to escape her attack range.

They were draining each others MP. He had run out of MP and couldnt use any of his skills but she wasnt any better, just slightly stronger than he was at the moment. Besides, she had used up her big move, so what else could such an aid do?

CK glided through the bushes with her chasing behind.

"This sis is so silly, doesnt she know how to use the aid role?"

"She is probably lusting after HP. Thats how I feel sometimes. Besides, its a good opportunity."

"She wont be able to kill the tyrant king without her big move."

The shoutcasters werent positive as well, especially as her skills were wasted on the wild beasts. She was bound to get in trouble.

CKs gaze deepened as he was being pursued. He stilled near the tyrant king, prepared for a counterattack

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Daring to Challenge My Little Brother? Chapter 92: Lord Jiu Said, Thats Right, I Came to Insta-kill You! Chapter 93: Almighty Qin, Insulting My Little Brother? Chapter 94: Almighty Qin Appears Chapter 95: Lord Jiu Speaks Up Chapter 96: Lord Jiu Beats You Swollen with His Domineering Power! Chapter 97: Scheming Lord Jiu, Master of Money-making Chapter 98: Don't Send Such Pictures to Me Again Anymore Chapter 99: Protecting Lord Jius Bestie Chapter 100: Jealous, Is Fu Jiu Gay or Straight? Chapter 101: Almighty Qin Said, Come Out, Ill Take You to Lunch Chapter 102: Almighty Qin Teases Fu Jiu Chapter 103: Lord Jius Gaming Skill (Very Cool) Chapter 104: Be the King of the New Star Selection Contest Chapter 105: Taking You to Play Tennis Chapter 106: Almighty Qin Got Out of the Car to Grab Jiu Directly Chapter 107: Lord Jiu Started to Tease Almighty Qin Again Chapter 108: Almighty Qin Is Really Nice to This Little Brother Chapter 109: Indirect Kissing? Chapter 110: Time to Get Changed Chapter 111: The Perfect Excuse Chapter 112: Almighty Is Becoming More and More of a Little Brother Maniac Chapter 113: Almighty Qin Starts Turning Jealous Chapter 114: Almighty Qin Treats the Young Man Differently Chapter 115: Young Master Qins Jealousy Elevated Chapter 116: Qin Mos Jealousy Chapter 117: Almighty Qins Jealousy Reaches a Whole New Level Chapter 118: I Will Be Your Private Physics Tutor Later On Chapter 119: Almighty Qins Face Slapping Chapter 120: Almighty Qin, Going Back with Me Chapter 121: Almighty Qin Disciplines Lord Jiu at Home Chapter 122: Qin Mo Indulges His Little Brother Chapter 123: Almighty Qin Said To Finish You Chapter 124: Chapter 125: Who Made An Elder Brother Like Me Fail To Meet The Mark Chapter 126: Sweet Tutoring Sessions Chapter 127: The Difference Between Academic Trash and Straight As Chapter 128: Boys and Girls Shouldnt Share The Same Table In the Future Chapter 129: Qin Mo and Fu Jiu Spends the Night Together Chapter 130: She Had to Sleep Here for the Night Chapter 131: Lord Jiu Falls into Almighty Qins Trap and Stays Over Chapter 132: Fu Jiu Slept with Almighty? Chapter 133: Lord Jiu Is Taking a Shower... Chapter 134: Almighty and Fu Jius Juicy Jade Rabbits... Chapter 135: Bringing Him Home For A Shower, Almighty Turned Gay? Chapter 136: Almighty Qin Dries His Highness Jius Hair Chapter 137: Young Master Treats Him Like a Friend Chapter 138: This Guy Is Flirting Again! Chapter 139: A Jealous CEO Qin Chapter 140: Someone Looks Down Upon Almighty? Chapter 141: Lord Jiu and Almightys Teamwork Chapter 142: Attention to All Servers, Block Little Ripple! Chapter 143: Fu Ximing Says That Spade Z Is Nobody! Chapter 144: Almightys Words Are Like Slaps to the Face Chapter 145: Almighty Qin Wants to Control Lord Jiu? Chapter 146: Sleep Together! Chapter 147: Thats Right! Let's Sleep Together! Chapter 148: His Little Brother Needs Discipline! Chapter 149: Sleeping in the Same Bed! Chapter 150: Sleeping Spooned Chapter 151: At Dawn, the Man Had Some Physical Reaction Chapter 152: Qin Mo Takes Fu Jiu to School in Person Chapter 153: All Team Members Gay Meetup Chapter 154: Fu Jiu Was Never A Useless Trash Chapter 155: Putting Highness Jius Face on Pillows! Chapter 156: Academic Trash! Chapter 157: A Successful Gay Meetup! Chapter 158: The Battle Team Is Formed! Chapter 159: Lord Jius Wisdom Chapter 160: No Fun to Beat Them Up Here! Chapter 161: Qin Mo Is Waiting at School Chapter 162: Qin Mo Orders You to Head to the Fu Residence Chapter 163: Take Me to Your Young Masters Room Chapter 164: Almighty Starts to Grill Fu Jiu Chapter 165: Almightys Trick Chapter 166: Almighty Gives His Highness Jiu a Table Bam Chapter 167: Almighty Finds Something Chapter 168: Almighty Started Grilling Fu Jiu Again Chapter 169: Almighty Is Going to Bed Chapter 170: Bedding the Almighty? Chapter 171: Need to Be Gentle with Your Little Brother in Bed Chapter 172: Did You Forget About the Bedtime Stories? Chapter 