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Shigure Tendo was currently reading.

Although Seiji had told him that the book he was now reading was a “light novel”, Shigure actually had no idea what a light novel was. In fact, Shigure didn’t even have a very clear understanding of the term “novel”.

This was because Shigure had never read a single novel in his life before.

That was right, not a single novel. Shigure had never read a single novel, whether it be a great classic or the most popular trending novels. Nor did he have any understanding of novels.

The only books Shigure had ever read before were either about cultivation or related to his studies. With his low intelligence, just reading and understanding these texts took up all of his reading time. He had no free time to read anything else.

So, not only was “Brother Monogatari” the first light novel that Shigure had ever encountered, it was in fact the very first novel that he had ever read. Without a doubt, this opened the doors to a brand new world for him!

The story, characters, scenes, and drawings… Everything about the story fully sucked him in. The story wasn’t trying to teach him any knowledge like everything else he had read before. Instead, it was simply a story, a story about an adopted older brother from the viewpoint of an adopted younger sister.

Shigure felt like he was mysteriously personally experiencing the adopted older brother main character’s experiences. It was as if Shigure had entered a different world and was a different version of himself there.

This feeling… was quite fresh.

This was what interesting was.

Shigure faintly understood that this was interesting.

This all felt fresh, wonderful, immersive, good, fun, happy, delightful… This was the “interesting” that Seiji Haruta had told him about.

However, just being “interesting” didn’t have any particular meaning.

No…”interesting” was also meaningful. “Interesting” had a meaning that nothing else could replace.

Shigure quietly read the light novel as he felt these newfound feelings.

Right now, he had no idea what condition his physical body was in, nor did he know what would happen to him or if his family would be able to rescue him. For any normal person in his situation, that person would likely be highly anxious. However, it was as if Shigure had completely forgotten about his own dire situation. In fact, his lips even started arcing upwards without his realizing it.

Even if he was about to die soon, it was great that he finally understood the meaning of the word interesting… Shigure didn’t even think of this, but if he had to meet his death afterwards, he would accept it quite easily.

Footsteps approached.

Shigure didn’t even notice the footsteps with how absorbed in the light novel he was. Only when the other person walked right in front of him did Shigure finally notice and raise his head.

Seiji Haruta had returned.

“How do you feel?” Seiji asked him.

“It’s very interesting.” Shigure instantly understood what Seiji was referring to.

“That’s good, then.” Gaining another fan for his own work had been a success! Seiji was quite happy about this.

If Shigure had said that it wasn’t a good story, Seiji would indeed be displeased, but he wasn’t petty enough to allow that to affect what he needed to do next. Shigure Tendo’s opinion of “Brother Monogatari” wouldn’t influence Seiji enough not to want to save him. However, it definitely felt much better to save someone who enjoyed his story rather than someone who hated it.

“Someone requested that I save you. I decided to agree for the time being. However, I don’t know if I can accomplish it,” Seiji told Shigure. “According to the requester, your physical body is now somewhere deep within the Realm of Cherry Blossoms. Your body’s current condition is unknown. But, it’s certain that it will be highly dangerous and that both you and I might die at any moment there.

“In order to save you, the first thing that’s needed will be a spell that can locate your physical body. I’ve discussed this with the White Sakura Goddess who’s a good goddess that’s on our side. She agreed to help us by casting a spell on you that can locate your physical body. However, this will be dangerous to you and might cause your physical body’s death if it attracts the wrong type of attention.

“As I told you before, your family already knows that something happened to you. However, I don’t know what plans your family may have on how to save you.

“You can choose to believe in your family and continue waiting for them to save you. Logically speaking, the Tendo Family is far stronger than me and my companions. That would be the logical thing to do.

“However, if you believe in me and are willing to cooperate with the spell to locate your physical body, I will promise to do my very best to save you!”

Shigure fell silent.

Seiji waited for Shigure’s reply.

“Haruta-san, who is the person that requested you save me?” Shigure asked this question first after his silence.

“I can’t tell you.” Seiji thought back to his conversation with Yui from not long ago.

After he’d made up his mind to accept the mission to rescue Shigure Tendo, Seiji called Yui again. She had only told him that Shigure Tendo’s physical body was currently somewhere deep within the Realm of Cherry Blossoms.

Yui also told him that she was giving him this mission in order to make up for Soul Society’s mistake in getting Shigure Tendo involved, along with other factors. However, she didn’t explain what those other factors might be. She also forbade Seiji to tell Shigure anything about her.

“Haruta-san, why do you want to save me?” Shigure asked a second question.

