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"You can call me Sect Elder Mu. I am in charge of the eleventh line in Seven Moons Sect, Mu Zhen!" the ancient voice said. The old man's expression was calm when he took a slow step towards Su Ming.
There was no shadow beneath him. It was just as he said, the one who appeared was just a shadow figure.
"Seven Lives Art is a cultivation method only the successor disciples in Seven Moons Sect can practice, but in truth, the goal of this Art is to gather together a Dao Shadow, Dao's figure." When the old man said those words flatly, he looked at Su Ming.
"And Dao Shadow is not something you can understand with your current potential. Sect Elder Wang, you aren't my opponent. I would advise you to give up."
The old man had a calm expression, but there was a hint of arrogance in his words, and it lingered in the air, allowing all those who heard him to be able to hear it clearly.
His arrogance might seem normal to the disciples of Seven Moons Disciple, and they would not feel anything because of it, but when it came to Su Ming, he frowned.
"Since you are a sect elder as well, I do not want to humiliate you too much. I do it for Sect Elder Lan too. Oh well, I will take the initiative and make the decision: I will not return your attacks. You have three chances to attack. As long as you can make me take half a step back, you will be considered to have cleared the formation.
"But Sect Elder Wang, this will only happen once. If you continue to attempt clearing the thirteenth formation, don't blame me for being ruthless."
From the moment the white-robed old man appeared, he spoke as if he was talking to himself. Each of his words gave others a feeling that he stood supreme above others. His final words also showed incredible arrogance.
Su Ming was originally frowning, but at that moment, the frown disappeared from his face. The ghost of a smile appeared in its place. When he cast a glance at the old man, he said, "Then I will have to thank you, Sect Elder Mu. I will obey you. Are… you prepared?"
"I will not need to prepare myself. You can attack at anytime you please," the old man said flatly.
His expression might have been calm and gentle, but the pride in his voice remained. In truth, he did indeed have a reason to be proud. With his real body, he had reached the second level of Dao Divinity Realm. Even his shadow figure had the power of those in the later stage of Avacaniya Realm.
His noble status of a sect elder in Seven Moons Sect turned his prideful actions into a habit. He was familiar with his own demeanor, and he did not feel even the slightest bit of discomfort behaving in such a way.
Su Ming nodded and swiftly moved forward. When he lifted his right hand, he did not clench his fist. Instead, when he approached, he pointed at Sect Elder Mu. At the instant he did so, the pupils of the white-robed old man shrank, but by then, Su Ming's finger had already touched the air seven inches away from the white-robed old man.

An arch-shaped barrier instantly appeared to block Su Ming's finger. The barrier fluctuated as if it was continuously neutralizing the attack.
The old man's pupils, originally shrunken, returned to normal. He smiled faintly, but just as he was about to speak, the barrier crumbled, and Su Ming's right hand shot forward… He tapped the old man's arm.
"Go away," Su Ming said faintly.
Since he intended to clear the formations, he did not intend to keep too much of his power a secret. Instead, he wanted to show it bit by bit. At that moment, one of his assumptions had been proved right. It was the one about what sort of things had been going on with the great sect elder of the third line—the middle-aged man in the sky-blue Daoist robe—taking Su Ming in as a disciple, causing him to become the fourteenth sect elder of Seven Moons Sect.
The white-robed old man's expression changed drastically. He instinctively wanted to move back, but he forced himself not to do so. His body distorted as if he was about to dissipate, and he... could not endure the power from Su Ming's finger. He could not help staggering and taking dozens of footsteps backwards.
When he stopped with much difficulty, his expression changed continuously. It was occasionally sullen, occasionally aloof, occasionally shocked. When he looked at Su Ming, there was a complicated expression in his gaze. In the end, he did not say another word and turned around. With a swing of his arm, he disappeared from the Feng Shui compass.
At that moment, all those who saw the proceedings from the different layers of Sky Beyond the Sky in Seven Moons Sect let out cries of surprise. They might have had incredibly high expectations for Su Ming, but none of them had expected that he… would so easily clear the thirteenth formation that could be said to be a barrier that reached the skies.
In fact, there were a few who instantly thought that Sect Elder Mu had intentionally done it.
Only the disciples who had cleared the thirteenth formation of the fourth Sky Beyond the Sky had solemn expressions on their faces. The scene when Su Ming had pointed the finger at the sect elder had made their hearts shudder.
It was especially so for the head disciples who were in charge of the mountains. At that moment, their expressions were the most solemn. Clearing the thirteenth formation would mean that Su Ming had similar power to theirs.
But… the ease at which Su Ming had passed the thirteen formations brought them great pressure. It caused them to be even more serious when they stared at Su Ming.
In fact, even the head disciple of the second line, Chen Tao, who had already cleared seventeen formations, opened his eyes at that moment. When he looked at Su Ming, a grim look that was rarely seen on his face showed up on his face.
