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Chapter 1 is reborn before the global financial crisis!

Time, on February 29, 2008, Friday, there is still half a year when the worlds rare financial crisis broke out in a century!

Outside the Queens Community, a boy was rushing home quickly when he was suddenly stopped.

"Hee, there are some things that Auntie can't say too bluntly. Your current grades can only be admitted to a general university in Hong Kong. If you are admitted to the University of Hong Kong, Auntie will not object to you coming after Jinghan." The aunt who sells milk tea looked around.

"Hmm." Wang Guanxi looked at the milk tea aunt helplessly.

She is called Shu Fangping. She is a takeaway milk tea from the Queens Community. She is very enthusiastic and kind. She is barren and unmarried all her life.

She adopted a little girl in the orphanage in her early years, named Shu Jinghan. She was a female student. She was extremely beautiful and had a super body. She was the most beautiful girl in the school. Wang Guanxi had been greedy for her body for a long time, and her impressions were relatively good. profound.

At this time, Shu Fangping deliberately reminded: "Xizai, you and Jinghan are still young, don't think about a puppy love, your grades are not good now, the most important thing is to study hard and get a good university, don't let you My parents are disappointed, you know?"

Shu Jinghan scored first in the school, Wang Guanxis best score was 101, which is incomparable.

"This is the love letter you wrote to Jinghan. Take it back now. Auntie has never opened it."

"Hold it"

"In the future, she will focus on her studies. Jinghan now needs to concentrate on studying and enter the world's top universities. If you really like her, don't disturb her studying now."

Said Shu Fangping returned a delicate love letter to Wang Guanxi.

"I gave it back to you for her."

Seeing Shu Fangping's face as if you dont want to disturb my daughters study, its definitely incomprehensible to switch to other boys. After all, the mother of the girl I like found you personally and told you not to disturb my daughters study. She also warned Don't fall in love early, return the love letter to you for your daughter, and give you chicken soup,'If you really like her, don't disturb her studying now'

Young man, tell me, how do you solve it at this moment?

Wang Guanxi was happy in his heart and made a plan for an instant. Then he accepted the love letter with a serious face: "Auntie, dont worry, I wont send love letters to Jinghan again in the future."

He was just born again today, and the love letter was carried in Shu Jinghans bag yesterday. Today, Shu Fangping talked to herself and helped Shu Jinghan withdraw the love letter, which he experienced once in his last life.

According to the original historical trajectory, Wang Guanxi really listened to Shu Fangping's words, and silently collected the love letter he wrote, and did not disturb Shu Jinghan any more, and then the two of them were gone. When they were in college, Shu Jinghan was extremely Excellent grades were recommended by the school to study at Cambridge University.

I didnt know what Yi Ren wanted when I was young. I was a stranger when I looked back. I still miss the present in my dreams, and I dont see the person I liked back then.

Wang Guanxi felt a little emotional in her heart.

"Ah? Didn't you write it?" Shu Fangping was stunned, very surprised, looking at Wang Guanxi with a miserable face!

Why doesnt this script come as she expected!

Preparing to educate Wang Guanxi's words suddenly got stuck in her throat, unable to swallow or speak, making her face embarrassed and smiling stiffly.

Then she asked: "Hee Tsai, you won't lie to Auntie, do you?"

Wang Guanxi looked serious: I havent spoken to her for a long time. This love letter was written by another boy in school who likes to read books. Let me give it to Jinghan.

"Ah? That's it?" Shu Fangping asked again: "Who is he?"

Wang Guanxi apologized: "Auntie, I cant tell you this."

Shu Fangping looked puzzled: "Why can't you tell me?"

Wang Guanxi righteously said: "What do you do when you go to school to find him? By then, he will lose face. I can't betray my friends."

Shu Fangping had no choice but to say: "Okay, study hard in the future, don't think about premature love, you are still very young, you should focus on your studies, help me tell your male classmate, tell him not to disturb Jinghan in the future Study, or Ill go to school to find a teacher and talk to his parents."

Knowing that, she should open the love letter to see who wrote it.

Wang Guanxi vowed: "Auntie, don't worry, I won't send love letters to others anymore."