Although the two of them had cooperated before during the Bloodwine Ritual tournament against Kanzaki, a common enemy, that was only because of the circumstances. Currently, neither owed the other any favors… no, if Shigure wanted to be pedantic, he owed Seiji because Seiji had “gone easy” on him without killing him in their previous battle.

And Seiji had also given him such an interesting book. Thus, he owed Seiji two favors.

Not only had Seiji previously gone easy on him when they should have been mortal enemies, Seiji was even willing to enter deep into the Realm of Cherry Blossoms to save himself. This would obviously be greatly dangerous. Shigure felt that there was no need for Seiji to take such risks for himself. He didn’t understand why Seiji would want to do this.

In fact, if Shigure had the chance, he would kill this Seiji Haruta who was right in front of him! That was because this was an order from his father to take revenge for his deceased older brother.

Although Shigure didn’t really care about this order, an order was still an order. If he really had the opportunity, he would indeed attack Seiji.

Shigure didn’t have any feelings of hatred for Seiji. So, they didn’t count as true mortal enemies. But because Seiji’s older sister had killed Shigure’s older brother, Shigure and Seiji were indeed “mortal enemies”.

Shigure figured that Seiji would understand all of this.

That was why Shigure didn’t understand why Seiji would want to save him.

“Because the requester offered me great rewards… is the excuse that I wanted to tell you, but I want to tell you the truth,” Seiji explained as he understood why Shigure wouldn’t understand. “The real reason why I agreed to save you is actually quite simple. I don’t think that you are a bad person. You helped me during the Bloodwine Ritual tournament… Although you were forced to help me due to the circumstances, you indeed helped me to the best of your abilities, and kept everything about your promise to me, helping me to win that tournament in the end.

“Your actions back then made me feel friendly toward you as I felt like you were a good person. Of course, this is a very subjective opinion and I still know very little about you. However, the fact that the requester wants to save you is more circumstantial evidence that you’re probably not a bad person. If you were an evil person, not only would the requester probably not ask me to save you, that person would likely request for me to kill you.

“Still, even I don’t know why the requester wants to save you. Maybe that person isn’t considering your moral character. Maybe there’s some specific reason that you need to be saved. However, I want to believe that you really aren’t a bad person.”

At this moment, Seiji then glanced over at the “Brother Monogatari” book in Shigure’s hands.

“This novel that I really like is something that you also think is interesting… Perhaps we can even become friends.”

Friends… this was a very unfamiliar word to Shigure.

Of course, he knew what the word “friend” meant. However, he had never personally experienced having any friends.

But at this moment, Shigure felt like he faintly understood what the word friend meant.

“Your older sister killed my older brother. We’re mortal enemies.” Shigure ended up saying this out loud before he even realized it.

He didn’t even know why he said this. It was as if his own mouth wasn’t under his own control.

“I know that. Still, it doesn’t seem like you hate me because of that.” Seiji smiled. “I won’t apologize for that incident, because I can’t represent my older sister. But as myself, I’m sorry for your loss. We are indeed supposed to be mortal enemies. However, you don’t hate me, and I don’t hate you. We even have common interests like this novel. That’s why I think we have the potential to become friends.

“In novels, this type of situation is usually known as a ‘mutual understanding’. Oftentimes I think that this type of ‘understanding’ isn’t very realistic in real life, but it can still indeed happen.

“I don’t know why it seems like you don’t hate me. But since you don’t act like I’m your so-called mortal enemy, I’m willing to reach out to you. As for whether you’re willing to take my hand or not, that’s your decision to make, Shigure Tendo.”