173: Keeping the Scourge by Ones Side Is the Safest Way Chapter 174: Im Sleeping with Your Young Master in the Same Room Chapter 175: Lord Jiu Flirts with Almighty Qin Chapter 176: Pressing Her Under His Body Chapter 177: Lord Jius Great Auntie Chapter 178: Someone Had His Sights on His Highness Jiu Chapter 179: Planning a Beating and Kidnapping Chapter 180: Lord Jiu Is Surrounded? Chapter 181: With a Freak Combination of Circumstances, His Highness Jiu Exposes Herself Chapter 182: A Gentle Royal Highness Jiu Chapter 183: That Rubbish Was Scared of Us! Chapter 184: CEO Qin, Fu Jiu Is Not Your Real Little Brother Chapter 185: Almighty Qin Takes Fu Jius Temperature Chapter 186: The Monthly Examination Starts, His Highness Jius Revenge Chapter 187: His Highness Jius Charm Chapter 188: His Highness Jiu Slaps Fu Ximings Face Chapter 189: His Highness Jiu in Exams Chapter 190: The Almightys Presence Was Still There Chapter 191: Signing up for the Gaming Contest Chapter 192: Young Master Qin Waiting for a Text Chapter 193: Announcing the Scores Chapter 194: Full Score, Crit! Chapter 195: Copied? Guessed the Questions? Chapter 196: Almighty Qin Is a Little Brother Maniac Chapter 197: Little Brother Was Being Treated Unfairly? Chapter 198: Almighty Qin as a Guardian Chapter 199: Almighty Qin Enjoys Being a Guardian So Much Chapter 200: The Domineering Almighty Qin Chapter 201: Buying Candies Is a Trap? Chapter 202: The Bossy Almighty Qin Chapter 203: Almighty Takes Fu Jiu to Buy Undies... Chapter 204: The Good Looking Pair Chapter 205: Brother Wear, or Couple Wear? Chapter 206: The Online Gaming Contest Is Coming! Chapter 207: The Overjoyed He Honghua Chapter 208: Fu Jiu Is Allowed to Attend the Gaming Contest Chapter 209: Slapping Fu Ximings Face Chapter 210: He Thought He Was a Keyboard Warrior, But He Was Actually a Blackie Chapter 211: Our Belief Chapter 212: Fu Jiu, the Handsome Captain Chapter 213: Ready? Show time! Chapter 214: This Young Man Is Going to Be a Star! Chapter 215: Looking Down Upon Fu Jiu Chapter 216: The First Round of Face Slapping Chapter 217: He Family Corps, Yin Wuyao Chapter 218: Fu Jius Entrance Chapter 219: He Is Spade Z?! Chapter 220: They Said Fu Jiu Was Faking Spade Z! Chapter 221: Lord Jiu, Almighty Qin Chapter 222: His Highness Jiu in Action, Hacking the Whole Internet Chapter 223: Fanboying Spade Z or Dissing him??? Chapter 224: Competing with a New Account?! Chapter 225: Lord Jiu Is on the Move! Chapter 226: His Highness Jius Explosive Attack Terminates the Whole Team! Chapter 227: Lord Jiu Said He Can Kill You with a New Account Chapter 228: Slapping Your Face Swollen Chapter 229: Places Where Passion Wont be Put Out Chapter 230: The Opponents Later, Are the Top Masters Chapter 231: Highness Jiu Is Flirting Chapter 232: Was the Great Spade Chasing Almighty Qin Chapter 233: Fu Jiu Covers for Others Mistakes Chapter 234: The Fiery Heart Chapter 235: Being Hit on the Face Chapter 236: A Slap in the face of oneself Chapter 237: Is Your Face Stinging? Chapter 238: Almighty Qin Covers Up Fu Jius Shortcomings Chapter 239: This Is Just the Beginning Chapter 240: Almighty Qins Hidden Jealousy Chapter 241: Celebrate a Little In-Game Chapter 242: Shocking the Whole Server Chapter 243: Almighty Qin Was Jealous Chapter 244: Almighty Qin Hates Gays Chapter 245: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo Were Separated Chapter 246: Jealousy Intensifying Chapter 247: Qin Mos Secrets Chapter 248: Almighty Qin in Action Chapter 249: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo Make a Lovely Couple Chapter 250: Qin Mo Doesnt Mind Coupling Up with Fu Jiu Chapter 251: Almighty Qin Tests Fu Jiu Chapter 252: The Danger of Losing Fans Chapter 253: Trouble is Here Chapter 254: Qin Mo Can't Take It Anymore as Fu Jiu's Big Brother Chapter 255: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo Were Separated Chapter 256: Almighty Qin sends a post Chapter 257: True Love Supported Chapter 258: Turning Into Fans Chapter 259: Almighty Qin says, "Yes, distributing candies." Chapter 260: Fu Jiu's Reaction Chapter 261: So Sweet! Chapter 262: Airport Date Chapter 263: Our Dream Chapter 264: Intensive Training Started, Sweet Chapter 265: Same Room? Chapter 266: Almighty Qin? Chapter 267: Being Jealous? Chapter 268: Fu Jiu Never Heard of Kali Chapter 269: The Jealousy Is Getting Richer Chapter 270: The Training Location Is Quite Special Chapter 271: Will Boss Turn Gay? Chapter 272: Thanks for the Reply, Nitey-night Chapter 273: You Don't Belong Here Chapter 274: Secret Battle Chapter 275: Are They Good Matches? Chapter 276: Handsome Highness Jiu Chapter 277: KO All Around Chapter 278: Goodnight Chapter 279: Fu Jiu Knew Clearly in Her Heart Chapter 280: The Tokyo Hospitality Chapter 281: Upsetting