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Chapter 504 Yunying Has Borne

“You mean the amulet has an expiry date?”

“Yes.” Xuanshui Dragon King nodded.

Song Yunxuan asked, “So what may happen to me if the amulet passes its expiry date?”

Hearing the question, Xuanshui Dragon King puckered up his brows.

Song Yunxuan knew something was not right by looking at his face.

Sure enough, Xuanshui Dragon King stroked his beard, saying gently, “As I said earlier, the amulet can help stabilize the spirits. If it’s no longer functional, your headache will relapse. Besides…”

He pondered for a moment.

Song Yunxuan pressed him, “Besides what?”

“By then, if you don’t have an obsession, your time… will be up.”

Song Yunxuan slightly narrowed her eyes on hearing the words.

Seeing her expression, Xuanshui Dragon King found that she didn’t seem to be scared or flustered after hearing his words.

Instead, she became much quieter.

“Miss Song, you…”

“Anything I can do to remedy it?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s question, Xuanshui Dragon King said with embarrassment, “It defies the laws of nature, so there is nothing you can do.”

“Please don’t mention this to anyone, especially… Chu Mochen.”

Xuanshui Dragon King was weighing the pros and cons.

He was on good terms with Chu Mochen, and it was Chu Mochen who asked him to treat Song Yunjia.

Now he had sensed something mysterious and found out Song Yunxuan’s real identity. He naturally wanted to tell all about these to Chu Mochen.

However, Song Yunxuan suddenly asked him to do this.

He felt that he could not say yes.

So he prepared to refuse her.

Seeing that he wanted to refuse, Song Yunxuan raised her hand to cut him off, saying, “What’s the rush? Think about it. What’s the use of telling Chu Mochen about it?”

Xuanshui Dragon King remained silent.

He had never thought whether telling Chu Mochen about it would be meaningful or not.

“If you insist on telling Chu Mochen about it, it will only make him feel strange. Even if he believes it, he will not give up on me, not to mention that he may not believe in reincarnation.”

“I didn’t mean to tear you apart.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “I know. But when you tell Mochen about it, you will tell him when my time is up, won’t you?”

Xuanshui Dragon King took a breath.

Song Yunxuan continued, “If Mochen gives up on me after he knows who I am, that will be fine. But if he doesn’t, he will stop at nothing to save me or make me live longer.”

“That’s right.” Xuanshui Dragon King agreed with Song Yunxuan.

Seeing that Xuanshui Dragon King agreed with her, Song Yunxuan asked him smilingly, “At that time, if Chu Mochen wants to find someone to save me, you will be the first person that comes to his mind.”

Xuanshui Dragon King frowned, showing he was helpless.

Song Yunxuan kept smiling, “In that case, may I know if you can find a way to save me?”

“It’s beyond my ability.”

Xuanshui Dragon King told her with great seriousness.

Song Yunxuan nodded, replying, “Thats why I don’t want you to tell Chu Mochen about it. Since you know that he will be sad if we are apart and you can’t save me, why will you tell him the truth and let him know that I will leave him sooner or later?”

Words failed Xuanshui Dragon King.

But Song Yunxuan continued as if something dawned on her, “In this case, you’d better keep him in the dark.”

Xuanshui Dragon King lowered his head as if he was thinking about something.

With this, Song Yunxuan turned to look at Xuanshui Dragon King, asking, “I wonder if you agree with me.”

Xuanshui Dragon King took a deep breath. After a long while, he broke the silence, replying, “You have my word.”

Song Yunxuan appeared satisfied with his answer.

Xuanshui Dragon King reminded her again, “But if you have some enemies, you’d better eradicate them as soon as possible.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “I know. Please help me to keep the secret. Don’t tell anyone about my real identity.”

Xuanshui Dragon King nodded, “You can rest assured.”

Chu Mochen had been waiting for quite a long time.

As soon as Song Yunxuan got out, he strode to her, asking, “How was it going?”

“What do you mean?” Song Yunxuan looked at him smilingly.

Chu Mochen frowned and appeared unhappy because of her attitude, asking, “I mean what the master told you.”

“The master told me my headache would relieve if I wore this amulet.” With this, she showed Chu Mochen the amulet around her neck, saying, “He said it was useful when seeing it. And he said that my pain could relieve a lot when I wore it.”

Chu Mochen didn’t buy it. Then he turned around and prepared to enter the lounge, saying, “I’m going to ask him.”