"I will help you watch, who will disturb Jinghan classmates study, I will tell you the first time"

"Okay, then" Shu Fangping immediately felt relieved and gave Wang Guanxi a cup of milk tea.

"Drink a cup of milk tea, no money, it's free"

"Auntie, take it"

"Good boy, this is free, study hard"

Then Wang Guanxi drank milk tea and entered the Queens Community.

The community is composed of ordinary old-fashioned residential buildings, narrow, crowded, and dilapidated. The density is dazzling. People with intensive phobias dont want to come to such a place.

Many residents in the community have been corroded by rain all the year round, and black moss has grown in many places.

The residential building has no balcony. There are small iron rods that can be seen. There are various clothes on it, including womens underwear and underwear. When the wind blows, it falls directly on the ground from high in the sky, or blows onto the windowsill of other peoples houses.

The residential buildings are also covered with old-fashioned air conditioners, which are also densely packed.

Here is where he lives.

"I was born again in 2008." Wang Guanxi sighed, wearing a light blue school uniform and carrying a small black schoolbag.

He has an ordinary family, his father is from Shenzhen and his mother is from Hong Kong.

The parents are both working people. Although the family has no money, their parents took pains to send him to the best middle school in Hong Kong. However, they dont earn their energy and have mediocre grades.

Queens community is a slum area in Hong Kong, and there are many such communities in Hong Kong.

In a place where Hong Kongs land is worth a lot of money, prices and consumption here are very high, and housing prices are unattainable.

For those who have worked in Hong Kong for decades or half their lives, because they cannot afford to buy a house, they can only choose to rent a house or buy a house without thinking about it.

The house in the Queens Community was left by Grandpa Wang Guanxi.

soon returned home. Because of his new rebirth, Wang Guanxi still had a lot of memories to digest, and his head was a little dizzy, so he put down his schoolbag.

go to bed.

When I woke up, my parents had already returned, and the dinner was ready.

"Hee, get up, ready to eat" his mother Mo Yunzhen, wearing an apron with a stack of vegetables in her hand, walked out of the kitchen, "made your favorite pork belly stir-fried green beans tonight"

This is a dish, very fragrant.

"Well, right now" Wang Guanxi washed his face, rinsed his mouth, and then went to the small living room.

His father Wang Junming had just dried his clothes, with water on his hands, and said to Wang Guanxi: "Hee, there is no washing powder. Go buy a pack of washing powder and come back."

Said he gave Wang Guanxi 100 Hong Kong dollars to buy washing powder.

Wang Guanxi took it, and then went to the supermarket below to buy a pack of washing powder back, and then do some housework, everyone worked together.

Then dinner is ready. It is very simple. Stir-fried pork belly with green beans, eggplant and egg noodles.


A family of three eats with gusto.

Mo Yunzhen suddenly smiled and asked, "Did you interrupt Shu Jinghan's study recently?"

When she came back from get off work today, she happened to ran into Shu Jinghans mother, Shu Fangping, and the two chatted.

Wang Guanxi explained: "I didn't disturb her"

Mo Yunzhen smiled and said: "Today I heard from Shu Fangping that you interrupted Shu Jinghan's study with another boy in school, and you also helped someone send Shu Jinghan a love letter."

"You didn't write it, did you?"

Wang Guanxi: "How could I write it? I haven't spoken to her for a long time."

Unexpectedly, Shu Fangping was still worried about herself. She felt that she might be unwilling to her daughter, so she told her mother about it and made her pressure herself.

Like a thief, prevent yourself from approaching her daughter.

Very good, lets see how I can fix your daughter in one month.

Mo Yunzhen smiled and said: "That's good, you must not influence others' study, and don't delay your own study"

"It's very young now, don't rush to fall in love"

After finishing talking, she went to serve dinner.

At this time, his father Wang Junming said earnestly: "We are poor people living in poverty-stricken areas in Hong Kong. If you dont want to be poor in the future, just study hard. Dont think about falling in love all day. I managed to send you to a top middle school in Hong Kong, so dont just go to a regular university."

Wang Guanxi dissatisfied and said, Dont the poor have the right to fall in love when they are young?

Wang Junming nodded: "Yes, when the poor are young, they should study hard!"

"What kind of love will you talk about?"

"Can dating make you top ten in the school?"

