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After being chased out of Xu Zhenyus office, Wen Xinya felt a little dejected, though she did not let it bother her much. She racked her brains and tried to think of some herbal recipes that would be suitable for Xu Zhenyu and aid him in sleeping well. She secretly handed the recipes to Xiao Huang and instructed him to prepare them for Xu Zhenyu.

Wen Xinya felt that Xu Zhenyu must have been too stressed about returning to Capital city and that his difficulty in adapting to the new environment must have resulted in his frustration.

Si Yiyan stood in his apartment which was on the 29th floor. Due to the high floor, he got to enjoy a birds eye view of the entire Capital University. "Hows your health? Are you feeling unwell?"

Wen Xinya pouted and said, "I can eat, sleep and move about. Even rabbits are not as energetic as I am."

He would ask her the same question whenever they spoke on the phone with each other.Does he think Im made of paper?Wen Xinya could not help but lament in her head.

Si Yiyan smiled and said, "You have to be more mindful because your period isnt over yet. Dont be too careless."

Her ailment wouldnt have acted up if she wasnt careless.

Displeased with his words, Wen Xinya retorted. "Im not that fragile. Do you really take me for a glass doll?"

Every single day, she would be stuck in the military base camp, listening to the commands and the sounds of her peers training. She felt as if she had been alienated. She was initially glad to be free from training but soon felt bored out of her wits.

Pretending not to hear her feeble voice, Si Yiyan said, "Your relapse this time has given you a reminder. From now on, you have to be mindful of the changes in your body. Dont be too careless."

If she were to be too careless and put her body through unnecessary stress, she would end up ruining her body and spark irreversible consequences.

A cold womb was not a minor illness. It was difficult to treat even with the present advanced medical technology. Si Yiyan was extremely concerned with her ailment because it would lead to various feminine illnesses. Hence, he had to be very careful.

Wen Xinyas face grew sullen, for she had indeed not paid attention. "With you around, I wont get to be careless even if I want to."

Her health mattered more to Si Yiyan than herself.

Likewise, Si Yiyans health mattered more to her than himself.

They were the same kind of person.

After hearing his words, Si Yiyan could not help but feel a little annoyed.

"Yan" Wen Xinya murmured in a coquettish voice while dragging her words. "Theres nothing too wrong with my body anymore. I think Ill cut short the break tomorrow."

Having already guessed her intentions, Si Yiyan said softly, "Be good and listen to me!"

Wen Xinya continued to plead while playing cute. "Yan~, just promise me! I can tell Xu-er to excuse me from the training sessions at night. Ill just attend the ones in the day. Dont worry, my body can take it."

Si Yiyan said calmly, "The doctor said that your condition is special and you cant engage in strenuous activity during your period."

This lass is too careless with her health.

Wen Xinya continued in a coquettish manner, "Ive already looked for the doctor at the medical office this morning. She said that my body is ready to undergo military training again."

Wen Xinya had made preparations long ago because she had already made up her mind to cut short the break.

Si Yiyan said coldly, "The doctors at the camp are used to treating the tough and strong soldiers. Thats why theyre more careless with treating spoiled students like you guys. Xinya your health may be alright now, but have you ever thought about the consequences that would entail if you were to be careless with your body? Do you think the doctor will care? Do you think the doctor will be liable for your health?"

Si Yiyan had been bearing a grudge against the doctor for tending to another patient after casually giving Wen Xinya some painkillers, despite how severe her condition was.

Wen Xinya was at a loss for words.

More than three years ago, she moved back to the Mo Family home for a short stay and on the second day, Old Mr. Du did a health checkup on her body. At the start, Old Mr. Mo said that her condition was not severe and that she would be fine with some nourishment.

However, later on, he insisted that she nurse her body back to health, thus arousing her suspicion.

She secretly overheard Old Mr. Mo and Old Mr. Du talking about her condition.

Old Mr. Du said that the foundation of her health was too poor and that she had inherited the condition of a cold womb from her mother and grandmother. Due to the fact that she had led a wandering life for fifteen years, she failed to take good care of her body in time and hence, was in poorer health than her mother and grandmother. If she were to continue being careless about her condition, she might never be able to conceive.

Back then, she did not think too much about it because she had just returned from her rebirth and was preoccupied with becoming stronger, taking revenge and being in control of her own destiny. Getting married and bearing children was not on her mind at all!

Hence, she chose to ignore it.

Si Yiyans words made her feel flustered all of a sudden.

Si Yiyan has probably found out about my condition a long time ago. Thats why hes so concerned about it. I know that doesnt bother Si Yiyan. If it did he wouldnt have bothered devising such a grand plan just to win my heart. He just doesnt want me to feel sorry about being incomplete.

Wen Xinyas silence made Si Yiyan extremely frustrated out of nowhere. He tried his best to sound as mellow as he could. "Im not trying to control you unreasonably. However youre not by my side and I cant take care of you personally. I dont know what your condition is like, either. Thats why Im stricter with you."

He had only left her alone for two weeks but her condition had already relapsed. He would only feel relieved after taking care of her health personally.

Wen Xinya was rather touched by how much he cared about her. Greatly taken aback, she said, "Fine, Im wrong. Ill rest for five days like we agreed. Dont get angry, alright?"

Si Yiyan cared about her even more than he cared about her health. She knew that he was taking meticulous care of her and restricting her from doing this and that because he was worried about her health. Likewise, he had never rejected the herbal soups that she had made for him regardless of how horrible they tasted.

Si Yiyan smiled and said, "Youre making it sound like Im some uncompromising tyrant. Since there are no longer any issues with your health, you may rest for another four days and resume training on the fifth day of your break. However, you must continue to consume the herbal soups until the military training program is over."

On the fourth day, her period had already stopped and hence, there was no need to worry about the military training program affecting her health.

Despite feeling elated, Wen Xinya could not help but curse in her head.Youre obviously a tyrant and youre very petty too.

