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"Shen Fire Eagle?"

The condor chief's face changed drastically.

The people of the Condor tribe around them were also dumbfounded, looking at Bai Ye in a particularly puzzled manner.

God fire eagle?

Isn't that the one in the ancestral tomb?

What does Bai Ye mean?

The gate of the ancestral tomb has been closed. How can Bai Ye talk to the God Fire Eagle?

Many people are at a loss.

However, the patriarch of Shenying seemed to have noticed something, his eyes widened suddenly, and he looked towards the gate of the ancestral tomb.

He raised his hand.


A strong wind blows.

Then the void over there suddenly became turbulent.

There were a lot of ripples, rippling like blue waves.

After about three or four breaths, the scenery there slowly recovered.

Then people saw that the ancestor's tomb, whose door was clearly closed, was wide open!

"It's illusion!"

Someone realized something and screamed away.

"This Baiye used illusion technique to make the gate of the ancestor's mausoleum closed, in fact it has not been closed!"

Without closing the door, the conversation from the outside can naturally be passed to the inside.

In other words, Shenhuoying has been paying attention to every move outside, and has been monitoring the conversations of these people...

"That's it, that's how it is, I didn't expect that now it's not just that guy who is rotten, but the entire Condor tribe is immersed in arrogance and ignorance, I understand..."

At this time, the hoarse and thick voice of the God Fire Eagle came from the gate.

When the voice fell to the ground, I watched a large amount of flames gushing out of the gate.

The flame's temperature is extremely high, directly raising the outside temperature to an incredible level.

The people of the Condor tribe couldn't stand the terrifying heat, and they backed away.

All eyes were gathered in that door.

The patriarch Shenying also stared wide, looking at the door in disbelief.

But I saw a flame gushing out of the gate, rushing out of the gate and spreading everywhere.

The buildings and ground around the gate of the imperial tomb were directly melted by this flame! Fortunately, the Shenying people evacuated quickly, otherwise they would have been burned to ashes by the flames.

The flames spewed out, and there was a golden flame that looked like a streamer, which was particularly colorful. It swept into the air like a ribbon and gathered in the sky.


The more the ribbon jumps, the more it gathers.

After a while, a huge fireball appeared on the sky. It was so hot that it almost covered the scorching sun.



There was a loud noise.

There was another long sound of an eagle, and the huge fireball immediately exploded, revealing a huge flame eagle that covered the sky and the sun!

That...is the God Fire Eagle!

"It's Lord Shenhuoying!"

"Oh my God, Lord Shenhuoying has shown his true body!"

"Master Shenhuoying!"

"Master Shenhuoying is out!"

The members of the Shenying tribe below were extremely excited, kneeling one by one, shouting piously and excitedly.

The Shenhuo eagle has been stationed in the imperial tombs, guarding the tombs of the ancestors of the Shenying tribe, for many years. Its position in the Shenying clan is extremely extraordinary. Even if it is the patriarch, it must be respected. It is precisely because of this that it can ignore the current patriarch.

Many people have only heard its name, but have never seen it. Today, the Shenhuo Eagle appeared publicly, and they were naturally very excited.

"Meet the Lord God Fire Eagle!"

The shouts continued.

The eagle face of the Shenhuo volley fluttered its wings, and the huge eyes stared coldly at the masses of sentient beings below, and finally the sun and moon-like pupils fell on the patriarch of the Shenying.

The patriarch of the Shenying Eagle could clearly feel the anger in the eyes of the Shenhuo Ying.

The condor patriarch's face was particularly ugly.

How could he not know that this divine fire eagle had a lot of opinions on him, and the reason why he refused to give the **** of heaven to him was also because of prejudice.

But he was helpless. After all, this strength was good and his status was special, he couldn't help him at all.

At this point, he could only bite the bullet and open his mouth.

"Master Shenhuoying, why are you... coming out?"

"I won't come out again, the Condor Clan is about to usher in the end! Listen, lightly! You immediately kneel down to me, apologize to the White Dragon Lord, and give up the position of patriarch, let someone more suitable for you sit on this patriarch Zhiwei, understand?" Shenhuoying coldly drank.

As soon as this word came out, the whole clan was in an uproar.


"This... how did this happen?"

"Shenhuoying-sama, what is this going to do? Do you force the patriarch to abdicate?"

The members of the Condor tribe were extremely astonished, and looked at each other in disbelief.

The patriarch of Condor was also extremely surprised.

"Master Shenhuoying, what do you mean? Want me to abdicate? Why?" The patriarch Shenying was angry and gritted his teeth.

"Why? Just because you are not qualified to lead the Condor tribe! Your selfishness has pushed the Condor tribe to the edge of the cliff, I must stop you, I must stop the Condor tribe from setting foot in the abyss again, So you must abdicate!"

Shenhuo Ying said angrily.

If Bai Ye had just started to do it directly, Shenhuo Ying would never show up, because it had already been said in advance.

And Bai Ye asked him for advice, it was only because of his face. Otherwise, Bai Ye would take action, with his strength, these Condor tribes couldn't help him!

Since Bai Ye left the matter to it to deal with, it naturally came to a solution.

Hearing what the Shenhuoying said, the Shenying patriarch was completely annoyed.

"I am selfish? I am doing all this for the Shenying Clan! You don't understand! If you give me the God Feather of Heaven, I will seize the soldiers from this person. The whole world, there is Who will be my opponent? And who can harm the Condor Clan? So you don't understand. Our Condor Clan will obviously rise! Obviously, we will reach the top!"

The patriarch of the Condor clenched his teeth and roared ferociously.

The voice was extremely loud.

"You are already devilish!"

The Divine Fire Eagle shook his head, as if he didn't want to talk any more nonsense, it cried for a long time, its huge body slowly landed from the air, and its wings also began to give birth to two terrifying fire storms.

The scorching temperature continues to rise...

Obviously, Shenhuoying plans to do it.

Since this person does not want to listen to it, it can only take coercive measures to force this person to submit...

After all, it has a special position within the Condor Clan.

Its duty is to guard the Condor Clan. Although it is not the Condor Clan leader, once there is something wrong with the Condor Clan, or the Clan leader neglects his duties, it is qualified to stand up and correct everything that is wrong.

"Do you think I will sit still and let you kill? You are wrong! Shenhuoying, since you don't tolerate me, I won't be afraid of you!"

The patriarch of the Shenying screamed, naturally unwilling, and suddenly his wings shook behind his back and rushed towards the Shenhuoying.


Strong fighting spirit!

The two highest-ranking powerhouses of the Condor Clan broke out in front of the ancestral tomb.

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One Chapter 1568: But So Two Chapter 1569: Defeated 3 Chapter 1570: One Does Not Stay One Chapter 1571: Go Ahead Two Chapter 1572: Tenjin 3 Chapter 1573: This Is The Key 1 Chapter 1574: Mysticism 2 Chapter 1575: Emperor Changsheng 3 Chapter 1576: He Has No Chance 1 Chapter 1577: One Sword Breaks Ten Thousand Laws 2 Chapter 1578: Direct Plunder 3 Chapter 1579: Confrontation 1 Chapter 1580: Medium Strength 2 Chapter 1581: You Have Been Eliminated 3 Chapter 1582: Internal Response 1 Chapter 1583: Secrets Of The Dark Dynasty 2 Chapter 1584: Rush To Help Shenzong 3 Chapter 1585: It Is Indeed Absurd 1 Chapter 1586: Surrender Or Die 2 Chapter 1587: People Get Stolen Goods 3 Chapter 1588: There Will Be No Future 1 Chapter 1589: Bodyguard? 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