"Can dating make you admitted to a prestigious university?"

"Dont bother other peoples studies in the future, and delay their girls studies. Shu Jinghan is the number one in the school. You dont think you can get in the school. Do you think you are worthy of a good girl like this? ?"

"Remember, entering a world-renowned university is your only chance to get rid of the poor in Hong Kong!"

Wang Guanxi: "..."

Although I am poor and my grades are not good, I have to pick up the most beautiful girl!

After a while, your little hearts will explode.

Wang Guanxi said: "I know, remember, I will never send love letters to others again"

When I was young, I met a girl I liked, but I could only study hard, stare at me, and didn't dare to move.

It's hard to find pure love in the world when I missed the most beautiful years.

At the most vicissitudes of age, I still believe in **** romantic love, I just want to make money!

He is a mediocre character at the bottom!

But its not far to make a fortune. In 2008, the worlds unseen financial crisis broke out in a century. For others, it was a disaster, but for him, it was a historical opportunity to change his destiny and become a super rich from the bottom.

By the way, quickly get Shu Jinghan, the childhood sweetheart female schoolmaster. Don't look at her thin, but she has a great body. Although she does not show her legs, she is very long and white inside.

Make money and make up girls with both hands!

Dont the parents and elders resolutely oppose him to disturb Shu Jinghans studies, worrying that his puppy love will affect his studies?

He wants to win the book Jinghan now, just to play puppies, that is to play puppies with the most beautiful, best, and least likely girl in school!

Of course, take the top ten in the school by the way!

This absurd view of the impact of puberty love on school is here for him!

But thinking of Shu Jinghans hard-working, stubborn, serious, and serious appearance, he secretly said in his heart: Tsk, dont try to take Cambridge exams for girls, take the time to fall in love

However, it is also very difficult for a female student who only knows to study and wants to take the Cambridge exam to fall in love. It is a problem of the century.

People dont want to spend time on puppies, and dont think about love at all. It can be said to be difficult to get in.

She likes to study, Wang Guanxi likes to play, and the two peoples hobbies and hobbies are actually not much in common.

Parents are also staring, even the school teacher is staring, this female school bully is not easy to pick up, extremely difficult.

Shu Jinghans mantra is to study hard.

When was making sisters, they said, "You study hard, we should study hard now, how can we break it?"

If you have money, everything can be broken!

However, there are still 6 and a half months before the financial crisis broke out.

He has to make a plan to accumulate principal, and then become a rich man in the financial crisis!

(End of this chapter)