Speeches Chapter 282: Xue Yaoyao's Outburst Chapter 283: Lord Jiu Is Angry Chapter 284: One-on-one Training Match Chapter 285: Friendly Match Not So Friendly Chapter 286: Killing Kali Girl Slowly Chapter 287: Almighty Qin Keeps Fu Jiu Under His Wings Chapter 288: Almighty Qin Only Has Eyes for One Person Chapter 289: Almighty Qin's Interaction Chapter 290: Qin Mo and Fu Jiu Verbal Teaming Up Chapter 291: Fu Jiu's Old Friend Chapter 292: Fu Jiu One Versus One Chapter 293: Fu Jiu Slapping Faces Chapter 294: Complete Annihilation Chapter 295: The Almighty Qin Takes Actions Chapter 296: Almighty Qin Changes Room Chapter 297: The Two Are together Chapter 298: Almighty Qin dotes on Fu Jiu Chapter 299: Like Puppy Love Chapter 300: A Beautiful Couple Chapter 301: Kiss? Chapter 302: Qin Mo Really Wants a Kiss Chapter 303: Sweet Couple Candy! Chapter 304: Applying Medication Sweetly Chapter 305: Almighty Qin's Patience Chapter 306: Almighty Qin Is So Full of Love Chapter 307: Did He Lose It? Chapter 308: Party Time with Some Japanese Girls Chapter 309: Tokyo Nightclub Time Chapter 310: Buying Qin Mo for the Night Chapter 311: Qin Mo Fell for Those Fruity Lips Chapter 312: The Almightys Night Is Being Auctioned Off? Chapter 313: They Are Fond of Each Other Chapter 314: Continuing to Spread Sweets and Flirting Chapter 315: Lord Jiu Flirts Back Chapter 316: Almighty Qin Rocks! Fight On! Chapter 317: Fu Jiu Recovers Her Memories... Chapter 318: A Trip Down the Memory Lane Chapter 319: Made from Destiny Chapter 320: The Two of Them Went Out Together Chapter 321: Still Afraid Chapter 322: Come and Sleep Here Chapter 323: Untitled Chapter 324: Beauty in the Prosperity of the World Chapter 325: Who Posted the Picture? Chapter 326: The Big Spade Chapter 327: Accomplice Chapter 328: Almighty Qin Was Awake Chapter 329: Exposed! Chapter 330: Giving out Sweets in the Morning Chapter 331: Distributing Sweets in Group Photos Chapter 332: Distributing Sweets During Meals Chapter 333: Almighty Qin Makes His Moves Chapter 334: Distributing Sweets in Weibo Chapter 335: Good Night Chapter 336: Untitled Chapter 337: Sweets Chapter 338: Turned Gay or Not? Chapter 339: Friendly Match, Will They Win? Chapter 340: A Walk In the Snow Chapter 341: History Surfaced Chapter 342: Qin Mo's Suspect Chapter 343: The Friendly Match Started! Chapter 344: Make Them Regret Coming To Japan! Chapter 345: Qin Mo Took the Lead, Kill Chapter 346: Fu Jiu Jumped Down Chapter 347: War Time! The First Step of a Face Slap Chapter 348: Supreme Alliance Is Losing? Chapter 349: Supreme Alliance Captain Is A Weakling? Chapter 350: Qin Mo's First Movement of Hanging Beat Chapter 351: Three Thousand Knife Cutting Killed Shuji Chapter 352: Hang Up And Beat, Kill Over All Team! Chapter 353: The Best Player Chapter 354: Fu Jiu Achieved Total Annihilation Chapter 355: Embarrassing Manager Feng Chapter 356: Fu Jiu Covers For Other's Mistakes Chapter 357: Show Off Affection Chapter 358: Fu Jiu's Skin Was Better Than Girls' Chapter 359: Distribute Sweets at the Airport Chapter 360: Please Fight On Chapter 361 Things Would Be Different Later On Chapter 362 Stir Things Up Chapter 363 Sleep A Fur Ball Chapter 364 Phone Call From Almighty Qin Chapter 365 Controlling Through Phone Chapter 366 Drive For The Almighty 1 Chapter 367 Call Fu Jiu 1 Chapter 368 Call Fu Jiu To Come Pick Me Up Chapter 369 Handsome Skater Lord Jiu Chapter 370 Punched Somebody? Chapter 371 The Swollen Face Chapter 372 Highness Jiu Picked Up The Almighty By A Skateboard Chapter 373 Skateboard Together Sweet Chapter 374 Interactions Between The Two Sweet Like Candy Chapter 375 The Two Bit On The Same Skewer Chapter 376 Fu Jiu Was Doomed? Table Bam Chapter 377 Big Brother Bullying Little Brother? Chapter 378 Take The Almighty Home And Keep Him Chapter 379 Kids From No.2 Middle School Chapter 380 Almighty Qin Plays Chapter 381 This Bragging Handsome Is Going To Die Chapter 382 Almighty Qin's Triple Kill Chapter 383 The Almighty Played Against Five Now Lord Jiu's Turn Chapter 384 The Two Cooperates Attack Chapter 385 Black Bellied Almighty Qin Chapter 386 How Handsome Two Persons Were Chapter 387 Embarrassment Chapter 388 Nothing Was Always Something Chapter 389 All Big Brothers Acted Like This? Chapter 390 Brewing A Plot Chapter 391 The Rescue Chapter 392 Handsome Highness Jiu Chapter 393 Almighty Qin Deliberately Controls Himself Chapter 394 Benefactor Chapter 395 Recognizing A New Leader? Chapter 396 School Prince Of No.1 Middle School Chapter 397 Almighty Qin Picked Someone Up At The Fu Family Chapter 398 The Almighty Was The Guest At The He Honghua's Chapter 399 Making Out In The Car Chapter 400 Taste Of Jealousy Chapter 401 Writing You Into A Song Chapter 402 Qin Mo Wasn't Happy Chapter 403 Almighty Qin Is Jealous