Song Yunxuan did not stop him at all.

He could not get an answer even if he asked him.

Because Xuanshui Dragon King had promised her to keep her secret.

Besides, even if he wanted to ask something about the amulet, she would not be worried at all because what she told him was true.

Her headache did relieve a lot when she wore this amulet, or it could be said that the pain was cured.

However, when it relapsed, she would die.

Song Yunxuan didn’t follow Chu Mochen into the lounge.

Anyway, he would get out after asking him some questions.

She waited outside patiently for ten minutes.

Sure enough, Chu Mochen came out of it.

Song Yunxuan asked him, “I didn’t lie to you, right?”

Chu Mochen looked at her strangely.

Song Yunxuan didn’t feel diffident and looked back into his eyes.

After a while, Chu Mochen reached out, grabbed the amulet around her neck, and took it off, saying, “Take it off.”

Song Yunxuan frowned, replying, “But my headache will not be cured if I take it off.”

“I’ll get one for you. Use the one I get you. It may be more functional.”

Hearing Chu Mochen’s words, Song Yunxuan paused.

He was willing to get one amulet for her.

And she was willing to use the one Chu Mochen got her.

However, Mei Qi had already sacrificed himself to get her an amulet.

So there was no need to let another person get an amulet for her at the same price.

She grabbed Chu Mochen’s hand, saying, “Come on, one amulet is enough. An extra one will not double the effect.”

“I’ll get one for you. Stop wearing this one.”

“Don’t waste your time. I can wear the one Mei Qi gave me.”

“But…” Chu Mochen grabbed the amulet and was unwilling to return it to Song Yunxuan.

Sensing his reluctance, Song Yunxuan looked at him and let him finish his words.

Being stared at by Song Yunxuan like this, Chu Mochen slightly pressed his lips, asking, “Why do you stop me from getting you an amulet?”

“For your own good.” Song Yunxuan made no attempt to conceal her worry for him.

“What’s so special about this amulet?”

“Nothing special. So I don’t want you to get one for me because it may not be useful after you give it to me.”

Chu Mochen wanted to take away the amulet Mei Qi got for her.

However, he loosened his fingers on hearing Song Yunxuan’s words.

Sensing that, Song Yunxuan immediately drew back the amulet from his hand.

Meanwhile, she thanked him, “Thanks for your care and love. It means a lot to me.”

But Chu Mochen didn’t appear joyful because of her words.

On their way back to Yuncheng, Chu Mochen was still smarting from the thing that Song Yunxuan stopped him from getting her an amulet.

Sensing that he talked much less on the plane, Song Yunxuan said, “What’s troubling you? You think we have nothing in common to talk about now?”

Song Yunxuan took the initiative to talk to him.

But Chu Mochen didn’t reply to her in words. Instead, he turned around, held Song Yunxuan’s shoulder, and kissed her on the lips.

Song Yunxuan didn’t expect that Chu Mochen would kiss her like this.

She held her hand against his chest, asking, “Anything wrong?”

“I have a foreboding.” Chu Mochen looked at her, continuing, “Xuanshui Dragon King told me that you were special.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Everyone in the world is individual, and I’m just one of the many.”

Chu Mochen knew that she was going through the motions.

He moved closer to her and rested his lips on Song Yunxuan’s.

Song Yunxuan wanted to explain but every time she pushed him away, he would kiss her again.

Over and over again.

After several times, Song Yunxuan stopped pushing him.

Instead, she kissed him back when he kissed her.

Kisses were magic.

When they stopped kissing, Chu Mochen didn’t ask her further.

Because he knew no matter what he asked Song Yunxuan, she would not tell him the truth.

Since she was going through the motions, it was no use pressing her.

After the plane landed in Yuncheng, Song Yunxuan put the amulet into her pocket.

Chu Mochen walked out of the airport together with her.

No sooner had they got in the car, Song Yunxuan received a call.

She took it out of her pocket and saw that the caller was Song Yunying.

She slightly frowned and answered the call.

However, the moment she pressed the answering key, she heard Ye Meiqi’s voice instead of Song Yunying’s.

Ye Meiqi sounded flustered, “Yunxuan, your sister is about to give birth.”

“Which hospital?”

It was good news that Song Yunying was about to give birth.

Ye Meiqi answered hastily, “Marie Hospital.”

“I see. I’ll be right there.”

Ye Meiqi pressed her, “Be quick. Or something might happen to her.”

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