There was also Yue Yan, Lan Lan's disciple who was also from the third line. She had cleared sixteen formations, but her eyes were burning brightly right then. Su Ming had shocked her time and again.
"Fourteenth formation," Su Ming called out flatly.
He lifted his right foot and stepped down on the Feng Shui compass. A hint of expectation appeared in his eyes. He was highly expectant of the split he would experience during the fourteenth formation, which was equivalent to the split of his shadow in the Seven Lives Art.
Booming sounds shot up into the air and echoed when the fourteenth formation appeared. The Feng Shui compass on which Su Ming stood began shining rapidly. As it rotated, the light spread out in every direction. In the blink of an eye, the countless runic symbols squirmed and turned into multiple copies of Su Ming.
Countless miniature versions of him had appeared around him at that moment. Soon after, a mighty pressure that caused even Su Ming to feel slightly uncomfortable descended with a bang. That mighty pressure felt as if the sky had collapsed and pressed down on Su Ming's body, causing his soul, his will, and everything in his body to feel as if they were about to be split apart.
If it was any other disciple who challenged the fourteenth formation, they would have long since sat down cross-legged, circulating all his or her their cultivation base to fight back, but Su Ming only lifted his head and looked at the sky where the mighty pressure came from. Then, he swept his gaze across the figures of himself that were formed by the countless runic symbols.
'The pressure still isn't enough. It can't split another shadow figure from me.' Su Ming frowned, and resolution appeared on his face. He lifted his right hand and struck the center of his brow.
With it, a loud bang came from his body, and his cultivation base was immediately thrown into chaos. The pressure from the world around him increased, and the shadow under Su Ming's feet instantly started distorting.
'It's still a little lacking.'
A contemplative sparkle shone in Su Ming's eyes. He lifted his right hand and formed a seal before he tapped his chest. A cyclone was formed in his body, and it turned into a seal that sealed off three-tenths of his cultivation base.
When he did so, the pressure from the world around him became stronger. It caused the feeling of his body being split to become stronger.
'One more time.'
Su Ming did not change the seal on his right hand. He tapped his Dantian region, and the cyclone appeared in him again to turn into a second seal.
Su Ming did not stop moving his right hand. When he brought it up, he tapped the center of his brow again. Immediately, the third seal appeared in his mind and soul. With three seals, he sealed off about nine-tenths of his cultivation base, causing his body to tremble for the first time.
The disciples of Seven Moons Sect in the area had been keeping a close watch, and practically all of them were stunned by his actions. None of them knew what Su Ming was doing. Only Yue Yan's pupils shrank when she saw his actions. For the first time since the start, she stood up and strode towards the cliff to stare at Su Ming. A hint of shock appeared on her face.
"Just-just what level of cultivation does he have? This method… is the exact same as the one that Fei Feng used for the fourteenth formation in the past. He had to seal his own cultivation base to have another shadow figure split from his body!"
She was not the only one who lost her composure. Even the pupils of Chen Tao of the second line shrank. He stood up swiftly, and while he did not walk out of his cave abode like Yue Yan, a hint of shock appeared on his face.
In fact… Fei Feng, who was the strongest among the youngest generation of disciples in Seven Moons Sect and who had stayed with his eyes closed as he meditated, opened his eyes a bit at that instant. They shone with a brilliant light.
"Wang Tao…" he murmured.
The three of them were not the only ones who reacted like that. The expressions of the thirteen sect elders in the fifth layer of Sky Beyond the Sky and the hundreds of thousands of cultivators who were in the same generation as them changed. They began paying close attention to everything that happened to Su Ming.
"Either this person hid his level of cultivation, or his potential… is unimaginable. What level of cultivation does he currently have? Could it be that he has already attained great completion of Avacaniya Realm?!"
"The Masters of each line sent word before that no one was to interfere or stop Wang Tao when he practices cultivation. A person who is so highly valued by the great sect elders… Even if he shows power belonging to those who have attained great completion of Avacaniya Realm, I wouldn't be surprised!
"But Mu Zhen, you are the first sect elder to have directly engaged in a battle with him. Lay down your judgment."
"Great completion of Avacaniya Realm!" A cold harrumph came from the eleventh mountain. It belonged to Mu Zhen.
At the instant the crowd's voice rose up in Seven Moons Sect's fifth layer of Sky Beyond the Sky, Su Ming let out a low growl. As his voice echoed in the air, the shadow beneath him distorted and began overlapping. In an instant… the second shadow appeared under him. It was the shadow figure which Su Ming had separated at the start, but once it appeared… a third showed up the next instant!
The third shadow was slightly blurry, but when it appeared, banging sounds came from Su Ming's body. Once all the seals were released, his cultivation base erupted, and the blurry shadow became clear. It instantly became complete!
"Fifteenth formation!" Su Ming's voice echoed and caused the entire region to tremble.
At that moment, the night seemed to be over, and… the first rays of light appeared in the distance.