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Chapter 615 The Ivanov Family Asks For A Truce Chapter 616 If God Made Someone So Excellent Why Did He Make Someone Even Better Chapter 617 Yuya Your Father Is Divorcing Me Chapter 618 Why Arent You Wearing The Gift That I Gave You? Chapter 619 Im A Real Man Chapter 620 Feeling Hopeless Out Of Nowhere Chapter 621 Remove My Clothes Chapter 622 The Hero Stuck In Unfavorable Circumstances Chapter 623 Playing With Fire Chapter 624 Si Yiyan Youre Great Chapter 625 Xia Ruyas Coming Of Age Ceremony Chapter 626 Youll Be Destroyed If Youre Overly Outstanding Chapter 627 Miss Wen Is Here Chapter 628 Xia Ruya Will You Stop Pretending? Chapter 629 Youre Only Going To Embarrass Yourself If You Try To Play Tricks With Me Chapter 630 You Already Look Pathetic Enough Chapter 631 How Unlucky Chapter 632 Youre Clearly The One Who Couldnt Control Yourself Chapter 633 The Xia Family Announces The Severing Of All Ties With Xia Ruya Chapter 634 Dont Dirty The Xia Familys Territory Chapter 635 Expelled By The Zhishan Club Chapter 636 Your Entire Family Are Ducklings Chapter 637 Si Yiyan Youre Being A Lecher Chapter 638 The Wen Familys Attitude Towards Xia Ruya Chapter 639 It Draws A Close To Our Affinity With Her Chapter 640 Drafting The Divorce Agreement Chapter 641 Think About That When You Can Keep Yourselves Full Chapter 642 Xinya Im Waiting For You Chapter 643 Telling Tales To Si Yiyan Chapter 644 Ill Only Have The Energy To Do It After Im Full Chapter 645 Ive Finally Gotten My Capping Ceremony Chapter 646 The Morning After Chapter 647 Forgot To Use Protection Chapter 648 Youve Become Prettier Lately Chapter 649 Shattering The Heart Of Glass Chapter 650 Wen Xinya Youre So Heartless Chapter 651 You Troublesome Little Seductress Chapter 652 No The Quota For Today Has Already Been Exceeded Chapter 653 Xia Ruya Has Lost All Her Glory Chapter 654 Hand Over All Your Valuables Chapter 655 Enjoy The Time You Have Left Chapter 656 Jiang Kelan Chapter 657 Shirt Tie Belt Chapter 658 The Shirt Really Suits You Well Chapter 659 Meeting Ning Yuya Chapter 660 Miss Ning Are You Reminiscing Old Times With Me? Chapter 661 Playing Tricks In Front Of Me Chapter 662 Entwined With The Fate Of Her Previous Lifetime Chapter 663 Is It Fate Or Coincidence Must See Chapter 664 Xu Zhenyus Call Chapter 665 Attacked Chapter 666 Your Legend Has Ended Chapter 667 Xinya Was Indeed In Danger Chapter 668 To Prioritize The Hostages Safety Chapter 669 The Kidnapper Might Kill The Hostage Chapter 670 Lets Hurry And Call The Police Chapter 671 Youd Better Behave Or Ill Cripple You Chapter 672 Fifteen More Minutes To Go Chapter 673 The Only Thing To Do Now Is To Wait Chapter 674 Asking For The Ransom Chapter 675 The Life Ending Amulet Chapter 676 Come Kill Me Chapter 677 3 Minutes And 48 Seconds Chapter 678 A Little Too Late Chapter 679 Preparing The Ransom Chapter 680 Xinyas Whereabouts Chapter 681 Handing Over The Ransom In Advance Chapter 682 Hand The Ransom Over In Thirty Minutes Chapter 683 Who Said That Men Cant Cry? Chapter 684 The Battle Of Destiny Chapter 685 Urging For The Ransom To Be Paid Chapter 686 The Last Five Minutes Chapter 687 Wen Xinya I Finally Made It Chapter 688 Get The Ransom To Be Transferred Earlier Chapter 689 3:05 Am Chapter 690 Threatening The Hostage Chapter 691 The Helicopter Is Here Chapter 692 Fleeing Far Far Away Chapter 693 : Has She Been Rescued? Chapter 694 Send Her To The Hospital Chapter 695 Si Yiyan Youre My Hero Chapter 696 Si Yiyan I Love You Chapter 697 The Physical Examination At The Hospital Chapter 698 Applying Medicine On Her Wounds Chapter 699 Waking Up In The Morning Chapter 700 Full Of Bad Intentions Chapter 701 Why Didnt Si Yiyan Come To Visit Me? Chapter 702 Si Yiyan How Is She? Chapter 703 Whats Not To Love About A Man Like Him? Chapter 704 The Abduction Is Not As Simple As It Seems Chapter 705 Locked In The Black Room Chapter 706 Our Chance For Revenge Is Here Chapter 707 Does My Abduction Have Something To Do With Xia Ruya? Chapter 708 Is This The Battle Between Rivals In Love? Chapter 709 How Exactly Is Xinya Related To Him? Chapter 710 Xinya What Have You Got Up Your Sleeve? Chapter 711 Heaven Is Fair Chapter 712 Si Yiyan Are You Jealous? Chapter 713 Interrogating The Terrorists Chapter 714 Si Yiyans Symptoms Chapter 715 As If Id Believe You Chapter 716 Ruining Wen Xinyas Innocence Chapter 717 The Reports Of The Abduction Chapter 718 Are Wen Haowens Brains Fried? Chapter 719 The Heart Of A Wolf Chapter 720 Surrounded By The Reporters Chapter 721 Escaping Unscathed Chapter 722 722 The End Of The Chaos Chapter 723 723 The Greatest Insul Chapter 724 724 Discussing The Divorce Chapter 725 725 Dont Divorce Me Alright? Chapter 726 726 Dogfigh Chapter 727 727 Bastard With A Cursed Father Chapter 728 728 Ning Yuya Is Addicted To Drugs? Chapter 729 729 Mastermind Chapter 730 730 Be Honest Where Did You Fool Around At? Chapter 731 731 The Perfect Mr. Si Chapter 732 732 The Xia Family Is Stuck In A Ru Chapter 733 733 A Lustrous Affair Chapter 734 734 Confident Plan Chapter 735 735 Catching Them In Bed Chapter 736 Ning Shuqians Reaction Chapter 737 Old Mr. Wens Anger Chapter 738 Causing A Stir In The Wen Family Home Chapter 739 Bite Her To Death Chapter 740 The Wen Family Chaos Chapter 741 Punished With The Family Rod Chapter 742 The Sour Cherry Chapter 743 A Huge Conspiracy Chapter 744 A Peek Of The Conspiracy Chapter 745 The Solution Chapter 746 So Perfectly Recuperated Chapter 747 Shed Fight Back Ruthlessly At Anyone Who Bullies Her Chapter 748 Has Ning Shuqian Lost Her Memory? Chapter 749 Fully Fledged Chapter 750 Going Back To School For Lessons