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Chapter 218: 218 war against Huang's consortium Xiaosheng trapped the opponent 3.1 billion Chapter 219: 219AIG floats up to 740 million US dollars and borrows 4 billion Chapter 220: 220 If you want to do it, then do it! The king of Hong Kong's penny stocks! Chapter 221: 221 hit the west! Zheng's consortium consumes 10 in vain Chapter 222: 222 Short-selling frantically dried up the opponent's cash flow! Chapter 223: 223 How long can the little black shirt insurance jump? Fragrant Chapter 224: 224 Silly Zheng's Consortium! 8 billion cash flow is over Chapter 225: 225 The daughter of Luo's daughter is a female secretary? put all one's eggs in one basket! Chapter 226: 226 The big cadre Luo Baowen's family wins 1.2 billion more with less Chapter 227: 227 Hang Seng Index plummeted, floating profit of 3.1 billion Hong Kong dollars, BOS Chapter 228: 228 credit loans of 1.5 billion, and another 40 million shares! Chapter 229: 229 Crazy smash! Dry the Philippine consortium! 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Chapter 243: 243 Hong Kong stocks plummeted across the board, black shirt hedge funds are big Chapter 244: 244 The female secretary is really not big? The tripartite alliance falls apart Chapter 245: 245 client assets of 90 billion yuan, one in the securities industry! Chapter 246: 246 The girl is moved and crying, the background is mysterious and awesome Chapter 247: 247 net worth 5 billion Hong Kong dollars, Luo's daughter jealous Chapter 248: 248 has a floating profit of 8.5 billion and a loss of 52.82 billion! Chapter 249: 249 received a total of HK$6 billion Chapter 250: 50,000 bids by 250, Minghui Securities lost more than 4 billion in anger Chapter 251: 251 broke another 2 billion, you are not worthy! Chapter 252: 252 injects 247 billion U.S. dollars to rescue the six major central banks Chapter 253: 253 jumped more than 1,300 points at the opening, each with a heavy hammer on the face Chapter 254: 254 skyrocketed by 1000 points! Book horror profit! Chapter 255: 255 Oceanwide Hotel chairman personally came to serve as a waiter Chapter 256: 256 shocked the world's skyrocket! Play with Indians! Chapter 257: 257,700 billion US dollars dystocia? Gain 3,600 points! Chapter 258: 258 perfect short! Joint killing of pigs! Chapter 259: 259 withdrawals of 8.75 billion, taking the lead in the US stock market Chapter 260: 260 diving 600 points net worth 8.6 billion! Four lose all! Chapter 261: 261 Premium acquisition is impossible! Four little flowers fighting Chapter 262: The sophomore of 262BOSS is mine! 200 million crushes the audience Chapter 263: 263 security team is the most powerful among Hong Kong and Macau rich Chapter 264: 264 real big shots, Huang's consortium 300 million Hong Kong Chapter 265: 265 Photographed 5 Rolls-Royce Phantom Heads in one go Chapter 266: 266 You go out immediately! Hmm, anyquestion? Chapter 267: 267 Shocked the audience, he is a terrifying existence! ( Chapter 268: 268 crushes the ten streets of Hong Kong! Wang Guanxi's Profile Chapter 269: 269 [8 billion short! Chapter 270: 270 stunned the industry! The legend of the oriental crocodile begins Chapter 271: 271 is 20 billion casually! refute! Chapter 272: 272 heavy hammer face! Washington Mutual Bank Bankruptcy Chapter 273: 273 Black Shirt Hedge Fund has a floating profit of nearly tens of billions, No. 1 base Chapter 274: 274 Closed! Hong Kong's financial industry shocked! Chapter 275: 275 The ups and downs of the stock market, give you two days Chapter 276: 276 directly 2.9 billion snatched prey to the mouth! Knot big Chapter 277: 277 The Magical Use of the Three-inch Tongue, Three Cloths of the Trip to the Mainland Chapter 278: 278 Take my sister to the grove, so normal! Chapter 279: 279 The average working class in my family is not enough to care about Chapter 280: 280 Sorry, its so handsome for everyone Chapter 281: 281 crushed the audience and shocked the two schools, the only winner Chapter 282: 282 men look up to women's love! Wu Zhongqian suffered Chapter 283: 283 The horses offer fish to the BOSS, there is nothing you said here Chapter 284: 284 You provoke a big man (seeking monthly ticket) Chapter 285: 285 Kneel to the BOSS for two hours! Dao Heng Securities Chapter 286: 286 5 billion stocks dare not borrow from you God Chapter 287: 287 Playing dead opponents! Hold 5 billion! Chapter 