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Chapter 688: Rise Chapter 689: Entering Life Cultivation Realm Chapter 690: Great Yu Appears Chapter 691: The Berserkers Advancement Chapter 692: His Atman Leaving His Body Chapter 693: Physical Body Chapter 694: Bidding Farewell To His Memories Chapter 695: The Immortals Last Resort Chapter 696: Disaster The Sword Of Murder Chapter 697: Damn It Chapter 698: Pursuit Chapter 699: Devour You Chapter 700: Eastern Wastelands Tower Chapter 701: A Fat Lamb Is Here Chapter 702: The Path Of Cultivation Chapter 703: Eighth Layer Of Eastern Wastelands Tower Chapter 704: Light From Eastern Wastelands Tower Chapter 705: My Autumn Chapter 706: Abyss Awakening Chapter 707: Exiting The Tower Chapter 708: Destroy The Sect Chapter 709: A Pot Of Meat Chapter 710: There Will Always Be Sacrifices And There Will Always Be Those Who Want To Live Chapter 711: Do Not Spare Even A Single One Chapter 712: Great Leafs Sword Rune Chapter 713: The Sword In The Hand Chapter 714: The Two Prejudiced Extremities Chapter 715: The Smile He Had Not Seen For A Long Time Chapter 716: Scratching An Itch Chapter 717: The Fateful Meeting Chapter 718: Marriage Chapter 719: Origins Revealed Chapter 720: Yu Xuan Could You Give Me A Strand Of Your Hair? Chapter 721: Arriving In Southern Swamp Once More Chapter 722: Second Senior Brother And Zi Yan Chapter 723: Whose Is It? Chapter 724: Youngest Junior Brother Do You Really Want To See It? Chapter 725: Morning Dao Sect Chapter 726: His Second Senior Brother And Hu Zis Origins Chapter 727: Blood Of Nine Li Chapter 728: God Of Shamans Island Chapter 729: Do You Remember Me? Chapter 730: Life Of Nine Deaths Chapter 731: Helping Him Gain Enlightenment Towards Life Chapter 732: Western Sea Chapter 733: Protection Chapter 734: A Happy Smile Chapter 735: The Enemy Arrives Chapter 736: Attack Chapter 737: Persecution Chapter 738: Destroy 19 Chapter 739: Sacred Constellation Robe Chapter 740: Devastation Chapter 741: Three Seals Chapter 742: Daylily Chapter 743: The Will Of Autumn Chapter 744: Yin Deaths Child Chapter 745: Dao Yuans Death Chapter 746: If Only Life Was As Beautiful As It Seemed At First Sight Chapter 747: The Barren Lands Of Divine Essence Chapter 748: Offering Chapter 749: Body Of Flesh And Blood Chapter 750: Crimson Flame Planet Chapter 751: Eats People? Chapter 752: Heinous Criminals Of The Alien Races Chapter 753: Invasion Chapter 754: Breaking The Seal And Getting Out Chapter 755: Duke Of Crimson Flame Chapter 756: Grandpa Crane Has A Reward For You Chapter 757: Making His Place In Crimson Flame Planet Chapter 758: Drawing Sword Chapter 759: Brutal And Ruthless Chapter 760: Eternity Chapter 761: One Star One Moon One Sun Chapter 762: Start Of The Third Change Of Heart Chapter 763: Chance Chapter 764: Crimson Flame Planets Change Chapter 765: God Ascension Poison Wasp Chapter 766: Threads Of Flesh Chapter 767: One Aeonic Barricade Three Snare Sealants Six Dao Bolts Chapter 768: The Member Of The Alien Race Sensed Him Chapter 769: Small Problem Chapter 770: Intimidation Chapter 771: Jing Nan Zi Chapter 772: Picked Up A Gourd Chapter 773: Treasured Gourd Chapter 774: Treasured Gourd Please Kill It Chapter 775: World Stone Chapter 776: Jing Nan Zi Descends Chapter 777: Plot For Murder Chapter 778: Destroy The Clone Chapter 779: The Fifth Abyss Pact Chapter 780: The Illusion Shattered Chapter 781: Thought Contained In The Seal Of Divine Essence Chapter 782: Stall For Time Chapter 783: The Domineering Bald Crane Chapter 784: Jing Nan Zi Died Chapter 785: Leaving Crimson Flame Planet Chapter 786: A Hundred Years Chapter 787: Ill Give It All To You Chapter 788: Blood Identification Pearl Chapter 789: One Battle Chapter 790: Being Chased In The Western Ring Chapter 791: Heavenly Treasure Planet Chapter 792: The Person Who Killed You Is Mo Su Chapter 793: Eye Of The Typhoon Chapter 794: Eradication Chapter 795: I Will Become Famous Through This Battle Chapter 796: A Name Colored In Blood Chapter 797: Nine Swords