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Chapter 519: Are there beautiful nurses that Chapter 520: The publication of Brother Monogatari! Chapter 521: I refuse to become your harem manager! Chapter 522: Ill be more than happy to! Chapter 523: Hero Chapter 524: Please open your mouth. Say ahh~ Chapter 525: The creator who received divine inspiration Chapter 526: Im just a high school detective passing by Chapter 527: What do you think of humans? Chapter 528: Too fierce Chapter 529: Im buying it! Chapter 530: Perhaps there will be an anime made in the future Chapter 531: Have you been doing well recently? Chapter 532: True Knight Order Chapter 533: Im going to die without Anna Chapter 534: Its a good thing to have a girlfriend who forced you to quit smoking Chapter 535: I feel that its worthwhile to observe her Chapter 536: I didnt just meet her randomly on the street Chapter 537: I should have won! Chapter 538: Indeed, I am insane Chapter 539: I want to kill you! Chapter 540: Could this be the true form? Chapter 541: Just act like a proper victor Chapter 542: Valentines Day Chapter 543: Just incredible Chapter 544: At this moment, he recalled Chapter 545: I know Chapter 546: Even if you have to marry me? Chapter 548: Bloodwine Ritual Chapter 549: Because Its Really Comfortable In Brothers Room Chapter 550: Inner World Chapter 551: Sweet And A Little Numb Chapter 552: I Want To Always Be With You Chapter 553: They Became So Large Chapter 554: Why Does It Feel A Little Perverted? Chapter 555: This Is The Final Form Chapter 556: Two Strange And Powerful Individuals Chapter 557: Im A Minotaur Chapter 558: I Find It Quite Difficult To Counter This Reason For Attacking Me Chapter 559: Is This Supposed To Be Just slightly Dangerous? Chapter 560: Because I Want You Chapter 561: You Had Plastic Surgery? Chapter 562: Teehee The Hell Chapter 563: Im Just Such A Terrible Person.. Chapter 564: I Must Protect Brother Chapter 565: Because I have something to gain Chapter 566: The basic goal of games like PUBG is to survive! Chapter 567: I like you the most Chapter 568: How much are your feelings worth? Chapter 569: Please accept someone like me Chapter 570: That was actually the source!? Chapter 571: I want you to feed me with your mouth~ Chapter 572: I definitely wont use such a thing! Chapter 573: Your older sister has the right to know her younger sisters love situation! Chapter 574: I shall smite you in the name of flat chests which are justice! Chapter 575: Should I pretend that I saw nothing? Chapter 576: You dont know what true strength is at all Chapter 577: Only strength can allow livestock to become a man Chapter 578: You've acquired a strange trait overnight! Chapter 579: I am the main personality! Chapter 580: What exactly do you want to catch!? Chapter 581: Harano-kun is such a pervert Chapter 582: In the end, Im still too poor Chapter 583: Are you usually fighting for the sake of justice? Chapter 584: I could also try wearing that for you Chapter 585: Indeed, its been a long time 586 Why Does It Seem So Immoral? Chapter 587: Arent They Supposed To Be Love Rivals? Chapter 588: Sister Dont Be Afraid Chapter 589: Ive Met Him Chapter 590: This Is Only A Small Inspection Chapter 591: Is This Really Just An Inspection? Chapter 592: Because Im The Author Of This Novel Chapter 593: I Really Like You Chapter 594: An Answer She Never Dreamed Of Chapter 595: Theyre Not Acting Chapter 596: Its All Seijis Fault Chapter 597: I Confessed To Mika Chapter 598: I Might Just Cry Chapter 599: We Might Be Brushing By Death Chapter 600: Of Course Ill Let You Use Me Chapter 601: Hes Fine When Hes Acting Serious Chapter 602: Actually I Wasnt Trying To Act Cool Chapter 603: Only A Living Adventurer Is An Adventurer Chapter 604: He Was Seeing Bright Lights Chapter 605: Even If Death Comes The Next Instant Chapter 606: I Hope That You Can Live Chapter 607: Taste The Wrath Of Humanity Magic Devouring Dragon Chapter 608: None Of You Have Any Knowledge Of The Magic Devouring Dragons True Strength Chapter 609: Humanity Was Slaughtered Chapter 610: Everyone Witnessed The Critical Moment Chapter 611: Quite A Daring Idea Chapter 612: Dont Come Over You Monster Chapter 613: Just Like You Im Human Chapter 614: Youre All Free To Decide What You Want To Do Chapter 615: What Part Of Me Left You Such A Deep