Chapter 404 His Exclusive Chapter 405 Brother Will Not Be Yielded Chapter 406 Qin Mo The Grim Reaper Chapter 407 Z Is Back. Chapter 408 How Touching Chapter 409 Hacker Z's Technique Chapter 410 Kali Team Get Out Chapter 411 Almighty Qin Rules Chapter 412 Almighty Qin's Handsomeness Chapter 413 Jiang Zuo Made Things Clear Almighty Qin Responded Chapter 414 Board Meeting Face Slap 1 Chapter 415 Fu Jiu Arrives Face Slap 2 Chapter 416 Untitled Chapter 417 Lord Jiu Viciously Slaps Faces Chapter 418 Thats Herhacker Z Chapter 419 Becoming A Shareholder Chapter 420 Qin Mo Is Really Good To You Chapter 421 Invite The Almighty Home For Dinner Chapter 422 Be A Son In Law? Chapter 423 The Almighty Is Against Cheating Chapter 424 Z's Id Can't Be Changed Chapter 425 Jiu Do You Like Qin Mo? Chapter 426 Almighty Qin Becomes Mentally Unbalanced Chapter 427 National League Beginning Of Pursuing Dreams Chapter 428 The Change Of Almighty Qin Chapter 429 Is He Jealous? Chapter 430 Qin Mo Is Turning Maniacal? Chapter 431 Mocking Chapter 432 Looking Down Upon Supreme Alliance Chapter 433 Provoking Supreme Alliance Chapter 434 Confession To Me Chapter 435 Besides Me How Many People Were There Chapter 436 Almighty Qin Makes Admit Chapter 437 Qin Mo Is Pissed Chapter 438 When Did You Become Gay? Chapter 439 Qin Mo's Feeling Chapter 440 Qin Mo's Pillow Chapter 441 Z Might Not Exist Anymore Chapter 442 Winning Is The Only Acceptable Outcome Chapter 443 Supreme Alliance Is Nothing Chapter 444 Fu Jiu Enters The Stage Chapter 445 Don't Let Your Hands Tremble Chapter 446 Spade Is Dropping Hp? Chapter 447 Gonna Lose? Chapter 448 First Kill Face Slapping Started Chapter 449 The Youngster Said To Almighty Qin.. Chapter 450 Giving Out Candies Chapter 451 Sticking Together Conquers All Difficulties Chapter 452 Meeting Mother In Law? Chapter 453 Favorability Chapter 454 Finding The Movie Queen Familiar Chapter 455 The Most Important Person Chapter 456 The Almighty Takes The Stage Chapter 457 Almighty Qin Stirs Up The Atmosphere Chapter 458 A Long Sweet Hug Chapter 459 Mom Why Are You Here? Chapter 460 This Is Too Awkward Chapter 461 Taking Him Home Chapter 462 Almighty Qin Is Jealous Chapter 463 Wanting To Rear The Almighty Chapter 464 Black Bellied Almighty Qin Chapter 465 The Almighty Claims To Have A Stomachache.. Chapter 466 Making Porridge Together Chapter 467 Almighty Qin Loses Chapter 468 Xue Yaoyao's Elder Brother Chapter 469 Such A Pathetic Thing Chapter 470 Highness Jiu Is Here Chapter 471 Lord Jiu Fights Back For Yaoyao Chapter 472 Jealousy Chapter 473 Qin Mo Is Coming. Chapter 474 Did I Interrupt You? Chapter 475 Loving Pairs Chapter 476 Feeling Warm Chapter 477 Masquerade Chapter 478 Fighting Alongside You Chapter 479 Fu Jiu Would Be In Female Clothes.. Chapter 480 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 2 Chapter 481 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 3 Chapter 482 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 4 Chapter 483 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 5 Chapter 484 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 6 Chapter 485 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 7 Chapter 486 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 8 Chapter 487 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 9 Chapter 488 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 10 Chapter 489 Highness Jiu In Female Clothes 11 Chapter 490 Highness Jiu In Female Clothes 12 Chapter 491 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 13 Chapter 492 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 14 Chapter 493 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 15 Chapter 495 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 17 Chapter 496 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 18 Chapter 497 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 19 Chapter 498 Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 20 Chapter 499 Fu Jiu Is Discovered Chapter 500 Lights Out At Midnight Kiss Time Chapter 501 Lights Out At Midnight 2 Chapter 502 Lights Out At Midnight 3 Chapter 503 Lights Out At Midnight 4 Chapter 504 Lights Out At Midnight 5 Chapter 505 Lights Out At Midnight 6 Chapter 506 Lights Out At Midnight 7 Chapter 507 The Kiss Chapter 508 The Almighty's Black Bellied Schemes Chapter 509 The Almighty Says It Was Arranged By The Company Chapter 510 Never Regretted Chapter 511 Almighty Qin Is Gay Chapter 512 Two Love Birds Chapter 513 First Kiss? Chapter 514 Changing In The Car Chapter 515 Almighty Qin Can't Help Thinking.. Chapter 516 Realizing Her Feelings Chapter 517 Almighty Qin Turns Gay Completely Chapter 518 That Guy Should Only Be Mine Chapter 519 Z You Are Still There Right? Chapter 520 Hoshino Chapter 521 Hacker Z?? Chapter 522 