Chapter 798: Earthen Script Chapter 799: Famous Through One Battle Chapter 800: Old Acquaintance Chapter 801: Great Divinity Incarceration Rune Chapter 802: Breaking The Rune Chapter 803: Divine Space World Chapter 804: Foreign Land Chapter 805: Suppression Chapter 806: His Physical Body Becomes That Of A Paragon Chapter 807: Shutting Down Divinity Incarceration Rune Chapter 808: Zhao Familys Progenitor Chapter 809: Revenge Chapter 810: The Crowd Is Mobilized Chapter 811: Eye Of Solar Kalpa Chapter 812: Forced Into Foreign Land Chapter 813: Foreign Land Chapter 814: Secrets Of The Foreign Lands Chapter 815: Big Man Chapter 816: Revenge For Having Killed His Wife Chapter 817: Five Echelon Chapter 818: The Teardrop All Those Years Ago Chapter 819: Cherishment Chapter 820: So Simple Chapter 821: The Obsessive Desire To Become The Strongest Chapter 822: Nine Hundred Ninety Thousand Feet Chapter 823: The Golden Cultivation Planet Chapter 824: The Insane Thought Chapter 825: Persistence Chapter 826: Ecang As His Clone 1 Chapter 827: Ecang As His Clone 2 Chapter 828: Ecang As His Clone 3 Chapter 829: Ecang As His Clone 4 Chapter 830: Ecang As His Clone 5 Chapter 831: Ecang As His Clone 6 Chapter 832: Ecang As His Clone 7 Chapter 833: Ecang As His Clone 8 Chapter 834: Ecang As His Clone Final Chapter 835: The Deep Slumber Before He Was Reborn Chapter 836: I Am The Master Of This World Chapter 837: Limit Chapter 838: One Hundred Thousand Stone Monuments Chapter 839: Secret Of The Stone Monument Chapter 840: Wiping Off Chapter 841: Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 842: Leaving The Foreign Land Chapter 843: Kong Huan Chapter 844: Green Feather Chapter 845: The Crane That Commits All Sorts Of Crimes Possible Chapter 846: Ecang Clone Appear Chapter 847: Space Sealing Rune Falls Chapter 848: You Are Not It Chapter 849: Disaster Befalls All Chapter 850: To Control Fate Lives And Death Chapter 851: Avacaniya 1 Chapter 852: I Need Stimulation Chapter 853: Return To Crimson Flame Planet Chapter 854: Yue Hong Bangs Liege Chapter 855: Temperamental Chapter 856: Who Is It? Chapter 857: Xiao Huang Chapter 858: Anything Chapter 859: The Bald Cranes Excitement Chapter 860: Would You Like To Become Our Guest? Chapter 861: Uphold Justice Chapter 862: The Shamans Reappear Chapter 863: Swallows Feathers Chapter 864: Dao Avenues Voice Chapter 865: Bat Chapter 866: As Long As You Believe Chapter 867: The Sun And Moon Shines Together Chapter 868: Believe In Me And Worship Me Chapter 869: The Statue Of The Sun God Shattered Chapter 870: The Era Where All Lives Died Chapter 871: The Later Stage Of World Plane Realm Chapter 872: Peace Arrives When The Elephant Is Here Chapter 873: Promise Chapter 874: A Mere Fireflys Light Chapter 875: We Welcome The Progenitors Egression Chapter 876: Spiked Club Chapter 877: Malicious Spirit Weighing An Elephant Chapter 878: Residual Chapter 879: Evil Chapter 880: Getting To Know Lie Shan Chapter 881: Lie Shans Fond Remembrance Chapter 882: Trouble Stirs In The Auction Chapter 883: Elder Feng Chapter 884: I Want To See Lie Shan Xiu Chapter 885: Elder Fengs Joy Chapter 886: Master Who Taught Me My Craft Chapter 887: Fourth God Of Berserkers Chapter 888: Lie Shan Familys True Strength Chapter 889: Black Inks Order Chapter 890: The Shadow Kings Chapter 891: To Rise To Power Chapter 892: Our Berserkers Chapter 893: Number One Chapter 894: The Back Filled With Anguish Chapter 895: Dao Kong Chapter 896: Arrival Chapter 897: The Two Fiends: The Crane And The Black Chapter 898: Old Friend Chapter 899: Change Chapter 900: Preparation Chapter 901: The Item From Morning Dao Chapter 902: The Crazed Dao Kong Chapter 903: Possessing Dao Kong Chapter 904: Xu Hui Im Fine Chapter 905: Cultivation Base Clone Chapter 906: I Only Want 999 Chapter 907: Rising Abruptly In Power Due To Accumulated Strength 909 A Serendipity As Well As Danger 910 Why Should I Leave? 