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Fang Lang's popularity is so high that even wood, ice and snow attract many people, making Dalin County overcrowded.

Fang Lang had only seen some familiar young masters. As for the rest, they were all sent away by him for battle on the pretext of retreat.

They also knew that Fang Lang was going to fight the first battle with the Son of God, so they did not dare to disturb Fang Lang. They have just lived in Dalin County, or Dajiang County, and will go to Xiaojiutiangong Square with Fang Lang in six months.

"Hu. Tai Chi Yi Dao and Kill Yi Dao finally exceeded the 50% level."

In the secret room, Fang Lang suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes gleaming.

Since then, after the first battle with the Son of God, after three months of retreat, he finally increased the meaning of the killing sword and the Tai Chi sword to 50%.

As a result, Fang Lang's three martial arts generals all reached the standard of the martial king level.

However, because of his incomplete soul, Fang Lang has never been able to advance to the realm of King Wu, but his strength has increased a lot.

At the same time, Fang Lang's nine-year career has reached the top of the third layer, not far from the fourth layer. The breakthrough will take up to a month, and it will certainly catch up with the upcoming battle of life and death.

"Go out and see"

Fang Lang worked slowly, condensing his breath, his eyes filled with spirits.

Once the door was closed, you could not close the door blindly. Fang Lang did not continue to practice, but went through customs from time to time to visit relatives and friends.

In addition, Fang Lang also needs to know the timely information of 18 Beihai.

Fortunately, the Son of God did not stir up a storm during this period. He stayed in Great Yan Nation, waiting for the battle with Fang Lang.

After Fang Lang left the secret room, he first looked at the three women of Mu Xue and Snow. He found that the three women were shopping with their mother and did not disturb her.

Xiao Baihu jumped up and down, very happy to see the leafy sky through the gate. He has been arching his thighs in the leafy sky with his big head, looking very affectionate.

"Xiaobai, we haven't hunted together for a long time, let's go find something delicious in the mountains!" Fang Lang touched Xiaobai's big head, and rode Xiaobai away.

Soon, not far from the forest, there was a smell of meat.

When he was promoted to hunting position again, it reminded Ye of his youth in Yejiacun. This is really short of time. Ten years have passed in a blink of an eye.

Fang Lang is no longer a fledgling low-level fighter, but has stood on the top of the eighteen kingdoms in the North Sea, not only the first generation of young people, but also the best of the older generation. Oh! No, there is wood, ice and snow. Now the first person of the younger generation should be Mu Bingxue.

However, the little girl Fang Lang is very sincere and doesn't care about any pseudonyms. She just wants to be Fang Lang's good old woman.

"It's too easy..."

Fang Lang lay on the ground, using Xiao Bai as a pillow, lazily drenching the sun, looking relaxed and at ease.

Xiao Bai was also lying on the ground, squinting, drenching the sun comfortably.

Time seems to have returned to Yejia Village more than ten years ago.

What a wonderful memory!

Fang Lang lamented that he knew he would leave 18 Beihai after the First World War.

As for coming back later, I dont know when, maybe a few years, maybe decades, or even a hundred years.

The vast expanse is very attractive to Fang Lang who is full of curiosity.

In fact, if it hadn't been for Fang Langhe's first battle in "Son of God", many young people who accepted the king would have left 18 Beihai.

It is worth mentioning that the king has given up his cold and arrogant character. He discussed with Wufeng, Gongsun Xuan, Yang Shaohua, Zhu Hongming and other young senior leaders. After the First World War, after seeing Fang Lang and the Son of God, he left 18 Beihai together.

They also wanted to invite Fang Lang, but Fang Lang said that he would stay at 18th in Beihai for a period of time and was not in a hurry to leave, so so be it.

Other young pickers are also contacting each other, forming a small team to cross the North Sea, leaving this small place to go to the real.

At that time, there was a wave of departure from all 18 Beihai.

Many senior and strong people are very supportive of this. For many years, Huang Wu has not had a strong presence in the 18 Beihai, the highest level is Wu Wang 5.

This completely awakened the older generation and the strong. Although they know that the lives of the 18 Beihai are in danger, they will never come back. If they do not go out, the 18 Beihai will never want to develop.

There are no real dragons in the shallow sea. Only when you go to the real, go to the big place where Wu Wang walks around, Huang Wu looks everywhere, you can have the opportunity to reach the highest state of martial arts.

During this period of time, many old and strong people, including those in the King Wu Kingdom, are looking for some life-saving treasures and handing them over to some close-knit young people who accept them, hoping that they can find hope of alive.

However, Fang Langzhi knew that this must be a cruel and **** road. I am afraid that no more than half of the people will eventually arrive alive.

But those who can come back alive are even fewer.

However, Fang Lang did not stop this matter, because every fighter has the right to pursue the highest martial arts, and he did the same. Why should he stop others?

Moreover, Fang Lang knew that if he wanted to develop, he had to pay a sufficient price.

The 18 in Beihai have been closed to the outside world for too long. If they don't even have the courage to go out, why should they pursue martial arts?

Wooden ice and snow is a true leapfrog talent. The first level of King Wu is equivalent to the seventh and sixth levels of King Wu. For example, Mu Bing and Bai Xue reached the second level of King Wu, comparable to the eighth level of King Wu, and her leapfrog talent remained unchanged.

Fang Lang is different. Many of his leapfrog talents are based on his low accomplishments, such as his three martial arts will.

At the peak level of Wu Wang's half-step, these three martial arts will reach a level of 50%, which is enough for Fang Lang Yu'e to defeat his opponent at several levels.

But after Fang Lang's attainments reached the realm of martial arts, when the will of martial arts did not differ much, Fang Lang's three martial arts will not even reach the next level.

In fact, "Hungry Undead" will definitely increase Fang Lang's first-level talent, Tai Chi's tenth level will increase his first-level talent, his own talent will increase by one level, and his nine-turn body will increase by two. To level three.

Level four or five, this is Fang Lang's leapfrog talent.

This level is indeed the highest among the 18 in Beihai, but looking at the whole, Fang Lang's talents only come from the middle and lower reaches.

However, Fang Lang was not discouraged. He has seen the power of the door god's exercises through the ninth turn on the fourth floor.

He feels that the more achievements the 9-year-old team will achieve in the future, the greater the power it will bring. ..

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