Chapter 751 The Second Step Of Ning Shuqians Plan Chapter 752 Xia Ruyas Tolerance Chapter 753 My Phoenix Wings Chapter 754 Shes Been Badly Influenced By Si Yiyan Chapter 755 Wash Yourself Clean And Wait For Me Chapter 756 Holding A Press Conference? Chapter 757 Some Controversial Rumors Going Around In School Chapter 758 Teaching Jiang Yuqian And Xia Ruxue A Lesson Chapter 759 Must You Get Jealous Of A Dog All The Time? Chapter 760 The Press Conference Chapter 761 Playing The Chastity Card Chapter 762 Girls Have To Be Plump In Order To Go Into Smooth Labor Chapter 763 Si Yiyan Are You Jealous? Chapter 764 Xu Zhenyu Is Still Waiting For Me Chapter 765 Si Yiyans Pervertic Interest Chapter 766 Im Back To Support You Chapter 767 Are You Still Thinking Of A Divorce At Such A Juncture? Chapter 768 Untitled Chapter 769 Old Mr. Du Diagnoses Si Yiyan Chapter 770 Through Thick And Thin Until Death Does Us Apart Chapter 771 Worthless Nothing Who Sponges Off His Parents Chapter 772 Grampys Reminders Chapter 773 The Intentions Of The Xia Family Chapter 774 How Suave Chapter 775 You Have Endurance But You Lack Physical Strength Chapter 776 The Xia Familys Greed Chapter 777 Pestered By The Xia Family Chapter 778 Joining The Wen Corporation Chapter 779 Paying For The Gambling Debts In Advance Chapter 780 What Happened Back Then Chapter 781 The Marketing Department Of The Wen Corporation Chapter 782 Taking The Chance To Assert Dominance Chapter 783 This Gun Is Named Athena Chapter 784 Making Preparations To Join The Wen Corporation In The Future Chapter 785 Defending His Shortcomings Chapter 785 Defending His Shortcomings Chapter 786 A Fresh Change Chapter 787 The Photo Of A Hunk Showering Chapter 788 Wen Haowen Observes The Work Situation Chapter 789 Im Looking Forward To Seeing Your Examination Results Chapter 790 All Or Nothing Chapter 791 Drunk Xinya Chapter 792 Earths Too Dangerous Shes Returning To Mars Chapter 793 The Effects Of Overindulgence Chapter 794 Ah Help Chapter 795 Xia Ruya Was Kidnapped? Chapter 796 Heavens Laws Are Fully Manifested Retribution Is Awful Chapter 797 Eighteen Years Old Is A Marriageable Age Chapter 798 Extorting Money Chapter 799 The Xia Familys Cold And Relentless Nature Chapter 800 The Progress Of The Advertisement And Publicity Chapter 801 The So Called Abstinence Chapter 802 Abused And Violated 1 Chapter 803 Abused And Violated 2 Chapter 804 The Future Development Of Lanxin Store Front Chapter 805 A Real Merchant Chapter 806 Ning Yuya Calls The Police Chapter 807 The Successful Escape Chapter 808 The Launch Of Ai Shangs Products Chapter 809 Establishing A Charity Fund In The Name Of Xinya Chapter 810 Falling Into The Lions Den Again As Soon As She Escaped From The Wolves Chapter 811 Xia Ruya Has Lost Her Virginity Chapter 812 Wen Xinya Is The One Whos Being Adored By Her Fans Chapter 813 Xiao Zhiyuan And Chu Jingnan Chapter 814 What A Resplendent Girl Chapter 815 Xia Ruya Continues To Get Abused Chapter 816 Si Yiyan Why Are You Here? Chapter 817 The Scheming Jiang Shaofeng Chapter 818 Did Wen Haowen Get Up To Any Tricks? Chapter 819 Yang Ziyu Is Pregnant? Chapter 820 Wen Xinya Intervenes To Keep The Situation In Control Chapter 821 Miss Wen Is Indeed Different Chapter 822 Stepping All Over Him And Stealing The Limelight Chapter 823 Old Mr. Wen Makes Secretary Cao Work For Her Chapter 824 Time Is Precious Chapter 825 Admiring Her Only To Realize How Gorgeous She Is Chapter 826 The Xia Family Sells Their Land Chapter 827 Gathering Chapter 828 Xia Ruya Buys Birth Control Pills Chapter 829 Cleopatra Has Gone To Look For A Wife Chapter 830 Manipulating The Xia Family Chapter 831 The Police Looks For Xia Ruya Chapter 832 Am I Going To Be Detained? Or Interrogated? Chapter 833 Going On A Shopping Date With Si Yiyan Chapter 834 The So Called Couple Outfit Chapter 835 If You Dont Want Anyone To Find Out Dont Do It In The First Place Chapter 836 Asking For Gu Junlings Forgiveness Chapter 837 Xia Ruya Is Sick Chapter 838 Youre Drooling All Over The Ground Chapter 839 Getting Into Cahoots Chapter 840 You Mean Hugging Kissing And Fondling Each Other? Chapter 841 Old Mr. Dus Trust Chapter 842 I Suddenly Want To Lose To You Chapter 843 Dealing With The Xiao Family Chapter 844 Running Into Xia Ruya By Chance Chapter 845 Weve All Belittled The Little Lass From The Wen Family Chapter 846 Dont Test The Limits Of Humanity Chapter 847 I Dont Like How Greedy They Are Chapter 848 Admitting Defeat Even Before Reaching The Obstacle Chapter 849 Provoking The Damned Scumbag Chapter 850 Petty Vicious Jealous Tyrannical Stubborn Chapter 851 Attacking The Xiao Corporations Stock Market Chapter 852 The Taste Of Failing For The Second Time Chapter 853 Making A Great Comeback Chapter 854 Teacher Xiasi Chapter 855 Reaping Massive Benefits Chapter 856 Is Chu Jingnan Really The Illegitimate Son Of The Xiao Family? Chapter 857 Experiencing What Its Like To Have Your Arm Broken Again Chapter 858 You Actually Let That Gigolo Chu Jingnan Get Near You Chapter 859 The Wen Family Has A Successor Chapter 860 Dont Provoke The Wen Family For Now Chapter 861 I Think Youre Really Out Of Your Mind Chapter 862 Is She Becoming Spoiled Because Of All The Pampering? Chapter 863 Golf Course Chapter 864 Hidden Trap Chapter 865 The Blueprint Of Her Business Empire Chapter 866 I Shall Curse You To Have Erectile Dysfunction For A Week Chapter 867 The Queen Is Too Formidable And Extraordinary Chapter 868 The Results Of Grampys Health Checkup Chapter 869 Youll Be Treated Kindly If Youre Honest Otherwise You Shall Face The Music Chapter 870 I Still Want Hugs And Kisses Chapter 871 Watch How I Deal With You Later Chapter 872 Where Has