911 Light Blue 912 Ancient Ballad 913 Decaying Spirit Core 914 Waves Of Tears Core 915 Return 916 The Authority In His Commands Could Make Mountains Crumble 917 Either You Worship Me Or You Die 918 Digging Holes 919 The Person On The Giant 920 Who Is Your Great Patriarch? 921 Purer 922 Thank You 923 Indistinct 924 Malicious Sand Spirits 926 Her Husband In Name 927 God Of Berserkers Palm 928 Who Summoned Me 929 Suiyun Zhen Changlin 930 A Time For A Ballad 931 The Fifth Kiln 932 Common Sense 933 The Flower That Sank Into Darkness 934 Hearers 935 Malicious Eye 936 Your Life 937 Her Hair Lifted By The Wind 938 Who Gave Rise To This Obsession? 939 A Sigh That Came Hundreds Of Thousands Of Years Late 940 Change In True Morning Dao World 941 If You Gain Something You Will Lose Something In Return 942 You Are Already My Junior Brother 944 Them 945 Heaven Traverser 946 Stepping Into Outer Skies 948 Four People 949 Path Of Life Extermination 950 Beginning Of Light Summer 951 Arrival 952 A Fork And A Rattle Drum 953 Slashing Fate 956 Attracting Monsters 958 The Frivolous Crane 959 What Is Your Dao 960 Your Masters Name Is Yu Xuan Righ 961 They Are In The Same Group 962 Scorpion Lady Xu Hui 963 Resentful Wei 964 Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos 965 The Fifth Kiln 966 Main Soul 967 A Show 968 Dust Burners 969 Change Into A Burning Spiri 970 Dust Burners Progenitor 971 I Want To Go To The Fifth True World 972 Master Of The Kiln 973 Is He A Dust Burner? 974 Has He Died 975 The Kiln Activated 976 Reverend Zi Long 977 Resentful Wei 978 All The Old Monsters Have Come 979 Enter The Kiln 980 Gamble 981 Su 982 Enter The Kiln 983 Splitting Up 984 Located In The Origin Of Heaven 985 The Trees Ancestor 986 Waiting For A Chance 987 Now 988 A Puny Shoo 990 Su Mings Nervousness 991 Killing Inten 992 Shifting The Direction Of The Disaster 994 Real? Fake? 995 Peak Of Mastery Realm 996 Ancient Wu Shocks The World 997 I Promised 998 Stand Till The End 999 A Chessboard 1000 Then Lets Fight 1001 Zhu You Cai 1002 Life Inclination Spear 1003 Inequity Not Inclination 1 1004 This Art Is Named Mountain Shifter 1005 Twelve People 1006 One Person Died 1007 I Wont Die 1008 The Gate To Enter The Earth 1009 Your Rules 1010 Su Xuan Yi 1011 The Third Clone 1012 Drawing A Circle With Words To Form A Prison 1013 Seven Seals Rune 1014 Treasured Gourd Please 1015 Why Do You Have It As Well 1016 Three Mountain 1017 Unmoving Rudimentary Heavens 1018 The First Time He Opened His Eyes 1019 The Three Mountains Illuminate The Moon 1020 The Bald Cranes Past Vulgar Tastes 1021 Cloud 1022 Build 1023 Ashes 1024 Promise 1025 One Year 1026 Chang He 1027 Part Ways 1028 Happiness Anger Grief Resentmen 1029 Try I 1030 The Exact Same 1031 A Wasteland 1032 Mask Of Cessation 1033 I Want To Go Home 1034 Entering Western Ring Nebula Once More 1035 Welcome Back Our Liege 1036 Shut Up 1037 You Can Choose Not To Come Ou 1038 Sowing Discord 1039 White Black Gray 1040 Becoming The Master Of The Foreign Lands 1041 My Universe 1042 Do You Really Want To Die? 1043 So What If I Destroy A World? 1044 The Third Time He Smiled 1045 His Highness Dao Kong 1046 Which Dynast Are You? 1047 Huo Zhu 1048 Kong Mos Physical Body 1049 Goodbye Barren Lands Of Divine Essence 1050 True Morning Dao World 1051 Hang It At The Bow Of The Ship 1052 Your Grandfather Is A Dog? 1053 Who Even Are You? 1054 The Blood Light In The Galaxy 1055 An Old Friend With The Family Name Bei 1056 Is This Alright? 1057 One Drop Of Blood 1058 Came From Saint Defier 1059 If There Was No Destruction Then Where Would Life Come From 1060 Return To The Sec 1061 My Old Friend Huo Kui 1062 Ignore 1063 Nine Striking Lands 1064 Hostility 1065 Teachings From The Ancestors 1066 Prelude To Causing A Stir 1067 Anointment Ceremony 1068 Challenge From Seven Million 1069 Hello Everyone My Name Is De Shun 1070 Do You Understand Now? 1071 I Understand Now 1072 Striking Lands 1 1073 Striking Lands 2 1074 Striking Lands 3 1075 Striking Lands 4 1076 Striking Lands 5 1077 Striking Lands 6 1078 Striking Lands 7 1079 His Name Is Sang 1080 Astonishment Arriving 1081 Overpowering The Ten