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In January, Wencheng entered a severe cold weather.

In winter, the city will become cold and humid. The temperature is kept at 3-5 degrees. It will not snow, but it will be very cold. The trees on the street also became bare in response to the scene, and looked a little depressed.

Lu Manman drove slowly from the hospital on the wide streets of Wencheng in a luxurious black car.

The bustling city will not lose its hustle and bustle because of the sluggish weather.

Just after New Year's Day, the streets are still filled with a festive atmosphere, with lights and festoons everywhere, crowds of people, and excitement.

With a smile at the corner of Lu Manman's mouth, he gently stroked his belly, looking out of the car window. Such a noisy atmosphere did not penetrate into her eyes. She held a checklist in her hand and held it lightly. But it is not difficult to see how much she cherishes it.

The luxury car drove extra stable today. Originally, it only took a 20-minute drive, which was twice as long.

The car stopped in front of a three-story villa.

The driver respectfully opened the door for Lu Manman, the door opened, and Lu Manman got out of the car.

The wind in Wencheng was a bit cold, blowing on her body. She unconsciously wrapped her coat and wrapped her scarf more tightly, leaving almost only a pair of smart big eyes.

She walked into the villa, walked through a garden, and walked into the hall.

Enough heating in the hall made her whole body warm up instantly, she tore off her scarf while walking upstairs.

Wen Yun is not here at this time.

This surprise, she wanted to give him at night.

With an unspeakable happy smile at the corner of her mouth, she pushed open the bedroom door.

Entering a big bed, intertwined with a pair of people, the entangled body constantly expands under her eyes.


The person on the bed seemed to feel the door being pushed open, and the intense movement stopped for a second.

That gentleman, that peerless husband in the eyes of the world, was looking at her with a ***** face.

And this * does not come from, he treats her.

Under him, lies a petite and graceful body. After stopping the exercise, he deliberately spoiled and looked so proud.

and so.

She went to the wrong room.

Lu Manmanchu was at the door, his face a little pale.

But she didn't cry or make trouble. The good education from a young age and the married life of two people who respected each other for so many years made her not excited and imageless.

Married for 7 years.

Is this the legendary 7-year itch? !

"I was in the wrong room?" She asked him in the silent space.

Asked her peerless husband, the peerless "good man" whom thousands of people admire in Wencheng, who once held her hand, walked on the high red carpet, and announced to the world, "In this life, I Wen Yun will only carry land. Long, one double for life."

The scene once seemed so ironic and ridiculous.

The man named Wen Yun got up from the bed.

The naked body, without the slightest concealment, still seemed so straightforward and strong.

His footsteps stopped in front of Lu Manman, his low voice with some irony, "Lu Manman, this is the end of our hypocritical marriage."


"I'm pregnant, do you know?" The test sheet held tightly in her hand seemed to become a crumpled ball in the palm of her hand.

"I have put contraceptives in your diet for many years, can you get pregnant?" Wen Yun sneered, "Are you sure it wasn't the doctor who checked you wrong?"

"Long years?" Lu Manman smiled and chuckled lightly.

Actively preparing for pregnancy for 7 years, doing everything possible, in exchange for such a cruel truth.

It's really funny.

"I don't love you Lu Manman. The reason why I married you is because of your Lu family's wealth. Now that you succeed, you are useless." Wen Yun said, so calm and bland.

"I'm useless..." Lu Manman repeated his words, his heart cold.

"You should feel lucky. At least I have allowed you to enjoy a happy life for 7 years. In the past 7 years, I have worked so hard to play a good husband and gain your trust. Don't you think that you are not at a disadvantage?!" Wen Yun said, speaking so calmly.

"So, should I thank you?" Lu Manman asked him, his eyes were red, but he didn't collapse.

Wen Yun smiled, "Why not. But Lu Manman, I really admire your calmness. You can be so calm in such a situation. It's a pity that I still want to see you go crazy. Who said it wasn't your parents? Credit. But, the news that your Lu family went bankrupt overnight, I wonder if your highly educated and highly qualified parents suddenly die?"

"You are really cruel!" Lu Manman clutched his stomach tightly, saying each word.

"Is this cruel? This is just the result of natural selection."

"You treat yourself as an animal after all." Lu Manman gritted his teeth, "a vicious animal."

"No, you are wrong, I am long. You forgot, I reminded you in bed that I am a lion, a lion that can bite people. It's just you, stupid!" Wen Yun smiled evilly.

The love words that used to bite the ears in bed have been replaced by today's heart-wrenching pain.

Pain, a little numb.

The scenes in the past, like a movie, corroded her soul bit by bit, laughing at her eyelessness!

"Is it uncomfortable? It ended up like this." Wen Yun asked her.

"What do you mean?" Lu Manman looked back at him.

"Unfortunately, I won't give you a chance to retaliate." Wen Yun smiled, laughing like crazy.

Lu Manman just looked at him like this, watching this man who was so in love with him, once gave up everything he had for this man, just to protect his beautiful future.

The truth gave her a taste of stupidity.

"Yun." The charming person on the bed suddenly hugged Wen Yun's body from behind.

The ambiguous palm was on him, stroking.

"How long will I have to tell her, I have thought about it..." Such a soft and charming voice, such an emotional face.

Lu Manman watched the scenes before him.

Looking at the traces of Wen Yun's body changes.

The ridiculous sound suddenly sounded. He once said to himself, he said long, I don't know why, the body seems to only respond to you.

Although I didn't believe it, I was really happy at the time.

But now.

Looking at Wen Yun's enjoyment, she turned and left.

Behind him, a woman's beautiful voice sounded, and the man gasped wildly.

Lu Manman will not lose her temper at people, nor will she make a big noise, she will only leave in silence like this.

Step by step, go downstairs firmly.

There seems to be some pain in my stomach.

I felt a warm current in my lower body.

She didn't look back, so she didn't see, she dyed the white carpet on the stairs red.

Go out of the villa door.

It was clear that the cold weather, but she suddenly did not feel the cold.

She stood at the door of the villa.

A car she was familiar with drove over.

When the car came over, there was no sign of slowing down, even faster and faster...



The sound of the crash was earth-shattering.

But at this moment, in the warm room on the third floor, it seems that I did not hear the general, passionate big bed. At that moment, accompanied by a violent sound, it reached the peak...

So far.

The end of life.

Still, life is strange.

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