Her Chastity Gone? Chapter 873 Si Yiyan I Really Know My Mistake Chapter 874 Be Kind To Yourself And Be Harsh To Others Chapter 875 Just Take It Take Im Bored Chapter 876 A Demon Disguised As An Angel Chapter 877 Where Are Your Manners And Etiquette? Chapter 878 Lucky Kiss Chapter 879 This Is A Blissful And Complete Family Chapter 880 Submitting The Examination Script Before The Time Is Up Chapter 881 Grandpa And Si Yiyan Chapter 882 Go Ahead And Eat While I Fondle You As I Please Chapter 883 Grampy Doesnt Take Me For An Outsider Chapter 884 I Slept With Gu Junling Chapter 885 Xinya Knows Our Idol Chapter 886 An Invite For A Magazine Interview Chapter 887 You Want To Announce Our Relationship To Everyone? Chapter 888 The Concept For The Expansion Of Lanxin Chapter 889 The Publishing Of Poise Fashion Magazine Chapter 890 Let The Whole World Shudder For You Queen Chapter 891 Xinya Would You Like To Go To Russia For A Vacation? Chapter 892 Assistant Manager Chapter 893 Liu Yanhua Chapter 894 Ning Shuqians Shocking Changes Chapter 895 Ill Get The Marriage Certificate Done Immediately Chapter 896 How Grand And Ostentatious Chapter 897 The Palace Style Mansion Chapter 898 How Extravagant Chapter 899 The Gorgeous Babe Eva Whom He Had Conned Before Chapter 900 Teaching The Shameless Woman A Lesson Chapter 901 Perfect Match Chapter 902 Is This The Legendary kabedon Chapter 903 Alashan Agate Dragon Pendant Chapter 904 Yueze One Of The Men In Charge Of Lucifer Chapter 905 An Invitation To Duke Movilles Residence Chapter 906 About The Duke Movilles Residence Chapter 907 The Sun Shines Down Brightly Chapter 908 Whats The Story Behind This Dangling Earring? Chapter 909 The So Called Aristocratic Regime Chapter 910 The Greatest Beauty Of Russia Chapter 911 Duke Moville Chapter 912 I Repeat Put The Gun Down Chapter 913 Firing A Bullet And Injuring Someone Chapter 914 Some Rules Still Have To Be Set Chapter 915 Sharp And Stunning Chapter 916 Those Who Do Not Belong To The Same Race Definitely Think Differently Chapter 917 Its Not Good To Get Too Jealous Chapter 918 The Joker Invited By The Monkeys Chapter 919 Pure Blood Horse Like Women Chapter 920 The So Called Apology Chapter 921 The Real Show Has Begun Chapter 922 Taking Revenge On The Person Who Insulted His Woman Chapter 923 What Tricks Are You Getting Up To? Chapter 924 Youre Insulting The Aristocrats Chapter 925 Its Just Cleavage You Can Get It With A Little Squeeze Chapter 926 Horse Betting Chapter 927 Shooting Herself In The Foot Chapter 928 The Competition Begins Chapter 929 Assaulting Someone Immediately Chapter 930 Avrora Falls Off The Horse Chapter 931 A Mans Achilles Heel Chapter 932 Its An Unforgivable Mistake Chapter 933 He Who Intends To Punish Will Find A Way To Chapter 934 Challenging The Authority Of The Aristocrats Chapter 935 Hand The Document Over If You Know Your Place Chapter 936 The Highest Level Of Being A Pretentious Woman Chapter 937 The Heiresses Of The Duke Moville Residence Chapter 938 The Tension In The Room Chapter 939 The Stumbling Block Of The Moville Family Chapter 940 How Did You Get Those Wounds? Chapter 941 Duke Moville Dont You Owe Me An Explanation? Chapter 942 Dimwit Who Never Gets Anything Done Right Chapter 943 Feelings Of Regret Chapter 944 The Murderous Intentions Surfaced Instantly Chapter 945 The Reason For Taking Her To The Banquet Chapter 946 The First Argument Chapter 947 Meeting With An Assault Chapter 948 Its Not The Time To Play With Your Life Now Chapter 949 Asura The Fallen Chapter 950 You Cant Hide Your Silliness No Matter How Fierce You Are Chapter 951 Death Soldiers Chapter 952 No One Has Ever Dared To Point Their Gun At Me Chapter 953 Sis In Law Is Too Intimidating Im Returning To Mars Chapter 954 Men Are Prone To Weak Kidneys After Suffering Excessive Blood Loss Chapter 955 One Mistake Will Lead To A Series Of Subsequent Mistakes Chapter 956 No Longer Of Any Use Chapter 957 Removing The Bullet Chapter 958 I Want You To Never Get Injured Again Chapter 959 Youre Not Wrong Im The One At Fault Chapter 960 Why Did You Smack My Buttocks Chapter 961 The Toad Lusting For The Swan Chapter 962 I Must Be Sick Chapter 963 A True Blue Gigolo Chapter 964 You Wont Stand To Gain Anything Even If You Bootlick Him To No End Chapter 965 Henpecked Chapter 966 Duke Moville Pays A Personal Visit Chapter 967 Publicly Embarrassing Him In Front Of Everyone Chapter 968 The Competition Begins Chapter 969 Kneeling On The Ground And Begging For Forgiveness Chapter 970 Endless Prestige And Authority Chapter 971 Rex Is Really Infuriated Chapter 972 Duke Houston Chapter 973 So What If Youre An Aristocrat? Chapter 974 Exchanging Terms Chapter 975 The Story Behind Elegance Room Chapter 976 Only The Strong Can Despise All Systems Chapter 977 Mysterious Man Wei Che Chapter 978 A Battle Of Psychology And Willpower Chapter 979 The Devil In Control Of Darkness Lucifer Chapter 980 Hitting The Bullseye In One Shot Chapter 981 Exchanging For The Document With The Rights To The Mine Chapter 982 Being A Mediator For Once Chapter 983 Whoever Wins The Fight Is The Boss Chapter 984 The Gambling Industry Has Always Been Known As One Of The Three Treasures Chapter 985 The Devil Lucifer Degenerates Into Satan Chapter 986 The One Who Dances With The Devil Chapter 987 Rex I Love You Chapter 988 Missy Has Gone Missing Chapter 989 A Huge Conspiracy Chapter 990 Undiscovered Traitor Chapter 991 The Battle Between Two Giants Chapter 992 Plan A Chapter 993 Returning Home Chapter 994 The Killers True Menace Chapter 995 Sis In Law Is Boss Lucky Star Chapter 996 Sis In Law Is Truly In Defiance Chapter 997 Do You Know That Youve Been Duped By Boss? Chapter 