Strongest With Brute Strength 1082 Just Say I 1083 Legend 1084 That Person Is Dynast Dao Kong 1085 Establishing Migh 1086 Dao Ocean Trial 1087 Hu Zi 1088 The Battlefield 1089 I Am The Predecessor Of Dao Ocean 1090 Battle Against The Black Robed Person 1091 The Ancient God Appeared 1092 The Power Of Strength 1093 Who Created The Ancient God? 1094 That One Look 1 1095 That One Look.. 2 1096 That One Look.. 3 1097 That One Look.. 4 1098 That One Look.. 5 1099 That One Look.. 6 1100 My Right Hand 1 1101 My Right Hand 2 1102 My Right Hand 3 1103 My Right Hand 4 1104 My Right Hand 5 1105 My Right Hand 6 1106 My Right Hand 7 1107 She Doesnt Suit You 1108 You And Mings Disaster 1109 Ill Allow This 1110 Father And Son 1111 Home And Kin 1112 Yu Xuan Fei Er 1113 War Chamber 1114 My Name Is Wild Dog 1115 Opening The Abyss Gate 1116 Thirs 1117 Evil Ar 1118 Direct Entrance 1119 The Real Black Robed People 1120 Which Number Are You Among The Greatmasters Of Five Fingers 1121 God 1122 Saint Defier And Arid Triad 1123 Replacement Plan 1124 Under Space And Beyond The Universe 1125 Extermination Parasitical 1126 This Art Is Ocean Remover 1127 Essence Of Light 1128 Do Enter My Trap 1129 Greed 1130 Deceit 1131 As For Su Ming 1132 Rattling Drum 1133 Lord Saint Defiers Treasure 1134 Change For The Worst 1135 What Is There Left In My Life? 1136 The Gap In Arid Triad 1137 Possession 1138 Another Possession 1139 Morning Dao Sects Disaster 1140 Dus 1141 Separating From The Seed Of Life Extermination 1142 Tears From A Beauty 1143 Mortal Refinement Ar 1144 Him In Emperors Robes 1145 Xu Hui 1146 Grandpa Could You Give Me This Fish 1147 Grandpa Could You Give Me This Fish 1148 A Cycle Of Life And Death 1149 How Many Lines Does A Leaf Have? 1150 The Heavens Have Dao And Dao Has Reincarnation 1151 The Memory Of Seven Breaths 1152 Watching Lives Pass As He Counted The Cycles Of Life And Death Quietly In His Hear 1153 Thirteen Meteors 1154 The Road To Hell 1155 One World Nine Lifetimes 1156 Old Monster Wen 1157 Finger 1158 Devour The God 1159 Saint Defier Sovereign Of Dawn Arid God 1160 Seize The Heavens And Replace The Sun 1161 Sending Out The Clones 1162 Mo 1163 An Fang 1164 Senior Brother 1165 An Fangs Baby 1166 One Hundred Thousand Locusts 1167 Eldest Senior Brother 1168 Reunion 1169 Heavenly Incense Extinguished 1170 Bosom Friend 1171 Heavenly Incense Rune 1172 Retrieving The Clone That Practices The Art Of Swallowing Hollow Shadows Whole 1173 Copy 1174 Secret Of The Universe 1175 Three Will Break 1176 A Mystery 1177 All Spirits Hall 2 1178 All Spirits Hall 3 1179 All Spirits Hall 4 1180 Four Years 1181 If You Desire Life Then You Must Possess Life 1182 Path Of Life 1183 The Red Fog Descends 1184 Heavenly Spirit Tribe 1185 A Theory Of The Four Eras 1186 The Figure Behind Him 1187 Victory In Terms Of The Soul 1188 The Three Races Of Arid Triad 1189 Position Of The Ancestral Spirit 1190 Great Abyss Tribe 1191 I Am The God Of Berserkers 1192 Those Six Numbers 1193 Berserker Body In Death Realm 1194 Its Here 1195 Transformation Of The Soul 1196 Sacred Lady 1197 Antecedental Spirit And Arid Beasts 1198 Created In Antiquity 1199 My Creation 1200 Su Mings Intelligence 1201 The Ancient Heavenly Spirit Tribe 1202 The Truth 1203 Return To True Morning Dao World 1204 Six Years 1205 The Antecedental Spirits Will 1206 Black Crystal 1207 Kindness Of Helping Him Succeed 1208 The Sacred Vessel Barren Cauldron 1209 South Union 1210 The Mere Power Of A Speck Of Ligh 1211 Seven Ultimate Yin Transformation Rune 1212 Destruction In Five Breaths 1213 A Great Tribute 1214 Soul Nucleus 1215 Dragon Of Destruction 1216 Ancient God Ta Jia 1217 Ancient Slave 1218 Startled To Retrea 1219 Fang 1220 Possessing True Morning Dao World 1 1221 Possessing True Morning Dao World 2 1222 Possessing True Morning Dao World 3 1223 Possessing True Morning Dao World 4 1224 Possessing True Morning Dao World 5 1225 True World Clone 1226 Hello 1227 End Of Wills Sword 1228 The Successful One Returns Home 1229 Yin Death Vortex 1230 Berserker Consor 