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This is a preview, full chapter is coming soon!


there has been a small misunderstanding with age and timeline of barry, so i am going to clarify it. as you see from where i come from 11th and 12th grade comes in the category of intermediate college, so that's why i wrote it as college and i am sorry that was a mistake on my part, so due to that i took some time and rearranged the whole thing, i changed his birth year to 1995 so that he won't be a kid during the infinity war and i am also changing peter's age to match barry's, and one more thing by the time he meets barry he was already bit by spider and became spider man.

and one more thing i also need some list of supervillains, which i need to fit in for their growth. i already have some but i am also looking for some better options.

thank you,

and sorry for the inconvenience, and i will make sure that i won't repeat the same mistake in the future. i will remove this chapter when i am posting the original one. @@....

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