Continuing To Find The Almighty Qin To Take Make Up Lessons Chapter 523 Fu Jiu Takes Action Chapter 524 Fu Jiu Takes Action 2 Chapter 525 Untitled Chapter 526 Zs Past Chapter 527 This Is The True Return Of Z Chapter 528 Almightys Hug Of Fu Jiu Chapter 529 Physics Was An Excuse I Wanted To See You Chapter 530 Homework Chapter 531 Z Never Leaves Traces Chapter 532 Successful Hunting Chapter 533 The Police Needs You Chapter 534 Almightys Test Chapter 535 Pulled Into Bed By The Almighty Chapter 536 Wanting To Know More About Fu Jiu Chapter 537 Almighty Qin's Suspicion 1 Chapter 538 Almighty Qin's Suspicion 2 Chapter 539 Giving Out Sweets Giving Out Sweets.. Chapter 540 Almighty Qin Sent Sweets To Z Chapter 541 Gay Conversion Chapter 542 The Next Time Z Was Active Chapter 543 Almighty Qins Gay Conversion 1 Chapter 544 Almighty Qin's Gay Conversion 2 Chapter 545 He Didnt Want To Let Him Go Chapter 546 Ulterior Motives Chapter 547 Z Is On The Move Female Disguise Chapter 548 Fu Jiu Targeted Chapter 549 Be My Girlfriend Chapter 550 News Sending No.1 Middle Campus Forum In A Frenzy Chapter 551 Z Never Leaves Traces Chapter 552 Almighty Qin Found Out Chapter 553 The Most Dashing Delivery Boy Chapter 554 The Almightys Phone Chapter 555 Almighty Qin Is Jealous Chapter 556 Almighty Qin Investigates Z Chapter 557 Locating Fu Jiu Chapter 558 Coincidental Meeting With Almighty Qin In Pure Color 1 Chapter 559 Coincidental Meeting With Almighty Qin In Pure Color 2 Chapter 560 Coincidental Meeting With Almighty Qin In Pure Color 3 Chapter 561 Coincidental Meeting With Almighty Qin In Pure Color 4 Chapter 562 Coincidental Meeting With Almighty Qin In Pure Color 5 Chapter 563 Coincidental Meeting With Almighty Qin In Pure Color 6 Chapter 564 Untitled Chapter 565 Fu Jiu's Coincidental Meeting With Almighty Qin Chapter 566 Fu Jiu's Coincidental Meeting With Almighty Qin 2 Chapter 567 Fu Jius Coincidental Meeting With Almighty Qin 3 Chapter 568 Waiting For The Prey Chapter 569 They Meet Chapter 570 Sweet Collision Chapter 571 Kiss Kiss Kiss Chapter 572 Hugging After The Kiss Chapter 573 The Feeling Of A Date Chapter 574 Did You Think I Wanted To Kiss You? Chapter 575 Hug? Kiss? Or Sex? Chapter 576 Did I Say You Can Go Home? Chapter 577 Still Jealous Chapter 578 Sleep Together Chapter 579 Bed Seduction Chapter 580 Flaunting Love While Brushing Teeth Chapter 581 He Is My Brother Chapter 582 Unofficial Family Member Chapter 583 Hugging In Front Of Almighty Qin Chapter 584 Holding Hands And Giving Out Sweets Chapter 585 Almighty Qin Strikes Chapter 586 The Person That Will Send You To Hell Chapter 587 Strong Alliance Mo Jiu Chapter 588 Solving Cases Chapter 589 Almighty Qin Continues To Convert Fu Jiu Chapter 590 Marital Harmony Chapter 591 Malicious Conjectures Chapter 592 Untitled Chapter 593 Almighty Qin Growing In Attraction Chapter 594 Rest Assured Chapter 595 There Have Already Been Thoughts Chapter 596 Almighty Qin Strikes Chapter 597 Suspect Suspect Chapter 598 Jealous Chapter 599 Find Yun Hu To Continue Conversion Chapter 600 Is Gay Sex Very Exciting? Chapter 601 Overly Handsome Fu Jiu Chapter 602 Hug Hug Hug Chapter 603 The Reward You Wanted Chapter 604 Girlfriend? Chapter 605 Discovered But No Explanation Chapter 606 Candy Candy Candy Chapter 607 Shy In Front Of Everyone Chapter 608 The Almighty Discovered Z's Real Name Chapter 609 Her Real Identity Chapter 610 Almighty Qins Suspicion Chapter 611 Almighty Qin Investigates Jiu Chapter 612 How Are You Going To Placate Me? Chapter 613 Never Been Killed Before Chapter 614 Kissed Chapter 615 Tell Me Whats Wrong Chapter 616 You Have To Take Responsibility For The Kiss Chapter 617 Earth Shattering Presence Chapter 618 Desire Chapter 619 Almighty Qin's Hand Chapter 620 Jiu Found Out Chapter 621 Heartache Chapter 622 Wake Up The Almighty Chapter 623 Spreading Sweets Chapter 624 Uncontrollable Chapter 625 Trust Me As I Trust You Chapter 626 His Treasure Chapter 627 Expose Spade Z Chapter 628 Jiu And Almighty Qin Chapter 629 Distributing Sweets Chapter 630 Continue Distributing Sweets Chapter 631 Loving Fans National League Is Here Chapter 632 National League Begins Chapter 633 Passionate Chapter 634 Always Been Like This Chapter 635 Battle Of Mandatory Success Chapter 636 Allrounder Z Chapter 637 Trap To Capture Spade Z Chapter 638 Is Spade Z Losing? Chapter 639 Dashing Spade Z Chapter 640 Trust Issues? Chapter 641 Responsibilities A Captain Carries Chapter 642 All Kill Win Chapter 643 Like The Youngster Chapter 644 Investigate Chapter 645 Interviewing Jiu Chapter 646 Almighty Qin Chapter 647 Investigate And Create Trouble Chapter 648 Spade Zs Sorcerer Isnt Comparable Chapter 649 Return Of The Victorious Chapter 650 Handsome Jiu Chapter 651 All Rounder Jiu Chapter 652 Mmh Mine Chapter 653 Giving Out Candies Chapter 654 Japanese Server Chapter 655 Hoshino Chapter 656 I'll Take A Look Chapter 657 They Meet Chapter 658 Battle Chapter 659 Little Spade Was Indeed Crafty Chapter 660 Number One Team In Asia Chapter 661 Competition Outcome Chapter 662 Impression Of Hoshino Chapter 663 Turn Gay For Me? Chapter 664 Accepting Big Spade Chapter 665 The Almighty Hasn't Taught Me The Helper Chapter 666 Bo Jiu Takes Action Chapter 667 Period Is Here? 