1231 Old Friend 1232 Never Setting Sun 1233 Southern Swamp Island 1234 The Chinese Zither Was Like The Moon With Two Reflections On The Water 1235 Did Another Autumn Pass In The Dream 1236 The God Of Berserkers Returns 1237 People From Everywhere Came Forth For Worship 1238 Unable To Withstand Even A Single Hit 1239 One Slash To Seal Heaven 1240 A Magical Soul And Cauldron 1241 Return To Position And A Races Rise To Power 1242 Thrown Into Confusion 1243 Kill The White Robed Old Man 1244 Gray Butterfly 1245 The Great Hand From The True World 1246 Moving In Reverse In Yin Death Vortex 1247 Your Spirit Ascension Disaster Has Arrived 1248 Seal It Tigh 1249 It Is Related To You 1250 This Is My Disaster 1251 The Approaching Five Colors 1252 The Second Disaster 1253 The God Of Berserkers Crushes The Disaster 1254 The Direction Of The Future 1255 How Many Drops Of Water Are There In An Ocean 1256 Arid Triads Original Intent 1257 Arid Triad Compromises 1258 The World In The Depths 1259 Turning Point 1260 I Swear 1261 Qian Chen 1262 Are There Any More? 1263 Destroy The Sect 1264 No Other Choice 1265 Heavenly Spirit Tribes Mourning 1266 It Has Come 1267 When We Grow Up Are We Going To Change? 1268 Lei Chen 1269 The Battle Of Destiny 1270 The Mournful Death 1271 Exile 1272 Before Breaking The Cocoon And Becoming A Butterfly 1273 The War Situation In Arid Triad 1274 Breaking The Cocoon 1275 He Is Arid Triad 1276 Truth 1277 How Many Wings Does A Butterfly Have? 1278 Approaching All Spirits Hall 1279 The Sovereign Of Dawn Descends 1280 Spirit Ascension Again 1281 Leaving Harmonious Morus Alba 1282 You Have To Fight For Your Own Life 1283 Now Its Fair 1284 One Sect One Race Become Strong On Your Own 1285 Sharpen The Sword Sharpen The Blades 1286 You May Stop The Fight 1287 Three Things 1288 The Strongest In His Eon 1289 You Are A Walking Crystal Mine 1290 The Emperor Of Abyss True World Trembles 1291 A Wedding 1292 Art Of Time 1293 I Did Not Bear Witness To It 1294 Lowly 1295 You Set Me Up 1296 You Should Not Have 1297 I Am Here 1298 Five Faced Beast Deity 1299 Changing The Ruler Of The Emperor Of Abyss 1300 The Distance Of One Sword 1301 The Past Is Gone Like The Wind 1302 Arid Triad 1303 This Butterfly Is You 1304 Let This Sea And This Tree Merge Into One 1305 The Seventh Reversed Spirit 1306 The Bald Cranes Great Enemy 1307 Dark Dawn Saint Defier 1308 This Presence Came From The Universe Beyond 1309 Hmm? 1310 My Mind Will Not Be Able To Rest 1311 Spirit 1312 What A Load Of Nonsense 1313 Whose World Is This? 1314 Life Extermination Hall 1315 Cang San Nus Confidence 1316 Fragment 1317 Viridian Gods 1318 It Came From The Vast Universe 1318 It Came From The Vast Expanse 1319 Will You Sit On A Sedan Chair Or Will You Walk? 1320 Baldys Anger 1321 The Old Man Exterminations Tomb 1322 When One Harmonious Morus Alba Is Destroyed An Abnormality Will Definitely Appear 1323 Has He Arrived? 1324 Imitation Of Yin Deaths Path 1325 Dazed Eyes 1326 Plot For Murder 1327 Love Menace 1328 Battle Against Arid Triad 1329 This Time You Lost 1330 Backlash 1331 Perhaps It Is Destined 1332 Dao Is Boundless 1333 You Ming 1334 The Fourth Universe 1335 Progenitor Of Abyss Builders 1336 The Autumn Breeze Blows 1337 Test 1338 Ruthless 1339 Three Questions 1340 A Plea For Their Legacy 1341 A Mistake Is Required 1342 The Vast Expanse 1343 The World Of Specters 1344 With An Epiphany The Universe Is Shocked 1345 Dao Divinity 1346 Sacred Wood 1347 Ceaseless Greed 1348 Su Ming I Want To Cry 1349 If Only Loulan 1 Was Still Around 1350 Tian Xie Speaks With A Smile Of Old Man Exterminations Rise To Power 1351 Lu Ya Dies 1352 Snow Continued Falling 1353 Ferryman For One Life 1354 Is The Other Side Of The River A Riverbank? 