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'Young master, if you don't mind, can you help us in finding the portal?'

Darbaudr's voice resounded in Ajax's head as he asked him to help them in searching the eight possible locations that the demon world's portal might have shifted to.

Darbaudr knew that Ajax could sense various elements, so he assumed that he could also sense the space elements in the surroundings.

However, he didn't dare to openly ask for Ajax's help fearing that his young master doesn't want others to know about that.

'No problem,' Ajax slightly smiled as he nodded his head in reply to Darbaudr's request.

Ajax noticed the anxiousness on Edmond's face and he could say how important it was to find the demon world's portal for Edmond and decided to help Darabudr in reducing the time taken to find out the portal's exact location.

'Thanks, master, you take the four locations on the left-hand side and I will take the right side ones,' Darbaudr hurriedly thanked Ajax and divided the eight locations before sharing four locations with Ajax.

"Captain Edmond, accompany Ajax in searching the 4 possible locations of the portal,"

After receiving Ajax's permission, Darbaudr asked Edmond to accompany Ajax when he searches for the demon world's portal.

"Huh?" Edmond raised his brows but soon his expression became normal before nodding his head and asked, "Does Ajax know where those four locations are?"

Edmond didn't think much about Ajax's affinity towards space elemental in nature. For his, as long as they found the portal to the demon world, he was satisfied with it.

"Yes, I already shared those four locations with the young master through the spirit link. As long as he reaches the location, he will know about those four locations," Darbaudr explained there was no need to worry as he already gave the rough idea on those locations to Ajax.

"Good. Let's hurry up," Edmond nodded his head and was impressed by Darbaudr's planning.

Although it was not a very great plan, Edmond was impressed as it was known that barbarians were known to be less gifted in brains and more gifted in brawns.

"Then, let's meet after finding the exact location of the portal before informing each other,"

After that, Darbaudr disappeared from his place saying that he would inform them if he found the portal and asked them to do the same.

Ajax and Edmond nodded their heads and before looking at others who were silently listening to their conversation.

"Everyone, stay here until we find the portal for the demon world," Edmond ordered all the young cultivators to stay where they were and looked at Udo before saying, "Take care of them."

"Okay," Udo knew how important it was for them to enter the demon world in the completion of Edmond's plan. So, he doesn't have any problem in looking after the young cultivator until Darbaudr and Ajax find the portal to the demon world.

"Good. Let's go Ajax,"

Soon, Edmond and Ajax had run in the left side from their location in the search of the four locations within the five kilometer radius.

"What a surprise that Ajax could not only sense normal elements but he can also sense the auxiliary element like Space,"

"No wonder, he is very strong even with his low cultivation realm,"

"If by chance he forms a contract with a space elemental spirit, then he will become one of the top cultivators in the Zrochester province,"

After Ajax and Edmond left from the huge boulder location, the young cultivators once again started their gossip about Ajax.

Forming a contract with any of the auxiliary elemental spirits would make others fear the summoner because they were normally stronger than any regular cultivator and other normal elemental spirits.

What's more, if Ajax could form a contract with a space elemental spirit which belongs to the top category among the auxiliary elemental spirits. So, they felt that Ajax had a chance to become the top cultivator in the Zrochester province and he could start his own family or sect with his power.

"To happen that, he needs to be alive until he becomes powerful," All their gossips came to an end with the interruption of Udo and looked at Udo with puzzled looks on their faces.

Seeing their puzzled looks, Udo shook his head before explaining, "Do you know how much time Ajax has taken to reach his present cultivation? Only a couple of months and if anyone knows about his cultivation speed, there many will be many top cultivation sects and families that will hunt him down at any cost for his secrets."

Udo didn't give any chance for the young cultivators to talk as he continued, "Moreover, even I doubt that he is using some unconventional methods to increase his cultivation. So, be careful with him as we still don't know about him completely."

Udo didn't bother about the young cultivators thinking about him being against Ajax as he stated his thoughts in a straightforward manner.

When the young cultivators had heard those words all of them had fallen into a dilemma and started thinking more about Udo's words.

'Even I, the cultivation genius of my family took more than a couple of years to reach elite commander. This looks like there is something really odd about Ajax's way of cultivation,'

This was the common thought in all the minds of the young cultivators.

There was nothing wrong in their thoughts as they were the cultivation geniuses of their families before they were destroyed. So, they thought about Ajax's cultivation for sometime before coming to a conclusion.

'Since godfather believes him, there is nothing to suspect in Ajax,'

Soon, they didn't think much about Ajax as they have complete faith in Edmond whereas Edmond had complete faith in Ajax.

"Anyway, these are all my thoughts and I am not forcing anyone to believe me or question Ajax for his secrets. It's better to be careful than to regret later,"

Udo knew what these 9 cultivators were thinking and said those words before going near to Levi and sat beside him.

To Udo's words, all the young cultivators nodded their heads before sitting near to Udo and started meditating.

After thinking about Ajax's cultivation speed they didn't dare to waste any time sitting idle and started cultivating to increase their strengths.


As Ajax and Darbaudr were busy with finding the location to the demon world, the guild master of the mercenary guild looked at his surroundings and started searching for something.

However, he was unable to find anything from the bodies of the demon generals.

'Let me try this,' Since he was unable to find anything from their bodies, he proceeded to the next level and started searching inside the heads of the demon generals.

'Damn these demon generals, they are very low level even in the ranks of the demons,' After searching four demon general's heads, he found out nothing from them as they turned out to belong to lower ranks and didn't have much access to the information.

'I hope at least he has some information inside his head since he is looking more powerful than them,' Soon the guild master's eyes landed on the final demon general and thought inside his head.

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