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Chapter 1013 Untitled Chapter 1014 Dragons Have Scales Chapter 1015 Three Thousand Knife Cutting Chapter 1016 Game Chapter 1017 Game Chapter 1018 Five Consecutive Wins Chapter 1019 Game Chapter 1020 Spreading Candies Chapter 1021 Sweet Cp Chapter 1022 Project: Kidnap The Almighty Chapter 1023 Hugging Bolster Chapter 1024 Jealous Chapter 1025 Fengyun Chapter 1026 Breaking Up Chapter 1027 Yun Hu Chapter 1028 I Like You Too Much Chapter 1029 Lin Feng Chapter 1030 Jiu Starring In A Movie Chapter 1031 Almighty Qin Knows Chapter 1032 She Is Z Chapter 1033 Almighty Qin Knows The Answer Chapter 1034 Are You Referring To Bo Jiu? Chapter 1035 Untitled Chapter 1036 Qin Mos Bolster Chapter 1037 Untitled Chapter 1038 Sending Out Candies Chapter 1039 She Would Confess After Kidnapping Him Chapter 1040 You Have My Blessing Chapter 1041 Im That Person Chapter 1042 Hypnosis Chapter 1043 Mojiu Chapter 1044 Submissive Husband Chapter 1045 Shareholders Meeting Chapter 1046 Jiu Is Here Chapter 1047 Peace Chapter 1048 Boss Qin Is Out To Flaunt His Love Again Chapter 1049 Mojiu Chapter 1050 A University Chapter 1051 Peace Chapter 1052 Mo And Jius Cooperation Chapter 1053 Peace Chapter 1054 Untitled Chapter 1055 Untitled Chapter 1056 1056 Handsome Chapter 1057 Untitled Chapter 1058 Untitled Chapter 1059 1059 Your Hands Are For Saving Lives Mine Are Chapter 1060 Untitled Chapter 1061 1061 The Suave Jiu Chapter 1062 1062 Survivor Chapter 1063 1063 Him? A Girl? Chapter 1064 Brother No Sister Chapter 1065 5 Have You Seen Little Bo Jiu? 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Chapter 1123 Untitled Chapter 1124 Untitled Chapter 1125 Untitled Chapter 1126 Untitled Chapter 1127 Untitled Chapter 1128 Untitled Chapter 1129 Untitled Chapter 1130 Untitled Chapter 1131 Qin Mo Chapter 1132 The Ultimate Boss Chapter 1133 Almighty Qin Chapter 1134 Cp Chapter 1135 Untitled Chapter 1136 Untitled Chapter 1137 Untitled Chapter 1138 Untitled Chapter 1139 Untitled Chapter 1140 Untitled Chapter 1141 Untitled Chapter 1142 Untitled Chapter 1143 Untitled Chapter 1144 Untitled Chapter 1145 Untitled Chapter 1146 Untitled Chapter 1147 Untitled Chapter 1148 Untitled Chapter 1149 Untitled Chapter 1150 Untitled Chapter 1151 Untitled Chapter 1152 Untitled Chapter 1153 Untitled Chapter 1154 Untitled Chapter 1155 Untitled Chapter 1156 Untitled Chapter 1157 Untitled Chapter 1158 Untitled Chapter 1159 Untitled Chapter 1160 Untitled Chapter 1161 : Lin Feng And Yun Hu Chapter 1162 Skipping Supreme Alliance Chapter 1163 The Almighty Is A Little Princess Chapter 1164 Untitled Chapter 1165 Untitled Chapter 1166 I Just Like You Chapter 1167 Untitled Chapter 1168 Untitled Chapter 1169 Helping With The White Coat Chapter 1170 Dont Talk About Protection Chapter 1171 Private Hand Signal Chapter 1172 Its Here Chapter 1173 Attack Chapter 1174 Running Through The Crowd For A Hug Chapter 1175 Almighty Qin Gives Out Candy Chapter 1176 Untitled Chapter 1177 Untitled Chapter 1178 Untitled Chapter 1179 Solo Chapter 1180 Live Comment Explosion Chapter 1181 Competition Chapter 1182 : K.o. Chapter 1183 Untitled Chapter 1184 Untitled Chapter 1185 Untitled Chapter 1186 Untitled Chapter 1187 Untitled Chapter 1188 Untitled Chapter 1189 Untitled Chapter 1190 Untitled Chapter 1191 Untitled Chapter 1192 Untitled Chapter 1193 Untitled Chapter 1194 Untitled Chapter 1195 Mojiu Chapter 1196 Exposed By The Almighty Chapter 1197 Untitled Chapter 1198 Untitled Chapter 1199 Untitled Chapter 1200 Untitled Chapter 1201 Untitled Chapter 1202 Untitled Chapter 1203 Untitled Chapter 1204 Untitled Chapter 1205 Untitled Chapter 1206 Untitled Chapter 1207 Untitled Chapter 1208 Untitled Chapter 1209 : Untitled Chapter 1210 Untitled Chapter 1211 Untitled Chapter 1212 Untitled Chapter 1213 Untitled Chapter 1214 Untitled Chapter 1215 Untitled Chapter 1216 Untitled Chapter 1217 Untitled Chapter 1218 Im Here Chapter 1219 Untitled Chapter 1220 Untitled Chapter 1221 Untitled Chapter 1222 Untitled Chapter 1223 Untitled Chapter 1224 Untitled Chapter 1225 Untitled Chapter 1226 Untitled Chapter 1227 Untitled Chapter 1228 Untitled Chapter 1229 Untitled Chapter 1230 Untitled Chapter 1231 The Young Mo Jiu Chapter 1232 Untitled Chapter 1233 An Chapter 1234 Untitled Chapter 1235 Untitled Chapter 1236 Untitled Chapter 1237 Untitled