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Chapter 1 Sect Master Without Dao Sect

Jin Wu Dongsheng.

Tianwu Mountain.

On a small path at the top of the mountain, there is a magnificent huge mountain gate.

On the top of the mountain gate, three large characters like dragons and snakes depicting Wudaozong!

Originally, there were no sects on Tianwu Mountain.

Half a month ago, there was a thunderbolt, and Wudaozong was born, unknown, unknown.

belongs to the classless, unlicensed, and uninhabited Sanwu Sect.

On this day, under the mountain gate, two figures were standing.

"Luo'er, here is the land of the Zongmen, Wudaozong, from here, you can go directly to the Zongmen Hall."

"You can go up by yourself, get familiar with the various places in the sect, and then go to the Houshan Palace, and choose one as the bedroom."

The person who spoke, seemed to be no more than 20 years old. He was wearing a snow-white robe, with long hair like ink, handsome face, and illusory temperament, like a fairy walking in the red dust.

He is named Chu Yuan.

Wudao Sect Sovereign.

Before he speaks.

Another figure spoke.

"Follow Master's orders!"

I saw that this man was about the same age as Chu Yuan, with sword eyebrows and star eyes, a blue-liquid crane cloud robe, holding a long sword, expressionless on his face, revealing a sense of arrogance.

His name is Ye Luo.

is a disciple of Chu Yuan who has just taken over.

is also the only disciple of Innocent Sect.

Master Wudaozong!

Chu Yuan glanced at his disciple, waved his hand, opened his lips lightly, and uttered two words.

"Let's go."

Ye Luo arched his hands and said, "Master, that disciple is going first, and I will come later and please Announce!"

Holding the sword after speaking, walked towards the mountain.

Chu Yuan looked at Ye Luo's leaving back, the light wind and clouds on his face disappeared without a trace, replaced by joy.

"It's been half a month, and I finally found someone with such a low level of aptitude. It's too difficult."

He muttered to himself.

Pictures reappeared in his mind.

Chu Yuan was originally not a person in this world. Half a month ago, because of an accident, he crossed into this world.

This world is not a world ruled by the mundane.

It is a world with gods, demons and monsters, many nations, rampant sects, and respect for the strong.

The number is Shenxing Continent.

Like the vast masses passing through, Chu Yuan also has a system.

Its just...

His system is a bit weird.

Chu Yuan silently called the system in his heart.

A azure blue screen that only he can see is condensed in an instant.

The most useless sect system in history

This system is dedicated to building the most abolished sect in history, please host to recruit apprentices and teach them to abolish them in order to complete the system indicators

[Note: Teaching a student to abolish a disciple will reward the host for improving the first-order small realm, and teaching a disciple will deduct the hosts own first-order large realm, please dont mistake yourself]

Chu Yuan automatically ignored this passage.

Then look down.

Personal Panel

Host: Chu Yuan

Zongmen: Wudaozong

Cultivation: Yuan Yingjing (early stage)

[Current disciple: 1]

[Note: Divide the realm of cultivation base, refining air, building foundation, golden core, primordial infant, transforming god, crossing the tribulation]

[Note: The sect will be tested once a year to judge whether the host teaches abolished disciples or becomes a disciple. All interpretation rights belong to the system.]

This is Chu Yuans wonderful system.

As long as a disciple is abolished by teaching, he can get the promotion of the first-order small realm.

In other words, as long as he teaches and abolishes three disciples, he will be able to rise to a great level.

Although the system is a bit weird, for Chu Yuan, the system fits him very well!

If Chu Yuan is to really teach his disciples to become talents, then it is embarrassing him.

His cultivation base and sect were all directly given to him by the system as a gift package. He hadn't cultivated immortality properly at all, so what would he do to teach his disciples?

Teach the practice methods of those online novels from previous lives? ?

I'm afraid I'm joking.

Therefore, Chu Yuan still feels that it is more suitable for him to teach the abandoned disciples, at least this is the true nature of the show to complete the work.

He wouldnt teach his disciples anyway.

Half a month ago, Chu Yuan came across, and after getting the system, he went down the mountain to look for his disciple.

After half a month of searching, he finally found Ye Luo, a person with very poor aptitude, and accepted him as a disciple.

People in this world have spiritual roots, and everyone has spiritual roots.

A strong spiritual root means the stronger the aptitude for cultivating immortals and the broader the future. Spirit roots such as heaven and earth spiritual roots, five elements spiritual roots, wind, rain and thunder and lightning are all powerful spiritual roots.

While the spiritual root is weak, the aptitude naturally represents the weaker the spiritual root. The weakest and common spiritual root is the common spiritual root, which every ordinary person has.

The disciple Ye Luo he received is different!

There is no spiritual root!

Not even the mortal roots possessed by the mundane.

Born to have no spiritual roots and cannot absorb spiritual energy, which means that one cannot cultivate immortality.

Received this disciple, and enjoyed Chu Yuan for a long time.

Where does it need him to teach the abolition, it is directly abolished. After a year's time, he will succeed.

"However, it is necessary to fool around and stabilize this disciple's mind."

Chu Yuan felt his chin and thought.

He was able to successfully recruit this disciple, first, he showed his strength, and second, he showed his ability to cure the disciples deficiencies that he could not practice.

This was the only way to successfully recruit such a useless disciple.

If this disciple finds that he can't help the other party to solve the distress of not being able to practice, and runs away, then he will have nowhere to cry.

As for forcibly detaining the disciple to stay on the mountain?

He had this idea a long time ago, and the system simply does not allow him to do so, which is tantamount to a violation.

So, he can only think of a way to drag this disciple to stay on the mountain for a year.

As long as the disciple stays for a year, after the sect inspection, the disciple's love will be fine.

"Let me think about how to keep this disciple in the sect. In short, just drag it for a year."

"Well, just make up something so that this disciple can comprehend it by himself. I can't comprehend it. I can only say that this disciple's savvy is not good, and I can't blame me. Anyway, I am a powerful Yuan Ying, I have a big fist, and what I said is reasonable!"

Chu Yuan nodded secretly and finalized the plan.

No matter what he said, it is also a great power of the Nascent Soul Realm.

For this disciple who hasnt cultivated immortality, thats the predecessor. If he says its OK, what can that disciple say?

Take one's inanimate roots and can't cultivate?

is ridiculous.

In short, make up a fool, and you'll be done.

If anything made up can teach disciples to become talents, then he can swallow this mountain gate on the spot!

Chu Yuan raised his head and glanced at the tall mountain gate, feeling amused, and shook his head.

Clouds grow on the soles of the feet, and the figure turns into a breeze, heading up the mountain.

(End of this chapter)

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