288: 288 plunge! Profits are skyrocketing! Chapter 289: 289 Stake on what can be done! dry! dry! Chapter 290: 290 Midland Bank Crisis Time! Quartet ready! Chapter 291: 291 Crazy bargaining! Don't hesitate to borrow 200 million shares to the enemy Chapter 292: 292 Soros was shocked in a cold sweat and wiped out the black shirt union Chapter 293: 293 Global Focus Moments Chapter 294: 294 gains 14 billion, not reconciled to kneel to the black shirt Chapter 295: 295 Shocks on Wall Street Chapter 296: 296 Global panic, it's better to sell as a father to pay off debts Chapter 297: 297 Humiliated little secretary, net worth broke 15 billion Chapter 298: 298 Jump! despair! Chapter 299: 299 shocked Hong Kong's financial industry, with a net worth of 13.4 billion! Chapter 300: 300 direct 26.4 billion bet on all! My life is not Chapter 301: 301 nouveau riche! Do 3 billion dollars! Chapter 302: 302 Exciting moments! Make a billion U.S. dollars! Chapter 303: 303 strong stock price! Heavy strike! Chapter 304: 304 The financial sector was shocked, with a floating profit of US$480 million! Chapter 305: 305 [18 billion is what, if you want to do 30 billion Chapter 306: 306 Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation! 20 billion pledged! Chapter 307: 307 come again 14.6 billion! It's overwhelming! Chapter 308: 308 Others dare not do me Wang Guanxi do! Chapter 309: 309 Madden Hong Kong from all walks of life! Unexpectedly black shirt insurance Chapter 310: 310 God is helping! Defeat India Overseas Bank Chapter 311: 311 Hong Kong is shocked! HSBC's market value has evaporated by 400 billion Chapter 312: 312 heavyweight! Settlement gains 1.09 billion U.S. dollars! Chapter 313: 313 Bank of America! Borrowed 1.52 billion US dollars! Chapter 314: 314 Cut Hu! Technical genius Ma Zi! Chapter 315: 315 views shocked the financial world! Go crazy! Chapter 316: 316 Explosion Information! Profitable! Chapter 317: Unexpectedly, 3.17 million U-turns plummeted! Chapter 318: 318 Meet Again! Throw it directly into the sea! Chapter 319: 319 All Kneeling! Net profit of 10.4 billion! Chapter 320: 320 Fujitsu! I am not interested in the rich list! Chapter 321: 321 earned over! Global Black Monday! Chapter 322: 322 bankruptcy wave broke out! Wade Zhou was shocked! Chapter 323: 323 birthday, life experience Chapter 324: 324 net worth 20 billion! Global stock markets plummet Chapter 325: 325 global central banks cut interest rates! The stock market is still falling! Chapter 326: 326 Financing! 150 billion locked! Chapter 327: 327 crazy bargain-hunting world energy giants Chapter 328: 328 Humiliation! Acquisition! Chapter 329: 329 Warning! Full-time little secretary! Chapter 330: 330 rolling! 200 billion customer assets! Chapter 331: 331 shocked Hong Kong! New headquarters! Chapter 332: 332 Three hundred million crushed! Asset inflation Chapter 333: 333 skyrocketed for two days! Clearance big profit! Chapter 334: 334 plus 100 million is interesting! Kneel down and knock your head! Chapter 335: 335 Financial Tsunami! End of Luo! Chapter 336: 336 female president reduced to full-time female secretary! Sumitomo Finance Chapter 337: 337 billion bargain hunters locked in 1 trillion Hong Kong dollars! Chapter 338: 338 Hong Kong is shocked! A call to see Brother Xiao Ma Chapter 339: 339 The old cow eats tender grass? Heishan Securities Company was established Chapter 340: 340 shocked the entertainment industry! expansion! Chapter 341: 341 Fighting for favor, domineering! Chapter 342: 342 Five waves! I can get your company in minutes Chapter 343: 343 can't be compared at all! Break 30 billion Hong Kong dollars! Chapter 344: 344 Jump! Gained 9,200 points! Chapter 345: 345 The King Chapter 346: 346,330 billion investment becomes 2.1 trillion! Chapter 347: 347 Great India Fried Times! Xiao Ma's enthusiasm and respect Chapter 348: 348 Brother Xiao Ma knelt in his heart for a day! 80 billion worth Chapter 349: 349 ordinary family, the house is also small, Fuji Xun five tigers Chapter 350: 350 loan, wave 4 CBD Chapter 351: 351 bought a 40% interest in the Bank of East Asia Financial Tower Chapter 352: 352 sky-high price villas shocked the whole country! Chapter 353: 353 national big move, short Lu copper futures Chapter 354: 354 invests in Jingdong, Liu Jingdong knelt down! Chapter 355: 355 shocked the industry! Start layout Chapter 356: 356 birthday, wish to