Chapter 1238 Untitled Chapter 1239 Untitled Chapter 1240 Untitled Chapter 1241 Untitled National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1242 Untitled National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1243 Untitled National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1244 1244 Untitled Chapter 1245 Untitled Chapter 1246 Untitled Chapter 1247 Untitled Chapter 1248 Untitled Chapter 1249 Untitled Chapter 1250 Untitled Chapter 1251 Untitled Chapter 1252 Untitled Chapter 1253 Untitled Chapter 1254 Untitled Chapter 1255 Untitled Chapter 1256 Untitled Chapter 1257 Untitled Chapter 1258 Untitled Chapter 1259 Untitled Chapter 1260 Untitled Chapter 1261 Untitled Chapter 1262 Untitled Chapter 1263 Untitled Chapter 1264 Untitled Chapter 1265 Untitled Chapter 1266 Untitled Chapter 1267 Chapter 1268 Chapter 1269 Chapter 1270 1270 Untitled Chapter 1271 Untitled Chapter 1272 Untitled Chapter 1273 Darling We Are Lovers Chapter 1274 Sugar Daddy Chapter 1275 Untitled Chapter 1276 Untitled Chapter 1277 Untitled Chapter 1278 Another Way To Breathe Chapter 1279 Almighty Qin Takes Care Of Jiu Chapter 1280 Untitled Chapter 1281 Waiting For The Return Of Supreme Alliance Chapter 1282 Untitled Chapter 1283 Untitled Chapter 1284 Untitled Chapter 1285 Untitled Chapter 1286 Untitled Chapter 1287 Untitled Chapter 1288 Mojiu Chapter 1289 Untitled Chapter 1290 Untitled Chapter 1291 He Is My Boyfriend Chapter 1292 Possession Chapter 1293 Untitled Chapter 1294 Untitled Chapter 1295 Untitled Chapter 1296 Showering Together Chapter 1297 Teasing Thats All He Knows Chapter 1298 Untitled Chapter 1299 Untitled Chapter 1300 Untitled Chapter 1301 Untitled Chapter 1302 Untitled Chapter 1303 Untitled Chapter 1304 Untitled Chapter 1305 Untitled Chapter 1306 Untitled Chapter 1307 Untitled Chapter 1308 Untitled Chapter 1309 Untitled Chapter 1310 Untitled Chapter 1311 Untitled Chapter 1312 Untitled Chapter 1313 Untitled Chapter 1314 Untitled Chapter 1315 Untitled Chapter 1316 Untitled Chapter 1317 Untitled Chapter 1318 Untitled Chapter 1319 Untitled Chapter 1320 Untitled Chapter 1321 Untitled Chapter 1322 Untitled Chapter 1323 Untitled Chapter 1324 Untitled Chapter 1325 You Lose If You Cant Kill Me Chapter 1326 Untitled Chapter 1327 Untitled Chapter 1328 Untitled Chapter 1329 Untitled Chapter 1330 Untitled Chapter 1331 Untitled Chapter 1332 Chapter 1333 Untitled Chapter 1334 Untitled Chapter 1335 Sweet Punishmen Chapter 1336 Untitled Chapter 1337 Untitled Chapter 1338 Untitled Chapter 1339 Untitled Chapter 1340 Untitled Chapter 1341 Untitled Chapter 1342 Together We Are Invincible Chapter 1343 Untitled Chapter 1344 Untitled Chapter 1345 Untitled Chapter 1346 Untitled Chapter 1347 Untitled Chapter 1348 Untitled Chapter 1349 Untitled Chapter 1350 Untitled Chapter 1351 Untitled Chapter 1352 Untitled Chapter 1353 Untitled Chapter 1354 Untitled Chapter 1355 Untitled Chapter 1356 Untitled Chapter 1357 Untitled Chapter 1358 Untitled Chapter 1359 Untitled Chapter 1360 Untitled Chapter 1361 Untitled Chapter 1362 Untitled Chapter 1363 Untitled Chapter 1364 Untitled Chapter 1365 Untitled Chapter 1366 Untitled Chapter 1367 Untitled Chapter 1368 Untitled Chapter 1369 Untitled Chapter 1370 Untitled Chapter 1371 Untitled Chapter 1372 Do You Want Me? Chapter 1373 Untitled Chapter 1374 Supreme Alliance Is Suppressed? Chapter 1375 Untitled Chapter 1376 Untitled Chapter 1377 Untitled Chapter 1378 Untitled Chapter 1379 Untitled Chapter 1380 Untitled Chapter 1381 Untitled Chapter 1382 Untitled Chapter 1383 Untitled Chapter 1384 Three Kills Chapter 1385 Untitled Chapter 1386 Untitled Chapter 1387 Untitled Chapter 1388 Untitled Chapter 1389 Untitled Chapter 1390 Untitled Chapter 1391 Untitled Chapter 1392 Untitled Chapter 1393 You Are The Youngsters Joy Chapter 1394 Untitled Chapter 1395 Untitled Chapter 1396 Untitled Chapter 1397 Untitled Chapter 1398 Untitled Chapter 1399 Untitled Chapter 1400 Untitled Chapter 1401 What To Write For The Title? Chapter 1402 Untitled Chapter 1403 Untitled Chapter 1404 Untitled Chapter 1405 Untitled Chapter 1406 Untitled Chapter 1407 Untitled Chapter 1408 Untitled Chapter 1409 Untitled Chapter 1410 Untitled Chapter 1411 Untitled Chapter 1412 Untitled Chapter 1413 Untitled Chapter 1414 Untitled Chapter 1415 Momo How Much Are You A Pound? Chapter 1416 Untitled Chapter 1417 Untitled Chapter 1418 Untitled Chapter 1419 Untitled Chapter 1420 Untitled Chapter 1421 Untitled Chapter 1422 Untitled Chapter 1423 Untitled Chapter 1424 Untitled Chapter 1425 Untitled Chapter 1426 Sleep Together Again Chapter 1427 Slowly Becoming A Different Person Chapter 1428 Untitled Chapter 1429 Untitled Chapter 1430 Untitled Chapter 1431 Height Problem Chapter 1432 Cared For By The Little Princess Chapter 1433 Buy Back Home Chapter 1434 Mr. Bo Chapter 