Impression? Chapter 616: There Was Once A Truly Sincere Chapter 617: I Feel Like I Was Scammed Chapter 618: Lets Play With Buffs Chapter 619: Excellent Come Chapter 620: Doujigiri Chapter 621: Do You Want To Add Her To Your Harem? Chapter 622 Daddy Someone's Kissing Chapter 623 His Personal Experience Is Just Like Chapter 624 Do You Desire To Become A Magical Girl? Chapter 625 A Trap And A Gender Changer Chapter 626 My Balls Hurt Chapter 627 It Blocked The Portal Chapter 628 Elf Chapter 629 Dont Want To Be By Myself Chapter 630 Thank You For Taking Me Here Chapter 631 Is This A Secret Garden? Chapter 632 Chapter 633 Dont Blame Me For Killing In Self Defense Chapter 634 Do You Think That I Went Overboard? Chapter 635 Elf Archer? Chapter 636 You Absolutely Cant Let It Catch You Chapter 637 Crystal Chapter 638 Im Unable To Bring Him Out Chapter 639 You Have Died Chapter 640 Elf Ranger Chapter 641 I Want To Draw Ero Drawings Chapter 642 Thank You My Dear Knight Chapter 643 Chapter 644 I Just Happened To Be Drinking Tea Chapter 645 Why Is It Always The Breasts? Chapter 646 Sister You Actually Really Enjoyed That Didnt You? Chapter 647 Get Away From My Little Sister Chapter 648 Chapter 649 Chapter 650 I Want To Play Cards With Somebody Chapter 651 Chapter 652 Are You Really A Member Of The Haruta Family? Chapter 653 Revenge Alliance Chapter 654 Messenger Of Revenge Chapter 655 Chapter 656 Revolution Chapter 657 Shigure Tendo Is An Unskilled Thinker Chapter 658 Bloodwar Alliance Chapter 659 Bloodwine Spirit Chapter 660 That Lonely Flower Chapter 661 Defeating Evil Spirits Chapter 662 Only The Final Victor Can Survive? Chapter 663 We Are Creating History Chapter 664 Chapter 665 He Killed His Teammates? Chapter 666 Chapter 667 Chapter 668 Kanzaki Chapter 669 Chapter 670 Chapter 671 This Is Such A Classical Heros Journey Chapter 672 Chapter 673 What Are You Calculating? Chapter 674 Go Find Seiji Haruta Chapter 675 You Wouldn't Understand Chapter 676 Get Behind Me Chapter 677 Chapter 678 Nice To See You Again Chapter 679 Are You Having Fun With Me Right Now Chapter 680 Cheers Chapter 681 You Seemed Just Like A God Chapter 682 You're Willing To Do.. Anything? Chapter 683 It's So Wonderful To Have A Girlfriend Chapter 684 Have You Finally Transmigrated Back? Chapter 685 Meow Meow Chapter 686 001 Chapter 687 I'd Like To Ask You A Question Chapter 688 I Believe The You That Believes In Me Chapter 689 System Could You Please Give Me A Discount? Chapter 690 Terrible Man And Terrible Woman Chapter 691 I Have To Call You Master Chapter 692 Master Is Really Beautiful Chapter 693 They'd Definitely Be Popular Idols Chapter 694 You Need To Become Your Younger Sisters Enemy Chapter 695 Youre Nothing More Than An Ugly And Idiotic Otaku Chapter 696 I'd Be Interested In A Beautiful Girl Chapter 697 Did You Have Fun Playing? Chapter 698 Have Fun Sister Chapter 699 This Is A Slaughter Game Chapter 700 Mask Of Sin Chapter 701 I Surrender Chapter 702 Throw Shinobu At You Chapter 703 Let Me Continue Helping You Chapter 704 Ive Resolved Myself Probably Chapter 705 This All Feels Too Real Chapter 706 Weak So Weak Chapter 707 Having A Demon And A Goddess Within His Body Chapter 708 Insect Queen Chapter 709 It's Harano Kun Chapter 710 Damn I'm Falling In Love Chapter 711 Its Not Harano Kuns Fault Chapter 712 Because Im Your Older Sister Chapter 713 Obey Me Chapter 714 I'll Come Play With You In The Future Chapter 715 Thankful That The Girls Hadnt Called The Cops On Him Chapter 716 Take Advantage Of Me All You Want Chapter 717 Chapter 718 I Am Not Your Justice Chapter 719 I'm A Little Goldfish Chapter 720 So Beautiful.. Chapter 721 The Throne Finally Belongs To Me Chapter 722 The Cherry Blossoms Are Glowing? Chapter 723 Something's Wrong With My Domain Chapter 724 Absolutely Have To Draw This Scene Chapter 725 Killing Monsters And Leveling Is Wonderful Chapter 726 No Need To Worry Too Much About Them Chapter 727 Ive Fallen In Love With The Sensation Of Becoming Stronger Chapter 728 Everything Is Fine As Long As You're Alright Chapter 729 The Information You Requested Has Been Updated Chapter 730 That Definitely Isnt Me It Absolutely Isnt Chapter 731 Please Satisfy Your Junior's Shameless Desire Chapter 732 We Must Make A Choice Chapter 733 I Want To Fight Chapter 734 Are You Angry? Chapter 735 How Do You Want Me To