998 : Ive Returned Chapter 999 What Problem Did Wen Haowen Create Again? Chapter 1000 Does Wen Haowen Have An Illicit Lover Chapter 1001 Grampy I Miss You Chapter 1002 Learning The Art Of Devising Strategies Chapter 1003 Meeting Secretary Cao Chapter 1004 What Rights Do Wen Haowen Have To Run An Entertainment City? Chapter 1005 Xia Ruya Has Gone Missing Chapter 1006 Judgment Day Chapter 1007 Coming Clean About Her Relationship Chapter 1008 Beast Let That Girl Go Chapter 1009 Chick Ive Gotten Transferred Chapter 1010 Wen Haowens Mistress Chapter 1011 What Can An Incompetent Lass Do? Chapter 1012 Long Time No See Zheng Yifan Chapter 1013 An Internship Is The Best Interview Chapter 1014 Si Yiyans Treatment Plan Chapter 1015 The Release Of The Results Chapter 1016 Lets Just Wait For Wen Xinya To Mess Up Chapter 1017 The Results Are Out Chapter 1018 Grampy Only Wishes The Best For You Chapter 1019 Uproar In The Social Circle Chapter 1020 What A Cowardly Turtle Indeed Chapter 1021 The Legendary King Of Shaming Others Chapter 1022 Wen Xinya Must Have Cheated Chapter 1023 The Celebratory Dinner Chapter 1024 They Had Already Become Her Maiden Family Chapter 1025 Do Best Friends Kiss Each Other Too? Chapter 1026 A Huge Misunderstanding Chapter 1027 Wife Concubine Mistress Chapter 1028 Borrowing Old Mrs. Wens Shares Chapter 1029 Whos Causing A Stir While Hiding Behind The Wen Family? Chapter 1030 The Unusual Situation Of The Wen Corporation Chapter 1031 Chancing Upon Ning Yuya Chapter 1032 Calculating Shares Chapter 1033 Defending The Peaceful Days Of My Beloved One Chapter 1034 The Wen Corporations Board Of Directors Meeting Chapter 1035 Trampling Everyone Beneath His Feet Chapter 1036 What Is The Conspiracy Behind The Entertainment City? Chapter 1037 The Mo Familys Character Chapter 1038 Stopping Her From Joining The Board Meeting Chapter 1039 Sparking A Public Outrage Chapter 1040 Finally Made It Chapter 1041 The Commencement Of The Board Meeting Chapter 1042 Wen Xinya Has Expressed Her Opinion Chapter 1043 Wen Xinya Has Finally Retaliated Chapter 1044 This Is Called Giving Him A Smack In The Face Chapter 1045 Conceited Delusional And Ignorant Chapter 1046 Like Mother Like Daughter Chapter 1047 Country Bumpkin Dimwit Chapter 1048 Silly Lass Im Back Chapter 1049 Little Red Riding Hood Who Sent Herself To The Wolf Chapter 1050 Insomnia Is Not A Minor Issue Chapter 1051 This Time I Can Overcome It Chapter 1052 Coming Clean With Grandpa Chapter 1053 The Art Of Conspiracy Is Not Ethical Chapter 1054 The Battle Between Wen Haowen And His Daughter Chapter 1055 The Wise Will Be Hurt Chapter 1056 Do They Have A Feud With The Wen Family? Chapter 1057 Meeting Ning Shuqian Chapter 1058 : The Peculiar Harmony Chapter 1059 The Elder Sets The Example For His Juniors Chapter 1060 Hades Wen Chapter 1061 Double Standards Chapter 1062 Meeting Her Maiden Family Chapter 1063 Wash Your Neck Before Coming Chapter 1064 The Revolutionary Friendship Chapter 1065 Escaped? Chapter 1066 Stepping Into Danger Chapter 1067 Making Me Seem Heartless Chapter 1068 Keeping The Fire Under Control Chapter 1069 The Meeting Finally Happened Chapter 1070 Traitor Chapter 1071 Let You Off This Once Chapter 1072 The So Called Political Tactics Chapter 1073 The Letter Of Admission Chapter 1074 Ning Shuqian Has Recovered? Chapter 1075 Boss I Beg Of You Chapter 1076 Similarly Unscrupulous Chapter 1077 Waiting For The Right Chance Chapter 1078 Its My Fortune To Have Married You Chapter 1079 The Situation Of The Entertainment Citys Sister Company Chapter 1080 Who Exactly Is Gu Yuexi? Chapter 1081 Exposed To The Media Chapter 1082 The Chess Piece In Her Hand Chapter 1083 Dont Think So Highly Of Yourself Chapter 1084 Ninth Young Master Your Morals Are Gone Chapter 1085 Regretting Her Past Decisions Chapter 1086 You Just Have To Wait Until The Board Meeting Commences Three Days From Now Chapter 1087 Going Against Her? Chapter 1088 A Hermit Would Definitely Have A Brilliant Scheme Chapter 1089 Dont Let Anyone Plot Against You Chapter 1090 Please Leave The Conference Room Immediately Chapter 1091 Recommending An Employee To Join The Board Chapter 1092 3 Of The Wen Corporations Shares Chapter 1093 Please Guide Me Along Chapter 1094 The Plan Backfires Chapter 1095 Who Is Ning Shuqian? Chapter 1096 I Have Plenty Of Time Chapter 1097 : A Hidden Agenda Chapter 1098 Sucking Up To The Board Of Directors Chapter 1099 Ising A Good Plan Chapter 1100 Inviting The Directors Chapter 1101 Openly Beating Them Down Chapter 1102 Turning The Situation Around And Gaining Dominance Chapter 1103 The Problem About Childbirth Chapter 1104 The Woman Behind A Successful Man Chapter 1105 Urgent Board Meeting Chapter 1106 Shying Away From Trouble Chapter 1107 A Hostile Conflict Chapter 1108 Terminating The Entertainment City Project Chapter 1109 Xinya Is Already In Control Chapter 1110 The Shareholders Suspicions Chapter 1111 Project On Hold Chapter 1112 Not Planning To Continue Pretending To Be A Filial Daughter? Chapter 1113 : Control My Own Fate Chapter 1114 Rebellious Little Punk Chapter 1115 Wen Xinya Is Scheming Against The Wen Family Chapter 1116 The Great Three In Beijing Chapter 1117 There Are Still Ways Chapter 1118 Becoming Bolder Chapter 1119 The Heart Can Be Darker Than Ink Chapter 1120 Little Mischievous Chapter 1121 The Entertainment City Project Causes Yet Another Uproar Chapter 1122 Youve Maxed Out Your Quota For Today Chapter 1123 Making Waves Chapter 1124 Xia Ruya Is In Harbor City? Chapter 1125 Xu Zhenyu Is Returning Chapter 1126 Women Have The Ability To Make Men Brave Death Chapter 1127 Reporting To School Chapter 1128 Xia Ruya Is Back Chapter 1129 Ill Take