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Under the haven, a magnificent city exists here but now all that left in this city is broken building and people's dead body.

'A person on his knee staring toward sky with glaring eyes. All his body covered with the heavy wounds. Blood still coming out from some of the wounds.

Broken Sword, magic treasurer, people's destroyed body parts, There is traces of heavy fighting everywhere around him. Almost half a kilometres around him dyed red with blood.

In the sky of this city 7 silhouettes standing next to each other with a big grin on Their face. Behind them standing millions of people wearing different types of clothes. They call themselves Allied forces.

Even though millions of people standing here, many people's leg still trembling in fear

" Hey what do you think, can we kill him?

" I don't know, it's been 10 day's this battle started millions of people died as cannon fodder. I just wish one thing he dies as soon as possible so we won't have to join, I don't want to lose my life "

"Me neither, but I think it's the end, after all, they come as well". These two who were talking with each other look toward the 7 figure standing in the sky giving off a mighty Vibe

After sometime later all of the noise die down because one of the 7mighty figures open his mouth to say something.

"Look at yourself, you who dominate this realm for ten thousands of years dying like a dog "

"If only you have given us a chance, but you didn't, you just wants everything for yourselves. You are too naive you know! Even after you realise you have become weak and continuously becoming so, you insist on fighting with us". A burst of mocking laughter come out from one of the 7 figures.

" You know we respect you! But you don't want our respect!, if you only left your Throne to us you might have lived more than 10 thousand years".

" Out of our respect for you, and helping us come to this point we will give you a good death"

Kong clenched his teeth, he now understands the biggest mistake he ever made. He should have killed them all when he gets to know they are plotting something. But he trusts them and this gives them another chance to stab him in the back.

Kong didn't do anything nor he wants to think or hear anymore. He just wants all this to end.

At this moment all of the 7 figures use their strongest martial arts. They don't want to make any mistake at this point. All of their technique fly toward Kong.

Rumble rumble rumble

The World shook violently.

Where the attack hit there nothing but dust remains. With this last attack they able to kill an emperor who rules over trillions of people.

In the middle of Pitch darkness, a body of a youth floating.

"What is this place where I am now. Is this after afterlife?"

Kong who recently opens his eyes Couldn't believe what's he seeing. Everywhere he looks can see only darkness.

Knog who lived for ten thousand year experience many mysteries. But what happens to the people after they die? This is a mystery not only to Himself but to all of the people of existence.

At that time a voice comes to his ears.

"do you want to reborn, do you want to go back "


"What is this, who are you " kong thought where this voice coming from. He tries to find and try to searching his surroundings. But he found nothing.

"It's useless you can't find me " this new vice speaks again.

Kong makes a puzzled face "hoe dare you use telepathy? If you have guts come In front of me "

" Answer me, do you want to go back?"

"what do you mean go back. Where can I go back? Before I answered your question I have something to ask you" here the word 'go back' there is some change in Kong way of speaking

"Okay what did you want to ask"

"What is this place? Where I am now. As much as I remember Those bitches kill me. I know I died. So how the hell did I end up here!?"

"This place called nowhere. After people die they usually get erased from existence. But for you umm what should I say you are a special case. That's why you Didn't get erased".

"What do you mean by saying special case. And stop using telepathy."

"so what do you say, do want another chance?

This time a whisper come not inside kong head but from all around him.

" what if I say no?"

"you will get erased from the existence ".

" Then I want to get reborn, but what will you get from giving me a chance to get reborn? "

With doubtful face kong ask those question. Kong who have lived more than 10,000 years how could he not know there is no free meal there is only give it and take it. The reason why he Couldn't believe this unknown entity is Because he never heard some can get reincarnation.

"You talk too much Even if I want I can't tell you everything. You don't have the qualification to know who chose you and what is the reason he chose you, obviously, there is a reason, when you become strong enough you will get to know everything "

This time this nor male nor female entity was a bit annoyed...

Feeling this other party was a bit annoyed kong Didn't ask more question. He is given another chance what can be a more good thing for him.

'Even if other parties have deceiving thought so what? It's not like they can get something from me even if they want. Let's just say yes see what happen' thinking this kong give his answer.

"ok, I want another chance"

"you have given your answer. You will be reborn in a lower realm. But remember this haven will call you when heaven needs. You can't refuse that call. If you do so heaven Will give you the most painful death haven can.

Kong's eyes lit up obviously it was a good thing for him all the past experience all the past technic he learns will give him an enormous boast in his Martial journey Just by thinking about his future he wants to jump in joy. But this is not the time for that.

"Now the processes will start, hope you become...

Ahh what is happening I am feeling so sleepy

The clouds began to gather in the sky. Up to now, the sky had been postcard-perfect, but it was changing. The beautiful cocktail-blue shade was beginning to darken into gravel-grey. Large pillows of cloud were forming, It's been 2 days there no sun could be seen.

Suddenly with a buzz sound rain starts pouring.

" What a bad day. Bad manners".

Women and a man running, dissatisfaction could be seen all around the women face.

"madam I am sorry" a man in his 25 apologise from time to time.

"You have to give me Extra Money for this "

"yes yes, mam".

When the conversation between the two of them ended they came to their destination. It was a small House. Not one but two houses. One for sleep this one is bigger and another is the kitchen.

"Go go boil some water "

"ok ok plz help her I am Going to boil water.

The doctor lady goes inside and sees two women one is lying Down she is the wife of the man and another one is the man's mother.

The wife has pain expression On her face it is a common occurrence that all women have to face after all she's giving birth.

"here is the boiling water" the man come with boiling water in his hand and gave it to the doctor.

"you go outside and come when I say to come "

Hearing this the man goes out. Anxiety working on him after all It's his first Child.

After sometimes later joyful voice come from inside.

"it's a boy It's a boy ' bijen come inside to look at your Child".

"where am I, what is " kong just recently wake up and Discover his new Surrounding.

He discover he can barely see. He try to move his arms and legs but was unsuccessful .

At this moment when he is still thinking why he can't move his arm and leg as he wish a slap fall in his but. The pain was so instance a cry come out from his mouth.


Wang himself become little surprised hearing his own cry . at this moment he understood the whole thing. He reborn as a baby after some crying he become exusted and fall sleep. And when he wake up he discover two people were looking toward him.

After some

Kong try to say but he couldn't the only word that comes out from his mouth is waa waa

" ahh look at him bijen, he looks just like you " bijen mother look toward bijen and exclaim

"what hey don't Ignore me how dear you guys treat me like a baby." Even after trying so many time kong failed to utter a single word.

The Only sound that comes out from his mouth is only crying sound.

"Bijen come here what are you doing. Take him in your arm and give him a name "

This woman is the mother of bijen even though she is in her mid 50/60 if someone looks at her now they will think she suddenly become 10 years younger. After all, she is holding her first grandchild.

Bijen who was two-step away came closer and take kong in his hand.

" give him a name. " The doctor lady who was just watching from the side spoke this time.

After taking a long breathe bijen give kong a new name.

"Your name will be 'Ayan, means gift of the gods"

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