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/ Video Games / Non-Player CharacterVideo Games 46 Chapters 73.4K Views“I’m glad I save you before you could die from your suicide attempt. There’s no need to worry; I’ve given you a second chance in life.” The last thing Claudia remembered was jumping off a bridge to end his own life, but now he’s woken up in the world of Serial Slain, his favorite MMORPG. For years, he had been playing the video game, eventually reaching the top five of the North American leaderboards. He had no real-life friends and seldom spoke to his family, so Serial Slain was his only solace in life. But one day, he loses his only in-game friend, he gets betrayed during a dungeon raid, and he loses all his progress, including every level and item. With no other purpose in life, Claudia committed suicide. His attempt was a failure, and it rendered him paralyzed and cognitively deficient. Luckily, a woman named Virgil gave him the chance of a lifetime by hooking up his brain to a fully immersive VRMMORPG, Serial Slain 2.0—a new update to the original game. Now, as a Tester of the new VRMMORPG, Claudia must defeat the final boss or risk returning to the reality that he hated. Just when he thought he was living his ideal reality, he soon realizes that even the video game world has its fair share of sorrow and suffering. . . World Map: https://twitter.com/lizorleiorarnol/status/1411774908149944321?s=21 . . Warning: This novel deals with sensitive topics, such as suicide, and uses strong language. . . New Chapters Daily Discord @Epyonnn2759 Twitter @LizOrLeiOrArnol for random stuff. If I get enough support, I'll also make some light novel art for my story. DM me if you catch any typos

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