It That I Was Bitten By A Dog Chapter 1130 Even The Powerful Cant Defeat A Local Villain Chapter 1131 Ye Feiyu From The Ye Family Chapter 1132 Xia Ruya Is A Disaster All Along Chapter 1133 Regarding Cohabitation Chapter 1134 Pretending Hard To Get Or Shy? Chapter 1135 Reviving The Wifes Female Powers Chapter 1136 The Day Of The Military Training Chapter 1137 Arriving At The Training Ground Chapter 1138 Commander Xu Zhenyu Chapter 1139 Did You Plan This Beforehand? Chapter 1140 Stay Away From Xu Zhenyu Chapter 1141 Si Yiyans Bedtime Story Chapter 1142 The Man Who Misses His Beloved Woman Dearly Chapter 1143 Training The Soldiers And Brainwashing Them Chapter 1144 Utterly Embarrassed Chapter 1145 All Is Fair In War Chapter 1146 Her Condition Is Acting Up Again Chapter 1147 Inspecting The Base Camp Chapter 1148 When Rivals Meet And Jealousy Arises Chapter 1149 She Must Be Dreaming Chapter 1150 Xu Zhenyu And I Chapter 1151 Xinya And Si Yiyan Chapter 1152 Xu Ers Feelings Of Distraught Chapter 1153 Too Strict Chapter 1154 The Korean Chinese Alliance Chapter 1155 Wen Xinya Offended Commander Xu Right? Chapter 1156 Youre Just Taking Revenge Chapter 1154 The Korean Chinese Alliance Chapter 1155 Wen Xinya Offended Commander Xu Right? Chapter 1156 Youre Just Taking Revenge Chapter 1157 Si Yiyans Thoughts Chapter 1158 A Military Order Must Be Obeyed Chapter 1159 Xinya Im Sorry Chapter 1160 The Military Training Program Comes To An End Chapter 1161 The Melancholic Parting Chapter 1162 Are You Getting Jealous Of A Car? Chapter 1163 The Night Is Still Young Chapter 1164 Xia Ruya Shows Up For A Visit Chapter 1165 : Xia Ruya What Tricks Are You Getting Up To? Chapter 1166 Xia Ruyas Hidden Agenda Chapter 1167 Intentionally Insulting The Wen Family Chapter 1168 Superb Acting Skills Chapter 1169 Dont Take The Li Family Too Seriously Chapter 1170 Xia Ruya Is Rather Good At Bouncing Chapter 1171 The Mysterious Madam Zhang Chapter 1172 The Conspiracy Behind The Entertainment City Project Chapter 1173 The Background Of The Alliance Between Korea And China Chapter 1174 The Truth Behind Mothers Death Chapter 1175 I Must Avenge My Mothers Death Chapter 1176 Youre The Only Person I Want To Marry Chapter 1177 The Power To Control The Wen Corporation Chapter 1178 Those Who Are Involved Often Fail To See The Bigger Picture That Bystanders Do Chapter 1179 : Yan Menglu From Harbor City Chapter 1180 Ill Mannered And Uncultured Chapter 1181 Mothers Past Chapter 1182 Standing At The Pinnacle Of Jewelry Design Chapter 1183 She Had A Mother Named Mo Yunyao Chapter 1184 Who Is Mo Yunyao? Chapter 1185 The Rumors In School Chapter 1186 Wen Haowen Is A Double Edged Sword Chapter 1187 Messing Around Chapter 1188 Fame Chapter 1189 : First News Of The Golden Feast Chapter 1190 So Called Golden Feast Chapter 1191 An Unkind Father Taking Advantage Of His Son Chapter 1192 Yan Menglus Taunt Chapter 1193 Xinyas Anger Chapter 1194 I Spoke Too Rudely Chapter 1195 Come To Your Senses Chapter 1196 The Talented Girl Lin Yingxin Chapter 1197 Trampling On You To Climb The Ladder Chapter 1198 Being Ranked As A Talented Girl Chapter 1199 Xia Ruya Has Set Her Sights On Old Mr. Mo Chapter 1200 The Hidden Significance Of The Heiress Gala Chapter 1201 Ning Shuqian Is The Real Threat Who Is Not To Be Belittled Chapter 1202 Im Looking Forward To The Heiress Gala Chapter 1203 Everyone Becomes An Enemy During The Heiress Gala Chapter 1204 Ill Have The Guts To Do It As Long As I Want To Chapter 1205 The Heiress Gala The Battle Between Beauties Chapter 1206 Dog Eat Dog Chapter 1207 The Battle Of Gorgeousness Between The Beauties Chapter 1208 Wen Xinya Is Here Chapter 1209 The Beauties Compete Chapter 1210 : Miss Wen Please Kindly Guide Me Along Chapter 1211 Insulting You To No End Chapter 1212 The Owner Of Boya Pavilion Chapter 1213 Since Youre Here Please Settle Down Chapter 1214 The Conflict That Arose Because Of The Change Of Seats Chapter 1215 The Conflict About The Wine And Tea Chapter 1216 Manipulating Lin Yingxin Chapter 1217 Such A Vicious Scheme Chapter 1218 The Various Obstacles Faced During The Gala Chapter 1219 The Battle Of Zither Skills Chapter 1220 The Battle Of Chess Playing Skills Chapter 1221 The Battle Of Calligraphy Chapter 1222 Win Or Lose Chapter 1223 Competing With Xia Ruya In Painting Chapter 1224 So Whos The Winner? Chapter 1225 Winning Self Righteously Chapter 1226 Taking The Opportunity To Make A Comeback Chapter 1227 The Art Of Floral Tea Chapter 1228 The Winner Of The Heiress Gala Chapter 1229 The Battle Between The Two Winners Chapter 1230 High Or Low Chapter 1231 : Has Lin Yingxin Been Possessed By A Demon? Chapter 1232 : Xia Ruya Poisoned Someone? Chapter 1233 Is Lin Yingxin Actually Insane? Chapter 1234 : Trying To Defend Herself Unreasonably Chapter 1235 Things Are Getting Interesting Chapter 1236 Youre Still Thinking Of Plotting Against Others Even At This Juncture Chapter 1237 The Ugly And Terrifying Truth Chapter 1238 Bombarding The Owner Of Boya Pavilion Chapter 1239 Falling Into Wen Xinyas Trap Chapter 1240 The Authorities Of Boya Pavilion Get To The Bottom Of The Truth Chapter 1241 Still Muddled Up And Unrepentant Chapter 1242 Xia Ruyas Provoking Chapter 1243 Your Family Is A Bunch Of Weirdos Chapter 1244 Its A Talent To Be So Sharp Tongued Chapter 1245 You Need A Full Body Massage Chapter 1246 Si Yiyan Go To Hell Go To Hell Chapter 1247 Tell Me How Am I Weird? Chapter 1248 The Feud With The Owner Of Boya Pavilion Chapter 1249 Queen May You Have Everlasting Bliss Chapter 1250 The Scheme Devised By The Owner Of Boya Pavilion Chapter 1251 Whos The Real Pawn? Chapter 1252 Wen Xinya Does Have Her Weaknesses Too Chapter 1253 