Take Responsibility? Chapter 736 Accept This Glorious Outfit Chapter 737 Young Master What Service Would You Like Today? Chapter 738 75 Chance Of Problems Appearing Chapter 739 One Shouldn't Eat Things Randomly Picked From The Ground Chapter 740 Really Difficult To Accept.. Chapter 741 Of Course Because Im A Hero From Another World Chapter 742 Id Be Fine Even If I Died Right Now Chapter 743 Cheers To You Chapter 744 They Weren't On The Big Screen Chapter 745 What Exactly Is Ecstasy? Chapter 746 Your Justice Is Within You Chapter 747 Because The Monster Is Fricking Real Chapter 748 It Must Be Fun To Be A Hero Chapter 749 Stop Pretending I've Already Seen Through You Chapter 750 The Gods Are Watching You Chapter 751 Who's Free Tonight? Chapter 752 Pay Me With Your Body Chapter 753 Such A Sinful Young Master Chapter 754 Stay By Her Side And Protect Her Chapter 755 Snake Demon And Samurai Demon Chapter 756 This Isn't A Sad Dream Chapter 757 This Is A Game That I'd Happily Play For My Entire Life Chapter 758 I Can Promise At Least Not To Beat Him Up To Death Chapter 759 She's Only A Dream Chapter 760 He's Actually An Amazing.. Chapter 761 This Isnt A Magic Trick Chapter 762 You Have To Use Protection Chapter 763 Spirited Away Chapter 764 Who Am I? Where Am I? What Am I Doing? Chapter 765 As Expected Of The Famous Seiji Kamijou Chapter 766 Nobody Will Hear You Even If You Scream At The Top Of Your Lungs Chapter 767 This Is Indeed A Performance Chapter 768 What The Hell Do You Mean Youre Going To Fight Against The Gods? Chapter 769 Father And Daughter Chapter 770 Leave Your Daughter To Me Chapter 771 A Hero's Payment Is The Wonderful Concept Of Peace Chapter 772 Who Pushed Me Just Now? Chapter 773 I'll Give You A Chance Chapter 774 God's Trial Chapter 775 Enemy Attack Chapter 776 Snakes Chapter 777 Yamata No Orochi Chapter 778 White Sakura Goddess Chapter 779 Evil White Sakura Goddess Chapter 780 Existence Rating Chapter 781 Carry Out My Justice Chapter 782 Looking At And Loving You Chapter 783 Let's Have A Party Chapter 784 Nothing To Say Chapter 785 Run Away Chapter 786 Tree Chapter 787 Anti God Invisibility Chapter 788 Armageddon.. Chapter 789 Yakushi Chapter 790 I Developed Ecstasy Chapter 791 Nice Shot Chapter 792 You Were The One Who Killed Those Orochi Experimental Subjects? Chapter 793 He's Actually A Good Person Chapter 794 Truly Beautiful Evil Without Comparison Chapter 795 You'll Lose Me One Day Chapter 796 You're Not Human Chapter 797 You Actually Dont Need To Be So Kind Chapter 798 I Should Be Able To Do Better Chapter 799 Brother Seiji Has The Right To Be Selfish Chapter 800 It Would Be Best If Both Could Be Achieved Chapter 801 Having Humans Always Be Reasonable Chapter 802 Is It No Good Even If I Hug Your Leg And Beg You? Chapter 803 Just Because I'm Your Friend Chapter 804 My Bro Haruta Youre Truly A Demon Chapter 805 Maybe Next Time Chapter 806 My True Name Is Far Too Ugly Chapter 807 Because I Saw The Future Chapter 808 I Want The You Whos Like This Chapter 809 Too Flavorful Chapter 810 Its Human Nature To Repeat The Mistakes Of The Past Chapter 811 The Tendo Familys Betrayal Incident Chapter 812 The Tendo Family's Dragon Vein Chapter 813 A Warrior Who Obtained The Power Of The Evil White Sakura Goddess? Chapter 814 Shigure Tendo Is That You? Chapter 815 The World After Death Chapter 816 Should I Give You Something Interesting? Chapter 817 Im Doing It Because I Want To Chapter 818 Shigure Tendo Has Never Read Novels Before Chapter 819 Run Off Into The Distance Young Man Chapter 820 I Am A Ronin Who Is Lost Chapter 821 What Is A Ronin? Chapter 822 Dont Leave A Matter Of Life And Death Up To Someone Else To Decide Chapter 823 You've All Done Really Well Chapter 824 True Demon Chapter 825 Why Do You Fight? Chapter 826 Kill Me Chapter 827 Live As A Human Die As A Human Chapter 828 Picked Up A Priceless Treasure Chapter 829 Remnant Souls Chapter 830 Nee Sama Chapter 831 You Have Died Long Ago Chapter 832 Do You Want To Become A God? Chapter 833 The World Shouldn't Have A Savior Chapter 834 Whats Your Masters Name? Chapter 835 You All Deserve To Die Chapter 836 Its So Lively Tonight Chapter 837 Silly Child Chapter 838 The Main Character Of A Dark Themed Light Novel? Chapter 839 Hello White Sakura Chapter 840 I'm Only A High School Student Chapter 841 Please Try Your Hardest