1355 Home Was No Longer Far Away 1356 This Grandpa Crane Hasnt Officially Debuted Ye 1357 Step Through The Door 1358 Return To The Barren Lands Of Divine Essence 1359 Old Friends In Black Ink Plane 1360 Regre 1361 Before Arid Triads Disaster My Name Will Sound Through The Universe 1 1362 Before Arid Triads Disaster My Name Will Sound Through The Universe 2 1363 Before Arid Triads Disaster My Name Will Sound Through The Universe 3 1364 Three People 1365 Setting Up Fifty Years Of Peace 1366 Arid Triad Disaster 1 1367 Arid Triad Disaster 2 1368 Arid Triad Disaster 3 1369 Arid Triad Disaster 4 1370 Arid Triad Disaster 5 1371 Arid Triad Disaster 6 1372 Arid Triad Disaster 7 1373 Arid Triad Disaster 8 1374 Arid Triad Disaster 9 1375 Arid Triad Disaster 10 1376 Absolutely Wont Give Up 1377 The Bald Cranes Choice 1378 Beyond The Mountains Are More Mountains And Beyond The Towers Are More Towers 1379 Water Is Water And Beyond The Sky Is More Sky 1380 In Your Dreams You Dont Know That Youve Grown Old 1381 In The Fog Over The World Who Would Climb To The Highes 1382 Blood Of Seven Moons 1383 Reveal 1384 Sect Elder Lan 1385 The Figure In The Dark 1386 My Name Is De Shun 1387 Who Woke Me Up? 1388 Life Sages Chance 1389 Seven Lives Ar 1390 Senior Brother Please Wai 1391 This Person Is A Scoundrel 1392 Sect Rules 1393 You Are Su Ming 1394 A Battle Of Arts 1395 Second Level Of Dao Divinity Realm 1396 Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune 1 1397 Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune 2 1398 Dao Divinity Shadow Descension 3 1399 Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune 4 1400 Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune 5 1401 Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune 6 1402 The Shadow Of Winter 1403 Darkness Of Spring 1404 One Dao Sect 1405 Or Fight 1406 Great Dao Paragon Sen Mu 1407 The Person Who Will Kill You Is Tian He 1408 Without Destruction You Cannot Create Anything New 1409 Quasi Dao Spirit Realm 1410 Price 1411 I Already Know Who You Are 1412 Reversed Spirit Pearl 1413 Please Call Me Su Ming 1414 Dao Spirit Voice 1415 Three Is Greatness 1416 His Dao Spirit Voice Shakes Ancient Zang 1417 Voice Of His Life Matrix 1418 With One Move He Amazed The World 1419 Let The Youngun Stay 1420 Epiphany Of Wood 1421 The Dao Paragons Attack 1422 Two Large White Dogs 1423 Youre Looking Down On Me 1424 Miss I Love You 1425 Profound Meaning 1426 When I Cut It Down I Shall Reach Boundless Dao Realm 1427 Tian Xiu Luo 1428 His Dao 1429 Xuan Zangs Abode 1430 I Am Not You 1431 Four Cycles Of Sixty Years 1432 I Am Xu Hui 1433 Thank You But You Are Not Her 1434 Intending To Cut Without Leaving Any Traces Behind 1435 The Legend Of The Emperor Of Ancient Zang 1436 World Of Dao Verification Opens 1437 Snatch The Altars 1438 Cut The Dao Paragon 1 1439 Cut The Dao Paragon 2 1440 The Second Layer 1441 Only Kill One Dao Sect 1442 Fourth Level Of Dao Spirit Realm 1443 Shocking Dao Paragons 1444 Battle Against The Second Prince 1445 Each With His Own Method 1446 Ninth Echelon 1447 Ancient Zangs Dao Sec 1448 Third Layer Of Dao Verification 1449 Precise Calculations 1450 My Name Is Hao Hao 1451 Destruction Of The Dimension 1452 Tear The Road To Heaven 1453 Indestructible Will 1454 Ill Help You 1455 The Path Down South Is Difficult 1456 I Dont Have Tears 1457 For What Reason? 1458 A Wine Feast In This Life 1459 Do You Still Not Understand? 1460 Some People 1461 Planting A Promise 1462 Hao Haos Choice 1463 Big Brother Goodbye 1464 Seven Moons Sect After That Period Of Time 1465 Descent Upon One Dao Sect 1466 Strongest Great Dao Paragon 1467 Ancient Zang Rules 1468 Kill Great Dao Paragons 1469 The God Of Berserkers Rises In Ancient Zang 1470 Bai Lu Dies 1471 The End Of One Dao Sects Good Fortune 1472 Now I Shall Turn Back To The World But I Will Not Be An Immortal 1473 How Many Cycles Of Life And Death Will End With Boundless Dao 1474 Thirty Three Skies Of Ancient Zang 1475 Gu Hong 1476 My Thirty Skies 1477 Beyond Ancient Zang Skies 1478 Opened Eyes 1479 To Not Wait For The Heavens To Fall Silen 1480 Persist With Determination All So They Could Meet Again 1481 Finale: How Many Cycles Of Life And Death Will There Be In Which One Person Was Missing And How Many Cycles Of Life And Death Will There Be Until They Return To The Mortal World?