Running Into Du Ruoxin By chance Chapter 1254 The Power Of Fans Chapter 1255 : The Man Whom I Love Is A Hero Chapter 1256 Troublemaker Get Lost And Go Back To Harbor City Chapter 1257 The Preparations For The Health Supplements Company To Be Listed Chapter 1258 The Arrangements For The Expansion Of Lanxin Company Chapter 1259 The Plan Backfires Chapter 1260 The Changes In Ning Yuya Chapter 1261 The Villain Plays The Victim Chapter 1262 The Sponsorship For Zhishan Clubs Event Chapter 1263 Seizing The Opportunity Chapter 1264 Wen Xinya Well Meet Again Chapter 1265 The Meeting In Lanxin Company Chapter 1266 Because Shes Good At Creating Miracles Chapter 1267 Yes Mrs. Si Chapter 1268 Returning To Harbor City Chapter 1269 Mixing Too Much With Women Chapter 1270 Untitled Chapter 1271 An Iq Of 280 300 Chapter 1272 Xu Zhenyu And Si Yiyan Formally Meet Each Other Chapter 1273 Just Like That? Chapter 1274 The Vicious Yet Adorable Mascot Chapter 1275 What Color Is Your Underwear? Chapter 1276 Boss Ability To Control The Situation Chapter 1277 Boss Ability In Putting Others Down Chapter 1278 I Lost Too Unfairly Chapter 1279 Wen Xinya How Silly Are You? Chapter 1280 Is Si Yiyan Performing A Hunky Show? Chapter 1281 He Can Act Childish And Play Cute Too Chapter 1282 Lanxin Health Supplements Company Gets Listed Chapter 1283 : This Is Her Actual Trump Card Chapter 1284 The Celebratory Banquet Chapter 1285 The Childish Wen Xinya Chapter 1286 Clinching The Sponsorship Chapter 1287 Youre Seriously Ill Chapter 1288 Three Years Later Chapter 1289 The Milan Jewelry Design Competition Chapter 1290 Give Birth To A Child Soon Chapter 1291 Love Pollutes The Heart Chapter 1292 The Development Of Lanxin Company Chapter 1293 The Task Of A Professional Manager Chapter 1294 Everything Is In Control Chapter 1295 Being A Snake Catcher For Once Chapter 1296 Old Mr. Mos Gossip Chapter 1297 Creating The Jewelry Brand Chapter 1298 Actually Fell For The Old Mans Trap Chapter 1299 I Dont Need A Maid I Need A Wife Chapter 1300 Inexplicable Woes Chapter 1301 Xu Zhenyu Gets Promoted To Colonel Chapter 1302 The News From Celestial Detective Agency Chapter 1303 Has Xia Ruya Joined That Organization? Chapter 1304 Scram Home If You Are Unhappy Chapter 1305 Endangered Tigers Chapter 1306 Who Told You To Offend Wen Xinya Chapter 1307 How Tyrannical Chapter 1308 The Wen Corporations Jewelry Exhibition Chapter 1309 The Jewelry Exhibition Officially Begins Chapter 1310 Others Are Just Accessories Chapter 1311 Mo Yunyaos Last Masterpiece Before Her Demise Chapter 1312 : The Position Thats Linked To A Mans Heart Chapter 1313 Watch Where Youre Going Chapter 1314 Are You Blind? Chapter 1315 The Show Hasnt Finished Yet Chapter 1316 Sun Xiaorou Has Made Si Yiyan Her Target Chapter 1317 Eternal Light Chapter 1318 The Finale Piece puerile Phoenix Chapter 1319 Do You Know Why You Got Slapped? Chapter 1320 Since You Refuse To Own Up Well Have To Search You Chapter 1321 - Miss Wen, Youve Done a Great Job! Chapter 1322 - Removal of the Rights to the Inheritance! Chapter 1323 - Wen Xinyas Shocking Move! Chapter 1324 - Its an Insult, So What? Chapter 1325 - The Old Man Must Be out of His Mind! Chapter 1326 - This Is a Threat and a Warning! Chapter 1327 - : This Is a Trap! Chapter 1328 - The Puerile Phoenix Flies! Chapter 1329 - The Significance of the Puerile Phoenix Chapter 1330 - : The Incident of the Fallen Chandelier Chapter 1331 - Life Is Actually So Fragile! Chapter 1332 - One Mistake Will Lead to Many Other Mistakes Chapter 1333 - The Journey Towards the Hospital Chapter 1334 - This Was Not an Accident Chapter 1335 He Must Pay The Price Chapter 1336 Si Yiyan Vs Old Mr. Wen Chapter 1337 The Truth Behind The Incident Involving The Female Lead Chapter 1338 The Media Reports Chapter 1339 Since The First Move Didnt Work Theres A Backup Plan Chapter 1340 The Queen Is Brilliant Chapter 1341 Old Mr. Mos Warning Chapter 1342 The Way To Defeat A Rival In Love Chapter 1343 The Methods Used To Defeat A Love Rival Chapter 1344 - The Consequences of Defeating a Love Rival Chapter 1345 - Beating Him at His Own Game Chapter 1346 - Shooting Himself in the Foot Chapter 1347 Wen Xinya Must Die Chapter 1348 Finally Plunged Into The Trap Chapter 1349 Capricious Chapter 1350 : True Love Only Exists Between Childhood Sweethearts Chapter 1351 What Happened To Gu Junling In The Previous Lifetime Chapter 1352 Old Mr. Wen Visits Her At The Mo Family Home Chapter 1353 : Born To Be Enemies Chapter 1354 What Else Are You Hiding From Me? Chapter 1355 The Entertainment City Project Goes Into Limbo Chapter 1356 : Youre Not Allowed To Cry When You Lose Chapter 1357 Jill De Castei Chapter 1358 The Results Of The Preliminary Jewelry Design Competition Chapter 1359 Turning Up For The Meeting 1 Chapter 1360 : Turning Up For The Meeting 2 Chapter 1361 The Legend Of The Phoenix Chapter 1362 A Deep Kiss Is Like An Attack Chapter 1363 There Has To Be A Limit When It Comes To Playing Cute You Know? Chapter 1364 The Media Is Boiling Chapter 1365 Accepting The Medias Interview Chapter 1366 This Is The Puerile Phoenix Chapter 1367 Do You Want 34ds? Chapter 1368 : Is Zhou Tianyu Going Overseas? Chapter 1369 Theres Still A Chance Chapter 1370 : Impossible Over My Dead Body Chapter 1371 The Zhou Family And The Korean Chinese Alliance Chapter 1372 Wen Xinyas Controlled Destiny Chapter 1373 A Side Story About Si Yiyan 1 Chapter 1374 A Side Story About Si Yiyan 2 Chapter 1375 A Side Story About Si Yiyan 3 Chapter 1376 A Side Story About Si Yiyan 4 Chapter 1377 A Side Story About Si Yiyan 5 Chapter 1378 A Side Story About Si Yiyan 6 Chapter 1379 A Side Story About Si Yiyan 7 Chapter 1380 A Side