welcome or refuse (dont skip this Chapter 357: 357 Created WeChat shocked the industry leaders! Chapter 358: 358 Crazy allocation! Two bankers stunned! Chapter 359: 359 does not play cards according to common sense, perfect bargain hunting! Chapter 360: 360 four trillion! Two consecutive daily limit! Chapter 361: 361 It's just a small insight, it blows Dong Papi! Chapter 362: 362 Give pointers on the spot! Kneel all Chapter 363: 363 Investor Cocktail Party, Earn 1 Billion Small Money Chapter 364: 364 The Devil Chapter 365: 365 collective dumbfounded! hate! Chapter 366: 366 summit Chapter 367: 367 pens coming! Chapter 368: 368 Financing! Subvert Li Tianfu's concept Chapter 369: 369 Be a nobleman! Lei Xiaomi knelt to the ground! Chapter 370: Chapter 371: 371 Liu Chuanzhi is kneeling! The audience is shocked! Chapter 372: 372 strong level! Good baby found! Chapter 373: 373 National Science and Technology Strategic Plan officially launched! Chapter 374: 374 futures tycoon, gaining 9,700 points Chapter 375: 375 big bargain hunters! Chapter 376: 376 skyrocketed for four trading days! Chapter 377: 377 I'm Sorry Chapter 378: 378 Appointment for the first time, Lin Xiaoyu's birthday Chapter 379: 379 Lin Xiaoyu's love, the hotel is expanding wildly! Chapter 380: 380 Wall Street Century Deception ended! Chapter 381: 381 bought a bank and borrowed 750 million US dollars casually! Chapter 382: 382 Shocking Hong Kong Chapter 383: 383 mother and daughter Chapter 384: 384CEO, Fund 2 is closed! Chapter 385: 385 Citigroup Chapter 386: 386 Two big brothers on Wall Street strike together! Chapter 387: 387 World blockbuster! Reap huge profits! Chapter 388: 388 No name but 40 million shares! Chapter 389: 389 Whatever the cost! Hot discussion! Chapter 390: 390 does not play cards according to common sense! Chapter 391: 391 Bulls collapse! (Seeking monthly pass) Chapter 392: 392 Both gain huge profits! Chapter 393: 393 Huge Stock Terror Interest (seeking monthly ticket) Chapter 394: 394 India's seven giants gather (seeking monthly pass) Chapter 395: 395 Dominate the market! All deep sets! Chapter 396: 396 Three funds have a huge floating profit, clearing the US Bank Chapter 397: 397 billion small money, madly borrowing stocks Chapter 398: 398 Secret Chapter 399: 399 Happy for nothing! Chapter 400: 400 sorrows are everywhere, terrifying profits! Chapter 401: 401 300 million US dollars credit loan is a piece of cake! Chapter 402: 402 Silicon Valley Bank, lack of money Chapter 403: 403 rollover acquisition, my small score is not counted Chapter 404: 404 beautiful banker, mortgage Chapter 405: 405 Go! Charitable foundations and trust foundations Chapter 406: 406 Top Ten Consortium Ideas, Sturdy Folk Customs Chapter 407: 407 big bargain hunting! crucial moment! Chapter 408: 408 skyrocket! Close the position! Chapter 409: 409 short! Net worth refreshed high! Chapter 410: 410 Five hundred acres of manor! Chapter 411: 411 Ohio's largest rancher! Shocked Chapter 412: 412,60 million to build! Invested in the largest construction company in the U.S. Chapter 413: 413 Twenty billion dollars is really not much! Chapter 414: 414 Block the Ford Foundation, the four conspiracy Chapter 415: 415 bargain hunters! Soaring 250 points! Chapter 416: 416 gained 1.44 billion US dollars, and it was short! Chapter 417: 417 Thunder strike, delayed release of rescue plan! Chapter 418: 418 plummeted by 400 points, a big win! Chapter 419: 419 won the largest bank in Ohio! Chapter 420: 420 Governor personally called and shocked the five states! Chapter 421: 421 The desperate Messi family, the government facilitated Chapter 422: 422's acquisition of the world's top 500 shocked the United States! Chapter 423: 423 Hands on the Ford family! Despair and mouth Chapter 424: 424 wins the global auto giant! Shocked the world! Chapter 425: 425 huge low-interest loans, bargaining for 2.7 billion U.S. dollars! Chapter 426: 426 net worth 45.2 billion! Settlement stocks! Chapter 427: 427 40 billion fund hunters! Chapter 428: 428 net worth breaks 6 billion US dollars! So terrible Chapter 429: 429 Citi's Death! Close the position! Chapter 430: 43 billion dollars in small money! Sweep 200 million shares! Chapter 431: 431 Panic! The net worth is $8.3 billion! Chapter 432: 432 cleared all dollar debts! Chapter 433: 433 bought 400 million shares madly! I have too much money to configure Chapter 434: 434 You?