1435 Jiu Said To Go Together Chapter 1436 Untitled Chapter 1437 He Wanted To Raise This Little Tiger Chapter 1438 Qin Mo Started Raising A Child Chapter 1439 His Little Tiger Chapter 1440 Untitled Chapter 1441 The Little Princess Cares Chapter 1442 The Little Princess Met His False Love Rival Chapter 1443 Untitled Chapter 1444 Untitled Chapter 1445 Untitled Chapter 1446 The Black Bellied Qin Chapter 1447 Being Black Bellied And Love Chapter 1448 Betrothal Of The Children Chapter 1449 Change Of Emotions Chapter 1450 Actor Almighty Qin Chapter 1451 Untitled Chapter 1452 Shining Years Chapter 1453 Untitled Chapter 1454 Mr. Bo And Mrs. Bo Chapter 1455 Untitled Chapter 1456 The Disappointed Little Prince Chapter 1457 The Two Children Met Each Other Chapter 1458 Untitled Chapter 1459 Qin Mo Is Waiting For Her To Find Him Chapter 1460 Finding Jiu Chapter 1461 She Is Just Angry With Him Chapter 1462 Little Qin Mo Chapter 1463 Playing The Games She Played And Climbing The Walls She Climbed Chapter 1464 Give Me A Price Of Buddhism Advice Chapter 1465 Shes Still Too Young Chapter 1466 Not To Catch You But To Find You 1 Chapter 1467 Not To Catch You But To Find You 2 Chapter 1468 Untitled Chapter 1469 Z A Character From A Movie Chapter 1470 Jiu Is Here Chapter 1471 The 18 Year Old Z Chapter 1472 About To See Them 1 Chapter 1473 About To See Them 2 Chapter 1474 About To See Them 3 Chapter 1475 The Handsome Jiu Chapter 1476 On And Off The Stage. Can You See? Chapter 1477 Chapter 1478 Untitled Chapter 1479 Untitled Chapter 1480 Untitled Chapter 1481 Untitled Chapter 1482 Untitled Chapter 1483 They Me Chapter 1484 Felt Tenderness Chapter 1485 Jiu Chapter 1486 His Little Tiger Grew Up Chapter 1487 Z Made A Call Chapter 1488 This Love Is Like Candy Chapter 1489 Untitled Chapter 1490 Jius Pas Chapter 1491 Untitled Chapter 1492 Proposal 1 Chapter 1493 Proposal 2 Chapter 1494 You Raise Me Chapter 1495 I Raise You Chapter 1496 Feng And Yun Chapter 1497 Feng And Yun 2 Chapter 1498 Feng And Yun 3 Chapter 1499 Feng And Yun 4 Chapter 1500 Mo And Jiu Chapter 1501 Qin Mo Bo Jiu And Lin Feng Chapter 1502 Revealing Their Relationship 1 Chapter 1503 Turning Gay For You Chapter 1504 Bo Jiu Gave Lin Feng Advice Chapter 1505 The Ladys Escor Chapter 1506 Hero Saves The Beauty With A Mighty Appearance Chapter 1507 Slapping The Blind Dates Face Chapter 1508 The Feeling Of Being In Love Chapter 1509 Three Couples Together Chapter 1510 Matching Xiao And Luo Chapter 1511 Boyfriend Chapter 1512 Luoluo What Are You Doing? Chapter 1513 Announcing Retirement Chapter 1514 Decide On Such Things As Early As Possible Chapter 1515 Bully You Thoroughly At Home Chapter 1516 The Almighty After He Fell In Love Chapter 1517 A Girl Like Luoluo Chapter 1518 Please Dont Be So Handsome Chapter 1519 Supreme Alliance Is Recruiting Chapter 1520 Bo Jiu Teases Her Little Apprentice Chapter 1521 Almighty Qin Is Jealous Of The Little Kid Chapter 1522 Jealous Chapter 1523 Threatened To Challenge Spade Z Chapter 1524 Spade Z Retaliates Chapter 1525 2 Versus 4 Chapter 1526 I Can Make You Call Me Father Even When Im Using A Support Chapter 1527 Handsome Jiu Chapter 1528 Dragged Into The Office For A Private Conversation Chapter 1529 Jealous Almighty Qin Chapter 1530 : Supreme Alliances New Member Chapter 1531 Little Spade Will Be In Charge Of You Chapter 1532 Blind Date Chapter 1533 Goddess Chapter 1534 Wanting To Confess To His Goddess Chapter 1535 Almighty Xiao Is Here Chapter 1536 Do You Really Want To Date? Chapter 1537 What About Me? Chapter 1538 Ill Take It That You Agreed Chapter 1539 Bo Jiu And Her Little Disciple Chapter 1540 Lin Feng Wanted To Do Something To Yun Hu Chapter 1541 Drink Some Alcohol To Boost His Courage Chapter 1542 First Kiss Chapter 1543 Yun Hu Found Out Chapter 1544 Do You Want To Use It On Me? Chapter 1545 Lets Start Chapter 1546 Used On Himself Chapter 1547 Untitled Chapter 1548 Untitled Chapter 1549 In The Future If We Had A Child Chapter 1550 Yun Hu And Lin Feng Chapter 1551 Chapter 1552 Take Responsibility For Sleeping With Me Chapter 1553 You Are Not Allowed To Regret Chapter 1554 The Sudden Flirt Chapter 1555 Kiss Chapter 1556 I Like You Chapter 1557 Im Going To Get It Back Chapter 1558 Bo Jiu Asks For A 1v3 Chapter 1559 Bo Jiu And Qin Mo Chapter 1560 He Is The Most Competent Captain Of Supreme Alliance Chapter 1561 Retirement Chapter 1562 Agreed Chapter 1563 Competiton Started Chapter 1564 I Will Take It For Real Chapter 1565 Untitled Chapter 1566 Start Of The Payback Chapter 1567 Full Range Chapter 1568 A Slap In The Face Xiao And Luo Chapter 1569 Untitled Chapter 1570 What Is Team Spirit Chapter 1571 Fatty Compared Himself With Z. In The End Chapter 1572 Spade Z? Chapter 1573 1v3 Should Be Fine? 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