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“To put it simply, other than during pregnancy and a child’s growth period, the human body is in a relatively stable state. During pregnancy, the mother’s body adjusts and changes her personal status, to welcome a second growth spurt in a way, to adjust to the arrival of a new life. Of course, the mother’s body during this period is very fragile because, not only the new life, the mother’s body is also slowly changing its foundation.”

Han Chu sounded so serious like he was discussing some kind of scientific question. Of course, that was probably how he saw this issue as well.

“I believe you know that malnutrition during the month after giving birth or miscarriage can bring how much damage to a mother’s body. In contrast, if one is well cared for during and after the pregnancy period, a woman’s many natural issues with her body could be resolved. For example, the most common issue of painful periods…”

“One second, give me a moment.” There were too many details that were too touchy to take in at one time. She held her spinning head for a moment. “Don’t you think it’s a bit inappropriate for you to say these things?”

“In any case, the pregnancy period is the best time for a mother to repair genetic problems native to her body. That is a power unique to a pregnant mother.” It was unclear whether Han Chu paused out of concern for Ye Shuang or needed to take a breath. He then moved his eyes away from his laptop and continued with a look at Ye Shuang. “Plus, have you noticed? Your current gene’s biggest incompatibility with human gene is on the gender change. The other problems are all insignificant. For example, you have super strength, but there are many similarly powerful people in the world. You have a good logical mind, but there are also many Nobel prizes winners in the world, aren’t there?

“In other words, other than your unusually gifted ‘talents’, when it comes to the other parts of your physical condition, the level of their enhancement is within the acceptable range of the human body. The biggest difference your body has compared to others is the ability to switch genders.

“I dare to presume, before you have a fixed gender, the alien gene will remain in an unstable state because you haven’t stabilized your gender, so it hasn’t been able to become stable. There might be an incompatibility that has been there from the beginning, and combining it with the recent uncertainty and changes, the prolonged period of genetic conflict has led you to the current conundrum you’re in so…”

Han Chu closed his laptop and concluded, “So, as long as you resolve this main issue and have the gene codes realign themselves naturally during the conception, your body’s problem should be able to solve itself.”

Ye Shuang was stunned by this analysis.

But the sad thing was, after she used her own cheating brain to analyze the situation, she had to agree with it.

After giving one last struggle to argue with Han Chu, Ye Shuang finally had to accept this solution that appeared to have the best chance of working. However, she did not wish to become a mother just like that. Therefore, after some back and forth in her mind, this topic was temporarily forgotten by Ye Shuang, who acted dumb. No matter how logical the speculation was, it did not mean that it had to be correct. After all, even if Ye Shuang was willing to give it a go, finding a suitable candidate was a huge issue. In any case, that was that for the time being.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! I’ll run away from the problem until it can’t be avoided anymore!

“Has Xiao Shuang already recovered?” After half a month of genetic breakdown, Ye Shuang’s body seemed to have reached another period of temporary balance. Even though there were still sudden instances of genetic breakdown, at least it was within a controllable standard. Since the two could not hide in the forest forever, when Ye Shuang felt like she could meet people again, Han Chu brought her back to the city. And when the two reached their apartment, soon came a bunch of worried friends to visit. Anthony was there, of course, and even Yao Zhixing personally came to visit her.

Han Chu took one look at Yao Zhixing. “What do you need?”

“Can’t I just be here to visit Xiao Shuang?” Yao Zhixing rolled his eyes and found a seat on the sofa like he owned the place. “You’re making it sound like I wouldn’t be here unless there’s something on my mind.”

“No, you can be here to visit, but the strange thing is that you’re here so early.” Han Chu was packing his luggage, and he added without lifting his head, “If there’s nothing, you would wait until you received our call to even know that we’ve returned. Being so urgent is surprising to me.”

“Hmm…” Yao Zhixing scratched his chin in thought. “It’s nothing really urgent. It’s mainly because there have been some rumors flying around San Lin City lately, so I’ve been taking notes everywhere.”

Ye Shuang walked out of the bedroom after changing, and she happened to hear that. “What kind of rumors?”

Yao Zhixing turned to the voice. He first took a look at Ye Shuang’s face. At least on the surface, she looked to be quite healthy, so he smiled. “Recently, there have been a lot of foreigners in San Lin City. Hasn’t Anthony told you that?”

Ye Shuang was confused. “He didn’t.”

Yao Zhixing turned to Han Chu. The latter nodded after a short pause. “He did.”

Therefore, it was time for Ye Shuang, who had just denied it, to be silent. The information did not match; it was clear that she had not been given the update.

Why? Han Chu would never do something like that in the past. In fact, he was used to making her work. This sudden change of attitude had to be related to what had happened recently. Ye Shuang could figure out a few possible reasons, and it had to do with her current condition.

Suddenly being treated as a damsel in distress, Ye Shuang did not know whether to laugh or cry. Han Chu felt awkward under Ye Shuang’s stare. He coughed and explained, “After all, temporarily, it has nothing to do with us.”

Before Ye Shuang could give her reaction, Yao Zhixing already tutted. “It has nothing to do with us, but it has affected our city. Because of this, my family has forbidden me from going racing. I’m bored out of my skull.”

Ye Shuang sighed, rubbed her slightly throbbing temples, slid down on the sofa, and pulled over a cushion to hug. She curled up and said, “Brother Yao, you’d better tell me—at least that way, I’ll be prepared—what exactly happened?”

Yao Zhixing raised his brow and asked Han Chu with a grin, “Shall I tell her?”

“You have already said so much without my permission, so why ask?” Han Chu replied with a cold face.

He was indeed being kind. Ye Shuang had trouble dealing with her own body, and it was inappropriate to ask her to join the fray like before. However, even though he had intended for his worker to rest, his worker did not feel like staying quiet. In that case, why not just lay everything out in the open? At least they would not stumble blindly into things then.

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