Story About Si Yiyan 8 Chapter 1381 A Side Story About Si Yiyan The End Chapter 1382 : Youre Mine Even If Youre Dead Chapter 1383 Resolving The Misunderstanding Chapter 1384 Public Displays Of Affection Are Annoying Chapter 1385 Revealing Si Yiyans Identity Chapter 1386 Yueze And Xu Xianghu Have Something Going On Between Them? Chapter 1387 Is Gu Yuexi Coming To Capital City? Chapter 1388 Groundbreaking Chapter 1389 Jiayuan Club Gathering Party Chapter 1390 Even The Sky Was Angry Chapter 1391 This Acting Deserves An Oscar Chapter 1392 The Side Effects Of Excessive Bliss Chapter 1393 Xia Ruya Is Back Chapter 1394 Grasping Wen Xinyas Weakness Chapter 1395 Its Hard To Dodge A Bullet Fired From The Dark Chapter 1396 Shopping With Wen Xinya Chapter 1397 Its Xia Ruya Chapter 1398 The Archetypal Classic Chapter 1399 I Look The Most Beautiful In White Chapter 1400 Only One Of This Dress Chapter 1401 Everything You Like Shall Be One Of A Kind Chapter 1402 Dont You Dare Treat Me Like A Fool Chapter 1403 Brother Yanwhat An Extremely Dark History Chapter 1404 Going Back On Your Words Youve Gotta Be Punished Chapter 1405 Its Never Too Late For Women To Take Revenge Chapter 1406 Mr. Sis True Identity Chapter 1407 Without Old Mr. Mo Chapter 1408 The Case Against Old Mr. Mo Chapter 1409 Do You Want Me To Massage You Chapter 1410 What Happened To Wen Xinya? Chapter 1411 Old Mr. Mo Is In An Emergency Chapter 1412 Grampy Will Be Fine Chapter 1413 Old Mr. Mo Is Under Rescue Chapter 1414 Dont Worry I Am Here Chapter 1415 I Lost Fairly Chapter 1416 The Doors Of The Emergency Room Have Opened Chapter 1417 The Notification Of His Severe Illness Chapter 1418 Sign The Critical Condition Notice Chapter 1419 I Dont Want To Lose Grampy Chapter 1420 The Plan Is Very Successful Chapter 1421 Am I A Pawn Or A Discard? Chapter 1422 The Media Is Shaking Chapter 1423 Urgent Rescue Is Over Chapter 1424 The Intensive Care Unit Chapter 1425 Spread Some Positivity To Everyone Chapter 1426 Make A Vow For Life Chapter 1427 Unforgivable And Cannot Be Spared Chapter 1428 I Want Xia Ruyadead Chapter 1429 I Shall Make Her Die Then Chapter 1430 Wen Xinyas Crazy Revenge Chapter 1431 Class B Mission: Assassinating Xia Ruya Chapter 1432 Blood Is Thicker Than Water Chapter 1433 Si Yiyan Are You Feeling Proud? Chapter 1434 Being Transferred To A Normal Ward Chapter 1435 Ning Shuqian Lied To Him? Chapter 1436 Someone Wants To Kill Her? Chapter 1437 The So Called Connections For Interests Chapter 1438 Do Ning Shuqian Have Ill Intentions? Chapter 1439 Grampy Has Come To Chapter 1440 The Real Reason Behind Grampys Illness Chapter 1441 The Inner Frailty Chapter 1442 Xia Ruya Gets Into A Car Accident Chapter 1443 Zhong Rufeng Appears Chapter 1444 B Grade Assassination Completed Successfully Chapter 1445 Is Xia Ruya Dead Or Alive? Chapter 1446 Breaking News Chapter 1447 Si Yiyans Intention Chapter 1448 Seems Like A Nightmare Chapter 1449 Coming Clean To Grampy Chapter 1450 Tattletale Chapter 1451 The Origin Of Greed And Sin Chapter 1452 Greed Stupidity And Anger Which One Of The Three Flaws Do I Possess? Chapter 1453 The Pain Of Being Engulfed By Burning Flames Chapter 1454 The Last Struggle Before Death Chapter 1455 The Little Demoness Wen Xinya Chapter 1456 The Drug Rehab Expert Henry Chapter 1457 Yan I Believe In Previous Lifetimes Chapter 1458 Denied Entry Chapter 1459 The Unacceptable Blow Chapter 1460 The Great Blessing After A Disaster Chapter 1461 The Speculation Regarding The Past And Present Lifetimes Chapter 1462 Luckily I Didnt Miss Her Again This Lifetime Chapter 1463 Si Yiyan Went Too Far Chapter 1464 Wen Xinya Is The Most Ruthless Of Them All Chapter 1465 Ning Yuya Is Missing? Chapter 1466 Over Indulgence Is Bad For The Body Chapter 1467 Get Ready To Deal With Ning Shuqian Chapter 1468 The Fight Between Us Will Be To The Very Bitter End Chapter 1469 : A Terrifying And Threatening Warning Chapter 1470 Dark And Cold Nature Chapter 1471 Wen Xinya Is Turning Dark? Chapter 1472 Ten Million Dollar Ransom Chapter 1473 Did You Think You Could Escape? Chapter 1474 Zhang Hui An Old Flame? Chapter 1475 The Truth Behind Yuyas Disappearance Chapter 1476 Zhang Hui You Threaten Me Chapter 1477 Arrangements For Revenge On Ning Shuqian Chapter 1478 Satisfied With What You See? Chapter 1479 Ning Shuqians True Colours Chapter 1480 Grampys Afraid Of Bitter Things? Chapter 1481 Traitor Chapter 1482 The True Meaning Of Fronting Chapter 1483 Shaving For Si Yiyan Chapter 1484 Indeed My Sweet Baby Chapter 1485 Dont Even Think Of Ever Getting Rid Of Me Chapter 1486 Just Look At Your Horrid Self Chapter 1487 Officially Joining The Board Chapter 1488 You Are Such A Sensitive Sweet Baby Chapter 1489 Si Yiyans Birthday Is Coming Chapter 1490 Wen Xinya You Have Completely Destroyed Me Chapter 1491 Introduction Ceremony To The Board Of Directors Chapter 1492 Confrontation Between Father And Daughter Chapter 1493 : Joining The Board Of Directors Chapter 1494 Xue Yishan Manager Of Marketing And Sales Chapter 1495 Wen Haowens Attack Chapter 1496 A Promise For Life Chapter 1497 One Wouldnt Die Without Seeking Death Chapter 1498 : Youre The One Who Made Me Into A Demon Chapter 1499 Seduced By A Little Seductress Chapter 1500 Offering Something Of Equal Worth Chapter 1501 His Leverage Chapter 1502 Location Of The Second Rib Cage Chapter 1503 Xu Er Your Name Is Called Cheap Mouth Chapter 1504 You Have To Call Me Older Brother Do You Understand Me? Chapter 1505 What Birthday Gifts Have You Prepared? Chapter 1506 Happy Birthday Dear Chapter 1507 Tears Are A Womans Greatest Weapon Chapter 1508 Xinya Was Sent By God To Defeat Him Chapter 1509 There Is A Way Of Death Called Faking